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 Escape from My Room

Escape from My Room

-Open curtains. 
-Move stool under each curtain and take curtains off.
-Left, there's a red box on the floor with tools. 
-Keep moving the tools around until you see red handled screw 
 driver on the right, take the screwdriver.
-In the closet, take the glasses, green tape, and blue disc 
 (top shelf on the left).
-Left, take the hanger. Push the buttons until they all are blue.
-The yellow cabinet will open and take the razor.
-Left, left. Use razor on one of the curtains. 
-Move the stool all the way left and use the screwdriver on the 
 curtain rod, repeat all the way right. Take curtain rod.
-Modify hanger (will be circle), attach curtain with tape, and 
 then add curtain rod. You now have a complete net.
-Open right window, and click towards the bottom of the window.
-You will see a twig. Use the net on the twig.
-Modify glasses where you only have the black rubber. 
-Use the twig, attach the black rubber, and then the blue disc.
-You now have a sling shot.
-Close the right window and open the left. 
-Put the net on the bottom branch. 
-Use the slingshot on the blue key, it will fall into the net.
-Pull the net out, get the key, use the key on the door, and 
you're out.

If you can hit the key down at the first time, then you are able t
o get the gold coin, but you cannot get the green ball.

6 endings:
1.go out from the window violently - click the 3rd window bar from the right
  for 100 times. the bar fall over and go out.
2.go out from the window violently with gold coin - hit the key at the first
  time, get the gold coin from the wardrope 2nd shelf from the top. click 
  the window bar as ending 1.
3.normal end - get the blue key, go out from the brown door.
4.normal end with gold coin.
5.forest end - after taken the screwdriver from the toolbox, go on searching
  and there will be a red apple at the right lower corner. CAUTION!! it will
  only appear once, don't click away when you saw it. After taken the blue 
  key, the cutter will become a dagger. use it on the apple, it will turn 
  green and the blue key will turn to another color. go out with the pink door.
6. forest end with gold coin.

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