Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood

Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood

Look in your inventory... you have to cook the dinner! just follow the steps... 
You know, you need, rice, an egg and a leek... ok, go left to the fridge...get 
the egg, the rice and the leek is into the bottom drawer... Ok, let´s go and 
cook...go left, to the kitchen... you'll find a knife in the top drawer and a 
cutting board in the bottom drawer...put the cutting board on top,next to the 
sink in order to cut the leek with the knife...ok we need something to put the
ingredients in and cook!

The cupboard's knob is missing :(go right twice and you are at bathroom door, 
first get the key under the rug (bottom right corner) go into the bathroom and
you'll find a yellow knob in the bathtub, er.. just drain water or you'll find
a ...poo.. into the WC LOL
ok, once you've done it.. you'll find Red Ball = 0 just click the WC and see 
it...notice you need a screwdriver for the WC tap...

We have the knob, so return to the kitchen...left twice... put the knob in its 
place and voilá! we have a pan! ok fill the pan wit water (from sink) and put 
it on the fire, turn the fire on...please stop the water! we must be aware of 
enviroment...when the water is boiling...put the ingredients and we have the 
dinner!just put it back into the bowl...the fire off, please! than you!

Ok just it's time of serving the dinner, just go to the cupboard ( one left) and
get the spoon, the glass and do you remember the key we found under the rug? uh?
no? yes man! where is the key?!!! ok, use it with the botton drawer and we'll 
get a scissors and a wine-opener...go to the dining table (go 3 left)open the 
wine with the opener and fill the glass, put the glass, the spoon and the bowl 
with dinner on the table... Ok sweet grandmaaa wake uuup! yes! we have to...OMG 
what a really big ears grandma... well...never mind...OMG! and this moustache? 
well well is the grandma after all... ok... wake up!

You'll find under pillow...OMG! grandma!!! oh! wait just sleeping pills ... and 
a blank paper under the blanket...mmm I don't know for what! just don't ask!

Ok according to the story... we have to rescue grandma from the wolf stomach... 
so... wel...the sleeping pills will help us :)
Ups! into the pills bottle there is a key, ok, just keep it...and please! 
don't miss it! ok?

Go next to fridge an you'll find a little yellow box, we have the key, er... 
you have the key...or I hope so! ok open the box and we have the screwdriver...
let's go to the bathroom! (go right) and open the WC get a yellow 
ball...and a new hint under WC tap...Blue ball = 45 go out and please try to 
set the clock..and get the green ball behind the clock, please!

Go right...and open the door's panel with the screwdriver... the cover will 
fall to the floor, turn it and ...look! what! it looks like a has 
4 holes, we have 2 balls...mmm we found 2 hints in the bathroom,,do you remember
the hints? I HOPE SO! Red = 0 Blue= 45 We must supose this are the positions of
balls, put each in correct hole... HINT:

RED = 0 ---> 24h PM
BLUE= 45 ---> 21 PM
GREEN = 15 ---> 15 PM

So we must supose YELLOW ---> 18 PM? we'll see...

UPS! I'm so stupid! I've spilled the wine all over the paper...just read it! ;) 
OMG!! so my grandma is not my grandma... that mousttache! I should see it coming! 
ok ok...we must kill that awful wolf.. kill kill! I can't kill the stupid wolf! 
OMG! OMG! he he he the grandma's pills...sweet dreams ... just put 15 or 16, ok 
put all of them into the wine glass...and the wolf...ZZZzzzzZZZzzz...

ok let´s go...the scissors...cut the wolf stomach! OMG! Have you ever seen emergency?
Oh grandmaa!!! ( I liked the wolf much more!!) er.. grandmaaa I'm so happy! oh! don't 
forget the blue ball! yes i know is a little...but is just blood!

Grandma ask for a big stone, a needle and a let's go to the rubish and to 
the sewing machine and get them! give them to the sweet ^_^' grandma...she puts the 
stone into the wolf stomach and just let's sewing! get the red ball grandma gives to 
you and hurry! go to the door's panel...put the balls in the correct hole...we got ot

RED = 0 ---> 24h PM
BLUE= 45 ---> 21 PM
GREEN = 15 ---> 15 PM

press ok and you're out!!
Open the door and please, be an ambulance.

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