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 Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire

Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire

--Secret Projects FAQ--
Version: Revised
Author: Vertigo 1
Copyright 2004-2006 Nick Mykita

Table of Contents
Part One: Version History
Part Two: Legalities
Part Three: Introduction
Part Four: The FAQ
Part Five: Credits

Part One: Version History

Alpha: The guide was launched.  (7/24/04)

Beta: Added a strategy section for each project.  (9/3/05)

Revised: Fixed some grammatical errors.  (2/23/06)

Part Two: Legalities

ARTS.  © 1999 Electronic Arts

This guide may be reproduced for entertainment purposes only.  If you want to
use this on your site, please e-mail me at the address on top and I’ll probably
let you use it.  The sites that can use this without asking are as follows:

Part Three: Introduction

This guide will tell you about the Secret Projects of Alien Crossfire, their
functions, what technology you need to obtain them, and a *NEW* strategy
section to help you better understand which projects to build.  Hopefully this
will help you in some small way.  Well, there isn’t much more to say, so on
with the show!

Part Four: The FAQ

PROJECT 1 - The Human Genome Project
EFFECT - One extra Talent at every base.
TECH NEEDED – Biogenetics
STRATEGY – Talents are nice to have at the beginning.  However, as the game
goes on, you’ll probably forget you ever built this.  Don’t feel pressured to
make it.

PROJECT 2 - The Command Nexus
EFFECT - Counts as a Command Center at every base.
TECH NEEDED - Doctrine: Loyalty
STRATEGY – This is good to have.  Giving all your land units +2 Morale will
prove very helpful in both the early and late stages of the game.

PROJECT 3 – The Weather Paradigm
EFFECT – Increases terraforming speed by 50% except for “Remove Fungus.”
Formers can build Condensors and Boreholes and may raise/lower terrain without
having the technology.
TECH NEEDED – Centauri Ecology
STRATEGY – This is a must.  Increasing your terraforming speed will drastically
improve your economy and give your bases the things they need that much faster.
Always try to get this if you can.  If not, then hope you eventually go to war
with who has it and take it from them.

PROJECT 4 – The Merchant Exchange
EFFECT - +1 Energy in every square at the base that builds this.
TECH NEEDED – Industrial Base
STRATEGY – Not very important to have.  One extra energy is not going to make a
big impact anytime soon, so just focus on more important things when this comes
up and let them have it.

PROJECT 5 – The Empath Guild
EFFECT – Allows you to contact every leader, and gives you an infiltrator in
every faction.  You get +50% votes in elections for Planetary Governor and
Supreme Leader.
TECH NEEDED – Centauri Empathy
STRATEGY – This is another good project to build.  It loses value if you
already know everyone, but if you hope to be elected Supreme Leader (or at
least Governor), the extra votes will be very beneficial.

PROJECT 6 – The Citizens’ Defense Force
EFFECT – Counts as a Perimeter Defense at every base.
TECH NEEDED – Intellectual Integrity
STRATEGY – Definitely go for this one.  If you’re playing as the Hive, it’s fun
to keep the other factions from having it, but otherwise it’s really good to
give your bases extra protection.

PROJECT 7 – The Virtual World
EFFECT – In addition to their normal effect, Network Nodes count as Hologram
Theatres at each of your bases.
TECH NEEDED – Planetary Networks
STRATEGY – Very useful if you have a constant problem with Drones.  This one is
best left for you to decide if you really need it.

PROJECT 8 – The Planetary Transit System
EFFECT – Any new bases you build begin at population level 3.  One less Drone
at all bases of population level 3 and under.
TECH NEEDED – Industrial Automation
STRATEGY – A population jumpstart is good for new bases to get a better hold on
their economy and such.  Definitely worth considering when the opportunity is
presented to you.

PROJECT 9 – The Xenoempathy Dome
EFFECT – All Xenofungus squares are treated as roads, and the rate at which
your Formers remove and/or plant fungus is doubled. Any alien lifeforms you
breed gain a +1 lifecycle bonus.
TECH NEEDED – Centauri Meditation
STRATEGY – Anything that deals with the pesky Xenofungus is worth looking at.
In this case, the fungus becomes somewhat useful, and if you like Mind Worms,
then you should probably want to build this ASAP.

PROJECT 10 – The Neural Amplifier
EFFECT - +50% to PSI Defense.
TECH NEEDED – Neural Grafting
STRATEGY – This is worth having if you have frequent problems with the
indigenous life or if Lady Deirdre is being a pain in the neck.  On the flip
side, if you have Mind Worms of your own, this will give them a little boost.

PROJECT 11 – The Maritime Control Center
EFFECT – Increases the movement of all non-native naval units by two, and
counts as a Naval Yard at every one of your bases.
TECH NEEDED – Doctrine: Initiative
STRATEGY – It is imperative you build this project, and it is a must if you
play as the Pirates.  This will give you naval superiority like no other, so
put everything you have into this one.

PROJECT 12 – The Planetary Datalinks
EFFECT – You automatically discover any technology discovered by any three
other factions.
TECH NEEDED – Cyberethics
STRATEGY – Very good to have if you are lacking in the tech race.  Most times,
though, you’ll be on top of things by this point, so it’s only use is to
prevent others from taking your discoveries.

PROJECT 13 – The Supercollider
EFFECT – Research output at the base that builds this is doubled.
TECH NEEDED – Applied Relativity
STRATEGY – This is always a good project to build, particularly at a base that
is already putting out a lot of research.  It’s simple math: research x2 = more
technology faster.  Get this as soon as you can.

PROJECT 14 – The Ascetic Virtues
EFFECT – Increases the population limit of your bases by two, and increases
your society’s tolerance for use of police and military units (+1 POLICE).
TECH NEEDED – Planetary Economics
STRATEGY – This is another important project for several reasons.  First, you
don’t have to panic about increasing space in your bases, although you’ll still
have to do it.  Second, you can put more military units in your bases without
facing unruly mobs.  Don’t feel pressured to build it, but keep it high on the
list of things to do.

PROJECT 15 – The Longevity Vaccine
EFFECT – Two less Drones at every base if your society’s economics are PLANNED.
One less Drone at every base if your economics are SIMPLE or GREEN.  ECONOMY
increased by 50% at the base that builds this for FREE MARKET economies.
TECH NEEDED – Bio-Engineering
STRATEGY – This is a very economy-specific project.  If your economy doesn’t
fall under any of these, don’t go out of your way to make this useful while
potentially screwing up your faction severely.  This is more suited for the
Morganites, anyway.

PROJECT 16 – The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm
EFFECT – Renders your units and bases completely immune to any Probe Team
infiltration, unless the team is equipped with the Algorithmic Enhancement
TECH NEEDED – Pre-Sentient Algorithms
STRATEGY – Absolutely essential!  This will make things infinitely easier for
you, and if another faction gets this, it will be infinitely harder for you.
Obtain this at all costs.  If the enemy obtains this, take the base.  It’s just
like A-1 Steak Sauce: “Yeah, it’s that important.”

PROJECT 17 – The Pholus Mutagen
EFFECT – Reduces the effects of industry on Planet’s ecology at all of your
bases.  Additionally, the fungus confers on all of your units the same combat
benefits normally reserved for alien lifeforms.  Any alien lifeforms you breed
gain a +1 lifecycle bonus.
TECH NEEDED – Centauri Genetics
STRATEGY – This is also extremely important.  You’ll have significantly less
eco-damage, and that pesky fungus actually becomes helpful.  And, if you’re
breeding Mind Worms, this is another way to make them stronger.  Try to get
this if you can.

PROJECT 18 – The Cyborg Factory
EFFECT – Counts as a Bioenhancement Center at every base.
TECH NEEDED – Mind/Machine Interface
STRATEGY – Fairly straightforward, this really just saves you time by not
having to build all those Centers.  Good to have, but not very important.

PROJECT 19 – The Theory of Everything
EFFECT – LABS output at the base that builds this is doubled.
TECH NEEDED – Unified Field Theory
STRATEGY – Another important project for the technologically oriented.  Not
much really needs to be said here.

PROJECT 20 – The Dream Twister
EFFECT - +50% to PSI Attack.
TECH NEEDED – The Will to Power
STRATEGY – This is helpful if you decide to equip PSI weaponry on your units or
if you really like to use Mind Worms and their respective cousins.  Don’t put
too much effort into this one; it’s doubtful the other factions are going to
jump on it as soon they get the chance.

PROJECT 21 – The Universal Translator
EFFECT – Two free tech advances on completion.  Any number of Alien Artifacts
can be cashed at the base that builds this.
TECH NEEDED – Homo Superior
STRATEGY – This is important no matter what faction you elect to play.  Two
free techs is the greatest gift in the game, and if there are still artifacts
to be found, they can all live under one roof.  Get the jump on this one;
you’ll be glad you did.

PROJECT 22 – The Network Backbone
EFFECT - +1 research at the base that builds this for every point of Commerce
this base receives, and +1 research for every Network Node in existence on
Alpha Centauri, regardless of the player owning the Network Node.  Eliminates
the negative effects of Cybernetic Society.
TECH NEEDED – Digital Sentience
STRATEGY – Boy, it’s just one good project after another, isn’t it?  The trick
to this one is picking the right base to build it.  If you play it right,
you’ll gain a lot of research.  Plus, now you have the perfect excuse to form a
Cybernetic society: there’s no harm done!  I highly recommend you go for this.

PROJECT 23 – The Nano Factory
EFFECT – Units can be repaired quickly and completely even when not in base
squares.  The cost to upgrade units is reduced by 50%.
TECH NEEDED – Industrial Nanorobotics
STRATEGY – Very useful for everyone.  Cheap upgrades and quick repairs from
anywhere is everyone’s best friend.  If only we had that feature on our cars...

PROJECT 24 – The Living Refinery
EFFECT – Decreases minerals required to support military units (+2 SUPPORT on
the Social Engineering table).
TECH NEEDED – Advanced Spaceflight
STRATEGY – Extremely important, especially in times of war.  This enables you
to make more units or facilities and not have to finance the upkeep.  Another
one to put high on the list.

PROJECT 25 – The Cloning Vats
EFFECT – All of your bases enter a permanent state of Population Boom and will
grow every turn provided its NUTRIENT output is sufficient and Hab facilities
are adequate.  The negative effects of Power and Thought Control on the Social
Engineering table are eliminated.
TECH NEEDED – Biomachinery
STRATEGY – I always try for this one, and I suggest you do the same.  Big bases
are always a plus, and you can breathe easier with your Social Engineering.  No
matter how many times you play this game, get this project every time.

PROJECT 26 – The Self-Aware Colony
EFFECT – Energy maintenance costs for facilities are halved at all of your
bases.  If use of Police is allowed under the current social model, all of your
bases are considered to have an extra Police unit.
TECH NEEDED – Self-Aware Machines
STRATEGY – This is worth considering at the very least.  Halving costs means
more money in your pocket, and you can afford more police in your bases.  If
you have nothing else more important in the works, consider building this.

PROJECT 27 – Clinical Immortality
EFFECT – One extra Talent at every base.  Doubles your votes in elections for
Planetary Governor and Supreme Leader.
TECH NEEDED – Matter Editation
STRATEGY – The extra talent part isn’t really helpful, but the double votes are
what compel people to build this project.  It makes winning the game that much
easier, so you might as well go for it.

PROJECT 28 – The Space Elevator
EFFECT – Doubles ECONOMY energy reserve production at the base that builds
this, and doubles MINERAL production rate when producing orbital improvements.
Your units equipped with Drop Pods may now make orbital insertions anywhere on
the planet.  All Aerospace Complex restrictions are waived.
TECH NEEDED – Super Tensile Solids
STRATEGY – The economy and the minerals are nice, but the really cool thing is
landing anywhere on the planet.  This is perfect if you’re at war.  I’m not too
sure about the Aerospace restrictions, so I don’t really know if that’s useful.

PROJECT 29 – The Singularity Inductor
EFFECT – Counts as a Quantum Converter at every base, and reduces the
ecological effects of mineral production.
TECH NEEDED – Controlled Singularity
STRATEGY – This is good all around.  Quantum Converters are always good to
have, and less eco-damage means happy planet.  This is worth considering, if
nothing else.

PROJECT 30 – The Bulk Matter Transmitter
EFFECT - +2 MINERALS at every base.
TECH NEEDED – Matter Transmission
STRATEGY – Not much to say here.  Extra minerals are always good, but if you’ve
already got lots or if you have bigger projects on the agenda, then let this
one pass.  It’s not like you’ll lose the game without it.

PROJECT 31 – The Telepathic Matrix
EFFECT – Drones never riot at your bases.  All of your Probe Teams receive a +2
morale modifier.
TECH NEEDED – Eudaimonia
STRATEGY – Now this is a project no one should leave home without.  No more
riots will surely put a smile on everyone’s faces, and better Probe Teams will
make us laugh while the enemy pulls their hair out.  I would strongly urge you
to put this into production.

PROJECT 32 – The Manifold Harmonics
EFFECT – Increases resources harvested from monolith and fungus squares
depending on the overall PLANET rating, as follows: 0 Planet = +1 Energy.
+1 Planet = +1 Nutrient, +1 Energy.  +2 Planet = +1 Nutrient, +1 Energy, +1
Mineral.  +3 Planet = +1 Nutrient, +2 Energy, +1 Mineral, etc.
TECH NEEDED – Secrets of the Manifolds
STRATEGY – This one is up to your own decision.  If you constantly abuse the
planet, don’t get it.  If you’re playing as the Gaians, then it might be
beneficial to you.  Like I said, it’s your call.  There’s no real trick here.

PROJECT 33 – The Nethack Terminus
EFFECT - +1 morale to all Probe Teams built.  –25% cost of Probe Team actions.
All Probe Teams with a Fusion Reactor or higher have the equivalent of the
Algorithmic Enhancement ability.
TECH NEEDED – Self-Aware Machines
STRATEGY – This can be beneficial for two groups: those who have the Hunter-
Seeker Algorithm, and those who don’t.  If you have it, then you’ll build this
just to have extra morale and cheaper sabotage.  If you don’t, then you’ll
build this for the reasons just mentioned AND you don’t have to worry about
that pesky project anymore!  This is a must-have project for anyone.

PROJECT 34 – The Cloudbase Academy
EFFECT – Free Aerospace Complex in every base.
TECH NEEDED – Mind/Machine Interface
STRATEGY – This is useful, but not essential.  Put it on the list, of course,
just not the top.

PROJECT 35 – The Planetary Energy Grid
EFFECT – Free Energy Bank in every base.  Stockpile Energy produces 25% higher
TECH NEEDED – Adaptive Economics
STRATEGY – This is not important on any level.  There’s really no point to
Stockpile Energy, and Energy Banks aren’t that helpful.  Don’t worry if someone
beats you to this.

PROJECT 36 – The Voice of Planet
EFFECT – Begins the Ascent to Transcendence sequence.  Any factions can now
begin the Ascent to Transcendence.  Any alien lifeforms you breed gain a +1
lifecycle bonus.
TECH NEEDED – Threshold of Transcendence
STRATEGY – There is a very important strategy to this one, and I shall try to
explain it as best I can.  Once the Voice is completed, everyone, and I mean
EVERYONE will start the Ascent.  Now, it really doesn’t matter how economically
superior you are; the Ascent is still going to take a LONG time.  But, to make
it quicker, have your two most productive bases building the Voice.  When the
Voice is completed, have your second base switch to the Ascent.  You’ll have a
head start on everyone else, and you’ll win the game in a very short time
(short meaning less than 100 turns).  Otherwise, you have to spend as much
energy as you can on the Ascent every turn, and you won’t be able to do
anything else.  It is extremely wise to follow this strategy.  Trust me, it

PROJECT 37 – The Ascent to Transcendence
EFFECT – Completes the Transcendence sequence and ends the Human Era (you win
the game).  The Ascent cannot be started until the Voice of Planet is
TECH NEEDED – Threshold of Transcendence
STRATEGY – GAME OVER!  This is the best way to complete the game, as you gain
the most points with it.  This is a no-brainer, I would hope.

Part Five: Credits

Thanks to Sid Meier, Firaxis Games, and Electronic Arts for making a great
game.  Also thanks to everyone who reads this and finds it useful.  If you have
any questions, e-mail me at the address on the top of this FAQ.  Bye now!

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