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 Emerald City Confidential Hints

Emerald City Confidential Hints

Chapter 1 - Emerald City
-Get into the warehouse
-Get the crowbar behind you on the floor and click it at the door
-Get off the bridge - alive!
-A menu opens. 
-Choose one option - it will be wrong and another option will be shown
-The right answer to give is: Call for help
-But there is no harm to read and listen to what happens when you use 
 the other options first
-Find the spare notebook
-Get the key that is laying on the desk and click it on the file cabinet
 at the left side, right next to the door
-When the Lady wants to go, choose any answer you wish
-Investigate Lead at the North Gate
-Click the door to open it and leave the office
-Go to the right by clicking at the thing that looks a canopy bench
-A map will open, click the North Gate located at the top right side
-Talk with Tik Tok
-Click Tik Tok and use the conversation option "Ask about Anzel"
-Follow up the questions about Anzel
-Get the picture of Anzel out of the inventory and click it on Tik Tok
-Follow the conversation till the end
-Click the Gump Stand
-Choose "Grinetta Lane", right side in the middle of the map
-Main-Quest:Follow Anzel's trail
-Sub-Quests: Find some flowers for Betsy
-Follow Anzel's trail
-Talk to Hank, the donkey
-You will get the another quest: Find some flowers for Betsy
-Go on talking with Hank
-Choose option "How can I come in to see her?"
-End conversation and click the Gump Stand 
-Choose "Petra's Office"
-Talk to the odd looking man standing next to Petra's Office
-Use all possible conversation options, ask only one time for hint
-End the conversation
-Find some flowers for Betsy
-Click the door left of the guy and enter the Shop
-Follow up the conversation between Lion and Scraps
-When Lion is gone, talk to Scraps
-Choose the options: Anything new for sale? / Tell me more about the flowers
 I'd like to buy some of these flowers
-Choose whatever you like. I didn't try all, for me it worked at least with 
 red/blue and blue/purple
-After you have the flowers, ask Scraps "What are you looking for again?"
-At the right shelf behind you, you will see a little green sparkling
-Click it and you will receive a button
-Click Scraps again for a conversation and choose: I've got some buttons for you
-Whenever you a colored sparkling in any scene, click on it to get the button. 
-You can give it to Scraps whenever you are in the neighborhood
-You will receive a sketch from Scraps
-Leave the shop and click at the Gump Stand
-Choose Grinetta Lane
-Click the flowers at Hank
-He will accept it and you can enter the house by clicking at the door
-As soon as Hank accepts the flowers, you will receive the emeralds for both 
-Talk with Betty
-Follow the conversation
-It's important to ask Betty: "Anzel was a student at the University?" and "What 
 happened when the guard showed up?"
-You will get two new tasks: Follow lead to the University and Find General Jinjur
-Leave Betty after the conversation, click the Gump Stand and choose "University" 
 in the middle of the scene
-Main Quest: Follow lead to the University
-Sub Quest: Take advantage of Cutter
-Follow lead to the University
-Get the red button from the stairs
-Enter the University
-Talk to Professor Woogleburg
-Go through the conversation: 1. Ask about Anzel 2. Ask about University 3. 
-Ask about machine
-After asking about the machine, choose the "Go back" Option and you will see 
 another conversation-theme
-Ask about Cutter
-End the conversation when Cutter is there and talk to him
-Ask about Anzel. Make sure that you talk long enough to see see "Anzel is back 
 in the city"
-You will get a new quest "Take advantage of Cutter"
-Get the button from the bottom at the left side
-Take advantage of Cutter
-When he asks you for your fee, choose the answer: Isn't knowledge priceless? I 
 want access to the Knowledge Pharmacy
-End the conversation and click the machine left of the entrance
-Choose a pill and swallow it
-If you choose now all pills or if you do it later one by one is up to you
-You can't leave the University with a pill in your inventory, at least not now
-Leave the machine and click the door to leave the University
-Click the Gump Stand to go to the North Gate
-Find General Jinjur
-Talk to Tik Tok and choose "Do you still talk to General Jinjur?"
-Listen to the answer and then use the Gump Stand and choose "East Docks" in 
 the lower right corner
-At the docks, you see General Jinjur standing with two people.
-You managed the quest
-Talk to General Junipur
-At the docks, you can see something blinking on the right.
-Click it once to get there and a second time to take it
-The cufflinks go into your inventory
-Go back and give it to General Jinjur
-Wait until Captain Bill and Trot leave, then talk to her
-Go through the complete conversation
-Finish the conversation and click "Pumpkin Patch" in the upper left corner
-Talk to Pumpkin Jack
-Go through the conversation with Pumpkin Jack
-After this, click the wooden sign at the right side of the screen - it's the 
 way to the Gump Stand
-Choose Petra's office
-Enter the office and talk to Trot
-When she asks about the fee, then ask 50 emeralds
-After she leaves, get the yellow button from the table next to the door
-Leave the office, enter Scraps' shop and give her the buttons by using the 
 conversation menu (I've got some buttons for you)
-Go outside, you may ask the odd looking man for another hint
-Click the Gump Stand and choose "Riggedo's Bar"
-Main Quest: Investigate Captain Bill 
-Sub Quests: Retrieve mysterious debris/Learn more about the pumpkin
-Investigate Captain Bill
-Wait until General Jinjur leaves the bar, then talk to Ruggedo
-After finishing this conversation, talk to Bill
-When you are done with talking, grab some candy out of the blue bowl, standing 
 at the right left side of the bar
-Before you leave, get the umbrella, standing right next to the door
-Go outside and talk again to General Jinjur
-After this, use the Gump Stand to the East Docks
-Get the button which is sparkling at the tower right next to the moon at the map
-When you arrive at the docks, an orange thing is floating in the water
-Retrieve mysterious debris
-Get the umbrella from your inventory and click it on the orange thing
-It goes automatically into your inventory
-Investigate Captain Bill/Learn more about the pumpkin
-Talk to Trot and use the Gump Stand after the conversation to go to the 
-In front of the stairs you'll see Toto, the dog
-Talk with Toto, till you can show him the pumpkin
-End the conversation and enter the university
-Click the machine and press Bill's Trial
-Swallow the pill and get another one, doesn't matter which one
-Put this pill into the inventory for later
-Get the candies from your inventory and click it on Petra
-She will swallow it - Professor Woogleburg thinks, that she swallowed 
 the knowledge place
-Leave the University and click the pill onto Toto
-Start a conversation with him about Magic
-Show him the pumpkin
-You will receive a silver whistle from him for later use
-You passed your quests and will get a new one
-Confront Bill
-Use the Gump Stand to get to Riggedo's Bar
-Talk to Bill 
-Leave the Bar and use the Gump Stand to go to the Pumpkin Patch
-Confront Pumpkin Jack
-Talk with Jack about Bill
-Go on until you have the option to ask about the Scarecrow
-Use the Gump Stand and choose Petra's Office
-Find the Scarecrow, Find Anzel
-You will find a red button in the puddle on the street
-Bring Scraps the buttons to receive more sketches
-Talk to the odd man and choose "You wouldn't know anything about the 
 Scarecrow, would you?"
-Follow up the conversation until the man leaves
-Go to the Gump Stand and choose Riggedo's Bar
-Talk to Riggedo about Anzel and choose "You can stop pretending. I know 
 he came here" and "Where is he?"
-Go on with the conversation and choose to be transformed
-Transform Petra back
-Talk first to Anzel, the decanter on the left side of the bar
-After that, talk to the mirror
-When the mirror won't believe you when you tell it that it is pretty, 
 talk to Anzel 
-Talk again to the mirror and choose: "You have really nice eyes"
-Get the spell out of your magic inventory on the right lower side of the 
 scene and click it on the cloth rack
-Leave the Bar
-Transform Anzel
-Click the Gump to enter it
-Under the balcony door you will find a button
-Talk to Dee 
-You will get a new challenge
-Leave the room through the balcony door 
-Click the Gump to enter it and choose Pumpkin Patch
-Talk to Jack about the transformation potion
-Use the Gump and choose Petra's office
-Go to see Scraps
-Tell her "Jack sent me" and follow the conversation with "since when you are 
 selling magic" and "I need a potion that will reverse transformation"
-Use the Gump to go to Riggedo's Bar
-Use the Potion on Anzel (the decanter on the left side of the bar)
-Follow Anzel and Clutter with the Gump
-Click the Gump. When it tells you that Gumps are not allowed to have more 
 energy, give him candy from your inventory
-Main Quest:Escape from Prison
-Sub Quests: Pass Tik Tok/Escape the Palace
-Escape from Prison
-In the cell, there is a button behind Petra at the top of the wall
-Talk with the Scarecrow
-After he is gone, pick up the paper that is in front of the cell door
-It's an escape spell
-Use it by clicking it on Petra
-You will come out next to TikTok 
-Get the pill from the shelf on the left next to the cell door
-Get the button from the shell
-Grab your stuff out of the crate, left next to the shelf
-Use the escape spell again to get back into your cell
-Pass Tik Tok
-Click the door to call Tik Tok
-Talk to him till you get the option to get food
-After you smash the food against the wall, use the bottle with fluid that 
 makes all green on the food at the wall
-Knock at the door to call Tik Tok again
-Tell him that there is a problem
-Tell him that the food is not healthy because it's green
-Tik Tok will come into your cell
-Wait until he cleans the wall, then use the escape spell on Petra again
-Click at the stairs to escape
-Escape the Palace
-Right next to the fountain, you will see a red sparkling for a button
-Go right and try to escape to the Courtyard
-General Jinjur is sleeping, but awajened by your footsteps, so go right 
 to the throne room
-At the curtain on the right side of the picture, there is a sparkling. 
-Get the button
-Click the magic picture and use all options
-Have a look at the vase, but it's empty
-Click on the throne to make Petra stand in front of the stairs
-Use the silver whistle to call Toto and ask him to bring you to Dee
-Do the conversation with Dee
-Follow up with the story until Ozma lets you go
-It doesn't matter which countr you do choose now - I decided to first 
 go to Winkie Country

Chapter 2 - Winkie Country:
-Explore the Town of Flow
-At the window, right to the "Shaggy's" Sign, you will see a yellow 
 sparkling, get the button
-Go to the door and then right in into the garage
-Wait till the frogman left and talk to Shaggy
-At the left side at the crates you will find another button
-Leave the garage and talk to the Tin Can Man - go complete through the 
-Talk to the Saw Horse
-After that, go across the street into the Diner and talk to Ms Cayke
-Leave the Diner and go over to the Tin Can Man - talk with him about the frogman
-Visit the Frogman
-Click the Sawhorse and ask it to bring you to the Frogman's Villa
-Knock on the door and tell Ms. Aimee, who opens the door, that you are here 
 to do business
-Talk to the Frogman - make sure that he will let you work for him
-Leave the villa and go back to the Sawhorse
-When you click at it, it will bring you back into Flow Town
-Smuggle for the Frogman
-Back in Flow Town, use the Gump Stand and choose "Petra's Office"
-Enter Scrap's Shop, you may give her the buttons to receive new sketches
-Follow the conversation by telling Scraps that the Frogman sent you
-She will give you the magic brush
-Now back to the Frogman
-You can start a conversation with Ms. Aimee now or you do it later, after 
 finishing the conversation with the Frogman
-Whenever you do it, she will give you a heart locket
-Go back to Flow Town and try to give it to the Tin Can Man
-Talk with him about Ms. Aimee
-After that, go to the garage
-Talk to Shaggy through all conversation options until you find out that 
 he is in love with Ms. Cayke
-Match Making
-Leave the garage and use the Gump Stand to go to the University
-Talk first to Professor Woogleburg
-Use the pill machine
-You will see that there is a new section: Vocabulary Lessons
-Get the pill and keep it for later use
-Don't forget to swallow a candy before you leave the University
-You may choose to swallow all new pills about people and places
-Go back to Flow Town and give the Vocabulary Lesson to Shaggy
-Go on talking and he will give you a spell to let wood float
-Learn more about the Frogman
-Hop on the Saw Horse to go back to the Frogman's Villa
-When you are there, use the wood spell with the Saw Horse
-You will hear half of a magic spell
-Go back to Flow Town
-Main Quest: Learn the magic spelll 
-Sub Quest: Match breaking
-Go to the diner and wait until Shaggy is leaving 
-Talk to Miss Cayke
-Leave the diner, cross over to the garage and talk with him about the Frogman
-Give Shaggy the oblivion pill from your inventory afterward
-Follow him to the diner
-When he leaves again, talk to Miss Cayke and she will give you two spells
-Find Proof
-Use the Saw Horse to go back to the Frogman's Villa
-When Ms Aimee opens the door, tell her what the Tin Can Man said
-Make sure to tell her the rude stuff also!
-Talk to the Frogman. It doesn't matter what you tell him (I didn't tell him 
 about drugs, but the other answers all gave the same result)
-Wait until he leaves the room
-Use the magic paintbrush from your inventory at the painting 
-When you see Petra in the painting, use the portrait spell on the painting
-Click the drawer to find the proof
-Now use the portrait spell on the painting again
-Make sure to use it at a spot that says "Painting", otherwise the spell 
 does not work
-Use again the magic brush to repaint
-Leave the house and go back to Flow Town
-Give the proofs to the Tin Can Man
-Free the witch from the key stone
-Use the Saw Horse and choose the option "Go to Ravine"
-Once you are there, click first the keystone, then click it again with the 
 rod from your inventory
-The witch is free
-Talk with her
-Defeat the Frogman
-When the Frogman starts spraying its green stuff, use the wood flow spell 
 on the Saw Horse
-It will go up and kick the Frogman into the waterfall
-Click the Saw Horse and choose Quadlings Country

Chapter 3 - Quadling Country:
-Explore Woot's Arena 
-You are landing in front of the entrance to Woot's Arena
-Pick up the copper rod, right next to the entrance on the floor
-Enter the arena
-Grab the button that is sparkling right next to Petra
-Wait until Mombi leaves, then talk to Woot
-Enter the Arena, the door left to Woot
-Get the button right next to Petra on the stairs
-Talk to the Wizard
-Main Quest:Enter Glinda's Tower
-Sub Quests:Defeat Mombi in the ring/Find a coach/Free the magic rope
-Enter Glinda's Tower
-Leave the arena and talk to Woot again
-When he tells you, that Mombi has the key, as it is always given to the champion,
 leave Wooti and enter the café;, the door on the right of Woot
-Get the button from the table at the right side
-Talk to Barista and make sure that you order the special food - a heavy cake and 
 a light snack
-Go up the rope, the rope charmer wants your attention
-Talk to the magic rope, you will get another quest: Free the magic rope
-Go and talk to Mombi
-Leave the café and the arena
-Once outside, go to the left to Glinda's Tower
-The red button is sparkling on the floor to the left of the tower
-Click on the door. It's closed, but while Petra is standing in front of the door, 
 you can grab the Tonk Stone that is on the floor on the right side of the  Tower.
-It goes into your inventory
-Go back to the arena
-Defeat Mombi in the ring 
-Talk again to Woot
-Choose "I want to fight"
-He will tell you that you need a coach
-End the conversation and enter the arena again
-Find a coach
-Talk to the Wizard and tell him that you need a coach
-You have to convince him and fight against Ugu first
-Ugu will prison you in a box - use the spell "escape from prison"
-Now the Wizard will accept you
-Defeat Mombi in the ring
-The Wizard gives you a sap spell
-It takes away some of the energy from a magic user
-Go back to the café
-Free the magic rope
-Go up the stairs
-Get the rock out of your inventory 
-You have to place the rock on the top of the rope at the knot
-Make sure that you see the word "Rope" before you click the rock onto the stone
-The rope will go into your inventory
-Defeat Mombi in the ring
-Go back to the arena
-When you come in, you see that the left pole of the ring is broken
-Get the copper rod out of your inventory and replace it with the broken pole by 
 clicking at the pole (make sure, you see the word "Pole")
-If you do not have the copper rod by now, it;s outside the arena on the right 
 side next to the door on the floor
-Go out and tell Woot that you want to fight
-After you convince him about having a coach, you will be automatically brought to 
 the ring
-It's Mamba's right to do the first spell, she will have a shield in front of her
-Answer it by using the sap spell on her - for now she is immune
-Mombi will use a wind spell - to not get blown away, grab the heavy cake out of 
 your inventory and click it on Petra
-Use the sap spell again 
-Mombi creates a magic hole - use the rope to get out of the hole
-Use the sap spell again
-Mombi uses now a lightning spell - because of the copper rod she will miss 
-Use the sap spell one last time - you won
-Enter Glinda's Tower
-Click the door of the tower and the Wizard will open it
-Follow him up the stairs
-Free Glinda from the keystone
-Grab the yellow button that is in the down middle, sparkling at the stones of the 
-Place the magic rod on the keystone
-Glinda is free
-Save the Wizard
-Talk with Glinda and the Wizard
-When Mombi and Glinda are fighting about the Wizard, give him the light snack from 
 your inventory 
-That will make him able to come back on the roof
-After Mombi is gone, talk again to Glinda and the Wizard
-Use the stairs to leave the tower
-You will be brought in front of your office
-Main Quest: Follow Cutter to Phanfasm Island
-Sub Quest: Become an ambassador
-Follow Cutter to Phanfasm Island
-After you have your meeting with Cutter, you will find yourself back in the palace
 throne room with General Jinjur and the Scarecrow.
-Follow up the conversation
-Then leave the throne room and meet the Lion at the courtyard
-Follow up the complete conversation
-Leave the courtyard by going to the entrance
-You will see Tik Tok guarding the door
-Grab the button at the curtain, left from the door
-Talk to Tik Tok, until he tells you about the ambassador
-Ask him who the ambassador is right now
-Become an ambassador
-Go back to the throne room
-Talk to General Jinjur and the Scarecrow again
-As they refuse to let you be ambassador, go back in the Courtyard
-Talk to the Lion and tell him that you are a victim of discrimination
-Accept his prize of 10.000 emeralds
-Follow the Lion into the throne room
-Follow Cutter to Phanfasm Island
-After General Jinjur leaves, talk to the Scarecrow
-He will give you a potion to transport you to Phanfasm Island and back if needed
-Go in the courtyard and talk to the Lion
-Say thank you 
-After that use the transportation potion on Petra
-You will find yourself on Phanfasm Island

Chapter 4 - Phanfasm:
-Escape the Phanfasm cell
-After you find out that Ozma was giving your brother to Phanfasm as an exchange 
 for peace, Ozmal will not stop talking
-Get the sap spell out of your inventory and click it on Ozma
-Petra decides different, but at least Ozmal finally stops speaking and gives 
 you a reverse spell
-Use your escape spell to leave the Phantsam Cell
-When you are outside, click to the right to leave the prison
-Cross the chasm
-Use the growing spell on the little sapling
-Now use your reverse spell that you just got from Ozma on Petra
-It will turn all your spells in the inventory to the opposite 
-Use your Aisdow spell on the big sapling 
-Instead of floating the sapling will fall and you can cross the chasm
-Enter the Phanfasm Fortress
-Talk to Anzel trough the bars
-Use the Mupacse spell (escape) to get into the cell
-Inside the cell
-Talk to Anzel
-Petra will give him his potion to transport back to Emerald City
-Click on the cell door to leave
-Get past the Phanfasm smithy
-To get past the smithy, use the whistle Toto gave you
-Click on the hall to leave that place
-After the guards leave with Ozma, enter the room with the curtains, the library
-Talk to Cutter/William
-Save Ozma
-If you haven't done it yet, reverse your spell back to normal by clicking it 
 on Petra
-Now use the wood spell on the plank Ozma is standing on
-Get past the spiked vines
-Reverse your spells again by clicking the spell on Petra 
-Use the spell that normally lets grow flowers on the vine
-It will vanish
-Defeat the First and Foremost
-Reverse you spells again, so that they are back to normal
-Click the portrait spell onto the First and Foremost
-He will go into the portrait
-While Cutter/William protects them both with the shield, get the torch that is 
 behind Petra
-Click it on the portrait, so it will burn
-Help William
-After Petra gives William his portrait, use the portrait spell on William
-Enjoy the End.

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