Escape Ecru Room Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape Ecru Room

Escape Ecru Room

1. Clear off the right table by clicking on all of the items, pick up the
   table cloth and then the table, Zoom in using the right-click zoom, 
   click the flower pot and take the knife from under it. Put everything 
   back as it was except the saltshaker.
2. Go to the door screen. Use the knife on the ropes holding the sign just 
   over the door and pick up the sign.
3. Go to the Kitchen screen. Open the cupboard under the right hand side of 
   the sink and take the scrubber from behind the bucket. You might want to 
   zoom in on the bucket to see it.
4. Double click the sign in your inventory, then select your scrubber and 
   use it on it, you now have the cookie sheet. Put back the scrubber in the 
5. Open the oven and put the cookie sheet in the oven, close the oven.
6. Turn the oven on, Click the lower left hand side of the oven and take the 
   hammer. Click around, you’ll get the screen.
7. Under the left sink cupboard and behind the top right corner of the rolls 
   of paper, there is a customer list. Go back to the door screen, there will 
   be a customer at the door. The list is random, compare the list to the people 
   waiting outside, if they match make the pizza on the list. If it doesn’t match 
   then open the small hatch on the door and use your knife on them and they will 
8. Take the saltshaker, open the upper cupboard on the cupboard screen, take the 
   mug, the glass bottle and the big spoon. Also grab the glass saucepan and the 
   ketchup. In the top left cupboard take a single glass cup.
9. In the lower cupboard, use the knife to cut the bag of flour, click the bag 
   top and fill the mug by selecting the mug and clicking on the flour, use the 
   glass cup on the bowl with yeast and pick up an egg. Double click on the egg,
   if it spins keep it, if not try another.
10. Open the right hand door of the closet below the writing “Don’t be poor, 
    have a trap door” and take the rolling pin.
11. Go to the sink/oven, click the tap and select the bottle to fill it.
12. Double click the saucepan, select the water bottle dump it in the pot, then 
    the salk shaker, flour mug, glass cup with yeast and then egg, and use the 
    big spoon to stir it. Turn around a couple of times and the mix will rise.
13. When the dough is over the edge, click it. Double click the dough and select 
    the hand symbol, click it till it doesn’t shape anymore. Select the rolling 
    pin and use it on the dough a few times, select the ketchup and squirt it on
    the flat dough. You now have the base for all pizzas.
14. Put everything back in the cupboards. Take the cookbook on the right hand 
    cupboard, make note of what you need for the first customer.
15. Get the toppings for your first customers pizza, all toppings except red 
    peppers and shrims need to be slized, do this by double clicking the item 
    in your inventory and selecting the knife to cut it.

Toppings List and Location:
GREEN BELL PEPPER: Basket on the small rolling table
CELERY: Behind the green peppers (slightly lighter green)
CHEESE: On the lower counter, needs the knife to cut of a slice
TOMATOES: right cupboard
RED PEPPERS: behind the tomatoes (top-left of them)

The shrimps are identified by color Norwegian = Red/blue stripe, Indonesian = 
red/white stripe, Bangladshi = Green/Red Stripe and Guatemalan = Blue/White 
Stripe. Select the right toppings, put them on the pizza and put the pizza in 
the oven, close the door and use the hammer on the side of the oven to get it 
to start. When the oven beeps the pizza is done.

16. Use the oven mittens on the wall, open the oven and take the pizza. Hand it 
    through the door hatch and take the red tag sticker. If you made it wrong, they 
    say NO, put it in the chute next to the oven and start again. If they say yes, 
    put the sticker on the picture with the red fields.
17. Click the rolling table so it rolls forward, click left of the cupboard you 
    have to lower all of the metal pins, this is a pain in the butt.
18. Close the doors on the lower cupboard and upper right cupboard, click the red 
    button behind the saucepan. It will slide left to reveal a safe.
19. Look in the lower cupboard for a sheep of paper with four letters, look at 
    the stickers on the wall and compare the letters with the customer names, 
    add up the long numbers. Enter the number in the safe.
20. Empty your inventory, go to the tables, clear off and pick up. Click the legs 
    on the lower end, it turns 3 times. If the leg pops off, click the top and 
    take the key, put the table back down.
21. Use the key on the safe and take the money, the alarm will go off. Take the 
    cross and use it on the little hole in the front of the closet. Don’t worry, 
    it will break.
22. Take the forks from the sink area.
23. Go to the door and use the knife on the policeman outside, use the fork on him, 
    while he jumps his baton will be visible, take it from him.
24. Use the baton on the hole next to the cupboards and take the secret passage way, 
    You’re out!

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