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 You Don't Know Jack - The Ride Cheats

You Don't Know Jack - The Ride

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

In the game's directory, go into J4ITEMS directory and edit the "YDKJ.INI" file.
In this file, you're gonna see these lines (You must play the game at least once
for the game to actually write in this file):


These lines store the number of times the game was played.

Cookie hosts games from 0 to 15.
Guy hosts games from 16 to 31.
Schitty hosts games from 32 to 47.
Nate hosts games from 48 to 57.

Yup, while all other hosts do 16 games, Nate only does 10. And although Buzz 
does not host the game, he does have "special appearances". Check games 1,16,32
and 48 to hear what happens (unusual, and funny).

And what happens after game 57? Well, let's just say you reach the BOTTOM and 
may get the chance to see your hosts in person (then again, maybe not)...  It 
does involve .SMK files so if you're impatient, download a Smacker player and 
play the files you want (one is located in the J4ITEMS directory, three others
are on the CD).

Type in names of the 12 apostles. The elevator woman will comment

If you type in the first names of the beatles, the woman in the elevator will 
say comment on it.

Have The Announcer Wish You A Happy New Year:
Double click your PC system clock settings and set the date for January 1st and
set the time from anywhere between 12 AM and 10 PM. (The year doesn't matter.) 
Now load up the game and choose a single player game or a game consisting of 
three contestants. This will not work if you choose two players. After inputting
your name the announcer will wish you a happy new year and throughout the remainder
of the game the host will make remarks about it being the new year. (These remarks 
usually being insults.) If you change the system clock settings in the middle of 
the game then the host will stop his/her remarks.

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