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 Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential

Version 1.3 2/4/12

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Emerald City Confidential
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Emerald City
  004b. Quadling Country
  004c. Winkie Country
  004d. Phanfasm Island
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Emerald City 
Confidential, for the PC. This is an adventure game, which 
is done in film noir style and takes place in the Oz book 
series. You can get this game from its publisher, 
Playfirst, or from a number of casual gaming websites.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide or 
the game in general, contact me at

002-Video Walkthrough

For those of you who would like to watch how to beat the 
game, instead of reading how to beat the game, a set of 
videos can be found here:

The video walkthrough comes complete with my commentary.


(in order of appearance)

Petra: The main character. Petra is a private investigator, 
who is looking for information about her long-lost brother. 
She is also hoping to find enough evidence to convict her 
nemesis, the Lion. Over the course of the game, she gets 
several clients who have various jobs for her to do.

The Lion: A corrupt lawyer who knows how to cheat the 
system. He seems to enjoy breaking laws and blackmailing 

Gump: Gumps are the main form of transportation in this 
game. They don't talk much.

Dorothy "Dee" Gale: Petra's first client. She hires Petra 
to find Anzel, her missing fiancé.

Scarecrow: He was the ruler of Oz for a brief time, after 
the Wizard of Oz left but before Ozma took the throne. He 
likes to speak in riddles.

Scraps: Also known as the Patchwork Girl of Oz, Scraps owns 
a store next to Petra's Office. Scraps has a hard time 
deciding between opposites, but she's a nice enough person.

Tik Tok: A clockwork man, who is a member of the Royal Army 
of Oz. He used to work with Petra, when she was in the 

Betsy Bobbin: A woman in a ritzy part of town. Petra has to 
visit her in order to track down a lead at one point.

Hank: A mule, who is Betsy's security guard. He tries to 
keep people out of Betsy's apartment.

General Jinjur: A general in the Royal Army of Oz. She 
holds a grudge against Petra, for what Petra did during the 
Phanfasm War.

Cap'n Bill: A sailor with a peg leg. He is Trot's guardian, 
and he is indicated as a suspect when his ship explodes in 
the harbor.

Trot: A girl from California who came to Oz with Cap'n 
Bill. She loves him more than anyone else in the world, and 
she hires Petra to clear his name.

Professor H. M. Wogglebug, T. E.: The founder of the Royal 
University of Oz, Professor Wogglebug is both highly 
magnified and thoroughly educated.

Cutter: An assistant at the Royal University of Oz. The 
missing Anzel worked for Cutter.

Jack Pumpkinhead: A good friend of Ozma, who runs the 
smuggling industry in the Emerald City. 

Ruggedo: The former Nome King, who worked with the 
Phanfasms during the war. They betrayed him, and in 
revenge, he gave their battle plans to the Ozians. Ruggedo 
is now working as a bartender, with political asylum. 

Toto: A dog who belongs to Dorothy Gale. Toto is upset that 
animals aren't allowed to have knowledge pills from the 

Anzel: Dee's missing fiancée, who went into hiding because 
he has a powerful magical artifact.

Mirror: An unknown person who was turned into a mirror. She 
likes it when people compliment her.

Queen Ozma: The ruler of the Land of Oz. The war with the 
Phanfasms has caused her to become somewhat cold and harsh.

Phanfasms: Monstrous creatures with human bodies and animal 
heads. They invaded Oz many years ago, but they were 

The First and Foremost Phanfasm: The leader of the 
Phanfasms, who has a bear head. He intends on restarting 
the war between his country and Oz.

Woot the Wanderer: A man who runs a magic arena.

Mombi: The reigning magical champion. She is uppity and has 
a special dislike for the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz: The former ruler of Oz, the Wizard has 
since lost his magic license. He is still mourning the 
death of his female friend Glinda.

Ugu: A magician in training, who isn't very good at magic. 
Petra fights a duel against Ugu, in order to become the 
Wizard of Oz's pupil.

Kiki Aru: A magician who is holding a rope captive by 
playing a magical song.

Magic Rope: The rope being held captive by Kiki Aru. It is 
willing to help Petra, if she saves it from Kiki.

Barista: A woman who sells food at Woot's Arena. She is not 
very friendly.

Glinda: The good witch of the south, who is well-known for 
being powerful and having a magical book. She taught the 
Wizard of Oz everything he knows about magic.

Frogman: The Frogman is half-frog and half-human. He is a 
gangster who blackmails many people, including the 

Miss Cayke: A Munchkin woman who runs a restaurant in 
Winkie Country. She is usually quite pleasant.

Shaggy Man: A Gump repairman with a bad stutter and a crush 
on Miss Cayke.

Tin Woodman: Also called Nick Chopper, the Tin Woodman is 
the governor of Winkie Country. He wants to arrest the 
Frogman, but his hands are tied.

Wooden Sawhorse: The Sawhorse is a means of reliable 
transportation in the Land of Oz. He is frightened of 
something he saw recently, and he refuses to talk about it.

Nimee Amee: A woman who works for the Frogman. She used to 
be the love of the Tin Woodman's life, before he lost his 
heart (and later regained it).

Wicked Witch of the West: The former ruler of Winkie 
Country, who was killed by Dorothy.

William: Petra's long-lost brother.


The game starts with our heroine, Petra, outside a 
warehouse. She's got a big file of information on her 
nemesis, the Lion. She just needs to get inside the 
warehouse and collect information there, and then she'll 
have enough proof to finally convict the Lion.

This is a pretty simple challenge. Pick up the crowbar on 
the sidewalk, and it is added to your inventory. Then, use 
the crowbar on the door to the warehouse.

Petra then gets knocked unconscious by poppy gas. Uh oh!

Petra wakes up, hanging off a bridge by some rope. At the 
top of the screen, the possible actions she can take 
appear. You can try to cut the rope, climb it, or wriggle 

Try whatever options you like. None of them save her. Once 
you learn this, "Call for help" is added to the list of 
options. Petra calls out, and who appears? The Lion.

Petra has a conversation with the Lion. You can choose her 
dialogue options here. Click on a line, and Petra will say 
it. When you want to end the conversation, pick the final 
line, "Enough Talk!"

It seems that Lion burned the warehouse to the ground, 
destroyed Petra's evidence AND tied her to the bridge. That 
evil Lion! Masquerading as an innocent lawyer, while 
secretly committing crimes!

Petra unties herself from the bridge and falls down, down 
to the ground. Before she lands on the ground, she gets 
caught by the Gump Transit System. She then gets taken home 
to her office on Plumly Street.

Petra says she needs the journal in her cabinet. Pick up 
the key on the desk, then use it on the cabinet. Petra then 
gets the notebook.

Someone knocks on the door. Open the door to meet Dee, 
Petra's newest client. Dee wants Petra to find her missing 
fiancée, Anzel. Before Dee leaves, Petra realizes that Dee 
is really Dorothy Gale, the little girl who came to Oz many 
years ago.

Click on the door to exit the office. If Anzel entered the 
city through the North Gate, that's where our investigation 
should start. Click on the gump stand in the upper/right to 
go to the map screen, and click on the North Gate location 
(in the upper/right) to go there.

Tik Tok the Clockwork Man is here, standing guard. If you 
talk to him, he says that Anzel did not come through here. 
Tik Tok also admits that Anzel might have used a false 

Use the picture of Anzel on Tik Tok. He recognizes him as a 
man who came to town to visit Betsy Bobbins. Interesting...

While here in the north gate, you can check the map to 
learn about the color scheme here in Oz. You also learn 
about the geography in the Land of Oz.

North = Gilikin Country = Purple
South = Quadling Country = Red
West = Winkie Country = Yellow
East = Munchkin Country = Blue
Center = Emerald City = Green

Use the Gump Stand to get to your new location, Grinetta 
Lane. That's where Betsy Bobbins lives. Standing on guard, 
outside her door, is Hank the Donkey.

Talk to Hank. He says no strangers are allowed inside the 
house, unless they're making deliveries. Hank also mentions 
the two places that Betsy likes to visit: Munchkin Country 
and Quadling Country.

Petra needs to find some flowers to deliver to Betsy. 
Fortunately, she can buy flowers at the shop next to her 
office. Use the gump stand to return to Plumly Street.

The Scarecrow is standing outside of Petra's office. If you 
ever need a hint, you can ask him for one. He'll indirectly 
tell you how to solve the current puzzle.

Scraps' store is now open. Go inside, and Petra will see 
Scraps talking to the Lion.

Talk to Scraps to learn that she's looking for buttons. If 
you find any buttons in this game, you can give them to 
Scraps in return for some concept art. One button is on top 
of a shelf in the lower/right; it shines every now and then 
so you can see it. You can beat the game without collecting 
any buttons, however.

Talk to Scraps about buying flowers. This is a puzzle: you 
need to figure out which flowers to get for Betsy. Well, 
since Betsy likes Munchkin Country and Quadling Country, 
that means you should get blue and red flowers. Those are 
the colors of those two areas, after all.

Once you have the bouquet of blue and red flowers, return 
to Grinetta Lane. Use the flowers on Hank, and he will let 
you go inside to talk to Betsy Bobbins.

Talk with Betsy about everything. She has two leads for 
you. First, she says that Anzel is connected to the 
University. Second, she says that Anzel was chased by 
General Jinjur.

Let's follow the second lead first. Betsy says you should 
ask a guard in order to find Jinjur. Leave Betsy's house, 
then travel to the North Gate. Talk to Tik Tok, and he will 
tell you that Jinjur is at the East Dock.

Go to the East Dock. General Jinjur is harassing two 
innocent sailors, whose ship exploded. Jinjur suspects that 
illegal magic was involved in the explosion.

Go down to the edge of the dock, where something is 
shining. It's a cufflink! Show the cufflink to Jinjur, and 
Petra will cast suspicion away from Trot and Captain Bill. 
After all, the cufflink must belong to somebody other than 
the sailors, and perhaps this unknown third party is the 
one who made the ship explode.

Trot and Captain Bill leave. Talk with Jinjur about 
everything. Jinjur isn't very friendly, but she gives Petra 
some important information. According to Jinjur, Anzel was 
a smuggler.

If Anzel was a smuggler, he must be connected to Jack 
Pumpkinhead, the main smuggler in the Emerald City. Take 
the Gump stand to Jack's house and talk to him about 
everything. Jack denies everything. It looks like we'll 
have to find out more about Anzel's smuggling, in order to 
get Jack to talk.

Since there's no way to find out more info about Anzel's 
smuggling activities, let's follow up on our other lead, at 
the University. Go inside the building and talk to 
Professor Wogglebug about everything. He will mention his 
knowledge pill machine and his assistant, Cutter.

Cutter is the one who hired Anzel, and the Professor will 
summon him for you. Talk to Cutter about everything, and 
make sure to say, "Isn't knowledge priceless?" That way, 
Cutter will arrange for Petra to get pills from the 
knowledge pill machine, in exchange for her telling him 
about Anzel.


Once you've followed both of the leads that Betsy gave you, 
and you've been to all the locations and basically talked 
to everyone, you can return to Petra's office to meet Trot. 
Petra will think about returning to her office, when this 
happens. Trot hires Petra to investigate Captain Bill, who 
is at Ruggedo's. Take the Gump there, then go inside the 

Here at the bar, you have two items which will help you 
solve puzzles. One is the umbrella in the corner, and the 
other is the bowl of candy on the counter. Take both 
things, then talk with Ruggedo and Captain Bill about 
everything. Leave the bar, then talk to General Jinjur 
about everything. Jinjur mentions Bill's criminal record.

Return to the docks. You'll notice an orange thing, 
floating in the wreckage. Use the umbrella to pick it up. 
It's a piece of a pumpkin. This is the evidence we need to 
prove that Jack Pumpkinhead is smuggling illegal magical 
artifacts, inside pumpkins. Unfortunately, we can't do this 
quite yet.

Return to the university. Talk with the dog, Toto. Toto can 
use his power of smell to determine if the pumpkin has 
magical properties. Unfortunately, he says he won't do 
that, unless you get him a knowledge pill.

Go inside the university. Petra has access to the knowledge 
pharmacy, thanks to Cutter. Get a pill about Bill's trial 
and swallow it. That causes Petra to learn that Jack 
Pumpkinhead defended Captain Bill duing a trial. Aha! 
There's a connection between them!

Get a second knowledge pill. It doesn't matter what kind of 
pill you get. When you try to leave, Professor Wogglebug 
tells you to eat the pill before leaving. Use the candy 
(from the candy dish at Ruggedo's) on Petra; she will eat 
it, while pretending it's a pill. The good professor is 
fooled by this trick.

Go outside and give the pill to Toto. Then, give him the 
pumpkin. He confirms that it was carrying magic recently. 
Toto then leaves, but he gives you a dog whistle before he 

Now that Petra knows Bill was smuggling magic, go to 
Ruggedo's and confront Bill. Bill will admit the truth. 
After this, go to Jack Pumpkinhead's and confront Jack. 
Jack will tell you that the Scarecrow hid Anzel.

The Scarecrow is outside Petra's office. Talk to him, and 
he will say that Anzel went to Ruggedo's, in order to be 

Return to Ruggedo's Bar. Talk to him about Anzel, and he 
admits that he used a magic spell to turn Anzel into a 
decanter. Ask Ruggedo to turn Petra into a decanter, so she 
can talk to Anzel.

Ruggedo casts the spell, but immediately afterwards, 
General Jinjur comes and takes him away. Oh no!

Talk to Anzel, the crystal decanter. Talk to him about 
everything, then talk to the mirror. She can help you see 
the magic spell, if only she'd bend down a bit.

Talk to the mirror about everything, then ask Anzel for 
some advice. He says to mention the mirror's eyes. Talk to 
the mirror again, and this time, mention her eyes while 
sweet-talking her. Once that's done, Petra learns the spell 

Use the spell on Petra, then leave. A gump appears, and he 
takes you to see Dorothy. Talk with Dorothy about 
everything. She wants the magical artifact in Anzel's 
pocket, just like the unknown person who blew up Bill's 
ship to get the artifact. Dorothy promises to help Petra 
find her brother, in return.

The only way to turn Anzel back to normal is with a 
transformation potion. Who deals with illegal potions? Jack 
Pumpkinhead, that's who. Go to Jack and talk to him about 
it, and he says that Scraps has it.

Go to Scraps' store, which is right next to Petra's office. 
Get the transformation potion from her, then go to 
Ruggedo's. Use the potion on the decanter, and Anzel turns 
back to normal.

Talk to Anzel. He doesn't want to give Petra the spirit 
rod. Once you finish talking with him, he runs away. Not 
long after, he gets kidnapped by Cutter.

Petra jumps into a gump and chases Anzel and Cutter. She 
can't get any closer, unless her gump gets more energy. Use 
the candy from Ruggedo's on the gump, and it will fly close 
to Cutter and Anzel. Click on Cutter and talk to him about 

Cutter is really a Phanfasm spy! He takes off with Anzel, 
but fortunately, Petra recovers the Spirit Rod.

Or...maybe Petra isn't fortunate, because she gets arrested 
and taken before Queen Ozma. No matter which conversation 
topics you pick, Petra gets thrown in jail for illegal 
magic usage.

Tik Tok puts Petra in the jail cell. Talk to him about 
everything, but nothing works. He won't let her escape. You 
then see a scene of Anzel being brought prisoner before the 
First and Foremost Phanfasm.

Later, The Scarecrow comes to visit. Pick whatever dialogue 
options you want here. He becomes convinced that Petra is a 
good person, and he decides to help her escape from jail.

The Scarecrow doesn't say this out loud, of course, but he 
leaves a very helpful piece of paper on the ground behind 
him as he leaves...

Pick up the piece of paper. It's a magic spell called 
"Escapum". Use it to escape from the cell.

Tik Tok is standing guard here, so you can't go outside. 
Take the pills from the cupboard here, and take Petra's 
belongings from the box on the ground. Then, read the 
Prisoner's Rights, written on the wall near the door to the 
jail cell. It says that prisoners can't have health hazards 
inside their cells.

Use Escapum again, to get back inside the cell. Click on 
the little window on the door, and Petra calls out to Tik 
Tok. Ask him for some food. It ends up being disgusting 
food, and Petra throws it against the wall.

Use the Green Potion on the food. That makes it look moldy 
and unhealthy. Call to Tik Tok again and tell him that the 
food poses a health hazard. Then, use Escapum again and 
walk out the door.

The exit to the palace is to the right, but Jinjur is on 
guard. Darn! Instead, go left to the throne room.

There's not much to do here besides look at Ozma's magic 
picture. It won't show Petra where her brother William is, 
but it does show where Dee is. Dee is in her room, with 

Wait a minute...Toto! He's friends with Petra, because 
Petra gave him a knowledge pill from the university! Maybe 
Toto and Dee can help!

Use the dog whistle that you got from Toto. He shows up and 
takes you to go see Dee. Go through the conversation with 
Dee, and by the time the conversation is over, Dee is very 
upset with Petra. Dee is so upset that she uses her magic 
belt to silence Petra.

Petra goes back to the palace. Now that Petra is magically 
silent, she can sneak past General Jinjur. Go through the 
exit that Jinjur is guarding.

All right, Petra is almost home free! Unfortunately, the 
Scarecrow and Ozma enter the room and find her. They then 
talk to Petra at length and explain the Spirit Rod.

The Spirit Rod holds the spirits of the four witches of Oz. 
There are four keystones in Oz, and each one frees a 
particular witch. Two witches have been freed, and Petra is 
given the job of freeing the two remaining witches.

That is, Petra has to go to both Quadling Country and 
Winkie Country, and solve the puzzles there. You can visit 
the two countries in either order.

004b-Quadling Country

In Quadling Country, Petra lands near Woot's Arena. There's 
a copper rod in the lower/right part of the screen here. 
Pick it up, then go left to the tower.

This is Glinda's Tower. The keystone is at the top of it, 
but it's locked, so Petra can't get inside. On the ground, 
to the right of the tower, is a Tonk Rock, which as magical 
properties. Pick it up.

Go right, to the arena. Go inside and talk to Woot the 
Wanderer, who owns it. This arena is a magic arena, where 
people duel with magic. The reigning champion is Mombi, and 
she has access to the tower.

Go inside the little café here, where Mombi is. There are 
several things to do here.

1. Go up the stairs and talk to Mombi about everything. She 
refuses to let you in the tower unless you beat her in a 
magic battle.
2. Buy food from the barista. There's one piece of food 
that makes you float, and one piece of food that weighs you 
3. Go up the stairs and talk to the rope. It is being held 
captive by Kiki Aru. Only unbinding magic can free it.

Leave the café, then talk to Woot. He will let you fight in 
the magical arena, if you get a coach.

Go inside the arena, where a coach is training a magician. 
Talk to the coach, who is the former Wizard of Oz. He had 
his magic license revoked, after he attacked Mombi outside 
of the ring.

Ask the Wizard if he will be your coach. He likes the idea 
of getting into the tower and getting revenge on Mombi, but 
he wants to see how good Petra is with magic first. He sets 
up a brief match between Petra and Ugu.

Ugu makes a small prison over Petra. Use the escapum spell 
to escape from the prison. The Wizard becomes happy with 
this, and he agrees to be Petra's new coach. He also 
teachers her a new spell, called Sap.

Before leaving the arena, take note of the broken rod on 
the outside of the ring. That's actually part of a trick 
Mombi uses to defeat her enemies. Use the steel rod you got 
outside on the broken rod. Petra switches the two rods, 
thus rendering Mombi's trick ineffective.

Once the Wizard is Petra's coach, talk to him about the 
Tonk Rock. He says it's used for unbinding magic, which is 
the same kind of magic that the magic rope needs.

Go to the café. Go to the top of the stairs, then use the 
Tonk Rock on the rope. The rope becomes free, and it agrees 
to help Petra in the fight against Mombi, in thanks.

Leave the café, then talk to Woot. Now that you have a 
coach, you can fight Mombi. All right!

The fight begins. On Mombi's first turn, she conjures a 
magic shield. Then, it's Petra's turn. Use sap on the magic 

On Mombi's second turn, she conjures up some wind. Mombi 
then conjures up some wind. Use the heavy cake on Petra, 
and she will stand in place during the wind. Then, on 
Petra's second turn, use the sap on the magic shield.

On Mombi's third turn, she puts Petra in a hole. Use the 
magic rope on the hole, and Petra will climb out. On 
Petra's third turn, use sap to completely destroy Mombi's 
magic shield.

On Mombi's fourth turn, she casts a lightning spell. This 
spell is supposed to bounce off of the broken copper rod 
and hit Petra from behind. Since Petra replaced the broken 
rod with one that isn't broken, the trick fails. Use Sap on 
Mombi during Petra's fourth turn, and she wins the battle!

The Wizard and Petra go to Glinda's Tower. The Wizard 
unlocks it and goes ahead of Petra. Follow after him, then 
use the Spirit Rod on the keystone to free Glinda, the 
witch of Quadling Country.

It seems like there will be a happy reunion between the 
Wizard and Glinda, when Mombi appears and attempts to kill 
the Wizard. While Mombi and Glinda fight, use the light 
cake on the Wizard. He floats up, out of harm's way.

All right! You're finished with Quadling Country!

004c-Winkie Country

Petra arrives in the Town of Flow, in Winkie Country. On 
the left is Cayke's Diner, and on the right is Shaggy's 
Gump Shop. On the far right side of the screen in the Tin 
Man and the Sawhorse. Talk to the Tin Man about everything. 
He says that he knows where the keystone is, but the 
Sawhorse is too afraid to take Petra there.

If you go inside Shaggy's, you see that the Frogman is 
blackmailing Shaggy. If you go inside Cayke's, you see that 
the Frogman is blackmailing Cayke. Go to both locations, 
then talk to the Tin Man.

The Tin Man makes a deal with Petra. If she can stop the 
Frogman, the Tin Man will let her go to the area with the 
keystone. I guess that means Petra has to take down the 

Talk to the Sawhorse and ask to go to the Frogman's villa. 
Knock on the front door and ask to see the Frogman. Talk 
with him, and he gives Petra a job: obtain an illegal 
magical artifact from the city.

Return to the Emerald City, using the Gump Stand. Go to 
Scraps' store, next to Petra's office on Plumly Street. 
Tell her about the Frogman, then pick up the magic 

Return to the Frogman's Villa and show him the paintbrush. 
He is impressed, and he hires Petra. He then lets Petra 
leave, and on the way out, Petra speaks with Nimee Aimee, 
the Frogman's secretary. She has a locket for the Tin Man.

Go back to town and give the locket to the Tin Man. He is 
not too happy that Nimee returned his present. And speaking 
of people who are unlucky when it comes to love, the Shaggy 
Man has some big problems.

Once you talk to Miss Cayke, you can talk to the Shaggy Man 
about her. He has a crush on Miss Cayke, but he's 
embarrassed by the fact that he is bad at talking.

Return to the Emerald City and go to the university. Get an 
elocution pill to help Shaggy out. Eat one of the pieces of 
candy to fool the Wogglebug, just like you did when you 
snuck out a pill to Toto, earlier.

Go to Shaggy and give him the pill. It works! He now has a 
large vocabulary, and what's more, he teaches you a spell: 
Woodsia. That makes wooden things float.

Go over to the diner and watch as Shaggy speaks with Miss 
Cayke. It doesn't work very well. She is mad that he is 
trying to impress her with his fancy words.

Return to Shaggy's. Shaggy is very upset about what 
happened, and he wishes that he never took the vocabulary 
pill. Petra has some oblivion pills--which she took from 
shelf in the jail area--so give a pill to Shaggy. He turns 
back to normal.

Return to the diner and see that Shaggy and Miss Cayke have 
patched things up between the two of them. Hooray! Talk to 
Miss Cayke now, and she reveals half of the top secret 
spell that the Frogman uses.

Return to the Frogman's villa. The Sawhorse is right 
underneath the Frogman's window, right? Use the Woodsia 
spell on the Sawhorse, and it floats up. This lets Petra 
hear the other half of the Frogman's spell. Petra puts the 
two halves together and figures out the spell: 

Go inside the Frogman's Villa. You can talk with Nimee 
Aimee if you want to. Ask to see the Frogman and talk to 
him about anything you want. Eventually, the Frogman will 
leave with Nimee, and Petra will be alone in the room.

Time to use the Teleportrait spell. However, it only works 
on a painting of yourself. Use the magic paintbrush on the 
picture on the wall, then use teleportrait. Grab the files 
from the drawer, then use teleportrait again. Use the 
paintbrush on the painting to return it to normal.

Leave the villa and go to the Tin Man. Use the files on 
him, and he agrees that this is enough information to stop 
the Frogman. Hooray! You can now use the Sawhorse to get to 
the location of the keystone: Winkie Ravine.

Go there now. Use the Spirit Rod on the keystone, and you 
free the Wicked Witch of the West. Talk to her about 

The Frogman then appears, bent on getting revenge on Petra. 
The Frogman and the Wicked Witch then fight each other. 
While they're fighting, use the Woodsia spell on the 
Sawhorse. It will kick the Frogman from behind, knocking 
the criminal off the cliff.

Then, click on the Sawhorse to go back to the village. All 
right! You're finished with Winkie Country!

004d-Phanfasm Island

Once you finish with Winkie and Quadling Country, Petra 
returns to her office. Cutter appears suddenly. Pick 
whatever dialogue options you like, and Cutter will steal 
the Spirit Rod. He also uses a handkerchief, to show that 
he is the one who took Petra's brother William during the 
first war.

Petra wakes up hours later and hurries to the palace. 
Cutter kidnapped Ozma, and the Scarecrow is now the interim 
ruler of Oz. Go through the conversation with him and 
Petra. Petra wants to talk to Cutter about her brother, but 
due to the fact that Oz has just declared war on the 
Phanfasms, this seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, Petra gets paid 10,000 emeralds for her work 
with the keystones, and that's it. She's not allowed to do 
anything concerning the war or Cutter.

Leave to the courtyard. The Lion is here. Talk to him if 
you want. Then, go to the entrance hall, where Tik Tok is. 
Talk to Tik Tok about everything. He says that the only 
civilian who can go to Phanfasm Island now, ahead of Oz's 
army, is the ambassador.

There is currently no ambassador. Go back to the throne 
room and ask the Scarecrow for the job. Jinjur interferes, 
and she refuses to let Petra become ambassador, because 
Petra deserted the army in the previous war.

Go to the courtyard again and speak to the Lion. He can 
become Petra's lawyer and make it so she is the 
ambassador...if she gives him 10,000 emeralds.

Give him the money, and the Lion uses his excellent legal 
skills to help Petra. The Scarecrow gives her a 
transportation vial and wishes her luck in preventing the 
war, saving Queen Ozma, and talking to Cutter.

Use the transportation vial on Petra, and she arrives at 
Phanfasm Island. Sadly, she is captured almost immediately, 
and she gets sent to the same cell as Ozma.

Talk to the First and Foremost Phanfasm. He tells you the 
truth about your brother, William. Ozma gave William to the 
Phanfasms, during the first war.

The Phanfasms leave, and Ozma tries to defend her actions. 
The furious Petra doesn't want to hear it, however. Use Sap 
on Ozma to get her to be quiet. Then, use Escapum to escape 
from jail.

Ozma teaches Petra a spell: reversia. This will reverse the 
effects of her spells. For example, Woodsia makes wood 
float. The reversed Woodsia makes wood sink. Use Reversia 
on Petra to switch between normal spells and reversed 

Go left to a chasm. Petra needs to cross, and there's 
nothing here by a small sapling. Use the biguuf spell on 
the sapling, and it grows tall. Then, use the Reverse 
Woodsia spell on the tree to make it fall. Petra walks 
across it to the other side of the chasm.

Petra walks to the Phanfasm Fortress, where she hears from 
Anzel. He's in jail right now. Use Reverse Escapum on 
Petra, and she appears in the jail. Talk to Anzel about 
everything and give him the transportation vial.

Anzel, being the selfish fellow he is, drinks the entire 
vial, thus leaving Petra trapped here.

Leave through the door, which is unlocked. The guard 
outside is a phanfasm with a wolf's head.

Use the dog whistle here. The phanfasm grabs his ears in 
pain, thus allowing Petra to escape up the stairs. When she 
does so, she sees that Ozma is being taken prisoner.

You can go inside the room on the right, which is the 
library. Talk with Petra's brother William about 
everything. He agrees to help her.

Leave the library, then go up the stairs, where Ozma is 
about to be killed. Use Woodsia on the plank, and it will 
float, along with Ozma.

The Phanfasms get angry now, as Petra and her brother 
attempt to escape. There's a chase sequence, and the First 
and Foremost Phanfasm uses a spell to make vines which 
prevent your exit.

Use the Reverse Biguuf spell to make the vines go away, 
then leave the room. Petra and her brother go to the hall, 
with the First and Foremost Phanfasm in close pursuit.

Here, use Teleportrait on the First and Foremost. He will 
be sent inside the portrait of himself. While he's stuck 
there, grab a torch and use it on the portrait. The First 
and Foremost is burnt up into ashes.

The game skips to several days later. Petra managed to stop 
the war with the Phanfams, but William is arrested. Petra 
goes to visit him in jail.

Talk to William about everything. Petra gives him a picture 
of his younger self, taken before he disappeared. Use the 
teleportrait spell on William, and he goes into the 
picture. Then, Petra walks out of the jail, with the 
picture in her pocket, thereby breaking him out of jail.

After this, you see the ending cutscene, where Petra uses 
the Teleportrait spell again, in order to get William out 
of the picture.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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