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 Entomorph - Plague of the Darkfall

Entomorph - Plague of the Darkfall



This is where you start off.  Kill the zombies, and get Mana Bolt spell.
Now proceed slightly west of the buildings, and recover the sponge, which
is laying on the ground.  Its a green object, laying near a bunch of crabs.

Proceed south to the main village...there you will meet your brother.  Follow 
him to the story teller's house, and thus obtain the spell of Armor.  Go
outside, and kill all the mosquitoes that attacked.  Then retrieve the amulet,
which is a bit east of the village.  Again, its amidst a bunch of crabs.
Go the second hut to the east of the story teller's hut, and read the book
inside.  Talk to the people in the village.
Once you have the sponge and the amulet, go back towards the deserted 
village to the north.  Once you come to the drained corpse at the mouth of the   
village, a raven will follow.  Go back to the dock, and click on the dead
mosquito near it.  You will soak up the blood from within it.  Go back to the 
drained corpse.  Click on it, and the shaman will arise.  Follow the shaman.
Once the nymph is guarding the village, go back to the story teller for some 
rewards, and then dock and take the boat (also take the gift for the woman in
Phoros from the guy who owns the boat).



Go the the town square.  On your way, you can give the flowers from the man  
owning the boat to the woman in the room right before the square...this will
yield an strength charm.  Try to leave the square eastwards, and you will
speak to a female rebel.  Talk to her, and then read the parchment inside her
house (its actually a spell of Aid), and talk to her once the sherrif leaves.
Find out the location of the rebel base.  Go to the base (follow the path 
taking the first right, and then go to the north of the green beetle sign).
Once you arrive at the wooden structure, step on the platform, and you're 
transported to the rebel base.  Now, talk to the leader at the end of the 
corridor.  Enter the base.  Talk to your sister (NW room).  
Drink the nectar, it will improve your strength.  
Talk to the rebel leader, who is roaming the base. Leave the base (use the 
switch to call down the elevator).
Go to the red circle sign.  (Get back on the path, and follow it west).
talk to the person there.  
Go visit the two locations mentioned:
1) Thelyd stronghold-follow the path to the north of the red circle, cross
the bridge west, and then go north to the village of the Thelyd.  
Enter the building immediately east of the entrance, and read the parchments
within, take the statue from the desk.  Leave, and make your way back towards
the village.

2) Go to the cave north of the white moth sign, and search out the cave till
you find the child's toy, and a potion of restoration.
Now, return to the rebel at red circle, tell him you have completed your 
assignment.  Return to the rebel base.  The base has been raided.  
Read the parchment in the room where your sister was before.  Go back
onto the path, and follow it past the red circle, and further north, till 
you go around the mountain's backside.  There you will find the new base.  
Go into it, talk to the rebel leader, she is the woman standing in front of 
the fireplace (Ziu).  Afterwards, go to the back rooms (follow the leader) and 
the jagtera will attack the base.
Talk to the leader, and she will ask you to throw the main defense lever.  Do
it, and the jagtera will be killed.   Once all the jagtera are eliminated, 
leave the base, and follow the mountain southwards, till you find the stairs 
that go up.  Go up those stairs and you will find Darmont on the east side of  
that mountain level.
Talk to him, he will die.  Go into the cave to the west of where Dermont was,
and explore it was far as you can.  Return to the rebel base.  It will be 
destroyed.  Read the parchment which is in the north western corner of the 
base, for the loaction of the third rebel base.
Now, go to the third base, its on top of the cave which you were asked to
investigate earlier.  To get there, just use the teleportal nearby.  
Enter the base, and read the gravestones in it, particularily your sister's 
and the one of Forfend.  Go up to the doors, and talk to the old man, guess
his name, it is Forfend.
Enter the rest of the base, and talk to the healer, he will give you a spell
of healing.  Use up all of the conversation options, so he will tell you about
the treasure in the previous base.  All you need to do is return there, and 
lay an orchid across the grave of Zeenena.  This will yield you a coin.  



Go back to the village, and talk to the beekeeper.  Also, recover the jar of
honey from a hut in the north of the village, and a Mooka statue from nearby.  
Now, you must venture to the far east of the island.  There you will find a 
strange obelisk.  Climb on top of it, and you will fall through.  Now, walk up 
to the altar in front of the tapestry, and click on it.  Use the coin you 
found, and ask for the leash.  Proclaim yourself the chosen one, and then 
follow the ritual using the following dialog:
"Oh Sting, the leash of discipline, lord of all that flies and creeps,
upon the back of the glorious Phoros, listen to me, Petrusa's chosen one,
listen to me as you would listen to her, and summon the miscreant!"
Now ask for the whip.  Go up to the bee, and touch it.  You will become the 
bee for the time being.  

Once you're in the hive, head straight north, and speak to the guard in the 
middle.  Then speak to the tube north of the guard, at the closed off 
entrance.  The queen will give you tasks to complete the first one is to
kill her Alpha.  Go, talk to the guard in the centre again, he will open the
Alpha chamber for you.  Kill the alpha.  Talk to the guard again, ask to open 
the chamber with the pool of finest blood.  Get the blood from the northern
most pool.  Keep drinking it, till you can't get any more, and empty it into
the little hole near the tube you used to speak with the queen.  Then go talk
to the guard again, and ask him for access to the egg chamber.  You will have
to kill the guard, and then open the chamber yourself.
Use the followin combination to open the chambers:

Egg chamber



                      x    x       4    x

                          x    1    x

                            2     x


Wax chamber



                      x    x       x    4

                          x    1    2

                            x     x



Get an egg, and drop it in the blood filled hole.  Do the same thing for 
the wax, except you will have to click on the hole several time to seal it.
Talk to the queen once again, she will task you to recover a body of a dead 
noble.  Leave the hive.  Exit the obelisk, by touching the platform in the 
middle.  Go south to the hill, recover the body, the statue, and Whirlwind 
spell.  Return to the obelisk, and repeat the procedure to obtain another 
miscreant.  Once you're back in the hive, talk to the queen again.  You will
be admitted, into inner chambers.  
Talk to the tube in the north, and you will be asked to solve a mystery.
Talk to the tube again, with the following answers:

2nd dialogue option
3rd dialogue option
4th dialogue option

Enter the door, kill the queen by spitting at her torso until she dies, and
eat the stuff behind her once she dies, and get the Cure Posion spell.  You   
will transform.  Exit the hive.
On your way back towards the Thelyd stronghold, you should follow the north
shore.  This way, you will meet a rebel noble, and his prisoner.  Talk to him
about the thelyds.  He will provide you with a bag of ants to deceive the 
worker thelyds.



Go back to where the Thelyd stronghold was.  Proceed south to the web covered
village.  Now, move orth to a cave entrance.  Enter the cave.
Go through the door to the north.  Greet the nobles within.  Talk to the 
priestess in the room north of the original entry point.  Tell her your
transformations are going badly, and ask for an audience with the Mutrizzba.
Enter the door beyond.  Talk to the Mutrizzba, you will be implanted with an
important egg.  Kill her.  Eat the stuff beside her.  You will be further 
transformed.  Now go through the wall in the south west corner, the wall
is an illusion.  Kill everyone beyond, open the chest, and get the goodies 
inside (poison ball in particular).  Exit the room southward, and pull the 
rock in the corridor over the plate which is in front of the door.
Go through the traps beyond, pulling switches as you go.  As you proceed, push
through the eastern wall, you will find a secret room with two barrels, go
through the eastern wall again, and pull the switch to the south and then the
one to the north.  Proceed east, then north, and west.  Go through the wall 
to the north which is blocking the northern passage.  Get the parchment, and
then go through the illusionary southern wall.  Kill the nobles, and grab the
Mooka statues.  Exit the cave.  Go east to the southern corner of the seashore
where the black cross was, and use the parchment you found in the Mutrizzba 
cave.  Get the Web walk spell from the little islet.  
Return to the web covered village.  Use the webwalk spell to go through the 
blocked off passageway in the south west.



As you go through the passage, you will be captured by the spiders.  When you
come to, talk to the spiders across the enclosure, and let them inspect you.
They will put you back in a cocoon.  When you are released, talk to the 
Urthrax, and offer to help.  Agree to be marked as a slave.  Talk to the human
nearby, (there is also a jar of nectar close by) and get him to put you in
a cocoon.  You will be brough in front of the Queen.  tell the Queen you have 
not yet fixed the Thelyd teleportal.  You will be asked to meet the Queen in
a different timespan.  Go SE, NE, NW, NW, NW, NE.  Tell the Queen about the
teleportal, (you will be marked as a royal guard) and go back to the original 
Queen.  From her, go back to the queen you were just at, and promise to fix  
the teleportal.  Now return to the cave you explored near where Dermont died.



Enter the cave, explore it till you find the green creature, Keechda.  Talk
to the Keechda, don't admit to being a human, and agree to bring him nectar.
Give him the honey instead.  You will need to peel off 9 blue colored plaques
to reactivate the great machine.  Goto the SW room and peel one off, there is
one in the east room with the saw.  Also, to get through the door with a 
busted mechanism, pull a bucket with you, to the point where the door stays
open.  This will hold it for you.  Talk to the leader near the central doors,
and use the intercom on the wall above his room, once he kicks you out (wait 
till he moves to the next room).  Once you make an appointment, go into the 
other room, and talk to the leader about the Keechda history.  See all the 
Keechda, and ask them of their history, and the Great Machine.  Return to the 
leader, make another appointment through the intercom, and talk to him about
the modules.  Wait till the leader moves to the next room, and talk to him 
there.  He will give you a key for the tube maze, enter the maze.  
Take the NW teleportal.  Take the Keechda head, and module, return, take the
SW teleportal.  Take the wires, set the switches on the wall to:



Take the N teleportal.  Take the module, take the E teleportal.  Push the 
rainbow colored column into the electric beam so it pops open.  Get the 
modules.  Take the NW teleportal, push the lever.  Return, push lever, take    
NE teleportal.  Pull switch, take E teleportal, take W teleportal, pull switch
return, pull switch, take W teleportal, take the blueprints.
Return to the central room.  Find the Keechda, who blasts you at every 
occassion, talk to the original Keechda, and ask him why he does that.  He 
will inform you that he lost his father's head.  Return the head to the
blasting Keechda.  He will give you cristals.  Return to the leader, and talk
to him.  He will put the final module together.  Go the great machine, in 
the SE, and put all the modules in place.  Now take your Mooka statues, and 
by clicking on the left end of the machine, you can make your Mooka into 
teleportal tokens.  You can now fix the teleportals in the Thelyd stronghold.
Leave the cave.



Now you are ready to eliminate the Thelyd.  Go to the thelyd stronghold.  On
the first level, in the east, there is a riped-off arm, which the rebel noble 
held the orb of preception in.  Take it, and paths will become visible to you.
Now you can navigate the paths without being attacked by getting sprayed with
the appriopriate phermone organ.  Red for red paths, yellow for yellow, blue
for blue.  Make your way down to the third level, and use one of the tokens 
to fix the teleportal there.  Now, return to the spider ravine, and fix the
teleportal there, its in the NW corner.  Climb the webs in that corner, and
visit the Queen to let her know the teleportals are fixed.  
At this time most of the thelyds should be dead at Urthrax hands. 
Now, make your way to the thelyd stronghold.  On the first level, kill the 
nutrient pool by throwing your ball of poison therein, also kill the red 
phermone dispenser.  On the second level, kill the blue phermone dispenser, 
and the hypnotic organ.  on the third level, the yellow hormone dispenser,
all the blood vessels, and the egg producing organ.  Once that's accomplished,
you can get through to the centre of the stronghold, and kill the thelyd 
Queen. Once you kill her, eat the pile of yellow stuff beside her.  You will
transform, and find a medal within the pile. 
Now, exit the stronghold, and go as far west as possible, to the palace.  Tell
the palace guards that you wish to serve the king.  They will make you go to
get orders from Cirra.  Now, proceed back to the mountain where the Keechda 
cave was.  Go into the cave right next to the steps up to the first level.



Go into the cave.  Eliminate the noble, and push the boulder.  A bridge will
appear.  Fix the teleportal after the noble ruins it, and take it.  Go 
through the north door, kill everyone, proceed east, and then north.  Again,
kill everyone.  Talk to the caged Keechda, and promise him to destroy 
everything.  Now, head west, to the distillery, and trash all the equipment.
Once its all destroyed, return to the palace.



Tell the guards you had new orders from Cirra which haven't been widely 
distributed.  They will let you in.  Now you have a choice of tasks to 
perform.  Choose Arena fighter.  Defeat the opposition, and you will be 
allowed to roam the palace.  Head west.  The egg in your shoulder will hatch.
Exit the area to the west, move south, and talk to the kitchen staff, and
obtain the poisonous mushrooms.  Now, talk to the guy on the very SE of the 
dining floor.  He will tell you how to mesmerize the workers.  Go up to the
NW door which won't open, and mesmerize a worker, tell it to take the 
poisonous mushrooms to the guards.  To mesmerize you have to ask WHAT, WHAT,
HOW, HOW, HOW....on the same subject.  Now go through the now open door, and 
proceed south.  Kill the Mutalid king, and go further south.  Now, you will
be encountered by the true king.  Follow him to the dungeon.  
To get past the teleportal trap, follow this rule: a shiny color no matter 
what it is, is the better choice over a non shiny color.  If both are shiny
the brighter color is the true choice.  Overall you have a 50-50 chance, so
you may want to just save it, and keep trying till you get it right.
Listen to the Queen, kill her, pull the lever, get the scarab.  
Run to where the entrance to the Distillery was.  You will encounter the 
Uthrax Queen.  At this time, you time travelling fly will save you.  Now,
kill the Queen, and proceed to the top of the mountain.  Step next to the 
chest, a lever will appear.  Pull it, quickly step back near the chest, and
ride it to the top.  You now replace the scarab, and the game ends.

Have fun!

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