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 Escape from Delirium

Escape from Delirium

PC 1996

Version:        Final   released on the 9th of April 2007
Author:         odino
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.) Introduction                                                 |  G0100  | 
02.) Overview & Controls                                          |  G0200  |
03.) Walkthrough                                                  |  G0300  |
YY.) Mini-Review                                                  |  GYY00  |
ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                             |  GZZ00  |


01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Escape from Delirium' for the PC, an adventure game released by
Magicom Multimedia Corp in 1996.

Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    OVERVIEW & CONTROLS                          G0200

The game is mainly controlled with the mouse. In old fashioned adventure game
style, you point the mouse cursor on the screen to move your character around.
Select the icons to interact with something on screen, or in your inventory on
the bottom right of the display. The icons are pretty self-explanitory, the
typical LOOK/READ, TAKE, etc. The wrench is for USE in case you were wondering.
Use the DISK icon to save, load, quit the game. There are also some more options
regarding sound.

When you hover the cursor of an object/person you can interact with, its name
will show up. Quite often the object/person also has a default interaction which
can be selected with the right mouse click. Sort of a short-cut. For example, a
person might have TALK as this interaction.

You ESC to skip the scenes, they didn't work too well when I played it so you
may want to skip them. During the game ESC will bring up a dialog box and asks
if you want to quit the game. During a conversation you can also skip sentences
with the LEFT mouse button.

The RIGHT mouse button can be used to zoom on the location, which is then
displayed in the bottom right where the inventory normally would be. This can be
useful for looking for specific items, i.e. pixel hunting as adventure gamers
refer to it.

SPACE pauses the game.

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

As you start, take the set of pulleys. Use the string with this set of pulleys
and then move right to the next screen.

Pick up the hook and use it on the brick wall. Use the hook with the string
o'pulleys. Enter the doorway. Look at the monitor.

After the introduction, enter the plane's tail section. Pick up the metal piece,
piece of glass and enter the storage room.

Use the crowbar on the box in the corner, then pick up the rope and machete.
Take the glass and use it on rubber rings around the other boxes. Exit the plane
until you reach the jungle.

Use the machete on the bush to cut through. Continue onwards.

Pick up the stick near the rubbish pile. Use the crowbar on the stone and pick
up the little stones. Use the crowbar on the large stone on the right to reveal
some insects. Pick them up, too. Go east.

Grab the bough near the first couple of trees. Combine the bough with the
rubber. Go back west and then continue north.

Use your new stone-shooter on the bird's nest to shoot it down. Climb up the
ladder, then give the insects to the bird. While it is eating, look at the nest
and take it. Return down the path and go north where you found the bough.

Enter the area of the supermarket on the west side of the map.

Continue north to the fairground. Speak to the girl inside the ticket booth.
-How can I persuade you to let me in?
-This is your last chance!
-ever told you you're pretty?
-Nice teeth 
Enter the tent and then walk into the next room. Take the bucket and continue
going east. Pull out the dagger from Admiral T. and then leave the tent via the
top right. Walk east until you return to the map and then enter the village.

Use the slot machine, then eat (use) the gum you got. Enter the fortune-teller
and speak to her.
-Hello, who are you?
-Tell me more about this religion
-That sounds confusing
-Aha... Are you sure it had followers then?
Take the plunger (AKA "flusher") and go outside. Walk west to the next screen.

Pick up the flintstone. Read the notices and then grab a form. Speak to the
-What are you doing here
-And inofficially... ?
-Maybe he is a doctor?
Use your dagger on the corpse hanging on the left side, then wait for the spy
to lose conscious. Look at him to get a tool. Continue west inside the village.

Enter the rosary-maker and talk to the owner.
-What is this overall for?
Use the gum on the gas tank, then leave and go east twice. Place the order form
inside the mailbox.

Leave the village and go to the signpost. Go west to the phone wires, use the
string with the bough underneath the wires and then use the telephone-tool on
the wires. Use the flintstone on the stone on the left, then inflame the stick.
Return to the village.

Throw the burning stick on the first house on the right (souvenir shop), then
walk west twice and enter the rosary-maker. Speak to the owner.
When the guy is gone, take the colored bowl, nylon cord and leave. Go west one
more screen. Speak into the rock.
-I need to speak to a mechanic
-I really need to speak to a mechanic
-Now! I've got a job for you
-Could you please repair the light!
-Yeah, the light
-OK. You got it?
-110 Village street
Go east and enter the library. Take the black cloth, colored bowl,
'Sanctification' book and read that book. Leave the village.

From the signpost, enter the new path going northeast. Use the colored bowls on
the columns.

After the scene, leave the hut and the village. From the signpost, enter the
southeast path. Grab the pole near the bus sign, combine it with the cord and
worms to create a fishing pole. Enter the cave in the mountain.

Click on the small drain and you will automatically swim there. Throw the bucket
on the pool of water in front of the left tunnel. Go through the tunnel and pick
up the ladder. Push the hanged guy and look at him.

Go back out and take the right tunnel. Snipe the elevator button with the stone-
shooter. Enter the door below. Push the left diamond and then place the piece of
glass on the right stand. Continue east. Use the tap on the pipe, then use the
plunger (flusher) on it. Open the bulkhead and climb down. Walk right and pick
up the shell. Open it to find a pearl. Continue east and talk to the spirit.
-Aehm... Hi
-I'm in search of a mysterious ring
-Mind if I ask you to give it to me?
-Oh shitt... 
Speak to it again.
-Who... Aehm... What are you?
-I can't imagine it's bad to be a spirit
-e.g. you're never hungry...
-I'm sorry to hear that 
Return all the way to the village.

Use the pole o'worm in the well. After catching a fish, walk west until you
arrive at the cook's hut. Talk to him.
-Who are you?
-Are you so well-known for your bad food?
-May I have a taste, please!
Give him the pearl in exchange for the bowl of soup. Place the fish into the

Backtrack to the spirit and give it the fish o'soup.

From the signpost, go northwest and over the bridge. Enter the large temple.
Place the script 'M-E-J' on the stand near the guitarist. Plug the guitar into
the box to open the door. Go through it and place the mystic ring on the silver
hand. Use the teleporter.

Go west, pick up the screwdriver, single wire and the batter (accu) from this
room. Continue west into the restroom. Use the pipe coming out from the toilet
tank and insert it into the left pipe below. Then use the chain to flush the
green alien away. Look at the dead scientist and pick up his arm. Return to the
teleporter and place the hand on the security system.

In this area, pick up and read the note, then take the colored test-tubes and
clear one. Use the empty tube with the green liquid on the right. Leave the
temple and return to the village.

Unscrew the box-tap on the well, then walk west to the library. Read the files
to find out how has the Herbizide book.

From the signpost, take the northwest path but go north at the bridge. Take the
shovel, Herbizide book and money. Read the book. Return to the temple.

Take the other door from the main hall that leads to the cemetery. Dig up the
first grave you get to for an ID. Dig up the grave on the far right too. Leave
the temple and go to the supermarket.

Inside, take the hair dryer from the shelf and then use the pen with the
barcode. Use the hair dryer with the till to pay. Return to the village.

One screen left, show the ID to the inspector. Open the show-case and take out
the pneumatic drill.

From the signpost, go southeast and back into the cave. Take the right tunnel
and place the ladder into the abyss. Descend down, then use the hair dryer on
the frozen object (brain). Backtrack to the temple (northwest from signpost).

Use the drill in the unfinished dig site in the cemetery. Back inside, go north
to the altars. Insert the key into the keyhole. Go down the stairs and grab the
note off the floor. Read the note.

Go through the secret door upstairs and take the teleporter. Walk north and
drain the pool with the pump. Climb down the ladder and use the battery (accu)
on the outlet. Return upstairs and to northeast. Use the wire on the wires in
the wall to make a hole. Go through it and go down the tunnel. Use the note to
open the lock, then look at the sign. Back in the tunnel, go north and use the
liquid on the thorn-bush. Backtrack to the teleporter and go east. Use the
battery on the computer and then push the lever. Get the flask, open it and
watch the scene. Take the teleporter back to the main temple area and then
descend the stairs underneath the altars. Use the crowbar on the plate with the
same symbol than the sword. Grab the skeleton the complete the game.


YY.)                    MINI-REVIEW                                  GYY00

This isn't meant to be a full review, just a few notes about the game's pros
and cons as well as other things worth mentioning.

Gameplay:  4/10

This isn't a very professional game, and I say this with regards to fellow
adventure gamers that probably wanted to relive the glory days of Monkey Island
and Indiana Jones. Because they made this commercially I have to dismiss these
"it's free so it doesn't have to be brilliant" claims that I would certainly
input about some of these Sierra VGA remakes by fans.

Looking at who made this game it is pretty impressive, but as adventure games
go, this borrows heavily from other puzzles and some that aren't just don't come
naturally. There are also way too many useless items and locations that just
make things more confusing. Then the guy never gives any good help for how to
solve anything.

The game is originally from Germany and that clearly shows in the translation.
They did a competent job for the most part but some important things are left
more or less untranslated ('accu' instead of 'battery'). We can figure out what
they mean but it's still a sloppy job.

Oh and the story is a real joke. From some Iranian guy taking the plane hostage
to some voodoo lady telling you what to do. Then you enter a temple and some
rock musicians play there for no reason but that the door puzzle is solved that

Graphics:  4/10

The menus and icons are pretty neat, but where the game fails is the bottom half
of the screen. This goes from god-awful character designs to extremely ugly
houses and other locations. The pixel hunting feature helps find some items but
I really don't think this should be necessary.

Sound:     6/10

If you get this working on a new PC, then it is pretty good. Nothing
spectacular and I think

Overall:   4/10

A bad adventure game, and that is too BAD because this is like the old games we
liked rather than modern first-person adventures.

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

Magicom Multimedia Corp for this game.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                    (o o)

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