Erzuroom Escape 2 - Room R Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Erzuroom Escape 2 - Room R

Erzuroom Escape 2 - Room R

-The table leg is given at the start.
-move the chair and get the battery under the table. 
 (it's behind the left, front foot of the table)
-examine the posts on the post board.
-see the exact point for the cabinet hint, on the paper in the 
 trash bin.
-at the same screen click behind the cabinet and get the hammer.
-the calender and the air conditioner shows us number "21" for us.
-hit tv 3 times with the table leg and get the flash light from the
 secret safe.
-put the battery in the flash light and turn it on.
-click on the small green cabinet with the table leg several times 
 like said in the paper in the trash bin.
 (right-bottom of the cabinet)
-the cabinet will move left. and the hidden room will appear.
-get the bottle from the refrigerator.
-enter the room E. and turn left.
-click on the sink and fill the bottle with water.
-go back to the main room and empty the bottle in the flower pot and
 get the key.
-open the lock of the tall cabinet and examine the book.
-remember one of the posts on the board. 
 it says "day 21 ertu?rul terim"
-find "ertu?rul terim" in the book and see the date of birth of him:
-click on the paper on the table and change the numbers of the date 
 like said.
-and find the password for the pc: 05295319
-and remember one of the yellow posts: username: ESS_NAME
-go to the pc and move the chair. click on the boutton and enter pc:
 (do not copy paste write the code with hand, otherwise it does't work)
-click on "hidden room settings" then "open"
-turn back to hidden room under the cabinet, you will see the ledder 
 going down.
-but before remember the note:
 tunnel 3
-use the flash light to go down.
-break the lock with the hammer in the tunnel.
-go forward 2 times and count the brickets at the right side and get 
 the binoculars.
-go ahead once and look outside of the window with the binoculars.
-find the car and read number:3541
-go back to the main room and enter the code "3541" on the lock of 
 the last cabinet.
-get the card in it.
-go back to pc and turn off the camera.
-insert the card near the door and escape.

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