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 Elementals - The Magic Key

Elementals - The Magic Key

Elementals The Magic Key Walkthrough.

-=Chapter 1=-
* click on the curtains to open them.
* Click on the fortune telling table
* Grab the alchemical dipper, from your dresser on the right side of the screen.
* click on the far door on your dresser to open it, and scoop out some essence
  pour the essence onto the table.
* Open the window to let Felly in.
* Find: Your boots, staff, bag, cauldron, the key to the chest, and the magic wand.
* When you open the chest you will need to pick up the items shown in the gray square.
  Eventually one of them will be the wand.
* Now find the key Lily gave you.
* The key is behind the left painting on your back wall
* Go to Lily's room.
* A golem attacked you. Have your first magic battle. This one is fairly easy and the 
  game will give you hints.
* Enter Lily's room.
* Examine her book.
* Click on the portrait in the middle of Lily's bed.
* Arrange the portrait so the Keyhole is in the center.
* Get the crystal key.
* Find all of the mirror pieces
* once you have nine of them, click on Lily's drawer. 
* Remove the items in the gray box just like before.
* Use the key to let out Lily's Familiar.
* You will have a Magical Battle with it.
* Get the last mirror shard from the familiars cage.
* Piece the mirror back together.
* Once you repair the mirror exit the room.
* Find the 9 gems for the Golem.
* One you place the gems on the Golem use the crystal key on the shield on the upper 
* Rotate the pieces of the shield until they match. Start near the center and work 
* Enter the library.
* Examine the books on the table, the one on the right will tell you how to repair 
  the machine.
* Find all the gems that you just broke.
* Put the gems back on the machine.
* Open the window.
* Click on the red orb and it will open revealing a shard of the great key.
* Place it in the device on the desk.
* Open the bottom left cupboard on the book case at the back, and remove the books.
* Copy the sequence it plays.
* Use the machine by the window. The laser color coming out of the center needs to 
  be the same as the color going into the center, but you need to use every gem. 
* Exit the library
* Talk to the Golem
* Solve the number lock puzzle.
* Go to the front yard.
* Click the top of the pillar to find out why its not working.
* Find the stone disks, and the Geomantric spheres.
* Place the disks on the pillars and the spheres on the heads of the statues.
* Enter the portal.

-=Chapter 2=-
* Find the dewdrops, magic flowers, and golden leaves you need for your potion.
* Place the cauldron on the burning log, and add the ingredients.
* Give the potion to the baby.
* Find sticks to make a basket to hold the baby.
* Preform a magic spell on the sticks to create a basket.
* Put the baby in the basket.
* Dispell the illusion blocking your path. This is a find the difference game.
* You will now have a battle.
* Proceed through the forest.
* Talk to the tree.
* Give him the forest baby
* Collect: Spores of forgetfulness, fire elemental's armor.
* The spore are the glowing mushroom caps on the same scene as the tree. Only one 
  will glow at a time, you need to collect it quickly or it will appear elsewhere.
* Once you have the spores and the armor talk to the Tree.
* You now have a magic spell to use in magic battles. This will be explained to you 
  in the battle you are about to have.
* Once you finish the battle you will have to do a pipe puzzle. 
* Help the Tree repair his glasses.
* You will need to find the 5 pieces of the frame, 11 pieces of the lenses, 2 vines, 
  and a sharp sword.
* After you find all the use the sword to cut one of the lager vines in the scene and 
  use the sap to repair the lenses, the smaller vines you picked up will repair the 
* Cast the magic spell.
* Get the piece of the great key and return using the portal.
* You'll have to repeat the same series of events you did last time you were here. 
  Put the key in the device, copy the lights pattern, and do the laser puzzle.
* Once you finish the laser game head outside
* Try and click the next level on the pillar, but it wont work.
* You will need to do a solitaire mini game first.
* If you can't beat the game just wait long enough and click "exit minigame" and 
  you can skip it.
* Enter the portal.

-=Chapter 3=-
* Try and wake up the golem
* Find the missing stones.
* Use the stones on him, and place them into the right slots.
* Cast a magic spell.
* Have a magic battle.
* Enter the cave.
* Try ringing the gong.
* You need to make something to strike the gong with.
* Create the wand of summoning.
* Use the wand on the gong.
* Get the healing spell.
* Look inside the conjuring box.
* To open it you will need to complete a memory puzzle.
* Read the scroll you got.
* Collect all the crystals you need from the cave.
* Go outside and place the box on the magic circle, and then place the gems on the 
* For this puzzle you will need to place the gems where to correspond on the map on 
  the lower right.
* Click and drag to move the map within the orb, and to move the crystals to the right 
  spots. The more crystals you have for one element the easier it is to see where the 
  rest for that element go.
* Now you will have to do a magic battle.
* Collect the parts to repair the Clepsydra
* Give the Clepsydra to the Lady.
* Get the Key part and return to the library.
* Just like before use the crystal in the device, copy the pattern, and then solve the laser puzzle.

* Now head outside and try to enter the next portal.
* You will have to play another game of solitaire.

-=Chapter 4=-
* Use the console to create a bridge. Click on the starting point and keep your cursor 
  within the walls.
* Cross the bridge.
* Have a magic battle.
* After the battle try to take the dam apart.
* you will have to do a rotating puzzle to move on. The pattern you need to replicate is center 
  at the bottom. If you can't match it just wait for the time to run out and exit the puzzle to 
  skip it.
* Use the can to capture the flies across the two screens.
* Collect some rocks.
* Find two pine branches.
* Find two stone styluses.
* Use the pine branches to sweep away the snow, then the styluses to draw insignias on the ground,
  finally place the rocks in the center and let the flys out of the can.
* Get the magic spell.
* Move to the left screen and try to use the boat.
* Collect the wood planks and the nails, across both screens.
* When you go back to the right screen you will get into a battle. Use your new spell to make it
  much easier.
* Place the nails and the planks in the boat, and cast the spell.
* Use the boat
* Collect the pieces of the glass stained frame.
* Place the frame in the upper right corner.
* Cast a spell/
* Do a spinning puzzle like you did earlier.
* Collect the piece of the great key.
* Just like before use the crystal in the device, do the copy game, and the laser puzzle.
* Go outside and you will need to do another solitaire game.
* enter the portal.

-=Chapter 5=-
* Talk to the wisp.
* Attempt to enter the castle, buy you will get into a battle.
* Collect the fan blades, and fan bases.
* Cast a spell to fix the fans.
* You need something to go on top of the device.
* Collect the sphere from just above the arch over the door.
* Place the fans in the glowing spots on each line.
* collect all the symbols and place them in the right spots on the door.
* Enter the door.
* Take the page out of the book.
* Put the page under the microscope.
* Collect the parts for the time machine.
* Assemble the time machine. The parts will lock into place when they are in the right 
  spot. Start with the base, it goes at the bottom there is a glowing spot for it.
* Now collect the switches you need for the elevator.
* Set it so all the switches are green. A switch will change all the ones adjacent to it 
  when flipped, not counting diagonals.
* Use the elevator.
* Try using the panel.
* Collect the key parts.
* Put the keys in the panel, and then collect all the gears.
* You will need to solve a gear puzzle to continue. As always if you can't figure it out 
  just wait for the timer to pass and press exit, to skip the game.
* You will have to do a battle now.
* Get the Key piece, and go back to the library.
* Now that you are back in the library its the same old routine. Device, copy game, 
  laser puzzle.
* Instead of a card game when you go outside this time you have to do a battle.
* Enter the portal

-=Chapter 6=-
* Collect the parts you need to fix the control panel.
* Once everything is collected put it in the control panel.
* The puzzle is a Hanoi tower style puzzle, you need to get all the rings to to the top.
* when you try to advance you will have to do a battle.
* Once you advance try and enter the cave. You will need to make a wand of light.
* Collect: Bones, feathers, a shaft, the skill of a 6 horned beast, yellow stones.
* Cast a spell to make the wand.
* Check the cave.
* Create a potion for the stone golem.
* Find all the ingredients on the map. The flowers will burst after a short time and 
  bloom somewhere else, Just get them quickly once they bloom.
* Create the potion.
* Enter the cave
* Wake up the dragon
* You will need to fight him.
* Find an eye, the frame, two wires, gears, and a piece of glass to make the magic lens.
* Exit the cave and use the lens to find the missing treasure.
* Once you find all the treasure across the two maps return to the cave and give the 
  dragon the chest.
* Also give him the letter.
* Find the nine cards, and hand them to the dragon.
* Youll need to dig around the box to find the pieces of the amulet. It's pretty easy if 
  you just move all the stuff you don't need into one corner.
* Once you gather the pieces put them together, It's easy if you start with the spike wing parts.
* Head outside and talk to the messenger.

-=Chapter 7=-

* Click on the buttons around the gate to turn the lights on, and then open the gearbox up.
* Find all the gears.
* Once you place the gears in the box you need to get the left side up to the top, and then 
  the gears on the right side down to the bottom.
* Once you get in the gates you will have to battle.vonce you collect the pieces of the plate
  put them in the center and arrange them like a 
  puzzle. Start from the circle in the middle.
* Now you need to click the colors that are being sown in the circle quickly.
* Now place the gems on the pillars that rose. The order is shown to you on the tablet.
* Find all the keys and use the in the corresponding keyholes.
* You win!

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