Escape Velocity Nova - Multi-Million Dollar FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape Velocity Nova - Multi-Million Dollar FAQ

Escape Velocity Nova - Multi-Million Dollar FAQ

the Fastest Way Possible
Written by:  Chaucer’s Squire

Table of Contents:
---1st Goal 	– Working for a Terrapin ship
---2nd Goal 	– Trading for $1.5 Million to hire six 
		  Sprite escorts
---3rd Goal 	– Trading for $10 Million to purchase 
		  your own Cambrian freighter
                – Hiring six Cambrian escorts
---4th Goal 	– Trading for $250 Million (or more.)  
		  I won’t stop you.

I saw another FAQ on how to make money quickly on this game, 
and I think that I can improve upon that substantially.  
If you follow my method patiently, you can easily be at the 
$250 Million mark in two-and-a-half hours.  

Once you really get going, you will be scoring roughly 
$6 Million every 15 seconds.  

No, I’m not bullcrapping you.

If you really want to buy 
the best ships and weapons in the game and enjoy blowing 
things up all over the universe, you need money.  This FAQ 
will help you attain as much wealth as you desire, and within 
a considerably shorter amount of time than flying all over the 
place doing missions.

The best part is, if you follow this guide exactly, it will 
also not interfere with any storylines.  You will be able 
to take any paths you wish and discover their endings with 
gobs of cash at your disposal.

I wrote this in diary form with actual times on this to give 
you a good idea of what you have to do, and how much time it 
will take.  To speed up the process, I always turn the CAPS 
LOCK key on to add a bit of speed to the game.  Any 
questions can be directed at my email:  

Started:  1:50 p.m.  Brand new file.

---1st goal – Obtaining a Terrapin ship w/ ~$50K to invest.  
($200K total.)

Completed @ 2:32 p.m.
You will need to do basic cargo missions and/or transportation 
of 10 supplies around the universe with your little taxi cab 
of a ship.  With the exception of the first “newbie” mission, 
you should be able to avoid all other storyline missions 
during your travels.  Feel free to buy maps occasionally to 
open up your ranges without having to figure out what systems 
connect where.  When finished, head to the Sol system and 
land on earth.  Go to the shipyard and buy your Terrapin.

When I reached the $200K mark and I bought my Terrapin, I 
forgot about the trade-in, and had ~$80K to invest.  Got 
blown up twice, stranded twice & called for distress help, 
and restarted three times.  Purchased two batteries 
(5 jumps now) plus auto-recharge, planet sensors, and ship 
decoders.  (These last three I always buy as standard on every 

---2nd goal – Obtaining $1.5M to hire six Sprite escorts.
Completed @3:42 p.m.  I also had to take breaks to write this 
FAQ.  If I was reading this and not typing it, I would have 
probably met this goal in about 30-45 minutes.

I remembered the wormholes after dying in my Terrapin a few times 
trying to cut through Polaran space.  Go directly east of Earth 
in the Sol system for what seems like forever and a day.  
Honestly, just keep flying to the right in deep space.  You’ll 
think I’m crazy, but trust me.  You will eventually get a blip on 
your map.  It’s a wormhole – and a shortcut.  Land on it.  Keep 
jumping over and over until you jump to the Ver’Ashan system.  
Go directly south, then south-west to Ver’Ikar.  Land to save 
your file.  Go north-west to Kel’Ariy.  Land, buy a map.

From Kel’Ariy, you will head south-east to Bis’routak, south-west to 
Tri’cikilla, south to Tre’vasar, and land to save.  Next, be careful, 
you are going north-east to Ne’helipar.  Get ready to pop your map to 
make a quick jump, or you’re dead.  Head south-east to Bis’usoca.  
You’re now in friendly territory.  Head south-east one more time to 
Tre’pirana.  Familiarize yourself with the large Jupiter-looking 
planet called Tre’ar Vano in the south-west.  Also familiarize 
yourself with the space doc Tre’a Ro in the north-east.  This is 
where you will make a killing of all of your money in the game of 
EV Nova.

From the space doc of Tre’a Ro, you will buy Equipment for the low 
price of 440 each.  Hold the “Alt” button down while pressing the 
“Buy” button to quickly purchase the max.  Now head south-west to 
the purple Jupiter-planet Tre’ar Vano.  Sell the supplies at the 
high price of 687.  Not honestly much of a profit margin, but 
nevertheless, all profit, all within one system, and all of but 
30 seconds tops for a cool $30K – for NOW…  

To speed this process up (I can do it in 15 secs), use your 
shortcut keys.  Hit “T” for Trade, hit the up arrow twice 
(scrolling from the bottom up to Equipment), “Alt+B” to max buy 
everything, hit tab twice (sometimes three times… watch to make 
sure you get dotted lines around the “Buy” button or you’ll crash 
the game.  Some kind of goofy glitch), hit the space bar to accept 
the purchase, hit the “Escape” key twice.  Now head down and sell 
your stuff using the same method, only differences being hitting 
the up arrow once to Equipment, and “Alt+S” to sell your goods.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  When you get to $1.5M, go hire your 6 Sprite 
escorts at the bar in Kel’ariy and come back.  The problem is that 
you are also paying $5K PER DAY PER ESCORT.  And since the Terrapin 
does THREE DAYS per JUMP, you’re going to need this $1.5M to make 
sure you can handle the jumps.  You also need some capital to 
purchase your Equipment in bulk to make a profit.  You will still 
need to pay your escorts $30K every time you land on a planet 
($5K X6 escorts = $30K per day.)  But trust me, it’s worth it.  


Be SURE to ALWAYS have at LEAST $30K when buying.  If you forget 
this, you will lose your escorts, and they will also take off with 
your Equipment you purchased.  >:(  If you’re short, SELL your 
stuff until you’re back at $30K.  You will make up this loss soon, 
and eventually, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

---3rd goal – Obtaining $10M to hire 6 Cambrian escorts, and 
purchasing your own Cambrian (get the standards too.)
Completed 4:05 p.m.

See.  It’s getting faster.  :)  Now you get the opportunity to 
make some SERIOUS cash.  Be sure to always have $200K to pay for 
your escorts each day.  Sell supplies to make up for the gap.  
You’ll make it all up shortly.  Just keep following my method, 
and always leave yourself $200K for your escorts.  You may have 
to sell supplies again for a few trips until you can max buy your 
entire cargo holds.

---4th goal – Obtaining $250M to spend on whatever you want.
Completed 4:25 p.m.

So…  In the matter of 20 minutes, you turned $10M into $250M.  
Not bad, huh?  And you can keep doing this over and over again 
if you wish.  Yes, it does take time, and tedious patience.  
In two-and-a-half hours, you went from a brand-new start and dead 
broke to a multi-millionaire.  During down times (talking with 
friends on the phone, etc.), you can continue this mindless, 
boring task to make $6M every 15 seconds.  Once I hit $1000M 
(it doesn’t put Billions), I decided to stop.  I figured I had 
enough money.  :)  Now you can go purchase any ship available to 
you at this point, blow stuff up, get your Sigma Tech & Hypergate 
missions done, and then pretty much do whatever else you want in 
the game.

It helps having cash.

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