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  Hints and Tips for: You Are Empty 
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 You Are Empty Cheats

You Are Empty

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

In the game press [~] to open the console, here you can type in the codes:

Result                  Code
Get indicated health   - set_clients_health [number]
Spawn bottle           - give_weapon_bottle
Spawn grenade          - give_weapon_grenade
Spawn machinegun       - give_weapon_machinegun
Spawn Mauzer           - give_weapon_mauzer
Spawn Maxim            - give_weapon_maxim
Spawn nailgun          - give_weapon_nailgun
Spawn Obrez            - give_weapon_obrez
Spawn rifle            - give_weapon_rifle
Spawn sniper rifle     - give_weapon_rifle_sniper
Spawn wrench           - give_weapon_spanner
Spawn Thunder          - give_weapon_thunder
Spawn Thunder Fire     - give_weapon_thunder_fire
Spawn pistol ammo      - give_ammo_mauzer
Spawn sub machine ammo - give_ammo_ppsh
Spawn rifle ammo       - give_ammo_rifle
Spawn flame ammo       - give_ammo_thunder
Spawn large medikit    - give_item_medikit_large
Spawn small medikit    - give_item_medikit_small

Submitted by: john

Sorry, but just the code " set_clients_health [number] " is ok. The others don't work. 
Please check it again.

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