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 Eschalon - Book I

Eschalon - Book I

Eschalon: Book I Complete FAQ
by soybostero93

Date: 20/02/2010
Size: 115051 bytes

Written in Notepad in 1024x768.

If you want to find something in the guide, do this:
type the number it has in the Index in the "Find" dialog box.
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If you want to use it in your site, just email me asking permission.

WARNING: This partial guide is full of spoilers.
If you don't like spoilers, then close this window immediately.
If you don't mind getting spoiled, go on reading.

NOTE: This FAQ is based in the 1.04 version of the game.
If you have an older version, you could find some minor differences between the
game and the text.
If you find something I didn't update to the 1.04 version, please email me and
I'll do my best to correct it.


   1.2. HINTS
   1.3. MY REVIEW
   2.1. SKILLS
   2.2. HIT POINTS
   2.5. ATTACK
   2.10. MIXING
   2.11. TRAPS
   2.12. CURSES
   2.13. WELLS
   2.14. CAMPING
   4.2. ORIGINS
   4.3. AXIOMS
   4.4. CLASSES
   5.3. THE QUEEN
   5.4. THE END
   6.1. HEAVY DUTY
   7.1. GOOD
   7.2. BAD
   7.3. DEATH
   8.1. DEMON OIL I
   8.2. DEMON OIL II
   9.1. ACID GRUBB
   9.11. HIVE DRONE
   9.12. HIVE QUEEN
   9.15. RAPTOR
   9.17. SPIRE GUARD
   9.18. TAURAX
   9.19. THUG
    10.1. ARIDELL
    10.2. BORDERTOWN
    10.11. GRIMMHOLD
    10.13. LONELOFT
    10.17. RAMI OASIS
    10.19. SALTED COAST
    10.20. SHADOWMIRK
    10.21. SOUTHERN GATE
    10.25. VELA
    12.1. EERU
    12.2. ELEANOR
    12.3. GRAMUK
    12.4. GRUZZ
    12.5. LILITH
    12.6. OMAR
    13.1. BLESS
    14.1. ANKH
    14.6. EVIL AMULET
    15.1. ARROW
    15.2. BANDAGES
    15.4. CRUX OF AGES
    15.5. EMPTY FLASK
    15.6. FEMUR
    15.7. LANTERN
    15.8. LOCK PICK
    15.10. SKULL
    15.11. TORCH
    15.12. WIDGET
    16.1. FEATURE LIST
    17.1. CREDITS
    17.2. THANKS
    17.3. CONTACT
    17.4. USEFUL LINKS

||1                   ||
Eschalon: Book I is an old-school turn-based CRPG taking place in the region of
Thaermore, which belongs to a fictional country named Eschalon. The land is
befouled with all kinds of monsters and it will be your job to clear it, as you
try to discover who (or what) you are.
|1.2. HINTS|
If you want to play the game a bit better, then read.
¤ If during a fight you just click your mouse continuously on your enemy you
won't last very long. This is a turn-based RPG. You can attack, drink a potion
or cast a spell. Decide well which action you will do. Also remember that
changing your equipment doesn't waste a turn.
¤ Remember that merchants buy high and sell low, unless you have great
Mercantile skill.
Thaermore is no piece of cake. There are some very tricky spots. Here they are.
¤ Baron's Thicket. It's full of Raptors, and they are pretty nasty.
¤ Crakamir. It's very, very dangerous. There are lots of Goblins, Acid Grubbs
and Taurax.
¤ The Marshes of Boradan, in the eastern tip of Northeast Thaermore. There are
around 15 Fungal Slimes.
¤ The back entrance, Spider Chamber, bone storage and Proving chamber of
¤ Vela. It's full of all kinds of Goblins and there is a Taurax too.
¤ Grimmhold's Maintenance Level. It's now Goblin land, and there are more
Goblins that in the ground level.
In the past, humans were more careful about the environment. Here you have some
very beautiful examples of it.
¤ The lighthouse top. It has a great view and it's an impressive experience,
during day and also night (I prefer daytime), and the music makes it even
¤ Aridell's eastern coast at night, behind the tavern, just south of the
blacksmith. It is a really beautiful view.
¤ The Ossuary entrance at night (where Quick Travel is activated for it),
obviously with a torch.
¤ Vela at night. It's just fascinating, but in daytime I don't like it very
much. Remember to keep a torch on.
¤ The Salted Coast at night. Anybody knows that sea at night is fascinating.
Just don't forget to have a torch with you.
¤ The Gulf of Madria, at daytime. Go through the outpost and go outside at the
southeast corner to see it. Beware of Taurax.
¤ Lorus of Eastleaf's tomb, in Tangletree Ossuary, without the Poltergeist.
¤ The Loneloft ruins at night, after clearing them from Taurax and other
¤ Any area of Great Tangletree Forest at nighttime. The glow worms make it
a great experience. Just be sure there are no Hive Drones and you have a torch.
Enemies aren't perfect. Here you can read about their weak spots:
¤ When Goblin Bombthugs die, they can damage nearby units, too.
¤ When Acid Grubbs die, their splash damage units next to it.
¤ Thugs and Goblins will sometimes drop treasure.
When you thought it was all said an done...
¤ When you are in Tangletree Ossuary, beware when opening coffins or
sarcophaguses. Some contain enemies, most are walking corpses and skeletons.
¤ Be careful when exploring the Goblin Citadel. There is a well there which is
diseased with Fleshrot.
¤ In the Goblin Citadel avoid like hell touching the golden statue. If you do,
it will call you "infidel", you will be cursed, the area around it will burn,
and around four hackers will appear. It seems Goblins worship Satan.
¤ In the Mysterious Cave, some powder kegs will explode on you when you get
next to them.
¤ In Whistling Cave, in the circular part where you hear bats, don't touch the
thing in the centre. It's infested with Bloodsippers.
¤ There's a small pathway in Northeast Thaermore, between two signs that say
"Save time! Quick route to Aridell" in the western tip and "Avoid swamps!
Shortcut this way to Darkford" in the eastern tip. Avoid it unless you have to
go through it to find Mary's husband. As soon as you get the advice "The air
seems strangely still" turn back. If you don't, you will be ambushed by Vidar
the Knife and his band of thugs.
¤ In the lighthouse top, beware if you pull the lever. When you get down to the
outpost, you will encounter around twelve Goblins of all kinds who, obviously,
want you dead. You can avoid it by pulling the lever, doing Quick Travel at the
lighthouse top and not entering the outpost again.
¤ Inside the Goblin Citadel, while you work your way through the first floor,
you should notice two open gates with press tiles under them. If you step on
them, the gate will close on you and you'll die (or be hurt with 350 damage).
Fortunately, you can operate both of them with nearby levers to avoid this (the
second gate lever is past the gate, so you'll have to attack it with an arrow or
a spell).
¤ In Blackwater Region, in the northeast corner, there is a narrow passage
between some rocks. Don't go through there if you made the shady character's
quest to kill Lilith or you'll be ambushed by him and three Barrea Mercenaries
who will all want to kill you no matter your response.

||2                ||
|2.1. SKILLS|
Skills allow your character to do more things, like mixing or drawing maps. It
also helps him to make them better. Skills can be raised up to 5 points per
level (when you start the game and each time you level up).
Alchemy is the skill of mixing. You don't need any alchemy skill for Healing
Elixirs, Mana Potions, Cat's Eyes and Keensight, but the rest of potions and
imbuing need at least 5 skill points. You can enhance your Alchemy skill by
wearing the Brewmaster's Ring, reading the "The Art of Brewing" book or talking
to Gamfari in Bordertown.
The Cartography skill allows you to use the automap in the right. The automap
won't work until you have one skill point, and you will only be able to show
walls. As your Cartography skill increases, you'll be able to map terrain, paths
in detail, doors, objects, NPCs and enemies. You can enhance this skill by
wearing the Compass, the Scout's Sandals, reading "Mapping Your World" or
by talking to Garrett after giving him back his sextant.
This is a rather nice skill. It gives you a chance (1% per level) to dodge an
enemy attack, avoiding damage and getting him off-balance for one round, giving
50% more ToHit Ability for that round. It's advised to have it from the
beginning, as it can make the game a bit easier.
Night is dark. You know that. An you can try to make the best out of it with
this skill. It allows to not be detected by nearby NPCs and enemies. If you use
a torch or lantern, cast a spell that produces light or attack, you'll be
discovered. If you are hidden, you'll see "Hidden in Shadow" in the game panel.
This skill is pretty useless when you have the Lore spell, as they do exactly
the same; and if you don't have any Lore skill nor the Lore spell, you can pay a
merchant so they tell you what the object is.
In the beginning of the game, merchants will sell you products at twice its real
market price, and will buy them at half. The more Mercantile skill, you have,
the smaller the breach is. At a very outstanding skill level, you can make money
from merchants by buying and selling them the same item.
This skill allows you to pass undetected near a NPC or enemy (it's a sort of
Hide in Shadows that works for daylight too). You'll be silent no matter your
skill if there's no one near. If you stand still, better. When no one is hearing
you, you'll see "Silent" in the game panel.
With this skill and a lockpick, you'll be able to open locks with no further
effort. Some complex locks will need a higher skill to break. But beware: locks
aren't yours to pick, so if someone sees you prepare to fight.
The skill of traps: discovering traps and disarming traps. The discovering
chance is also helped by your Spot Hidden skill, and the disarming chance is
affected by your Concentration.
Hit Points are the main essence of the game. If you run out of them, you die.
There are eight items which can restore Hit Points:
¤ Bandages (5 HP)
¤ Bread (1 HP)
¤ Dried Meat (5 HP)
¤ Healing Elixir I (15 HP)
¤ Healing Elixir II (40 HP)
¤ Healing Elixir III (90 HP)
¤ Salted Fish (3 HP)
¤ Tuber (1 HP)
You can also heal yourself by drinking the water of some wells (the only two I
remember by now are the ones in Blackwater and Aridell).
Also, the Divine Heal spell will let you recover Hit Points at expense of your
You can increase your maximum Hit Points by wearing the Ankh (10 HP), the
Blessed Rope Belt of the Healer (5 HP), the Ivory Amulet (5 HP), the Ring of the
Harbinger (20 HP) or the Ring of Vigor (5 HP). You can also increase it by
getting more Endurance and/or Strength. You also get free extra Hit Points when
you level up.
If your Hit Points are below 15, the meter will flash and you'll hear a
continuous heartbeat.
Mana Points are your arcane energies. They are required to cast spells.
There are four items which can restore Mana Points:
¤ Apple (2 MP)
¤ Mana Potion I (15 MP)
¤ Mana Potion II (40 MP)
¤ Mana Potion III (90 MP)
You can also restore yourself by drinking the water of some wells.
You can increase your maximum Mana Points by wearing the Blessed Rope Belt of
the Healer (5 MP), the Mana Cache Amulet (20 MP), the Ring of Magi (20 MP) or
the Ring of Sparks (5 MP).
You can also increase it by getting more Perception (it also increases the
regeneration rate, Meditation helps here too). You also get free extra Mana
Points when you level up (Magick Users get free Mana Points according with their
Intelligence, Healers get free Mana Points according with their Wisdom).
Your ToHit Ability determines the possibility you will have to strike the enemy
when you attack. You can enhance your ToHit Ability by adding points to your
Dexterity and getting more skilled with the type of weapon you are currently
wielding (Unarmed Combat if you are fighting empty-handed).
|2.5. ATTACK|
Your Attack rating lets you know how much attack can you deliver when you strike
your enemy. As the final damage roll is calculated randomly, this number shows
the maximum damage you can deliver with one attack (without modifiers such as
Critical Hits or Savage Attacks). You can raise your maximum damage by getting
more skilled with the type of weapon you are currently wielding (Unarmed Combat
if you are fighting empty-handed) and adding points to your Speed.
The Armor Rating is your main defensive help. The higher your Armor Rating is,
the better you'll be at avoiding enemy attacks: higher Armor Rating means less
enemy ToHit probability. Almost every equipment item (excluding weapons) has
some Armor Rating, which will translate into your character whn you equip them.
There are some non-equipment items which can boost your Armor Rating:
¤ Amulet of Greater Protection (+5 AR)
¤ Amulet of Protection (+2 AR)
¤ Ankh (+1 AR)
You can raise your Armor Rating by adding points to your Dexterity and Speed.
The more skilled you are with the armor you're wearing, the greater your Damage
Reduction will be. Damage Reduction is measured in percentage, and it represents
the chance you have to halve the damage you receive when an enemy attacks you.
Resistance helps you cancel some kinds of attacks based on the percentage of
Resistance you have to that kind of attack. There are four Resistance kinds:
¤ Elements (lets you cancel fire, cold and air attacks).
¤ Toxins (lets you avoid being poisoned).
¤ Magick (lets you cancel magic attacks).
¤ Disease (lets you avoid catching a disease).
You can increase your Element Resistance by adding points to your Meditation
skill or to your Endurance and Intelligence.
You can increase your Toxin resistance by wearing the Bitter Naga Amulet (+20%),
adding points to your Survival skill or to your Strength and Endurance.
You can increase your Magic resistance by adding points to your Meditation skill
or your Perception and Endurance.
You can increase your Disease resistance by adding points to your Survival skill
or to your Endurance or Wisdom.
With Quick Travel you can instantly travel to any place you've previously
The places you can Quick Travel to are:
¤ Aridell.
¤ Bordertown.
¤ Grimmhold's East Entrance.
¤ Grimmhold's West Entrance.
¤ Blackwater.
¤ Vela.
¤ Loneloft's ruins.
¤ Tangletree Ossuary's entrance.
You can't Quick Travel if:
¤ You are in Crakamir (but you can Quick Travel in the lighthouse top).
¤ You have the Ceramic Crucible with you.
¤ You are inside a dungeon.
¤ There are enemies near you.
¤ You are overburdened (carrying more weight than allowed).
¤ You are poisoned.
To unlock Aridell and Bordertown, touch their respective entrance signs. To
unlock both entrances of Grimmhold, Blackwater, Vela and Loneloft, touch the
obelisks. To unlock the Ossuary, touch the marker between the two lights.
|2.10. MIXING|
You can mix different components to obtain another item. You will need at least
five Alchemy skill points for most mixes. You'll need a vessel, a reagent and a
reactant. Three different things can happen if you try to mix something:
¤ If you chose the components well and have the required Alchemy skill for it,
the reagent and reactant will be lost and the vessel will be replaced by the
new component.
¤ If you chose the components well but don't have the required Alchemy skill,
all components will be lost and the potion will fizzle.
¤ If you chose incompatible components, all of them will be lost and you will
suffer an explosion, which can damage you with up to 20 Hit Points.
|2.11. TRAPS|
Traps are hidden things which damage you when you activate them. Traps can be
activated by:
¤ If the trap is inside a floor tile, it's activated when you step on it.
¤ If the trap is inside a chest, it's activated when you open (or try to open)
that chest.
Traps can be found and disarmed before they activate. The Spot Hidden skill and
the Perception attribute help to find traps, while the Skullduggery skill and
the Concentration and Dexterity attributes help to disarm them. If you fail to
disarm a trap it will usually be triggered.
¤ Festering Stew: This trap releases a small green cloud which will disease you
if your resistance points aren't high enough.
|2.12. CURSES|
Curses reduce all your attributes by half and stop your HP and MP restore
ability until they are removed. They can be removed by talking with a cleric or
priest or with the "Dehex" spell. The higher your Wisdom is, the less chance you
will be cursed, but you can get Cursed more easily if you are Virtuous. An
Atheistic character cannot get Cursed.
|2.13. WELLS|
Wells can be found almost everywhere. When you touch them, you'll get a dialog
box: "There is a rope going down the well. Pull it up?". If you click "Yes" one
of these things will happen:
¤ You'll find a bucket in bad state and won't drink it.
¤ You'll drink some refreshing water and heal yourself a bit, also sometimes you
will restore Mana Points.
¤ You'll be infested with a disease.
¤ You'll disturb a group of enemies, which will attack you.
¤ There is only one case of this: a well in Bordertown contains 14 gold pieces
(the game says someone made wishes).
|2.14. CAMPING|
You can find a good place to camp and rest. When you camp, you will put a tent
and start sleeping. Time will advance rapidly, and Hit Points and Mana Points
will be regained faster. Unfortunately, if you camp long enough, some enemy (or
enemies) will pass by and awake you (and obviously, you'll have to deal with
them). You can't camp if:
¤ There isn't enough space to put your tent.
¤ There are NPCs near you.
¤ There are enemies near you.
¤ You are poisoned.

||3      ||
Thaermore is one of the five provinces of Eschalon. It features a lush forest
called Tangletree, a coastal area (The Salted Coast) two great rifts into the
land (Eastern Rift and Crakamir Rift), some mountains and a sort of desert in
the southwest (Crakamir) that is occupied with Goblins. All of these things
combine together to form a very varied and beautiful landscape. Thaermore is
ruled by a Chancellor who is replaced by his descendant when he dies.

||4                         ||
|4.2. ORIGINS|
|4.3. AXIOMS|
Your character's Axiom describes his basic belief system, which imposes certain
advantages and disadvantages to your character.
ATHEISTIC: The Atheistic has their mind grounded in observable truths. They
simply do not believe in any higher spiritual power or superstitions.
Pros: They are immune to the effects of Curses.
Cons: They are immune to the effects of Blessings and healing from an altruistic
cleric or priest.
NEFARIOUS: A person of Nefarious faith lives a life of self-indulgence and
corruption. By promoting wickedness in this life, they are ensured continued
debauchery in the afterlife.
Pros: They have a 5% of delivering 'Malice Damage' with the use of savage and
cruel combat techniques which double the damage dealt. Together with a Critical
Hit, the damage is triplied.
Cons: They are immune to the effects of healing from an altruistic cleric or
|4.4. CLASSES|

||5         ||
|Difficulty: Very easy                       |
|Objective: Get to Maddock's house in Aridell|
As soon as you gain control of the player, you'll find out you're standing
in an abandoned house in a location you don't know anything about. Well,
you don't know anything at all, it seems you lost your memory. Open the chest
next to you, grab the dagger and the sealed note, and read it, it will say
that you must go find a man named Maddock in Aridell. Then go to the yard of
the house, south of it. Examine the barrel and grab the two torches. Then go to
the tree stump to find four potions, a random item based on the class you chose
and some leather sandals. Equip the sandals, and: If you chose Ranger or
Fighter, equip the bows and arrows or the sword as the primary weapon and (if
you want) the dagger as the secondary one. Else, equip the dagger as the
primary weapon. Then exit the house. A Fanged Salamander will be waiting for you
in some ruins. Kill it. Continue north until your path is blocked by a building.
Turn east and exit the city. You'll come to a cross. Follow the sign directions
You'll come across two Salamanders. Kill them and cross the bridge. When you
get to the city, touch the city sign to activate Aridell in the Quick Travel
menu. You'll see two locked houses. Go to the first unlocked and talk to
Eleanor. She will tell you where Maddock is and give you access to her "A
History of Thaermore" book, which is inside a drawer (it's not the entire book,
just a part. We don't know what has happened to the rest of the book). You can
also check the ingame year in her desk. When you did everything you had to do,
exit and go south. If you want and/or need healing, you can talk to the priest
(beware, if you chose an axiom that doesn't support healing, he won't heal you
but you'll have to pay anyways). Then go further south until you reach a little
house. Go in and talk to Maddock. When you finish talking open the chest to
grab the 2nd sealed note and 300 gold pieces. Read the note. You can rest here,
buy more weapons, armor, etc.
|Difficulty: Hard                                                           |
|Objective:  Recover an amulet from a sarcophagus in a crypt in Eversleep   |
|            Cemetery and take it to Lilith, a woman who lives in Tangletree|
|            Forest. She will tell you what it is and what to do next.      |
This mission consists of two parts. You can skip one if you want, but the
mission will be very harder if you do. If you want to do this the hard and short
way, just go from Aridell all the way west to Elderhollow (you'll come across
some Salamanders, but if you invested well the gold, they won't be a threat) and
go north. Don't go to Grimmhold, go a bit east and then keep going north. You'll
eventually come to North Parish. As soon as you get to North Parish, turn left
and follow the path to the cemetery. You'll come across three Bloodsippers. When
you kill them, (you should also see an opened casket) go to the northwest tip of
the cemetery to find the crypt. Looks small, doesn't it? Well, it's big, but now
it's not something to worry about. The only thing to worry about now is opening
the crypt door, as it's locked. You have two options: bash it with a weapon or
try to lockpick it. But there is a method to get the key to it:
Instead of going to Elderhollow, go north when you exit Aridell.
You'll come to North Parish. Turn right and go north until you find a house.
Enter the house and talk to Leurik, who is the cemetery director. Now you have
three different methods to get the key:
1) Steal it from him (it's in a locked drawer in his bedroom, smash it or lock
pick it to open it).
2) He can give it to you for 200 gold.
3) He will trade it to you in exchange of a favour: you must clear his basement
of Salamanders. If you will do this. have some torches and good equipment, as
it's a very dark place and there are around nine Salamanders (you'll face four
or five of them as soon as you go downstairs).
When you broke the door, lockpicked it or opened it with the key; it's time to
enter the crypt. As soon as you get downstairs, you will be in a small hallway.
Walk along it and you will come to a small area with four different ways. Two of
them are closed and one is the one you came from, so go west. Don't even try to
wait for the crypt attendant, as the sign there recommends you. He will never
When you get the amulet, you must take it to Lilith. Exit the crypt (you can use
the emergency exit instead of going all the way around) and now you have to get
to Lilith's house in the "heart of the woods". You have three paths you can take
to get there:
¤ The easiest one is exiting the cemetery, going south at the first cross and
then west as soon as you get to South Parish. You'll come to Grimmhold East
Entrance. If you have opened the gates or you are going to open them now, go on
reading. If you didn't, go to the next bullet. Well, after you pass Grimmhold,
ending up in the west entrance in Tangletree, go west. Then, you'll have two
different choices: you can go northwest, across some swamps with Fungal Slimes,
or southwest, through a gap in the forest. When you can't walk west any more, go
north. You'll enter Northern Tangletree Forest. As soon as you get to a cross,
go northeast. You should see a lake (Lake Atria). Go north until you get to 
Lilith's house.
If you didn't open Grimmhold yet, you have two choices:
¤ The shortest route is: exit from the cemetery and keep going north until you
get to Northeast Thaermore. Then go farther north until you get to sea and go
west. You'll come to the Barrier Range Region. When you get to Bordertown, go
south and then west. When you get to a cross, go south. Keep going south until
you get to a cross with two choices: south and northeast. Go northeast all the
way until you get to a lake. Go north to find Lilith's house.
¤ Else, go south as soon as you get out from the cemetery. When you get to the
Salted Coast, go west and cross the bridge. Get north to Central Tangletree
Forest. Go west, and when you reach the western tip (almost at the limit with
Western Tanglewood) go all the way north. You'll get to Northern
Tanglewood. Go northeast at the first cross and follow the path until you get to
Lake Atria. Walk a bit north and you'll get to Lilith's home. When you get to
Lilith's house talk to her. You can also treaten her, but she will fight back
(don't do this unless you have all the information you need. Also, beware, she
is strong).
|5.3. THE QUEEN|
|Difficulty: Hard                                                              |
|Objective:  Kill the Hive Queen for Lilith to finally tell you what she knows |
|            about the amulet. You must bring her the Queen's stinger as proof |
|            of your actions.                                                  |
So, Lilith wants a favor. Well, we have no choice but to comply with her. Once
you finish talking to her, Quick Travel to Grimmhold West. If you didn't
activate Grimmhold West, go southwest and then south until you get to Central
Tangletree Forest. Go all the way east and then south at the limit of the map.
Well, when you get to Grimmhold West start going south. Turn west. Follow the
path to the east, go south and then east. You should come to a small entrance to
a cave near the rift. This is the Whistling Cave. Go in.
|5.4. THE END|
|Difficulty: Very hard                                                         |
|Objective:  Kill Gramuk (or give him the Crux of Ages) and take the Crux of   |
|            Ages to Bastion Spire (or kill the Chancellor and his elite guard)|
This is the most important quest in the game. The last one. The one that decides
how does the game end. I'll cover all the choices you have during this quest.
When you get to the Citadel's second floor, you'll face a chamber with some
Giant Arachnids. Kill them and go on. You'll see a maze with 3 Taurax inside it.
Beware if you get trapped with 2 of them between you. Past the maze there is a
big hall where you'll find Gramuk. Talk to him. You can accept his offer (you
give him the Crux of Ages and he gives you 83510 gold). I assume you don't
accept it. If you don't attack him by surprise, he will summon 4 Giant Arachnids
into the battlefield. Before talking or attacking him, do all the spells you can
and drink all the potions you have. Gramuk isn't very hard to beat, but he has a
somewhat powerful cold spell. And when you thought you killed Gramuk and
everything was over, he turns into a Dirachnid. Damn. This is where the spells
and potions get in action. They can turn an otherwise unavoidable defeat into an
heroic victory. If you gave the Crux to Gramuk instead of killing him, stop
reading. You are the worst traitor of humankind. Now Goblins will take over all
of Thaermore because of your greed. If you killed Gramuk, go on. When you killed
the Dirachnid, grab the key and open the middle door. Go through the portal to
get to Bastion Spire. Put the Crux of Ages on the pedestal. Then, open the
portcullis and go through the hallway, turn right at the end of it and talk to
the Chancellor (or kill him and all his 16 Spire Guards who appear afterwards).

||6          ||
|Difficulty: Hard                              |
|Objective:  Deliver a 70-pounds heavy crucible|
|Rewards:    600 gold pieces                   |
To start this quest, talk to Erik in the Bordertown "blacksmith". Then you will
be given access to a chest that contains the ceramic crucible which has to be
delivered. Looks easy: delivering an object from one point to another, and also
because Bordertown and Blackwater are both on the Quick Travel menu. Well, it's
not that easy. First, the crucible weighs 70 pounds, so you'll have to sacrifice
some items and/or equipment so you can carry it (a good idea is to store your
most valuable things in some chests). And also, if you have the crucible with
you, you CAN'T Quick Travel. Well, as soon as you get the crucible get out from
the town and do one of these paths:
The easiest is going south, entering Northern Tanglewood, then going south to
Central Tanglewood, then go all the way west, going through the Crossroads of
Thaermore (Western Tanglewood) and finally arriving into Blackwater.
There is a similar method, but a bit harder: instead of going to Central
Tangletree, go to Baron's Thicket (beware of Raptors), then to Vela or Western
Tanglewood and then to Blackwater.
Another path is:
Instead of going south, go east to Northeast Thaermore, south to North Parish,
and when you get to South Parish, go west to Grimmhold. If you have the gates
open, you can just pass through Grimmhold and go all the way west. If you didn't
open the gates yet, do this:
Instead of going west to Grimmhold, go south, then west along the Salted Coast
and then through the southern part of Tangletree Forest. You'll end in the
Crakamir Rift. Just go into the northwest corner of the map (beware of Taurax
near the Loneloft ruins) and you'll get to Blackwater.
When you get to Blackwater, pay the gate tax if you have to (you could use the
southwest entrance, but it doesn't work, the lever just doesn't do anything) and
find the metal shop. Then talk to Gunther and it's all over.
|Difficulty: Medium                                       |
|Objective:  Clear the Marshes of Boradan of Fungal Slimes|
|Rewards:    300 gold pieces                              |
In Bordertown, talk to boatman Philip and accept the quest. This is a short
mission, but not very easy. Well, after accepting the quest go east to Northeast
Thaermore, and there go past the swamps. You'll end up in the Marshes of Boradan
where you'll have to clear it from Fungal Slimes. There are around 15 of them,
along with a dead body, and another one south of that area. When you cleared
them all, Quick Travel to Bordertown (if you didn't get the Quick Travel yet,
just go west from the swamps until you get to it) and talk again to Philip to

||7      ||
|7.1. GOOD|
You'll obtain this ending if you kill Gramuk, the Dirachnid, place the Crux on
the pedestal and talk to the Chancellor.
In this ending, you spend three days in Bastion Spire explaining how you
obtained the Crux; but the council doesn't officially recognize you as the man
that recovered it, taking in mind how would citizens react at the truth.
Instead, you are given a small reward and ordered to don't say anything. It's
officially proclaimed that the Orakur were defeated and the Crux was recovered
by the Commonwealth Guard. Then you buy a small piece of land in northeast
Thaermore and build a cottage. You start having nightmares.
|7.2. BAD|
You can obtain this ending if you accept Gramuk's offer for the Crux and flee
from Thaermore.
You buy a farm overlooking Thaermore (you're now outside it) and watch the skies
there turn dark. In the local tavern people talk that the Goblins continue to
overtake the lands of Thaermore, killing every human they see and taking down
Blackwater and Bastion Spire. The Chancellor has disappeared. Yet, no one
suspects nothing about your role in Thaermore's downfall. For now, life is good.
|7.3. DEATH|
Obviously, you obtain this ending if you die. You'll see a message: "You have
died." and a text that varies. This could be perhaps considered another bad
ending, but the sequence isn't the same.
This is far the hardest to get ending. To get it, you must kill Gramuk, the
Dirachnid, put the Crux if you want (it's not necessary), and then kill the
Chancellor and all the Spire Guards that appear. You'll then receive a message
indicating you achieved the Destroyer ending.
You buy a farm overlooking Thaermore (you're now outside it) and watch the skies
there turn dark. In the local tavern people talk that the Goblins continue to
overtake the lands of Thaermore, killing every human they see and taking down
Blackwater and Bastion Spire. The Chancellor has disappeared. Yet, no one
suspects nothing about your role in Thaermore's downfall. For now, life is good.

||8      ||
BLUDGEONING WEAPONS: Weapons like maces, hammers, etc. meant for destroying
things rather than lives, but they are useful for both.
BOWS: Bows are one of the weapons, along with thrown and explosive ones, who can
be fired from a distance. You need to equip arrows as quiver to fire.
CLEAVING WEAPONS: Weapons like machetes, axes, etc. that can cut open wounds
through both materials and flesh.
SHORT BLADED WEAPONS: Weapons like daggers, knives, etc. that are very light
both in weight and damage. They are almost useless against objects.
SWORDS: Swords are pretty powerful and somewhat easy to get, but they are easily
broken when you try to destroy an object with it.
THROWN WEAPONS: Weapons like rocks, darts, etc. that can be fired from far away
and are lost when thrown.
EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS: They are thrown weapons, and ingame they appear like that,
but there is one difference: when they crash to the ground they set on fire the
surrounding ground. The only explosive weapons are the three Demon Oils and the
Flask of Incinerator Fuel.
|8.1. DEMON OIL I|
|Type:   Thrown, Explosive|
|Damage: 10 points        |
|Weight: 0,3 pounds       |
|Value:  30 gold pieces   |
The Demon Oil I is a multi-purpose thrown weapon that explodes and creates fire.
It can be used to hurt powerful enemies, create walls of fire and destroy doors
and chests. It's not very cheap but very effective. It has three more powerful
versions: Demon Oil II, Demon Oil III and (it's not a Demon Oil but behaves like
it) the great Flask of Incinerator Fuel, one of the best weapons in the game.
|Type:   Thrown, Explosive|
|Damage: 20 points        |
|Weight: 0,3 pounds       |
|Value:  60 gold pieces   |
The Demon Oil II is a medium version. It's not as powerful as the Demon Oil III,
but does more damage and has more splash that the Demon Oil I. It's a fairly
good weapon.
|Type:   Thrown, Explosive|
|Damage: 30 points        |
|Weight: 0,3 pounds       |
|Value:  120 gold pieces  |
This is the ultimate version of the Demon Oil, with more damage and splash than
ever! Though it's very expensive, it's worth it. It has three times more damage
than the standard Demon Oil and a great splash. Though it's a very good thrown
weapon, it's just a shadow of the Flask of Incinerator Fuel.
|Type:   Sword           |
|Damage: 10 points       |
|Weight: 12 pounds       |
|Value:  2700 gold pieces|
The Divine Ore is the best sword in the game and the non-thrown weapon that
deals the best damage. Of course that it has a downside (you won't find a
perfect weapon): it can only be gotten in one way, and it's hard: you have to
kill Lilith, take the amulet and, when you go to the Underground Repository,
open vault number 15. The prize is yours. And if you're unskilled in swords,
you can sell it for a very big price.
|Type:   Cleaving        |
|Damage: 9 points        |
|Weight: 6 pounds        |
|Value:  2500 gold pieces|
The Executioner is the best cleaving weapon in the game. It weight surprises, as
it's very light for its offensive capabilities. You can find it in the end of
Mysterious Cave, in a chest guarded by some Barrea Mercenaries who made bunkered
inside the cave, God knows why.
|Type:   Thrown, Explosive|
|Damage: Unknown          |
|Weight: 0,3 pounds       |
|Value:  400 gold pieces  |
This is the ultimate weapon of the game. It's twice better than the Demon Oil 3.
It has a HUGE explosion range and deals GREAT damage, though the game doesn't
tell you how much. There is only one way to obtain it: go to the crypt in
Eversleep Cemetery, talk to Hesham and accept his mission. When you bring him 10
Hive Larvae, he will hand over one of these as a reward. He says that he will
use it to incinerate bodies faster, but he believes you'll find some creative
use to it, and you will. Use it wisely, as he only gives you one bottle and it's
the only one you get in the entire game. You could keep it to fight the
Dirachnid in the Goblin Citadel.
|Type:   Bludgeoning     |
|Damage: 9 points        |
|Weight: 8 pounds        |
|Value:  2500 gold pieces|
The Skullsplitter is the best bludgeoning weapon you'll see in the entire game.
You may think that, as it's the best weapon of the type, it's hard to get. Well,
you're right. It's in a chest with a sliding lock in the Goblin Citadel. Damn.
When you get to the chest, set the slider lock to 66 (thank you Gruzz) and claim
your prize. Then, start skullsplitting (you can try it inside the Citadel).

||9      ||
ACID SPLASH: When the enemy dies, it releases a splash of acid that damages
nearby enemies by 10-20 points. It can also destroy a piece of equipment if you
are next to it when it dies.
CURSE: When the enemy attacks, it can curse you.
DISEASE:  When the enemy attacks, it can disease you.
EXPLOSION: When the enemy dies, it explodes, damaging everything that's near it.
FLIGHT: The enemy flies, so it can't be lured into traps.
IMMUNE TO ELEMENTS: The enemy is immune to standard weapons. It can only be
attacked by special arrows or enhanced weapons.
RANGED ATTACK: The enemy can attack from long range. The range the enemy can
attack varies between enemies.
PARALYZING: When the enemy attacks, it can paralyze you for some turns. While
you are paralyzed, you can't move or attack.
POISON: When the enemy attacks, it can poison you.
SPELL ATTACK: The enemy attacks from long range with a spell. The kind of spell
spell varies between enemies.
TREASURE: When killed, the enemy often (or always) drops a bag with some items
inside it.
|Hit Points:           70                      |
|Armor Rating:         24                      |
|ToHit Ability:        25                      |
|Damage:               12                      |
|Elemental Resistance: 20                      |
|Toxins Resistance:    0                       |
|Magical Resistance:   50                      |
|Disease Resistance:   0                       |
|Experience:           160                     |
|Appearance:           Browny green caterpillar|
|SPECIAL         |
| X Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
An Acid Grubb is a strange caterpillar. There are lots of them in Crakamir, but
almost none in the rest of Thaermore. When it dies, it splashes acid around it.
If an enemy is next to the Acid Grubb when it dies, the enemy will receive
between 10 and 20 damage points. Also, if you are right next to it when you kill
it, there is a small chance that the splash will hit you in a body part and
destroy the equipment you have for that body part. They are a bit slow, so you
can run from them.
|Hit Points:           17     |
|Armor Rating:         8      |
|ToHit Ability:        7      |
|Damage:               4      |
|Elemental Resistance: 0      |
|Toxins Resistance:    0      |
|Magical Resistance:   10     |
|Disease Resistance:   0      |
|Experience:           25     |
|Appearance:           Tan bat|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| X Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Bloodsipper is a tan-colour bat. It obviously flies. You'll find lots of
these in the beginning of the game, and almost none in the end. At the very
beginning, they can be tricky, specially in groups. When you get more advanced
in the game, they will fall easily.
|Hit Points:           80          |
|Armor Rating:         25          |
|ToHit Ability:        25          |
|Damage:               12          |
|Elemental Resistance: 30          |
|Toxins Resistance:    15          |
|Magical Resistance:   100         |
|Disease Resistance:   100         |
|Experience:           250         |
|Appearance:           Floating eye|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| X Flight       |
| X Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| X Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Dimensional Eye can give you a very bad headache if you aren't prepared for
it. It attacks with a powerful spell. Fortunately, you won't face this enemies
very much, there are only four in Thaermore: one near Shadowmirk's back door,
two in a filthy dungeon cell in the Underground Repository, and another one in
a square area inside the Outpost at Burning Sands.
|Hit Points:           250                 |
|Armor Rating:         30                  |
|ToHit Ability:        29                  |
|Damage:               20                  |
|Elemental Resistance: 30                  |
|Toxins Resistance:    100                 |
|Magical Resistance:   75                  |
|Disease Resistance:   100                 |
|Experience:           2500                |
|Appearance:           Immense black spider|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| X Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
The Dirachnid is the most powerful enemy in all the game along with the Spire
Guard. It's the creature Gramuk transforms into when he dies, fortunately this
will be the only time you'll face one of these. Its bite's not only powerful: it
can paralyze you, so arrows work wonders here. When you kill it, it'll drop the
Silver Key to open the door that leads to the portal to Bastion Spire.
|Hit Points:           9         |
|Armor Rating:         4         |
|ToHit Ability:        4         |
|Damage:               3         |
|Elemental Resistance: 0         |
|Toxins Resistance:    20        |
|Magical Resistance:   5         |
|Disease Resistance:   0         |
|Experience:           8         |
|Appearance:           Red lizard|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Fanged Salamander is the first and weakest enemy you will find in the game.
It will wait you at some ruins just northeast of the house where you awoke.
There are lots of them in the eastern region of Thaermore (both Parishes,
Northeast Thaermore, Salted Coast, etc.) but they are very scarce on other
regions. They will be the first enemy that will wake you up from a sleep.
|Hit Points:           25                        |
|Armor Rating:         6                         |
|ToHit Ability:        10                        |
|Damage:               4                         |
|Elemental Resistance: 10                        |
|Toxins Resistance:    20                        |
|Magical Resistance:   35                        |
|Disease Resistance:   0                         |
|Experience:           35                        |
|Appearance:           Small green-turquoise blob|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| X Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
Fungal Slimes aren't very strong, but they can be dangerous when confronted in
groups, plus their ranged attack. There are plenty of them in the Salted Coast,
some in the Parishes region and lots in the Marshes of Boradan, that's why
Philip can't do his route to Aridell. They are resistant to Divination spells.
Their ranged attack isn't powerful nor they have long range, but if you find a
group of these early in the game, you could have trouble defeating them all,
even if you have a bow.
|Hit Points:           45                       |
|Armor Rating:         15                       |
|ToHit Ability:        17                       |
|Damage:               6                        |
|Elemental Resistance: 0                        |
|Toxins Resistance:    5                        |
|Magical Resistance:   35                       |
|Disease Resistance:   5                        |
|Experience:           80                       |
|Appearance:           Green creature with a bow|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| X Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
The Goblin Archers are one the first Goblins you'll find in the game. They have
a decent ranged attack they can do from pretty far away, and it's accurate, so
the best thing when being confronted by one of these is to pay them with the
same coin. If you are low on arrows, don't worry: they'll very often drop some
as treasure.
|Hit Points:           15                                     |
|Armor Rating:         12                                     |
|ToHit Ability:        21                                     |
|Damage:               20                                     |
|Elemental Resistance: 0                                      |
|Toxins Resistance:    40                                     |
|Magical Resistance:   45                                     |
|Disease Resistance:   60                                     |
|Experience:           60                                     |
|Appearance:           Green creature with an explosive barrel|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| X Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
Goblin Bombthugs are pretty nasty. If they explode on you they can take several
points off your health, so the only way to be safe is with ranged attacks or
spells. They aren't very common. The first ones you'll find will be in Vela, and
they can be a grat help to deal with the Taurax there.
|Hit Points:           38                         |
|Armor Rating:         13                         |
|ToHit Ability:        13                         |
|Damage:               8                          |
|Elemental Resistance: 5                          |
|Toxins Resistance:    0                          |
|Magical Resistance:   20                         |
|Disease Resistance:   0                          |
|Experience:           55                         |
|Appearance:           Green creature with a sword|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
The Goblin Hackers are the standard Goblin warriors. Not very strong nor very
weak, they are the most common Goblin enemy in the game. They won't pose much of
a threat if you are well equipped, unless they are in groups or you found them
early through exploration. They'll often drop treasure.
|Hit Points:           75                                          |
|Armor Rating:         25                                          |
|ToHit Ability:        23                                          |
|Damage:               14                                          |
|Elemental Resistance: 20                                          |
|Toxins Resistance:    10                                          |
|Magical Resistance:   50                                          |
|Disease Resistance:   0                                           |
|Experience:           250                                         |
|Appearance:           Green creature with a sword and combat armor|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
These nasty Goblins are like enhanced Goblin Hackers. They can be a tough enemy
even with good equipment, so it's not a bad idea to drink some potions and/or
cast some spells when you find one of these. Fortunately, there are only two in
all the game: one in Vela and another one in Grimmhold. When you kill them, they
will drop one of the four Goblin Keys needed to enter the Citadel's second floor
to find Gramuk, so if you kill both of them you should have half of the keys
you'll need there.
|9.11. HIVE DRONE|
|Hit Points:           40      |
|Armor Rating:         14      |
|ToHit Ability:        12      |
|Damage:               9       |
|Elemental Resistance: 10      |
|Toxins Resistance:    70      |
|Magical Resistance:   20      |
|Disease Resistance:   0       |
|Experience:           60      |
|Appearance:           Big wasp|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| X Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Hive Drones are only seen in Tangletree Forest and Whistling Cave. They are,
by far, the enemy you'll more encounter in all Tanglewood. They are the fastest
unit in all the game, so running away from them is useless unless you have the
Haste effect on. I counted around 20 of them only in Central Tangletree Forest
and around 75 in all Tangletree, including Whistling Cave, where the Hive Queen
is. Because of their great numbers and good speed, they can easily surround you,
so be very alert and think wisely what to do next.
|9.12. HIVE QUEEN|
|Hit Points:           100      |
|Armor Rating:         24       |
|ToHit Ability:        24       |
|Damage:               11       |
|Elemental Resistance: 10       |
|Toxins Resistance:    95       |
|Magical Resistance:   50       |
|Disease Resistance:   0        |
|Experience:           500      |
|Appearance:           Huge wasp|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| X Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| X Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
The Hive Queen is the main reason behind the Hive Drones' presence in Tanglewood
and the surrounding area. The Hive Queen has somehow settled inside Whistling
Cave and, from there, conquered Tanglewood. The Hive Queen is a very tough enemy
worth its 500 experience points. It can paralyze you, and if you kill it it will
drop its stinger, which you can equip as a weapon. You must kill it and take its
stinger to Lilith as proof so she will tell you what the Strange Amulet is for.
|Hit Points:           35              |
|Armor Rating:         11              |
|ToHit Ability:        10              |
|Damage:               7               |
|Elemental Resistance: 0               |
|Toxins Resistance:    100             |
|Magical Resistance:   5               |
|Disease Resistance:   0               |
|Experience:           45              |
|Appearance:           Big green lizard|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| X Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
A Noximander is an enhanced version of the Fanged Salamander. It's devastating
in the very beginning of the game, because it's a very powerful enemy for that
moment of the game and it can poison you. There are lots of them in the sinkhole
and some in North Parish but they are scarce in other regions.
|Hit Points:           60                           |
|Armor Rating:         16                           |
|ToHit Ability:        19                           |
|Damage:               12                           |
|Elemental Resistance: 100                          |
|Toxins Resistance:    100                          |
|Magical Resistance:   20                           |
|Disease Resistance:   100                          |
|Experience:           190                          |
|Appearance:           White, semi-transparent ghost|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| X Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| X Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
The in-game Poltergeist is very different from the real-life one. This one does
not burn things, turn your torch off or things like that. However, it can be as
dangerous as a real one in some situations. They are immune to normal weapons, I
mean, standard weapons. You must attack them with a divine spell (elemental ones
don't harm them either), special arrows or an enhanced weapon to damage them. It
can curse you (not if you're atheist). When you kill one, you'll have around 95%
chances of getting ectoplasm as treasure, you'll rarely find another thing. The
only ones I saw were in Tangletree Ossuary, and there are plenty of them.
|9.15. RAPTOR|
|Hit Points:           95      |
|Armor Rating:         22      |
|ToHit Ability:        24      |
|Damage:               14      |
|Elemental Resistance: 0       |
|Toxins Resistance:    0       |
|Magical Resistance:   50      |
|Disease Resistance:   0       |
|Experience:           110     |
|Appearance:           Dinosaur|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Raptors are only located in Baron's Thicket, and there are plenty of them.
They are pretty nasty enemies, specially in groups. Beware when you enter Camp
Thorndike, there are plenty of these beasts inside.
|Hit Points:           15                  |
|Armor Rating:         2                   |
|ToHit Ability:        3                   |
|Damage:               1                   |
|Elemental Resistance: 0                   |
|Toxins Resistance:    0                   |
|Magical Resistance:   0                   |
|Disease Resistance:   0                   |
|Experience:           75                  |
|Appearance:           Mage dressed in blue|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| X Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| X Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Acolytes would not be fully thought of as enemies, as they don't attack you
immediately after noticing you. There are only 8 of them in all the game and
they all live in Shadowmirk's second floor. You can't talk to them (the game
says they are deep in thought and completely ignore you), but if you attack them
they answer you with the Fireball spell. Also, other Acolytes may get alerted
and attack you as well. They aren't very hard to defeat. They study, live and
sleep in the second floor waiting for an opportunity to meet Erubor.
NOTE: ToHit Ability and Damage are the values that appear in the EXE for melee
attacks, which they don't use; so ignore them.
|Hit Points:           300           |
|Armor Rating:         28            |
|ToHit Ability:        27            |
|Damage:               15            |
|Elemental Resistance: 20            |
|Toxins Resistance:    0             |
|Magical Resistance:   0             |
|Disease Resistance:   0             |
|Experience:           400           |
|Appearance:           Security guard|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
The Spire Guards are the ultimate endurance of the game. If you kill the
Chancellor, 16 of them will appear, will call you "assassin" and start fighting
you.  If you kill them all, you get the "Destroyer" ending. Good luck. You'll
need it.
|9.18. TAURAX|
|Hit Points:           140                    |
|Armor Rating:         29                     |
|ToHit Ability:        28                     |
|Damage:               16                     |
|Elemental Resistance: 30                     |
|Toxins Resistance:    20                     |
|Magical Resistance:   50                     |
|Disease Resistance:   60                     |
|Experience:           185                    |
|Appearance:           Brown minotaur with axe|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| - Treasure     |
Taurax are pretty nasty. They can do you pretty much damage, and are hard to
beat even in high levels and with good equipment. There are very few of them in
Thaermore itself (one in Vela and some in Loneloft) but there are lots of them
in Crakamir, and along Acid Grubbs and Goblins. By the time you find one in Vela
while trying to rescue your brother (it's near the prison) your equipment won't
be enough and you'll need help. You'll need some help from Goblin Bombthugs and
a reserve of potions. When you get to Crakamir you'll surely be more advanced
and they won't be that hard; but still tricky. Beware in the maze in Goblin
Citadel, if you get trapped anywhere with two Taurax between you, you'll need to
entrust the Lord and kill both of them, which will be a very tiring job. Luckily
you'll have some Healing Elixirs in hand.
|9.19. THUG|
|Hit Points:           40    |
|Armor Rating:         13    |
|ToHit Ability:        13    |
|Damage:               7     |
|Elemental Resistance: 0     |
|Toxins Resistance:    0     |
|Magical Resistance:   25    |
|Disease Resistance:   0     |
|Experience:           50    |
|Appearance:           Pirate|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| - Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| X Treasure     |
Thugs are like nowadays thieves. Now that the Commonwealth Guard is gone, they
raid where they want. They often appear in groups, and sometimes with another
unit (in Western Tanglewood they are with a Barrea Mercenary and in Northeast
Thaermore they prepare an ambush together with Vidar the Knife). They are most
seen in the Salted Coast, in the northern part of Thaermore and in the western
tip of Tanglewood. The ones in Salted Coast have Garrett's sextant.
|Hit Points:           55                     |
|Armor Rating:         12                     |
|ToHit Ability:        15                     |
|Damage:               8                      |
|Elemental Resistance: 0                      |
|Toxins Resistance:    100                    |
|Magical Resistance:   30                     |
|Disease Resistance:   100                    |
|Experience:           85                     |
|Appearance:           Grey hunchbacked undead|
|SPECIAL         |
| - Acid splash  |
| - Curse        |
| X Disease      |
| - Explosion    |
| - Flight       |
| - Ranged attack|
| - Paralyzing   |
| - Poison       |
| - Spell attack |
| . Treasure     |
Undead, eh? Yes, undead. Walking Corpses are undead humans who want to eat you
alive. The best combat here is ranged combat, as their melee attack can transmit
a disease. Also, try not to use Divination against them. They are slow, so you
can run from them. They are scarce, and only found underground: they are the
final endurance at the crypt, they can be found at the Ossuary; but they aren't
very seen in other places.

||10    ||
|10.1. ARIDELL|
|Maps:   South Parish                              |
|Size:   Small                                     |
|Quests: Main Quest, Transference, Mithril Recovery|
Aridell is a small village in the eastern tip of Thaermore, in a small island.
You can buy and sell items here by the first time. It's just south of Leurik's
house and northeast of Elderhollow. Here you will also find Maddock, the man the
Sealed Note tells you about. He lives just south of the church. In the church
you'll see Father Michael.
|Maps:   Barrier Range Region                  |
|Size:   Small                                 |
|Quests: Heavy Duty, Marsh Cleaning, The Locket|
Some people were fleeing from their native towns because of the war, and they
got to Darkford's entrance hoping to pass through it and get to Bastion Spire,
but they found the gates closed. So, they founded a camp called "Bordertown"
temporarily until Darkford is open again. There are some shops in this camp and
also lots of missions. There is also a well with some coins.
|Maps:   Baron's Thicket|
|Size:   Small          |
|Quests: Giant Skull Key|
In good times, Lord Thorndike founded this camp and kept the yard filled with
Raptors, men went there to hunt them "at their own risk". Then war erupted,
Lord Thorndike fled and the Raptors broke loose. Now they are all around Baron's
Thicket. There is a chest that has the Giant Skull Omar wants you to give him in
exchange for one of the Goblin Keys. In his words, once Thorndike killed a giant
chieftain named Thorus and showed his skull as a trophy, so Thorus couldn't rest
in peace.
|Maps:   Western Tanglewood|
|Size:   Tiny              |
|Quests: None              |
The Crossroads of Thaermore is a small area in Western Tanglewood, southeast of
a small cemetery, where four different paths connect. If you go north, you'll go
to Baron's Thicket and Camp Thorndike. If you go south, you'll come right to the
Southern Gate. If you go west, you'll come to the south entrance of Blackwater.
If you decide to travel east, you'll get into the Tangletree Forest.
|Maps:   South Parish, Elderhollow Inn Upstairs, A Dank Cellar|
|Size:   Medium                                               |
|Quests: Main Quest, Mithril Recovery                         |
Elderhollow is the abandoned town you wake up in. It was once a proficient city,
but the Goblins came in great numbers, along with other beasts, and ruined the
town. Some people fled to Aridell, others north, perhaps to Bordertown. The ones
who decided to stay there died. Now it's infested with Fanged Salamanders and
remnants of war lying about.
|Maps:   North Parish, Adler Kedlam's Family Crypt            |
|Size:   Big                                                  |
|Quests: Main Quest, Giant Larvae                             |
Eversleep Cemetery is perhaps the only cemetery in all Thaermore. It has around
20 graves and an opened casket. There is also a big crypt, about 15 times bigger
than the rest of the cemetery. Inside the crypt you will find Hesham, who is
working in a method to burn bodies easier. He says "Burning one body at a time
in the furnace is just too slow" and will ask you to bring him 10 giant larvae
so they lower the viscosity of the oils (ingame it's hive larvae, you can find
lots in Whistling Cave, near the Hive Queen). When you bring them to him, he'll
hand over a part of the mix as a reward. In the crypt you'll also find "Secrets
of Transference Circuits" inside a drawer in a hidden room beside the south most
one. You'll also see Adler Kedlam's crypt with the Strange Amulet and a skull in
it (beware of walking corpses, you'll face two before getting to it). You will
need the Security Key to access the inner crypt. I don't know where it is (I got
there by lockpicking the door).
|Maps:   Barrier Range Region, Strange Basement|
|Size:   Small                                 |
|Quests: None                                  |
This is the cottage Father Michael owns near Darkford. Apparently, he uses it
for "theological studies" but it has another use. In its basement there is an
unfinished teleporter that, when complete, will allow Goblins to travel from
Crakamir to there and invade Darkford. The cottage is pretty small and the
basement consists of a hallway that ends in a room where you can find the portal
and an alembic you'll have to fill. To activate the teleporter, look at the
alembic. Inside you'll find Bromine, Ambergris, a Salted Fish and a Skull.
Replace the last two ones with Ectoplasm and Mercury, respectively. If you made
it right, the components will combine and disappear and the portal will activate
for you to use. Don't worry, the Goblins will never go through it. Perhaps they
don't even know it's functioning.
|Maps:   Rotwood   |
|Size:   Small     |
|Quests: Main Quest|
The Giant's Village is the home for all Giants of Crakamir. It's a precarious
town, with around 5 small rooms with Giants in it. Here you can find Omar, the
tribe leader; who has one of the four keys to get into the Citadel's second
floor and will exchange it to you for a Giant Skull found in Camp Thorndike.
|Maps:   Rotwood, Eastern Crakamir, Western Crakamir, Goblin Citadel,|
|        Goblin Citadel Level 2                                      |
|Size:   Huge                                                        |
|Quests: Main Quest                                                  |
The Goblin Citadel is the neutral residence of the Goblins in Crakamir. It's
surrounded by walls and has only one entrance, located in Western Crakamir. In
the northern part there is a dense forest with Giant Spiders. Past the walls
there is a big yard full of Goblin soldiers, and inside the yard you'll find the
entrance to the Citadel itself. It's a strange dungeon, full of Taurax
and goblins. On the northwest tip of the Citadel there is a room apparently used
for human sacrificials, as there is a golden demon statue with human bodies next
to it and a chest with a Sacrificial Dagger. There is also a second level, which
is small related with the first. There is a small yard with spiders, a maze and
after the maze you will find Gramuk to decide how your game will end. Behind
Gramuk there is a small room with a teleporter that leads to Bastion Spire's
fifth and last level; and to Gramuk's left there is a room filled with gold and
treasures. Obviously, both of them are locked with strange Goblin locks, so
don't mind opening them unless you are a true mega master of lockpicking and/or
weapons. Fortunately, Gramuk has the key to the room with the teleporter.
|Maps:   South Parish, North Parish, Northeast Thaermore, Barrier Range|
|        Region, Baron's Thicket, Northeastern Crakamir, Western Salted|
|        Coast, Eastern Salted Coast, Western Tanglewood, Central      |
|        Tangletree Forest, Northern Tangletree Forest, Grimmhold      |
|Size:   Huge                                                          |
|Quests: Main Quest, Acorn in Extinction                               |
The Great Tangletree Forest is great, if talking about size. It also has other
places inside it: Grimmhold, Lake Atria, the Ossuary (in part), Camp Thorndike,
etc. It's now infested with Hive Drones and there are a pair of houses who were
stolen, and their occupants, killed. The only alive person here is Lilith. In a
now abandoned and "Goblined" house lived Mary's father. There is a chest there
secured with a sliding lock. Set it to 167, and you will find a Mithril Long
Sword inside.
|10.11. GRIMMHOLD|
|Maps:   Central Tangletree Forest, South Parish, Grimmhold, Grimmhold|
|        Maintenance Level                                            |
|Size:   Huge                                                         |
|Quests: Secondary Water Gate                                         |
Grimmhold was (and is, though it's not properly maintained) a stronghold which
once bridged the Eastern Gap, but when the Commonwealth Guard went underground
to fight the Orakur, the Goblins raided it (as they did with most Thaermore),
closed the gates and destroyed the main lever to open them. Now the only way to
open them again is to operate the Secondary Water Gate which is hidden deep in
the Maintenance Level, under the fortress, as a dying soldier tells you.
Grimmhold has two different entrances: one is in the northwest corner of South
Parish and the other one is on the northeast corner of Central Tanglewood.
|Maps:   Northern Tangletree Forest  |
|Size:   Medium                      |
|Quests: Main Quest, Mercenary Amulet|
Lake Atria is a strange heart-shaped lake deep in Tanglewood. Just north of it
lives Lilith, the only alive human habitant of Tangletree Forest. You must take
the Strange Amulet to her, so she tells you what is it. She uses the Underground
Repository's vault Nş 15, where she stored a Divine Ore Great Sword. A mercenary
in Blackwater's tavern asks you to kill her and bring him the amulet, we suppose
he wants to steal the sword.
|10.13. LONELOFT|
|Maps:   Western Tanglewood, Northeastern Crakamir|
|Size:   Small                                    |
|Quests: None                                     |
Loneloft was the first settlement in all Thaermore. Founded in 405, the great
earthquake of 627 destroyed it completely. Now in 725, all the remains of this
settlement are ruins infested with Taurax. Not much is known of this in-game.
|Maps:   Outpost at Burning Sands, Lighthouse Level 2, Lighthouse Level 3,|
|        Lighthouse Top                                                   |
|Size:   Small                                                            |
|Quests: None                                                             |
The Lost Bay Lighthouse occupies a small area at the Outpost at Burning Sands.
It is a rather small place as all the levels are small. When you get to the top
you can enjoy an amazing view of Thaermore. Beware at the lever: you'll get 500
experience points in exchange of around 12 goblins waiting for you at the first
floor. Check the section "Hints" for more information.
|Maps:   Northern Tangletree Forest|
|Size:   Tiny                      |
|Quests: Purest Water Quest        |
The Monument to Oolaseph is a small area located just north of Lilith's house.
It's an area composed of a small mini-garden and a deep pit which in its centre
contains a small piece of land, where is Oolaseph, a talking tree which descends
of the first tree of Tangletree Forest. When you get in front of him he starts
speaking to you and tells you that you must recover a flask of pure water from
an oasis in Crakamir because the Goblins are going to pollute the water of
Thaermore, which would have devastating effects.
|Maps:   The Gulf of Madria, Outpost at Burning Sands|
|Size:   Big                                         |
|Quests: None                                        |
The Outpost at Burning Sands is a big building in the Gulf of Madria. It's a
solitary, dark and sad place. It's also tricky. There is even a Dimensional Eye
lurking around here. If you go upstairs at the end of the outpost, you'll come
to the lighthouse top. If you exit at the other side, you'll come to the Gulf of
Madria, where you'll have to face some Taurax. There is a boat docked there and
also a beautiful seaside landscape.
|10.17. RAMI OASIS|
|Maps:   Northern Crakamir |
|Size:   Small             |
|Quests: Purest Water Quest|
Rami Oasis is a small oasis located in Crakamir. It has a strange layout and is
guarded by some Taurax. When you get to the well, examine it and grab the flask
of Purest Water. It's the one you'll have to take to Oolaseph.
|Maps:   North Parish|
|Size:   Tiny        |
|Quests: None        |
The Salamander Pit is a very small area located in North Parish. It contains
three Fanged Salamanders, a Noximander, a dead body and a chest. We can suppose
by the Journal Entry the dead man left that he wanted to use the invisibility
potion for the Salamanders to not detect him, put his valuables there and leave,
as he believed that they will be safe there; but perhaps the Invisibility potion
didn't last as long as he expected, or perhaps his smell was detected by the
salamanders. This place can be dangerous at the start of the game, but once you
get advanced, it's a piece of cake.
|Maps:   Eastern Salted Coast, Western Salted Coast    |
|Size:   Big                                           |
|Quests: Gramuk's Human Ally                           |
The Salted Coast is a rather big area in southeast Thaermore. It's called that
way because two times a year the tides rise so high that they flood most of the
southern lowlands. The soil along the shoreline is so salted that nothing grows.
There is a man living here, called Paul, that was infested with Fleshrot after
eating an infected salted ham. He knows that Father Michael (the priest you see
in Aridell) is creating a portal for Goblins to be able to get to Darkford. How
he got that information is a long story. Just talk to him and he will tell you.
He has a sort of "blast barrier" in front of his tiny house: a row of powder
kegs linked together by a pull cord. When he sees anybody strange coming, the
kegs explode, taking with them anybody close enough. Now, they are waterlogged
and rotting, and you can't explode them.
|Maps:   Northeast Thaermore, Shadowmirk Level 1, Shadowmirk Level 2,|
|        Shadowmirk Level 3                                          |
|Size:   Huge                                                        |
|Quests: Main Quest                                                  |
Shadowmirk is a dark, archaic tower built over the water where magic is studied.
It's one of the last defences Thaermore has against the monsters. Usually, you
can only get to Shadowmirk by invitation, and the front entrance is closed by a
portcullis that can be only opened with a lever in the inner yard; but the last
one who went in by its back door left it a bit open. Shadowmirk has 3 floors:
the first floor starts with a hall with a Dimensional Eye. When you beat him you
gain access to the bone storage, the spider chamber and an atrium where you can
find Walter, an initiate. There is also another room with two chests and a
teleporter. The teleporter goes to another part of the first floor, where you
have to shoot a powder keg to gain access to the second level. The second level
starts with a teleporter puzzle. After it you have these things: the
divinational studies room, the elemental studies room, the acolytes' bedrooms
and the Proving Chamber, where you'll have to fight a Raptor and two
Noximanders. When you beat them you gain access to the third level. The third
level has no enemies. You'll only find Erubor there. Erubor is the headmaster of
Shadowmirk, the person you've come to see; and though anybody in Shadowmirk
knows him and where he lives, very few Acolytes were able to meet him, and they
had to prepare for that meeting for years. There is a teleporter that leads to
the exit of the first floor.
|Maps:   Northeastern Crakamir|
|Size:   Tiny                 |
|Quests: None                 |
The Southern Gate is a bridge through the Crakamir Rift, connecting the human
lands and the Goblin ones. It was officially closed by the Chancellor, and the
Captain at Darkford keeps the key for it. If you give him the letter, you can
take advantage of his drunk state and steal the key. It's in a chest outside his
office. Then, when you get to the gate again, it will automatically fall to the
floor. If you gave the letter to the guards or forgot to get the key, you won't
be able to open the gate; as you can't get to Darkford again and the gate can't
be bashed or lockpicked.
|Maps:   Western Salted Coast, Tangletree Ossuary|
|Size:   Big                                     |
|Quests: None                                    |
The Ossuary is not really located inside Tangletree Forest, it's really between
the southern part of Tanglewood and the Salted Coast. It's a sort of underground
cemetery, which now is infested with undead monsters. Thieves have dropped bones
everywhere in the waiting room and other places too. In the east you can find
Lorus of Eastleaf's tomb, which is one of the few places in the ossuary that has
light. There is a Poltergeist and a sarcophagus containing a Recurved Composite
Great Bow. The sarcophagus is guarded by a slider lock which has to be set to 98
to open. Anything else will trigger a trap which will take away 75 Hit Points
from you. You've been warned. In some part in the Ossuary you'll be stopped by a
closed gate with a lever in the other side. Attack the lever with an arrow or
spell to gain access to the rest of the Ossuary.
|Maps:   Rotwood|
|Size:   Tiny   |
|Quests: None   |
The Teleporter Room is a small area in northwest Rotwood containing three
teleporters: the left one takes you to a small area behind Blackwater, the
center one takes you to Father Michael's basement in Aridell when you activate
it there and the right one, which won't work until you get there, takes you to
the obelisk room in the Citadel's first floor.
|Maps:   Blackwater Region, The Underground Repository|
|Size:   Medium                                       |
|Quests: Main Quest                                   |
The Underground Repository is an ultra-secure storage service located under the
town of Blackwater. You can only get there by registering under the name
"Foozgrumph" in the tavern in Blackwater and walking through a fake section of
the upper wall. You'll come downstairs to a dark hallway. After walking a bit,
you'll meet a goblin and three guards. That goblin is the Vault Master. Don't
talk to him unless you have the Amulet Passkey 26, the Amulet Passkey 15 or the
Strange Amulet. And if you talk, just show him the amulet. If you say
"Authorization?" or "I think I'll show myself out" the guards will take all your
equipment and drop you into a filthy dungeon cell with two Dimensional Eyes. You
can also see a dead man there. If you show him the amulet, he will allow you to
pass. Then, turn left or right and guide yourself by the numbers in the security
boxes. There are around 30 standard security boxes and three special, fancier
boxes called "DRACO", "OMEGA" and "SOLARA".
|10.25. VELA|
|Maps:   Vela      |
|Size:   Big       |
|Quests: Main Quest|
Vela was once a proficient city on the shores of Bottomless Lake, but the
Goblins broke the levee that held back the lake, and the city flooded. Now it's
overrun with Goblins and, if you get inside the "City on the Lake", you'll find
many flooded streets, ruined and empty buildings. In a little prison in the west
part of the city, in a small island, you'll find your brother.
|Maps:   Central Tangletree Forest, Whistling Cave|
|Size:   Big                                      |
|Quests: Main Quest                               |
Though it doesn't have very much importance ingame, the Whistling Cave is one of
the most important places in Thaermore's history. This is where Sam of Thorabur
discovered the Crux of Ages in 425 while looking for copper. There are lots of
hidden gems here, use you Spot Hidden skill to detect cracks on the rocks and
grab them. There is also a puzzle here, where levers are. You must pull the
first lever on the left, the third lever on the left and the second lever on the
right. Then, a stone will collapse. You'll find an unlocked door and a locked
one. Past the locked one you'll find a dead man with a Bent Key, a chest to be
opened with it (it contains a Healing Elixir II and a Mana Potion II), A Hive
Drone and a chest secured with a sliding lock. See the plaque above the chest to
see how to unlock it (S=19 + T=20 + E=5 +E=5 + L=19 = 61). Set the lock to 61
(it can be a bit tricky) and inside it you will find 750 gold pieces. In this
cave you will also find the Hive Queen and Gruzz, a friendly goblin.

||11                 ||
|Armor Type:   Light           |
|Body Part:    Hands           |
|Armor Rating: 4               |
|Weight:       1.5 pounds      |
|Value:        1250 gold pieces|
A pretty good gauntlet. It's fairly light, protects you well and has one of the
best Armor Ratings of its kind. Too bad it's very expensive. Not excellent, but
not bad either. If you can, grab it!
|Armor Type:   Heavy           |
|Body Part:    Torso           |
|Armor Rating: 9               |
|Weight:       11 pounds       |
|Value:        2000 gold pieces|
The Adamantine Chest Plate is the ultimate torso protection of the game.
Unfortunately, in this game outstanding items are very hard to find, and this is
no exception. You can only find it in a small area soiled different in Eastern
Crakamir, and it's guarded by around 8 Taurax and 5 Goblin Hackers. Once you get
it, keep it as it's the best armor in all the game. If you can't handle its
weight, get to Thaermore and sell it. You'll make a HUGE profit.

||12                   ||
|12.1. EERU|
|Hit Points:    50      |
|Armor Rating:  14      |
|ToHit Ability: 14      |
|Damage:        7       |
|Experience:    450     |
|Special:       Merchant|
Eeru works in Blackwater's tavern. He sells miscellaneous supplies, and also he
sometimes has for sale alchemy items and equipment (He once had for sale a Steel
Plate Armor). He can also rent you a room:
¤ If you say your name, he will charge you 30 gold pieces.
¤ If you don't say your name, he will charge you 50 gold pieces.
¤ If you register as "Foozgrumph", you'll sleep by free in the inaccessible room
and will gain access to the Repository (there is a small section of the upper
wall that can be passed).
If you kill Eeru before getting to the Repository, you won't be able to access
it, and consequently, you won't be able to beat the game.
|12.2. ELEANOR|
|Hit Points:    1   |
|Armor Rating:  3   |
|ToHit Ability: 4   |
|Damage:        4   |
|Experience:    5   |
|Special:       None|
Eleanor an old woman who is the Council Head of Aridell. She believes the Orakur
stole the Crux of Ages and she also knows a lot about the matter and about
Thaermore. She doesn't move, she always stands still. She is very weak.
|12.3. GRAMUK|
|Hit Points:    45                                 |
|Armor Rating:  15                                 |
|ToHit Ability: 3                                  |
|Damage:        1                                  |
|Experience:    100                                |
|Special:       Transformation, ranged spell attack|
Gramuk is the great leader of the Goblin race, the one who is commanding the
scourge on Thaermore, the one who wants the Crux, the one who brainwashed the
Chancellor's mind to allow his creatures to roam freely around Thaermore; and
the one that will try to trick you into giving the Crux to him. He's also the
one that will transform into a Dirachnid when you killed him and thought it was
all over. He attacks with a cold spell.
NOTE: ToHit Ability and Damage are the values that appear in the EXE for melee
attacks, which he doesn't use; so ignore them.
|12.4. GRUZZ|
|Hit Points:    16  |
|Armor Rating:  8   |
|ToHit Ability: 8   |
|Damage:        7   |
|Experience:    20  |
|Special:       None|
Gruzz is a friendly Goblin who is hiding (perhaps from Gramuk) in Whistling Cave
until war is over. Don't threaten or attack him, as he will tell you important
information about a chest containing a powerful weapon in Goblin Citadel if you
don't harm him. If you want to know the info now, he'll tell you that a chest in
Goblin Citadel contains a powerful weapon (the Skullsplitter) and has a slider
lock which must be set to 66 for it to open.
|12.5. LILITH|
|Hit Points:    130 |
|Armor Rating:  25  |
|ToHit Ability: 25  |
|Damage:        14  |
|Experience:    200 |
|Special:       None|
Lilith is a young woman who lives in the "heart of the woods". In case you don't
know, she lives just north of Lake Atria, deep inside Tangletree Forest. She is
the one that will tell you what the amulet is for. But she will realize that as
she is the one that can tell you the information you need and she has the upper
hand in the matter, so she'll ask you to kill the Hive Queen in Whistling Cave.
After you kill the Queen and bring her stinger as proof, she'll tell you about
the strange amulet. She is also very strong and hard to beat in combat.
|12.6. OMAR|
|Hit Points:    140 |
|Armor Rating:  30  |
|ToHit Ability: 25  |
|Damage:        18  |
|Experience:    400 |
|Special:       None|
Omar is the leader of the Giants tribe. As all the other Giants, he lives in
the Giant's Village in Rotwood. He has one of the Goblin keys that you need to
enter the Citadel's second floor (the red one), but he will give it to you if
you retrieve the skull of the former chieftain (leader), which is inside a chest
in Camp Thorndike.

||13    ||
|13.1. BLESS|
|Type:           Divinational                 |
|Benefit:        +1 ToHit and Damage per level|
|Duration:       100 rounds                   |
|Cost per level: 2 Mana Points                |
A pretty good and cheap spell. You can get it at the very beginning of the game,
and I recommend you to get it as soon as you can if you have good divinational
skills. Virtuous axiom characters get it at the start of the game and can cast
it at level 1 without needing any Divination skill. I have a personal experience
of this spell changing the tide of a battle: I was trying to kill Lilith for
that shady character in Blackwater. I was starting to lose, so I checked in my
spell list to see what could I do, then I saw Bless and casted it at level 6. As
soon as I casted it, I gained advantage in the battle and ended killing her.

||14               ||
|14.1. ANKH|
|Type:   Amulet          |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds      |
|Value:  220 gold pieces |
|Effect: +10 Hit Points  |
|        +1  Armor Rating|
One of my favourite amulets and the one I'm using now, the Ankh gives you an
important boost in your Hit Points, and also gives you one more Armor Rating
point, which doesn't make a big difference but is always welcome.
|Type:   Amulet         |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds     |
|Value:  450 gold pieces|
|Effect: +2 Strength    |
|        +2 ToHit Rating|
A very rare item, the Bloodlust Amulet is a pretty nice one. It gives you a
boost in ToHit and Strength, which gives you an advantage in combat, lets you
resist better, carry more weight, etc.
|Type:   Amulet                |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds            |
|Value:  390 gold pieces       |
|Effect: +2 Strength           |
|        +3 Bludgeoning Weapons|
The Bonesplitter's Charm is to a bludgeoner what cheese is to a mouse:
essential. It gives you a nice boost to your Bludgeoning Weapons skill, plus
two extra points in Strength. Nice.
|Type:   Amulet           |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds       |
|Value:  470 gold pieces  |
|Effect: +2 Dexterity     |
|        +4 Thrown Weapons|
As I don't use thrown weapons too often, I don't put points into its skill, and
I can't recall the difference between nothing and four, but a couple extra
points on Dexterity are fine.
|Type:   Amulet         |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds     |
|Value:  480 gold pieces|
|Effect: +2 Dexterity   |
|        +6 Dodge       |
The Rabbit's Foot is back and better than ever! It now gives you three more
Dodge points and two Dexterity points as the icing on the cake! It is expensive,
but it is worth every gold piece if you rely on your Dodge skill.
|Type:   Amulet         |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds     |
|Value:  200 gold pieces|
|Effect: +1 Damage      |
The Evil amulet (which you can find at Whistling Cave together with a "gang" of
Bloodsippers) gives you one extra damage point. Though not awful, it's way too
overpriced. There are some better ways to spend your money (for 20 more gold
pieces, you can get the Ankh).
|Type:   Amulet             |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds         |
|Value:  200 gold pieces    |
|Effect: Gravedigger's Flame|
The Gravedigger's Amulet gives you a Gravedigger's Flame light as long as you
keep it on you (No Mana Points or Elemental skill required). It's pretty nice if
you don't like torches or can't use a lantern.

||15   ||
|15.1. ARROW|
|Type:   Quiver      |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds  |
|Value:  1 gold piece|
The standard arrow, with no benefits. It's the easiest to get and cheapest
quiver. It's sold in most blacksmiths and metal shops. Sometimes Goblin Archers
drop around 10 and 20 of them.
|15.2. BANDAGES|
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,1 pounds   |
|Value:  5 gold pieces|
The Bandages are a cheap option if you can't afford Healing Elixirs. They will
restore five Hit Points when used. You can buy them in any tavern or look for
them in barrels.
|Type:   Miscellaneous  |
|Weight: 12 pounds      |
|Value:  320 gold pieces|
The Chronometer is very hard to get. You won't find easily someone who can sell
one of them to you, and they are very scarce in barrels and chests. When you use
them, they tell you the ingame hour. I don't know why, but they are very heavy
and somewhat valuable.
|15.4. CRUX OF AGES|
|Type:   Gem          |
|Weight: 3 pounds     |
|Value:  0 gold pieces|
Yes, it's not an error. The Crux of Ages. The legendary gem of Thaermore is
yours. You get it in the Underground Repository, vault Nş 26, along with the 3rd
Sealed Note. And it's not an error that it has no value. It's a very important
item for the ending; you can give it to Gramuk and force a bad end or place it
in Bastion Spire's last level.
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,1 pounds   |
|Value:  2 gold pieces|
The Empty Flask is the essence of potions. This is where potions are made and
stored. When you drink any potion, it will turn into this; so they are very easy
to get. You can also buy them from alchemy stores or look for them in chests and
barrels, too.
|15.6. FEMUR|
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,5 pounds   |
|Value:  1 gold piece |
You'll become a grave robber if you find one in a coffin or sarcophagus. Well,
let me say something: you'll become an unfortunate grave robber. When you find
one of these, sell it where you want. They are worth ONE GOLD PIECE!? It seems
no one worries about the good times in Thaermore these bones could belong to.
|15.7. LANTERN|
|Type:   Shield        |
|Weight: 5 pounds      |
|Value:  35 gold pieces|
Well, it's not certainly a shield. When you equip it, it illuminates your
surroundings like a torch. When bought, it works for 500 turns (some don't
work). After those 500 turns, you must refill it for it to continue working.
You can refill it by putting the lantern as the vessel and Cotton Wick and Oil
as the components.
|15.8. LOCK PICK|
|Type:   Lock Pick     |
|Weight: 0,1 pounds    |
|Value:  15 gold pieces|
The Lock Pick is your best and only tool, among with weapons, to open locked
doors and chests. If you get to a locked door or chest and have lockpicks, when
you try to open it you will be asked if you want to lockpick it. You'll also see
your chances of success. If you click "Yes", you'll see the interior of the lock
with five bolts. If all bolts go down, the object will be unlocked and opened.
If one of them remains up, you will fail.
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,1 pounds   |
|Value:  5 gold pieces|
The Map of Thaermore can be found in Aridell's tavern for sale and perhaps in
other taverns too. When opened, it shows a drawn map of all Thaermore. It is
useful to get you orientated in the first part of the game and/or if you don't
have very much Cartography skill.
|15.10. SKULL|
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,4 pounds   |
|Value:  5 gold pieces|
It's nothing more than a human skull. Very found in coffins and sarcophaguses,
it has no use in the game. They're there just to make you a grave robber and
then sell them. At least they are more valuable than femurs.
|15.11. TORCH|
|Type:   Torch        |
|Weight: 0,2 pounds   |
|Value:  2 gold pieces|
Torches are the first item for lighting you'll find. You can lit them anytime,
but you can't hold a torch and bow or a shield at the same time. It lasts about
100 turns, then it consumes and disappears from your inventory. It's overall
cheaper than a lantern and weights less, but lasts less time and doesn't light
as well. You can get these easily from sconces and place one in them, too.
|15.12. WIDGET|
|Type:   Miscellaneous|
|Weight: 0,1 pounds   |
|Value:  0 gold pieces|
Widgets aren't found anywhere in the game and have no use. You can use them, but
they only say "This strange object doesn't seem to belong to this world". They
are just an anti-crash object: if there is an error creating an object the game
creates the widget so it doesn't crash.

||16               ||
Eschalon: Book I isn't just a game, it's a part of a trilogy. The next upcoming
game is Eschalon: Book II, planned to be released in 2010. Here is some
information about it:
This is the list for all the features that are in the game now or currently
being worked on.
This list was last updated December 2008.

* 1024 x 768 native resolution
* Numerous optimizations implemented which improved engine speed (up to 30%) and
  lowers RAM usage.
* All tiles have been re-rendered to take advantage of the higher engine
* Enhanced lighting and special effects.
* New weather effects: snow, rain, and thunderstorms. Weather isn't just a
  special effect; severe weather effects gameplay stats and skills.
* "Brightness Booster" option for players who are afraid of the dark.
* In-game control over sound volume has been improved
* Audio driver selectable at launch for improved hardware compatibility or the
  option to shut off all game sounds.
* Rebuilt timer function which should fix the problems associated with leaving
  your computer on for long periods of time.
* Most keyboard commands can now be remapped via .cfg file.
* The saved game location can be alerted via a statement in the .cfg file.
* Saved game function rebuilt with more redundancy and error catching to cut
  down on the number of bad saved games.
* Numerous updates to the scripting engine and file handling, making the game
  one step closer to being fully modable.

* New GUI layout
* Additional save game slots (20 total)
* Increased number of Inventory slots (79 total)
* Increased number of Quick Slot spaces (10 total)
* New Key Ring feature: any key acquired is placed on a virtual key ring and
  does not take up inventory space.
* Enhanced Alchemy mixer with one-click mixing via a built-in recipe book
* Two "equipment configuration" presets for convenient swapping of armor and
  weapons sets.
* You can now dump torches by right-clicking on the torch icon.
* Walking via keyboard
* "Health meters" on objects while bashing show exactly how much structural
  integrity remains

* 7 new spells; several existing spells have been altered/upgraded. 
* Gender Selection (play as a male or female character).
* Selectable attack mode alters damage and accuracy based on character ability
  and enemy stats.
* Parry mode for defensive posturing when needed.
* New skill: Repair. Used in fixing worn equipment for better performance or
  increased value before selling.
* New skill: Foraging. Used to increase your chance of finding food and alchemy
  components during your travels.
* Significant skill rebalancing for more unified progression. 
* Weapons and armor now deteriorate realistically with use (optional).
  Increasing your weapon and armor skills slows deterioration rate, and the
  Repair Skill can be used to fix damaged equipment.
* Food and Water now a factor in survival. Long treks into deep dungeons will
  require planning and preparation. (Optional)
* Powder kegs can now be picked up and dropped in new locations which makes for
  strategic game play options.
* Game world objects more dynamic: explosions and fire can affect objects; more
  objects are usable.
* Rebuilt the luminosity function to remove exploits. This corrects the "Torch
  exploit" as well as balancing "Hide in Shadow" better.
* New difficulty modes and tracked statistics add to replay value.
* New item generation function for thousands of unique weapon and armor
* Difficulty settings for easier or more challenging gameplay.

* Improved User's Manual with additional game information often requested by
* In the Character Editor, pressing F1-F5 now loads premade character data into
  the editor and allows you to modify it from there, rather than just
  automatically starting the game with a pre-designed character.

||17                ||
|17.1. CREDITS|
The Eschalon: Book I Complete FAQ is being made by soybostero93.
Eschalon: Book I is copyright Basilisk Games. All rights reserved.
|17.2. THANKS|
¤ Thanks to God for everything.
¤ Thanks to Basilisk Games for making this game.
¤ Thanks to you for reading this.
¤ Thanks to Boca Juniors for giving me so much happiness.
¤ Thanks to Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and others. They are great.
¤ Thanks to Microsoft for creating Windows and Notepad.
|17.3. CONTACT|
Basilisk Games Forums: King_ov_Death (user name)
Basilisk Games Official Site:

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