Yorkshire Gubbins Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Yorkshire Gubbins 
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 Yorkshire Gubbins Cheats

Yorkshire Gubbins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by God

-==Holy Molluscamony==-
-=A Beautiful Day
Began playing Holy Molluscamony
- Just start the game

-=Bernard The Duck
Discovered that Bernard isn't actually a duck.
- Work through all chat options with Bertrella at start of game.

-=Slugs Hate Salt
You let Crazy Harbert tell you everything
- Talk to Harbert about all options at least once.

-=Jeff Goldblum
You uncovered the truth about a novel
- Talk to Bernard about his book

-=Christmas Pudding
You discovered what you smell like
- Keep asking Mrs Grubwump about borrowing the perfume sprayer before you pickup the fish

-=Your Tears Nourish Me
He totally had it coming
- Collect little bilge tears in the empty perfume jar

-=Elland's Finest Liver Bypass
You demonstrated an appreciation for the local brews
- Once you have invite, at the bar work down the list of beers from top to bottom

-=The Enboozening
You stuffed both Bertrellas with Sowerby Pumper

-=The Endrenchening
You covered both Bertrellas in salt water

-=The Enmuddening
You covered both Bertrellas in deadly mud.
- Mix asbestos and mud

-=Holy Molluscamony!
You completed Holy Molluscamony

-==Humble Pie
-=A Pie-fect Day
Began playing Humble Pie 
- Fairly self explanatory, start playing the game

Did your bit for animal rights. Fat lot of good it did you.
- Whilst chatting to Steggy's mum select I consider this Fat Pupper show problematic

-=The mum we deserver
Turned the lights back off.
- Turn the light off in 

-=Ey Up 'Em Up
Given a proper Yorkshire greeting to 10 things
- Speak to any 10 things, doors, ovens even people!

-=You Were Wearing Your Blue Jumper?
Pretended to forget how you ruined Bertrella's wedding

Go Forth And Do All The Things
Learnt how to make amends to Bertrella

-=Luxuriant Foliage
You found a totally normal thing. 
- Hiding in bushes throught the Ginnel

OMG Are You Psychic? 
How... how did you do that?
- Without speaking to Tiny Bertrella Slugkin hand her the shrunken wedding dress

The Udderbuttock-Gromley Memorial Award 
You scanned 10 people with the Udgrom-o-meter

You tried to do a terrible thing
- Try to give Little Bilge's Book to Walter Stubbs in the Trophy shop

-=What's in the box?
You found out what's in the box. Upstairs in slug house

-=Best Friends Forever
You brought two very normal characters together
- Give Terry the robot to Normal Paul

-=Good As New
You solved Bertrella's problem.
- Shrink the wedding dress and swap with tiny bertrella for the new wedding dress, give this to Bertrella

-=The Pub Awaits
You solved Other Bertrella's problem
- Give Randy the leaflets

-=Humble Pie!
You completed Humble Pie

-=Careful Now
Born in a barn
Put wood in t'ole
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