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  Welcome to the Cheatbook Trainers section! Trainers are programs that allow you to alter the way the game works so that you could cheat. They enable features that are similar to cheat codes, for example you could get unlimited health, ammo etc. when using a Trainer. Find even secrets on our page.

PC Game Trainer and Cheat Codes.

    PC Cheats and Trainer Index      
  PC Trainer Wall-E - Games Trainer      
  PC Trainer Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne      
  PC Trainer Wargame: European Escalation - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wargame: Red Dragon - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War      
  PC Trainer Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Warhammer Quest - Trainer      
  PC Trainer War Leaders: Clash of Nations      
  PC Trainer Warlock 2: The Exiled - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Warring States Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wasteland 2 - Editor      
  PC Trainer Wasteland 2 - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Watch Dogs - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Way of the Samurai 4 - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier      
  PC Trainer Westward III - Gold Rush - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wheelman      
  PC Trainer Whispering Willows - Trainer      
  PC Trainer White Night - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wildlife Park 3 - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Witcher: Enhanced Edition      
  PC Trainer Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn Trainer      
  PC Trainer Winged Sakura Mindy Arc - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wolfenstein - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wolfenstein: The New Order - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Trainer      
  PC Trainer Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries - Trainer      
  PC Trainer World Series of Poker 2008      
  PC Trainer Worlds of Magic Trainer      
  PC Trainer Worms 4 Mayhem - Unlocker      
  PC Trainer Worms 4 Mayhem - Trainer      
  PC Trainer WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship - Trainer      
  PC Trainer WWE 2K15 - Trainer      
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