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  Hints and Tips for: X-Men - The Official Game 
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 X-Men - The Official Game Cheats

X-Men - The Official Game

Submitted by: RM

Danger Room missions:
Progress through the game to unlock the first three Danger Room missions.
Six more Danger Room missions are unlocked by collecting all Sentinel files 
and Weapon X files with all characters. 

Comic alternate costume:
Collect all Sentinal Techs with a character to unlock his or her alternate 
comic costume. 

Street alternate costume:
Collect all Weapon X files with a character to unlock his or her alternate 
street costume. 

Finding Tech Pieces:
To save time and frustration, run through the level on novice to find all six 
Tech Pieces, then distribute mutation and save the game. Go back on the higher 
levels to gain the missing mutations, without worrying about racing around 
trying to find the pieces (especially on timed missions).

Submitted by: Rustam

be invincible                        - healme
kills the enemy with one punch       - killfast
every one got jetpacks accept iceman - fly

Easy Fighting:
Submitted by: Aswin S Kumar

While playing the testing chamber mission with wolverine,when many hydras come 
then run around the place and attack a hydra from different sides. In this way 
you can pass this mission.Use the fury only when 3 or 4 hydras come with heavy
weapons.You can also heal yourself for removing small wounds.

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