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  Hints and Tips for: X-COM - UFO Defense 
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 X-COM - UFO Defense Cheats

X-COM - UFO Defense

Level skip:
Submitted by: warren chen 

Press [Ctrl] + C or [Ctrl] + G while in the battlescape screen to complete the 
current level with the results of the previous level. 

Submitted by: warren chen 

First of all, beat misson. then the end of the month send skyranger-1 to go 
fight in the terrist misson. When u start the mission, press Ctrl+c. This will 
end the terrorist mission and give u the same results as the last mission. 
Then, goto ur base and in he spot 1 of ur interrceptor was is a craft that 
looks like a fire storm but small. 
This ship can hold 576 men, 462 weapons, and has 250% fuel and tons of
armor.But be worned, once u get the "weapon-1", small ufo's will become
super strong, but with less men inside. When u click on the "super ufo"
it has he words "the only true threat to the x-com in the galaxy.
Civilization on earth is doomed" and soom other jiberish.

Save Elerium:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

When you finish building a new ship, load it with the weapons (Plasma 
Beam for both weapons is recommended). When it is fully charged and 
ready for flight, transfer it to another base. When it gets to the 
base, immediately send it out on patrol. Click the ship and you will
see that its fuel is 0%. That means it will not run out of fuel. Make
sure that when you send the ship out on patrol, send it to the opposite
side of the planet or a long way from your base. This allows you to 
catch the ship after it attacks the enemy before it can return to base.
This is best done with the FireStorm craft. They are cheap and quick to
build. The firepower is just as good as the Avenger, which cost lots 
more and takes longer to build.

Free manufacturing:
Select the item to be manufactured, but assign no engineers and leave
the number to produce at zero. Then, assign as many engineers as 
desired but only manufacture one item. Use tanks with this trick to
easily make money.

Playing Tip: 
Before finishing a mission, be sure to unload all weapon clips 
(including those found on aliens). If you don't, any loaded clips 
will be lost and you'll have to buy more.

Salvaging a Bad Situation: Or Free Tech Advances:
It can be all too easy to save after a point where you can't advance any 
further, whether it's an unforseen rush of Aliens, or loss of funding via
Country Infiltration. Not all is lost at that point. You will likely have
to start over, but you can start over with all research progress and 
UFOpaedia information by copying certain files from one save to another. 

First: Start a new game, and then save. 

Second: Quit the game and copy the following files from your original save 
directory to the new save directory. 
IE: You saved your original game in slot one and second save in slot 2, the 
directory would be /*whatever you named the X-Com directory.. 
drive:/mps/ufo/game_1/ for an example of the DOS version, 
then drive:/mps/ufo/game_2/ for the second save. 

soldier.dat (optional, if you've already got some good soldiers trained) 

Third: load up the new game. You should have all the needed information.

How to Create Supersoldiers:
Written by failsafe

This game is fairly easy when u know how to play it. But, even being very easy, 
it may become even easier when u don’t mind cheating a bit. Actually, this is 
one way of cheating I personally like. It is a kind of smart cheat, requires 
little knowledge and work. At the end of the day it is still a cheat, though. 
Important information: we will edit game file.

What we need? A hex editor. No problem with these - one can find a hex editor 
on Microsoft Store. For example Super Hex Editor.

Another thing u need is a dec-hex calculator. You will find some in the internet 
don’t need to download them, they allow to do calculations online.

Last thing u need is a game file. To adjust our soldiers skills we will edit 
"soldier.dat" file - it comes with the game along some other .dat files, each 
in folder for each game save.

Now, u start the game and save it - easiest will be to do this on first slot, 
but it doesn’t matter. You also have to check list of Your soldiers. 
Note value of first skill of each of your soldiers. 
Lets say it is 58 for first soldier.

Open calculator and convert dec 58 into hex - it will be 3E. Hex figures are 
little different, because there are alltogether 16 types of figures: 1-9 and A-F. 
Two bit notation can code figure “worth” 0-255. Or something like this. We don’t 
need to know this… though it is worth to dig a little. Many, many years ago 
(in far galaxy…) using hex editors used to be a main way to “enchance” games.

-=Anyway, back to business=-
We open hex editor and look for our first soldier. Fairly easy - hex editor will 
show his name visible in “translated” area. Now, look for our 3E (or any other 
figure you should have). Most probably this will be very first figure after long 
line of doube zeros following full name of our soldier.

You can decide what kind of figure u wish to have instead of starting value. 
Since we are cheating anyway, why not give our dude a really strong boost? 
So we place “64” instead of our starting figure (64 hex = 100 dec).

We are almost there. We put 64 in following six pairs of figures - alltogether 
we change 7 corresponding pairs. 
Final hex sequence will be like this: 64 64 64 64 64 64 64.

You do the same for other soldiers and, voila, you have a company of supersoldiers.
Don’t forget to give them some guns, since they will not kill with bare hands, 
which is - I believe - a bug in the game. Riffles do a trick.

Disclaimer: this cheat spoils a game but is kind of fun to spoil a game this way. 
By the way, the same “trick” works for other stuff in the game, like money, 
stock ect.

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