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  Hints and Tips for: Xenimus 
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 Xenimus Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: DeCoNtAiN

How to make a SUPER lvl 1 character.
A Male Elf Paladin, max out STR, CON, and AGI. Then you shouls have one stat
point left. Use this on INT for more mana, and EXP, Or on WIS to get better 
skills later on. This character will be able to hunt rogues EASILY without gear.
Max sword skill, and get a sword. Try to get some armor too. When ur inventory 
is full, go sell all the stuff to a merchant (the gear u dont need). Then you 
should get about 1,5K gold on lvl 2. This character will have low strength, so
next level, u should put +1 strength. Next 2 levels on constitution,+1 strength 
again. And 1 agility. ONLY MAX SWORD SKILL (until u get attack run on level 5). 
Then max attack run (if any skill points left, wait til next level, so u can 
MAX offencive mastery). This character will have high agility, so u should have
about 25 agility on lvl 12, 18 constitution, 11 INT (or WIS), and the rest on 

fast, and damaging attack. 

Unlimited gold:
Start a new character (a female wizard works the best). Sell all of the items 
that come with the character. Go to where all the level 1's train and steal 
their items as they die. Sell these items and repeat the process. When you are
ready to exchange the gold, go to a secret location, such as the graveyard in 
town 3. Get both characters in the same location. 
Drop the gold with one, quickly log off, and log on as the other character to
take the money.

Respawn town:
If you want your character to be in a desired town such as Aridus (T7) or 
Tertherius (T3), keep deleting that character and remaking him until you reach
the desired town.

Instant level up:
When your first starting out, use the "Respawn town" trick until you start out 
in Semel (T1). Talk to the weapon merchant (farthest to the upper right). 
Say to him: "Hello", "Fine", "Yes", then "Yes". Next, follow the path down out
of the city until you reach another town. Talk to the first merchant, then kill
a monster. You will reach level 2 instantly.
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