Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal 
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 Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal Cheats

Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Modify the game shortcut and add the parameter -console. 
Example: E:\Zanzarah\System\zanzarah.exe -console 

During the game, press [F11] to open the console, and type: 

Result                      Code 
Fairy wins current battle - duel victory  
Spawn indicated item      - item <0-73>  
Get indicated fairy       - wizform <0-76>  
Get indicated spell       - spell <0-119>  
Play FMV sequence         - video  
List console commands     - help  

Use one of the following entries with the item code. 

0: Small Health
1: Medium Health
2: Large Health
3: Healing Leaf
4: Fairy Coin
5: Test Amulet
6: Crystal
7: Medicine
8: Fairy Horn
9: Amulet of Experience
10: Clover Leaf
11: Test Amulet
12: Reserved Magic Card
13: Golden Carrot
14: Reserved Magic Card
15: Ocean Conch
16: Pixie Bag
17: Silver Sphere
18: Golden Sphere
19: Crystal Sphere
20: Garlic Atomizer
21: Catacomb Key
22: Heavy Iron Key
23: Key of the guardian of Pixies
24: Rufus House Key
25: Key to Dwarf Factory
26: Quilin's Staff Of Rule
27: Key to the Town Hall
28: Rune of return
29: Rune of the Fairy Garden
30: Rune of Tiralin
31: Run of Dunmore
32: Rune of Dwarf Tower
33: Rune of the Cave World
34: Rune of the Ice World
35: Rune of the Realm of Clouds
36: Rune of the Shadow Realm
37: Rune of the Cottage Rune
38: Forest Rune II
39: Swamp Rune II
40: Mountain Rune II
41: Cave Rune II
42: Sky Rune II
43: Dark Rune II
44: Fairy Corel of Air
45: Fairy Corel of Earth
46: Fairy Corel of Fire
47: Fairy Corel of Nature
48: Fairy Corel of PSI Magic
49: Reserved Magic Card
50: Reserved Magic Card
51: Evolutionary Magic of Air
52: Evolutionary Magic of Fire
53: Evolutionary Magic of Nature
54: Elemental Key of Fire
55: Elemental Key of Air
56: Elemental Key of Nature
57: Elemental Key of Earth
58: Book of Fairies
59: Fairy Bag
60: Mana Potion
61: Molding Magic
62: Map of the Fairy Garden
63: Map of the Enchanted Forest
64: Map of the Mountain World
65: Map of the Dark Swamp
66: Map of the Shadow Realm
67: Map of the Realm Of Clouds
68: Reserved Magic Card
69: Reserved Magic Card
70: Tools of the Dwarfs
71: Red Bone Key
72: Green Bone Key
73: Blue Bone Key 

Start in duel mode:
Start the game with the 
"zanzarah\system\zanzarah.exe" -duelstart command. 
Press [F11] during game play and enter one of the following codes to 
activate the cheat function.

Submitted by: nakuljoshi

this in realty is not a cheat but only a way to get unlimited coins in the game 
there are two ways in which you cando it first goto Endeva village as soon as you 
enter the village you will see a owl seates on ahedge and on the right side you 
will find an Elve walking go to him and train your active fairy or your fairies 
untill you wish and during the end of each training you willget some coins do 
this as many times you wish secondly when you go into the bar where you find 
fairy master rufus you will find some elves playing cards go to one of them and 
start pestering him untill he says"take this coin and go away"
take the coin do this process as many times you wish {int the first method you 
should alteast one fairy with you).

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