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  Hints and Tips for: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 
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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Cheats

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Free Gems:
-=The Gate=-
Click the Water fountain in the rear.
-=The PVP Arena=-
Click one of the street lights.
-=PVP Arena: 5 gems daily=-
Though it said in game, itís worth pointing out that the daily replay 
in this area (the TV in the street) will give you 5 gems a day.
-=The Card Shop=-
Click the top of the shop, above the doors.
-=The Card Studio=-
Click the trash can in the bottom left.

F2P Level 30 Alexis Farm Deck:
Written by BlackRose

Hello fellow duelists! So for a while now Cyber Angels have been blowing up in 
popularity and so I've decided to make a farm deck since most people will want to 
build a Cyber Angels deck. I've been hearing a lot that some f2p players are unable 
to effectively and efficiently farm level 40 Alexis due to her decklist being to 
difficult to farm. So now I have decided to make a level 30 F2P farm deck that is 
very easy to play and make.

-=Deck List=
This here is the deck list, don't be scared if you do not have some cards because a 
lot of the cards in the deck are just disposable foils. Speaking of disposable foils, 
next I'm going to list all of the essential cards and all of the disposable foils 
cards are:

-=Essential Skill=-
Elements Unite!

-=Essential Cards
Jar of Greed
Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
Blustering Winds
H - Heated Heart
Blind Spot Strike
White Elephant's Gift
Any two non effect foil monsters
Shard of Greed

-=Disposable Foils=-
Half Shut
Enemy Controller
GraveDigger Ghoul
The Inexperienced Spy
Mooyan Curry
Blue Medicine

-=How to Use the Deck=-
Key things to remember!

You start off at 500 LP due to your skill
Always finish the duel when you have 0 cards in deck 
Keep GG(Gate Guardian) in defense mode
Never use any of your buff cards unless its the last turn
Use Mooyan Curry on the enemy 
Use all your disposable cards when you draw them
If your hand gets too full you can always set cards 
Only play a monster when you can combo with WEG(White Elephants Gift) 
Only play the second monster to buff up her Cyber Blader to combo with Riryoku 
Blind Spot Strike only works on DEF monsters so you might want to keep Econ 
Since GG is in DEF you can use Shooting Star when you draw it
You will always have more cards then Alexis

On turn 1 you will have the 3 elements on the field and a GG in your hand. Since you 
only have 1 card in your hand to start off with, you will always have more cards then 
Alexis, which is bad. Make sure to play all of your Jar and Shard of Greeds when you 
can. When you draw a card, if its a disposable card, play it immediately. If its an 
essential card, keep it until ur last turn. If your hand gets too full which it will 
sometimes, you can set down cards to free up some space. Repeat this process until 
you reach the turn where you have 0 cards left in your deck. Most of the time Alexis 
will have played a Cyber Blader, and a Cyber angel Idaten. This is important because 
you will need her to play those cards so that you can steal their stats and add them 
to your GG. You want to use all of your buff cards on your GG, Blind Spot Strike their 
highest defense monster (usually Idaten) and if it isn't in defense mode you can use 
Enemy Controller to set it to defense mode. BEFORE YOU USE RIRYOKU play your second 
monster so that Cyber Blader can double its attack, this is essential because without 
this, you are losing 2100atk.

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