Edible Burdock Room Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Edible Burdock Room Escape

Edible Burdock Room Escape

1.Click on door vent, get the hammer head
2.Go left, click blanket, get 1st edible burdock
3.Click under bed, get 2nd edible burdock. 
  note blue key, but it’s too far.
4.Click on the ceiling, notice the clue for puzzle
5.Go left, get 3rd edible burdock. notice 3 cupboard with 3 
  different color of keys.
6.Go left, click under chair with teddy bear, get 4th edible burdock
7.Click behind brown cupboard, and get red key.
8.Click under brown cupboard and get stick.
9.Click upper brown cupboard. solve the puzzle with clue on the ceiling
  of the bed. get green key.
10.Go left twice, back to bed. click under bed, and use stick to get blue key.
11.Go right to face 3 cupboard, use keys with the same color.
12.Use blue key to get wrench.
13.Use yellow key, to get 5th edible burdock and schissors.
14.Use the red key later, go left to the bed.
15.Click on bed frame (feet side, not the head side), notice there’s a 
   brown woods. use schissors to cut the wire that tied the wood. get 
   handle for hammer.
16.Go left/right twice. notice darker brick on the left side chair with teddy
   bear. use hammer and get the screw driver.
17.Go left, notice the metal plate on the upper right side of the wall. 
   remove the plate with screwdriver, and notice there’s a hole behind it.
18.Use the red key, and notice there’s 4 yellow buttons and lights. click 
   anywhere to get the blue or red lights on.
19.Go left/right twice to go back on the main view. click below left side 
   of the bench, use wrench to unscrew both nuts.
20.Go back, now click the bench to move it to the left and click screen 
   projector (something like suitcase from above) on the upper right bumps
   (or something like it).
21.Go left/right twice. back to the red cupboard. the yellow buttons is 
   actually activate the blue/red lights. notice that only the blue lights 
   that projects picture on screen. the pictures resembles number that will
   be used for the code on the door.
22.Notice the sequence where the blue lights on, cos it’s the sequence of 
   the code. the code is 1743.
23.Back to the main view. click on metal plate on the door. enter the code 
   and click on brown buttons. “you heard the sound that something opens”. 
   go back, and click on door handle.

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