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 Enter the Matrix

Enter the Matrix

Walkthrough by Steve Cipullo.  Version 1

First things first... I am not done with this guide, so I would prefer that you
did not email ANYTHING to me (including questions).  This just serves the
purpose of a temporary guide for those of you who are stuck.  I hope to be done
with the guide soon, so no worries.  If you have any immediate questions, the
GameFaqs message board is a VERY reliable source of information.  Have fun and
happy gaming.

Things to come:
Table of contents
Missions list
Ghost's Perspective

This whole guide is written from Niobe's perspective, so although I feel that
most of the information is commutative, I will not have anything for Ghost
until later.

-------Level 1--------
     Post Office

In this mission, the goal is to get to the mailbox and get the loot before the
bad guys do.  Have no fear, however, it is not timed, and you will succeed if
you are relentless.

Closing Time:

You will start in a large open room, a lobby.  At this point, you have a few
options.  If you begin by flexing your Matrix muscles and start fighting,, or
if you wait too long,  you will have a small battle.  If that is the case,
don't worry, it is not so bad.  A little button mashing will do the trick. 
Whether the bad guys are dead or not, run to the back of the room.

At this point, you have several options.  You can either proceed straight to
the men's restroom, or you can try the elevator down the back hall.  I
personally suggest that you take the men's room exit because it seems to be a
little easier.  In this case, you will end up in the showers.

On the other hand, you can also explore the level a little bit.  You can
explore the sorting area and enjoy a small cut scene, and the rest of the
guards will become annoyed with your presence.  At the end of the back hall,
one of the guards will stand up from his post, and open his door.  If you go
through the door, you can proceed to the next section of the Post Office.


Behind the scenes

At this point, you will either be in the showers or in the locker room.  Either
way, you will have to fight a guard, and either way, your paths will regroup. 
Kill the guard that approaches you, and proceed through the only door that you
are able to open.  Also, feel free to kick open any lockers that deserve a
bashing, it can be quite amusing.

You will come out in an open hallway.  Follow the hallway past the POWERade
machine (again, kicking it in if you see fit), and you will come up to an
employee break room.  The two employees that are chatting are harmless,
however, if you kill one of them, the other will yell for help.  The advantage:
 you can get weapons off of the cops who come to the rescue.

Continue down the hall and go through the only door that you can open.  There
will be two cops and two employees.  I suggest killing the cops first, and if
you have the energy, kill the employees too.  When you get to the back of the
room, some more cops will come out of their holes and start attacking you. 
Also, you may be given an arrow to guide you to the next area.

Follow the arrow killing anyone who steps in your way.  When you get within
about 10 meters of the destination, you will be given a hint to dive through a
window.  If you followed the arrow sufficiently, it should be clear which
window you need to jump through.  To get through, I prefer running at the
window and doing the jump kick to break through.  Once inside the office, hit
the bright red button.

The button will open a door with some forklifts inside.  Don't get too excited,
you can't drive them.  You will need to retrace some of your steps to get back
to this point.  Do so (follow the arrow!), and proceed through the door.

On the other side, you will see some employees running away, and some cops
running toward you.  Engage them, and continue following the arrow.  If you hit
a point where there is a fence in the way, go back the way you came, and work
your way around it.  Use your common sense, explore the area thoroughly.  All
of the other doors are locked, you can't go the wrong way.

In the back of the room is a health kit.  Pick it up if you need, but you
probably will not need it at all (yay for health regeneration).  You can go
into one of the offices, but there doesn't seem to be anything inside. 
Continue following the arrow into the next area.

Inside the next room is a relatively confusing mess of cubicles.  There is no
better method, just follow the arrow.  You will encounter some workers, but
they will not hurt you unless they call for help.  You can kill them if you see
fit.  If you take all of the correct turns, you should go through a door into
another hallway.

If you didn't kill all of the bad guys in the previous area (and... maybe even
if you did), some more bad guys will come out behind you.  But beware, you are
surrounded.  In front of you (perhaps to distract you) there is another cop. 
kill him first, using the corner as a shield from the guys behind you.  Then
turn around to kill the other two.  Continue following the arrow.  When you get
to the correct door, you will reach a save point.



Begin by scaling the fence.  On the other side, you will see a guard far down
one of the paths.  Approach him and kill him, and if he calls for help, kill
anyone who comes tot he rescue.  Continue through the path where you killed the
guard,, that is the correct path (this seems to be a not-so-impossible maze). 
In the end, you will need to head to the very opposite end of the room-

When you see two cops talking, they are standing right in front of the door to
the next section.  To your left will be a fence that you can scale, but that
path will lead you nowhere (so if you scale the second fence, you've gone too
far).  Kill the cops in front of you, and some more will appear to your left. 
Kill anything that moves, take their weapons, and then continue through the
garage door into the freight elevator.


Unexpected Arrival.

Uh oh... cops everywhere...  At the beginning of this section QUICKLY run and
grab the weapons sitting on the table before the other cops can get their slimy
paws on them.  Now you can either equip the weapons or just fight hand to hand,
but the point is to hurt them.  Personally, I suggest saving your heavy
weaponry for some of the more challenging parts of this level.

Kill the two guys that stick around in the first room, and the rest will run
away (don't worry, they are preparing for their imminent deaths).  Let your
health refresh itself before following the less courageous cops.

Dodge the lightning fast forklift ( ???? who'd've thought AI would be so
retarded to send a forklift at us at 2 mph.....?).  The forklift will run into
the wall and explode, so be sure to keep a safe distance.  There will be cops
behind the forklift, so also be sure to eliminate them.  One cop will wisely
keep a distance and hide behind some boxes, so be careful while proceeding down
the hall.  (this might be a good point to use weapons)

Go around the turn to ensue in a large melee with about 5 cops.  Kill one at a
time and use the boxes as protection.  Lure them to you if at all possible, put
the fight in your own terms.  At the end is another door, but you cannot go
through it.  There will be more guys to your right, so kill them.  Retreat if
you must, and heal.  There is a medical pack on top of some of the boxes, you
can get them by going up to them and do a standing jump.  Once you go through
the chain link fence at the end, it will prompt a cut scene.

Tear gas.... be careful and quick.  Bad guys will shoot at you, but ignore
them.  If you fall, it is over, and you must, for all intents and purposes,
restart the scene.  You will begin facing in the correct direction.  It looks
like something is in the way, so you must be very careful not to fall.  You can
either try to tactfully jump around the vent that is a barrier, or you can walk
to the edge and drop down.  When you catch the ledge with your hands, shimmy
down past the barrier and pull yourself back up.  Be careful, if you are shot
while shimmying, you may fall.

If you have a lot of problems, shoot the bad guys on the ground before
continuing.  They WILL respawn, so either way, you must be very quick.  Get
around the barrier and jump across to the skylight that you saw in the
cutscene.  Fall through the skylight to end the scene.


Enter the room in front of you to be bombarded by 3 cops with guns.  Be careful
because they are more intelligent:  they use obstacles to their advantage. 
Kill them, let your health replenish, and continue through the next door.

There will be several cops on the other side of a fence, and they will open
fire at you.  I suggest to continue running whereas they cannot follow you. 
You should use the pillar to your advantage to block some bullets, but if your
health is full, you shouldn't have to worry about dying.

When you round the corner, you will be prompted by another cut scene.  You must
find an alternative way to get into the sorting room.  After the cut scene,
follow the hall down until you reach another chain link fence.  Climb the fence
and continue through the alternating shelves.  Be prepared for a fight.

After each shelf, you will have to fight at least one cop.  They are always
prepared for you, so it might be a good idea to use some weapons.  Before going
past the next shelf, always make sure your health is replenished.  Towards the
end, you will have to fight several guys at once, but it shouldn't be too
difficult if you play conservatively.

At the end, you will crouch to go under a garage door.  To your left will be
several cops, and they will shoot at you on sight.  Seek cover and equip your
weapons.  Go in and kill them all.  If they are hurting you badly, retreat and
let your health replenish before finishing them off.  Use your strafe keys in
conjunction with your run keys to avoid being shot.

Once they are all dead, climb the stairs in the back, and step on the conveyor
belt to end the scene.


Got It!

Hmm... eerily calm.  You will start in a mail room full of.... well... nothing.
 If you don't know what to look for, this area can be difficult.  However, if
you paid attention, you will know that you need to get to mailbox 731222.  It
will be directly to the left of where you start.  When you grab the package,
watch the riveting cut scene.  If you watch, there will be agents coming for
you, so you can expect a pretty tough battle.

Kill everyone.  Use your guns, use your hands and feet, use whatever means
necessary.  You must kill everyone before you can continue.  Beware of the
window, bad guys may shoot at you from there, and also be careful of the tear
gas.  Keep a distance from it or else you will die very quickly.  Once everyone
is dead, the elevator will open, and you should proceed inside.

You will come out on the first floor lobby, right near where you started.  When
you try to exit through the main doors, they will lock down the area.  More
cops will come running in to kill you.  Another melee.  Many guys with big guns
will pursue you. Have a nice gun equipped.  Again, you need to kill everyone
before you can proceed.

During the battle, an arrow will pop up so you know where to go next.  You can
NOT follow it until you've beaten everyone.  This will likely be the toughest
battle that you have encountered thus far.  Take your time, and play safe.  It
may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of it.  I found the most
effective way was to work your way around the outside of the room.  Keep the
pillars in between you and anyone else, kill the cops one at a time.  After a
couple minutes, you should have everyone.  Let yourself heal if you need.

Once everyone is dead, follow the arrow back to near where you entered this
level.  There will be an open door.  Go through the open door, and through the
next into an open room.  There is a separator in the room, so go in between the
separators, and up the short stair case (there is only one way, so you don't
need to be worried about getting lost).

Keep following the staircases up, and you will reach the end of the level.


Big Distraction.

Turn around and go down the ramps.  Go through the debris, it should be a very
clear path.  Go around the destroyed fence and you should see some fire in the
distance.  Some guys will be running at you, but you shouldn't worry about them
as much.  Only worry about the dark-suited guys now, they are the only ones
that will fight you.  You will either need to retreat and regenerate, or use
weapons on these guys.

Once they are dead, proceed through the wreckage and through another fence.  If
wreckage is blocking a path, use common sense to go another way.  Follow
machine gun fire if you can, it shouldn't be too confusing.  Use your guns at
free will, there are many guns that you can pick up (and you are close enough
to the end of the level).  There are many guys through these paths, so be
careful.  At the end, you will reach a door with a ramp stairway inside. 
Follow the stairway up for about three flights to end the scene.



This is one of the tougher scenes if you are not sure how to do it.  When you
enter, there will be a worker, and he will cower before you.  Do not waste your
time on him, there will be plenty of carnage to go around.  When you get near
the worker, two guys will bust through the door where you came in.  Kill them
hand-to-hand, you need your weapons now.  Be sure NOT to go back through the
door you came in from, it will make more guys respawn (and make it that much
more difficult).

After killing the two guys who followed you, enter the next room.  Inside will
be two other guys.  They will be hiding behind some machinery, so be careful
here.  Again, I would use hand-to-hand combat.  Have a powerful weapon ready
when you go through the next door.

When you enter, quick turn to your right to make sure there aren't any cops
shooting you from the window (depending on your enemy disposal techniques,
there may or may not be a twosome waiting for you).  BE CAREFUL, there are many
many bad guys in this room.  What's worse is that all of the cops respawn as
soon as you kill them.  So, there is a neverending stream of them.  Kill
anything that is in your way, and then run into the open part of the room, and
off to your left into the nearest door.  There will be a clock over the correct

As soon as you open it, it will trigger a cut scene, so enjoy!


Level End.

--------Level 2--------
     City Driving  (NIOBE)

Get to the Hard Line.

In this level, all you have to do is escape from the police.  I'm not going to
go into detail about what you should do, but I will, rather, give suggestions
as to how to beat the level.

First of all, I would change the view from the car (left ctrl for the computer
version).  It is very difficult if someone's face is in the way of the driving.

Also, I would like to say that it is easiest if you just take this level slow. 
The cops aren't too mean in this level, it takes a lot to kill you.

Follow the arrow.  The arrow will tell you everywhere you need to go, it is
very clear about where you should go.  Don't hesitate to use the breaks, you
are in no big hurry.

When the chase gets intense, on the other hand, it is best to just keep moving.
 They will shoot at you very much, and all you have to do is avoid them.  You
will have to wait 2 full minutes before you can proceed past the gates, so find
a pattern, and just go in circles.  Once you find a routine, it is cake.

Your car is very resilient, don't worry about being shot as long as you don't
sit in one place.  The lights above the gates act as a loading bar to tell you
when they will open.  They will start with all of the lights being red, and
then they, one-by-one, turn green as time passes.  When they are all green, you
can pass.


Level End.

--------Level 3--------
     City Rooftops

Answer the Phone.

This is certainly a more difficult level.  It requires much running away and
finding a certain path.  This is the first time that you are formally attacked
by agents.  Be careful.

Start by running and jumping off the ledge.  They do a very cool dive when you
do it right, and you should have no trouble clearing the gap.  Climb the
ladder, and jump down the ledge.  Climb the second ladder and watch the cut

Now run away.  Turn around and escape around the obstacles, and climb up the
nearest ladder.  The agent will shoot at you, but don't worry too much, it is
just a pistol, and it needs to be reloaded right away.

At the top of the ladder, follow the path and jump over a small ledge.  At a
point, you will reach a small gap, and you will need to jump it.  The agent
will be on the other side to your right.  He will be shooting at your through a
fence.  Don't bother trying to hurt him, he will dodge everything.  Just focus
on running away.

Jump another small gap, and you will see a door.  Some cops will come out of
it, but you should take the time to stop and kill them.  They have weapons and
they will hurt you if you don't kill them.  After killing them, continue over
the slanted tin roofs, and you will see a not-so-sturdy wooden platform.  Jump
onto it, and it will collapse.  Directly beneath you is another cop, you should
stop and kill him too..

Follow the winding path through the high cement walls, you can pull yourself up
to the higher level from just about any box, but you can still make it from the
lower level.  Again, you will find a small gap with a ladder on the other side.
 Jump the gap and climb the ladder.

Work your way around the rooftop obstacles, and you will reach yet another gap.
 It is off at an angle, and again, there are wooden planks on the other side. 
Jump carefully and make sure you land on the planks.  You will land inside a
building with some more cops.  Kill the cops, take the health if you need, but
QUICKLY GET OUT.  There is an agent closely behind you now.

Run up the stairs and out the door.  At this point, the map should be familiar
again.  You are back at the place you started.  Jump over the gap again, and
climb the ladder (if after you jump the gap, the agent is firing at you
relentlessly, you may want to turn around and shoot at him;  you cannot hurt
him, but at least it gets him to stop firing at you for a moment).

Cross the tin roofs, and at the end, go up the ladder to the right.  Once you
reach the top, you can enjoy a nice little video.

--------Level 4--------
      The Airport

Check In.

Hard way---
Begin the level by following the running woman.  You will follow her all the
way down to the end of the terminal, and a cop may be waiting for you at some
point.  Kill the cop, and find the escalator down to the lower level.  Kill
anyone who gets in your way and try to get to the area where you started the
level, only on the first floor.  It should be directly below where you started.

There may be many guys, but they shouldn't be too difficult.  Once they are
dead, go inside the baggage claim area and onto the luggage belt.  You will
need to go all the way to the end of the belt to end the level (if you are at
the end, and the level doesn't end, try the other end of the belt).

Simple way--
At the beginning of the level, jump off the balcony, kill the guard, get on the
luggage belt to end the level.

The Belts.

My favorite way:
Begin the level by going through one of the garage doors to your left.  In this
room, you will hear some SWAT guys above you preparing to ambush you in the
next room.  DO NOT GO INTO THE NEXT ROOM YET.  When you hear "It's her... let's
leave" turn around and return to where you came from.

It is much easier to sneak in behind the SWAT guys from the catwalk.  You will
need to go back to the first room, near where you started, and jump to the
catwalk from one of the belts (you can get there by going up luggage belt 11,
and then cross the catwalk to luggage belt 10.  From there, you should be able
to jump to the correct catwalk,).  It is kind of tricky, and not very easy for
me to explain.  You will certainly have the advantage here because you can kill
two of the swat guys before they can ambush you, and then you have a better
view in the ambush room.  But you MUST go through to the second room on the
LOWER LEVEL first, or else the swat guys on the catwalk will kill you very

Equip a gun, and enter the third room via the catwalk and be prepared for a
battle.  There is a stun grenade on the upper level of the ambush room, so pick
it up if you can.  Kill everyone in this room, it helps to have a good weapon
equipped.  These guys are very tough.  Once everyone is dead, hit the red
switch in the booth on the lover level in order activate the luggage belts.  Be
sure to kill all of the luggage workers as well, whereas one of them may turn
off the power to the belts when you get back to the first room.

Return through the rooms from which you came, only via the LOWER LEVEL.  It is
much easier to engage the bad guys from the lower level.  You will walk into an
ambush of some VERY tough guys, so I suggest avoiding them to the best of your
ability.  I also suggest that you take the path that, as you are retracing your
steps, is on the far LEFT.  There seem to be fewer SWAT guys, and when you
reenter the tunnel into the original room, you are near belt 11.  As I
mentioned before, belt 10 and 11 are connected by a catwalk, so it is easy to
transfer between the two.

Unfortunately, there might be a guy who turns the belt back off, but that just
means you will have to risk your life to go back and turn it back on.  Try to
avoid it by killing off everyone in the third room.  Once you are in the
original room, kill everyone who gets in your way, and run straight for belt
11, then jump to belt 10 to end the level.

Difficult, but doable.


Jackson in Steam.

All you have to do is find tunnel 7R?  Easy, right?  Well.... nothing is ever
easy in the matrix.

The thing that makes this level easy is that despite there being MANY SWAT
guys, there are many places for you to regenerate your health.  You can take
many breaks, and you can explore the area relatively thoroughly.  There are
MANY places where you can refill health, and if you take it slow, this is an
easier level.

With that said, there are more tough SWAT guys, so be careful.  Go through the
door on your right, and will be in a tunnel with pipes all around you.  When
you go forward, there will be a couple SWAT guys who will want to fry you with
steam.  Stay away from the steam, but while they are busy, kill them.  Easy.

Two more guys will approach you as you continue down the hall.  Shoot them, and
then regenerate some health if you need.  At the fork in the road, quickly go
right, and then continue down the hall.  You will pass some sets of staircases
down on your left, but pass them up, you should stay on the path that you are
on.  When you reach a dead end (right after the second turn off on the right),
go down that passage, and bypass it via a narrow corridor on the left.  The bad
guys are relatively random, so be on your toes.  You may encounter many in this
little area.

When you get out of the corridor, be prepared for another little battle, and
once it is safe. return to the main circular path that was previously obscured.
 Follow this for a ways, there may be many SWAT guys again.  Kill all of them
in your way.  Keep an eye on the walls to your right to see where you are, and
when you reach a passage that has 1R-7R written on it, go down it for a ways to
end the scene.


Jackson in Steam 2

This one is much easier, you are only being chased by an agent.  Use your Focus
to outrun him (not that you need to...), and follow the path.  There will be
SWAT guys along the way, so have your gun equipped to kill them quickly.

When you reach some holes in the grate below you, avoid them because they only
will slow you down.  You can also climb up, but I also suggest that you avoid
doing that.  When you see the numbers getting close to 7, you know you are
getting close.  At the very end of the tunnel, you will see a guy being
possessed by the Agent, but just run past him and climb the ladder.  If you
don't ever turn around and just keep going straight, and you will reach the end
of the level.  This scene is a breath of fresh air.



The level begins with a SWAT guy directly behind you, up on the balcony. 
Quickly kill him, and head to your left behind the plane.  There is a big
separator in the back, and you will need to go behind it.  Now a group of SWAT
guys will come out from behind it as you get near, so you will need to kill
them all.  Be sure to stay away from the canisters because once they blow up,
that means instant death.

Once they are all dead, recharge your life and continue behind the separators
and to the right.  Go all the way down to the end of hangar, and it should be
clear that you are in the right area once you are getting close.  There will be
steps up to a balcony, and there will be a place to enter the plane.

When you see the stairs to the balcony, use the boxes to cover you as you work
your way closer to the group of SWAT guys.  You can get very close before they
realize you are there.  Once they notice you, open fire and kill them all.  Use
your Focus ability if necessary, then let your health regenerate before heading
up the stairs to the balcony.

Go all the way up to the top, and climb the boxes to jump over the railing.  On
the other side of the railing is an unlocked door, so enter it.  Follow the
hall to the left, and then when the hall branches right, follow it deeper into
the hangar.  You will be given the choice of going through two different doors,
and I suggest going through the one on the left because it takes you closer to
the lift.

Once through the door, you will see several people pacing around on the plane. 
This part is very tricky, it took me many tries to get it just right.  What you
need to do is go down the nearest ladder to the lift.  On the lift, while
looking out toward the plane, you should see a console with a couple buttons on
it.  When you press a button, the lift will start moving down.  However, when
the bad guys hear the lift, they will kill you very quickly (the one on top of
the plane has a sniper rifle).  So, instead of riding the lift all the way
down, I jump off onto the wing, and then roll off the side to the underside of
the plane.  There, no one can shoot you, and the fall will not kill you.

I suggest hiding underneath the plane, and then work your way over to the
scaffolding on the other side.  When you go up to the top, you can surprise the
guy with the sniper rifle without exposing yourself to his friends, and then
take out his buddies once the coast is clear and the health is replenished.

It is not easy at all, but with a few tries, you should get it.

Take the weapons off the top of the plane, and then hop onto the wing.  There
will be a ramp up to the door on the plane, and you can enter the plane at this
point (when will this dumb level end????).

Be on your toes, as soon as you enter the plane, two bad guys will come running
at you with M16s from the front of the plane (from the right).  Kill them and
take their weapons.  Once they are dead, you can exit the plane, and then get
back down to the ground.  Go to the back of the room toward the dividers again,
and, predictably, another swat team greats you.  They should be relatively easy
at this point, you should be used to it.

Once they are dead, go behind the divider and watch a nice little cut scene.


The Bowels.

Yay for darkness.  You start out in a dimly lit hallway.  Throughout this
level, all you have to do is follow this hallway without dying.  When you come
around the first corner, there will be a guy waiting to jump out behind you. 
Kill him, then take his snazzy new weapon.  It is a sniper rifle with night
vision capabilities.  All you have to do is hit "4," and you can see anything
clear as day.

I generally save my ammunition, so I'll use my normal weapons on the first few
guys on the way.  However, when you get to an area where there is more than one
bad guy, equip your sniper rifle and pray that your sniper skills are

This is not very easy, especially for the unsteady of hand.  Zoom in, and knock
off every guy, wave by wave.  There should be 3 or 4 different waves, each
consisting of 3 or 4 guys (doing the math.... more than 9 guys, but less than
16...).  Just when you think the waves are done, inch forward, and you will see
a couple more bad guys waiting at the top of the stairs.  Be careful, one of
them will be throwing stun grenades.  It is probably a good idea to strafe and
shoot while in zoom to avoid being hit.  But, whatever the tactic, kill them
all and proceed.

The end of the level is identified by the sign "TARMAC ACCESS 1H."  Now enjoy
this lovely and amusing little cut scene.


Catching a Plane.

Deja Vu?  This looks incredibly similar to the incredibly annoying scene that
we just finished.  Run through the hangar, all the way to the back ladder.  I
suggest avoiding conflict, if you run fast no one will be able to harm you very
badly.  Besides, your friend has your back.

Climb up the ladder, and go into the door that your partner motions to.  Follow
the door to yet another hangar.  You can waste your ammunition if you wish in
this next big open room, but I suggest getting to the task.  If you wait a
couple seconds, your partner will kill everyone in the room for you, and you
will be free to accomplish the mission.  Go to the far side of the room to a
ladder so you can walk on another ledge.  Be careful not to approach your
partner, there is steam venting from the wall so you can not approach him/her.

Upon reaching the ground, you will be treated with another amusing cut scene.


Agent on Board.

How much longer can this level be?  How many more close calls are we going to
have?  Well... I can assure you there are many more to come.

The first thing you should notice is a life bar that is NOT your own.  Axel's
life is stuck at 1% and you must save him.  How do we do this?  The most
exciting way.

Head to the back of the plane (well, front actually), and around the netting. 
You will see a SWAT guy idly staring into space, so kill him.  A couple of his
friends will hear the commotion and come running out from behind the netting,
so kill them as well.  Once everyone is dead, grab the parachutes  from a shelf
behind the netting, and then head back to Axel.

Open the back of the plane by pressing the switch and prepare yourself for your
first boss battle.

Your first goal is to open the back hatch.  I did this by throwing one of my
left over stun grenades at the Agent, and then ran at the button while he was
stunned.  You can also do this by doing a running drop kick to his face.  When
he is down on the ground, hit the button.

The next goal is to get the Agent to take a dive.  Position yourself
strategically.   This is easier said than done, but you need to get him toward
the back of the plane, and then get a good punch or kick in to knock him flying
off the plane (without you falling out too).  Use your focus once you get in a
strong position, it is much easier to hit the agent while focused.  Again, I
feel that the flying drop kick is the most reliable, but when you're on the
back of the plane, YOU are just as likely to fall off and die.

There isn't any easy trick that I know of, just time your attacks well, and
with a little luck, you should have your first defeated Agent.


--------Level 5--------
      The Sewers


After the FMV, you will have to find your way to the phone (really... how many
times have you seen a phone in a sewer???).  Start by walking across the narrow
path to the ledge on the wall.  Follow the ledge off to the right until you get
to a small balcony.

Once on the balcony, take the ladder up to the top and continue around the
ledge.  Follow the winding ledge to the stairs, and proceed up to the ladder. 
This shouldn't be too challenging considering the levels that you have already

You will eventually reach a semi-circular ledge with a ladder on it.  Go to the
far side of the ledge, and go around to reach the ladder.  Climb up to the top
and you are now prompted to rescue Ballard.  Can't anyone take care of
themselves?  Kill the cop, and follow the catwalk to yet another ladder.

Equip the sniper rifle before proceeding, and this is another difficult part
for non-snipers.  as soon as you reach the top of the ladder, two bad guys will
start to open fire on Ballard again.  They will be at the same level as you, so
use your sniper rifle to zoom in and kill the one on the far right (the one on
the far right seems to deal more damage to Ballard).  You MUST use your focus
on these guys or else you will not have enough time.  Hopefully Ballard will
kill one, but if he doesn't, you know what to do.  This is a difficult part if
you are not quick with the sniper rifle, whereas Ballard will be struck down
very quickly.

Continuing down the catwalk to the central area, you will have a choice of
several ladders.  You should begin by using the ladder in the middle to take
you about half of the way back down.  Once at the bottom, go all the way around
the catwalk to the other side (WITHOUT going down any stairs or up any
ladders), and you will meet up with your ally to end the level.


Abyss 2.

Here, you need to exterminate all of the snipers before you can answer the
phone.  This is not too difficult if you find the right places.  I started by
quickly equipping a pistol, and then immediately jumping onto the platform.  If
you wait too long, one of the guys will see you and start shooting you.

Once on the platform, you will need to kill the guy who is nearest to you, he
may be toward the center of the room.  Take his weapon, and be aware of the new
sniper across the gap.  You might not see him right away, so I found it might
be easier to find the ladder that goes to the top, and use a sniper rifle to
get them there.

Once you kill one sniper across the gap, another will appear on the opposite
side.  Kill him, and yet one more sniper will appear.  This one is in the very
top of the room.  So if you are sniping form atop the platform, all you need to
do is turn around and kick him off the side.

Once all bad guys are killed, you should hear the phone ringing again.

Get to the phone and listen to the instructions.  You will be given some nice
new weapons, so be sure to put them to use.  Now all you have to do is get past
the fan to end the scene.  I found that the new assault grenade worked wonders
on opening the fan, but you can also use a gun to do that (I HIGHLY recommend
using the grenade on this fan because it is so powerful).  Also, if you
accidentally miss the fan a couple times, it might be a good idea to restart
the scene (you could use some later).  However, if you do use your guns, use
the first person view so you can target the fan more accurately.  Your cursor
will change color when you are going to deal damage to the fan.



Do as your instant messenger says and follow the arrow.  This is relatively
fool proof, the only problem is that there are many guys.  I suggest using some
sort of shotgun.  Surprise them if you can, disarm them, and shoot anyone else.

After a little ways, you should see a guy run and hide around a corner. 
Directly behind him is a ladder, and if you shoot in front of him, you can
generate a nice explosion to kill him quickly (use the shotgun).  If you climb
the ladder, you can do this next section from above, but you don't have to (it
may even be easier on the ground).

When you round the third corner (or so...), there will be a couple of guys
shooting you from above.  Be sure to use the cover of walls so they can't hurt
you while you are taking out any of the other guys.  Once the area is clear,
your arrow will point you to go through an unscalable chain link door.  You
can't open it without the aid of weapons.  Either use a grenade, or one of your
guns to shoot out the fan.  If you use a grenade, I suggest throwing it from
the side of the door (as opposed to throwing it from straight on).  If you
throw it straight on, the grenade has the tendency to bounce back and blow you
up.  When you throw it from the side, there are fewer obstructions.  Again, if
you use guns, go to first person mode and point it at the fan above the door
where ever the cursor will change colors.  With this fan, it seems to be easier
to use your guns to shoot it out.  Be careful not to stand too close when
shooting, though, there seems to be a glitch if you stand in a debris path,
your character will not be able to move.

Once the fan is destroyed and the path is cleared, proceed through the door. 
You will come to a hole in the ground, and you should know what to do:  jump

Unfortunately, your guiding arrow goes away, so you will need to explore each
passage thoroughly.  Straight ahead of you, you will see some falling water, go
that way.  Follow this path down, and you should run into some opposition. 
They may say "sector 2, clear!"  Kill him through the chain link fence, and now
you'll have to find your way around it.

Directly to the right of the fence is a box that you can climb.  Climb onto it,
and you should be able to jump onto the wall.  Be careful, there is are bad
guys waiting for you.  There are two on the upper platform that you are on, and
there are two more on the floor.  Kill them, take their weapons and jump down
to the other side of the fence.

Just past the fence that obscured your path, there will be a room with several
circular platforms around.  Go inside to find a few snipers with silenced
weapons shooting at you.  Kill them quickly, they can deal much damage in

Directly to the right of where you entered (where you killed a couple guys...),
in between the platforms is a ledge that you can jump on.  There you can
retrieve the weapons from your former enemies.  Follow the platforms to the
back of the room, and you should find a machine with a red light.  When you hit
the light, you can visibly see a steam pipe shutting off to open access to a
ladder.  However, you can also hear some more bad guys approaching.

Return back to the place where you entered the room on the ground, and you will
be encountered by about 3 SWAT guys.  When you get back to where you entered
the room, you should find a ladder partially covered by a large pipe.  It is up
a short stairway, it shouldn't be too difficult to find.  Once the SWAT guys
are dead, climb up the ladder.  At the top, you should recognize this ladder to
be the one that was previously blocked by a steam pipe.

In this area, you can jump onto a barrel and jump to a ledge to find a health
kit, but there isn't anything else.  The only way to proceed is to fall down
another hole, so do so to end the scene.


Ice and Corrupt.

You start this level in the midst of a battle.  Quickly kill the bad guy in
front of you, and work your way around the path and kill another guy.  If Ice
or Corrupt kill them first, it's alright, just take the weapons.  They have a
pretty good view to a kill, so neither Ice nor Corrupt should be in any danger
of being injured.  Once everyone is dead, you will need to find a way up to

Go back to the area where you started the mission. You are in the correct area
if you can see a spinning mechanism to your right.  Jump onto the ledge in
front of you, and pull yourself up.  It doesn't seem like there is any way to
go, but if you start working your way toward Ice and Corrupt, you'll find that
there are some makeshift steps above the spinning mechanism.  As soon as you
are on top of the spinning mechanism, you will trigger a small video.

When you get up, equip your gun and kill the guy on the pedestal.  Then kill
the guy on the ground next to him.  They shouldn't be too tough, they weren't
expecting you.  Through the door to the left should be many more guys to keep
you busy.   They will come running into the room and shoot you.  Kill them all,
take their weapons, and let your health regenerate if necessary.

There should only be one path that you can follow, so do so.  You will go down
a winding hall and up a small ramp, and at the top is an unsuspecting swat guy
protecting a box of demo charges --*evil grin*.  Go into the caged area and up
the ladder.  About half way up, you should hear some intense fighting.  Get up
as quickly as possible and kill the guys who are shooting at Ice and Corrupt.

Follow the path to the left of the ladder, and you should find a small stoop
where you can pull yourself up to a large spinning contraption.  You will be
surprised by some more bad guys, but they should be easy to defeat with the
help of Ice and Corrupt.  They will come in a steady stream, so equip your demo
charges and throw a couple at the unsturdy spinning mechanism.  After a few
good explosions, it will sink down into the ground and open a vent for you to
escape (if you need more demo charges, just kill some of the guys running at
you, one of them will drop some).

Just near the platform that used to have the spinning thing, you should see a
big hole in the wall (there are only a couple of walls, so it shouldn't be too
hard to find).  Jump from the platform to the hole , pull yourself up to end
the scene.



Follow the path, and take the turn left.  You should see some bad guys in the
distance.  Get as close as you can before killing him, you might be able to
save some ammo and do a drop kick on one of them (I even suggest disarming the
first one, you can sneak up on the second one too).  Whatever the case, after
killing them, continue down the path and take the small path to the right.  Go
up the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, you will see a bridge sort of covered in fog... this
can't be good.  Go through the opening, and cross the bridge.  At the end of
the bridge, you will see three bad guys squatting and wanting to kill you. 
Kill them first, take their weapons and head down the pipe-lined hallway (be
sure not to fall off the edge, you will die).

You will come up to an open room with a big drop in front of you.  Follow the
stairs around the room, and watch your step.  When you are all the way down, a
new guy will appear about half way up the stairs.  Kill him and take his
weapon.  Continue down the stairs and into the opening.

On the other side, there will be two more bad guys (very violent ones, I might
add), and they will be chatting.  Sneak up on them and kill them.  Follow the
catwalk to the other side.  You are given the message that you should get the
flashlight from under the bridge, so you will need to take the ladder down to
beneath the catwalk.

It is very dark, but you should see a weapon with a small green cursor around
it.  It should be directly beneath where you killed those guys on the catwalk. 
When you pick it up, you are attacked by other guys above you.  Watch out for
the grenade they throw, they are tough fighters. Three guys will come down and
join you in the lower portion, kill them, and then hide in one of the inlets
under the catwalk.  It doesn't matter where, just so as the guys above you do
not have a clean shot.  When your health is replenished, run for the ladder and
climb it to the top.  They will not shoot you while you are climbing.  Once at
the top, quickly equip your weapon, or just kill the first one hand-to-hand. 
Then kill the guy with the shotgun at the end of the bridge.  This part is not
very easy, but it's not the worst you've seen.

Continue through the dark area with your flashlight.  Toward the end of the
tunnel, you will find some more assault grenades and another weapon.  Pick them
up and continue into the open.  You will be prompted to follow the SWAT units,
but warned to "keep your distance."

Do so.  You won't follow for very long when they are ready for an ambush. 
Surprise them (I prefer with the shotgun), and kill them all.  It may also be
helpful to use the assault grenade on the group.  There will be a couple
waiting at the lower level at the sides of the entrance, so have a quick
trigger finger.  Once they are all dead, you should see an ally named Wurm in
the lower portion waving to you.  He needs your help.  He will be chased off by
a couple SWAT guys, so kill them if you can.

Continue through the upper level (if you are in the lower level, climb up via
the ladder), and follow the tunnels in the other direction.  I have no real
good advice here, just use your skill to kill them all.  They should all be in
the upper level, and I suggest using a machine gun for better long distance

I suggest that when you are traveling down the tunnel in the other direction
that you stay to the left.  This way, once you kill the first two guys, you can
stay back and let your health regenerate if necessary.  Anyhow, there are a few
guys left, so take them out.

When you continue down a little bit further, you will be warned that a SWAT
team is approaching.  They are in the lower level, and they are all in a group.
 I suggest using an assault grenade to take them all out in one blow.  They
shouldn't be too difficult.

After two more guys, one on each side of the tunnel, you should be in the
clear.  Continue down this tunnel and you will reach another split off point. 
There is nothing in the tunnel to the left, but if you go to the right, there
will be a large open pipe that you can pass through.  At the bottom, there is a
gap that is partially bridged by boards.  Get a running jump, and you should
make it without any problems.  Some guys will open fire at you from below, but
you don't need to worry about them.  Just keep going.

Go through the opening at the end to end the scene.


Waterway 2.

You are given the option of going two different ways, but one, you will find,
is a dead end.  Do NOT go down the path to the left, you will have to fight a
group of SWAT guys, but all you will be rewarded with is their weapons and a
health pack.  Don't bother unless you need the weapons.  Be careful not to fall

Before going down the path on the right, make sure a gun is equipped, you will
soon encounter a large group of SWAT guys.  Pick up the weapon in the middle of
the passage, you should be on the lower level for this part.  When you
encounter the first wave, you can either take them out with weapons, or easily
wipe them all out with an assault grenade.  Either way is sufficient.  Use the
pillar in the middle for cover.  Recharge your health before proceeding.

Climb to the upper level, and exit through a door on the left.  It will be a
narrow passage lined with pipes.  Take the stairway down and at the bottom, you
can go either left or right, it will take you to the same place.  If you take
the path to the right, you might be better off.

Once everyone is dead (there should only be a couple guys), try to shoot the
guy at the bottom of the ladder.  If you can't don't worry, go down the ladder
anyways.  One of the guys is hiding behind an explosive barrel, so one
not-so-precise shot with a shotgun can kill them effectively.  Just be sure to
slide down the ladder, and don't blow yourself up if you wait to kill them.

To be continued..............

All rights are reserved to Steve Cipullo, 2002.

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0080BBWWWWMMMMM8    2MM08X;;r;r7Xr::7SX;:..... ,.   , :XMMMMMMMMMMM@0ZZZBWB
B00WMMMMMMMMX      , WZ 2@8rrXXXXX;,.iii:.,,  ...,:  .;        ,ii78MMM@W0Z
0WMMMMM0.     rS22SB .B;.iMM0Za2aaXi.:::::,.. ....,.; WWM,             ZMM@
MMM:         ,rSZ8Z0M  Z;XZZZZaXSZZX  ,i,.,.  ,.:;XZWM008@M         .     S
r                 .;S:    Z:  ZMa;287  .,i;7  rX7aZZ7222ZBMMMi  .
                       rirMW,  aMM@S7:  :28BX:;rri   8M0X80M8B7:7Xrri;;7r7;
            ...irrX;:,:S; SMX;;MMWMMMMZi,::;;7r.  :W2M@M2a80MZ0X irrr;;rr;:
            .  . .:   ii  ;Z;S8MMMMMMMMMMMMMM@a;iSMMa@MMMrW0W@aM2 .iiiii::,
                       .  rS:X     @MMMMM@WMM@MMMMMMa0M@M82@BMB7MZ  ,::,,:,
                     ,.,.Z87,r       MMMM@M@MSWMM@@MWSM@MMS0@BM2ZMB  :::,,.
                     ,@MMMMaiir;      MMMM@MM0Z@@@MMMiWM@M@7MBWMXMBM  ,,,,,
.          ,.        :MMMMMM2;rZM8,   BWWM@@MM0WWW@@MZ8@@@M2SMZM@8M2M  ,:,,
.          .ii.        MMMMW2rX0M@@Bri;M0B@@MM@WWWW@M@BWWWMMSBW0MBM,MM  ,,,
..            r0S      aMMMZXXZBB8a7   MMWWW@M@M@@@@MM@WWW@M@8W00@MM MM  .,
.  ..           ;S,   7@MM0XS8WB2Xi   SMM@WWW@@W@WW@@@@@@W@MMWWW0BMM 
ZMX  .
.    ..2a:        S0SS27W@80MMM8Xi   
         Xi        28XXZMMW@MMMWS   
          r:       8BZ0@M@a;.      ,MMMMMMMMM@@@MMM@@WW@@MMM@@@@@@W0007, .


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