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Dark Sector - PC Games

Dark Sector - Screenshot
Dark Sector  Welcome to the Cheatbook PC Trainers section! Trainers are programs that allow you to alter the way the game works so that you could cheat. They enable features that are similar to cheat codes, for example you could get unlimited health, ammo etc. when using a Trainer.
Dark Sector - Trainer Dark Sector - Trainer v.1.0 (+9)
Dark Sector Tips Dark Sector - Cheat Codes

As a member of a black-ops arm of the CIA, Hayden Tenno has always performed his job with ruthless efficiency? doing whatever it takes to get the job done in the name of patriotism. He is sent on his latest mission into Lasria just as he is beginning to question his place in the world, and the motives of those around him. Now, infected with the Technocyte virus and in possession of new superhuman powers, Hayden struggles to keep the infection from taking over his body as he faces down his past and evolves into something new? a hero.

Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, a covert operative sent on a dangerous mission into Lasria - an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War secret. In the midst of this mission, Hayden is attacked by an unknown enemy and infected by the Technocyte Virus - a brutal bio-weapon that twists it's victims into mindless killing machines. Surviving this attack, Hayden finds that the Technocyte virus has granted him powerful, inhuman abilities unlike anything he has ever seen. Now, he must evolve with his powers, survive and become a hero.
  • Intense Online Multiplayer Battles
  • Infection Mode: one player takes on the role of Hayden as the other players become human soldiers and hunt him down
  • Epidemic Mode: two teams, each made of up of a Hayden and a group of soldiers, will battle to kill the other teams Hayden and fight for online supremacy
  • Evolution Power: Battle your enemies with incredible superhuman powers-like the deadly bladed glaive-that evolve and become more and more powerful throughout the game.

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