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  Hints and Tips for: X-Com - Enforcer 
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 X-Com - Enforcer Cheats

X-Com - Enforcer

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: long john

Cheat mode:
Press "~" and enter one of the following codes at the console:

Result                              Code 
God mode                          - xgod 
Fly mode                          - xfly 
No clipping mode                  - xghost  
Disable fly and no clipping modes - xwalk  
Full ammunition                   - allammo  
Kill all enemies                  - killpawns  
Set jump height; 500 is default   - setjumpz [number]
Set speed; 2 is default           - setspeed [number]
Spawn indicated item              - summon [item name]
Level select                      - open map [00-40]
Complete current level            - icandoit
Upgrade level                     - upgrademe [1-4]

Cheat Methods:
In the SYSTEM folder under the installed folder, edit the "USER.INI" 
file. At the end of the file in the [XMenu.NewCharacterWindow] section,
are the lines describing the available player slots. The following line
will start the game, using the first slot, with maximum health, weapons,
abilities, powerups, and all skins unlocked: 


Note: The above 14 lines are all on *one* line in "USER.INI". 

By changing the "CurrMap=" section, any of the 40 available maps can be

Level select:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" file 
in the "system" directory. 
Change the value following "CurrMap=" to any of the 40 levels.

Unlock anything:
The "user.ini" file that lives in the X-COM "Enforcer/System" directory contains
all the information about your saved games and can be changed with any text editor
(such as notepad). Remember kids, don't try this at home without backing up your 
file first. Open "user.ini" and scroll down to the very bottom. Each game is a 
single line that starts out:


and is written in almost plain English. CurrMap is the level you are on, MaxHealth
is (obviously) your maximum health, ResearchPoints is your current number of 
Research Points etc.... All of these values can be changed by just typing in a new

The Weapons and Power ups are listed as:


Where # is the number of the weapon (disk gun = 0, flamer = 1 etc....) and X is 
the level of upgrade (0 = locked out, 1 = available... 4 = maximum upgrades). So, 
if you want to unlock the freeze gun immediately, just change WeaponUpgrades[3] 
to a value of 1 (or 4 if you want it maxed out).

At the end of each line is: 


# = 0 means that character has not finished the game yet while 3 means he has 
beaten it on the hard difficulty setting. Finally, you can change the last line
of the file (bSkinsUnlocked=False) to True to make the bonus skins available.

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