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  Hints and Tips for: Yuria's Hotel 
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 Yuria's Hotel Cheats

Yuria's Hotel

1. From the first room location, move right and then move down twice
2. Note the plan of the hotel rooms on the wall
3. Move back up twice and then enter room 2 to the right
4. Note the code to open the briefcase on the wall. Equate the numbers to 
   the room numbers and then map them to the plan of the hotel rooms. You’ll 
   end up with the numbers 701
5. Enter the combination into the briefcase and take the crowbar
6. Leave the room and then enter room 5. (Down 3 times and then left)
7. Use the crowbar on the wooden board and then pick it up. You don’t need 
   to enter the trap door yet
8. Leave the room and go up. Move right to the reception area
9. Pick up the key and then leave the hotel right
10. Move down and pick up the mushroom from the log
11. Go back up and re-enter the hotel
12. Go to room 6. Study the books on the bookshelf
13. Leave room 6 and then go up and right and leave the hotel this way
14. Go up and dip the mushroom in the mud
15. Then take the wooden board and lay it across the mud
16. Go up and give the brown mushroom to the bird. Collect the second key
17. Return to the hotel and use the key to open room 7
18. Collect the battery that’s behind the table
19. Leave the room and use the other key to open room 4. Click the pillow 
    multiple times and collect the torch
20. Go to room 3. Click the bottom edge where the screen is brown. Collect 
    the rope and then click the object that you can just see on the left. 
    It turns out to be a necklace
21. Go back to room five and open the trapdoor
22. Collect the battery and then put both batteries in the torch and turn 
    it on
23. Click the area just between the shoes and the book and then collect all 
    three items in the trapdoor
24. Open the second trap door and click the metal thingy on the back of the 
25. Tie the rope around this and then holding the torch go down
26. Move right to the red door and then highlight this
27. In this final puzzle you need to change all the ‘X’s on the door to ‘O’s.
    The easiest way to do this is click all the boxes left to right starting 
    at the top and working your way down
28. Enter the doorway and click on the airplane cockpit

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