El Legado 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 El Legado 2

El Legado 2


Part 1:
- Click where stones meet to the right of lock, pick up a stick (drag to inventory)
- Zoom the gate, use stick to get keys
- Use keys on lock and step out
- Enter cell again and click window
- Click several times second bar from right until it breaks off, pick it up
- Leave cell, click stairs
- Click metal ring on right
- Use iron bar to get ring
- Enter left room, click safe
- Use ring on lock to open (the safe is dark, you need light)
- Leave room, click stairs
- Click stones on floor to the left, click loose stone to move it and take screwdriver
- Go back to room with safe, click to right, use screwdriver on screws that hold 
  chain and take barrel
- Leave room and click back, now click right torch (in front of cell)
- Use barrel to reach flashlight and piece of newspaper
- Go back to room with safe, use flashlight to see code inside (8347)
- Use code on panel besides door at end of hallway

Part 2:
- Click to left of first step, take photo
- Go up stairs, to the left is a door you can’t open, keep going
- Take sword, go down and use to break lock on door
- Enter and click left, click computer
- Click second drawer on left, take letter, click bottom drawer, take access card
- Go out and click left, see painting on wall
- Click left twice, zoom in on library clock and click book to the right (it’s a clue)
- Now click fourth book from left on middle shelf (beneath clock), it will open a spring
- Click left, click book on table, take cable
- Leave room, click first step, take battery
- Enter again and use it on computer, type password "baphomet" (name of guy on painting)
- Click key to unblock access to cellar (”sotano”)
- Leave computer and click right, open white door
- Enter, click right, use cable on lamp to mend
- Click switch, click right and click door

Part 3:
- Click body, click fireplace, on the right in window is a PDA, drag to inventario and 
  then drag the 3 documents to PDA (you can view them at anytime by clicking pda)
- Go back and click right 3 times, click USB cable and drag to PDA
- Click left twice, click table, read from Don Quijote and a note about a book by William 
  Golding in 1954 (it’s a clue, Lord of the Flies, "El señor de las moscas" in spanish)
- Click right, click towards main door, click left and then right, now click computer, 
  click PDA and key in "el señor de las moscas", it will say it’s in row C case 5
- click right, look towards bookcases, click left and go to row A, on top of books on 
  lower shelf is a small black switch
- click right and click center, go between bookcases, passing through row B and C until  
  you come to a chair, click the book (it’s a Bible open on Isaac’s sacrifice) and click 
  note on table, read (it’s about A study in Scarlet, "Estudio en escarlata" in spanish)
- Go back to row C, look towards exit, in a book on the right top shelf there are 2 
  templates with holes in them
- Go back to table in salon, use templates on Quijote book matching first holes with 
  shapes on top of each page, read message about 5th symphony
- Go to piano, some keys are highlighted, play 5th white 3 times and then 2nd black. A 
  panel in the salon corner opens, enter and you’ll see an electric board, put in the 
  missing switch to the right and turn it on
- Open box on floor, take gloves and lighter
- Leave room, on table next to it is a candle, light with lighter and see message: The 
  exit, though closed, will open paths ("La salida aunque cerrada, te abrirá caminos")
- To the right, the chess board pieces still cannot be moved
- Go right, click body and drag gloves to move it, click right pillow and take letter 
- Go to main door, click capital (head) of left column, take scissors and click switch 
  next to door, a secret room will open
- Go back to piano, click cords, use scissors to cut them and read diary page, click 
  Guardar (save) and take lemon underneath
- Now go to library computer, use PDA and key in "estudio en escarlata", it will say 
  row B case 3
- Go to row B, look towards back of library on left case, click a book, it has something 
  hidden in the cover, use letter opener and find a blank note
- Drag lemon to note, a message appears about ”jaque pastor”, a specific set of chess moves
- Go to chess board, now you can move the pieces:
> white pawn in front of king, 2 positions (a black pawn moves)
> white bishop to our right, 3 positions (a black knight moves)
> white queen, diagonally to our left as far as possible (another black knight moves)
> take black pawn with bishop and... ”jaque pastor”. Drag white queen to inventory
- Go back to secret room next to main door, use queen on lock, go out and click gate

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