Abandoned - Scary Escape Game Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Abandoned - Scary Escape Game

Abandoned - Scary Escape Game

-Click the dirt below the steps a couple of times to get the
-Go up the ladder and use the screwdriver on the padlock. 
-Note the diagram on the wall. Click the wooden block on the 
 floor and note the symbol and the number 5. 
-Go left and then the arrow at the bottom of the screen. 
-Click the bottom arrow again. 
-Go right and note the diagram on the floor. 
-Click the pillar and note there are loose bricks. 
-Click the bricks until one falls off. Get the yellow gem. 
 There are 2 loose bricks but only one gives you the gem. 
-Click the up arrow and get the pocketwatch. 
 Note that the time is stuck on 2:27. 
-Go down and left. Turn left again. Click the wooden block and 
 note the symbol and the number 4. Get the ceramic H. 
-Go forward and get the rubber glove. 
-Go back, right, and then click the bottom arrow. 
 Get the ceramic N. 
-Click the big metal bin and use your glove to get the wrench. 
-Go left. Get the mirror. Click the panel on the right side of 
 the wall and get the blue gem. Note the light bulbs don’t work. 
-Go back all the way up the stairs and then go forward once. 
-Turn left and note the clock on the left side. 
 Set the clock to 2:27. Get the green gem. 
-Exit the room and go forward. 
 Get the ceramic J from the right side of the workbench. 
-Note the wooden tile with the symbol and number 3. 
-On the front of the workbench you will see the symbols to the 
 ones that correspond to the numbers you found. 
 This code ends up being 5334. 
-Click the wooden box under the table and if you think that the 
 buttons on the box are number 1-5, from left to right. 
 Press the buttons for 5334. Get the set of keys. 
-Go back and then left. Open the panel and get the purple gem. 
-Use the keys to open the door. 
-Click the chalkboard and note the orientation of the star, as 
 well as the points on the star that correspond to the 5 “buttons”.
 Note where the arrow is pointing. 
-Click the calendar next to the window and note the symbols that 
 are associated with each month. 
-Get the bloody knife at the bottom of the left side desk. 
 Exit the room, go forward, and then right. 
-Click the star puzzle and starting with “J” at the top, spell 
 “JOHNY” in a clockwise direction. 
-Note that the arrow is pointing to the letter “H”. (Remember 
 there was an arrow pointing at point on the star in the chalkboard
-Go back downstairs to the stairwell. Use the knife in the switch 
 on the left. Get the old book from the desk that is now lit up. 
 Note that each month’s entry is outlined in a certain color. 
-Click the down arrow and go left twice. Click the door up ahead 
 and then the door panel. 
-With the diagram on the chalkboard the letter that the arrow was 
 pointing to on the star puzzle, you can deduce that from top to 
 bottom, the letters are Y J O N H. Press the letters in the order 
 that spells JOHNY (51243). 
-Open the door, move the boxes and get the red gem. 
 Note the thick red fog. 
-Go back and note the symbols on the wall. 
-Turn right twice and then back. Note the orientation of the symbol 
 above the door. Now go left. 
-If you think that the buttons are: 
 A B 
 C D 
 Press them in this order: BCA, DCA. Both lights should now be on. 
-Go back down to where you began. Use the wrench on the handle that 
 wouldn’t turn. Now the water is on. 
-Go left and get the doll from the well. 
-Go back to the room with the diagram on the floor (and the broken 
 pillar). According to the symbols from the months on the calendar, as 
 well as the color that each month’s entry in the diary appear. Please 
 the gems in the appropriate spots and then the doll in the middle. 
 October – Sun – Green 
 November – Crescent moon (points to left) – Purple 
 December – Crescent moon (points to right) – Blue 
 January – Star – Yellow 
 February – Circle – Red 
-Use your mirror on the lightning. Now your mirror is powerful. 
-Return to where you got the red gem (you will have to reenter the 
 JOHNY code). Use the mirror on the thick fog and you’re out! 

Explanation of light bulb puzzle: 
Take a look at the diagram you have that you got from the wall when you 
first exited the basement. Each square represents the corresponding 
buttons where the lightbulbs are. There is a symbol with a circle with
one arrow pointing up and one pointing right. Remember a similar symbol
above the door right before the light bulb puzzle? The circle had arrows
pointing down and left. Physically turn your paper so that the diagram 
had the circle symbols pointing down and left as well. Now mentally 
label the squares: 
A B 
C D 

Now recall the two symbols (one had 2 circles with curved lines and one 
had 2 circles connected by one line) that were just before the door 
leading to the red gem. Starting with the 2 circles/curved lines, the
arrow path will give you the pattern: BCA. Now going to the 2 circles
connected by one line and follow the arrow path. You now get DCA.

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