DragonFable - Some Good Farming Spots Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 DragonFable - Some Good Farming Spots

DragonFable - Some Good Farming Spots

In Falconreach click 'Travel' on the noticeboard then choose 'Robina's Zone' Once you see
Robina Hood you are in Surewood forest Talk to Robina and accept a bounty hunting list If
you don't then this quest is useless From Robina go one screen right one up then right
again You have arrived Click here for a map of directions

This quest gets most of its money from bounty hunting which is a special way for lots of
money to drop from the boss No other quest does this It is not necessary to go back to
town if you want to heal; Robina can heal you fully and instantly The possible bounty
values are 50 75 100 180 300 and 600 If the chances for all the bounties are equal that
means an average of 2175 bounty gold per run Since there is no indication though that you
can get 600 gold as often as you can get 50 this average may not be accurate The monsters
here have no elemental weaknesses so just equip the best weapon you have

# Average Gold Per Hour: 12000 - 15000
# Average Gold Per Run: 200 - 400
# Average Completion Time: 01:10 - 01:30


# It always gives at least 50 gold
# On occasions it will give Vaz Striker giving 600 gold worth of bounty
# It gives a few junk items which sell for 500 gold So potentially you can get over 1100
gold from this quest in one run
# For low level rogues it gives plenty of weapons
# The quest is easy and not scaled Low levels can accomplish it and high levels can zoom
through it; the Multi skill is especially useful
# Instant full healing from Robina Hood nearby


# Gameplay can be slow
# There are often three opponents to fight
# Can be quite long
# The layout of the quest is random so you may often fight unnecessarily
# Bandits have no elemental weaknesses

# Location
Go to Amityvale talk to Thursday click quests and choose 'Crystal Clear Lake' You can also
go right from Amityvale take the upper path at the junction and keep going till you come
across an entrance with two lion statues on each side Click here for directions and click
here for a map of the quest

This quest drops six silver weapons one level 17 and one level 20 for each class All are
non-DA It also drops the Snugglebear Helm but this isn't of much use But although these
are not too good for fighting with at a low level they are very good for selling Better
than either the Well or the Fire Cave

# Average Gold Per Hour: 7000 - 10000
# Average Gold Per Run: 200 - 300
# Average Completion Time: 01:20 - 01:35


# Only two sellbacks: 179 and 230 To get 28000 gold for a doom weapon it takes 137 runs on
average starting from zero
# Only six monsters
# Gives the best (and only) Silver weapons for non-DA holders
# Instant full healing nearby in the town Inn like in The Well


# There is a healing pad in the quest but it requires you to take a longer route with more
monsters which is not good for farming
# Slow gameplay
# Scaled quest the monsters will always be moderately difficult
# The boss Lon is quite hard He cannot be stunned for example (although some have claimed
that he is indeed possible to immobilise he is not meant to be as far as we know and so in
any event is very difficult to and not worth trying) Also he is weak to silver and nothing
else For DA warriors silver can be used at level 11 For DA mages at level 16 And for
non-DA holders at level 17 No lower level weapons of silver exist Without silver he can be

# Location
From Falconreach click "Travel" on the noticeboard and go to Oaklore Go one screen to the
left and speak to Sir Casm and Sir Vivor by the catapult and choose "Explore Ruins" Click
through the dialogue and hit "Begin Quest" when you're ready

This quest is useful for most levels and types of characters but is mainly recommended for
those at higher levels (30+) as that's when it really begins to show its benefits It's
short (can usually be completed in under a minute) and the decent amount of gold dropped
from monsters means as well as some of the best EXP farming around you're looking at a
pretty solid cash total at the end of it all Dedicated higher level farmers can be looking
at over 9000 gold per hour

# Average Gold Per Hour: 8000 - 9000
# Average Gold Per Run: 90 - 150
# Average Completion Time: 00:50 - 01:00


# Some of the best EXP farming for mid-to-high levels available
# A very quick quest to complete and easily farmable as you respawn straight by the
# Easy one-hit-kill monsters through use of the "Final" skill
# Accessible healing and potion refill with Sir Junn in the infirmary to the left of the
# Drops items which can be exchanged for accessories which are alright if you are a lower


# Random layout meaning the wrong fork at a junction can sometimes be taken This takes up
valuable farming time
# A drop is pretty much guaranteed at the end of the quest and at mid-to-high levels these
are next to useless Can become annoying
# The VurrMen take a while to attack so if you miss a shot it can waste time and become

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