Escape the Museum - Locked Doors Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Escape the Museum - Locked Doors

Escape the Museum - Locked Doors


1) go towards metal door in front of you
2) click under wooden bench, see gum
3) scrape gum off using nameplate
4) view clip, bend it into long wire
5) attach gum to wire
6) go right
7) jimmy lock with nameplate, click door again to go through
8) open the first aid box, click on it till you get thread
9) view gumclipthingy and tie string to it
10) go back out the door
11) click blue rectangle on lower left wall
12) unscrew with screwdriver
13) throw the gumclipthreadthing at the object in there
15) click the gumclipthreathing to get disk (you may have to try 
    this a few times, but you'll get it eventually)
16) go back to view facing window, turn left twice
17) go back into office
18) view pile of papers on desk
19) move stapler to see gold thing under paper
20) click gold thing, get a key
21) go back to room view, move mouse on desk
22) click blue screen
23) insert disk in slot below screen
24) push "unlock"
25) go back twice, turn left
26) go forward twice
27) click displays to see "top view"
28) click "bottom" display on right hand side
29) lift display, take glasses
30) view glasses, click them to put them on
31) go back twice to room view
32) click to view paintings, you should now see numbers on them
33) the numbers, paintings, and years are:
    5 The Potato Eaters 1885
    21 L'Arlesienne Madame Ginoux 1890
    17 Four Cut Sunflowers 1887
    29 Still Life Vase with Twelve
    Sunflowers 1889
    1 Portrait of a Young Peasnt 1889
    10 Starry Night 1889
    7 Le Moulin de la Galette 1886
    23 Still Life with Four Stone
    Bottles, Flask and White Cup
    3 Self Portrait with Dark Felt
    Hat 1886
    22 A Girl in the Street, Two
    Coaches in the Background 1882
34) Put paintings in chronological order from earliest to latest (which is 
    tough 'cause there's a lot of the same years but w/e)
35) once you have them in as good an order as you can get, count the same 
    number on the painting into the title (i.e. [1 Portrait of a Young Peasnt
    1889] count one letter in is P)
36) there may be a few mixed up letters because of the same years, but 
    you should come out with abolishpoo
37) go back to the office, use gold key on locked drawer beneath papers
38) highlight and delete the dots but leave the R, and type in ABOLISHPOO 
    (in caps) so you should now have ABOLISHPOOR
39) click the red button below the word and...Out!

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