Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind, Bloodmoon Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind, Bloodmoon

Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind, Bloodmoon

Copyright 2003 Mr Person
Version 1.3
                               |_   _   _   _|
         | ___      _    _     _   _  _     _   _  _   _        _  |
         |  |  |_| |_   |_ |  | \ |_ |_|   |_` |  |_| | | |  | |_  |
         |  |  | | |_   |_ |_ |_/ |_ | \   ._| |_ | \ |_| |_ |_ _| |
                                _| |_| |_| |_
          ____                 |_____________|             __     _
         |  _ \ _   __     __   ____  _    _   __     __  |  \   | |
         | |_) | |,'__`. ,'__`.|  _ \| \  / |,'__`. ,'__`.| . \  | |
         |    /| / /  \ / /  \ | | \ |  \/  / /  \ / /  \ | |\ \ | |
         | |\ \| | |  | | |  | | |  )| .  . | |  | | |  | | | \ \| |
         | |_) | \ \__/ \ \__/ | |_/ | |\/| \ \__/ \ \__/ | |  \ ' |
         |____/|_|`.__,' `.__,'|____/|_|  |_|`.__,' `.__,'|_|   \__|

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

This walkthrough can be found on,,, and Please inform me if it appears
elsewhere. These are the only sites that I will ever allow this FAQ to appear

1) Introduction
2) Starting Out
3) Main Quests
        1. Morale Has Been Low
        2. Weapons Being Smuggled
        3. Restore the Power of the Skaal
        4. Prove Your Wisdom
        5. Prove Your Strength
        6. Attack of the Wolves II
        7A. Totem of Claw and Fang
        8A. The Ristaag
        9A. Ominous Signs
        10A. The Hunter's Game
4) Werewolf Quests
	7B. Protect the Totem
	8B. Stop the Ristaag
	9B. Assist Dulk
	10B. Join the Hunt
5) Miscellaneous Quests
        Marisa the Missionary
        Moon Sugar Poisoning
        The Not-So-Hollow Stump
        Thirsk: The Horrid Udyrfrykte
        Thirsk: The Approval of Hrothmund
        Thirsk: Orders
        Tymvaul Falls Down the Well
        Who Were the Falmer?
        The Search for Paradise: Sovngarde
        Thormoor's Curse
        Airship Troubles
        Erna the Harlot
6) Contact Information
7) Closing


Bloodmoon. What's that, you ask? It's the second expansion for the PC and
X-Box game of Morrowind. Morrowind is an incredible RPG in which your
character explores the world of Vvardenfell, growing in strength and political
power. If you don't own Morrowind and its two expansions, then go out and get
all three of them now.

The purpose of this FAQ is to help people through the many quests of the
Bloodmoon expansion. To date, this document covers the main quest (Human and
werewolf). This version also adds all of the misc. quests I could think of. If
I missed any, please tell me. My contact info is at the end of the FAQ.

This FAQ is transforming from a quests FAQ to a full FAQ, hopefully. (Or maybe
no one cares, who knows?)

By the way, look at that cool ASCII art. I would like to say I have that
talent, but unfortionatly (for me) it was done by Osrevad. It sounds like a
name right out of Morrowind, doesn't it? Anyway... Osrevad did the whole ASCII.
I would actually update with something useful, but spyware killed my computer
and I have nothing. (Including my high-level Morrowind character. Waaah)

If you want a Custom ASCII, AIM nahuwe. He's good.


You're the leader of a house and all of the guilds. Wondering what to do next?
Even if you aren't the leader of a single guild, you should head over to
Solstheim. Solstheim is the mass of land North-West of Vvardenfell. This
island is anything but tropical, however, as half of it is covered in snow.
The snow can't harm you, but the berserkers, hags, wolves, bears, ricklings,
and other beings that populate the island do cause harm. If you're
atleast at level 20, then find your way to Khuul, and from there, to Solstheim.
Swimming is fine, too, and you might encounter new creatures called Horkers
on the way.

When you arrive at Solstheim, take a deep breath and adjust to the thin air.
You're only a few steps away from Fort Frostmoth. The fort's format is simple.
The Imperial Cult Shrine is to the north, the General Quarters are to the west,
and the Armory is to the east. Head into the General Quarters, up the spiral
staircase to the south, and into Carius' Chambers, where you'll meet Captain
Falx Carius.


Quest 1: Morale Has Been Low

Carius will inform you that his men have been slightly "edgy" and the freezing
fort is not the cause. Because you're the new guy, Carius automatically trusts
you to get to the bottom of this mystery. You can start by asking the guards
why morale has been low. You can find a guard on the first floor of the General
Quarters. They won't tell you anything, but they'll ask for "booze" instead.
It's now safe to assume that you will need an alchoholic beverage for this
quest. Head into Carius' room, and go to his right to find some Greef. That
will do nicely. Head on over to your favorite guard and give the poor man what
he desires. Conveniently, he'll complain about this "dry fort." Confront

Carius says he didn't ban alchohol. I smell conspiracy. He also says that
it was Antonius Nuncius, the priest, who really had a problem with alchohol.
Having a talk with Nuncius about it will get you nowhere (but do it anyway,
he's funny). Instead, talk to a guard about Nuncius. He apparently has an
office in the Armory. It's on the second floor, so go there. It's not much of
an office. There are various types of drinks all around, but you'll only get
the journal entry if you unlock his desk and take a peek inside. What's this?
Drinks! And money! Take the money and leave, back to the fraudulent priest.
He'll admit he hid the drinks (finally). He gives you two choices: You can
either turn him in, or let him go free.

Choice One - Turn that greedy oportunist in:
Turning in Nuncius will result in him getting pissed at you, but Carius will be
proud of the job you did and give you some potions.

Choice Two - Let his crime slide
While this is morally the wrong thing to do, many people may choose this.
Nuncius gives you his key, which is absolutely the ONLY way you can get into
his cabinet with drinks galore. Don't try to use a lockpick, it won't work.
Carius won't believe what you are telling him, but he'll still give you 3
potions of "cure common disease."

The choice is yours. In case you're wondering, Regardless of the choice you
make, Nuncius is stuck on Solstheim indefinitely, miserable as can be. Hold
onto one of the potions, even if you have corpus disease already. Trust me.

Quest 2: Weapons Being Smuggled

No matter the choice you made on the previous mission, Carius still wants you
to do his bidding. It is evident in Fort Frostmoth that fewer weapons are
available than there should be. Carius feels you're not yet worthy of going
alone, so you can take Saenus Lusius or Gaea Artoria. If you ask him about the
two, the difference becomes apparent immediately. Lusius is a weakling who's
clever while Artoria is an idiot who can kill people with her sword. This
choice is significant. Lusius will give you the option to avoid a bit of
fighting, while Artoria makes fighting easier. If you're really weak, then go
for the chick. Otherwise, stick with Lusius.

Decide now and talk to one of them. They're both in the General Quarters.
However, Lusius is on the upper level while Artoria is on the ground floor.
After getting a companion, go to Faustus on the ground floor of the Armory.
He'll tell you that the smugglers are in Gandrung Caverns. Leave the fort to
the north for the first time and take a look at the scenery while you travel
east along the shore. It's only a short walk to the caverns. Once you're
inside, a journal entry will inform you that you're in the right place.

Fight your way through the caverns. If you're with Artoria, kill everyone.
If you're with Lusius, though, the head guy of the whole smuggling ring
will offer you a proposition. You can either let the guy leave, or choose
to kill everyone. The effects of these choices are hard to see. An
obvious result of letting the smugglers leave is that you don't have to fight
everyone. However, there may be more to the decision than that. If you do
choose to let them leave and come back MUCH later, they will still be there.
This could just be a game thing, or it could mean that the smuggler tricked
you. It doesn't affect you, so just make whatever choice you want. After
getting the journal entry that says you cleared out the cave, go back to the
fort. Wait, was it this broken up when you left? Your companion tells you
to find Captain Carius. He's not in his chambers, so go find the partner
for this mission that you did NOT go with. Talk to both, and find out
that you should go to the Nord Village up north. For the record, it's called
Skaal Village, and it's on the other side of the island. It's basically in
the northeast Corner. If you put the in-game map to World setting, you can see
a zone that is darker than the rest of the map. Skaal Village is in the
center of the dark zone.

Quest 3: Restore the Power of the Skaal

How did finding the captain turn into restoring the power of some village
you've never seen? You'll find out soon. Once you get to Skaal Village,
find Tharsten Heart-Fang in the greathall. Hand him the decaying skull of the
Skaal warrior, and he'll tell you that you have to represent all of advanced
mankind and atone for their sins. Sounds like fun. Go to Korst Wind-Eye's
place, which is the Shaman's Hut, and speak to the badly-clothed mystic. He
wants you to find six stones and restore their power. Read Aevar's story,
because it will basically tell you how to accomplish all of the tasks. Then
take a look at the document showing the location of the six stones, which is
now going to be referred to as the "map." You could go in the order that Aevar
did, or you could be smart and go the fastest way.

Wind Stone
This stone is SW of the Shaman's Hut. On the map, it looks like it is in the
center of where the two rivers meet, but it actually to the west. Activate the
stone like you would open a door. It asks you to travel south and then east of
Fjalding Lake to free the wind from a bag. You are looking for Glenschul's
Tomb. It is almost exactly SE of the Wind Stone, and is one square south of
Thirsk. Navigate through the tomb until you reach a bag. Open it and you will
hear a whoosh, signifying that the wind has been released. Go back to the Wind
Stone and reactivate it. You're 1/6 through this quest!

Beast Stone
This stone is more-or-less east of the Wind Stone. It's also one square north
of the east square of Lake Fjalding. The task for this stone is to help the
injured beast to the south. Head one square south of Lake Fjalding to find a
Snow Bear, being tortured by evil ricklings. Kill the ricklings, but be VERY
careful. The first time through I accidently hit the bear making the quest
impossible. When the ricklings are dead, open up the bear like you would a
corpse, and take out the arrow. Then cure the bear with a spell if you have
the ability. If not, stand there for a minute or two and you will get a
journal entry that tells you he is healed completely. Travel with the bear
back to the stone to finish the task for this portion of the quest.

Tree Stone
I found this stone was very difficult to locate. If you run a line north from
the fort, this stone would be bordering the line on the west side. It is SW
of the the east square of Lake Fjalding. As usual, the map doesn't help too
much in finding the stone. Once you DO find it in the Insifier Plains, talk
to the Tree Stone. It tells you to go east and find some seeds. Travel
east until you get the message that you have a new journal entry. You'll see
5 or so spriggans and a rickling. They are actually close, just a few squares
away. Don't bother with the spriggans, but take on the rickling instead and get
the seeds from his corpse. Run back to stone and walk around the stone, a
little to the west, until you get the option to plant the seeds. Do so, and
then use the stone.

Sun Stone
The Sun Stone's actual location is not even close to its location on the map.
The stone is significantly south of the east square of Lake Fjalding, and NE
of Fort Frostmoth. Your mission this time is to free the sun from the Hall of
Penumbra. Bethedsa makes it very easy to find this dungeon. Merely travel
west in between two rows of rock formations. Fight through the dungeon,
killing the beasts. The last grahl at the end of the dungeon is much
tougher than the previous creatures. Make sure you loot the corpse of this
"lightkeeper" grahl. After grabbing the eyeball, use it on the wall of ice
nearby to "free" the sun. Head back to the Sun Stone and use it to finish
the sun's quest.

Earth Stone
Are you sick of this quest yet? The Earth Stone's location is hard to
describe. If you find Raven Rock, which is NW of Fort Frostmoth, then you
can go NW from the west square of Raven Rock. You'll find it eventually.
When you do, the stone will tell you to go NE to find the Cave of Song. These
are awful directions. It is actually east of Thormoor's Watch. To find
Thormoor's Watch travel along the west coast. It's also on the paper map
provided by the game. Enter the cave, which is on the paper map, and get to the
Cave of Song. In this area, look for three stalagmites and three stalactites
lined up with each other. Repeat the SOUNDS that the top rocks make. To do
this, activate middle-right-left-right, and, for the next succesion,
left-right-middle-left. This may be random, though. Get out of there and
return to the Earth Stone.

Water Stone
Almost done! Grab 2 potions of "water breathing" if you aren't using the Boots
of Blinding Speed. The Water Stone is NE of Thormoor's Watch. It's actually one
of the easiest to find. Activate it for your instructions. To find the island
that the instructions speak of, go basically west and then travel north along
the coast, looking out to the sea. You should be able to see this island from
shore. The island will have a black horker on it. Follow the Swimmer until it
stops. Then surface, take the potion, and dive. Enter the cave and swim
through its twisted halls until you face a skeleton. Kill the skeleton and
grab the potion of water behind it. Quaff another potion if needed to make
your way outside. Swim back to the shore and get back to the Water Stone. Use
the potion you found in the cave. That's it! No more insane stone-given tasks
for the entire expansion!

Go back to the Skaal Village. Inform Heart-Fang that you've restored the power
of the Skaal. He's suprisingly ungrateful.

Quest 4: Prove Your Wisdom

This quest is really fun. You are sent to investigate a crime. Rigmor
claims thet Engar Ice-Mane stole his furs. Gather information in this order:

First talk to a non-guard random person in the Skaal about Engar.
Then talk to Engar's wife (Risi Ice-Mane) about Engar and Rigmor.
Finally, talk to Rigmor about Risi Ice-Mane

After you have done that, return to the Ice-Mane abode and collect a note under
the pillow. Confront Risi about it, and she'll admit to an affair with Rigmor.
Talk to Rigmor about the whole affair and he'll admit to his crime. Lead him
to the greathall, and speak to Heart-Fang. You must decide Rigmor's fate now.
Go ahead and pick sacrifice - it's the nicer thing to do.

Bring Rigmor with you outside and over to the wolf pen. Be a nice helpful boy
and open up the pen door. Rigmor will walk inside and put up a pathetic fight
against the wolves. It's better this way.

Quest 5: Prove Your Strength

You're proven your loyalty and wisdom, so what's left? The ability to beat up
things. Talk to Heart-Fang until he tells you to go meet Wind-Eye on the lake.
Actually, he can be found at the NE tip of the lake. He'll tell you to prove
your strength by swimming into the fire shooting out of the lake and then into
the cave to kill Aesliip. Find the fire in Lake Fjalding and swim into it, and
into the cave. Make your way through the Cave of Fjalding to Aesliip's layer.
Aesliip is there, and he talks (yes, talks) to you. He claims he used to be
a Skaal. Click continously on the new dialogue options until he asks you if
you will assist him. Agree not to kill him, but instead to help out. Aesliip
will follow you. Go into the next area. Have fun murdering all of the (Dire)
Frost Atronachs. Aesliip is more or less useless. When you do kill them all,
Aesliip will just die for no reason. With his dying breath, he gives you his
awesome ring that adds 75 magicka points, and gives you 10 willpower. It's
the only piece of equipment from Solstheim I kept. Leave the whole cavern area
with the thought that you just saved an entire land mass. Report to Wind-Eye.

Quest 6: Attack of the Wolves II

Report to Heart-Fang. He'll tell you to go away, so do that. Run up and down
the front of the Greathall until the message warning about the wolves is
triggered. These are not just ordinary wolves. They are werewolves. Go outside
and kill the freaks of nature. If you're too weak to help, then stay away,
because the guards are quite effective for once. When the wolves are all dead,
go back into the Greathall, just in time to witness the only person in the
room collapsing. Kill the two werewolves. Go outside and speak to Wind-Eye.
He'll inform you that you are diseased. Do you still have those disease-curing
potions that Carius gave you? Use them to cure the werewolf disease. Another
option is to not cure at all - but that's only if you want to be cursed with
being a werewolf. I wouldn't recommend it. Once you are cured, Wind-Eye will
give you the next quest.

Quest 7A: Totem of Claw and Fang

Now that you've been cured of your infection, Wind-Eye trusts you again. You
are now officially recognized as a Skaal (sort of). Wind-Eye wants you to
recover the Totem of Claw and Fang in Skaalara, with is a bit NE of Thirsk,
near the coast.

There are two strategies for grabbing the Totem, and both worked for me. If
you're a warrior-type person, kill all of the werewolves inside before going
for the Totem. What you can also do, if you have the Boots of Blinding
Speed or a good invisibility/chameleon spell, is just run through and grab the
Totem. The Totem of Claw and Fang is in a 30-lock chest to the very south of
the cave. Once you get the Totem, get out of there and return to Korst
Wind-Eye. Give him the Totem. Did you notice how short the quests have become?

Quest 8A: The Ristaag

The Totem is necessary for the Ristaag ceremony. The ceremony is
basically a great hunt in which you kill a spirit beast which is a souped-up
snow bear conjured by the Totem.

Once you recieve the quest, run over to the west side of Lake Fjalding. You are
sent to meet Rolf Long-Tooth. You can find him before nightfall, even though
he won't talk to you until night. Once you find him, rest until 9 p.m. and
then talk about the Ristaag. He'll tell you to follow him in the search
for the bear. As you walk, a loud shout eminates from the rocks. Long-Tooth
tells you to invesigate, so head to the giant rock formation to your right.
Behind it, hidden well, is poor Sattir. You should go back to Long-Tooth once
the journal is activated. Walk a little more and another hunter shouts. Run two
rocks over to the left to find Axe-Wife. Go back to Long-Tooth, and prepare for
a fight. Follow him for a little longer. Three werewolves magically appear
next to you. Kill them without touching Long-Tooth. He finally lets you lead,
so bring him with you and find the spirit bear. This bear is nothing compared
to the werewolves, so kill it. Grab the bloody heart of the beast, and speak
again to Long-Tooth. Run back to the Skaal Village alone and tell the good
news to Wind-Eye.

Quest 9A: Ominous Signs

This is THE most pointless quest. While Wind-Eye mentions the bloodmoon
prophecy, he doesn't want to go into detail. Instead, he finds it more
important to talk about the death of the horkers. Maybe you've seen them
littered near the shore. Wind-Eye is basically in denial, and he's looking
for any reason other than the bloodmoon prophecy that horkers are dying.
That's why Wind-Eye sends you to Castle Karstaag. Castle Karstaag is a castle
of ice that's actually very cool looking. You can find the castle by traveling
west from the Skaal Village. There is a direct path and bridge to help you
across the river. However, there are a TON of berserkers on the other side of
the bridge, so go around if you don't think you're ready. Once you get to
Castle Karstaag, you'll find its impossible to open the main door.

There is a back entrance underwater very near the castle, north of the island.
Don't bother with water breathing. Enter and meet the freaky talking rickling,
Krish. You are only told a fraction of his story, but it makes perfect sense
later. In the absence of the leader of Castle Karstaag, Krish wants to take
over. He hired grahl but the grahl ate all of Krish's allies. You
NEED him to go upstairs, so take him with you. The area is a little confusing
but you'll figure it out soon enough.

Fight through the grahl. The little rickling demands you kill all the grahl. If
Krish dies, restore an earlier save. Once you kill all of the grahl (you'll
know they are all dead because Krish tells you so), exit to the Banquet Hall.
Krish must be near you for you to enter. Kill all of the weak little ricklings
in this area, and be careful not to harm Krish. After all, the enemies and your
partner look identical. Once you've wiped out everyone, open the large door
and listen to Dulk's mindless complaining. He says that the master was carried
away by wolves. Hmm...3 wolf attacks. It took me two times through this game to
understand how everything correlated. (I guess I'm just slow.) Feel free to
take everything from the castle. Just make sure you've talked to Dulk about the
master being gone. Then you're free to travel back to Skaal Village. Inform
Wind-Eye that the Karstaagians are innocent.

Quest 10A: The Hunter's Game

The last main quest of the expansion is certainly the most difficult.
Wind-Eye tells you to wait. I recommend you grab as many potions of healing
and magicka restoration as you can. Also, repair all of your items. As soon
as you're prepared to proceed, make a back-up save and enter someone's house.
Sleep for as little as one hour, and you'll be the victim of the fourth and
last werewolf attack.

You'll appear in front of Hircine. He's the big, bad guy of Solstheim. He
says that you're now part of the hunt. Guess who else is there. If you haven't
figured it out, you'll soon see. Enter into the door when Hircine shuts
up and agree to assist Falx Carius. Things get VERY difficult. I had dulled
weapons and no potions with me the first time through, so I had to revert to
an unintended method of clearing this dungeon, the Outer Circle. You should
know that Carius's life depends on you right now. Unfortunately, you can't even
tell him to stand still. He'll follow you. There are two ways you can get
through this level with Carius alive. First, you can use your big blade to
slice into the countless werewolves inside. You'll find the key in the chest.
Use it get into the entrance to the Inner Circle at the center of this room.
Before leaving, Carius will tell you to go ahead. (He's a nice guy.)
Alternatively, you can run and jump your way through. This would only work if
you're using the Boots of Blinding Speed. If you're fast enough, you can get
the key and exit before Carius dies. Even though he's under attack when you
leave the Outer Circle, he will end up living as long as he doesn't die while
you're in that room.

The Inner Circle is the location of Heart-Fang. He is, beleive it or not,
corrupted with dark magic. He will eventually turn on you, when you find the
empty chest with no key. Make things easier for yourself. Agree to go with him
but, right after you agree, kill the guy. Things will turn out EXACTLY the
same. Heart-Fang is a little tough, because he turns into a werewolf. You get
the Hircine Ring when you kill him so that you, too, can becomd a werewolf
selectively. Heart-Fang had the key, so take it. You have two choices again.
You can either kill EVERY werewolf or do the smarter thing and transform.
You'll not only get a cool movie, but you'll move really fast. It may take
several tries but if you do a lot of jumping, you can make it through. Once
you go through the warp, you'll end up in a place where you can rest. As a
werewolf, all you can do is wait. Wait until you go back into human form and
find yourself naked. Re-equip everything. Save. 10 points to whomever can
figure out who you'll fight next. Run forward and kill Karstaag, the frost
giant. He's not that difficult at all. Once he dies, run over to the warp gate
and Hircine himself will pop out. You get to fight him now. He has three forms,
and you get to decide which one he uses.

Strength - He turns into a slow but strong animal. When you kill him, you get
an amulet that adds 10 to your strength and 15 to your attack, constant effect.

Speed - He becomes a VERY fast animal. Once you beat him, you get an amulet
that always fortifies your speed by 10, and your athletics and acrobatics by

Guile - He doesn't transform at all, but stays in human form. He has the Spear
of the Hunter, now, which paralyzes, burdens, and poisons. The good news is
that you get the the spear when you beat him.

No matter which form you fought, you can still grab the key and head through
the warp gate. You have defeated Hircine, and the bloodmoon prophecy has not
come true. Travel east back to Wind-Eye and tell him the good news. While he
can't make you leader of the Skaal, he's still grateful for once. If you saved
Carius, go back to the Fort and talk to him. He'll tell you his story.

And that's the end of that. (I need to work on that line.)

|Werewolf Quests|

The werewolf quests replace the last four quests of the main quest. Instead of
trying to recover the Totem of Claw and Fang, you're trying to stop it from
being stolen. You dont want the Ristaag to be succesful, so you have to kill
the spirit bear yourself. Instead of entering Castle Karstaag in the back
entrance to find out about the death of the horkers, you enter the front
entrance to fend off Krish's creatures. The last quest, however, is about the
same - except that you're a werewolf the whole time.

I would not recommend doing the werewolf quests before doing the same quests
as a human. This is because the plot is not explained to you as a werewolf, and
you won't know what's going on.

Becoming a werewolf is simple. When you catch the disease during the
quest "Attack of the Werewolves II", don't cure it. On the second night that
you are werewolf, you will receive a quest from Hircine.

Werewolves require the "blood" of one new victim every single night. You can
not use the blood and flesh of an NPC that you killed the previous night, but
instead one that you killed that night. If you do not do this, you will start
to lose health every hour.

Make sure that you are not seen transforming from a werewolf to a human or from
a human to a werewolf, or else everyone will try to kill you both in night and

Lastly, you can not do these quests using the Hircine Ring. Common sense
tells you this, but a few people have asked.

Quest 7B: Protect the Totem

This is the first werewolf quest, and is the most difficult. Don't get
discouraged if you aren't succesful the first few times. On the second night
of transforming into a werewolf, Hircine will apear in your "dreams". While the
dream may be hard to understand, the journal entry that you recieve afterwards
will explain everything. You, the werewolf, are told to go to Skaalara to kill
all of the Skaal Warriors. See Quest 6A for directions to this cave.

Once you enter, you will immediately be attacked by a Skaal Warrior. Kill him,
and continue. Use your human-detecting abilities to find all of them. If you
are wounded and no enemies are near, then use wait by pressing T. This will act
like sleeping in that you will be healed. If you wait so much that you turn
back into a human, just turn into a werewolf again. There is no penalty for
doing so (except that if someone sees you, you will be marked forever).

The humans will spawn out of nowhere much of the time. The last three you will
face will come in a group, making them very hard to beat. It is possible to
trap one or two of next to the ramp (because the AI is just bad). If you can
do this, then this quest becomes much easier. Once they are all dead, you will
get a journal entry saying that you are done for the night.

When you sleep the next night, you will receive another dream. Hircine has
sharpened your claws, or upped your strength to 150.

Quest 8B: Stop the Ristaag

The night after you are brought to 150 strength points, another dream will
appear to you. The Totem was stolen while you slept. Yay. This had to happen,
because it makes the next quest possible. Hircine wants you to go to the west
of Lake Fjalding and kill all of the Skaal Trackers, and then kill the spirit
bear. This is very easy because trackers are weaker than the warriors, and your
strength has improved. Once you kill them all (using your 200 feet humanoid
detection) you will get a journal entry. All that is left is to find the bear
and kill it.

Quest 9B: Assist Dulk

Your master requests your assistance. You must go to Castle Karstaag and help
Dulk. As a beast, you are allowed to enter through the front entrance where
Dulk will speak to you. You must go down, through the banquet hall, and kill
all the grahl. This time, however, you are all alone. Head into the door to
the right and kill all of the rickling in the banquet hall. In the next room,
kill all of the grahl. Both rooms lack dificulty. Once you have killed
everyone, go to the first room and listen to Dulk. Hircine will be pleeeeased.

Quest 10B: Join the Hunt

Two nights later, You appear before Hircine in the glacier in much the same way
as 10A. When given the chance, save and continue into the next room. Carius is
there, but you are not given the option to join him (as you are currently a
hairy monster). He recognizes you and attacks you. Kill him, and start to make
your way to the inner circle. I don't think there is a chance that you can kill
all of the werewolves. Make sure you have all of your feet on the floor and
start running and jumping. You don't need the key to enter the warp gate in
the center, because you're a "beast".

Once you enter the inner circle, you'll heal up completely. The inner circle is
where you'll find Heart-Fang. He'll transform into a werewolf and attack you.
You are the stronger of the two werewolves, so rend into Heart-Fang's chest.
Fortunatly, the ring magically goes into your inventory. Use the run and jump
method to get to the warp in the center.

Here you fight the frost giant, Karstaag. As usual, he is no match when it
comes to one-on-one. Kill him and trigger the event with Hircine. When he
asks you which characteristic you think is most important for a warrior to
have, pick strength if you use a melee weapon, pick guile if you use spears,
and pick speed otherwise.

When he dies, just wait until werewolf form wears off. Then you are free to to
take the item of whichever form you picked. Exit through the warp gate.
unfortunately, Carius is dead.

|Miscellaneous Quests|

The information that Azure Edge gave me encouraged me to start this, and I hope
it is needed. I have most likely missed a quest, so please send me an E-mail,
IM me, or post something on the Bloodmoon message board.

Miscellaneous quests are those quests that are completely optional, and,
USUALLY, have only material rewards.

It is best if you do these quests in the order I provide them in, although
for most cases this is far from necessary.

Marisa the Missionary

This quest is a sort of training. Speak to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine,
and he will tell you Marisa is missing. She is actually in Thirsk, just SE of
the Skaal Village. Do this quest before doing the Thirsk quests, or else it
will be impossible (or is there a way to do it? No way is known.). Find her on
the second floor of the mead hall. I did this after Udyrfryke attacked, so that
her captor was dead. Once you find Marisa, tell her to follow you. Lead her
back to the Imperial Cult Shrine to finish this quest. Don't expect her to take
care of herself in the fights.

I was wrong! I got this E-mail from Robert Powers, A.K.A
"I am responding to your wonderful Morrowind : Bloodmoon walkthrough that was
very helpful.  Marisa the missionary is not gone after you do the Thirsk
missions, she just moved.  She has been relocated to a cave called Solvjord,
which is east of Brodir Grove and a little west of the river also east of the
grove. If someone has already told you this, curse them; but no I just wanted
to tell ya since your walkthrough stated no known possibility, in which I just
found it on a werewolf rampage."

Thanks, Robert!

Moon Sugar Poisoning

To quote a Southpark(c) character, "Drugs are bad, mkay." Moon Sugar is that
drug that Caius in Balmora had laying around his house. Now we find it is
dangerous enough to kill, as a few people are being poisoned with it.

Talk to Severia Gratius (outside in Fort Frostmoth) to get this quest, and then
talk to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine about it. Basically, all the
information you have is that a white fur helm is worn by the killer, who sings
a strange song. Also, it wasn't a nord.

You will find this helm-wearing murderer in "Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop."
This building is south of the west square of Lake Fjalding, no more than 1/4 of
length of the island away. Once you get there, look to the left of the
entrance. You will find the partner of "Uncle Sweetshare" dead and buried
hurriedly. Enter to find the man who has been poisoning many people. By talking
to him, he reveals his insanity. You can't let someone like that live - kill
him! Make sure to take his helm before you leave. Return to Gratius to finish
the quest.

The Not-So-Hollow Stump

Thank you, Azure Edge, for the information about this quest!

This is not really a quest, but it has excellent rewards. If anyone can figure
out the background to this quest, please tell me. Go to Thirsk, which in SE of
Skaal Vilage, close by. The entrance to this mead hall faces the west, and the
stump this "quest" focuses on is bordering the mead hall on the east wall. From
the entrance, run to the opposite side of the building. It is basically
touching the building. Examine the hollowed stump to find that it is filled
with goodness. It includes a constant effect glove that adds 20 to security,
another constant effect glove that adds 20 to sneak, an arrow that does 5000
damage. There is also a note inside, but it doesn't seem connected to any

Thirsk: The Horrid Udyrfrykte

If you just did the last quest, you are near Thirsk. Only if you have
progressed a certain amount into the main quest will you be able to do this
quest. Also, rescue Marisa BEFORE doing this quest. If you have progressed far
enough, entering the hall will reveal that most of the residents have been
slain. Speak to the only living resident of the hall, Svenga Snow-Song. She
tells you the tale of the Udyrfrykte, who is as old as the first ruler of
Thirsk. Do your duty as an all-powerful freelancer and volunteer to kill the
Udyrfrykte. The Udyrfrykte is very close to the mead hall, just west of it,
bordering the east side of Lake Fjalding. Enter the cave and kill the beast.
Take his heart, and the nord leg for a very funny blunt weapon. There is also
loot around the cave that can be taken. After you have killed it, go back to
the entrance of the Mead Hall to find Snow-Song has blocked it off. Tell her
the news, and she will send you on one more quest.

Thirsk: The Approval of Hrothmund

Before you will be proclaimed leader of Thirsk, you must get the approval of
the first leader of Thirsk, Hrothmund. Hrothmund sealed up the Udyrfrykte, and
thus was a hero. Now you must go to Hrothmund's Bane. This location is on the
paper map. It is north of the Moestring Mountains, and just south of Castle
Karstaag. Find Hrothmund's Barrow within this square. When you use the door, a
question will be asked. The answer is Ondjage. Go inside, and take the Amulet
of Infectious Charm while your there (for another quest). Then examine the axe.
As soon as you do, you should receive a five point sanctuary. RUN back to
Thirsk, and talk to Snow-Song before it wears off. You are now the ruler of

Thirsk: Orders

Once you are the the "king" of Thirsk, you can order Snow-Song to do things for
you. Two out of three of them can only be used once. It is very important that,
once you have given out the order, you don't talk about it again until a week
later (and no sooner). It is best to wait for 8 days.

1) Order Mead
This not only gives you the ability to collect profits weekly, but it will also
give you 60 tankards of Mead. Mead improves strength but decreases

2) Collect Profits
Once a week after finishing the first order, you can collect some gold weekly.
To be exact, 50 gold (...).

3) Kill Snow Wolves and Bears
This sends out a search party that returns with 5 snow bear pelts and 5 snow
wolf pelts. It also decorates the upstairs of the hall.

Tymvaul Falls Down the Well

Once you have been accepted by the Skaal, speak to Lasnnr in his house. Ask
about the poor man's anguish, and agree to help him out. His child apparently
fell down the well in the center of the village, and he needs your help, so he
gives you the key to the well. Instead of using the well, enter Rimhull, which
is southwest of Ice-Mane's hut and nearby. Early into the cave you will meet
Tymvaul, who has the Mantle of Woe. The Mantle of woe is an AMAZING robe. Speak
to Tymvaul and he gives you five options.

1) Choices 1, 3, 4, and 5. (Choose to kill him, join with him, or leave.)
This results in him attacking you. You get to loot his corpse for the constant
effect robe. when you speak to Lasnnr about what you did, you can either tell
the truth or lie. If you tell the truth, Lasnnr will attack you. If you lie, he
will thank you and give you 2 snow bear pelts.

2) Choice 2 (Tell Tymvaul about his father.)
Tymvaul will realize the error of his ways. He'll give the robe to you, and
leave to do some serious studying. When you report this to Lasnnr, Lasnnr will
give you five snow bear pelts.

Who Were the Falmer?

Once Raven Rock has been constructed, go to the bar to talk to Athellor. He
will tell you about the Falmer, and wants to know exactly who they were. He's
quite generous with the drinks. Accept the quest. The answers you want can be
found SE of Hvitkald Peak, and north of Raven rock, in Jolgeirr. Enter the cave
and take the book. There is also a fairly worthless set of heavy armor there.
Go back to Athellor with the new information to complete the quest.

The Search For Paradise: Sovngarde

Sovngarde is the Morrowind equivalent of the Viking paradise Asgard, I
believe. You will get this quest in Brodir Grove, Northeast of the east
square of Raven Rock. More specifically, in Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling.
Poor Ulfgar spent a few hundred years searching with his friends to find
Sovngarde. Help the nord out. Go to Thirsk for some scientific research.
Upstairs is the man who gave you "Thirsk, a History - Revived." He has books
for sale, including a reexamination of Sovngarde that claims Sovngarde is not a
physical place. Go back to Ulfgar's place, and give him the bad news that he
wasted 500 years of his life. Agree to end his life. Save, and speak to him
again. When you do, you two will duke it out. He's a pushover. When you beat
him, it is revealed he has made it into Sovngarde (or he's delusional). Things
become even more unreal when you meet him outside in Brodir Grove. From then
on, you can initiate a free TEMPORARY boost in strength, speed, and personality
by examining the three stones.

Thormoor's Curse

Go to Thormoor's Watch on the west side of the landmass. Here you can talk to
Thormoor, who has a curse that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, which is
eternal wakefulness. Thormoor will tell you about this curse, and that Gelir
the Mumbling bestowed this curse upon him. You can find Gelir one or two
squares away, southeast of Thormoor's Watch. Talk to Gelir, who will only take
off the curse if you find Oddfrid White-Lip, in Kolbjorn. He says that Kolbjorn
is SE of his dwelling, near the coast. It is actually west of the north square
of Fort Frostmoth. Enter and collect Oddfried (the skull) and go back to Gelir.
Gelir will lift the curse AND (sort of) read the future. Return to Thormoor and
he will tell you that he already knows what you have done. He says he will meet
you at Thirsk. Run there, and meet him. He will mark a WONDERFUL place on your
map, filled with REALLY great loot. Go there anytime. Thormoor will spend the
rest of his days sleeping.

Airship Troubles

This quest can be made very easy if you did what I told you to do when seeking
Hrothmund's approval. You should have the Amulet of Infectious Charm. Find the
airship that is on your paper map, south of the Moestring Mountains. Pick up
the airship journal. Then find your way to the Ald-Ruhn Mages Guild. Talk to
the man outside and tell him about it. Then just give him the Amulet to
complete the quest.

Erna the Harlot

This quest begins in Kjolver's Dwelling, NW of Brodir Grove and N of Raven
Rock. When you enter, you can find out about Erna, who is going out with
Kjolver's husband. Kjolver wants you to kill Erna and take her ring. If you go
to Erna's house, it is revealed that she has gone to the Isild River, and wants
to meet Brandr there. They are north of Lake Fjalding and southwest of the
south square of Skaal Village. They are standing next to the river. When you
kill Erna, also kill Brandr. I don't think there is a way around this. Take
Erna's ring and go back to Kjolver's Dwelling, and give her Erna's ring.

|Contact Information|

Please send me an E-mail or an Instant Message if you have any information to
help me. I'd also like to hear from you if you have a compliment or insult.
I'll try to respond to everyone. Make sure that you leave a subject on the
E-mail so that I know what the E-mail is about.

AOL Instant Messanger (AIM): Jeremymia
GameFaqs name: Mr Person


Thanks to:

CJayC - For GameFAQs, the wonderful site that saved me from throwing half of my
games out a window.
Bethedsa - For Morrowind, one of the most brilliant games ever created.
The wonderful Mod and FAQ makers of the world - For enhancing my gaming
Azure Edge - My first contributor. Azure Edge gave me the information about the
stump behind Thirsk that has excellent loot.
Osrevad - This guy made the ASCII. It's so cool, and he's really talented. Give
him an Instant Message if you need a custom ASCII. (nahuwe is his screen name)
Fowl Bassist - (A.K.A Showed me that I wrote Moon
Powder during an ENTIRE misc. mission.
Robert Powers - (A.K.A Told me where Mirisa is after
you take over Thirsk.

That's it for this FAQ, unless I get some awesome E-mails (I love E-mail.) I
Have gotten a bunch  of E-mails, actually, but some are not so helpful. Half of
the E-mails are by people who want to host this FAQ, and I've already said no.
So stop, I won't even respond.

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