Escape From Island Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape From Island

Escape From Island

1. Move left and collect the fishing line from the wreckage of the 
   burning plane
2. Move right twice and enter the cave. Collect the shovel and then 
   move down and left to the start location again
3. Move forward and collect the saw in the middle of the tunnel
4. Move forward again and collect the rope
5. Move forward to the scene with the cat and then move to the left. 
   Collect the pick axe
6. Move forward. Use the rope on the metal ring on the left side and 
   then click the rope to climb down. Collect the stone key
7. Move right into another cave and collect the cross bow
8. Move out and back up the rope. Use the cross bow to fire a bolt to the 
   other side of the river and release the drawbridge. You donít need to 
   cross just now
9. Move right and collect the knife. Move right again and then forward to 
   cross the rope bridge
10. Collect the water can and then fill it up with water from the sea
11. Collect the branch from the tree on the right side of the path
12. Move back across the rope bridge and then move left twice
13. Go forward across the drawbridge and collect the fish hook
14. Move right. Combine the branch, the fishing line and the fish hook to 
    create a fishing rod and catch a fish from the pool
15. Move left and then forward into the cave. Give the fish to the bear
16. Move right (following the bear) and then use the stone key to open the 
    door in the strange looking tower
17. Enter the tower and collect the ruby key
18. Move out and left back into the bearís cave. Move back and then right 
    again to the pool
19. Use the knife to free the bear from the overhanging tree
20. Move left and then back across the drawbridge. The bear will now leave 
    you a gift of a diamond key
21. Move right and down and then down again
22. Move right and use the pick axe (twice) smash the rocks in front of 
    the cave
23. Enter the cave and use the ruby key to open the door. Enter the second 
    cave and collect the golden staff
24. Move back twice and then left and then put the staff in the pedestal 
    on the ground
25. Where the light is shining through the staff, dig with the shovel to 
    find a purple crystal ball
26. Move down twice back to the start location and then move right. Enter 
    the cave again and use the pick on the end of the cave to get a flake 
    of gold
27. Go back to the start location and move left. Use the water from the 
    water can to put the fire in the plane out
28. Collect the Zippo lighter from the plane
29. Use the pick axe on the rocks by the plane. Thereís a shape that sort 
    of looks like a womanís face in profile. Dig just to the left of her 
    nose and collect a green emerald snack
30. Move right and use the Zippo on the statue thing to light the candle 
    it is holding
31. Then move forward three times until you get to the scene with the cat
32. Use the saw on the tree by the cat to get a log
33. Move left and light then next statue. Move forward over the drawbridge, 
    into the bearís cave and right and light the third candle
34. Go back across the drawbridge and then move right twice and light the 
    final statue candle by the rope bridge. Watch out for the earthquake!
35. Move left and a white tower has appeared. Use the log to make a ramp up 
    the tower
36. Climb the log and then place the purple ball onto the purple tree 
    looking thingy
37. Use the diamond key on the hole that appears and enjoy the closing 

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