Echo - Secrets of the Lost Cavern Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Echo - Secrets of the Lost Cavern

Echo - Secrets of the Lost Cavern

*Complete* Walkthrough, PC


1.0 -- Complete Walkthrough

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction

i). Game

ii). General

2. Walkthrough

i). Initial cave,

ii). Second cave,

iii). Crossing the River,

iv). Tika's cave and

v) . The White Grotto. 

3. Legal Information

1. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my FIRST Walkthrough 
(For any game) Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern, 
by Adventure Company, one of my favourite 
developers and publishers (Others being EA, 
Ubisoft,Fireaxis, GOD, Sierra, Blizzard, Atari, etc). 

As there was no single FAQ / Walkthrough 
available on GAMEFAQS, I wrote this walkthrough. 
I had completed this game much earlier with the 
help of my family members, colleagues, 
professors, friends giving me important clues, 
hints and tips for the game. When I started 
writing  a WALKTHROUGH for this game, 
I installed the game again and began on 
a fresh note jotting down the same for you.

i). Game

You can also check the official website if 
you want:-

The following information is copied from 
the Adventure Company games Website 


Experience the primitive world through the eyes 
of Arok, a young boy who aspires to become 
more than just a hunter/gatherer like the people 
of his clan. Inspired by the paintings of Klem, the 
“Michelangelo” of his time, Arok is propelled on 
a journey in search of his mentor which leads 
him to the heart of a mysterious cavern. 

Venture into a world of exploration and intrigue 
as you solve primordial puzzles and use your 
wits to survive the vast wilderness. Interact 
with many fascinating characters from this 
archaic time, as they lead you to Klem and 
one of mankind’s forgotten wonders.


Puzzles: innovative inventory system allows 
you to combine and create new tools and 
items necessary to solve an array 
of thought provoking puzzles

Exploration: photo-realistic environments 
of pristine landscapes and rugged 

Survival: hunt, fish, and fend off predators 
that threaten your quest

Create Masterful Works of Art: they will 
come to life and their stories will help 
you along your journey

In-game Encyclopaedia: filled with 
historically accurate data on the 
Palaeolithic period

ii). General

A) At some places (If you will observe 
carefully) you should notice an icon with 
two black balls and a hand cancelled by a 
single line. This means that you will have 
to interact an item with that particular thing 
in order to make it active 
(i.e. two balls clashing each other with a 
hand in between).

B) If you want to use an item, right click to 
open the inventory and then, left click on the 
mouse to select an item. The item will 
appear in the top left corner of your screen. 
The item can then be used on any location 
on the screen where the icon becomes active.

C) All the directions in this game are given 
as if you are looking at a particular object. If 
it's not possible for you to understand then, 
I have provided for you the respective pictorial 
(Not pictorial though, it should read as 
WRITORIAL) representations.

D) If you want to reset any puzzle, click on 
the "X" (Bottom right of the screen). Move 
away from the puzzle a couple of steps and 
click on it again to start from the beginning. 

2. Walkthrough

i). Initial cave

Now, the real action begins...

	After a cut-scene you will be in a 
cave. After the cut-scenegets over, you will 
be facing a darker section of the cave 
(Much less darker than the next cave to follow 
-- will tell you later). Turn around 180 Degrees 
and in front of you there will be 3 things:-

a) Triangle shaped opening from where you 
can view the lioness,

b) Ice hanging from the left side of the triangle 
opening (You should be facing the lioness thus, 
ice will be hanging on your left side) and

c) Rock at the bottom (Which cannot be moved 
otherwise, you know that the game will be over 
for you before it starts ....). However, facing the 
lioness you should also notice hardwood 
(Left of you, just like a thin stick) and firewood 
(Its actually a bundle and on the right of you 
near some big and small stones on the ground).

Here's a pictorial description of the items listed 
above (I am not a good artist in computer 
drawing hence, will only mention the names):

                *ICE*                   *LIONESS*
                    TRIANGLE LIKE OPENING	

     *HARDWOOD*                            *FIRE
		                 (near some big
		                 and small stones)



( F -- Arok is facing the rock and 

	Pick up the ice, firewood and 
the hardwood and turn around the way 
you started after the cut-scene.  

	Move forward one step with back 
facing the lioness. You should notice dry grass 
(on the ground) and also the fire place with 
a ring of stones (Just above the dry grass). 
Pick up the dry grass. From this position 
(i. e.  after collecting the grass and now 
you are facing the fire place) turn left twice 
(i. e. around 180 Degrees) to pick up a piece 
of softwood and also notice a rock besides it.

Here's again a pictorial description of the 
items listed:



<----  AROK                       (Entrance to 
		           the Cave)

(Arrow indicates you are facing 
this direction)



	Now, with your face facing the fire 
place, put the firewood and dry grass one by 
one inside the place. Now, place the softwood 
in the fire place (It automatically gets adjusted 
on the edge of the fire place on the rock -- Nope 
I am not mentioning here about Drinking 
(ON THE ROCKS MEANS.....) and finally place 
the hardwood on the softwood.

	With the fire ignited, now face to 
the rock from where you picked up a piece 
of softwood. Suddenly, with the light emerging 
from the fire, the rock is coloured. You should 
also notice a red pigment lying on the right 
side of Arok and left of this rock (If you are 
facing the rock and back is towards the 
fire place) and a coloured puzzle on the 
wall. Pick up the red pigment.  	

Here's again a pictorial description of the 
items listed:

		         *RED PIGMENT*



( F -- Arok is facing the wall puzzle)

		           *FIRE PLACE*

	Click on the puzzle to trigger a 
cut-scene. After the cut-scene, you receive 
a painted stone from Klem. Now, you will 
need to colour the Wall Puzzle just as the Stone. 
You already have the red pigment. From 
the fire place, go straight towards a bison 
sketch on the wall. Again, if you will notice 
the icon here is not active indicating that you 
will have to interact it with something or the 
puzzle is not activated. Look below to find 
some branches (just below the Bison Sketch) 
and voila! There's a black pigment on the left 
of these branches. Pick up the branches 
and black pigment. If you go left from the 
position where you picked up branches 
and the black pigment, you should come 
across a combining rock with three 
rocks / small stones on it. Nearby this rock
you should also find the brown pigment. 
Also, there is a space / gap / ditch between 
fire place and the combinig rock. 
Observe carefully in this space and you 
should find a strap (will explain it later).    

 	The branches which you have picked
 up are useful in frightening the cat. Ignite the 
branches in the fire and Arok says that this 
will frighten the cat (Something like that). 
Near the opening of the cave place these 
branches in the triangle like opening just 
besides the big cat to scare her away 
albeit temporarily. 




( F -- Arok is facing the Fire place)

---------------- GAP / SPACE -------------


--------------- GAP / SPACE -------------




 *BISON SKETCH* (On the wall)

	Now, it's time to use the powdered 
pigments for the "COLOURED WALL PUZZLE". 
However, you will need to moisten them. Hence, 
first you will need to put them on the coloured 
rock just below the Wall Puzzle. Remember 
the ice which you had picked up earlier. 
With the back facing the wall puzzle and 
face towards the fire look for a small dish 
like thing on the left of the fire place. Place 
ice on it and it will melt. Now you can carry 
water as the icon changes into a drop of water. 
Sprinkle water on each pigments once and 
now the colours are ready.

	Just look into your inventory at 
KLEM's stone. From top leftmost to right 
most corner it should read as:

*BLACK*                   *BROWN*		*RED*
*BROWN*              *BLANK SPACE*	*BROWN*

	However, the wall puzzle looks 
different. Do not worry, it is just to confuse you. 
Pick up the moisten paint in your hand (Just click
on the desired paint and you will pick it in your hand)
and start painting the wall puzzle according to 
Klem's  stone.  A new cut-scene follows.

	Now move to the fresco of the bison 
(Where earlier you picked up branches -- Still you
can pick them up as it seems there is no end). You 
will encounter many such "magical" frescos further 
in the game. Magical simply because, it will help 
you to advance further in the game and by solving 
them, it will give you hints. You should see a black 
bison and three hunters and two spears. Pick up 
the spear and give it to the first person (If you go 
from right to left) and click on the bison now. The 
spear is not effective and the puzzle starts again. 
Pick up the second spear and now give it to the 
last person (from right) who also holds a slingshot. 
Now click on the bison and your puzzle is solved. 
You will need to make a spearthrower.

	You should read the documentary 
database entry on "Spearthrowers".  Right click 
to open the inventory. There will be four options 
/ items. From top leftmost to right they are 
as follows:

*Documentary Database*               *Objectives*

*Return to Main Menu*	*Magnifying Glass*	

	Click on the shell (i. e. Documentary 
Database) on the left. The spearthrower entry 
should already be open if you have solved the 
bison fresco puzzle. If you go through it there 
will be a line saying "...force of the assegai". 
Pick up and ignite the branches 
(BISON FRESCO SKETCH) and frighten 
the cat. Exit the cave. The assagai will be on 
the ground just ahead of you (If you stand 
outside with your back to the entrance of 
the cave), and the deer antler is on the 
ground just to your right. Quickly return in. 

	Go towards the combining rock 
(Containing three stones) and put the antler 
on the rock. Now click on the puzzle to get 
some info on the 3 stones. You will find a 
scraper ("S", on the leftmost), a knapped flint 
("KF", in the center), and an awl ("A", 
on the rightmost) on the combining rock. 
The bones you see (Top Right) are the 
chances given by the puzzle for solving. 
If you perform a wrong move, a bone gets 
utilized and if no bone is left over then, 
the puzzle restarts. 

	You need to trim the antler and 
hence, use the KF at three places viz. 
a) Left tip (top) of the antler, b) Center 
and c) Right. Now, use A on the antler 
to make two holes viz. a) Leftmost end 
(near the spike) and b) Far right point. 
Now, it's time to use S to scrap the middle 
of the antler. Did you remember I had told 
you about the strap (Found in the gap 
between fire place and combining rock)?. 
Strap is of use here. Use strap on the 
rightmost tip (hole) on the deer antler 
to gift yourself a finished spearthrower!! 
Ignite the branches again. Move forward 
towards the door and watch a cut-scene 
to end this level and move forward into 
a dark cave.

ii). Second cave	

	Well again, it's too dark over here. 
Now, you are having matchsticks isn't it? 
No, too sad. Okay, then, have a look into the 
outside world as a Shop might be opened... 
No way, you can see anything in this heavy 
snow!! However, do not worry as in the first 
cave there are never ending branches. So 
pick them up, ignite them and venture into this 
second dark cave. As soon as you enter 
on your right (Back facing the entrance of the 
cave), there is a fire place. So don't think further, 
and ignite the same. Now turn, 
approximately 180 Degrees left from this
fire place to find yourself a torch (Just 
opposite the fire place with Arok 
standing in the centre). From this position, 
turn 90 Degrees and move forward to find 
two more torches and a stone grid with some 
symbols and few arrows. Click on the grid to 
reveal that it resembles Klem's Stone. 
What relation does it have with it and from 
which side we should enter these maze 
of caves? 

		          *FIRE PLACE*


       *STONE GRID*	         <--- AROK        (CAVE


(T1, T2. T3 -- The three 
torches locations)

 	You should notice that the caves 
have been marked as follows (Left to right):  
Black, Clear (Only outline of a square and 
no colour inside), Brown and Red. The final 
colours list, from start to finish are (After 
many permutations and combinations. I 
have lost count after 100 rounds):

a) Brown, 
b) Black, 
c) Clear, 
d) Brown, 
e) Black, 
f) Brown, 
g) Black, 
h) Brown and 
i) Red.

	You should light one of the torches 
from the fire place (I presume you have two left
-- Total three) and head for the brown cave. 
(Be outmost careful to walk straight through 
these mazes. If you turn around, you will end 
up getting lost. Also when the torch is about 
to fade, righ click on the inventory and select 
one torch and click on the existing torch to 
ignite a new one to advance further). 

	The next cave's black then, clear, 
brown, black, brown, black, brown and finally 
red to advance further forward (You should 
see some colourful hands on the wall).

	No way you can reset the 
"Coloured hands" puzzle hence, I suggest 
you to save the game as soon as you exit 
the maze caves. You should also notice 
that there are stars at the bottom and on 
right side (If you are facing the puzzle). 
Note that the hands should form a 
continous pattern. You can select a row 
or a column by clicking on the star 
(either bottom or on right). Also, the 
hand should be facing up (As obviously 
you want to move up) and if you select it, 
it will lighten the hand selected displaying 
a triangle red shaped icon near the bottom 
of the hand.

Here's a representation of what you can 
see on the wall: 

H  H  H  H  H * VIII
H  H  H  H  H * VII
H  H  H  H  H * VI
H  H  H  H  H * V
H  H  H  H  H * IV
H  H  H  H  H * III
H  H  H  H  H * II
H  H  H  H  H * I
*   *   *   *    *
1   2  3   4   5 

The stars along the bottom are 
numbered from 1 to 5 (Left to right). 
Each column in line with these stars 
is also assigned the same number. 

For the stars along the right side, 
I have assigned numbers from I to VIII 
(Starting at the bottom and moving 
towards the top). Each row in line 
with these stars is also assigned 
the same number.

The solution is as follows:-

a) Click on 3 and rotate, it should be 
facing up and also be lighted,

b) Click on II and rotate to light up 2II,

c) Click on III and rotate to light up 3III,

d) IV will be lighted as will be V. However, 
we want the other hand (Just below the 
lighted dark hand -- IV) to be facing up 
and not the lighted one (i. e. 4V). Hence, 
rotate V for the other lighted hand 
to show up (i. e. 3V),

e) Now we want to rotate 2V. However, 
if we rotate with V (right star), we will disturb 
the position of 3V also. Hence, click on II 
(Lights will be out, so don't worry), 

f) Again, click on 2 to rotate 2V (So that 
2V is facing up),

g) Click on II again and all the lights appear,

h) Click on VI and rotate to light up 2VI 
and 1VII, 2VII and

i) Click on VIII and rotate to light up 2VIII 
and move up.

	You are facing a fire place and 
next to the fire (right) is a magical fresco 
again (Which shows a bear resting and 
Arok standing on a missing puzzle piece). 
You need to complete the puzzle to use the 
fresco. Below the fresco and right of fire 
place (If you are facing the fresco and fire 
place is to your left) is a piece of leather. 
Pick it up. Further at 3 o clock position 
(The place you picked up leather is 
12 o clock) you will see a combining 
rock. It will prove to be handy later. If you 
face water and on your left is bear fresco, 
look on your right for hay. Move towards 
the hay and select it. With hay in hand turn 
180 Degrees left to lay hay down twice 
(For both your feet. You will stand on these 
so, that the bear will not hear your footsteps 
and will remain asleep) where you should be 
able to see the missing puzzle part for the 
fresco. Go down and turn right to see the 
missing puzzle part near the big stone. 
Pick it up and now, you should have a 
complete magical bear fresco.

                               FRESCO PUZZLE*

*FIRE PLACE*           		

AROK --->		 


	Notice that both AROK and the stones 
(In the fresco) near his feet are active. You can 
pick up the stones. You have four options to 
silence the bear. You can either:

a) Aim at him,
b) Aim at the stalactite,
c) Rocks above and
d) Space between the rocks above and 
sleeping bear below, there is a cleft like "<".

	You can try all the above three but 
for you to progress ahead in the game, (d) is 
the ideal option. Pick up the stone and aim 
one at "<". The bear will look at it for some 
time. Within this time you will have to pick 
a stone yet again and aim at "<" (Timing is 
extremely important and if you consume too 
much time then, you will have to start the 
puzzle again). If done correctly, the bear 
will rush inside to investigate the origin of 
noise. Pick up a stone fast and aim at the 
stalactite. Now you can aim at the rocks 
above since, stalactite was blocking it 
earlier. Thus, the rocks have sealed the 
bear in his den and you can safely move 


*<*			  *STONES*

	From the place you picked up 
hay, observe again for a rope. Move to the 
place where big rocks have sealed the 
fate of that ferocious bear. On the right of 
the rocks and to its left you should find stones 
and another rope respectively. Pick both of 
them. You can hit two stalactites (One extreme 
right and one opposite the extreme right one) 
with a stone. However, if you try to stone the 
middle and extreme left stalactite (Total there 
are four, AROK will comment that he cannot 
reach them as they are very far). Go towards 
the combining rock and place the leather on 
the stone (You need to make a slingshot in 
order to hit the stalactites). Fortunately you
will also have an Awl ("A", for making holes) 
ready for you and anxiously waiting on the 
stone for your hands to make two holes in the 
soft leather. Pick A and only left side of the 
leather requires holes as two are already 
present on the right side. Take A in your hands 
make two holes viz. one on top left side and 
the other on bottom left side. Finally engage 
the two ropes inside the leather and pick up 
the leather. You will automatically have 
slingshot ready with three stones (Latter 
picked up near the big rocks). Now aim 
towards the remaining two stalactites and 
cross the river using stalactites as support. 

	You should see a small fire place 
just to your right as left is a dead end (Your 
original position after you have crossed 
the stalactites using them as support). 
Again you will need to ignite a fire. Walk 
towards the fire place to find yourself a 
long branch and Aurochs horn in front of 
you. Pick both of them and cross the 
river to reach the top near the bear 
fresco and the fire place. Select 
Aurochs horn from your inventory and 
ignite it in the fire place to get Aurochs 
horn filled with embers. Cross the river 
again and ignite the fire place with the 
horn. You should now see different 
coloured horses and small lamps in 
front of them (Although the latter needs 
to be ignited). 

	Place the long branch into 
the fire and use this branch to light 
the lamps. The only problem of lamps 
is --- You cannot light the lamps one 
at a time. If you light a lamp, automatically 
two or three lamps (Nearby it) will also 
get lit. Moreover, if a lamp is already lit, 
you will have to make that lamp's light vanish 
by using the burning branch on it or on a 
nearby lamp.

The solution is as follows:

a) First light the lamp on the extreme left 
(Top row),

b) Light the lamp in the third left (Bottom row) 

c) Light the lamp in the third right (Top row) 
position and

d) Last but not the least, light the lamp in the 
extreme right (Bottom row) position.

	You will also observe that when 
you light the lamps this causes the stag fresco 
to animate. You will notice in this fresco that 
there are several stag images and also, 
one image of a man (AROK) standing next 
to a stag (In the center when you face the fresco). 
Also, there are two symbols over the fresco 
-- Towards the right side (Star and Double 
arrow -- <<). If you click on the star, the 
stag images will be randomized. When 
you click on the double arrow (<<), the stag 
will run from right to left (If it is in the correct 
position or you will get a swish sound that 
indicates something is wrong). Also, the 
stag might stop in between the two stags 
indicating not very good animation (If the 
position of the stag is not proper or the 
stag is of dfferent colour). If you click on 
one stag to change its colour, alongwith it, 
the color of two other stags (One on each 
side of the desired stag you have clicked) 
will also be affected. 

	However, the colour pattern of 
AROK in the fresco is (The man) slightly 
different than the rest (By directly clicking 
the stag next to AROK, this will change his 
color. However, changing the colour of other 
stags will not affect AROK. In order for the 
puzzle to complete, all the stags including 
the man -- i. e. AROK should be of the same 
colour). Notice that even the man has an 
arrow over him. Moreover, AROK should 
be near to the stag's neck otherwise, the 
stag will run without AROK 
and latter will be left behind. 

	Assuming that all the horses 
are of equal colour (i. e. plasma -- for 
non-science students it means hay shade
/ Light yellow), the solution is as follows:

Starting from the extreme right of the 
screen, I have named the horses as 
H1, H2, H3,..., etc. 

a) Click on H2 to change the colour of 
H1 as well as H3,

b) Click on H5 to change the colour of 
H4 as well as H6,

c) Click on H8 to change the colour of 
H7 as well as that of little man,

d) Click on H10 to change the colour of 
H11 as well as H9,

e) Click on H13 to change the colour of 
H14 as well as H12,

Now, to complete the magical stag fresco 
the solution (In order to cross the river) 
is as follows:

a) H1's both the legs need to be on the 
ground (As it is approaching the water),

b) H2's rear legs will be slightly above the 
ground and front legs will be submerged 
in water (as it is going down the hill --Nope 
it's not LORDS GROUND {The Mecca of 
CRICKET} in water),

c) H3, H4, H5 and H6's neck will be on 
the surface of water,

d) H7 front legs will be in the air and rear 
legs will be on the surface,

e) H8 involves a little man as well as stag 
(Front as well as rear legs are on the ground),

f) H9's position is similar to H2 although, 
the former's front legs cannot be seen 
(As submerged in water),

g) H10, H11 and H12's neck on the surface 
of water (Similar to H3-H6),

h) H13's front legs will be in air and rear 
on the ground &

 i) H14 legs wil be on the ground. 

	Wow!! Suddenly you will be on the 
other side of the river due to the magical 
stag fresco. 

iii). Crossing the River

	Move forward and to your left will be 
a huge river (Back facing towards the cave). 
Arok comments that he is hungry. However, 
you have nothing so, you will have to hunt for 
fish. From this position, you have three roads 
(Left, straight, right). From here, move left and 
you will be facing a river and a tree. Turn left to 
find a worked stone (Will explain its use later) 
on a tree trunk. Turn left again and you will be 
facing the path from where you came (i. e. 
towards the cave). Look up and you will find 
some clothes (Actually these are rags). Our 
aim is to reach up there. However, before 
that, we will have to solve some puzzles. 

*LEFT*		 *STRAIGHT*              *RIGHT*

-- RIVER -- 




                   (Entrance of the cave leading 
                     to the animated stag fresco)

	Now, with your back facing the 
tree and the river, move to the left (Only 
two paths -- Right leads you to the place 
where you entered this stage i. e. entrance 
of the cave). On your left are some white 
flowers -- These are in fact CHAMOMILE 
(Please do not ask me which species and 
variety!!). Pick them up as further you need 
them to prepare a herbal tea. Here again 
you will observe three paths --- Left, Middle 
and Right (Again will lead to the cave). Take 
the middle path. On your little right you will 
see some branches near a fern. Pick them 
up too. 

	You will again find three paths -- Left, 
Middle and Right. For now take the right path to 
find a tinder (Mushroom) and another stone 
(Near a fallen tree) -- Just a bit to your right side. 
Move back to the place where you found some 
branches near a fern. Take middle path. From 
this position, to your left is a fire place, combining 
rock and a coloured rock (Opposite the combining 
rock and fire place). Pick up another stone and a 
strap near the coloured rock with some symbols 
on it (Till now you should have three stones). With 
your face towards the fire place, walk straight 
ahead towards the river's edge. The rock on 
which you are standing, you will find four stones 
(Third is on the boundary of the rock and the 
ground and fourth is on the ground) and a 
bone-like thing. Also notice that here you can 
see some fishes (In fact a salmon) in the river. 
This spot is an ideal location to hunt for fish. 
This bone-like is a Harpoon Point. Pick it up. 
(You cannot pick up the four stones). 

	Standing on the rock (Back towards 
the river) you will see four paths --- Far left, Left, 
Center, Far Right. Take the far left path (Along 
the river's edge). If you look on the ground you 
should find a shaft and another stone. Pick them 
up and move straight (Grazing horses are to your 
left across the river). To your little right you will find 
a Knapped Flint -- Stone like thing ("KF"). Pick up 
KF. You now have four stones, KF, strap, harpoon 
point, shaft, tinder, branches. You will need to make 
a harpoon before you can catch a fish. So, go to the 
combining rock (Next to the fire place) and place 
the harpoon point on it. Then, use the shaft on the 
harpoon point. Last but not the least, use the strap 
to tie these (two) pieces together. 

-------------------- RIVER -------------------
-------------------- RIVER -------------------

S1			                 S2  
      S3 / 4	              			         S3 / 4
                    (HARPOON POINT)	                             
	        *FIRE PLACE*


      (STONE), (STRAP)	


*LEFT*	      *STRAIGHT /                 *RIGHT*


		    I                  *FERN*
		    I	(BRANCHES)


(IIIIII  -- Walk ahead)

(S1 - First big stone to be tossed in 
S2 - Second big stone to be tossed 
in river, 
S3 / 4 - The order of tossing these
 two stones is not important (Main 
hot shots are S1 and S2).

	Now, go towards the ideal spot 
with four stones I had mentioned. Try to use 
the harpoon to catch some fishes and Arok 
mentions that the fishesare too fast. Now 
comes the role of the four stones. You will 
need to throw the largest rock first (Extreme 
left of the four stones). Then, toss the second 
rock from the right. The sequence of the 
remaining two rocks is not important. Due, 
to the obstruction created by these rocks, 
the fishes will slow down and will pause for 
a bit. So, what are you waiting for!! Strike 
the harpoon and Salmon is all yours. Go to 
the fire place to find yourself a new visitor!! 
His name is Toar. Speak with him and he 
will give you a marcasite rock and a wooden 
recipient. Carefully observe the marcasite 
by using the magnifying glass (At the 
extreme bottom right of the inventory)
to gain knowledge about marcasite. 

	Place the branches and the tinder 
in the fire place (Order not important). Place 
the marcasite rock and use the KF on the 
marcasite rock. Now, you will need to grill 
salmon as TOAR wants it to be little bit grilled. 
Also, notice the stone between Toar and the 
fire. However, you cannot carry that. Hence, 
you will need to heat it up to act as a stove. 
Use the stick in front of the fire to move the 
stone into the fire (When you hold the stick 
for the rock, do not use the tip of the stick on
the rock. However, use the icon which is 
approximately located in the middle of stick). 
Wait a moment for the stone to heat and then 
use the stick to move the stone away. Place the
fish on the hot stone and wait for few seconds to
grill. Remove the salmon wth your hands and 
share it with Toar. Then, Toar will ask for camomile 
tea. The chamomile which I had told you to pluck 
from that bush will come handy here. For tea / coffee, 
you require water to boil. Go towards the hunting 
spot and fill the wooden recipient (TOAR gave 
it to you earlier along with Marcasite) with water. 
Place this filled recipient in between the 
combining rock and heated stone (You had 
grilled SALMON on this). Notice three small 
stones near the ring of stones. You can put 
them one by one in the fire to heat. After 
some time, remove these by the stick. Try to 
pick them up and AROK will scream (Because 
these are too hot to handle -- Nope I am 
not talking about Sharon Stone, Pamela 
Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith!!! I am just 
talking about heated stones). TOAR will 
then give you a wooden spatula which 
will be of great help in picking these 
hot stones. Pick up the hot stones one 
by one and drop them into the Wooden 
Recipient. Then, finally add Chamomile 
flowers. TOAR's Herbal Tea is ready. Talk 
to him and he will ask you to a prepare a flint.  

	Selecting a proper flint is the first 
and one of the most important steps. There 
are three stones to choose (Bottom of 
combining rock). However, only the middle 
one is better as left one is cracked and the 
right one is full of impurities. Also, selection 
of a tool is of importance as wrong choice 
may lead to loss in shape. There are three 
tools for you to choose (Top of combining 
rock). Awl (Middle one) is of no use here 
(Used for piercing holes in the wood / bone). 
Use the Stone Hammer (Right tool) three 
times (Count carefully the number of times 
tapped / pierced / chipped / shaped, etc. If 
you fail to count properly and use a tool more 
than required then, to get an appropriate shape
becomes difficult). Now, it's time to use 
Reindeer Antler Hammer (Twice) for shaping 
the flint. Give the completed flint to TOAR and 
he will give you in return -- A worked stone and 
knife. Now, you will have in total five stones. Can 
you recollect where have you seen symbols 
-- rocks, walls, roofs, etc?

	With back facing TOAR, move towards 
the coloured stone with symbols on it. From here 
(TOAR is behind you and coloured stone on your 
right), move forward a step. Look on the right for 
two bulls and some strange symbols near a fallen 
tree (You had picked up Tinder and a stone here). 
Move further to find another symbol on the wall 
(You had picked up KF here Also, horses are 
grazing across the river ---- Left side). Return 
back where you saw fallen tree and activate 
the puzzle.

Solution of the musical puzzle is as follows:

	Pick up the bone and use the same on 
the musical stones by clicking the bone on the 
stones one at a time. While hitting the musical 
stones, observe the wall symbols for colour 
changes. (Use the cursor to determine the position 
of the click, rather than its tip). All the symbols should
change to red in order to complete the puzzle and 
move ahead. If you click on the leftmost stone you 
observe that the extreme rightmost symbol turns red. 
In similar fashion, middle left symbols turns red by 
second left stone. However, the symbol needs to 
be activated from left to right.

Thus, the sequence of tapping the stones is-

1) Extreme leftmost symbol ---> Second Right 
                                         (Fourth from Left side),

2) Middle left symbol ---> Fourth Right 
                                       (Second from Left side),

3) Middle right symbol ---> Extreme Right 
                                      (Fifth from Left) and

4) Extreme rightmost symbol ---> Fifth Right 
                                                  (First from Left)

Hence, you need to click on the 4th, 2nd, 5th 
and 1st (Left - Right) stones.

	The bull runs way and a familiar 
symbol appears. Is the symbol familiar? 
Have you seen it earlier? Move forward 
towards grazing horses to see the same 
symbol on the wall. Move forward to reach 
the balcony at the top. 

iv). Tika's cave

	When you enter here, look on the 
ground to your right to find a stag antler. You 
cannot pick it up though right now. Move 
forward and talk to TIKA (Sitting near a fire 
place). Pick up the pebble with a hand next 
to TIKA (TIKA's right and AROK's left while 
facing TIKA). With back facing TIKA, go to 
your left (Near a lamp) to pick up a bone 
engraved with a lion, vertebra and a doll 
(Figurine of a woman). Face your back 
here and go to the opposite side --- 
Story wall (Wall is having some engravings 
and some strange symbols. It's here you 
will have to assemble your things collected 
from this cave as well as throughout your 
journey) to pick up engraving of a stag and 
an engraving of a fish. Now move towards 
the entrance of this cave (Where I told you 
about Stag Antlers) to pick up Stag Antlers. 
With back facing the entrance, move forward 
four times past TIKA's room. To your left, find 
animal fat on a huge water basin like structure. 
Pick it up. Turn 90 Degrees right (Water basin 
on your left) and move forward towards the 
barbecue. Turn little right to find a strap, 
combining rock (With a needle on top) and a 
stick with a hole engraved with a bear. Pick up
a strap and a stick with a hole engraved with a 
bear (You cannot carry the needle so leave it on 
the stone for now). With barbecue on your left side, 
move forward. Pick up bladder (On the ground in 
front of you) and skin lying on the bone fence 
(Right side). Also observe two antlers blocking a 
door (Can be interacted but, are currently inactive)
to your left. 

	Return to the Story wall to assemble the 
order of the symbols in the foll. sequence (Just click 
on a symbol to highlight it red. Then, click on another
symbol to swap with the already highlighted one): 

I) Pebbles / Dots (Hunting adventure),

II) Feathered Arrow angled slightly upwards and 
to the right (Hunting lioness),

III) Veins observed on a leaf surface (Refuge in 
a cave),

IV) 'T' - shape with vertical lines (Vanquish the 

V) Lines pointing up (Labyrinth),

VI) Inverted position of V) (Bear),

VII) Arrows pointing down (Stag fresco),

VIII) Roots of a plant (Fishing),

IX) V and an inverted V (River fish),

X) Y angling to left side (Thankful towards TOAR) 

XI) Arrows pointing left (TIKA's cave).

After finishing it, you will have to arrange each 
item against each appropriate symbol. If AROKS
says you should find something better means 
that you need to give it another shot with another 
better item.

I) Stag antlers,

II) Bone engraved with a lion,

III) Klem's coloured stone,

IV) Spearthrower,

V) Pebble with a hand,

VI) Stick with a hole engraved with a bear,

VII) Engraving of a stag, 

VIII) Harpoon,

IX) Engraving of a fish,

X) Knife and 

XI) Doll (Figurine of a woman).

	Next talk to Tika and enter the door 
which was blocked by two antlers (Yes now you
can slide two of them -- one on each side). After 
you enter the room look to your right for a slab 
resting on some stones. Look around near the 
lamp for a piece of skin, powdered black pigment 
and resin. Pick all of them except black pigment. 
Move to the slab and to slid it open, insert animal 
fats on the stone which can be interacted (Near to 
the lamp) and on the right of the slab. Click on the 
slab to solve a jigsaw puzzle (Divided into two 
halves -- It is not possible for me to draw here. 
Hence, my humble request to you is to solve on 
your own and continue further for my walkthrough).

	After arranging the jigsaw puzzle (Not 
too difficult to arrange), talk to TIKA and she 
mentions that the the puzzles need to be glued. 
You do not haveglue but, we have the resin. Resin 
is sticky but, needs to be melted first as this is 
quite hard. So, head into the barbecue room and 
in front of barbecue you should see a pink container. 
Place the resin onto it and due to heat, it melts. 
Pick up the melted resin and glue the puzzle. 
Remember that the puzzle can be rotated left - 
right - up - down but, cannot be taken. Hold the 
right puzzle in your hand (Hole is on the left) so 
that Arok can match the painting on the wall with 
diagrams on the tablets. At one wall AROK will 
comment about a stag fresco. Talk to TIKA. 
When, you walk out of this room towards TIKA, 
you can hear sound of water nearby. It's in fact 
sound from the water basin (You had collected 
animal fat). Tika will tell you first to clean the wall. 
Since, no towels or sort of things are available to 
you, wet animal skin in water basin and clean the 
stag fresco wall thrice. Now to paint the fresco is 
a problem because, you do not have any paint-
brush. So dip the moist skin (Earlier used to clean 
the wall) into black pigment to get yourself "wad 
of hide dipped in paint". Apply the paint on the 
stag's neck, still down the neck lower and back.
Still the frescois not complete as more colour 
needs to be applied. Talk to TIKA and she will 
tell you about bringing a reed. Exit TIKA's cave 
and walk along the river's edge towards an 
ornamental tree (Visual beauty to watch, a step 
ahead of Hunting Spot) to pick up a reed (Long 
green stems with blackish brown capsule). Give 
the reed to TIKA. However, she also says about 
waterskin. You will need to make a waterskin. 
Go to the combining rock (In the adjoining room) 
and place bladder on the rock. Place an animal 
skin onto it. Also place a vertebra (To pour water).
Strap which you have earlier found can be used to
form a needle and a thread by combining strap 
with the needle. Use needle on the bladder to get
a waterskin. Fill the waterskin from Water Basin 
and enter the tablets room to wait for her. She 
gives you a blowpipe. Use pipe on the dots 
(Bottom left row of six dots) below the stag 
to paint two dots on the extreme right side 
and three to the left. She then gives you 
your knife. There is a line where the legs 
of the stag would have been. Use your 
knife two times to complete the fresco 
like this:

         I            I
         I            I	
         I            I 	
         I--------- I-------- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

	After completing the fresco, 
you automatically start facing the river 
(On your right is the big tree which I had 
mentioned earlier when you had started 
this mission). You need to cut the tree so, 
that AROK and Co. can cross the river. 
But, knife is of no use here. Talk to TOAR 
(Besides the fire place) and he will give you 
his axe. Cut the tree three times to complete 
the level.

v) . The White Grotto

	After talking to TIKA observe the 
tree carefully (Behind TIKA, antlers can be 
seen along with some brown rags) as well 
as the stones on the ground -- You will need 
to solve it later. Move forward. AROK will 
comment something about "White Grotto". 
Notice some colourful berries (Violet - purple) 
in the bushes. Pick them up. On your right is a 
door / gate sealed by small wooden branches. 
On the wall of this, notice some symbols. With 
your backside towards the bushes and "Sealed 
Door Puzzle" on your left, observe carefully for a 
juniper twig on the ground near a burning torch. 
Pick up a juniper twig. Move forward ahead. On 
your left is a burning torch and to your right is a 
broken tree. Observe carefully on your left to pick 
up green spearmint herbs from the ground 
(Burning torch's right). Move further ahead. 
On your right is a cave entrance and a fire place. 
Turn 90 Degrees right and observe carefully on 
the stones to find a little stick (Lying on the 
ground between a big rock and two - three 
small rocks). Turn 90 Degrees right again to 
find a piece of bark lying on a huge rock (This 
rock is under the burning torch). Move towards 
the fire place to find yourself a combining rock, 
fire place, stream of running water (In the wall) 
and a stone with a depression (Indentation) and 
a pestle (This stone is below the running stream 
of water) in a clockwise direction.

	Head inside the cave once and to your 
right to find a lamp. Pick up black pigment and 
block of ochre pigment (Yellow) to left and right of 
this lamp respectively. Below the black pigment is 
another lamp. Find a strap here. Move inside and 
talk to Lharik. Lharik wants you to make a colour 
palette. To your left (LHARIK's right) is a tuft of hair 
-- Between a lamp (Near the a rug) and two wooden 
sticks. Pick it up and go towards the depressed 
stone with a pestle. Put the bark on the right of 
depression. The black pigment is already 
powdered so, put it on the bark (Which will act 
as a palette). Place the block of ochre pigment 
into the depression to grind it further. Select the 
pestle and use it on the colour (Middle portion of 
the pestle) to grind it. At some time, AROK will 
comment about moistening them. Remember 
about stream of running water? Pick up a drop 
of water and moisten the pigments. If you try to 
pick up the palette, AROK will comment about 
a missing colour. You have black, yellow. The 
missing one is red. Pick up a new block of ochre 
pigment and place it in the fire. Remove the 
pigment with a wooden spatula and after 
grinding it, place it on the palette. Now, with 
the colours ready you, need some tools for 
painting, isn't it? Hence, put a blowpipe 
and moist skin ("wad of hide dipped in paint") 
from your inventory onto the palette. The last 
thing you require is a paintbrush and you 
won't get it as you will have to make it.   

	Place little stick on the combinig 
rock. Next tuft of hair (You found earlier). 
Place a strap to tie both these things 
together. VOILA!!Rejoice as the paintbrush 
is ready. Place it on the palette and carry the 
palette. Show the palette to LHARIK and he 
will allow you to venture inside the shrine. Enter 
the sacred shrine and talk to KLEM (Sitting on 
the scaffolding in front of you and is painting the 
wall). He will tell you something about light and 
shadows. Turn around and observe on the 
ground some lamps lying on a rock and the rock 
can be interacted. This is what KLEM is talking 
about "LIGHT And SHADOW". 

	Move towards the shrine's entrance 
(Where LHARIK is sitting) and talk to LHARIK 
next and he also says something similar. 
However, he also tells you to find his bull-roarer. 
Talk to TIKA about everything (Give her berries 
and spearmint). She will give you some directions 
about your destination. Remember that tree with five 
stones on the ground (Behind TIKA) I told you, when 
you started this level. Go towards the tree and activate 
the puzzle (The puzzle is fairly simple and similar to 
"TOWERS OF HANOI". The largest stone needs to 
be last and next largest afterwards and so on).

The solution is as follows:

	The directions mentioned here are as if 
you are facing the tree and the stones. Right stone 
means a stone lying on the right. There are three 
directions viz. Left, Middle / Center and Right. On 
the right side, you will find four stones (Largest 
stone at the bottom) and to your left, you will find 
a smallest stone.

A) Put the topmost stone (Right) in the center 
and left smallest stone on it. Put next stone 
(From right) on the left. Center Smallest stone 
goes to right and center stone goes left. Again, 
smallest stone goes left and right stone in the 
empty center slot.   
B) Left Smallest Stone to the center, left stone 
to the right,  and center smallest stone to the 
right. Left stone to the center and right smallest 
stone to left. Right stone to the center and left 
smallest stone to the center (On its top). Right 
biggest stone to the left.

C) Centre Smallest Stone to left, centre stone 
to the right and left smallest stone to the right 
(On its top). Center stone to left and right 
smallest stone to the center, right stone to 
left and center smallest stone to the left 
(Resting on its top).

D) Center stone to right, left smallest stone in 
center, left stone to right and center smallest 
stone to right. Left stone in center and right 
smallest stone in the center, right stone to left, 
center smallest stone to left. Center stone to 
right, left smallest stone in center, left stone to 
right, and center smallest stone to right.

E) Left Biggest Stone to empty center position, 
right smallest stone to left, right stone in center 
and left smallest stone also in center. Right stone 
to left, center smallest stone to right, center stone 
to left and right smallest stone also to left.

F) Right stone in center, left smallest stone also in
center, left stone to right and left smallest stone to 
right, left stone in center and right smallest stone to 
left. Right stone in center and left smallest stone in 

	Looks confusing while reading, isn't it? 
But, while playing is not. Move forward towards the 
stone to climb and pick up pinecones and slingshot 
tucked in between the branches and also a feather 
like thing hanging (It is in fact Bull-roarer). After you 
climb down, you will realise that that you have been 
surrounded by a pack of wolves. Remove slingshot 
from your inventory and aim at them (One by one 
and one wolf requires generally two-three shots to 
scare them). After the area becomes clear, return to 
LHARIK and give him bull-roarer. He will give you a 
bull. Go inside and look down to find a rock and some 
lamps. Place the bull on this rock where four lamps have 
been kept. A shadow of the bull will be seen to the wall. 
If you reach towards the bull, AROK comments about 
being too high. Talk to LHARIK and he says about 
cutting branches from dead trees. Remember the 
fallen tree (You had picked up spearmint herb from 
the opposite of this tree near a burning torch. 
However, you will need to cut its branches). 
Move out of the shrine and take a step forward. 
You will see a dead tree on your left and a burning 
torch on your right. Select your axe (TOAR gave 
it to you) and aim for the upper part of the tree 
where three branches seem to join. After cutting 
that joint, a branch will fall on the ground. Aim 
for left and right portions to cut and then, pick up 
the middle branch -- A gnarly tree cut on a slant 
(To act as a ladder). Just below the bull figurine 
on the wall you will also see a rag covering three 
wooden sticks on the ground (This wooden 
structure forms a triangle and covers a hole at 
the bottom). Place the newly cut ladder next to 
this wooden triangle to reach the bull.  

	Pick up a brush, dip in black pigment 
and paint the two horns, face, backside and the 
front legs as an outline (The middle portion of the 
brush is good, rather than its tip). Once, the outline 
is complete, use the blowpipe on the front left leg, 
chin (Face + right front leg), stomach, chest (Above 
left front leg) and a spot between the two legs. If done 
correctly, the painting will turn into two bulls. Now, four 
of the stones causes each of  the bull's legs to move. 
Here, the main objective is similar to MAGICAL 
STAG FRESCO (To cross the river) where, you 
needed to animate the stags so, that it looked as if 
they are walking and running.   

Musical Stones (from left - right) corresponds to 
the bull's leg movement. The correct sequence
for animation is as follows:

a) 2nd --- Front right leg,

b) 5th --- Rear right leg,

c) 1st --- Front left leg and

d) 3rd --- Rear left leg.

	If done correctly, second bull appears 
from behind. You need to do the same. Check the 
stones to find that only two stones (1st --- Rear left leg
and 4th --- Front right leg) can move the bull's legs. 
Thus, you need to find two more stones. Remember 
the location when you first entered where KLEM was 
painting on the wall by sitting on the scaffolding?Once 
you are on the scaffolding, look down towards the lamp 
to find one stone. Turn 180 Degrees right to find another 
stone to your right. Move towards the bull figure and 
check your stones sequence.

a) 5th --- Front right leg, 

b) 2nd --- Rear right leg,

c) 1st --- Front left leg and

d) 7th --- Rear left leg.

	If done correctly the second bull becomes 
animated. Talk to KLEM (Sitting near the rock where 
you placed a bull figure to get its shadow on the wall). 
Then, go to the right of LHARIK to solve another puzzle 
(TOAR mentions it "Prime Spirit of the Cavern").  You 
have to complete a picture here. If you click on a square,
you will be able to flip it whereas, if you click on a red dot, 
it will rotate the squares around it in a clockwise direction. 
It is ideal that the final image is of one colour i. e. Black 
(Just below this puzzle on your right is a drawing in black). 

For my convenience I have labelled the squares 
(Top Leftmost-Bottom Rightmost) from A-O. also, I 
have labelled the four dots (Left-Right) as a-h. Initially 
when you look at these squares you will come to know 
that these squares are not entirely in one colour. Hence 
you need to flip the foll. squares in order that they are in 
one colour (Through many combinations and permutations):

 i) B, 
ii) C,
iii) E,
iv) F,
v)  G,
vi) H,
vii) J,
viii) K,
  ix) N and 
   x) O.

After flipping the pieces, then click on the foll. dots 
(Number indicates the no. of times to be clicked):

i) h --- Three, 
ii) c --- One,
iii) d --- One,
iv) h --- Three,
v) f --- One,
vi) g --- One,
vii) f --- Twice,
viii) e --- One,
ix) f --- Twice,
x) a --- One,
xi) b --- One,
xii)  f --- Thrice,
xiii) e --- One,
xiv) a --- One,
xv) e --- Thrice,
xvi) a --- One,
xvii) e --- One and 
xviii) last but not the least a --- One.

	If done correctly, the bull will animate. 
Talk to KLEM and he further comments about 
another one to complete. From here, move forward. 
On your left is a sketch of a bull again (You will need 
to paint this one and hence, it is blank / may have a 
whitish tinge to it. This sketch is in between the two 
black bulls / right of the just completed squares and 
dots puzzle). Put the ladder again to have a closer 
look. Each stag has a set of lines and dots over his 
head (Neck to be more precise. After all I am writing 
a walkthrough!!). The line tells us about the colour 
needed on its outline.

The solution is as follows:   


Line = Red (Paintbrush), Dot = Orange 

a) Use red colour on both the legs. 

b) Dip blowpipe in yellow and then, red 
(Order is not important here) to colour 
the body. 

	If done correctly, the stag will 


Line = Red (Paintbrush), Dot = Orange 

a) Use red colour on both the stag's 
antlers and legs.

b) Dip blowpipe in yellow and then, red 
(Order is not important here) to colour 
the body. 

	If done correctly, the stag will animate. 


Line = Black, Dot = Black, Yellow.

a) Use black colour on both the stag's 
antlers and legs.

b) Dip blowpipe in black to colour head 
and neck.

c) Dip blowpipe in yellow to colour the 

	If done correctly, the stag will animate. 

	Talk to KLEM and he tells you to bring 
an oil lamp and a ritual headdress for a ceremony. 
After exiting the cave, move forward (i. e. left) twice 
to notice sticks / branches blocking a gate / door 
(on your left) and some strange symbols on the wall. 

	Note that you can rotate the horizontal 
branches and it can be moved in order to clear 
the way blocking the gate. However, please note 
that the small branches are pointing away and 
not confronting with vertical branches. Of course, 
a nearby stick should support a horizontal stick if 
its' of the Same height or may rest on a little 
branch of a nearby stick. The symbols on the 
wall (left-right) are to move / slide it on left, half 
circle of arrows to rotate it left, another half 
circle arrows to rotate it right and last to 
move / slide on right. There is no way you 
can reset this puzzle and hence, I 
recommend you to save your game just 
after completing your stag fresco (Painting) 
or after talking to KLEM (About an oil lamp 
and a ritual headdress).

	Again its not possible for me to 
draw a diagram of the puzzle and if I start 
desribing you its solution, it will be more 
confusing than the earlier stones puzzle. 
This puzzle is also quite simple (Stones 
puzzle to retrieve bull-roarer was extremely 
simple and this one is also. Just apply your 
brains. I could solve it in about 5 minutes).

	If done correctly, a curtain opens  
and you should collect an oil lamp and a head-
dress. Go into the shrine where KLEM, LHARIK 
and TIKA are sitting on the ground. Put the head-
dress on the ground in front of KLEM and he will 
pick it up. Put the lamp on the right of the skin tow
-ards its edge (With symbols and rocks). Now, you 
will need to light a lamp.  Place animal fat from your 
inventory which can be used as fuel for the lamp. 
Also, you can use a juniper twig to act as a wick. 
Turn around (Back facing KLEM)  to see a bull near 
the lamps and also a stick. Ignite this stick in the lamp 
and carefully ignite the lamp (By carrying this stick 
slowly towards it). Now, you will have to solve a final 

	You see a skin loaded with symbols and 
stones (TRAJARH's -- KLEM's Tutor / Master). You 
have to match the music (From stones on the skin 
and those available with you). 

Click on stones on the ground and then, available 
with you to find that (Left-Right):-    

a) Black Tree (Leftmost stone on the Skin and not 
the symbol on the skin) --- 7th (Left),

b) Yellow Stag --- 4th,

c) Three dark brown horses --- 1st,

d) Red rows of dots --- 2nd,

e) Red stag --- 3rd,

f) Brownish orange bull --- 5th and

g) Three dark brown horses --- 6th	

	If done correctly, KLEM will mention that 
you are doing well and now is the need to awaken 
the spirits of the cavern.

	Now, starting from left to right of the 
musical stones (Available with you), you have to 
follow the stones as well the symbols on the skin 
to play your musical stones in the foll. order 
(Numbers in the bracket indicate the number of 
times to be played. If you strike a stone you will 
hear an echo. Wait for it to finish and then, strike 
a fresh one / numbered stone):-

 7, 6 (3), 4, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6, 4, 6 (3), 4.

	Enjoy the cut-scene. Voila! You have 
completed this game successfully. 

	Enjoy the credits.

3. Legal Information

This document is the Copyright of RAAASSSHME
(2006-2007). It should not be distributed inany form 
without the permission of the author. The author of 
this document is not affiliated with the developers
/ publishers of this game in any way. The latest 
version of this document can be found at and / any of its affiliates.

You can contact me: with the subject line ECHO. 
I will be more than happy to help you.

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CheatBook-DataBase 2019 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Wii U, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 25.800 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.  - Release date january 6, 2019. Download CheatBook-DataBase 2019
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