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 Aquanox 2

Aquanox 2

Limona Razvan

  Legal note
This faq/walkthrough belong to me. Feel free to use it,except one situation.
If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation (Children
Care, Green Peace, fight against antipersonnel mines,etc.). If posted, mail
me to keep track on him.

                                   AQUANOX 2 FAQ
                                    Version 1.6

 Updates :
02.11.2005 - Added a new bonus for mission Dr. Finch regarding the ELF
03.11.2005 - Added the real name for Cingan`s Ship in Stoney in a Fix
mission and a bonus for Machina Antarctica mission related to Hank

Contents :

1. Basics
2. Strategy tips
3. Missions walkthrough/Bugs
4. Ships
5. Weapons
6. Items
7. Cheats
8. Credits

 1. Basics

This is like your average space sim , so the commands are prettty much
 W - forward , S - backward , A - left , D - right , Tab - buzzer , Q - leveling
Z - toggle first person shooter/space sim , 1 - 9 -- change weapons , Wheel up
and down - next /last weapon , E - target , R - up , F - down , etc. You got
others too, but I didn`t used through the game ( see Options menu ). Don`t
to change game parameters - video , audio , input - to your desire .

2. Strategy Tips

 a. A good ship is useless without repair kits and kinetic/EMP armor.

b. Since Aquanox 2 let you use only 4 predeterminated ships,choose between
characteristics ( speed over armor, strafe over torpedo/buzzer capacities, etc )
to win the missions.

 c. The game scripts exclude freelancing around Aqua. So take every mission for
items and money , before heading to another underwater town.

 d. Install always weapons with and without energy consumptions. This way Plasma
and Laser Gattling have the time to recharge, while Hydra or Stingray get used .
Some missions involve dogfighting at the beginning, so the weapons charge are
Using Hydra or Stingray allow generators to pump up energy in main guns .

 e. Enhance torpedo efficacy installing Torpedo Magazine and Revolver special
items. This way exterminate and paralyze ship options gets you one - two more
torpedo and reduced 50% reload time .

 f. Powerful generators should be your main concern, because Plasma and EMP
weapons have a pretty damn high power consumption .

 g. Mainly this game is about speed and strafing. Lacewing and Deimos ships
survive where Mighty Maggie and Salty Dog cannot because their limited design in
this area .

 h. Use Tab discretionary .

i. The best way to survive is a combination of following key : W/S - D , W/S -
W/S - R , W/S - F. Cycle fast between them in fight to become a hard - to - get
target. Also when facing turrets and torpedo turrets go fast for F key, stay
close to ocean floor and shoot, because they cannot reach there .

j. Speak with all characters to get inputs about missions and money
If you consider philosophical issues as unimportant, think again . Maybe game
dialogues are somehow " naive ", but they make, nevertheless, part of the game
action. Without them, Aquanox 2 will fall to a simple shoot and win game.

 k. Use Vendetta Sniper from distance to reduce enemy numbers. Don`t bother with
heavily armed bombers, stick to scouts, then engage with something strong the

3. Missions walkthrough/Bugs


 Your character is William Drake, heir of a once healthy family fro Neopolis,
capital of Aqua. After your mother dies, killed by pirates and your father
disappears in search for an artifact called Angels Tears, the family fortune
begin to slip away. Nowadays the only remains of that fame and fortune are a
freighter - Harvester - and your grandmother stories/advices about Aqua,life,
dead and survival.

 1. S.O.S.

 The game begin when a character named Hank Bellows ask for your help, blaming a
sudden malfunction who threatens his family life. Visit Harvester,check Salty
systems and go. Strafe between canyons, try the weapons on some debris/scrap in
the way and reach the navpoint. There Hank Bellows laugh at you - greenhorn !
( Karl May ), what you expect - and jump out. Even if you try to shoot at him
Vendetta gun will not do enough damage, so head back to Harvester. Once boarded
you find out that a shipless team of mercenaries take advantage of your absence
and took over the freighter. Speak with all of them , from Amitab to Animal .

 2. Terror at Lima II

  Amitab want to test your skills against some neoyuppies/tourists punks who
terrorize Lima II underwater city, while Stoney and May Ling will come along for
the fun. Destroy 2 scouts at first navpoint, 1 at second, 3-5 fighters and a ATL
Gorgon full of nice items at third. Don`t worry to much about the last point,
because May and Stoney will engage also. End mission and install whatever

 3. Dr. Finch

 Save the "nice" doctor from Crawlers attack. Go to navpoint and use Vendetta
Sniper on them , trying to avoid any damage. Follow Dr. Finch to her way back to
Harvester, checking along 3 navpoints : 1 - nothing, 2 - some pirates engaged
in illegal activities , do not engage them - my advice , anyway ! - , if you
do 2000 credits from protecting the ELF nod and damage you`ll regret ,3 - an
innocent freighter. After that you have to clean a pirate nest in the way,
protected by 3 - 5 turrets and torpedoturrets, plus more than 3 sniper scouts.
Be clever, hide behind structures and use sniper tactics also - shoot, go A
(left) or D (right), come back and shoot again, hide, etc. Escort mr. Finch
close to Harvester where Crawler show up from the ocean floor. Use sniper and
torpedo, switch to Vendetta and don`t hesitate to retreat if heavily damaged,
because others could keep the pressure for a while. Also Vendeta sniper is
effective from 500 m,so no problem here.

 4. Stoney in a Fix

 Escort Eerie, a fragile Techbomber, to save Stoney from warlord Cingan. When
reaching the prison snipe the tanks and protect Eerie against Cingan Daggerboard
bomber and 4 - 7 scouts. Use sniper shots if you can, but send some strong
torpedoes against Daggerboard and Plasma Gun fire to destroy him and the escort
for mission bonuses. One advice - try to destroy first 2-4 scouts, then engage
Cingan and others. On the road Stoney will attack a Crawler formation and you`ll
have to support him, avoiding in the same time to lose Eerie or Stoney.

 5. Mighty Maggie

 Salty Dog is a good ship, but not really capable to face powerful opponents.
Go out and try to get an Avenger scout at first newpoint and a Toiler - remember
the beginning of Aquanox 1 ! - at second . Use EMPactor aand take the Toiler,
that the game scripts doesn`t allowed to use it, because the Avenger pilot
jettison his escape pod and destroy the ship. Head to third navpoint and use 1
- 2
FlashShark and plenty of EMPactor shoots to get Maggie.

 6. The Supply Line

 Barkeeper Joe want two techbombers full of items to be stopped before
reaching Brainfire project site. Install 4 FlashShark , go to them , use 2 on
each techbomber and EMPactor, then protect Eerie while she docks. Fight back
every scout shooting at her and you, using EMP mostly for salvage and stay close
to Eerie until she reach safety.

 7. The Intrepido

 Gouns, Atahualpa Jones men, was captured by Ivan King Intrepido secret service.
The Intrepido use scouts similar to ATL design - fast, but less maneuverable.
Attack those guarding Gouns with EMPactor at first navpoint, sail away, come
to do the same at second wave, then reach second navpoint. Destroy all mines
planted in Gouns way to Atacama City, avoiding any contact with them also - they
are really powerful. This is a taff mission because the murky underwater makes
the surroundings pretty much the same and you become disoriented. Try to stick
close to ground floor or hills, sailing along them until you reach second

  8. The Race

Stoney want to race you. Use Salty Dog and EMPactor, shoot him when is ahead
win. A good advice, valuable also for other missions, is to change depth
using R and F to become a difficult target for his EMPactor shoots.

 9. Machina Antarctica

 Escort dr. Finch - remember that sweet lady, brrr ! - to a Machina Antarctica
outpost, through a lot of poorly armed pirates. Get a little ahead to ensure
intervention. After a while 3 snipers pop in. Take them quickly with Plasma,
reach Finch position again and destroy 3 - 5 more. If wanted use EMPactor for
salvage at second wave. When mission is complete don`t yet ESC. Go left from
that outpost on the ocean floor to find Hank Bellows - remember him ?. Engage
and accept to spare his life for mission bonuses.

 10. Chow Lung

 Use some strong torpedoes and plasma to soft those 3-4 bombers armor on the
Harvester right side. Engage the remaining scouts fast, but after 10-15 seconds
head to the other side where Chow Lung show up. Ignore him for moment, take out
the heavy bombers and focus to destroy him for bonuses. Take them all, retreat
damaged and enjoy Amitab`s thanks.

 11. Swedenborg`s Getaway

 Swedenborg stole dr. Finch research project on a new weapon. Don`t hang around
his men to much at first and second navpoint, they are not worth paralyze, then
" sail " to his position. Ignore his escorts, engage him with 1-2 FlashShark and
EMPactor to get the prize.

 12. The Attack

 On the road to Argentin Basin unknown ships attack Harvester. Use torpedo until
Plasma Jet heat up and destroy 3-4 of them fast. Try to avoid damage, so shoot
from a safe distance and close only for torpedo run. After that Amitab ask to
patrol around Harvester. Do that and take care about the last enemy lurking some
distance from your freighter. Strafe, use keyboards combination and mainly F to
avoid his torpedoes, while Plasma jet-him. You could use a BullShark, but is
dangerous to engage him up close and personal.

 13. The Convoy

  El Topo want Amitab`s team to meet and escort a military convoy of Tech/Bomber
ships through an Crawler area. Check first navpoint - fake signal , return to
observe some harmless guys, keep escorting the bombers through canyons. At third
navpoint scanners pick up a Crawler signature, a paralyzed Lacewing scout.
for a lot of Crawler tanks and fighters pumping in from the ocean floor. Engage
fast with Plasma and torpedoes, taking care the tanks first, while your partners
damage the scouts. As long your designated object make it to the finish point
mission is a success and end up on El Topo`s Asylum.

 14. Freeman

  This guy decide to stole Emerald Flint ship Succubus 2 and need escort. On the
way to safety 3 ATL scouts block the way. Get near to those 2 on left and use
EMPactor and FlashShark, leaving the last to Freeman. After that follow him to
jumpship. In some replays he get stuck behind different structures and you`ll
have to give him a gentle push with your ship, because he doesn`t really now
how to pilot the Succubus.

 15. Plunder

 Escort Eerie to a ATL ( Atlantic federation) outpost. Take care the turrets - 2
on the ocean floor, one on the outpost - and tanks. After Eerie docks, Stoney
out in a Buggy, followed by two others. Destroy them and escort Stoney to
outpost. Stay out until he disable the turrets, help him against 2 scouts and
back to Eerie. At first outpost 3-5 scouts show up and you`ll have to dust them
before they inflict to much damage. Escort Eerie to second outpost and blow up
remaining defenses who consist of 2 - 3 scouts and 5 turret places. The best way
to deal with turrets is to locate their relays (power supply) or use F to shoot
from a dead angle. If the fire is to strong use sniper tactic - shoot, hide
buildings, shoot , etc. Damage will rise exponential, so hide for some time when
necessary to let the patch kit heal your ship. Stay out from ATL Ares buggy
and make the kill from distance. When you clean up the place Eerie get to dock.
This position is protected by underwater hills from back and left, so keep an
to front and right where 5-6 ATL scouts/bombers show up shortly. Use Plasma, but
you can EMP the last 2 for items, if they don`t beat the Eerie to strong. Finish
the escort job.

 16. Asylum Patrol

 Lacewing is the best choice, because enemy strong armor and powerful torpedoes
could be counterattack only by your superior speed and strafing. Wait for May
and reach 4 navpoints. At fourth the little Chinese decide to take revenge on
but nothing that strafe, F and plasma couldn`t handle. When she jump out, head
Asylum and engage Entropol ships from the left side. When the first enemy is
you have to protect a helinox tank. Go there fast with torpedoes and plasma,
back and engage the rest of Entropol bomber/scouts. Use keyboards configuration
randomly (W/S - A, etc.), keep your ship close to ocean floor and strafe a lot.
don`t advice closing in for torpedo run, but everyone has his own strategy.

 17. Hell`s Vortex

 For this mission install only Plasma Gattling and BigBang torpedo. Go deep to a
underwater cavern where plasma burst from below at regular periods. Strafe
vertical stones to the navpoint where Hell`s Vortex, the biggest Biont you`ve
seen, expect your arrival. Actually he is pretty easy to defeat. Never go to far
from vertical stones,stay near the entrance to the battlefield and use sniper
tactics. Go a little forward to make him come for you, retreat and shoot at the
same time. Be careful of his superior speed and don`t bump into him because
you`ll die. Use BigBang when he came close and Plasma from distance, strafe when
he shoot. Eventually he is going to explode and you get a nice Biont Armor
( see Special Items ).

 18. To be or not to be ...

Lt. Hamlet and his men attack Harvester with EMP weapons. Destroy them fast
Plasma and sail to navpoint where a strange object close in to Harvester.Is a
and the best way is to shoot a torpedo from distance, but be careful to stay
outside detonation range ( more than 20 m ). Ignore enemy scouts and head to
Harvester front to destroy another one coming fast. After that hit every enemy
the way, while running to the freighter back where two more bombs show up. Shoot
at one, letting the detonation to take out the other and some enemy stupid
to stay around. Finish the remaining hostiles.

 19. Crawlers and Angels

Angelina got captured by Crawlers and you have to free her. Use Lacewing,
Animal and go inside Crawler base. Destroy the relay at navpoint ( on the right,
masked by some structures ) and 3-6 scouts, then protect Angelina. Kill 4-6
with Stingray and 2-4 crawler scouts with Plasma/Doom Mortar on the way out
before accomplishing the mission .

 20. The Treasure Hunt

 At first and second navpoint check the surroundings, but avoid to sail over the
plasma lake. Check the canyon on west (west from second navpoint, between
but it is a dead end - the propeller put there by captain Lopez create a current
impossible to beat. Go back to second nav and take the east road, under some
trenches who looks like a tunnel. When third navpoint is in sight go to NE all
way to find a relay behind a wall and a hole in the hill. Put your ship at the
hole level and shoot the relay through the hole, keeping the ship immobile.

 21. Captain Lopez Treasure

 Take Salty Dog and escort Amitab. After getting inside captain Lopez hideout
ignore Amitab`s order to stay back an shoot the turrets from first and second
of defenses, keeping the ship on F (ocean floor). Don`t bother to check the big
turret blocking the way as third line of defenses, go lef and right, following
the cables, to destroy the relays and turrets who protect them. Now Amitab is
stock because of the fourth line of defenses - lasers traps. Go to entrance and
sail where they shoot down ( a laser trap keep up the power 8 seconds, then
down for 3 seconds ) to reach the navpoint. Head right to destroy the relay on
the ocean floor and wait Amitab to get inside the hideout. Put Salty at entrance
and wait. After a while he get out, followed by floating mines. Shoot at them
sail backward to keep Amitab clear of danger. Doesn`t matter if some mines slipe
your fire, destroy those coming from hideout and then attack those near Amitab
try to get out.

 22. The Order Mercenaries

 Use the Lacewing. Dock and destroy the first wave ( 1 bomb and 1 scout, in this
order). Protect the Harvester. When Eerie get out to capture another bomb, shoot
everything in sight and protect her. Amitab come to protect Nat and Animal and
your task change to help him. The game script destroy him, so come back to
the remaining bombs and scouts engaging Eerie and Harvester.

 23. Angelina`s Revelation

 A new wave of Order Mercenaries assault the Harvester. Destroy the first bomb
designated by game and head to help Angelina. Destroy as many enemies you can
before the cutscene who show Queen Strega detonate the second bomb to kill

 24. The Deimos

Slip aside Lunat`s shipyard until E target the control Turret relay - one
resolved. Sail softly pressing E to identify the enemieys. Shortly your scanners
pick up 2 ATL Gorgon, 1 ATL Odysseus, 3-5 Buggy and 2-3 scouts, maybe more. Use
W and S, strafe A and D, shoot without coming to close, hide beside building
and cables, do everything to avoid damage. When all defenses gone escort Eerie
docking point. Protect her against 5-7 scouts before reaching Neopolis again.

 25. Vastian Griegh

Raid Vastian Griegh transport. Engage 4-8 scouts, but not the Tiburon
Watch while Eerie dock and Stoney blow up the freighter, then head to Neopolis
to be paid by the restaurant Maitre.

 26. The Museum of the Modern Art

 Destroy the relays on the left side ( two down and two on a building, use E to
find it) and those 2 ATL Ares, without coming close to their lasers. Go to
where Nat ask to get inside the maintenance tunnel. Do that to find out that the
relay is protected by an energy wall and the police show up. Exit the tunnel,
careful of the laser traps similar to captain Lopez hideout. Destroy that
annoying May Ling and escort Eerie to safety.

 27. The Gate Key

 Take again Salty Dog and escort Eerie to save Animal and Stoney from Police HQ.
Neutralize HQ defenses - 3 turret lines, 2 ATL Ares, 1 police scout - using
tactics (you now the drill). After Eerie dock take out 6 police scouts and 5 ATL
scouts/bombers fast - don`t bother using EMP weapons. Go back to museum, get in,
avoid the laser traps and shoot the relay from the hole on the floor. Go out to
find that Strega got the McGregor torpedoes. Stop the police scouts and finish
the mission.

 28. Strega`s Rage

Engage 3 wave of Order Mercenaries - 2X5 scouts, 1X5 heavy bombers - with
Hydra and Hammerhead torpedoes for bombers. Strafe a lot and ignore EMP weapons.
Use Plasma until he run almost out of ammunition, switch to Hydra and torpedoes.
The forth wave consist of 2 bombs and 3-5 scouts. Destroy first the bombs - in
one shoot if you can, see mission 18 - and engage the scouts. Nat get killed by
Strega, but continue to fight until they jump out or die.

 29. Blood Feud

Fight one-to-one against Queen Strega. Take Deimos and powerful torpedoes
Reach the battle arena. Strafe, use keyboard combinations randomly and F to
counterattack her superior mobility until Angelina show up from dead. Watch the
cutscene and finish that witch.

 30. The Angel`s Tears

Instal only McGregor torpedoes in Deimos. Go between those vertical stones
Angelina point the nav. There is a gate and in front two strange rocks. Check
around and sail to next navpoint, turn and see that those rocks look like an
Shoot the torpedo from there - don`t bother to target the holes inside the
rocks -
and watch the beautiful made cutscene. The end.


The game engine have satisfactory performances . My only complaints are the
murky underwater locations - sometimes I didn`t now where the right way is -
and the fact I can`t save inside a mission, a problem inherited from Aquanox 1 .

4. Ships

  Name           Speed     Strafing    Armor    EMP shield  Torpedo/Buzzer  Type

Salty Dog        137 kph    60 kph     5000 MJ   1100 MJ        2/4

Mighty Maggie    104        54         19000      900          6/12

Lacewing         205        101        8000       800          4/10

Deimos           166        100        11000      800           4/8

5. Weapons

Name              Damage : KIN       EMP    Reload time    Ammo

Vendeta                    140 MJ    0 MJ    0,20 sec      -

Vendeta Sniper             200       0       3,00          -

Plasma Gun                 400       4       0,40          1 E-shell

Plasma Jet                 400       4       0,20          1 E-shell

Plasma Gattling            400       4       0,12          1 E-shell

Hitman                    1600       0       1,20          -

EMPactor                     0      62       0,30          4 E-shell

Stingray   100(1000 ground floor)    0       0,15          -

Hydra                      300       0       0,25          -

Laser Gattling             600       0       0,12          2 E-shell

Doom Mortar               3200      60       2,00          12 E-shell

Sizzler                   6000       0       3,00          50 E-shell

6. Items

 A. Generator : Small Block - power supply to weapons and systems 1 E-shell ;
Medium Block - 3 E-shell ; Big Block - 6 E-shell ; Fusion Block - 12 E-shell

 B. Torpedo

 Name          Damage :  KIN      EMP    Agility    Enemy  Lock

Stanley                4000 MJ     0      None       Passive

TresherShark           6000        0      Medium     Passive

TigerShark             8000        0      Good       Passive

Maneater              10000        0      Good       Ext.

Hammerhead            12000        0    Very good    Optical

BullShark             14000        0      Poor       Passive

BigBang 1             24000        0      Poor       Optical

BigBang 2             40000        0      Poor       Optical

FlashShark             1000      400      Good       Ext.

Leech                  1000     1000    Very good    Optical

 C. Repair Device

 Name              Armor   Max. Armor   Systems   Max. Systems

Patch Kit          0,0 %     0,0 %       0,8 %        75 %

Robot Repair Kit   0,4 %     50 %        0,8 %        75 %

Nano Repair Kit 1  0,4 %     75 %        1,6 %        75 %

Nano Repair Kit 2  0,8 %     75 %        1,6 %        75 %

 D. Special Items

Silator - reduce noise level by 1 ; Homing Module - extend computer homing
by a homing symbol ; XT Plasma Gun - enhance gun damage by 20 % ; XT Sizzler -
enhance gun damage by 20 % ; Torpedo Magazine 1 - add 1 torpedo ; Revolver -
reload time by 50 % ; Ceramic Armor - increase kinetic armor by 1000 MJ ;
C60 Armor - increase kinetic armor by 2100 MJ ; EAM Armor - increase EMP shield
by 100 MJ ; Biont Armor - increase kinetic armor by 4300 MJ , ammo 3 E-shell
(the only way to get this is to defeat Hell`s Vortex ); Capsula Armor - increase
EMP shield by 290 MJ, 3 E-shell ; E121 Armor - increase kinetic armor by 4200 MJ

 E. Buzzer - distract torpedoes

7. Cheats

Open game shortcut from desktop , choose properties and add to target field
line : -drake -strega -amitab -fuzzyhead -mice . After that press while in game
F7 - invincibility , F8 - invisibility , F10 - automatic mission completion ,
F11 - manual mission completion , F12 - fail mission

8. Credits

 All credits go to JoWooD Productions Software AG and Massive Development GmbH

 Copyright 2005 Limona Razvan

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