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Submitted by: kumayl hassan

here is a manual of the game eradicator for those
who have mis placed it.Not to mention it gives some
important hints.

1 System Requirements
1 Eradicator Installation
2 Winning the Game
2 Help Screens
2 Recent History
3 Early History
3 Eradicator Startup
4 Main Menu
4 Options Menu
5 Key Configuration
5 The PIP
5 Characters
7 Weapons & Powerups
7 A Few Examples of the Opposition
7 Multiplayer Games
8 Level Editor and Other Stuff
9 Customer Support
9 Technical Help
9 Credits
11 Legal Mumbo Jumbo
IBM and 100% compatible machines
 486DX-66 Mhz (Pentium preferred)
 MS-DOS 6.0 (Windows®95 friendly)
 2x CD-ROM
 Mouse supported
 All major soundcards supported
 Joystick supported
 IPX network/modem/serial link supported
NOTE: The default directory and drive for Eradicator
is the same as for the Eradicator Demo. If you do
not want to overwrite the demo, you may want to use a
different directory in which to install the game.
1 Place the Eradicator compact disc in your CD-ROM
drive with the label side up.
2 On your desktop, double-click on "My Computer".
3 Select the CD Drive (for example, D:\) and choose
"Open..." from the FILE menu.
4 Double click on "Install".
1 Type "d:\install" at the "Run..." prompt on the
95 Start button.
After starting Windows, open to your CD folder and
double click on the Install icon.
1 Place the Eradicator compact disc in your CD-ROM
with the label side up.
2 At the DOS prompt, type the letter of your CD-ROM
followed by a colon, and press .
(Example -> "D:" and press ).
3 Type: "INSTALL" and press .
NOTE: The application SETSOUND should run
automatically after the install process. If you have
sound or
music problems during the game you should run SETSOUND
>from the directory into which you installed
Eradicator. The default directory is C:\ERAD.
OBJECTIVES - Every level has a specific list of
objectives that must be met. These objectives are
listed in
your Automap which is accessible via the  key
during game play.
To win a level, complete all of the objectives listed
in the Automap and then find the animated red arrow
which serves as an indicator to the exit of your
current level and the entrance to the next section.
Press  while playing, and a help screen will
appear displaying some useful tidbits of information
how to get around in the world of Eradicator. Once at
this screen,  will cycle through all of the help
screens.  will leave the Help system.
Again, the  key will toggle the Automap and show
your current mission objectives.
NOTE: At the "Easy" difficulty setting, there are
question mark icons in the playfield for even more
An ancient, alien power rooted in the bowels of the
planet Ioxia (eye-oh-sha) has sprung back to life,
all mining on Ioxia's three moons - the only known
sources of the precious element, Mazrium.
Mazrium is the basis for all current technologies and
power sources, and also has life-giving properties. It
is vital to the survival of the inhabitants of this
Two days ago, an energy surge was detected by one of
the orbiting mining vessels. It originated from
within the only remaining Ioxian Citadel (left from
the "Great Uprising" two centuries ago). A squad of
Cyrops mercenaries was sent in to investigate.
The satellite feed that was received indicated
something has risen from the ashes and is attempting
regain control of the Mazrium.
Moments after their insertion, the Cyrops mercs were
destroyed. The Citadel from ages past had
snapped to life - reinstating the ion shield that
prevents access to the three Mazrium moons and sending
the entire galaxy into chaos.
No Armada can penetrate the shield; no weapons can
disable the Citadel. Strategists believe a single
could slip past the defenses which were designed for
large scale assaults and shutdown the shield's
power source from within. The Mazrium must be mined;
it is the lifeblood of the galaxy.
The Universal Mining Guild has called upon the
services of their most ambitious mercenary, Eleena
Brynstaarl. In this desperate hour, they are more than
willing to meet her demanded price.
The planet of Treydan has selected their most
impressive warrior to be sent in search of a solution
to the
2dilemma facing the galaxy. Kamchak possesses both the
strength and the sheer will that such a mission
requires. A hero of the galaxy is in the making.
Trapped on one of the Mazrium moons when the Ioxian
Citadel kicked on, Dan Blaze wasn't looking for
anything but his next load of Mazrium to mine. Now
that all his fellow cybernetic miners are dead, he
must find a way off of this lifeless world. The only
course of action seems to be deeper exploration of the
strange Citadel controlling the ion shield.
Centuries past, an ancient race of warriors claimed
the planet Ioxia as their home. The three orbiting
moons, Pyxis, Eyre, and Quod are the only remaining
sites where the precious element Mazrium can be
The Ioxians hoarded the Mazrium and sold small rations
to the neighboring solar systems - demanding
outrageous fees and services in return. Eventually,
after suffering under this extortion, the native races
the nearest worlds attempted an assault on the planet.
Thus began the "Great Uprising."
Unfortunately, the Armada met with an impenetrable
field of ion energy that encompassed the moons and
Ioxia. Furthermore, the Ioxians had superior bio-mech
weaponry which managed to cripple the Armada in
the first few sorties of ionic pulses.
During this assault, something or someone disabled the
forcefield long enough to allow the remains of the
Armada to sweep across the planet's surface and wreak
havoc on the Ioxian strongholds known as
Citadels. Warriors on the planet Treydan claim the
unknown aid came from one of their clan...a trained
spy named Brakk. This claim was never substantiated.
In the end, the Ioxians released "Last Strike" - a
terrifying wave of energy and isotopic Mazrium
that swept across the planet's surface, obliterating
ninety percent of the native fauna and flora, leaving
wasteland encased in a noxious cloud that would last
for centuries.
Only one Citadel remained among the ruins.
The Alliance, as the collected races who conquered the
Ioxians came to be known, signed a treaty to
share the Mazrium moons. Peace has prospered for
centuries. Until now...
To run Eradicator from DOS, type:
NOTE: If you installed to a different drive and/or
directory, your startup routine is going to be
In a few moments, the opening cinematic will load and
begin to play. You can bypass this cinematic by
pressing . When the cinematic is complete, you
should see the Eradicator title screen followed by
the ACCOLADE logo screen. The music, if configured,
will start playing here. Next you will go to the Main
You may just hit  to use the default option,
NEW GAME. You can change your selection using the
up/dn arrow keys and then pressing  on the item
of your choice.
We recommend you access the OPTIONS section where you
can adjust many aspects of the game.
Furthermore, we suggest you explore the CONFIGURE
CONTROLS selection on this sub-menu, which has
an option for CONFIGURE KEYS/BUTTONS. This screen will
display all of the key commands available in
Eradicator at their default setting.
3Follow the on-screen instructions to alter the key
setup.  will pop the cursor to DONE; then
 to save your changes or move the cursor to
CANCEL and hit  to not save your
>From the Main Menu, when you select NEW GAME, you will
be taken to the character selection screen.
Select your character with the arrow keys and hit
 again to start the game.
At this point, you're in the game. You can use  to
view the
help screens which list some useful tidbits of
Have fun!
You can use the arrow keys to move the cursor to
whatever choice you wish to select and  to
select that item. Starting a NEW GAME is the default
The Main Menu has several options that can vary
depending on whether or not you have an active game
running or you are just starting a new game.
HELP - takes you to the Help screens which offer some
useful information and hints on playing Eradicator.
NEW GAME - goes to the character selection screen
where you can access the 3 characters, and start
the game from the beginning.
LOAD GAME - load a previously saved game.
SAVE GAME - save a game in progress.
MULTIPLAYER - allows you to start or join a
multiplayer game (more information on this below).
OPTIONS - goes to the options menu (described below).
QUIT - prompts you for verification then drops you to
your OS.
RESUME GAME - available when accessing the main menu
>from within the regular game; simply returns
you to currently active game.
The options menu has several player configurable
SCREEN SIZE - the highest setting permits the largest
total viewing space - the entire screen. A few
notches down from that you will get a partial 'status
bar'; a few more notches a full status bar, and
the play window will begin to shrink.
CROSS HAIR ON/OFF - this allows you to disable the
visible targeting reticule (cross hair) that can be
when aiming at specific targets.
AUTO-POV - will automatically change your view to
first person when you are close to a wall.
CHOOSE COLOR - changes color of your character's
clothing for easy recognition in multiplayer games.
CONFIGURE CONTROLS - allows you to configure specific
elements of your controls to personalize your
play style.
CONFIGURE SOUND/MUSIC - allows you to adjust music and
sound FX volume, and change or enhance
the background music.
4RESET TO DEFAULTS - sets all controls back to the
default setting.
RESET TO ADVANCED DEFAULTS - automatically sets
controller key assignments and options in this list to
permit control of the aiming (look up/dn) and turning
to the mouse and makes movement controls for the
left hand ( = forward,  = reverse, 
= strafe left,  = strafe right,  = jump).
Hit  then  when done setting your options
to return to the Main Menu.
All possible commands are listed under CONFIGURE
the SET OPTIONS menu.
Use your arrow keys to move the pointer to a command
you wish to assign a key to. Then, hit  to
remove all key assignments for that command or 
to assign a new key or mouse button.
We recommend choosing the ADVANCED DEFAULTS from the
main options menu first, then assigning
any movement keys in here. We feel this gives the
greatest viewing dynamic in first or third person mode
and allows a more immersive view of the environment.
NOTE: It is currently possible to assign the same key
to multiple commands (for example, fire and use
may both be the  key). This will cause both
actions to happen when that key is pressed. Please
check the key assignments closely.
One of the unique features in Eradicator is the
picture-in-picture (PIP) technology. When a remote
is activated or when using the walking bombs,
controllable hoverdrone, missiles, or proximity mine,
small window showing the weapon's or camera's view
will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
You can swap to this view, at which point the player
view becomes the PIP and the main view is whatever
was in the PIP. In this way, you can move the camera
at any angle for a better view, or if it's a weapon,
guide the weapon like a remote controlled device.
You may find control stations for the Citadel's own
soldiers and defenses. Standing directly in front of
these stations and pressing your use key activates the
PIP to show you remote locations within the map.
You may iconify the PIP, which will then take less
screen space and increase performance. The default key
is <.>.
You may remove the PIP from the screen using the 
Appearance: Adult, reptilian male. Bi-pedal motion and
exceptionally sinewy musculature. Wears armored
bracers on his upper arms, wrists, and ankles. Odd
tendrils of hair protruding from sides and back of
bony exo-skeletal head. Rough hewn tone.
"Ackbar! Grxmites crantouk tarn fracs aravat. Ackbar!"
Translation: "Victory! Weak ones will fall at my feet,
their bodies smashed by my power. Victory!" -Kamchak
Background: A proven hero on his world, Kamchak has a
strong sense of duty and honor. When the
Council needed their best operative, Kamchak was first
on their list. He excels at hand-to-hand combat
and at adapting to alien environments. He has the best
chance of disabling the Citadel.
5Main Objective: Kamchak is on a quest to permanently
destroy the loxian defense web by penetrating the
defenses right to the planet's core, and doing
whatever it takes to smash the main power source.
Actions/Abilities: Kamchak was initiated in the
Warrior Blood Rite of the Clan of Treydan at a very
age. He is a vastly experienced battle veteran and is
not easily intimidated. He relishes each and every
combat experience he enters.
Play Style: Kamchak's honed instincts and toughened
physique allow him to withstand a lot of punishment
before succumbing to defeat. He moves methodically and
takes his time to make sure all threats have
been obliterated.
Appearance: Female, humanoid feline. Ruthless and
ravaging. Bi-pedal motion, sharp bony claws on her
feet and hands, and a taut, muscular frame.
"Prantis arasi mana porrrrrterra; meuw contas arasisi
Translation: "I can get anything fast; I can get it
anywhere faster." -Eleena
Background: Eleena has frequently done work for the
Universal Mining Guild. When the crisis on loxia
came along, she saw it as a wonderful opportunity for
a little work and a lot of cash. Given the option,
Eleena will avoid unnecessary conflicts and attempt to
outmaneuver potential adversaries. However, she is
more than capable of overcoming most any opponent, and
will frequently outflank an enemy and attack
>from behind for maximum efficiency.
Main Objective: She's been hired by the UMG as a
backup in case the Alliance's brave hero Kamchak is
unsuccessful in his attempt. She is a mercenary in
attitude and profession; her fee for saving the
Mazrium for the UMG will allow her to retire to her
own planet!
Actions/Abilities: Eleena's natural speed and agility,
combined with her extensive training with sneak
attacks and use of her natural claw-like weaponry,
make her a very dangerous foe.
Play Style: Although she is somewhat fragile
physically, Eleena's dexterity makes her hard to hit.
With her
feline attributes, she is able to jump higher and
farther than most enemies she has encountered.
Appearance: Cybernetically advanced male humanoid.
Good looking, generally wearing a hero's smirk. He's
equipped with a variety of futuristic mining gear and
"Blaze to team four; team five? Anybody on this
signal... Blaze to transport, we have a situation
-Blaze, immediately after Ioxian Defense Net kicked
Background: Dan is on Quod, one of Ioxia's moons. To
escape the ion web's grasp, he'll have to knock out
the generator deep inside of Ioxia. His first task
will be getting from the moon to the planet's surface.
Main Objective: Dan's trying to escape loxia by any
means possible; which means taking out the Citadel's
power source.
Actions/Abilities: The Miner's Guild always implants
certain cybernetic devices in each of its Recon &
Destroy personnel so they can survive in the field
while doing survey missions and the like.
Play Style: Blaze's abilities give him a very balanced
style of play - he is powerful in hand-to-hand, but is
excellent with any kind of weaponry. He's not very
fast, nor overly powerful, so he must also use the
to defeat opponents.
You can have up to 15 different weapons at one time.
<1> through <0> on the keyboard access the first
ten. Hitting <1> <1> accesses #11, hitting <2> <2>
accesses #12, and so on. You are notified with a
higher pitched sound effect when you switch to weapons
All three characters are armed with a version of the
Cynetics model XG9101 Multi-cannon, with some
personal modifications unique to each character.
The XG9101 is designed to fire a myriad of projectiles
of almost any shape or size. It is equipped with a
neural-circuitry that learns how to best use many ammo
types it is exposed to; and, it can be upgraded to
increase its firing potential and lethality. Aside
>from the various ammo types available, a temporary
microchip upgrade can be located within most levels to
make many of these projectiles more powerful.
Ammunition for the XG9101 can be found throughout the
Unique to each character is his or her style of close
range attack. Kamchak has a devastating punch;
Eleena uses implanted titanium claws that retract into
bone sheaths when she needs to use the fine
manipulation of her fingertips; Dan Blaze swings his
miner's pickaxe - part of his personalized XG9101
Gun Turrets: These fixed emplacements are lethal at
any distance. They can fire at any range and track
via heat so they can always see you.
LSD (Land Security Droid): These fellows are the
standard guards and are in generous supply. They are
the basic grunts of the Citadel security force.
HSD (Hover Security Droid): This nasty will attack you
relentlessly from the air. Explosives and rapid fire
weapons are your only chances against these enemies.
Patrol Eyes: Just one of these can cause a lot of
trouble. If it sees you, it will set off an alarm
everyone of your presence and closing off areas of the
level. Try to waste it before it sees you. There are
three types of these guardians - you must learn how
they operate and defend against them.
You can either start or join a multiplayer game of up
to 8 players. Eradicator offers three types of
modem, serial-link or IPX network. Either deathmatch
or cooperative play is available.
To start a network game:
1 Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu
2 Select the type of connection (in this case, IPX
3 Select "Start New Game" from the net game menu
4 Select name, character, color, number of players,
type of
game (cooperative or deathmatch), and map
5 Select "Start Game" to begin
6 Wait for others to join; then have fun!
To join a network game:
1 Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu
2 Select the type of network connection (IPX Network)
3 Select a game to join from the CURRENT GAMES menu
4 Select the name, character, and color you wish to
5 Select "Start Game"
NOTE: Eradicator requires your computer to already be
connected to a LAN (local area network) before
starting the game if you wish to play a network game.
7For a serial link game:
1 Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu
2 Select the type of connection (Serial-Link)
3 Choose COM port
4 Choose port speed
5 Select "Play Game" to begin
6 Select the name, character, and color you wish to
7 Select "Start Game"
For a game by modem:
1 Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu
2 Select type of connection (Modem)
3 Choose COM port
4 Choose port speed
5 Choose Modem
6 Set INIT string
7 Chose dialing method (pulse or tone)
8 Enter phone number to connect with
9 Select "Call" or "Answer" to establish the modem
10 Follow Network Game directions #3-6.
Whenever the MASTER (person who started the
multiplayer game) leaves the game by quitting, the
will be stopped and all players will exit to DOS.
Included on your CD is a level editor for Eradicator.
While it is a veritable duplicate of the tool used to
the environment for Eradicator, we do not offer
technical support in its use.
Also included on your Eradicator CD are sixteen music
tracks that you can adopt for use in the game
through the OPTIONS menu.
Eradicator supports 16-bit sound with the
SoundBlasterT AWE32 or AWE64 sound cards from Creative
Labs. Read the AWE3264.TXT file on the CD for more
info. Please also check the README.TXT file for
more helpful information.
Accolade provides customer service, news, demos,
technical support, and other information on the
on-line services:
America Online Industry Connection, Keyword: Accolade
CompuServe Game Publishers' A Forum, GO GAMAPUB
Accolade can help you over the telephone Monday
through Friday, 8 AM through 5 PM, Pacific Time.
Telephone 1-408-296-8400
FAX 1-408-246-0231
You may also write us at the following postal address:
Customer Service
Accolade, Inc.
5300 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95129
Producer Matt Powers
Lead Programmer Jim Mazrimas
Lead Designer Scot Amos
Lead Artist Phillip Trumbo
3D Engine Programmer Randy Stevenson
AI Programmer Bob Morrison
Designer Alisa Schaefbauer
Designer Rich Waters
Music/SFX Director Rick Kelly
Additional Music Support Rudy Helm
3D Character Modeler and Animator Jeff Wilcox
Artist/3D Weapons Designer Steve Graziano
Backgrounds/Textures/Sprite Artist Heather Merrill
Backgrounds/Textures/Sprite Artist John Xu
Executive Producer Steve Ackrich
For Eradicator Hints and Tips
Call Accolade Direct
$.99/minute - If you are under 18, please get your
parents' permission before making this call.
Group Product Marketing Manager Karen Safran
Assistant Producer Jeff Gregg
Accolade PR Team Bill Linn
Erica Krishnamurthy
Script Writing Mark Jensen
Accolade Tools Group John Canfield
David Houston
Additional Sound Engineering David Houston
Additional Engineering Support Bob Smith
Accolade Art Director Dale Mauk
Accolade SGI Lab Patricia Pearson
Steve Martinez
Dexter Dorris
Additional Art Support Kelley Pinson
Chin-Han Hsu
Jeff Rianda
Manual Creation W.D. Robinson
Map Creation Scot Amos
Alisa Schaefbauer
Rich Waters
Matt Powers
Jeff Gregg
Lead Tester Harvey Bush
Testers Matthew Guzenda
Andy Elbert
Don Sierra
Jared Jackson
David Fung
Sean Fish
Tim Gonsalves
Matt Abrams
Kraig Horigan
Jeff Gregg
Test Support Richie Gangwish
Jason Lane
Forrest Marsh
Compatibility Testing by VeriTest, Inc.
The Voices of Eradicator
Eleena Roberta Kennedy
G'or Roy Blumenfeld
Kamchak Julian Lopez-Marillas
Dan Joe A. White
Reporter Ken Winston
10Special Thanks
For assistance in bringing Eradicator to the shelves:
Jim Barnett
David Grenewetzki
Stan Roach
Neil Johnston
For sticking by us and being patient:
Silas and Bree
Special Thanks to Bomberman for keeping us sane
Special Thanks to Paul Norman and Scott Jenkins of
ERADICATOR and ACCOLADE are trademarks of Accolade,
Inc. © 1996 Accolade, Inc. All rights reserved.
Uses Smacker Video Technology - © 1994 by Invisible,
Inc. d.b.a. RAD Software. IBM is a registered
trademark of International Business Machines, Inc.
Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel
Acrobat and the Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe
Systems Incorporated which may be regis-tered
in certain jurisdictions. Windows and Windows 95 are
registered trademarks of Microsoft in the
United States and/or other countries. SoundBlaster,
AWE 32, and AWE 64 are trademarks of Creative
Technologies, Ltd.
90 day warranty
Accolade, Inc. warrants for a period of 90 days from
the date of purchase by the original purchaser of
the Software that the recording medium on which it is
recorded will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship. Defective media which has not been
subjected to misuse, excessive wear or damage due to
carelessness may be returned during the 90-day period
without charge.
After the 90-day period, defective media may be
replaced in the United States for $10 (U.S. dollars,
plus 8.25% sales tax if the purchaser resides in
California). Make checks payable to Accolade, Inc. and
return to Accolade, Inc., Attn: Customer Service, 5300
Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 500, San Jose, CA
95129. (To speed up processing, return only your
CD-ROM. Please do not return collateral materials).
License Agreement
This computer software product (the Software) and user
manual is provided to the Customer under
license from Accolade, Inc. and are subject to the
following terms and conditions, to which the Customer
agrees by opening the package of the Software, user
manual and/or using the Software. Granting of this
license does not transfer any right, title or interest
in the Software, or user manual to the Customer
except as expressly set forth in this License
Agreement. The Software and user manuals may not be
copied for any reason. The Customer may not transfer
or resell the Software or user manual. The reme-dies
provided above are the Customer's sole and exclusive
In no event shall Accolade, Inc. be liable for any
direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential
with respect to the Software or the user manual.
Except as provided above, Accolade makes no
warranties, either express or implied, with respect to
the Software or user manual, and expressly dis-claims
all implied warranties, including, without limitation,
the warranty of merchantability and of fitness
for a particular purpose.


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