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 You Have To Burn The Rope Cheats

You Have To Burn The Rope

Submitted by: RM

When you first start the game you will be in a long tunnel. 
It's really easy, just follow it til the end.

The arena:
As soon as you exit the tunnel the door will shut on you and 
a lifebar will appear at the bottom. 

Now immediately jump up (don't go to the right!!!) in the shaft 
with the 'stairs' and make your way to the top. There will be 
an opening to the right there. Before you walk through it jump 
through a fire. Don't worry, you won't be hurt! The fire will 
only burn for a short while once it has been taken from the 
torch so move quickly from here on!

High above:
Go through the opening to the right as mentioned before and 
jump carefully til you see the chandelier and the rope. Be 
careful not to fall down as you would have to start all 
over again!

The Rope:
Jump across the gap and the rope will catch on fire (unless of 
course it has stopped burning, in that case you would have to 
make your way back to the staircase and the torches). From there 
on just sit back and enjoy the show. The rope will burn up and 
the chandelier will fall down, killing the boss.


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