Bowja the Ninja 2 - In Bigman's Compound Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Bowja the Ninja 2 - In Bigman's Compound

Bowja the Ninja 2 - In Bigman's Compound


Scene 1:
Click on your glider-like plane 

Scene 2:
1. Land
2. Shoot the henchman in front of you
3. Shoot the lever
4. Jump on the missile
5. Jump down 

Scene 3:
Jump the gap 

Scene 4:

1. Shoot the light
2. Swim under the bridge
3. Climb the tower
4. Input code (A2, C3, B1)
5. Retrieve your motorbike 

Scene 5:
1. Pull the lever
2. Spin the wheel
3. Retrieve your motorbike
4. Push the post
5. Shoot the joint in the pipe
6. Retrieve your motorbike 

Scene 6: The Metal Dragon Thing:
1. climb the ramp in front of you and quickly shoot the lever
2. Drive your motorbike off the ramp BOSS DEFEAT!!!
3. Climb the ramp
4. Shoot man 1, then man 2
5. Climb down
6. Open the chest - GRAPPELING HOOK FOUND
7. Climb the crates
8. Go all the way up 

Scene 7:
1. Go all the way up QUICK!!!
2. Shoot the sattelite and Bigman twice
3. Access the control panel
4. Click the right side until the buttons are circle, triangle, square rotated 
   the same way the shapes on the left are
5. Pull the lever 

Scene 8:
1. Climb over the wall
2. Pull the lever - FISH APPEARS
3. Go back to your dock
4. Shoot the fish
5. Down the hatch! 

Scene 9:
1. Pull the lever
2. Through the hatch!
3. Pull the lever until the upper area is sealed
4. Spin the wheel
5. Spin the other wheel
6. Pull the lever until only the upper area is available
7. Spin the wheel - Up, Up, and AWAY!
8. Access the machine - Input code (hint: spell machine) 5237146
9. Get out, all the way out 

Back To Scene 8 aka Scene 10:
1. Spin wheel
2. Steal the plane 

1. Unscrew its right joints until you can't anymore
2. RAM IT!!!
3. Get inside its head - literally 

Scene 12:
Soar into the sunset

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