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When we last saw the Rainbow Six squadron, they saved Las Vegas from a missile threat. After the destruction of the terrorist forces, however, they found themselves screwed over by a traitor. The screen faded to black with the words "To Be Continued". What happened? Well, we're about to get the rest of the story, as Ubisoft Montreal is putting the finishing touches on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, debuting this March on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The sequel not only answers the questions from the first game, but it should also complete the storyline in a very satisfying manner.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 retains the gameplay elements that made the first game such a hit, while at the same time introducing something new. Tactical squad action returns, as you command soldiers into defensive positions while setting yourself up for strategic attacks. However, improvements have been made with the artificial intelligence. Rather than running in a straight line for a cover point, soldiers use a new "run and shoot" tactic. Not only does this leave you with an advantage to your assault, but it also provides you with cover fire so you can stay on the move as well. You'll need all these tactics, though – the terrorists are sharper than ever before.

Expect more realistic cover this time around. If you hide behind a solid object, such as a slot machine or a wall, you've got a better chance of survival. Hide behind a wooden barrel, however, and it'll break apart from the gunfire, leaving you wide open to damage.

You can also keep a better eye on your teammates. An interesting camera perspective provides you with a view of their positions, in case you can't see them clearly. If that isn't enough to aid you on each mission, you also have access to a number of accessories. A rappelling rope lets you descend the side of a building through a window, since you can't use the front door in some cases. (Terrorists will either have it covered or blockaded.) The snake also returns, so you can peek under doors without giving yourself away and plan your next course of action.

A new rewards system called ACES is in effect here, short for Advanced Combat and Specialization. You're essentially rewarded for your degree in performance in three key areas – assault, marksmanship and close combat. If you prefer to charge into a room and take out targets, you're given better assault weapons as a result. Those who prefer distant kills with a sniper rifle will receive an upgrade to that specific weapon, making it easier to pick off people with headshots. Eleven new weapons will be available in all, so there's lots of opportunity to advance your skills.

Player creation also received a boost. Although the general storyline remains the same no matter what soldier you create (along with your character's name, Bishop), you can build anyone you prefer. Several skin tones are available, including Hispanic and African American. Finally, Rainbow Six lets you kick ass as a woman. This system, titled PECS (Persistent Elite Creation System), also lets you take this character online. No word yet if it'll have an effect with stats and kill counts.

This sequel also has abundant multiplayer options. Ubisoft hasn't completely lifted the veil off the available modes, but it did reveal a co-op mode in which a second player can drop in and out of the single player campaign.

Terrorist hunt is back, allowing you to shoot as many bad guys as you can. You can either play on your own with AI assistance or with up to three other friends. Other modes are on here as well, including conquest and assassination. Again, we're waiting for Ubisoft to spill the collective beans.

Last but definitely not least, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 received a visual upgrade, thanks to Epic's Unreal Engine 3.0. Considering how good the first game looks, it's a mind-blowing statement. The sequel will take you all over Vegas, from the monorail stations and strip clubs to the seedy industrial areas, where oil refineries toil away in the desert.

by Robert Workman


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Info
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will push the franchise to new heights by adding new gameplay features and even more stunning visuals. Players will encounter an intense solo campaign that uses new tactical possibilities in various locations around Sin City. As expected with one of the pioneer franchises for online multiplayer Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will also break new ground in both co-op and adversarial modes, while providing unprecedented interaction between the solo and multiplayer modes.


  • More Multiplayer – The highly acclaimed multiplayer mode in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas has been upgraded to include 13 new maps with more intense face-offs, two new adversarial modes, more rewards, and easier access to matches using the improved and intuitive matchmaking system.
  • Unprecedented Customizable Experience – Create your own identity that persists through both the single player and multiplayer modes and progresses along with you. Reap the benefits of your single player rewards in multiplayer and vice versa.
  • Vastly Improved Co-op Mode – Turn single player mode into co-op mode at any time, just by jumping into the game. Now you and a friend can jump into a single player game and assist without any change to the story. The single player maps and storyline were created with co-op in mind, meaning every map has multiple entry points and the story is unaffected.
  • Challenging AI – The AI is more challenging than ever. Now, the terrorists are equipped with thermal vision, night vision, and shields – not to mention a multitude of varying tactics – all of which are guaranteed to give you a new playing experience every time you go into battle. As you progress within the game, you’ll be able to outsmart your enemies by taking advantage of intelligence opportunities, such as thermal scanning.
  • New Weapons and Armor – Take down the terrorists more effectively using 11 new weapons. New camouflage, clothing and gear allow for the ultimate customizations.
  • More Vegas – Sin City is back and bigger than before. Explore all new Vegas hot spots and the gritty back streets creating a visual experience that is as challenging as it is breathtaking.


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