Escape Pear Room 2009 Original Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape Pear Room 2009 Original

Escape Pear Room 2009 Original

-Remove all the items from the table, including the table cloth, there's 
 piece 1 on the table, collect it. 
-Replace everything, except the bottle. 
-Zoom in on the bottle, click it, and underneath there's piece 2. 
-Replace the bottle on the table. 
-Open the curtains, there's piece 3. 
-Zoom in on the left corner of the fire place, there's piece 4. 
-Zoom in on the red stocking, click the opening, and quickly click the 
 cat's mouth to grab piece 5. 
-It helps to zoom in here. 
-Grab the shovel, click the pink stocking, then hit the dog with the shovel,
 and piece 6 will fall under the chair next to piece 7. 
-Use the shovel on the fireplace two times in a row. 
-In the first one, a belt will fall, leave it, you will need it in the end. 
-After that do the same with the broom and the poker. piece 8 will fall. 
-Leave everything in place, except for the poker, that you will need in the
 next area. 
-Go left, click on top of chest of drawers. 
-Drop the pieces you collected on the puzzle and exit. 
-Open the first drawer and get the scissors and piece 9. 
-Open the bottom drawer and get the toque and piece 10. 
-Zoom in on the toque, click it several times, until piece 11 falls. 
-Replace the toque. Use the poker under the bottom drawer and you will find 
 piece 12. 
-Click on the lamp to move it out of the way. 
-Click on the pillow repeatedly so it goes up and you can get piece 13. 
-Then lift the blanket and get piece 14 under the bed. Now lift everything, 
 both mattresses included, and get the axe and piece 15. 
-Put the pieces on the puzzle. 
-Click on the painting and get pieces 16 and 17, by clicking on the pink 
 portions of the picture. 
-Then click on the small door on the left of the men trying to bring down 
 the door. 
-A new scene will show a woman carrying some fruits. 
-Click the pink floor behind the woman, it's piece 18. 
-Notice that the woman is holding a ski pole, as is the man with the big 
 hat in the first scene. 
-Leave them for later. 
-Put the pieces you have on the puzzle table. 
-Click on the gift boxes, there is piece 19 under them. 
-Then start with the last one you clicked, zoom on it, open it with the 
 scissors, get the piece and then put the box back in place, so you have enough
 room in your inventory. Repeat the process with the other boxes and you will 
 get 7 pieces (20 to 26). Put them on the puzzle table. 
-Go left, lift the four corners of the rug, and click on the middle, it will 
 lift and you will see a lighter and pieces 27 and 28. 
-Click under the wooden bucket and get piece 29. 
-Get the bucket as well. 
-Click the new table with the axe. 
-The axe will fly at it and chop it in half. 
-This way you get piece 30. 
-Click the skis. 
-Zoom on them and you will get a new piece in each. 
-On the right one, piece 31 is at the tip of the ski, on the left piece 32 
 is inside the boot. 
-Replace the skis, rip off all the papers of the calendar, and when it is 
 empty, use the poker on it. 
-It will fall and reveal piece 33. 
-Go right, put the pieces on the puzzle and go left twice. 
-Make the chair rock and get piece 34 under the rocker. 
-Turn the lamp on and get piece 35 in the left corner. 
-Under the tree is piece 36. 
-Zoom in on the clock, put the hands of the clock at 12:00, pull the strings 
 at least 3 times, then click on the door and get piece 37 from Santa's hand.
-Get the candles from the tree, zoom in one of them, use the lighter and it 
 will melt to nothing. 
-Do this with all the candles. Then go right and replace the lighter. 
-Then go back to the tree corner and remove all the blue balls, open the red
 bag with the scissors and put the balls inside. 
-Get the star from the top. 
-Now the tree is clean, use the axe to remove the branches. 
-At the top of the tree, you will see piece 38. 
-Then cut all the branches, and after that remove all the little tips of the 
 branches, until the tree trunk is totally clean. 
-Open the second bag with the scissors, and go left. 
-Put the star on the reindeer's antler. 
-It will lift its head and under its chin is piece 39. 
-Get the cake from the table and cut it with the axe, and you will find piece 40.
-Replace the cake. With the axe cut the left chair's cushion and get piece 41. 
-Use the axe on the red rack beside the fireplace. 
-It will be tossed to the next corner. Now you can go to the bed to replace the
 axe under the bed. 
-Drop all the puzzle pieces and replace the scissors. 
-Go left twice, and place the wooden bucket on top of the red rack. 
-Then use the hook on the grid on the wall, there's piece 42 inside. 
-Go to the second bag, the one that was under the tree, remove the cap and the
 mittens and get piece 43. 
-Replace the 3 items. Go left and replace the poker, go left again and drop 
 the 2 pieces. 
-Your inventory should be empty now. Go back to the tree corner and click on 
 the bare trunk. 
-Go right and use the trunk on the door, and the door will open. 
-Go right twice, get the poker, the broom and the shovel. 
-Go back to the door scene. Use the broom on the snow lump in front of the door,
 it will reveal piece 44, use the shovel to get it. 
-Use the poker to take Santa's beard from off the fence to the left. 
-Now that you have all puzzle pieces, go to the bedroom and finish the puzzle. 
-Once you complete it, take all the gift boxes and click on the red button. 
-The chest will slide and will reveal a wall safe. But you need a key to open it. 
-Replace the boxes and go left. Click on the bells above the door. 
-Each one of them has a different sound. Click on the four of them and memorize 
 each sound. 
-After the first click, you start a "simon says" type game, where you have to 
 repeat the sequence. 
-First is only one note, then 2, then 3, then 4 and finally 5. 
-You listen and copy, and if you do it correctly it plays the next sequence.
-If you do it wrong it will start over. 
-After you play the 5 sequences correctly the safe key will fall. 
-Now go right. 
-Open the safe and get Santa's suit. 
-Then click on the painting and get the ski poles. 
-Go right, replace the fireplace tools and get the belt. 
-Go right again and get the cap and mittens from the bag, go right again, 
 get the skis, and you're out!


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