Escape of Purple Door 3 - A Castle of Dracula Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape of Purple Door 3 - A Castle of Dracula

Escape of Purple Door 3 - A Castle of Dracula

-Go right and through door.
-Click bottom right corner of table cloth, take White Candle.
-Go right.
-Take Cat Food from top shelf.
-Take Garlic from wastebasket.
-Click middle of the top of china cabinet.
-Take Pistol. While it is Highlighted, click the Trigger. 
-The Pistol is now a Lighter.
-Go back to staircase.
-Go upstairs.
-Click very top of screen to see Maria's Portrait.
-Note Numbers (1222).
-Go right and through door.
-Take Black Candle Inside Fireplace.
-Click Left of Fireplace and Take Crowbar.
-Click the Rocking Chair, until a Black Key falls out.
-Read Diary on top of fireplace.
-Note Portrait was finished 3 days before Christmas (1222).
-Note that Maria Died 3 days After Christmas (1228). 
 (third entry, After Christmas entry)
-Note that the Day After Maria was buried (1229), her husband 
 went insane and wrote her name in blood.
-Remember 1222 and 1229 only. The day the portrait was finished 
 and the day her husband went crazy.
-I gave the last clues in that way, because the dates on my 
 diary looked this is: 0/0. 
-When Paulina gave us the second number, I had to figure out
 how she got it.
-Go right.
-Click the middle of the top edge of bookcase.
-Take blue candle.
-Note the clue Red with and arrow.
-Go down.
-Click the Red Books from top to bottom and don't forget the second 
 Red Book,,, on Bottom Shelf.
-Take Green Candle from Alcove Behind Bookcase.
-Read the Purple Book on Bottom Bhelf.
-Note the Instructions on how to open door.
-Click the next seven pages.
-Take gold key.
-Go back to Top of Stairs.
-Go left and through the door.
-Use Black Key on Dressing Table Drawer.
-Take Pink Candle.
-Note some of the Clock Numbers are shown in Different Colors
-12 Black
-2 White
-4 Pink
-6 Red
-8 Green
-10 Bllue
-Go Downstairs.
-Click the Arrow at the Bottom of the screen.
-Use Crowbar on planks, on door.
-Go Outside.
-Go Left
-Click on Maria's Head Stone.
-Enter 1222 and click Under Number.
-Take Wire Cutter
-Back out and click on Head Stone Again.
-Enter 1229 and click under Number.
-Take Cross Necklace.
-Go back to Kitchen.
-Use Wire Cutter on Wire on Doors at Bottom of China Cabinet
-Take Can Opener.
-Go back Outside.
-Go right.
-Highlight Cat Food and Open with Can Opener
-Put Cat Food in Dish
-Take Red Candle
-Go Back to Bottom of Stairs
-Go Left and through the Left Door.
-Use the Gold Key on Left Door.
-Click on the Circle at Bottom of screen.
-Note the Roman Numerals I and V are upside down. 
-12 is at the bottom of the screen and you circle Counter Clockwise, 
 left to right, bottom to top, to place the candles.
-Hightlight each Candle and Light it with Pistol Lighter, 
 Before placing on Circle.
-Black, Bottom
-White, Bottom Left
-Pink, Top Left
-Red, Top
-Green, Top Right
-Blue, Bottom Right.
-Go back out Door.
-Take White Sign with Pentagram Off Right Door.
-Open Coffin
-Give Dracula the Garlic
-Click Next
-Take Gold Key
-Go back to Bottom of Staircase
-Click Bottom Left Step.
-Use the Second Gold Key on Safe.
-Take Orb
-Go Back
-Go Left
-Use Orb on Pink Door.
-You're OUT!

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