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 Escape Library Remake

Escape Library Remake

- Take all items off table including tablecloth 
  (Tile #1 will fall to floor - take it)
- Move right section of table to make Tile #2 fall to floor - take it.
- Click on brick on wall beneath the section you moved to reveal 
  Tile #3 - take it.
- Replace tablecloth, pencil, paper, and lamp.
- Double click on Bible in the inventory and click on the Cross in the 
  center to reveal Pistol - take it.
- Replace Bible on table.
- Click on the Painting on the wall. In close up view, hold your cursor toward
  the bottom to have the Paining scroll down to reveal Tile #4 on the bottom 
  right corner - take it.
- Inventory should now include: Pistol, Scissors, Cocktail, and 4 tiles.
- Exit Painting and move Left one room.
- Click 5th Book from the Left on the Top Shelf - Magnifing Glass will fall to
  the floor - take it.
- Double click on Piston in the inventory and click on the Magnifing Glass and 
  use it on the Barrel of the Pistol.
- This will zoom onto the back of the Pistol - Click to the left side towards the
  Barrel - which moves the View to the left. Keep clicking to the left until you
  reach the end of the Barrel. You will find a Six-Digit Number here. Write down 
  this number in reverse. This number backwards is the code for the safe. 
  (Safe Code changes each game).
- Close out your inventory items and replace Magnifing Glass back under the stool.
- Click on Right-most book on the second from top shelf to send Tile #5 flying.
- Click on Left and Middle Cushions on the couch to quickly take that tile and Tile #6.
- Use Scissors on Stool to cut through and take Tile #7.
- Next there are Three different places you'll find the Magazine for Pistol.
  (Location Changes each game):
  Third Shelf from Left/Second Shelf from Top/Second Book from Left.
  First Shelf from Left/Third Shelf from Top/Third Book from Right.
  First Shelf from Left/Second Shelf from Top/Fouth Book from Left.
- Take Magazine.
- Inventory should now include: Pistol, Magazine, Cocktail, Scissors, 7 Tiles.
- Go Left Once and Click on Curtain and Go in Dark Room.
- Click on Right side of Coffin to Zoom In. 
- Place your 7 Tiles on the Empty Spaces to the Right.
- Zoom back out and Zoom in on Safe. 
- Enter Safe Code you got from Pistol and Open Safe.
- Take Money from Top Shelf and take Tile #8.
- Replace Money and take Box of Bullets from Bottom Shelf.
- Click just Under the Top Shelf to reveal Tile #9.
- Zoom back out and Place 2 new tiles on Coffin and Exit Dark Room.
- Use Scissors on Top of Trash Bag next to door - This "Lets the Cat Out of the Bag".
- Zoom in on Trash Bag and Take Straw and Cat Crap to reveal Tile #10.
- Replace Cat Crap and exit the Trash Bag.
- Go Right once and Click on the Bottom of the Second Leftmost Leg of Step Ladder 
  until it moves close to the Bookshelf.
- Click on Top of Bookshelf where the column between the 3rd and 4th shelves meets it.
- You will see Tile #11 among Dust and Bugs.
- Use Straw on Tile to blow Bugs away and take it
- Exit from Bookshelf and Go Left once.
- Double-click on Cocktail to open in Inventory.
- Use Straw on Cocktail Three Times to drink it and reveal Tile #12 - take it.
- Zoom back on Trash Bag and replace Straw and Exit.
- Go into Dark Room and Place 3 New Tiles on Coffin and Exit room.
- Go Right once and Use Scissors on Red Label on Large Box on Floor to cut it.
- Go Right once more and replace Scissors on table.
- Go Left and take 3 Middle Boxes and 2 Right Boxes to reveal and take Tile #13.
- Tile #14 is in one of the Three Boxes of Beer Cans (Each one is in Bottom row of Boxes)
  (Location changes each Game) Replace and take Boxes as needed until  you find the tile - 
  Be Quick! Tile will be towards the back of the box on the right hand side under the cans.
- In 2nd Box on Left open and take Mineral Water.
- Put all boxes back except Top 2 in Middle Row.
- Double-Click on Box of Bullets and Open it and take some Bullets out of Box.
- Close Box and Double-Click on Magazine - Place 7 Bullets in Magazine (You do NOT need
  to place Magazine in the Pistol) and close out.
- Zoom in on Poster and use a Bullet on the Helmet of the Burrowing Soldier (The one you 
  can only see Helmet) - He will pop out and Grumble for "Water".
- Place Mineral Water on Top of Helmet - Soldier will take Water and Drink.
- Use another Bullet on Helmet and Soldier will Peak back out and throw Tile #15 into
  Soldier holding his Hat out - take it and Exit from Picture.
- Double-Click on Box of Peaches.
- Click on Pistol and Click on a Peach to send it up to the air. 
- While in the air, use Pistol to Shoot each Peach.
- Keep Shooting Peaches until you run out of Bullets.
- When you run out of bullets, reload the same way you loaded the first time - Double 
  click Box of Bullets - Take Bullets out and Close - Double-Click Magazie and Use Bullets 
  on Magazine.
- Continue Shooting and reloading until you have rid the Box of ALL Peaches.
- Single Click on Empty Cocktail Glass to hold in on your Cursor.
- Click on the top of the Opening of the Box to see Tile #16 fly up in the air.
- With Glass in Hand, Click Tile up in the air and click on it again when it's coming 
  down to Catch it. You will hear the Ringing of the Tile falling in the Glass.
- Close Box of Peaches and Double Click on Cocktail Glass to open in inventory and take Tile.
- Go Right Once and into Dark Room and Place remaining 4 Tiles on Coffin - You will now have
  a Full Set of 16 Tiles.
- Now Complete the Puzzle by Moving the Tiles to the Dots on the Left side of the Zoomed in 
  View (Tile Numbers will change Each Games).
- Each Tile's numbers must Match the surrounding Tile's numbers - Best way it to try to find
  a number on the outside that doesn't match another tile and start from there.
- Once you place all 16 Tiles in the right Order, the Coffin will Open up to reveal Grenade
  Launcher - take it.
- Exit Dark Room and Go Left.
- Open Box with Red Label and take Warhead.
- Double Click on Launcher and Use Warhead on it.
- Click on Expose Brick on Wall and Use Launcher on it.

Bonus Item:
(Not needed to Complete Game) 
- Use all the Bullets in the Box (Shoot 'em at the Door) 
- find a "surprise" at the bottom of the box.

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