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 Star Trek - Elite Force II Walk

Star Trek - Elite Force II Walk

Complete Walkthrough v.1.02

				Last update: 11/9/03

		Created by: JediMeister (

			     Copyright 2003 Alvin Shek

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
	- Legal Info
	- Version History
	- About the Author

2. Weapons
	- Phaser
	- Compression Rifle
	- Enhanced Compression Rifle
	- Assault Rifle
	- Attrexian Arc Launcher
	- Idryllian Staff
	- I-Mod
	- Sniper Rifle
	- Grenade Launcher
	- Quantum Burst
	- Tetryon Disruptor
	- Romulan Standard Disruptor
	- Romulan Experimental Radiation Disruptor (X-Rad)
	- Tricorder
	- Enhanced Tricorder
	- Bat'l'eth

3. Level Maps
	- 3.1 Mission 1: End Game 
	- 3.2 Mission 2: Reassignment 
	- 3.3 Mission 3: Derelict 
	- 3.4 Mission 4: Demise 
	- 3.5 Mission 5: Discovery 
	- 3.6 Mission 6: Destruction 
	- 3.7 Mission 7: Search and Rescue 
	- 3.8 Mission 8: Payback 
	- 3.9 Mission 9: Mercenaries 
	- 3.10 Mission 10: Incognito 
	- 3.11 Mission 11: End Game 2 

	3.1.1 is the first map for this mission and so on and so forth. The sections
	are numbered for ease of use and searching.

4. Credits

1. Introduction

Legal Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following websites are permitted to post this as well as any other game guides
I will write in the future: - part of network

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version History:	v 0.25 - Wrote down list of missions and levels.
                                 Began partial walkthrough of first five missions.

			v 0.30 - Added weapons list and notes.

			v 0.80 - Added walkthrough for missions six through eleven.

			v.1.0 - Completed Walkthrough

			v.1.01 - Included tip from Raizen Inogami regarding mission
				 3.10, the Romulan Facility.

			v.1.02 - Included tip by Matevz Mihelic regarding
				 Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3a.

About the Author

This is my first game walkthrough, so suggestions and constructive criticism are
very welcome. I will also accept tips other players have noticed, alternative boss
strategies, etc. Please include in your subject line EF: II Tips.

2. Weapons: 	1) Phaser - Standard issue sidearm. Has unlimited ammo
                            but takes time to recharge. Primary fire is low
                            damage whereas secondary fire can disintegrate
		2) Compression Rifle - The basic phaser rifle. Has primary
                                       and secondary firing mode. Primary is a
                                       fast, damaging shot of middling damage.
                                       Secondary is a pulse grenade which flies
                                       straight until it hits its target,
                                       disintegrating it and/or causing heavy
                                       damage to surrounding hostiles.
		3) Enhanced Compression Rifle - Enhanced by Chell the Bolian,
                                                this phaser rifle fires faster
                                                and is extremely accurate even
                                                at long range. Used primarily
                                                to snipe at enemies from a distance
                                                before acquiring the sniper rifle.
                                                The secondary attack is an
						extremely damaging energy grenade
						but it arcs unlike the pulse
						grenade mounted on its cousin the
						standard compression rifle, so the
						user must aim higher or lower to
						compensate. Becomes available after
						returning to the Alpha Quadrant.
		4) Assault Rifle - Developed in the Alpha Quadrant during Voyager's
                                   exploration of the Delta Quadrant. The assault
                                   rifle has become the weapon of choice of many
                                   a security team due to its usefulness in tight
                                   situations. Primary fire shoots a spread of
                                   plasma pellets. Secondary fire is an energy
                                   based attack which is extremely damaging
                                   to enemies. The assault rifle is best used in
				   close quarters firefights. The secondary fire
				   continues in its path until it impacts with a
				   surface or object or enemy. Secondary fire has
				   splash damage so a shot near an opponent is as
				   likely to damage as a direct hit. Becomes
				   available after returning to the Alpha Quadrant.
		5) Attrexian Arc Launcher - An Attrexian welding tool. Very useful
					    against Exomorphs. Primary attack is
					    similar damage to the compression rifle.
					    Can also be used to ignite the gas
					    grenade launched by secondary fire. Try
					    to avoid getting too close to the
					    target enveloped in the gas because the
					    user can also be hurt by the backfire.
					    The best strategy with this weapon is
					    to fire a gas grenade and then back up
					    drawing the enemy towards you. Detonate
					    with primary fire and see them explode.
					    One or two of these grenades when
                                            ignited is sufficient to eliminate most
					    Exomorphs you will face. Acquired
					    during the level on the Attrexian
		6) Staff - A mysterious staff found in the Drull Ruins. Primary
			   fire is a damaging globe of blue energy. One shot will
			   eliminate the smallest Exomorphs. Three are required for
			   the next biggest Exomorphs. The Basher Exomorphs require
			   six shots to destroy. Trying to use this on any of the
			   bigger Exomorphs is not recommended. Secondary fire
			   sends out a shockwave which freezes enemies within
			   its radius allowing the user to walk up to the paralyzed
			   enemy and strike them with the primary fire. Acquired by
			   the Hazard Team on a mission to the Drull Ruins.
		7) I-Mod - Infinity Modulator developed by Seven of Nine to combat
			   Borg drones in the Delta Quadrant. Primary fire has
                           damage equivalent to that of the standard compression
                           rifle. Secondary fire is twice as damaging although
			   requires twice as much energy. Benefits of secondary
                           fire when compared with other Starfleet weapons are that
			   it does not cause splash damage, is not explosive based.
			   You must directly hit your target for your shots to be
		8) Sniper Rifle - One shot, one kill, unless you miss of course.
				  Powered by plasma energy, a single shot is
				  sufficient to disintegrate an opponent. Primary
				  fire shoots, and secondary fire zooms. Very
				  useful for taking out enemies from great
				  distances when the enhanced compression rifle is
				  not accurate enough.
		9) Grenade Launcher - Starfleet issue Grenade Launcher. Originally
				      developed in the Delta Quadrant by Weapons
				      Master Oviedo. Primary fire launches a
				      heavily damaging grenade. Secondary fire
				      detonates any undetonated grenades. Aim must
				      be compensated for due to the arcing nature
				      of the projectile. The user can be injured by
				      this weapon if not careful in its use or aim.
		10) Quantum Torpedo Burst - Starfleet issue quantum burst. Issued
					    during times of war, it can only be
					    released for use by the Captain.
					    Originally considered to be unfeasible
					    due to the immense power necessary to
					    launch a mini photon torpedo, it was
					    modified by Weapons Master Oviedo for
					    use on the battlefield. The quantum
					    burst once utilized mini photon
					    torpedoes but due to advancements in
					    microengineering, the quantum burst has
					    been loaded with mini quantum torpedoes,
					    extremely damaging projectiles capable
					    of vaporizing enemies it hits dead on
					    and causing immense splash damage to
					    others nearby. Secondary fire activates
                                            a laser guiding system which allows the
					    guiding of the projectiles to an
					    intended target. Very useful against
					    flying enemies or big stationary
					    targets. The user can be injured by
					    this weapon if not careful in its use
					    or aim.
		11) Tetryon Disruptor - Used by the Klingon Lurok, the tetryon
					disruptor is a rapid-firing machine of
					destruction. Capable of firing several
					shots per second, it can riddle an enemy
					with tetryons before the enemy has even
					realized he has been targeted. Primary fire
					unleashes the full destructive capabilities
					of this deadly weapon. Secondary fire
					creates a highly damaging globe of energy
					capable of rebounding off several objects
                                        before striking its target. The secondary
					fire can hurt the user if it bounces off a
					surface and reflects back.
		12) Romulan Disruptor - The Romulan standard issue sidearm. Primary
					fire is a fast-moving projectile of
					middling damage, comparable to that of the
					I-Mod and Compression Rifle. Secondary fire
                                        is a charged shot capable of disintegrating
					an enemy. The secondary fire has splash
					damage so a direct hit is not necessary.
		13) Romulan X-Rad - A.k.a. Experimental Radiation Disruptor.
				    Possibly the most dangerous weapon ever
				    developed by Romulan researchers. Primary fire
				    is a cloud of radiation which envelops the
				    target and melts it away. Secondary fire is a
				    pure ball of plasma energy capable of defeating
				    the most powerful Exomorphs in existence. Only
				    accessible the last mission.
		14) Tricorder - Starfleet issue tricorder. Capable of interacting
				with the computer systems of a multitude of
				cultures. Used to reroute power, modulate panels,
				adjust the amplitude, frequency, and phase shift
                                of signals. Has alternate viewing modes which
				include Structural Integrity, Bio-Scan, and
				Trace Gas.
		15) Enhanced Tricorder - Starfleet issue tricorder. Capable of
					 interacting with the computer systems of a
					 multitude of cultures. Used to reroute
					 power, modulate panels, adjust the
					 amplitude, frequency, and phase shift of
					 signals. Has alternate viewing modes which
					 include Structural Integrity, Bio-Scan,
					 and Trace Gas.
		16) Bat'l'eth - Available only on two levels: Starfleet Academy 2,
				and Klingon Base Level 1. Primary can be used to
				block enemy knife attacks. Secondary is a powerful
				downward strike. A Klingon blade weapon, it has an
				extremely sharp edge.

Notes: Routing power is quite easy. All you have to do is avoid all the short
       circuit areas. Before you link up the final segment connecting one power
       generator to the other side, make sure you removed all the short circuits or
       have bypassed them completely. Likewise, the modulating with the wave
       patterns is quite easy. The puzzle consists of three phases. First you must
       match the amplitude, then the frequency, and then finally the offset or its
       phase differential. After all three match up with the target, you're done.
       This walkthrough was completed on normal difficulty.

3.1 Mission 1: End Game 

3.1.1 Borg Sphere Level 1a

	From the start, peek out just a little bit and blast the power coupling.
	Switch to the I-Mod and start blasting away. Turn left, and pass through
	the doorway once blocked by the green force field. Or turn right for a view
	of an upcoming battle. Head down the lift cautiously with your trigger
	mouse button ready. Head off the lift pass into the next room towards the
	left. Pull out your tricorder and modulate the force field control panel.
	Proceed into the next room and blast the plasma conduit to open up a
	crawlspace. Continue along until you reach a room with pipes along both
	sides. Drop down and head towards the left. Eventually you will reach an
	open room with a power coupling. Blast it, opening up another green force
	field. Continue along the straightforward path onwards to exit the area.

3.1.2 Borg Sphere Level 1b

	Admire the cutscene, but get ready to dodge once the cutscene begins. Don't
	bother with the I-Mod. Ditch it for the remainder of the level in favor of
	either your trusty phaser or compression rifle. Where to now? Blast the
	visible plasma conduit to open another crawlspace. Take out the
	distribution node as well as the power coupling and head back out. Turn
	left after exiting the tunnel and enter the now accessible hallway.
	Continue forward, trying desperately not to get in any fights with Borg
	until you reach the energy and health stations. Fill 'er up!!! Now proceed
	to the shield control node and modulate with the tricorder. Enter the next

	Once the cutscene ends, rush to shoot the plasma conduit, duck into the
	crawlspace and shoot the power coupling. Get your ass moving out of the
	crawlspace and towards the right. Enter the room only bothering to shoot
	the Borg using the control panel. Walk past the twitching Borg and use the
	operating table as cover. Turn around and blast twice more with the rifle
	and then either switch to the phaser or compression rifle secondary fire to
	blast them. Don't forget the Borg to your left. Now turn left from the
	entrance to the room in which Chang was held and jump from pipe to pipe to
	get to the other side. Tricorder time again, modulate and then blast the
	coupling within. The Borg will get all riled up. Your compression rifle (or
	your phaser) if you used it primarily since last time, will now longer be
	effective. Switch to the other remaining weapon and shoot, shoot, shoot.
	Note: If you used the phaser, try and use primary/secondary fire because if
	the Borg have adapted to one they will not have adapted to the other
	frequency. Head back up the lift and go straight forward and onto the lift
	on the right.

3.1.3 Borg Sphere Level 1c

	Continue along the only path available to you and pass through a door. Once
	you can see Telsia, pause and save. The moment you approach her, a force
	field will activate. Turn left and head straight past the Borg that beams
	in. Turn right and you'll see a plasma conduit you must blast in order to
	help Telsia. Crouch and strafe inside the crawlspace until you reach a
	power coupling and vaporize it. Alternatively you could also keep going
	ahead to the room that Telsia is in and blast either the power coupling
	there or the distribution node. Problem solved! Head out to see the
	cutscene. After the cutscene, follow the blip on your radar. Once you reach
	the main hallway, there should be a drone right in front of the
	intersection, get ready to shoot some Borg to your right. Take the lift up
	and shoot the Borg right in front of you. When the hallway starts to widen,
	run forward and turn right just after you enter the room with the Borg
	alcoves. Blast the power coupling and continue forward. Again, shoot the
	singular Borg that activates. After you pass through a door and there's a
	T-intersection. Rush through the right path only pausing to aim and fire at
	the distribution node and/or the power coupling adjacent. Health is on your
	side of the room while ammo is on the other side. Continue forward. If
	you've restrained yourself from firing wildly at the marauding Borg, your
	phaser should still be unadapted. Go on to the main lift.

3.1.4 Borg Sphere Level 2a

	Once you reach your destination, go forward and to the left, eliminating
	the Borg as they activate and beam in. Eventually you will reach a door
	protected by a force field which you can deactivate. Enter and turn
	immediately towards the right. Three Borg will beam in, one behind you, two
	in front. Aim right between the two Borg in front and shoot the plasma
        conduit directly behind them. It will have a orange tint to it. As it
	explodes it will take out a distribution node as well as a power coupling,
	knocking out the Borg near you. Now your I-Mod will work again. You can
	keep using your phaser for a while to conserve ammo if you like or just
	switch over immediately. Head out the exit, I-Modding the three Borg who
	will beam in and go past the door, killing three more in this room, and
	four more as you approach the exit to the right. Grab the health if you
	need in the next room. You may now either choose to exit from the left side
	of the main room you were just in or from the right side. I personally
	prefer the right side because the path is more straightforward whereas the
	left route requires backtracking.

3.1.5 Borg Sphere Level 2c

	Blast the plasma conduit from the start and duck into the crawlspace. After
	a while, you will see a pipe which goes down and a grate covering the drop.
	Shoot the grate and drop down. Eliminate the single Borg drone as well as
	the power coupling. Proceed outside until the lift comes down with your
	teammates on it. Get on and ride down. Head out the door. Be sure to shoot
	the power coupling as you pass by. This will lower a force field to one of
	the dampening field generators. As you proceed, watch on the left for a
	distrubution node and take it out as the Borg activate. Continue ahead
	until you can just see the room whose force field you just toasted. Pull
	out your I-Mod and blast the two Borg that materialize. You can take cover
	behind the pipes to the left but you don't really need to. Just strafe and
	fire. Or if you're an ammo conservator, let your teammates do the shooting.
	Go into the room with the generator and modulate the amplitude, frequency,
	and offset as necessary. It seems that its random every time. Head out
	towards the right, defending yourself with extreme prejudice and cross the
	bridge. Watch for two Borg who appear when you've crossed half-way. There's
	health in the room right before the bridge. Pass through a set of doors to
	end the level.

3.1.6 Borg Sphere Level 2b

	Proceed cautiously and blast the power coupling. Exit the room towards the
	dark hallway to your right. Kill the two Borg when they approach and
	continue onwards to the second generator. After modulating this strafe to
	the right as you pull out your I-Mod. Two Borg have appeared behind you in
	the hallway. Eliminate them and proceed back to the main room you entered
	at the beginning of the level. Four more Borg will appear. Destroy them and
	proceed to the door that was covered by a force field straight ahead.
	You'll enter a huge area with a column in the middle. Go around it to the
	door on the other side. Open it to face three to four Borg. Your teammates
	can take care of them. To the left in that room is an energy terminal which
	you can use to refill your ammo. Proceed to the right. Continue to the end
	of the hallway ignoring the green force field for now. Just before you hit
	the blue force field at the end of the hallway shoot the power coupling and
	backtrack to the other end of the hallway where the third and final
	generator resides. You know the drill by now, modulate it with the
	tricorder. And prepare yourself for a relatively easy boss battle.

3.1.7 Borg Boss Level

	This battle will come in three stages. The first stage, the huge advanced
	Borg drone will try and shoot you. He has three attacks. One where he
	shoots three projectiles, another where he charges up and fires a globe of
	energy at you, and the last one is a beam which you can jump over. I've
	never been hit by the globe but I'm guessing it does medium damage whereas
        the smaller projectiles do lesser amounts of damage. Eventually you'll
	damage him to the point where he'll start teleporting about on the level
	above you. He's relatively easy to track. The third stage is after he loses
	his arm. He will them teleport to directly behind you and try to body slam
	you. Just keep jumping forward every time he teleports, turn around and
	give him a blast of your secondary fire I-Mod. In relatively little time,
	he'll go down without much difficulty. For an easier time, just run to each
	of the yellow force fielded towers and modulate with the Tricorder. Shoot
	the distribution nodes and he'll be inactive for a while. Take every
	chance to blast him with the I-Mod. This battle's almost over before it
	even began.

3.2 Mission 2: Reassignment 

3.2.1 Starfleet Academy 1

	Pretty easy actually. Heh, no more firing for a while. Just listen to the
	conversation and take the Turbolift up the main lobby. Go in and have a
	talk with Tuvok. Head over to the Headmaster's office. You can tell where
	it is by the arrow on your radar. Head out the doors in front of the main
	desk and head towards the left. Take the turbolift down and receive your
	orders. Head back up and follow the arrow to talk with Telsia.

	Conversation Choices:

		1) "I won't let you throw away your career for me." - Telsia
                   leaves thinking your career means more to you than your

		2) "It won't work. We both need Starfleet or we'll go stir-crazy."
                   - A nice hug between "friends." Choose this if you want to
		   further your relationship with Telsia later.

		3) "Look Telsia, we've had some fun, but now it's over." - Pretty
                   self explanatory, eh?

3.2.2 Starfleet Academy 2

	Turns out to be a holodeck training program. Pretty straightforward. I'd
	recommend using the standard compression rifle the whole way through. When
	Korban tells you to cover him as he opens the door, just duck behind the
	barrels on the right or left hand side and snipe away at the Romulans who
	have no cover. Crawl into the ducts while avoiding the flames. Eventually
	you'll find the one exit. There's three Romulans waiting around the corner
	to be prepared. After you open the door for Korban by routing power with
	your Tricorder, more Romulans will beam in. They have don't have any heavy
	weapons so don't worry. Just blast away. Eventually they'll stop beaming in.
	Proceed up the stairs in front with your Enhanced Compression Rifle out.
	The moment the elevator starts coming up, get ready to fire one grenade
	into the middle of the bunch. Simplest firefight in the history of
	Starfleet. Take the elevator down. Two Romulans are awaiting their doom.
        After you proceed into the next room you'll pick up a Klingon Bat'l'eth.
	Just take cover behind the columns as the Romulans
        beam in and secondary fire them to pieces.

3.2.3 Enterprise-E

	Follow your objectives. The armory is on the same deck you're on but the
	other objectives are on other decks. In the armory you get to test out the
	assault rifle, Star Trek's answer to the shotgun. In Sickbay, right across
	from the Armory you can fill up on health but its not really necessary. Go
	to the Hazard Team deck and visit the briefing room first. In the back,
	near the huge viewing screen is your office. Inside is the code to Juliet
	Jurot's locker (746) which contains an I-Mod. This gun, although there are
	no more Borg in the game, is quite useful in a later level. To pick it up,
	just use it.

3.3 Mission 3: Derelict 

3.3.1 Dallas Level 1a

	Get ready to shoot again!!! No, no so soon. In about ten minutes though.
        Gee, all those floating bodies creep me out. Anyway, the panel you gotta 
        activate is behind some fallen debris. Again, it'll show up on your radar.
        If its still too hard, its directly opposite where you start out the
	mission by the hole. You can just see the red glow from the panel's lights
	around the fallen debris. Exit through the door and pass by the exit on the
	right from the Shuttle Bay, you can't use it yet. Go straight ahead and
	dive into the Jeffries Tube by activating the manual release. You'll have
	to do this several times as the access panels are blown to bits. Follow the
	straightforward path until you reach a yawning gap between you and the
	other side. Luckily power and gravity are out!!! Just jump up and across
        to the other side. Into the Jeffries Tube, to the right path, and down the 
        ladder. Tricorder time!!! Hit the panel and route power. After you're done,
        head back up and out the Jeffries Tube. However, don't try and jump across
        again. Remember? Gravity is on now, so just drop down lightly on top of the
        Turbolift and take the ladder back up to a green-lit Jeffries Tube. Get in,
        take a left at the first intersection, and then a right at the second. Take
        the ladder down and drop. At the bottom turn around and face the large door
        that you couldn't open earlier from the other side. There's a panel to the
        left of it that says "Shuttle Bay Door Manual Override." Again, take out
	the tricorder. After your team enters, turn around and face the other door.

3.3.2 Dallas Level 1b

	Exit the Turbolift, turn left and continue straight ahead. Enter the first
        door that you can on the left which is the Lounge. After the threat has
	passed, blow away the door which has structural weaknesses and proceed.
	After a little bit you'll reach two doors. One in front and one to the
	right. Take the right door marked "Service" and enter. Go all the way down
	the ladder and enter the Jeffries Tube. Your exit will be the green door
	after you see a glimpse of one of your enemies. The directions are right,
	left, and right again. Take the ladder all the way up to the hatch up above.
	Enter the lounge and exit through the other door. When you reach the point
	where power in the corridor starts to fail, turn on night vision and
	proceed towards your team with your gun out. An enemy will drop from above
	and in front and three more will attack from behind in the hallway you pass
	on your right. Afterwards, enter Engineering and head towards the big
	console in the middle with your tricorder. There is no pressure, so take
	your time routing the connectors. There will need to be a separate path to
	each generator from its counterpart. Exit the way you came in and take the
	hallway on the left from which the monsters attacked. Approach the
	Turbolift and find you have to restore power. Enter the service door nearby
	and go down the ladder. The panel you have to reroute power with is behind
	you at the bottom of the ladder. Go back up the ladder, out the door, and
	turn into the Turbolift to end the level.

3.3.3 Dallas Level 2

	Exit the Turbolift and see Franklin join the Red-Shirted Ensigns from TOS
	in Heaven as the First Ones to DIE. Three more monsters attack. One drops
        from where Franklin was abducted and another two from the currently
        locked door. Pass through the door that the monsters broke open and enter
	the room on your right for ammo. Continue ahead. Eventually you'll come to
	a door on your right and a hole in the wall a little bit further on in
	front of a blue force field. Crawl into the room and exit between the force
	fields through another hole. Deactivate the force field to let your
	teammates follow. Two monsters will soon attack. Further beyond the attack
	heading in the same direction is a lounge and a door which leads you to the
	transporter room which is mysteriously blocked with a force field.
	Backtrack to the door by the blue force fields. Enter but be ready for two
	more aliens who attack you from the left and the right. If you continue
	along either corridor, two more aliens will attack and an additional odd
	one will drop from above. Tread cautiously. Orienting oneself with the
	panel with a diagram of the Dallas, there are two service doors to the left
	and the right. If you enter and descend the ladder. Take the open Jeffries
	Tube and crawl straight with no turns. No matter which service door you use
	you will end up in one of the two ready rooms. From there, blast the door
	leading to the bridge and enter. After the cutscene, exit the bridge and
	retrace your steps to the transporter. Soon after you activate the
	transporter, you'll have to book it to get back to rescue Chell in the
	bridge. Directions to bridge from transporter room: Exit, turn right at
	next intersection and pass through the door. Continue straight until the
	crew quarter's door busts down. Enter and exit through the door on the
	other side of the room. Another left takes you all the way to the bridge.
	You don't have to kill all the aliens. Just clear a path and run into the

3.3.4 Enterprise-E

	Get to the Shuttle Bay by taking the transporter. Before you talk to Chell,
	memorize the location of this panel inside the Shuttle: Enter the rear
	hatch, enter the left doorway, into the passageway, exit onto the piloting
	station. The panel along the left side of the ship. Once you start to talk
	to Chell a plasma leak will begin. Rush into the ship and modulate the
	plasma flow so as not to blow up the shuttle. It will be a wave puzzle.

3.4 Mission 4: Demise 

3.4.1 Attrexian Station Level 1a

	From the start after being dropped off, run either towards the locked door
        on the right and blast it or jump on top of the crates near the wall.
        Take cover and eliminate the monsters with your assault rifle or enhanced
        compression rifle. Eventually they will stop attacking and you can heal
        yourself and recharge your ammo in the room I mentioned above. You can also
        use your tricorder to modulate the control panel within to stop the flames
        on the area above. Climb up to that level using the crates and jump over
        the intervening gaps. When you reach the other side, pull out your enhanced
        compression rifle and prepare for some long-distance sniping. Cross the
	gantry and use the door panel to open the door. Proceed until you see a
	mine cart like thing in the middle of the path. Run around the corner and
	eliminate the three monsters harassing the Attrexian. Enter the other door
	in the room after filling up on ammo/health  at the station to the left of
	the room as you enter. As you enter the hallway in the above mentioned
	door and pass through another door, more monsters appear outside the room
	and begin attacking the Attrexian. Help him kill them and return to the
	room. Reroute power to the mine cart and when you are ready hit the panel
	in front of the	cart by the ammo/health stations. A wall will break down
	and then a bigger alien will appear. Kill him with three secondary fire
	assault rifle shots, and walk through the door the mine cart busted down,
	and left into the hallway there. Another alien awaits you at the end of the
	hallway through	the door. I know of no way to take zero damage from this
	guy so if you get injured just return to the health station by the mine
	cart. Continue forward. Take the ladder up and recharge on ammo. Procee
	through the door and blast the sucker who drops down from the ceiling. In
	the next room are five aliens. Eliminate them before turning to the
	Attrexians hiding behind the boxes to your left. Note: If you have depleted
	health or ammo I suggest filling up before walking towards the Attrexians
	and talking to them. After this there is no chance to backtrack to fill up.

	After the save, Avak'Stas will hurry towards the door panel. As he begins
	to fiddle with it, four of the smaller aliens will bust through the wall
	to the left. Kill them with a few blasts of the old assault rifle. If
	you're lucky all four of them will rush you and almost completely ignore
	him. As you proceed into the next room, walk cautiously. The station will
	open to space and Avak'Stas will tell you to run to the panel inside the
	room to your right and close off the station. Wait a moment for the nearer
	aliens to get sucked out. But watch the Air Supply meter and make sure you
	don't wait too long. After you shut it off, there are a few more annoying
        aliens to wipe the floor with. Proceed with an itchy trigger finger. When
	you reach the armory and Avak'Stas begins to fiddle with this panel, jump
	up on the crates to the right of the door. If you stay up here, the aliens
	won't attack Avak'Stas and you have plenty of time to gun them all down.
	Enter the armory and pick up the arc launcher. You'll be using the
	secondary fire a lot. Get ready, shoot a gas grenade with it and ignite it
	with your primary fire. This is a very very useful weapon with which to
	dispatch the bigger aliens. You'll have to watch Avak'Stas. He will rush
	the bigger aliens while you're taking out the smaller ones and he'll be
	killed. So...take out the bigger aliens, and then worry about the little
	guys. If you're lucky you can get both the bigger ones with one gas charge.
	They will be another group of aliens along the path you took to get to the
	armory as well as one of the big aliens right in front of the door that'll
	take you back to Avak'Stas' buddy Veng'Pah. After the cutscene, go ahead
	past the Attrexians through the door, turn left, and board the lift that's
	through the big set of doors you must open with the panel nearby.

3.4.2 Attrexian Station Level 1b

	From the lift head forward and kill the big alien hounding the Attrexian as
	well as the aliens that burst through the door at the end of the hallway.
	This will essentially eliminate all your ammo for the arc launcher but this
	is an Attrexian space station so you will get more ammo eventually. Switch
	to your assault rifle. Head past where the Attrexian was killed and turn
	right at the intersection to see another couple of Attrexians get mauled.
	Avenge them and continue. A door will blow up to your left and three small
	guys will run out. Kill 'em each with a blast. Past them is a door on the
	left. Enter. You can either go right to help the Attrexians or go forward
	a bit and kill the five aliens just inside the door. Two big, and two small.
	Before leaving the room, help the Attrexians. There's a launch pod you must
	eject, but they certainly take their time prepping it to be ejected.
	Anyway, when the lift comes down in the same room, hop up and hit the
	switch to eliminate the big guy. Don't forget to ride back down before
	proceeding to get the goodies the Attrexians offer you. Ammo for your
	federation weapons as well as the arc launcher you got last level.
	For more ammo, go out the door on the lower level and collect the canisters
	by the dead Attrexian. Go back up the elevator and head out the door on the
	upper section. Follow the path and go up the ladder and out the door, but
	not before filling up on health and ammo. Out the door are three aliens,
	one big, two small. As the two small ones rush you, you can take both out
	with a single secondary fire shot. After that, the big guy is toast with a
	few more shots. Head towards the left where three more aliens attack.
	Beyond them is a room with, surprise! more ammo for the Arc Launcher. Head
	out the only door and come out to the command center. When you descend and
	the cutscene begins, several monsters will attack. Immediately run in front
	of the Attrexian command crew and defend them. Aliens will approach from
	left, right, and front where the door is. They are mostly composed of the
        small guys, mixed with one or two of the bigger aliens. After a while, it
	just gets too easy, when your teammates finally show up and the aliens
	slowly clamber down the stairwell to meet your assault rifle blasts or arc
	launcher gas. Transition to cutscene.

3.4.3 Attrexian Station Level 2b

	After another cutscene where you meet someone who can help you, head
	through the only door that is open to the left. Kill the intruding aliens
	who obediently wait for you to blast them into oblivion. To free Vor'Chov,
	head up the stairs, and up the ladder. At the gap, turn left and walk along
	the pipe. Turn and face the door and jump onto the railing and over the
	railing to the door. Inside is a panel, along with ammo for the arc
	launcher. Reroute power using the panel, bypassing the short circuits and
	come back out. The door is now open. Head in and after the cutscene refill
	ammo for your federation weapons using the ammo station. Head down the
	elevator and be ready for the aliens who appear. After the first elevator
	is a second elevator which you will take down to the control room. If
	you're a little low on health or ammo, don't hesitate to get back onto the
	elevator and hit the switch to ride up one level. Inside the room above is
	ammo for the arc launcher, a health station, and an ammo station. Head back
        down and protect Vor'Chov. Don't worry much about losing health or armor,
	the battle is relatively short and there is no need to fill up on

3.4.4 Enterprise-E

	After beaming aboard, head out towards the right and enter Sickbay. If you
        prefer, after the cutscene, you may refill your armor at the medical
	station. The library is on a whole other deck, so make a beeline for a
	turbolift. Telsia's on the library deck.

	Conversation Choices:

		1) "I wouldn't mind having you help me do some research on the
		   Attrexians." - Spend time with Telsia.

		2) "Yeah, that's about it." - Rejection of the 24th Century.

	Enter the library and use the library terminal. After reading or skimming
	the material, leave the library and find a turbolift. You're going to the
	Hazard Team Briefing Room, which is to the left when you exit the hallway
	with the turbolift.

3.5 Mission 5: Discovery 

3.5.1 Drull Ruins Level 1a

	Follow the arrow to meet the Idryll that you've heard about. Go into the
	yawning cave after the cutscene and head onwards until the level ends.

3.5.2 Drull Ruins Level 1b

	Walk ahead and try the control panel to the main door. When that doesn't
	work, notice the spidery cracks emanating from the left wall. Structural
	weakness anyone? Blast it and go through. Jump onto the ledge and from
	there up along the steps cut into the wall. Proceed ahead and catch a
	glimpse of your enemies for this level. Drop a small height to the ledge
	that's flush with the left side. Eventually you can't go anywhere but down,
	the easiest way to do this with little or no loss of health is to creep
	onto the mantle-like structure and drop onto successively lower cuts in the
	wall. Eventually you'll reach the lowest portion of the courtyard. A pillar
	will fall. Jump onto the flat platform on the right and from there onto a
	fallen pillar. Proceed through the large hallway on the left side of the
	pillar. Remember where the large staircase is, you'll have to return there
	later. From the archway, head forward and refill your ammunition and health.
	Keep going on until you see another large area with strange structures in
	the ground. As you approach them, they will spawn spiders. You can use your
        secondary fire to detonate multiple ones with a single shot. Head straight	
	ahead and dive in. Inside is ammo for your arc launcher as well as a panel
	which will restore power to the ruins. Head back out the way you came. When
	you reach the room with the structures in the ground, tread cautiously. At
	the top of the stairs, four spiders are awaiting you, three blue and one
	green. Target the blue ones first because they are explosive and can kill
	others nearby if you time it right. Another pillar will fall breaking down
	the wall. Go through and approach the main door. As you approach, you will
	be beset by four insects, a blue spider and three larger creatures. After
	you defeat them, help your teammates with two of the larger creatures past
	the door. Now proceed up the huge staircase. Hit the panel midway up to
	clear the obstruction. At the very top of the staircase are several more
	creatures. If you're fast enough you can take out the explosive containers
	right by them and eliminate at least two if not three of the four spiders.
	Note the health and energy stations. The energy station is ammo for your
	arc launcher by the way. Head up the new set of stairs and confront another
        large creature. Do what Chell suggests, use the structural integrity scan,
	and jump from column to column to reach the other side. If you miss and hit
	one of the structurally weak tiles, you'll be dropped into a swarm of
	spiders, so be warned. Turn right and enter the hallway, killing the alien,
        and hit the switch allowing your teammates to bypass the tiles. Pass under
	a few more archways to come across an open area with more of the insect
	structures on the wall. Two of the aliens will appear out of the ground.
	Blast them. Escort Chell to the panel so he can unlock the door. As he
	attempts to do this, several spiders will drop from above and to the right,
	down the edifice with the window-like structures. You can shoot them as
	they fall or stand back and take them out surgically. Once their attack has
        ceased, continue through the door ready with your secondary fire to blast
	the swarm of spiders. Turn left and head out the door into open air. Hit
	the bridge control panel and run acros when the force fields materialize.
	This is a relatively easy puzzle as long as your aren't too slow or too
	fast. You'll want to stay on the panel in the front. Head through the door
	with your arc launcher ready and a grenade surprise for the uglies down the
	stairs. Even after you kill the larger creature, it will spawn at least
	three more spiders so be ready. In the same room are health and a
	federation ammunition station. Head down the stairs with your arc launcher.
	Aim to the left as you head down and eliminate the only bug. You can see
	the next two bugs on your radar to the right. A precisely aimed gas grenade
	can kill both of them. If you take splash damage there is a health station
	in the room you just left. Activate the panel to let your team across and
	shoot the alien that comes out the door. Exit through the door it left open
	and take the stairs down. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, fire a
	gas grenade at the corner of the wall that you can see when you turn left
	off the stairs and detonate as the spideys attack. Approach the door to
	spawn two more spiders which your teammates can handle and ready yourself.
	When you hit the panel for the door, a huge, I mean huuuuge bug emerges.
	This is the mother bug. It has several quite damaging attacks. The first is
	the orange acid comparable to the ones spit by the big aliens that attacked
	the Dallas and the Attrexian station. Its next is a spread gas attack which
	you can realize you've been hit with if your screen is filled green and
	your health steadily decreases. Both attacks can be evaded. If you see a
	huge green ball heading for you just dodge it and/or more forward. Likewise
	for the acid spray. If you jump right before it hits you, it will bounce
	below you harmlessly. Use your secondary fire and primary fire arc launcher
	to fry it as your teammates chip away at it with their weapons. Two more of
	the spawning creatures will appear and when you kill them their spider
	progeny will rush out and try to kamikaze you. Kill them and fire at the
	queen mama's mouth. Eventually she will fall and you can heal your wounds
	and refill your ammo in the area. If the arc launcher ammo station doesn't
	fill you up there is more ammo to the right of the big door, 150 units
	worth. Proceed through the door, board the lift, and hit the panel to end
	the level.

3.5.3 Drull Ruins Level 2a

	After you've gone down the lift, and exited, a computer voice will activate
	telling you that defense systems have activated. Rotating turrets will
	appear on the four main pillars of the room. After they are destroyed, a
	door will open in the room. Head through it. In this room, there are five
	symbols vertically arranged. Shoot them to open up another door in the
        main hall. Enter this room and walk onto each of the five symbols. You will
	receive a very very nice weapon which is almost more effective than the arc
	launcher, the Idryllian staff. Go back to the first door you opened and
	walk through the hall. Get your tricorder ready, trace gas mode. Seal the
	vents by dragging your phaser fire down the entire length of the vent.
	You can tell a vent has been sealed if after you're done there's a blue
	explosion from the vent. There are four vents you must seal. Once you have
	sealed all of them you can return to the main hall and heal yourself at the
	health station. When you are ready to proceed, return to this room and exit
	through the arch on the other side of the entrance. Continue straight
	forward and the level will soon end.

3.5.4 Drull Ruins Level 2b

	After the level finishes loading continue on. After the cutscene, pull out
	the tricorder, bioscan mode, and use this to evade the beams and deactivate
	the security system on the other side. This separates you from your team.
	As you enter the open area, two aliens will attack from the right. Destroy
	them and head forward. As you approach the cylinders that are being loaded
	onto a circular carriage, a turret will open fire above you. Destroy it
	with a blast of your phaser. Next, jump on top of one of the horizontal
	cylinders and ride the line until you can jump to the other side. Walk
	through the door and shoot the turret as it activates. Jump on top of one
	of the cylinders and jump towards the pipe. Drop down onto the cylinder
	otherwise you'll take damage. Walk towards the control panel and activate it.
	This will activate elevators that continually go up and down to your right
        in the gap. A turret will activate. Destroy it and continue onwards by
	jumping from one elevator to the other to get onto the upper walkway level
	with the door on the other side of the conveyor belt. Jump on one of the
	pipes and hop the railing. Continue into the next room. Hit the panel and
	jump onto the carriage as it approaches. You now have two options. The first
	option involves dropping down to the tube following it all the way to the end.
        From here, drop down to the right and get onto the catwalk underneath the
	tube and climb up the ladder. The second option requires you to ride the
	carriage to its destination where you can easily jump onto a catwalk below
	the tube and take the ladder up. Exiting the ladder, you will soon come
	across a laser trap which you can see with the bio-scan mode of your
	tricorder. Jump over these traps and continue until you hit a forcefield.
	Shoot the hatch in front of the force field at your feet and climb down. 
	This is where the two paths meet and you can start from here if you took
	the shortcut straight to the second catwalk, the first option. Head up the
	ladder and through the door. After another door, a turret will appear from
	directly in front of you on the ceiling. Take it out and head forward.
        There will be another gas room in this tube. If you head straight forward,
	the force field will activate in front and behind you. Head straight to the
	panel on the left and modulate it with your tricorder. This raises the gas
	vents so you can fuse them with your phaser. When you're done, a bridge
	will open up to your right, opposite the panel you had to modulate.
        Cross the bridge by jumping and hit the panel. As soon as you cross, two
	turrets will activate and start firing at you. Take them out as soon as
	possible. After you hit the panel, turn around and cross the bridge again.
	This would be a good time to try out the staff on the two aliens charging
	you. After crossing, turn right where two more aliens are approaching.
	Remove them from existence and exit through the door to end the level.
        You end up back in that main hall from Drull Ruins 2a, where your teammates
	are handling themselves. After they're done, you may heal yourself and
	replenish your ammo by the terminals adjacent to the door from which the
	aliens were attacking. Pass through the door, up the stairs, and through
	the door. Continue to finish the level.

3.5.5 Drull Ruins Level 2c

	Enter the room with your phaser out. More turrets will appear. Destroy them
	until Chell says he needs cover fire to get to a console to turn off the
	turrets. Continue to cover him until he deactivates the defense system and
	unlocks the door on the upper level. Enter. Take the lift down to where
	Krindo is. Take out the three aliens who attack as well as the two turrets.
	Walk carefully around. As you approach the other door, an alien will attack
	from behind as will two from in front. One big, two small. Continue through
	the door that they came from and pass through another door until you reach
	an open area. Save!!! When you proceed into the room, a really big alien
	will bust through the door to your right. He will take about six shots from
	your staff to die. Hit the panel which will lower the bridge. Begin to walk
	across, and another big alien will bust through the wall directly in front.
	Just back up and fire six times. Pass through the door to enter a cutscene.

3.5.6 Enterprise-E

	Head out and talk with Telsia if you like. Next head to the turbolift and
	to Kleeya's Quarters. Here you get to decide whether to start pursuing a
	relationship with her or just ditch her.

	Conversation Choices:

		1) "Perhaps another time." - Gee, no Starfleet sensitivity

		2) "Perhaps I can. Come with me to Stellar Cartography." - 'Nuff

	If you pick the first choice you get to go to Telsia's quarters which are
	to the right after exiting Kleeya's quarters. 

	Conversation Choices:

		1) "Aren't the stars beautiful?" "I haven't had time to notice."
		   - Yowch, brutal.

		2) "Aren't the stars beautiful?" "Yeah, but not as beautiful as you."
		   - Uh, yeah.

		If you pick the first option the level is over.

		1) "This is the first time we've had a chance to be alone." "It'll
		   probably be the last time until we have completed our mission."

		2) "This is the first time we've had a chance to be alone." "Things
		   have been hectic."

		Either choice is fine but I prefer the second.

	Walk out and towards the right to a turbolift up to the bridge. Several
	cutscenes later, you start out on the Bridge. Take the turbolift down to
	the armory and visit Korban. From the turbolift, the armory is to the left
	along the hallway on your left hand side. You get to test out the grenade
	launcher. Eliminate all the enemies. After training, the mission will end.

3.6 Mission 6: Destruction 

3.6.1 Enterprise Deck 8

	Head out and take a right. Shoot the two Idryll with your weapon of choice.
	Another Idryll will come out of the Brig, take him out too. Continue
	walking hugging the left wall so as not to get blown out into space.
	Eventually you'll reach the cargo bay. Enter carefully and snipe away with
	your standard compression rifle. When no more people beam in, climb up the
	ladder to where Korban is. Two more will beam in on the upper level. Kill
	them and recharge at the health/ammo stations. Go to the Jeffries Tube on
	the upper level. Three more enemies beam in, two by Korban and one directly
	in front of you. Enter the Jeffries Tube and hit use to open the door panel.
	Continue until there is a ladder you must go down. Wait	for the flames to
	die down and then descend. Follow the path until a panel falls down in
	front of you creating a mini-bridge. Climb onto it and then turn right,
	crawling to access the ladder. Ascend the ladder. Crawl into the tube until
	a fire breaks out in front of you and a wall panel explodes. Drop down into
	the room below. Help Tuvok and the woman defend the corridor, only three
	Idryll beam in. Go into the Jeffries Tube he opens. Continue forward and
	take a left at the intersection, following the arrow on your radar. As you
	exit the Jeffries Tube, two Idryll are waiting for you to show your head so
	blast 'em. When you leave the room through the door there's another Idryll
	waiting to the left. As you exit, two more beam into the room you just left,
	but ignore them for now. Go straight into the room across the corridor and
	blast the Idryll as they appear. When you're done, Chell will tell you to
	get to Engineering.

3.6.2 Enterprise Deck 16

	Take the ladder down and follow the arrow. When you reach the first room,
	carefully go forward but get ready to shoot a grenade at the two Idryll to
	your left. Exit the room, ready for the two Idryll who impede your progress.
	Go forward and then turn left when you see the blast doors close.
	Engineering is to your left at the intersection. Switch to a non-splash
	damage weapon like the I-Mod. Do you remember that I had you grab it from
	Jurot's locker? I told you that it would be useful later, you'll see why
	in a moment. When you enter, approach Barclay and start the cutscene.
	Notice that the two Idryll who beam in are trying to take out the warp
	core! Well, their buddies will show up soon with explosives. And what
	detonates explosives? Splash-based weapons of course, which is something we
	don't want. The lower the temperature of the warp core,	the more time we
	have to fix the core after the firefight is over. Don't worry about health,
	this is	almost over. After the Idryll stop beaming in, rush to the
	Engineering console which Barclay was standing by at the beginning of the
	level with your tricorder out. Reroute power. If you waited too long while
	defending the core and the temperature is too high, you'll also have to
	eject the core, using a panel to the left of the ladder going up to the
	upper deck. Enter the code exactly as it appears on the	keypad. Then rush
	to the bridge.

	Note: If you didn't pick up the I-Mod from the beginning of the game, you
	can also use other weapons. Just don't use any explosive secondary fires.
	If you must, e.g. there is a group you want to take out fast, use the
	regular compression rifle secondary fire. Just try not to vape every single
	cooling tower otherwise you're pretty much out of luck and will have to
	reload because the Enterprise will explode while you're still trying to
	reroute the plasma. 

3.6.3 Enterprise Deck 1

	After the cutscene, take cover behind a console. Hop out now and then to
	blast the Idryll. Soon it will be over.

Mission 6: Remove and Disable 

3.6.4 Enterprise Hull

	There are three sabotage sites on the hull. Snipe the guards before they
	see you. Then jump over the sabotage devices and with the mouse guide your
	drop down. Use your tricorder on each of the three devices to end this part
	of the level. Make sure you kill the guards first. Otherwise you'll end up
	like me with 7 health at the end of the level. Oh, by the way, don't get too
	close to the edge of the hull. Remember that Tuvok told you that the hull
	plating is polarized? If you try and walk over it with magnetized boots
	you'll go flying off into the emptiness of space.

	After the cutscene, you begin in control of the Enterprise's phaser cannons.
	Use them to destroy the	torpedoes before they hit the ship. Additionally,
	target the capital ship with your phaser cannons only when you are sure you
	will hit the target and not the other areas of the ship. If you destroy the
	ship instead of disabling it you will fail the mission. If you have
	multiple torpedoes targeting you, target the orange ones fired by the
	capital ship because they do the greatest damage. Otherwise, fire away.
	If you are careful in your aim you can take out the capital ship with
	little or no damage to its hull integrity.

3.7 Mission 7: Search and Rescue 

3.7.1 Attrexian Colony Level 1a

	From the start, head into the small tower nearby and fill up on everything
	you need, ammo/health. Proceed towards the main gates until prompted to
	unlatch the clamp. Just shoot it. Then you find out the security system
	is up. Go back to the tower at the beginning and hit the panel. On your way
	back towards your team two of the smaller Exomorphs will slam into the
	bridge, destroying it. You can take them out with your weapons or wait for
	you team to do it. I'm more of a hands-on guy myself. Anyway, jump across
	back to your team and head through the now open door. If however, you're a
	little low on Attrexian	ammo, go down the ladder to the right before the
	door, crouch under the pipe and grab the ammo on the other side of the
	column. Take out your assault rifle and prepare to blast two more Exomorphs
	who come out from the right. Turn around and find a stack of boxes leading
	up to a grate. Shoot out the grate and crouch into it. Drop down ready to
	drop a Exomorph who drops down. Also take out the grate lining the bottom
	of the shaft for more Attrexian ammo. Continue further on in the shaft and
	shoot out the other end of the grate. Slowly peek out - without dropping
	out of the duct and snipe at the moth-like Exomorph at the far side 
	underneath the lights with your enhanced compression rifle until it dies.
	Then pull out the arc launcher, drop a couple of grenades halfway along the
	bridge and blow the two Exomorphs that drop from above. Again, drop two
	more grenades at the intersection before you actually reach the intsection
	and then approach. When you hear the Exomorphs, detonate the gas. Continue
	up towards the left, there there are three more Exomorphs waiting, two
	small, one big. Take them out with any weapon and head up. Turn around
	after exiting the stairs and go up the ramp. Try the security station, and
	find that you have to get an Attrexian engineer. Stay on the level path and
	head down the ramp. Two Exomorphs will appear from out of the sky, a Basher
	and a medium sized one. Take them out and proceed slowly. There will be
	another moth-like Exomorph inside a doorway. Vape it. Head towards the
	dumpster where another Exomorph will jump out. Kill it and jump into its
	hideout for more ammunition. Turn left from here and enter the doorway.
	You'll hear someone cry out for help. Turn left and blast the door. Go in
	and pick up some ammo while the dialogue is running. Exit and turn left
	where you'll find the Attrexian engineer and another Exomorph. Talk to the
	engineer. Creep slowly out. A medium sized Exomorph will attack from the
	right next to the lamppost. A Basher will enter from where you just came.
	Kill both and walk straight ahead to open the door that will lead back to
	the security panel. As you go up the ramp, pause and pull out your assault
	rifle. Two small Exomorphs will attack. Take them out and hit the panel
	when the engineer tells you to. Exomorphs attack your team but you can hold
	your fire with no consequences. Head back to where you blasted the door and
	found the Attrexian man and his mate. Cutscene. Follow the woman to the
	sewers. Before you hit the panel to join the others, walk around the area
	and pick up the powerups. You should sense something is about to happen by
	now so pull out your grenade launcher and save. Then hit the panel. A
	Quadruped, the third largest Exomorph will drop down immolating the
	Attrexian female. Grenade launch him until he dies. He has several attacks.
	One releases a shockwave which paralyzes you while he repeated rams you. In
	another attack, he charges up and shoots six balls of energy. Another one
	is where he shoots one big one. The quadruped also has another attack in
	in which he tracks you with balls of blue flame. In any event, hide behind
	the boxes and pop out every now and then with a grenade for him, until he
	tries to ram you and then dodge and shoot. After he is dead, heal up by
	the door if necessary and shoot the hanging strut which is structurally
	weak. This will fall, opening an entrance to the sewers. I recommend
	switching to the staff because you're gonna need it.

3.7.2 Attrexian Colony Level 1b

	Head forward until you can see the health and energy terminals. A small
	Exomorph will burst through the wall to the right just before the terminals.
	In this sewer level, it is absolutely critical that you walk, not run.
	Walking gives you a chance to sort of scope out an area while ready to blast
	at a moment's notice. When you reach an uncovered area again, a small
	Exomorph will drop from the pipe in front of you, and a medium sized one
	will rush you. Retreat and kill them. Proceed cautiously until you near the
	pipe the Exomorph dropped from and then you will see an enemy on your radar.
	This is another moth-like Exomorph. There is another across the way to the
	right. It is in the ceiling of a vertically oriented exhaust fan. Turn
	around from the fan and try the door. It will fail, activating another
	objective. Staying on the same side of the bridge, walk forward. You will
	be ambushed from behind and in front. After the ambush, cross the bridge to
	the left. Aim straight ahead. A moth Exomorph is waiting. If you proceed 
	further a small Exomorph will pop out of the wall to the left. Opposite
	this is a room with a medium sized Exomorph and a moth. To the left, a
	small Exomorph will once again bust through the wall. The only difference
	is that	this time the back will be a structurally weak wall, not a pipe.
	Once you break down the wall, the another medium sized Exomorph will appear,
	dropping from the pipe above. The structural weakness will lead you to a
	100 Shielding vest. Opposite the wall where the Exomorph burst through will
	be a gate through which you can see two more moth Exomorphs. Take out the
	one directly in front first. You can see it better with night vision on.
	Then eliminate the other. Turn around and jump through the hole in the
	fencing which surrounds the fan. Reroute the power using your tricorder
	and exit the room. A small Exomorph will confront you as you exit the door.
	Around the corner to the door you had to reroute power to is a medium sized
	Exomorph. Two grenades from the arc launcher should waste him. Enter the
	door and hit the panel. There are also health and ammunition stations in
	this room if you need them. AFter hitting the panel and returning to the
	sewers proper, two small Exomorphs will attack from the front. Dispatch
	them and continue to the gate you raised with the control panel. As you
	approach, an Exomorph will blow through the wall to the left of the raised
	gate, and two will approach from behind. Run straight past them towards the
	gate. Two medium Exomorphs will also spawn. One next to where the control
	room is and one behind you as your run towards the gate. Kill the five
	Exomorphs and proceed into the room. Opposite the control room is a doorway
	which leads to the next part of the map. Along the same wall as the control
	center are health and ammo terminals. Continue through the doorway and
	engage the three small Exomorphs and the medium sized one. The medium sized
	one is near the hytritium storage container. One gas grenade will remove it
	from existence. After you kill the medium sized Exomorph, creep forward
	with night vision. You should be able to see one moth Exomorph. The other
	is around the corner at the top of the stairs. If you get too close, both
	with activate as will three small Exomorphs. In any event, eliminate all of
	them. Two of the Exomorphs will come from the front and the last one will
	drop from the pipe which the medium sized one was under. Proceed until you
	see your team on the other side of a catwalk. Save. Get your staff out,
	you're going to get dropped into a pit with a Basher. After you kill it,
	walk to the panel and modulate it with your tricorder. A ladder will lower
	and now you can rejoin your team. Head out the door and take the first door
	on your right. You can hit the door panel to the right after you've entered
	the room to provide access to health and ammunition. You can also pick up
	ammunition in the form of cylinders. When you're ready, hit the switch which
	leads to your objective. Two Exomorphs attack. One from behind and to the
	right, and the other from the other side of the door. After you pass
	through the door, keep following the path until you see a door with cracks
	in it. What do you do whenever you see cracks? You shoot them. Head through.
	After the cutscene, modulate the panel nearby and head up the ladder in
	the tunnel you passed through to get into this room. After you reach the
	top, turn right and enter the door.

3.7.3 Attrexian Colony Level 2a

	Start out with your assault rifle. Three Exomorphs will attack. One medium,
	two small. After you've gotten rid of them, enter the door ahead. Go inside
	Exit through the other door but with a ready gun. Four Exomorphs await you.
	The three small ones will probably make it in throgh the door but you can
	take potshots at the larger one or kill him off with the gas grenade. Exit
	the door and turn towards the right. A moth is hanging off of an overhang
	of the building. Just beyond the overhang are three Exomorphs. One medium,
	and two small. One of the small ones is directly underneath the moth. The
	other small one is on the platform. Once you get on the platform, you 
	should be able to see another moth hanging on another overhang. A medium
	Exomorph will drop down. Kill it and then switch to the grenade launcher.
	A quadruped is quite near and you can see it drop down. It takes about 9
	grenades for it to die. You usually want to keep a solid box between you
	and it because there isn't much cover except the explosives cases. After
	you've beaten it, head up the mini-ramp and to the door. Hit the switch
	to the next door to end the level.

3.7.4 Attrexian Colony Level 2b

	Start out with the standard phaser. Before you rush through the door
	mindless of the enemies, duck down a bit to catch the tail end of a moth.
	Shoot it before proceeding. Four Exomorphs are on the ground level. One
	approaches from ahead and to the right in the little hallway. Three
	approach from the left. I recommend use of the staff at this point. Try to
	use the elevator in the hallway the small Exomorph tried attacking you from.
	Make your way past the conveyor belt of fire one by one by taking breathers
	in the little alcoves to the right and left of the flames. After you are
	past, you may enter the room to the right for health and ammo or proceed
	up the steps to continue the level. There is a medium Exomorph on the
	catwalk the steps lead to. Kill it and use the tricorder on the panel to
	route power to the elevator. This one's a toughie, it requires two self
	loops to avoid the short circuits. Take out the staff and kill the five
	Exomorphs that drop one-by-one from the pipe by the room with the powerups
	as you descend the stairs. Now the flames are all on so you can't backtrack.
	Enter the room with the powerups and drop down with night vision. Take out
	your assault rifle. When you approach the boxes around the corner, five
	Exomorphs will attack. If you run back the way you came you can take out
	two almost before they see you. Immediately turn around and kill the other
	three. Head up the ladder and into the room above. Pick up ammunition for
	the arc launcher and staff and exit. The elevator is directly in front of
	you. You can refill on health and/or ammo to the right where the three
	Exomorphs attacked you at the beginning of the level. Once you hit the
	button to call the elevator, turn around and kill the two Exomorphs. Take
	the elevator up until it stalls. Shoot the hatch on the floor and get onto
	the ladder on the right. Hit the switch to your left to manually open the
	elevator doors and hop in. Three Exomorphs appear. Kill them and proceed.
	Once you reach the open area, two more Exomorphs will appear from behind
	the boxes in front of you. Go on ahead until you see a briefcase of plasma
	energy. Pick it up and prepare for two more Exomorphs who attack from ahead
	and behind. Continue forward until you reach the inoperable door. Turn
	right and jump across the smashers. You can't take it all in one step so
	you can take breaks on the little ledges to the left of the smashers. Make
	your way to the door on the other side. Hit the panel and enter the room,
	turned towards the right. A medium Exomorph awaits. A few shots later, head
	up the stairs until you reach the top level. A Basher will drop. Drop him
	and proceed towards the door in front. I would suggest using the assault
	rifle secondary on him. You can refill up on health or ammo through the
	door you entered from. Take out your phaser and creep forward to catch the
	moth by surprise hovering inside the small shaft the door opens up into.
	You can head up or head down. Up takes you to ammo for the staff and the
	grenade launcher as well as three Exomorphs. Two attack from behind, one in
	front. Through the door on the upper path leads to the elevator which has
	a Basher in it. Three gas grenades will kill him. Down takes you to the
	room in the factory past the flames. Really no point, but oh well.
	Go up after filling up on the health and ammo in the room. To the right
	from entering the room with the elevator, a medium Exomorph creeps in the
	shadows. To the right from here, see a Attrexian female choke from the gases
	within. Enter with your tricorder, trace gas function ready. Seal the gas
	vents and exit through the door in front. If you can't see it, the vent is
	along the machine as you enter the room. Exit and approach the Attrexian.
	After the cutscene, you may refill your health meter and Attrexian weapons.
	Head out the door and hit the switch to end the level.

3.7.5 Attrexian Colony Level 2c

	Take out the grenade launcher before boarding the lift directly in front.
	A Quadruped will drop from the sky taking out the shuttle. Kill it in
	return. If you're not full on the grenade launcher ammo, there is a case
	before you board the lift. If that still doesn't fill you, switch to a
	different weapon like the staff or Attrexian arc launcher. Should you
	decide to use a Starfleet weapon, there is a ammo terminal you can refill
	on below. There is also a health station next to the ammo to heal up after
	you defeat the Quadruped. Exit to the left towards the lift and take it
	down. Enter the door. Take a hint from the Attrexian ammo nearby. Kill the
	medium sized Exomorph as well as the Basher by the explosive container. If
	you fire as the Basher charges you you can kill it almost before it reaches
	you. Pick up the ammo and go around the platform and hit the door panel.
	Out the door to the left are four Exomorphs. Two medium sized, one small,
	and a Basher. Eliminate them and collect the ammo by the door. Enter with
	phaser drawn to kill the moth hanging in the middle of the hallway. There
	are four Exomorphs in the next room. Two Bashers and a medium to the left,
	and a medium to the right. All are killable with the arc launcher/staff.
	After all four are dead, head along to the left. You can fill up on health
	and Starfleet ammo. Continue without hindrance to the crashed Idryll
	shuttle. End of level.

3.8 Mission 8: Payback 

3.8.1 Drull Ruins 2 Level 1a

	You'll be relying mostly on your assault rifle and sniper rifle for the
	majority of the first part. Head out towards the right with the assault
	rifle ready. Two Idryll will see you and start towards you. Take them out
	with secondary fire before they get close enough to hurt you. Enter the 
	hut nearby to pick up Attrexian ammo.  Follow the river until you see a
	bunch of rocks blocking your progress. Head up the right hill underneath
	the tree. A female Idryll will notice you. Dispatch her before she fires.
	Don't head forward just yet. Go to the hut you can clearly see and take
	cover here. Look around for a bridge. There should be a guard tower to the
	left of it. Head towards it until some shells fire in and blow up the tower.
	Detour to the right of the bridge. Three Idryll will beam in behind you.
	Two directly behind and one from the left when you turn around to face the
	two. Now take the left path near where the tower came down and jump on the
	rocks to reach the other side of the bridge. Once there, take a breather.
	When ready, run across towards the other bridge. You will see two Idryll
	above. Evade their mortar fire and shoot back with your assault rifle
	secondary fire. One shot is sufficient to kill each one. Before heading out
	under the bridge, look with the sniper rifle zoom at the tower by the next
	bridge. Kill the guard and proceed. Two more Idryll will beam in. Don't
	waste ammo by staying with the sniper rifle, switch to the assault rifle.
	Take the right fork of the river this time. Two more Idryll guards will
	rush. Take them out and advance towards the hut they abandoned under the
	tree. There is another guy shelling you from the bridge that's far away and
	lined up with the entrance of the hut. Beyond that bridge there's a tower
	to the right. Walk forward until you can just barely see in and scope in
	with the rifle. Take out the guard. After he dies or after he is alarmed,
	two more Idryll will attack from the right and behind. In any event,
	eliminate all three. As you approach the bridge, you will notice a green
	swamp gas. Don't walk through, its hazardous to your health. Walk up the
	right hill near the tree to make your way past it and the bridge. In the
	next area, two more Idryll approach. Terminate them. Before proceeding
	into the clearing, follow the right fork with the sniper rifle and kill the
	guard in the tower past the hut there. There is another tower past the
	broken wall. Snipe the guard upstairs too. Now proceed into the huts and
	collect the ammo. Proceed up the bridge marked by the explosive containers.
	Kill the three Idryll who appear. About halfway across the bridge, you'll
	see the outlines of two Idryll atop the walls. Snipe them and kill the
	Idryll at the top of the stairs. If you get too close, the Idryll at the
	head of the stairs will rush you and you can gun him down easily. Another
	Idryll will come down the stairs, this time a female. Shoot her too. Walk
	all the way up the stairs to the door and enter. Continue ahead to end the

3.8.2 Drull Ruins 2 Level 1b

	Take out the staff. There is an Idryll patrolling the path in front of you.
	Kill him. To the right is another Idryll. Kill him as well. Run to the right
	side of the wall you are on and kill the Idryll hiding underneath the arch.
	Modulate the panel within. There are two wave puzzles. Now walk forward to
	the edge of the tower and snipe the guy shelling you by the explosive crates.
	He is to the left somewhat. Exit the way you came and return to near where
	you started the level. Hit the button across from the bridge on your side
	to activate the bridge. There is an Idryll patrolling on the other side.
	Kill her and then head down the stairs to the left. Before walking down the
	corridor, pull out the sniper rifle and kill the guard in the tower. Head
	forward with the assault rifle and mop up the three guards on your level.
	Continue heading right to the other side of the bridge that was blown out.
	Within are an ammo terminal and a health terminal. Head back to the main
	area where you killed the three guards. Near the bridge across to the other
	side are crates with ammunition for your sniper rifle/grenade launcher.
	Just past the tree in front is a tower with a guard atop. Kill him and
	proceed across. You should have 250 units of energy after killing him. Pick
	up one of the crates. On the bridge in front are two Idryll. Kill them from
	afar with the sniper rifle. Three shellers are atop the next wall on the
	other side of the bridge. Kill the one directly in front without stopping
	to scope. Two Idryll on the ground will rush you. Jump backwards to the end
	of the bridge and kill them.  Head across again. The two shellers are on
	the sides. Eliminate them as well with the sniper rifle. You have enough
	time to	scope in and shoot them as well as evade their shells. Head up
	either set of stairs and try to cross the bridge. Halfway there, the bridge
	will collapse. Be sure to have your grenade launcher out at this point. 
	Three monsters will attack in succession, called Leviathans. Four grenades
	should remove the threats of each. Use the columns for cover. The first
	one attacks from the right. The second also from the right, and the third
	from the left. The last two attack simultaneously if both see you so hide
	and aim before opening fire. You should have 3 grenades and 40 units of
	grenade ammo left, and be relatively full on everything else. After they
	are dead, head up the stairs that rise from the ground and towards the door
	to end the level.

3.8.3 Drull Ruins 2 Level 2a

	Krindo will mouth off. Listen for a while and you're given two choices:

	1) "If your Captain won't trade you for Kleeya, you'll die." "I'm sure
	Picard can arrange that. She's not a vital member of the crew." - Don't
	choose this one. You'll fail the mission straight off.

	2) "If your Captain won't trade you for Kleeya, you'll die." "We don't
	trade hostages." - Choose this to continue the game.

	Krindo will continue to talk and see his father's death. He will release
	you. Take the lift down with your assault rifle. At the bottom, follow the
	the corridor. A Basher will leap through the floor. Kill him with your
	Starfleet weapons. You'll have use for the staff soon. Jump across the gap
	along the left side, still with your weapon out. Another Basher will attack.
	You don't have much room to move so run straight past him and then turn
	around and shoot. Follow the arrow on the radar, that is, head left. Ammo
	and health in the intervening corridor past the first door. Head through.
	Follow the path and come across two medium Exomorphs feeding or doing 
	whatever. Kill them and go forward. As you near the end of the force field
	tube, two Bashers will drop. Backpedal and open fire. After they are dead,
	keep walking forward until a tree limb drops taking out a section of the 
	tube. Drop down onto the limb and jump onto the catwalk below the tube.
	Health and ammo beyond the ladder. Take the ladder up. A Basher is directly
	in front of you. Kill him and proceed. The moment he starts to rush you
	head back down the ladder. You can shoot him from the cover of below. Then
	head back up and pass through the door behind you as you exit the ladder.
	This hallway leads you to the end of the level.

3.8.4 Drull Ruins 2 Level 2b

	Head forward with your staff out. Switch to night vision and turn right.
	Two Bashers are in front of you. Kill both. Head straight across, ignoring
	temporarily the lift to your right, and pay attention to the two rows of
	writing to your left. On the top row, shoot the first and fourth symbols,
	and the third symbol on the bottom row. A door will open to the right.
	Inside in order of importance are grenade ammo, Attrexian ammo, a golden
	ship, and another staff. Return to the lift and modulate the panel. Take
	the lift up and kill the Basher who'll come through the door to your left.
	Take the door on the right. Through the next door is a medium Exomorph
	with its back to you and health and ammo stations. Before you go down
	though, kill the two Exomorphs below. Refill as necessary and take the lift
	down. Exit through the door in front. Krindo is in the next room. Run
	towards him with a powerful weapon out. A boss fight is near. Approach
	Krindo and begin the cutscene. The Stalker's only attacks consist of a
	long-range attack of blue orbs and a battering ram attack where it runs
	up to you and claws you repeatedly. Just keep away from him and hit him
	when he's visible. Even if he, isn't you can see his footsteps in the water
	when he rushes towards you. After the fight, Krindo restores power to the
	lift. Take it up to end the level.

3.8.5 Enterprise-E

	Exit the shuttle bay towards the right to get to a turbolift. Exit the
	turbolift after it stops and go to Kleeya first (you can't go to see Telsia

Conversation Choices:

	1) "I cannot forgive him for his deadly lies." "You should see him. He's
	   paid a high price for his lies." - You ditch Kleeya and go next to

	2) "I cannot forgive him for his deadly lies." "Good. What he did is beyond
	   forgiveness." - You don't even get a chance to talk to Telsia before you
	   rush off to test a new weapon.

	If you pick the first choice, Telsia will ask you to meet her in the crew
	lounge on the same deck. You'll have to pass through the hallway with the
	turbolift and then turn left to get to the lounge. Enter.

	You'll talk in a cutscene which you can skip because you have no choices.
	Head over to the armory to meet Korban and test the quantum burst. Note:
	The armory is on a different deck to you'll have to take a turbolift.
	Exit turbolift and head left to the armory. Talk to Korban to begin using
	the new weapon in the holodeck. Note: The secondary fire is extremely
	useful for precise aim. You can use it as a laser sight, not necessarily to
	guide the torpedo but to aim it by centering it directly on the enemy.
	After you have eliminated the enemy, head out of the armory and towards the
	right to enter a turbolift. Take the lift down and go to the shuttlebay.

3.9 Mission 9: Mercenaries 

3.9.1 Klingon Base Level 1a

	Head out the green door to your left and ahead. Continue ahead and turn 
	left to see the entrance to a cantina. Enter. Try to enter the VIP lounge
	which is straight ahead, guarded by a huge alien. Find out you have to ask
	the bartender. Go and talk to her, she will give you a Bat'l'eth and you'll
	have to duel the Naussican bouncer. A few secondary swipes later, he'll
	collapse down and you can enter the room. The strategy with him is to keep
	jumping at him and hit him in midair in the head. You ought not to lose
	more than 40 health. Alternatively you can use the primary fire to block
	his attacks and conservatively chip away at him rather than going full out.
	Now pass through the door into the VIP lounge and view the cutscene.

Conversation Choices:

	1) "Rule 7. 'Keep your ears open.' Where is the Master Control Facility?" -
	   This phrase won't get you anywhere. It'll just keep on running in a

	2) "Rule 60. 'Keep your lies consistent.'" - This will continue the

		1) "How do we know you're telling the truth? Rule 181 says that
		'not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit.' - This one
		ends the the conversation and starts the next part of the mission.

		2) "You're telling the truth? 'There's nothing more dangerous than
		an honest businessman.' Rule 27." - This loops so there's really
		no point in pursuing it.

	Oh boy, now the whole base is after you. Proceed through the door in front
	of you with your assault rifle.	You'll spend the majority of the level
	switching between this and your	enhanced compression rifle so be ready for
	the regular intervals of switching. You can heal yourself at the stations
	just before the next door. After opening the next door, you can clearly see
	six enemies on your radar. Lure the three who will rush you when they see
	you back into your room. Outside are the three remaining enemies. Two to
	the right and one to the right. If you rush out unprepared they'll cut you
	to pieces in a crossfire. So kill the two on the right first with secondary
	fire and then worry about the guy at the end. Go past where the guy was and
	turn left. Four enemies will approach to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Just
	blast each with your assault rifle. Three enemies remain with ranged
	weapons. Two Klingons, and an Andorian who has a torpedo burst. Both
	Klingons are hiding behind boxes. One is to the left at medium distance and
	the other is right in front of you if you enter the room. The Andorian is a
	while away so you can blast him from afar with your assault rifle secondary
	fire. Take cover behind pipes and support pillars, but don't stand near
	anything, i.e. boxes that he can shoot to cause splash damage to you. Exit
	through the door on the right. Before you enter completely, a pair of
	Klingons will attack you. Kill both, and pause in the doorway. Across from
	you is another Klingon who will open fire on you. Switch to compression
	rifle for accuracy. Another Klingon to the right of him by the ladder. Kill
	her as well. When you head into the room proper, duck for cover behind the
	boxes on the catwalk. An Andorian with his torpedo burst just came out of
	the room to the left. Kill him with ranged secondary assault rifle. Another
	Klingon is by the ladder. Kill her and refill on health and ammo as
	necessary. Head up the ladder. Head towards the door with assault rifle.
	Two more foolish Klingons rush you armed only with their daggers. Kill both
	and head through the door, along the corridor, to end the level.

3.9.2 Klingon Base Level 1b

	You can see the next grouping of enemies on your radar. You've entered the
	human sector of the base. They have rifles like yours so take 'em out with
	secondary fire before they get close enough. The three you see on radar
	will rush you, and two remain out of radar range but perfectly within sight.
	Switch to compression rifle to eliminate them. Exit through the door on the
	right. Enemies in the room: a human to the left in the shadows on the upper
	section, a human on the bottom floor, two Andorians towards the right,
	sorta northeast if you think like a compass. Walk out slowly until you can
	see one Andorian but the other can't see you. If he can't hit you, that's
	perfect. You're in the sweet spot where you can hit him but he can't do the
	same. Kill him with the compression rifle. There's another sweet spot to
	kill the other Andorian. Repeat. The catwalk in front of you will fall down.
	Slide down to the ground floor. There's a human to the left of the health
	terminal. Kill him and jump across the Klingon containers to get to the
	other side. If you land on the containers lopsided, the container will tip
	over into the green stuff which, like most liquids in FPS's is harmful.
	The key to this is to get a running start to jump from crate to crate,
	ensuring that you'll land directly in the middle of the top of the
	container. Once you reach the other side, turn left and walk along the mini
	ledge to get ammunition from the terminal. Head through the door. A
	contingent of three humans awaits you. If you time it right you can kill
	all three with a single assault rifle secondary fire. A Klingon is to the
	right in the hallway, and another Klingon to the left. An Andorian is long
	range. Kill with either assault rifle secondary or the compression rifle.
	Go ahead until you see enemies on your radar to your right. This is the 
	most congested area of enemies you face on this level. Inside are two
	humans (who are the two closest to you), and three Klingons (one with a
	dagger, two with disruptors).  If you position yourself by the pillar, by
	strafing a little to the left or the right, you have a little rectangle
	through which you can fire. If you progress any further in the corridor, 
	enemies come through the door in front. I believe they are two Klingons 
	and two Andorians. The Andorians for the most part stay inside the cover
	of the door so flush them out with a few grenades. The two Klingons on the
	other hand, rush you so greet them with your assault rifle. Sometimes only
	the female rushes, which gives you a chance to kill the male Klingon from
	range with the secondary fire. Take cover behind the two boxes stacked
	atop one another and snipe at the Andorians with the compression rifle.
	The boxes will protect you from their torpedo fire and you can just pop up
	and shoot them when they break cover to aim at you. Head through the door
	to the left and take the lift down to end the level.

3.9.3 Klingon Base Level 2

	Lurok is in that mech like thing which has several attacks. The first one
	is its long-range torpedo attack, which shoots two globes of energy at you.
	They are just slow enough to dodge or shoot. The second is his close-range
	tetryon disruptor of middling damage. Its more like a machine gun than
	anything else, minus the huge damage. When he says face the flames, run off
	the circular platform and to the middle of one of the beams lining the bay
	doors. If you run all the way to the end, flame will shoot from nozzles
	behind you ending this battle pretty quickly. After that, he resorts to
	opening the bay to vacuum and activating a spherical force field which
	protects him. A green killing force field will activate. Move to one of
	the side bay doors to evade it. The key to killing Lurok is shooting him
	with the quantum torpedo launcher. Every now and then you damage him to the
	point where his mech sizzles with yellow lightning. Shoot him with every
	heavily damaging weapon at your disposal. Eventually the mech will fail.
	If you need health or ammo, there are terminals around the central column.
	After a cutscene, Lurok will appear in front of you. I recommend using the
	assault rifle secondary fire. It kills him with relatively little
	difficulty as you run around the central column and surrounding area. After
	he's dead, its the end of level.

3.9.4 Enterprise-E

	Head onto the bridge and from there take a turbolift to the brig. The brig
	itself is to the left down the corridor. See Omag pace around inside.

Conversation Choices:

	1) "What about the rule that says 'Once you have their money, never give it
	back?'" - Doesn't get you anywhere, its a looping statement.

	2) "What about the rule that says 'Only a fool passes up a business
	opportunity.'" - Continues the dialogue.

		1) "Rule 17. 'A contract is a contract is a contract, but only
		between Ferengi.'" - Continues the dialogue.

			1) "Rule 121. 'Everything is for sale. Even friendship.'"
			- Continues the dialogue.

				1) "'Knowledge equals profit.' Rule 74." - Continues.

					1) "'Rule 52. 'Never ask when you can take.'"
					   - Takes you to the next set of phrases,
					   where he reminds you you're risking
					   a court-martial.

					2) "'Rule 22. 'A wise man can hear profit
					   in the wind.' - Looping statement.

				2) "'Expand or die.' Rule 95." - Continues but
				   takes you ahead to the risking the court-martial.

					1) "Rule 34. 'War is good for business.'" -
					   Looping statement.

					2) "Rule 62. 'The riskier the road, the
					   greater the profit.'" - Continues the

						1) "Wow. Ok, I'll sneak you out of
						   here." - Um, didn't Picard warn
						   you about not making deals with
						   Omag? See what happens next.
						   It's quite entertaining, but it
						   ends the game right here, right

						2) "Omag, I am charging you with
						   attempted bribery." - Ends the
						   dialogue in a good way.

			2) "Rule 1. 'Once you have their money, never give it back.
			'" - Another looping statement.

		2) "Rule 9. 'Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.'" - Looping

	Go to the armory which is on the same deck as you, towards the right from
	the exit of the brig. You get to try out the weapon Lurok left behind last
	level. It's semi-decent but not the most accurate thing in the world. Kill
	the enemies in the holodeck. Oh, by the way, the first enemy is in front of
	you and up when you start. Its almost inevitable that you'll take some
	damage becuase you can't really hit long range with this gun. The secondary
	fire is a whole lot more accurate but if you miss you'll end up going all
	around the person it was aimed at. Exit the armory to the right and enter
	the turbolift to go to the Hazard Team briefing room. It is to the left and
	another left to exit the hallway to the briefing room. Exit the briefing
	room and return to the turbolift and head to Sickbay, which is to the left,
	across the hallway from the armory. Enter and talk to the doctor inside the

3.10 Mission 10: Incognito 

3.10.1 Romulan Installation Level 1

	Turn on night vision. Walk around the cave until you find the way out.
	Use your tricorder on the panel near the door to transfer your credentials.
	Listen to the soldier's comments. Looks like you have to turn on the
	bioscan function of your tricorder to get past the next area. And boy is it
	tough. If even one targets you, the mission is over. Ten bioscanners later,
	reach the other door and transmit your credentials again. Enter and go
	around the landing platform to the floor on the lower level with the two
	Romulan soldiers in front. Use your tricorder on the panel in front of the
	desk. Head back out and go to the building with the stairs leading up to it.
	Enter and use the tricorder on the panel in front of you. Exit left, down
	the stairs, turn left, and then left again to see the door you must input
	the data you pulled from the access terminal. The symbols are in the upper
	left corner of your screen. Enter the area to begin a cutscene. Holster
	the disruptor she gives you. Otherwise the guards will get suspicious. Go
	to the comm array which is a building in the far corner of the area and
	enter. Directly ahead of you near the ceiling is one of the panels you must
	shoot. The other two are in the same alcove. After you've shot them to hell,
	enter the hallway that was to your left when you entered the comm building.
	A Romulan will beam into the tube directly in front of you. Shoot him, and
	turn 180 degrees around. Three more Romulan soldiers await you there. 
	Eliminate the soldiers on your way to the door that was guarded by three
	guards which you passed on the way here. I think there are three guards who
	remain, one right after you exit the comm building to the left, and the
	other on the ground level, across from the structures you can use for cover,
	and the remaining one standing in front of the door. If you need health, 
	there are terminals in the comm room as well as in the room after the level

3.10.2 Romulan Installation Level 2a

	Go down the ramp and up the stairs to talk with the informant. After the
	cutscene, head through the door. Before you run down the corridor, take out
	your tricorder, bioscan mode. If you hit those laser traps, Romulans will
	beam in. After you avoid the two pairs of traps in the hallway, enter the
	door on your left and use the tricorder on the panel. The panel opens up
	a maintenance tube which you should enter with disruptor drawn. When you
	pop your head up, there'll be two Romulans up the stairs. Kill both before
	either can slap the alarm panel. If one runs, pursue him after killing the
	other. If you can't do it, just hit the alarm panel after killing everyone
	to stop the alarms. In any event, after killing everyone, head through the
	door that was directly in front of you after exiting the control room
	that the tunnel led to. Turn on the tricorder, bioscan the room. Evade the
	sensors and use the tricorder on the panel to get an access code. Exit and
	take a left at the intersection with the alarm panel. Take another left and
	then a right. The door on the right is the equipment room. Use the codes
	which you took from the panel to enter. Jump onto one of the pipes and from 
	there to the other side of the room with a tunnel access. Follow the arrow
	on the radar into another access tunnel. Kill the two Romulans in the room
	with their backs turned towards you. Use the information console. Before
	exiting the room, head towards the grate along the left side of the room
	when using the door as a reference point. Deactivate the security grid for
	an easy escape through the door directly in front of you. If you hadn't
	deactivated it, you'd have to be pretty dang good at jumping to avoid the
	scanners. Enter and head down the stairs to the left. For health head down
	the stairs to the right, where a health station is. Go to the elevator
	protected by the green force field to open a cutscene. After she's done
	activating the elevator, take it down to end the level.

3.10.3 Romulan Installation Level 2b

	Follow her to meet Gonzalez. There is a health station just in front of the
	door. Use if necessary. Transition to cutscene. Pull out your disruptor and
	blast away at the traitorous informant. You can track her on your radar even
	if you can't see her. And I think you can see her with night vision on too.
	After a while, three Romulan soldiers beam in. Kill them and eliminate the
	spy. If you need health during the battle, there is a sole health station
	inside the area, opposite the door into the area, on the upper level. You 
	have to climb a ladder to reach it. I would recommend staying up here for
	the duration of the battle. Even if you can't see her with night vision on,
	you can see her footsteps in the snow. Eventually you'll kill her. An
	alternate strategy has been submitted by Raizen Inogami: "I just want to
	add something on the Romulan counterspy 'boss' battle. You can actually
	track her even if she cloaks. I'm not quite sure if you need to be using
	your nightvision, but it helps a lot since it's quite dark. Anyway, you can
	still "see" her - just look at the ground and track her shadow. She may be
	invisible but she's not invincible. I think it's quite hard to follow her
	on the snowy ground but once she goes up to the second level, I think her
	shadow is more prominent. If you see it, just blast away even if she's
	invisible and she's toast. Also, I believe there's a faint outline of her
	in invisible mode so she's really not that hard to track down.
	Transition to cutscene in which	Gonzalez is killed but you retrieve the
	tricorder with the coordinates to the control facility and are beamed up.
	End of mission.

3.10.4 Enterprise-E

	Report to Sickbay. It is down the corridor directly opposite the sickbay on
	inner part, opposite the armory. After the surgery, head out to the left
	to a turbolift and meet the Captain in the observation lounge on the bridge.
	After the cutscene, both Kleeya and Telsia will comm you. This is another
	romance choice which will decide whether you spend time with either woman.
	You meet with one or the other who express their condolences regarding
	Gonzalez and share a brief hug. After your conversation, the game will
	immediately transition into a briefing sequence, ending the level. During
	the briefing, you hear about the Archaeopendra, the master Exomorph. Gee,
	this sounds a little ominous, eh? Who could the final boss be?

3.11 Mission 11: End Game 2 

3.11.1 Drull Ruins 3 Level 1a

	Alright!!! We have most of the weapons in your arsenal. Sweetness. After the
	cutscene, hug the right wall until you can see part of a guard tower.
	Pull out the sniper rifle and slowly edge past the wall. Eliminate the
	sniper. Note: You can shoot through the rocks with the sniper rifle.
	Head forward until you hear transporters. Back up and kill the three
	Romulans on at a time. If you don't peek out too far, you can pick off each
	one with the phaser rifle. After all three are dead, two more Romulans will
	beam in, one with the grenades like the Idryllian mortar rounds, and one
	with a standard disruptor. I recommend using the grenade launcher against
	both of them. Head right of the rocky outcroppings towards the health
	terminal and see two ammo cases beam in. Pick them up. Turn towards the
	rocks again. Head right this time. A Romulan will beam in, as will two
	snipers	at the far tower. Retrace your steps and take cover. Kill the
	closer Romulan with your energy grenade that comes with the compression
	rifle, it takes too long to kill him regularly. Then take out the sniper
	rifle, hugging the rock for cover and kill the snipers. I suggest crouching,
	this will reduce your target profile. After they're dead, continue on the
	path. Two Romulans are to your left, and a new weapon is towards the right.
	Eliminate the first Romulan with a grenade by rushing and then strafing.
	Kill the second with a blast from your sniper rifle. Now for the new weapon.
	When you approach, a Basher will burst out of the lava. Kill it and pick up
	the mother of all weapons, the Romulan Experimental Radiation Disruptor,
	affectionately known as the X-Rad. Now, before you get any closer to that
	imposing wall, take out the sniper rifle and strafe right. Zoom towards
	the two left columns along the wall. If you look closely, you can see a
	pair of hands behind each column. Shoot the hands and kill the Romulan
	grenadiers. Proceed ahead and find the lava pit with a rock in it. Jump in
	and walk across. Modulate the door panel and save. Take out the sniper
	rifle and head on in. After the cutscene, immediately strafe left. If you
	recall from the cutscene, the sniper is on a ledge along the right side of
	the mini-canyon. There is ammo and health if you need it along the wall
	behind you in the form of terminals. After you kill the sniper who hit
	Korban, pick up the federation ammo that beams down. A Romulan will rush
	down the kill. Pick him off with a sniper shot. There are three more snipers
	in the area. One is inside the tower you can see from behind the rock
	where the federation ammo was. Another is up on the same ledge to the right
	where the first sniper was. When you get higher up the hill, three Romulans
	will rush down the kill. Gun them down with any weapon that does not share
	the same ammo as the compression rifle or X-Rad. Sometimes the last one
	hides behind a rock. He's visible on the radar. The last remaining sniper,
	is in a tower along the right part of the canyon. Kill him as well. Below
	the tower on the right is a lone Romulan. Kill him from a distance with the
	staff and go for the ammo and health terminals. After healing, head towards
	the right. Another Romulan sniper is in the tower behind you. The easiest
	way to kill him is to run for where the transporter signature is and pick
	up the ammo and crouch. When you're ready, slowly back up and stand up. You
	can kill him before he kills you. Turn around and jump from the first rock
	to the second rock. If you wait too long, the rocks will sink into the lava.
	Once you've made it to the other lip, save, don't just quicksave. In this
	area, two Romulans will beam in to your right. Kill the one with the staff
	first, and then the one with the disruptor. Two grenadiers also appear up
	on the wall. There's no easy way to kill them and take no harm yourself.
	Switch to the X-Rad. A Quadruped will burst out the door in front of you.
	IMO, this Exomorph seems a bit upgraded if you ask me. It has some sorta
	personal shield represented by the blue lightning running around its body
	that will completely reflect your attack back at you. Fire only when its
	shooting at you or just after its shield deactivates. If you want to avoid
	the majority of this battle, e.g. the grenadiers and the Exomorph, just run
	straight for the main gate from which the grenadiers are attacking you. This
	limits your attackers to the staff guy and the disruptor guy. The Exomorph
	only pops out after you've killed the grenadiers. And this is a ugly way
	to commit suicide especially since there's no way you can avoid damage from
	the grenadiers while sniping at them except for cheating, meaning that
	you'll be about 75% dead by the time the Exomorph appears. Happy hunting.
	If you took my advice, chill out under the gate after you killed the two
	Romulans on the lower level. Pull out the tricorder and have the Enterprise
	blast the other door. Before you leave, you're probably almost all out of
	ammo for the staff and arc launcher so pick up the three canisters spread
	out in the area and head through the door. Take the left path down to near
	the lava for some federation ammo, and backtrack and take the right path
	that leads up somewhat. Turn on night vision and watch your radar carefully.
	Two Romulans are directly ahead of you. Launch a couple of grenades from
	the compression rifle to eliminate them. Proceed slowly. When you come upon
	an open area, you can see a staff guy opposite you on the other side of the
	lava. Sorta ignore him for now and kill the guy to the right on your side.
	Once you kill him, his buddy on the other side will run to engage you. Just
	wait and kill him with two grenades (dude, what kinda body armor is he
	wearing under those robes?). Go around the pool of lava to the right. If you
	need more Attrexian ammo there's a canister in the first alcove to your right.
	Walk forward slowly and see more blips on the radar. Snipe the first one,
	kill the one with the disruptor who rushes you. The remaining one is a
	grenadier and quite tough to flush out. Don't worry about the ammo
	consumption, more fed ammo soon. I suggest using the grenade launcher on the
	grenadier. If you're lucky and time it right, he'll be right behind a rock
	and you just have to lob it over. For even more Attrexian ammo, go around
	the rock he took cover behind and to the left, which opens up over the room
	you entered the subterranean caverns in. Go back down, and jump across the
	first rock to the upward slanting path on the other side. Fed ammo on the
	rock with the transporter signatures. Like the other ones, these sink with
	time, so hurry as fast as you can and you won't take damage. Head up the
	ramp in front. Watch your radar. At the intersection, there is a Romulan to
	the left and two to the right. I recommend use of the grenade launcher again.
	To the right are another three Romulans, of the same mix, a staff guy, and
	two armed with disruptors. After they are dead, explore the caves to find
	more Attrexian ammo and head out the exit along the right path. To the right
	are health and ammunition. Save before heading out into plain sight with the
	staff out. Two Romulans await you, as do two snipers in the towers. After
	you kill all of them, four Romulans beam in. A staff guy, a disruptor guy,
	and two grenadiers to either side of the main door. The two on the bottom
	will rush you. Kill the disruptor guy with a grenade, and take his partner
	with the staff with your staff. The two grenadiers you can snipe. I hope
	you're ready for a battle. After the grenadiers are dead, a Commander will
	rise out from behind the wall. And my god, is he a nasty beast Exomorph.
	Switch immediately to the X-Rad and blast away with secondary fire until
	you run out of ammo. Next, switch to the torpedo launcher. He has a variety
	of attacks. His first one is hovering over you and toasting you with a 
	fireball. His next one is the characteristic Exomorph attack of glowing
	balls, this time they're orange. And then he starts tossing lightning like
	bolts of fire at you. If you get hit by one while jumping be prepared to be
	shot a looooong way. 3 shots from the X-Rad with the combination of 13
	torpedoes oughta do it. Feel free to finish him off using any of the weapons,
	but IMO this is the fastest way to kill him while he's doing his best to
	kill you. After he drops, transition to cutscene and end of level.

3.11.2 Drull Ruins 3 Level 2a

	From the start you have relative peace. Pick up the Attrexian ammo if you
	need from directly behind you. You could see the canisters in the cutscene.
	There is also an ammo station as well as a health station you can fill up on.
	As you exit through the door in front, kill the Romulan on the right first
	with your phaser, and also the one to the left hiding behind a pillar. Then
	jump onto the floating rock and to the left. Snipe the three Romulans waiting
	for you. Approach the debris in the middle. Four Romulans beam in. Shoot the
	closest ones with your phaser, and snipe the rest. Then jump on top of the
	debris and across the lava flow. On the other side is plasma ammo and health.
	Continue further into the complex until you reach a bridge like area. Take
	out the sniper rifle. There are two enemies. One behind the pillar-like
	container on the bridge, and a grenadier to the left. You can take out the
	first by strafing to the left and sniping him. To take out the grenadier,
	crouch and creep back towards the door. Stay scoped in the entire time. In
	the next room with the flickering lighting, take out the tetryon blaster.
	Kill the three Romulans that appear. Three more Romulans will rush from the
	door in front. Eliminate them and proceed cautiously into the room. Take
	out the sniper rifle and scope in on the ledge on the far side of the room.
	Kill the sniper there. Phaser the guy on the level below you from cover.
	Head forward until two staff guys beam in and then rapidly backpedal to the
	starting point in the room. Snipe both but be ready for the Romulan who will
	come running up the stairs. Take him out with an Attrexian weapon, you'll
	want to save the federation and plasma ammunition. To get Attrexian
	ammunition, jump over the railing to your right when you enter the room.
	Face the platform and shoot the switch there. A terminal awaits you at the
	bottom. To get back up, shoot the switch along the left wall. Continue on.
	From the end of the platform, jump to the ledge below and enter the door.
	Kill the Romulan at the head of the stairs, but don't go running in yet.
	Turn around and back into the room. This way, you can see the Romulan sniper
	who is above you. Kill her with a weapon of choice. Alternatively you can
	book it to underneath the stairs and kill her from there. There is another
	Romulan in the room, hiding behind the boxes on the lower level. After you
	kill him, head through the door, and towards the next door. There are four
	Romulans in there. One is a grenadier, and the remaining three are armed
	with disruptors. When you run towards the door, one will rush you. Snipe him.
	Repeat the same tactic, to open the doors and allow you visibility of the
	two other Romulans. The last one you'll have to stand in the doorway to
	snipe. Otherwise he won't break cover to toss his grenades. Continue ahead.
	Again, approach the door and draw out the guards. Eliminate them one by one
	with the sniper rifle. After all of them are dead and you can no longer see
	any on the radar, take cover behind the boxes right in front of the door. A
	grenadier remains. Wait for a clean shot and disintegrate him. Health and
	plasma ammunition are under the stairs to your back. Enter the next room and
	take the lift down, ending the level.

3.11.3 Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3a

	Head forward slowly. A moth is hanging on the ceiling near the entrance to
	some caves. Kill it with the phaser to conserve ammunition. You're gonna
	need it on this level. Before approaching the doorway any closer, switch to
	a more powerful weapon. The door in front of you contains a Basher which will
	erupt through the door if you get too close. You can use the X-Rad, there's
	health and recharging stations in the same room as you. I wouldn't
	recommend using the secondary fire. The primary fire should be sufficient.
	If you do use the secondary fire, prepare to be toasted. I was halfway
	across the room from it when I fired and I was left with 17 health. The only
	downside to using the X-Rad is that is uses so much darn plasma energy. You
	could also use the secondary fire of the staff and freeze the Basher when it
	charges you. Take the time to slap it silly with primary fire. When ready,
	head into the cave. Be warned, there is a moth directly ahead. You can kill
	it with your compression rifle. Before heading too deep into the cave,
	crawl into the door that the Basher came through. Inside are 50 units of
	Attrexian ammo. Well, into the cave. What is there but a Stalker. You can
	see it on your radar just as you enter. If you start to go around the
	stalagmite in front of you, it will start to come after you. Immediately
	freeze it with your staff. Smack it until it starts to awaken again. Use
	secondary again, and hit it two more times. It will then collapse and die.
	Head past it and jump onto the rock floating in a pit of lava. Jump onto
	the lip nearby, and from there to ammo on a rock which you can jump to.
	Turn around and head forward. Health and energy are ahead in case you are
	depleted. Two cases of federation ammo beam in. From there, head forward,
	jump over the two rocks. Now pause, two Quadrupeds are in the next room.
	The first is to the left. You can start to kill it with the quantum burst,
	secondary mode on. When it starts to die, the one on the right will appear.
	Both have that personal shield that was on the Quadruped two levels ago, so
	fire only when its firing at you or just after its shield has gone down.
	You cannot avoid fighting these Quadrupeds, and can only proceed after both
	have perished. After about 9 torpedoes for each one (sometimes it takes less
	because one of the beasts' attacks will hurt the other one) head through the
	next cave entrance. A moth is on the right. Enter the room. After the rock
	falls through the bridge, jump across with a ready staff. A Stalker is near
	the door. Kill him and turn around 180 degrees and use the tricorder on the
	panel behind you. Another Stalker will appear. Kill him as well and use the
	panel on the right with the tricorder. A door will open. One secondary fire
	and seven primary oughta kill each one. Use the secondary fire only when
	the beast is visible otherwise you'll freeze him when he's invisible. Head
	through the door with a powerful weapon of your choice. Past the pillar are
	a moth and a Commander Exomorph. Kill him. The strategy in this area is just
	to circle around the central pillar facing him and blast away with first
	the X-Rad, and then the torpedo launcher. There is fed ammo and Attrexian
	ammo strewn about the room. Jump onto the rock and from there to the other
	side. Approach the door after filling up on health and ammo through the
	stations.  End of level.

	Matevz Mihelic has a tip for taking out the two Quadrupeds:

	The Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3a considering those two Quadrupeds. They take
	a lot of ammo to kill, right when you need it most. I have found an easy and
	ammo conserving way to kill them. First jump into the room and piss the first
	one off with a couple of shots and then retreat back to where you came from,
	almost to the second stone(you are still in the room, on solid ground)- make
	sure,that the lava doesnt get you! Quadruped will move but will not directy
	assault you. It will stay a fair distance away from you throwing everything
	it has against you. All that you have to do is crouch and it will not hit you.
	Then start shooting at it(them) with your phaser! It takes a while, but its
	cheap and your health isn't affected. I tried it 3 times and it worked.

3.11.4 Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3b

	Through the door in front of you is your boss battle arena. Directly in
	front of you, inside that purple control room is Commander Suldok, the
	stupid Romulan who unleashed all these creatures you had to kill to get
	here. Approach to begin the cutscene. From the start, rush Suldok to get
	in the first blow. A secondary fire from the X-Rad will almost completely
	kill him. Do so while evading the Exomorphs that he spawns from the lava.
	After the next cutscene, start running your ass off. You probably only
	have fed ammo and Attrexian ammo left. So start chipping away. After three
	more transitional cutscenes, about many many shots later, he'll finally die.
	His attacks consists of throwing lava at you, which you can dodge, as well
	as blue bolts from his wings. The Archaeopendra has the uncanny ability to
	dodge your shots if you take too hasty a shot, so the best weapon to take
	him on with is the quantum burst. You can take huge chunks out of his health
	with the X-Rad, which can suck ammo from the nearby terminals. There is also
	a spare X-Rad behind the ammo terminal on the left, closest to the room
	which Suldok was commanding from. Five shots from the X-Rad should kill him.
	I didn't bother trying with other weapons, but the Archaeopendra is beatable.
	After his death, enjoy the nice end sequence, in which you kiss either
	Telsia or Kleeya depending on your romance choices.

4. Credits

	I'd like to thank Asdfga3 for his demo walkthrough which helped in some ways
	to develop strategies for Missions 4 and 7. I would also like to thank 
	Sapheriel for his excellent secrets FAQ, which enabled me to survive many
	times over when I was able to pick up additional ammo when I really needed
	it. I would suggest use of his FAQ while progressing through the game.

	Kudos to Raizen Inogami for recommending a tip on level 3.10, the Romulan
	facility, regarding an alternate strategy for eliminating the traitorous

	Thanks to Matevz Mihelic for a great strategy against the two Quadrupeds
	on Drull Ruins 3 Boss Level 3a. 

	I would also like to thank Activision and Ritual for such a great game, 
	which inspired me to write this, my first, but hopefully not last

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