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When looking at the title, it's fairly obvious where this first-person RPG (and not a FPS, like is commonly believed) is situated. Hellgate: London starts out in a not so distant future, where demons are roaming freely in the English capital. As was to be expected, it's your task to "wipe them out, all of them". Ok, enough of these stupid Darth Vader jokes, I'll get back to business.

The thing Flagship is the most proud of is the random nature of the game. Every enemy you'll encounter will be randomly spawned, so you won't run into those scripted ambushes you see in other games. All of the drops and items will also appear randomly, which makes the game more interesting when playing through it a second time. This will likely happen, as there will be several classes in the game, each one requiring a different game style. In the preview version, however, only the Templar class was available.

The first thing you look at in a game are of course the visuals. As far as HG:L is concerned, we won't complain about the graphics. The game uses an all new DX9 engine, which especially excels in lighting and special particle effects. Just check the screenshots and see for yourself.

It may seem awkward in a near-future setting, but in Hellgate: London, magic is frequently used. There are five types of magic: fire, gravity, poison, electricity and phasing. Magic exists in the usual plethora of spells and armours, but you can also equip magic upgrades on you weapon. Think of a rapid-fire blaster, able to fire soaring fireballs on the hoardes of demons you will face. Deadly and innovating indeed.

Combat is different from your everyday RPG. The fast-paced action essentially makes this a first-person Diablo, which isn't too surprising, knowing the developers worked for Blizzard Entertainment in the past. You will be able to dual-wield some of the weapons (ever since Halo 2 came by, dual-wielding is all the hype, if you ask me) and you can also carry melee weapons. When equipping a melee weapon, the game automatically switches to a wider third-person standpoint, which gives you a better view of the action. If you want, you can always change back to the standard first-person view.

You will be able to develop a lot of different skills, some of which are randomly chosen (indeed, random is the magic word in this game). You can send lightning bolts or give yourself a temporary buff. At any time, you can have 2 skills equipped on your primary and alternate fire buttons, instead of guns.

Next to the (presumably scripted) main quests, there will also be a very large ammount of non-scripted sidequests, which will allow you to go gain experience, go up in level and thus learn more advanced skills. I've also managed to find out there will be some very large levelbosses, spread out over the entire game.

by Zwan


Hellgate London - The Story
Hellgate: London is the first original title from premier developer Flagship Studios, whose team hails from such blockbusters as the Diablo, StarCraft, and WarCraft series. Set in the near future, Hellgate: London introduces a world devastated by a demon invasion. Players are thrust into a desolate city scorched by hellfire where the survivors meld science and sorcery to gain a foothold against the minions of darkness and save the bloodline of humanity.

Hellgate: London combines the depth of Role-Playing Games with the action of First-Person titles, while offering infinite replayability and an individualized gaming experience through dynamically created levels, monsters, items, and events. Players create a hero and then battle through innumerable hordes of demons while completing quests and advancing through experience levels and branching skill paths. A robust, flexible skill and spell system, highly-customizable items, and a massive variety of randomly generated equipment allow players to create heroes that are truly unique.

  • Combining the depth and customizability of Role-Playing Games with the immersive experience of a first-person perspective, gameplay is fast-paced without requiring lightning-fast FPS reflexes, making it accessible to a broad audience of RPG fans.
  • Experience the ominous setting of post-apocalyptic London. From ancient ruins buried beneath city streets to shattered cathedrals to the last remnants of humanity bunkered in the Underground, the boundary between fact and myth are blurred as a few glorious heroes fight for their very souls.
  • Fight against the demons of the underworld as one of several unique character classes. Like the Templar, each class has a unique visual and game play style based on their particular history and heritage. Randomly generated and modifiable items ensure that heroes are distinct and individualized.
  • Battle against a wide variety of demonic enemies, each with their own unique attributes, abilities, and vulnerabilities.
  • With dynamically- generated levels, massive quantities of randomly- created items, chance events and story- driven quests, no two gaming experiences are ever the same.
  • While Hellgate: London stands on its own as a single-player game, it also provides a compelling cooperative multiplayer experience through a dedicated online gaming destination. By creating unique and individualized game play “instances” within a vast online community, gamers get all the best parts of traditional massive multiplayer games without the common downsides.

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