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 Empire of Magic

Empire of Magic

		Final Version:

Version 1.0 : The walktrough is complete, i will add new stuff later.
Final version : Added a review and usual stuffs of my faqs.

Update (07/04/04) : Someone worked really hard so i can add stuff in
this guide so i posted his hint.

Visit my homepage :
E mail me at :

Contents :

1 Review
2 The about section
3 Characters
4 Walkthrough
5 Tips
6 Credits

1 Review :

This game is a mix of strategy and RPG. The idea of a turn per turn interest me
and i completed the campaigns. I was involved quickly in the story, which is
the strong point of the game.

The presentation is composed by FMV of good quality. Between each scenario you
will see a small pictures and a text describing the progress of your team in
this fantasy world.

The graphics are various with a brilliant colors, but the game is in 800*600.
You can't upgrade the resolution. The global design of the characters is good
and the sprites in the battle are excellent.

The animation is poor as in most of these game, you see the hero moving in a 2D
Map. The sprite is in 3D but moves slowly. During the battle in isometric 3D,
you will see some magic animation but compared to Disciples 2 for example or
some RPG on consoles, it's ridiculous.

The sound is perfect, the atmosphere is incredible and the sound effect very
real. I regret that the speech in french are so terrible. yes the guy speaks
french but i am pretty sure he doesn't understand what he is saying for the
simple reason that the tone of his voice is all the time wrong.

The controls uses the mouse and the 2 buttons are optimized as in all PC game
of this genre. You can use the keyboard for shortcut if you wish.

The game is really interessant but extremely bugged. It's impossible to finish
the game without patching it. Even with the patch you won't be able to talk to
some of the folks in the game. Another example is if a group of 3 walkyries die
the game crash. I found scandalous to release a game in this shape. I am pretty
sure that very few people will play it til the end and appreciate the story.

I don't recommend to buy this game, but just in case you need some help, i have
done a guide if you wish to enjoy the story.

Presentation : 15/20
Graphics : 16/20
Animation : 10/20
Sound : 18/20
Controls : 19/20
Interest : 15/20
Final Note : 84%


2 The about section :

ABOUT MY ENGLISH : I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have.
Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.

ABOUT MY E MAIL ADRESS : Please write to me only for true questions. Most of
the time, i know it by the poor questions i received, you write to me just
because you have seen my name near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but
you want a quick advice. Sorry to say this but i'm tired of these mails.

ABOUT THIS FAQ : This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to
gamefaqs. If you wish to download it for your own site, ask for the permission
but it's not all misters and misses webmasters. Think to update my faq, because
when i correct my english or post an update with more informations it's on
gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : i receive questions about things that are in an
update and some people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies
Of Arkadia...
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Characters :

The prince Radzim : You control him in the tutorial. He is powerful. Later in
the game, you will have the possibility to save him before he turns into a

Artemian : Artemian is the true hero of this story, but he is also the weakest
hero i have ever seen, even when you upgrade him. On the contrary he has the
most powerful magic skills of all characters.

Yano : He is the best fighter in the game. Unfortunately he will die too soon
and be replaced by his brother Vladim.

Typek : It's an excellent character. After the death of Yano, he becomes an

Ali : Ali is a high level nomad, but is power is ridiculous. I simply
abandonned him.

Yovaz : It's a cool magician. But he needs you to gain healing ability.

Daran Olp : Another mage but you won't control him a long time.

Walli Buck : A powerful fighter, his weak point are the HP.

Vladim YR : The guy of the intro movie. He fears to be a leader but he becomes
at least an excellent fighter with lot of MP. He is the counterpart of Typek.

Kua/Ladmeia/Sarkua : A weak, then powerful character. At the end of the game,
she became a goddess so she has a lot of MP but her moving range decrease.

Jozef : A dwarf you will control only if you patch the game.

Prvoslav : He appears mysteriously in the last stage, not much is known about
him and he is an average fighter.

You will meet other characters in the game but they are NPC or ennemies.

4 Walkthrough :

I completed the game at 99.9%, i wasn't able to find the ring in one of the
last scenario. Probably because i haven't patched the game in time. I have
chosen to describe the game as a RPG, it's up to you to win the tactic phase.

SCENARIO 1 / TUTORIAL : 26 turns used.

Here you take the control of Radzim, prince of the kingdom. Your goal is to
reach and save the city of Puidarkose. On the way you will see some soldiers
who are fighting. They will join you. Use them to destroy the ennemies. You
reach at least Puidarkose. Fight at the entrance to save the city. Enter it. I
suggest you don't spend money for the soldiers. Keep it safe for scenario 2,
upgrade only the hero.

You learn by some people that miners are still in the mine west of Puidarkose.
If you save them from the skeleton you will earn money and exp. Let's go. Find
the mine, beat the skeletons and talk to the miners. They come with you. Save
all of them to earn a lot of money. If one dies you will obviously earn less.
After this, enter again the city to obtain your reward. Last exit to the north
to complete this scenario.

FMV where the prince and his soldiers are attacked and killed by a necromancian.

SCENARIO 2 / THE FIRST ATTACK : 72 turns used.

At the beginning you see your hero, Artemian and some cavaliers : Yano and two
soldiers. I highly recommend that you join Yano and don't go alone to Zarog as
Artemian is very weak. Go to the city and upgrade Yano. He will learn that the
skeletons are around here. You must first protect the city, Upgrade Yano and
his cavaliers if possible. Then Use Artemian to enter the city. Artemian will
learn that there are strange events at the graveyard north of the city.

Exit of the town and fight with the skeletons. Once the city is safe, go north
to find King Kadhzim. He hides in a cavern north of the city and near the
graveyard. Be careful cause neither Artemian nor Yano must die. Beat the
skeletons on the way and use the healing power of Artemian to preserve both

Let Yano enter the cavern. Talk to the king but "DON'T" join the king. Yano
must stay under your control. Meanwhile Artemian can explore the tomb. A group
of powerful skeletons emerge. You must beat them. Use Yano and the new powerful
soldiers given by the king. After the victory Artemian earn 20 exp. By
following the king, You discover a small lookout wood tower. From here you see
a woman in danger. She is blind and can't move. Go to her and help her to join
the city. If you send Yano to help her, Yano must return to the city to receive
the reward : a Fantassin. It's a powerful unit and i suggest you upgrade it
asap. Now you have probably notice a lot of skeletons on the map. You must kill
all of them. There are actually 2 groups, one near the dungeon and the other in
the forest near the lookout tower.

Use Yano and Artemian to reach Zarog by the forest. You will normally be
attacked by a group of skeletons who persecuted a man and a woman. After you
help them they will return to the city. But When you come in the city, they
turn into monsters and die. You must hurry to the city cause the king will be
attacked by the south. You must heal him, he mustn't die. Use Yano to enter in
Zarog (the fight is not hard for him). Artemian must go in Zarog to receive a
message. Now the last thing to do is to go to the sealed dungeon on the south.
At least this scenario is complete.

Cutscene : The king asks Artemian to go in the desert and find his master.


Basic note : This scenario is very hard and you must fight a lot of spiders and
zombies. I just give the way to solve the quest and sidequests.

The task won't be easy at all. When you arrive go south west, you notice some
spiders. They emerge from a hole but there is nothing you can do now. If you
went west of the initial start you notice a group of soldier, if you talk to
them too much they will chase you along with the spiders (2 druids, 2 cavaliers
and 4 soldiers while 2 other soldiers will guard the statue). Continue south
west to meet Osman. He begs for your help, he wants you to save the city. If
you explore the central desert you will see a man in danger. Help him and kill
the strange spider. The man will tell you that if you burn the hole from which
the spiders emerge they will stop emerging. I suggest you let Yano doing this
(I mean Yano saves the man and talk to the man). The hole to destroy is north
of the one you see. Yano will obtain the spell "Fireball".

It's time to go south to the city and to destroy all the skeletons. Once the
city is saved Yano must meet Ali while Artemian can buy some spells and upgrade
his troops. Yano will learn that he must go around the city to the city of the
exiled. Once again let Yano does this as he moves faster. While Artemian exit
of the town he notices a hero "Typek" who asks him some help. Go with him to
the east to the temple and kill all the skeletons. Typek joins the team. Yano
reach the exiled city and receive a new quest. He must go north to the statue
indicated on the map to find the "sand stone". On the way you find a strange
building glowing. Explore it with Yano and he becomes crazy. Send Typek and you
will meet the lost prince Radzim. He wants you to bring him the power of 2
solar obelisks. You find them on the map : Typek must touch them (say yes when
the computer asks to). Once you have 2 stones go back to the building and
Radzim joins you.

Yano reach the statue and must choose to "wait in front of the entrance". He
receives a message that he must bring to the guards of the other statue. On the
way, open the chest for some money. You reach the other statue. Talk to the
guard and one of them say that you must throw 2 silver coins (that he gives to
you) inside the last cavern west of here (where you find Radzim). Do this then
choose to go away of the cavern. A mage appears, follow him inside the cavern.
This is the last part now.

You go back to the exiled city (with Yano as he is the one who does all these
sidequests) and now escort 2 mages to a tree. Be quick to send all your men on
the east of the map before Yano reach the exiled city or they will be trapped
by the dead who are emerging from the building. On the way you notice that Ali
joins the team with some troops. Anyway bring everyone to the tree by fighting
or avoiding the skeletons and remaining spiders on the way.

EXTRA : With the help of the spell "fireball" you can beat the powerful druid
level 4 that chase you (if you talk to the guard too much) and you can also
kill the guards level 5 without fighting them. Yano and one of the mage have
this spell, together they can complete this quest. You  find money inside the
cavern of the guards.

Once all the troops are near the tree, one of the mage asks if it's ok to
leave, you can answer yes.

SCENARIO 4 / PERN'O KADRAN : 90 turns used.

You arrive in this desert and few turns after the beginning you find a war
between nomads and mercenaries.I suggest you help the mercenaries or you'll
regret it later. You must kill the nomads hidden in the north first. Now go
south and kill the one of the east. Careful they are level 6 or 5 usually so
they are long to kill. Don't forget to use the spell fireball on powerful unit.
Now kill the nomads near the temple.

Continue down killing more nomads and at least you find the mercenary camp.
Accept to being enroled in the legion in order to obtain the password (a stupid
sentence...). You can now go to the town and upgrade your hero. There is a
little subtility here : at the inn when you buy a soldier, you must exit and
reenter the city to find it available (it's probably a bug after all). Once you
are ready, send Artemian to talk to Adu's master. He wants to go near the grave
of Pern where the god Mortibius is.

Yano can go quickly to an isolated tower in order to find a potion and obtain
more defense point. You must kill the spider on the way before they kill Adu's
master. The problem is that the master move very quickly. In order to avoid the
difficulty, i suggest you kill them all before talking to the master.

In front of the grave let Artemian talking again with the master. The master
gives the quest to accomplish : You must talk with the chief of the nomad and
revive a totem near the death lake (south of the temple of the north part of
the map). Send Yovaz to the artefact and Artemian to the boss, Minan. You will
notice on the way some skeletons. Send Yano to the town.

Yano must talk to the herborist and find a second potion in the isolated tower
he visited a while ago. This tower is guarded by a minimum of 4 troops and you
must count on the fact that walking dead are rising from the lake. Once you
obtain the second potion, you mix both potions and now you must go to the lake
quickly. Once you have done it the dead will stop to rise. But you must kill
the one near the lake in order to do it and they are strong.

Now Artemian can talk to Minan, which is in fact a crazy chief. After a small
dialogue, you decide to kill it. Once it's down the war stopped immediately.

Last Yovaz must touch the tree near the death lake. The artefact needs to be
protected during 9 turns to be activated (it's rather old). Of course a lot of
dead will attack you but the nomads will help you correctly. Once it's done you
have completed the scenario.


I had already chosen to ally myself with the nomads before I read your
recommendation to side with the mercenaries.  My reason: I had already fought
beside the nomads in the previous scenario.  As a consequence, my approach has
been significantly different than yours in the succeeding scenarios.  For
example, there was no need to find the herborist in this level to complete all
the quests.


Hints :
"On Scenario 4 / PERN'O KADRAN    Tell the people to kill off as many nomads
after recruiting cost a fortune in gold.  Also use it to build up everyone to
maximum level.  Send Artemian to the herbalist tower instead of Yano to get the
defense potion as Yano dies on you.  Do not buy spells there as they are far
cheaper at Yano's castle.  I killed nomads till I had about 7000 gold including
finished quests and I needed it to train all characters not just hero's and buy
some spells for none hero's."

SCENARIO 5 / YANO'S RETURN : 80 turns used.

You begin the scenario on a road to the castle. Radzim say he wants to visit
the graveyard with Yano. All the characters and units will move faster on this
scenario. Follow the road and kill all the foes on the way. You will reach a
first checkpoint with 2 skeleton units. Kill it then go east to the cimetery.
Let Yano enter to recruit the guard, then let Radzim enter so he can become a
merchant. You can now recruit skeletons.

Now it's time to go to the castle, go north and allow Yano to talk to his
brother. A lot of skeletons appear from the wood of the west. You can kill them
as they are not powerful. Plus you have some help. Once it's done go to the
castle in the mountain. Yano, his brother and all your team members must be in
the castle. Yano must talk to his brother.

After the conversation, the village is attacked. It's time to leave and kill
the skeletons on the way. Beware of the powerful Necros. Use fireball and decoy
unit to lower their mana. Note that the soldiers are quite resistant to the
fireball spell. You finally arrive at the village.

Near the entrance you notice a demon. talk to him and accept his offer (if
Arteminan talk you have the translation) : if you have enough money you can
heal the mana of your characters. After this, you notice a lot of troops which
are your reinforcement. Use the teleport power of the demon or either send them
to the village, you need them.

You face the first line. Notice the Necros and begin to kill them first, using
fireball or decoy unit. Once they are dead you can finish the first line of
soldiers and cavaliers. Unfortunately it's only the beginning. The ennemy is
everywhere and in an incredible number. You can be easily surrounded. Anyway
it's time to enter in the village.

In order to save the fantassin (you have 30 turns) you must kill all the
skeletons in the villages. They are outrageously numerous and will surround you
if you go straight in the village. I suggest you attack by the east and by the
west to block the skeletons in town. Once they are all dead new soldiers will
appear to help you. Somewhere in the south you will notice a house named
Striga. Send Artemian in there and he will find a woman, Kua. If you wish her
to join talk, then ask what happened and last offer some help.

When you are ready head south to a catapult. Send Yano and he will be killed by
Parz and there is nothing you can do against this. Now Vladim joins the team.
To end this scenario simply talk to Parz and he will run away.

Hints :
"on Scenario 5 / Yano's return   I made it very easy.  leave everyone except
YANo waiting next to the skeleton's for the attack. Send Yano into the
cemetary.  This will ensure an additional first strike on the skeleton's. Train
spell casters in earthquake.  When the attack happens kill enemy's on the way
but at the end of the bridge do not kill the skeletons. Walk around them and
earthquake the crap out of the groups because they do not attack and are
neutral until the quest begins.  Once you've killed them all after resting and
re-earthquaking, attack the bridge skeletons and finish off the healers of
skeletons you couldn't kill with earth quake.  It's easy and fast."


Vladim decides to go to a shrine north of his castle to revive Yano. Once he
enters the shrine he discovers a dragon. Your mission is to kill it. Simply go
south and be sure to stay far of the shrine. The dragon will run directly to
you. Now send all your men so the dragon completely uses his action point until
he can't move or regenerate himself. Then finish him.

Now Use only Vladim and go to the center of the shrine near the continuous
lightning bolt. Vladim will try to resurrect Yano and will fail. Yano won't
come back and it's really too bad cause it was an excellent character, probably
the best...


Group your soldiers immediately cause the ennemies is near and you have 50% of
chance to be attacked after you finish the first turn. Artemian wish to go to
Gardow Pollom. You must fight with 2 units of werewolves just east of where you
are and one north of you. Enter the house and a man ask you to protect the
surroundings. Kill some werewolves and it's down.

Now enter the town, it's full of powerfull demons so advance very slowly to let
them decrease their action point. Gardow is the west part of the town. Once you
enter you must go to the inn. You recruit a unit of level 5 mercenary ! Your
mission is to save some people north of the town. Now exit of Gardow and kill
all the demons in town.

Once it's done, Artemian wish to investigate the town. Enter in each house. You
discover in a house near the farmer a side quest : a man ask you to bomb the
hole of the werewolves east of the town. A man in the house of the north part,
explain things about werewolves holes and a PSION who went to the church to the
north. If you send someone to the herborist shop in Gardow he says that some
dynamite is available in town. Now talk to the dwarf in town (near the farmer
house) and he gives the dynamite.

I have found at least 3 holes : the first is east of the town. The second is
north west of the town and the last is completely north. Once it's done there
will be less wolves on the map, (after you destroy the first hole, east go back
to the town to obtain the reward). Now it's time to go to the church. Use a
path on the south, you see a lookout tower and some guards. Talk to them and
you learn that the church is north of here. Of course it's heavily guarded. Try
to talk to the priest in the church, and he asks you to protect the church.
Kill all the monsters. Now the priest asks you to find his brothers. Go south
then east and you will see some demons eating them. Kill them all. The quest is
complete, go back to the church and you receive a reward.

Near the church is the PSION. Talk to him and he wants you to find a book. It's
east then north of where you are. Only the hero who talked to PSIOn can touch
the book. I suggest you use Artemian. Give the book to the PSION. You
understand that it's him who brought the werewolves in the area. You must kill

Once it's down find the path near "Pollow the high" guarded by some demons.
Kill everyone and you find Walli Buck. Don't forget to kill the death cavalier
in the shadow near the houses of the people here. Now escort everyone to the
town. The people follow Buck only and you must protect them from the last
wolves. Hurrah it was the last side quests.

Now recruit everyone at the inn and send them all to the north town of Polom
the high. They will all die cause of the trap. At least 11 to 13 soldiers must
die. Now send your best hero to fight the 3 units who guard the town and you
finally complete this scenario.


NOTE 2 : You have 70 turns before the arrival of the army. Don't ask me what
happened then cause i complete the scenario before it happened. I suppose it's
some kind of reinforcements to help you. In this case you can sacrifice men of
this army. There is probably a hero in this army you can recruit, if you have
informations about this e mail me.


There are a total of four werewolf holes to be filled. One northwest of Gardow
Pollom. One totally north.  There are two east of the town among the crescent
of trees.


Hints :
"You did not know what happens if we wait till the army comes. If you let it
come you get to control two of the units. The rest is controled by the
computer.  They kill themselves off nicely at upper Pollom so that you can use
the units you control to take away movement points from the groups inside. Use
this method instead of recruiting as it saves a fortune. In the beginning the
best thing I found is Kua can teleport inside with a group and you can kill off
the ennemy in neutral mode before they kill off any peasants.

As for the wolf holes there are 4 and I had to fill all to collect anything.
There's a tree like hole on the east near the building against the far east

As for the Psion book quest you should have a character who can cast magic but
cannot buy Earthquake do it because when you touch it you get the spell. When
killing the Psion place your men where the Psion will teleport for an easy kill.

As for approaching Walli Buck you should have Kua do it as she only has a 1
defense! The +3 really helps her."

SCENARIO 8 / BACK TO THE ACADEMY : 80 turns used.

A few steps in the snow and you meet a cavalier asking for id card. You haven't
one and i suggest you ask about paper. Now Artemian gives the orders : he wants
to go to the academy alongside Kua and the others can go to the town. Send
Artemian to the academy. He talks to Adu Mae and then must send Kua to her. You
have now 30 turns to complete some quests on this map. Near Adu is a church
where you can fill all your HP or your mana.

Now go to the mines near the academy and talk to the dwarf. Some people stole
the gold from him. You accept to retrieve it (be nice with him and he will give
the quest). Go to the town and upgrade everyone : for 1 gold you win free exp
in this town and you can do this several times during this scenario. It's very
cool. Once you enter the town a man asks you to kill the beast in the
waterfall. Accept for the moment. Exit of the town. Talk to a woman outside of
the town and she said that she knows the robbers and she wants a part of the
gold. She will give you a reward of course.

At the tavern here you can bet on stupid villagers who drinks vine and are
doing a course if you wish.

Go to the waterfall (indicate on the map) and let Artemian talk to the beast
(Artemian must be the ones who receives this quest). The beast says that she is
a popular figure of the area and it could be a stupid idea to kill it. Let
Artemian goes back to the town and send all your units to the south. After
killing some werewolves you see a house. Look inside and you have found the
bandits HQ. Kill them all, look inside the house to take the gold and give back
the gold to the woman outside of the town. She gives you her brother as reward
(a new hero). Talk to the dwarf.

NOTE : I encounter a bug and i keep all the money. The quest has not been
updated in my diary as complete. If the game is patched, you can recruit Jozef.

Meanwhile Artemian discovers that he was cheated by a man named Greyman. You
can find information about him at the north tower. Go there and be very rude
when you answer to the guard. He will tell you that Greyman leaves in the house
near the tower. Go to this house and Greyman will ask if you have killed the
beast. Answer no and you can search for items in his house. Take the letter
first, then search for the cupboard and use the mecanic to open the box, you
obtain 12000 gold. If you search other items insteed of this box, you will find
a perfect weapon but you will be in danger (do it and you will understand).
Once done with the house, kill Greyman.

It's time to go to the academy and talk to Kua. She says Artemian must meet the
Warkyres. You must send all the units to the road to the north (it's the
visible road in the snow near the town). You must hurry or you will be chased
by powerful foes.

Once you reach the safe point at the end of the screen, you see a cutscene
where a mage destroys the academy. Don't worry about Artemian's punishment,
cause Adu Mae is dead and the academy destroyed.

Hints :
"You forget to mention that the horsemen asking for papers turns into bandits
and you're attacked from the northeast, northwest, and south by druids &

One thing to remember is NEVER do timed quests first.  The patch causes HUGE
flaws.  You neither don't find the bandits in the house nor you find the gold
and you can't reward yourself with the Dwarf or the woman and can't recruit the
dwarf and get the brother. BUT!  this is the most excellent side of it!!! after
you finish all the quests you can do, DO NOT go get Kua after the 30 turns.
Put all your men in the town and keep using the 1 GP experience point elixer on
each character again after the 5 turn pass, because you can't use it over and
over again.  What happens is each time you use it the game not only gives XP
points but it shortens the amount needed for the next LVL!!  once you reach
10th lvl it will advance you one whole lvl each time you use it!  Yovak was
going up 4 LVLs each time I used it!!!!!!  The maximum you can do this is 20th
lvl!  I'm guessing this next part but it should work.  Only send Artemian, Kua,
now lvl 20 and put the rest on the road already.  Use the knew very powerful
haste spell on both characters to get them up to the road.  I'm going to see if
I can get Kua in the town first and use my powerful characters to kill the
group.  My elite knights hit for over 100 points!!  Again most important Never
Never do timed quests first!!

Don't worry about the bad guys after destroying the school.  They don't destroy
the school until all units,even created ones are on the road.  THEREFORE do not
put them all on the road but near it. Send Kua in and train her up to 20 th
LVL. It doesn't take long she goes up after 10th 2 or 3 lvl's at a time.  I
killed all the enemies with my powerful fireballs so the turns didn't take as
long.  I left a fireball killer at the cathedral, one by Xort, and one by the
dwark and servants of balance by the cottage to keep killing enemies as they
popped in because waiting for the enemy to finish his turn was a nightmare!"

SCENARIO 9 / MALOG'S SWAMP : 40 turns used.

Here is a rather simple scenario if you know what to do. Ok first a guy says he
won't go with you anywhere so abandon him to his fate. Now if you go left you
will encounter a group of demon plus a group of beast. Both simultaneously or
alone are dangerous because they can destroy your party just by using magic
spell. The group of demons is guarding a chest with 200 golds in it. The beasts
are guarding a well that has no life. It's up to you to decide if you want to
explore this small area anyway you must know that it's a dead end.

You must go right from the initial start point and you arrive near a bridge.
Talk to the lizard and you decide to kill them as they are (very bad) liars.
Continue inside the village and you will encounter a lot of lizards. You must
be careful with level 5 and level 4 units because they use magic spell
endlessly (a super bug, they lose 0 action point by doing this) to kill your
party. I suggest you advance slowly and hide behind the house. If a creature is
in a shadow area it can't see you. Advance straight forward in the village. You
will visit one house with gold and you will see an underground tunnel later.
Use it to reach another part of the map. I have sent Walli Buck to explore the
part of the village north of this tunnel and he finds in a house a sword +3. If
you let him continue north he will be safe (use the velocity spell to help him
reach his goal). The other members must kill 4 units level 4 and they find a

In this chest is a guardian of equity. You recruit it. Continue to the other
tunnel and you reach the mercenaries. I hope that you have patched tha game or
you will regret it from this moment on. You can go back in the village from the
north and find another chest guarded by some zelenas. You recruit a dead
servant by opening it. Now abandon the beasts as they respawn infinitely and
talk to the priest. He says you are a traitor. You will see the warkyres
attacking the barbarians. Help them to kill them all. Fortunately even with the
patch, only one unit will defend itself. The others won't move so kill them
all. Once it's done go to the cavern of the warkyres. I suggest you go
straight, if you go in the forest south of the cavern you will encounter some

First let Artemian enter the cavern, a new quest is added : bring Kua to the
cavern. If you send Kua directly the game will crash even with the patch...
Once Kua arrives, she discovers she is Ladmeia the queen of the warkyres. After
you read the text, it's the end of the scenario.

NOTE : The game will crash often in this scenario, even after you patched it,
so save frequently.


This is where my decision in Scenario 4 really paid off.  The barbarians were
easily subdued by my characters and by the very powerful warkyres waiting at
the cave entrance.  This is the last scenario I have finished so far.  But
choosing the warkyres over the barbarians seemed to the more logical choice,
especially since Kua ends up being the queen of them. That and barbarians who
lack magic would not fit well with an "empire of magic."


SCENARIO 10 : ULSKI'S BATTLE : 54 turns used.

Another simple scenario. Ladmeia will give you the way. There is not much to do
on this map. Advance carefully to hit the ennemies the first. You can divide
into 3 groups. One go straight, one go left and one go right to be sure to
visit all the map. The Group that goes right will finish shortly 4 units and
will then join the group that goes straight. The group that goes left will see
the tree of life and must kill some Necros. At the end of the way both group
will join.

Ladmeia will see a cavern in the mountain by going straight. Use this way to
find General Carmell. She is very ill and she needs an antidote. in order to
find it, you must go to the town to the north (Ulski). Once you arrive there,
one of the hero enter. You will talk to the herborist once all the barbarians
will be dead. Go south of the town and kill them all. Simultaneously look at
the movements of the skeletons they mustn't go to the town of Ulski.

Go back to Ulski and talk to the herborist, he will ask for a fruit of the tree
of life. You will aslo see another building without a name in town. Talk to the
elder inside to upgrade a hero (the one who will talk). Send someone to the
tree of life before the skeletons did it and bring back the fruit. The person
who brought the fruit must brought the antidote.

Find a way to Carmell and give it. She joins the force.

SCENARIO 11 : THE BATTLE OF FJED : 28 turns used.

The first thing to do is to fight the monsters. I think you won't be able to
save a mage, it's the will of Sarkan. Follow the cavalier to the temple (send
Vladim) so he joins you. You must give to all the units an order. I suggest
they protect Artemian, but you can do what you want.

Conquer the fortress of Fjed prtoected by 3 units. In town don't buy the skills
"immune against all spells". Effectively you won't die killed by a meteor but
you won't be able to heal yourself or use velocity. This is not a bug. Now that
the fortress is free continue to the west. Kill some monsters in a cavern and
continue west.You find a mill and a guy asks to find the ring of his brother,
you are free to accept or to refuse this quest.

Conquer the town by battling again 3 units. Enter the town and a monster asks
you to follow him and talk to his master. Artemian must go in the town of Fjed.
Talk to the master, Sarkan, and after the conversation he wants to see Ladmeia.
Send Ladmeia to him and she changes into her true form, Sarkua.

Now you must wait 14 turns before Sarkan finds the true ennemy. During this
time split your units in two. One part will defend the town of Fjed while the
second will defend the castle. Sarkua will be helped by the powerful army of
monsters and Artemian will be protected by the army of the master Paladin (It's
possible that in this army you see an animal sometimes, you can't stop it cause
it's a unit victim of the spell "animosity"). Once it died another unit is

Fight during 14 turns against powerful zombies and skeletons and then send
Artemian to Sarkan. Sarkan will reveal the name of the traitor : Artemian's
master himself, Alzar Dagorath. It's time for the final battle.

NOTE : I wasn't able to find the ring for the guy in the mill.


The ring is found in the obelisk in the northeast corner of the map.  Take the
ring back to the miller and he will redirect you to his brother who is hiding
out in the tavern in the southwest of the map.  Take the ring to the tavern and
the tavern-keeper will take you to the miller's brother.  The miller's brother
turns out to be a Mage of the Oin School.  After receiving the ring five units
will join your side.  The units are two level 5 druids, one level 5 psionic,
one level 5 dark druid, and one level 10 dark druid, the latter presumably
being the miller's brother now made very powerful by the ring you have just


SCENARIO 12 / ALZAR DAGORATH : 40 turns used.

This scenario will be quite long. First you need to destroy 4 obelisks and
second you must protect Artemian until he can touch a magic barrier that he is
the only one able to destroy.

NOTE : The last hero joins you automatically, it's Prvoslav and he is level 9.

Ok here is the plan : i split up in two parts my army. One go left and the
other go right. Be sure that each army has a group of 3 warkyres and a group of
3 cavaliers warkyres. The first cause it can cast a lot of fireballs and the
second to explore quickly an area and then reload to prepare the proper

NOTE : Only Walli, Typek, Vladim and Artemian can touch an obelisk and
deactivate it.

Typek, Walli, Sarkua and Carmell are the leaders of my west army. The west
obelisk is not well guarded. There are several units, i agree but if you hit
first with all the fireballs there will be few and even no survivors. After
killing human soldiers (they won't move, probably a bug that need to be fixed,
you can always attack them first), they kill some dead soldiers and deactivate
the first obelisk. Then they can advance north and kill some barabrians. Later
north they will fight new soldiers. That's the hard point. The north west
obelisk is extremely well guarded (12 dead units and 7 human units
approximatively). So prepare an attack full of fireball. I suggest you did it
in two times. First you kill the human units and retreat. Once the mana goes up
again advance with the velocity spell and kill the dead soldiers. If you
advance too quickly while you fight the human soldiers, you will be surrounded
by the dead. Once again the human won't move too much.

NOTE : In the north west part, if the unit of 3 warkyres is killed, the game
will crash. Don't ask me why it's like that.

Once the west army deactivate the north west obelisk, put it far away of the
city and let it sleep in peace. It's useless to try to enter the town, i will
explain later.

Artemian, Vladim, Prvoslav and Yovaz are the leaders of my east army. They can
advance quickly to the east obelisk and deactivate it. The human guards won't
move, plus you can illuminate all the area by entering the lookout tower. Then
you will see the obelisk guarded by some dead soldiers. Be sure to kill the
units that contains a Necros first and you will deactivate the east obelisk
quickly and easily. Now the army must go back to the entrance of the town. On
the way they will be attacked by human units and this time, the units are
"alive" so be careful. Once you are at the entrance of the town, advance and
then go right when possible. You must continue until you reach the north part
of the map (4 demon units on the way). Using a bridge you will find Parz
waiting for you. Once again the dead are agressives so let them come and
destroy them all. it will be long but not as hard as for the north west
obelisk. Now deactivate the north east obelisk and you can enter the town.

The east army will be attacked by the rear by some skeletons, cavalier
skeleton, a druid unit and sometimes a minotaur. Kill them all and once again
don't enter the town. Use now only Artemian for the Trafalgar's trick of the

Allow Artemian to reach the entrance of the town. Verify that the number of
footsteps to the door is inferior to his action point boosted by the spell
velocity. Then use this spell and send Artemian to the door. You will see the
end of the game without fighting. Anyway scenario 12 is over.

NOTE : Understood that if i use this trick it's because fighting a druid or a
minotaur is useless (the town is only guarded by them). They always hit you
first and kill your units. Unless you like suicide or you are very patient to
build a force of fireballs to kill them all, i suggest you use this trick to
end the scenario.

5 Tips :

A trainer is available. you can use it to cheat but it won't work if you have
patched the game.

You can play the game til scenario 8 or 9. After this, you need to patch the
game to complete it, so the trainer won't be very useful all the time.

6 Credits :

All the notes received by mail were sent by the same person who wishes to stay
Thanks to Kevin Callahan for the help and hint he provides in the update of
July 4th.

This walktrough is copyrighted 2003, ask for permission to post it on your site.


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