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 Everquest II FAQ/Guide

Everquest II FAQ/Guide

Everquest II FAQ/Guide (
Contact E-mail:
Written by: Nghtmr9999
Version 1.4.1

This game is rated T for...

Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

WARNING: Game experience may
change during on-line play


----------[Table of Contents]----------
Section a - Safety Tips..........................(sast)
Section b - System Specs.........................(sbss)
---System Needs..................................(sbsn)
---Compatible Video Cards........................(sbvc)
Section c - The Naming Policy....................(scnp)
Section d - Expansion and Adventure Packs........(sdea)
Section 1 - What is Everquest II?................(s1e2)
Section 2 - Everquest II Speak...................(s2es)
Section 3 - Everquest II FAQ.....................(s3fq)
---Making $$$....................................(s3mm)
---Odds and Ends.................................(s3oe)
---From the Boards...............................(s3fb)
Section 4 - Class Guide..........................(s4cg)
Section 5 - Gameplay Guide.......................(s5gg)
Section 6 - Etiquette............................(s6et)
Section 7 - Commands/Macros......................(s7cm)
Section 8 - Extras...............................(s8ex)
---Do's and Dont's of Guild Recruiting...........(s8gu)
---PvP Mini Guide................................(s8pv)
---Money Making Guide............................(s8mm)
---Where To Level................................(s8wl)
Section 9 - How To...............................(s9ht)
Section 10 - Handy Websites......................(10hw)
Section 11 - Version History.....................(11vh)
Section 12 - Special Thanks......................(12st)
Section 13 - Copyright Info/Contact Info.........(13ci)

----------[Section a - Safety Tips]----------(sast)

---Security Tips

* Never give your account info to your friends or employees from SOE e-mailing

* Don't use the same password you use for Everquest II that you use for
something else.

* Use a password that has lowercase and capital letters and numbers. A good
password would be f206A45H6y3Y67g0Q. Don't try using it for my account, it 
wont work.

----------[Section b - System Specs]----------(sbss)

Here, you will see what you need to play this game, along with what
video cards are supported.

---System Needs(sbsn)

System Requirements
(what you MUST have to play this game)

-Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
-Pentium III 1 Ghz or greater
-512 MB of RAM
-DirectX 9 compatible video card. Pixel shader and vertex shader compatible 
hardware with 64MB of texture memory
-DirectSound compatible audio hardware
-56k Internet Connection
-DVD or CD ROM Drive
- 7 GB Hard Drive Space

Recommended Requirements
(what you SHOULD have)

-Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
-Pentium 4.2 Ghz or greater
-DirectX 9 compatible video card. Pixel shader and vertex shader compatible 
hardware with 128MB of texture memory or greater
DirectSound compatible audio hardware
-Broadband Internet Connection
-DVD or CD ROM Drive
-7 GB Hard Drive Space

---Compatible Video Cards(sbvc)

GeForce3 Series 
GeForce4 Series* 
Quadro4 700/750/900 
Quadro FX Series 
GeForce FX Series 
GeForce PCX Series 
GeForce 6xxx Series 
GeForce 7xxx Series

Radeon 8500 Series 
Radeon 9xxx Series 
Radeon x300/x600/x700/x800 

DeltaChrome S4/S8/F1

Volari Series 

If you don't see your video card listed here, tough luck, you gotta buy a new
video card in order to play this game.

----------[Section c - The Naming Policy]----------(scnp)

1. Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words,
anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words.

2. Combinations of words that produce an offensive result
(e.g. Hugeaz, Tug Mcgroin).

3. Names of religious, occult, or significant historic origin
(e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, Angel, Devil, Demon).

4. Trademarked names of products, services, or concepts (e.g. Marlboro,
Sony, Band-Aid).

5. Non-fantasy oriented names from popular media. These names can be either 
fictional (e.g. Rambo, Darthvader) or non-fictional (e.g. Garth Brooks,
Pierce Brosnan, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan).

6. Common words and phrases that would not be found in the place and time 
setting of the game (e.g. Switchblade, Phaser, Toaster, Sloegin, Anyone). 
This includes references to drug substances or drug related paraphernalia. 
(e.g. Ecstacy, Cannibis)

7. Proper names from EverQuest or EverQuest II (e.g. Rathe, Karana, Antonia).
This also includes the first or last name of any significant EverQuest or 
EverQuest II NPC (e.g. Dorn, Trumpy, Bayle).

8. Names chosen with the intent or possessed with the effect of harming the 
reputation of or used to impersonate a Customer or representative of Sony 
Online Entertainment. 

9. Names containing titles within them, such as, but not limited to: The, 
Lord, Lady, Master, King, Knight, Sir, Father (e.g. Sirtallon, Lordeagle, 
Mothermaggy, Darksister).

10. Fantasy-oriented names that are easily recognized from popular existing 
media (e.g. Merlin, Gandalf, Belgarath, Drizzt, Tanis).

11. Names where the combination of the first, last, or Guild name violate 
any of the naming policy rules.

12. Surname Conditions: 
a. Surnames may not contain spaces
b. Surnames must be at least 4 characters in length
c. Any number of Customer may have the same Surname

13. Choose Wisely
a. Name options that do not violate the Naming Privilege Policy will not be 
changed by our Customer Service Staff. However, there may be options 
implemented in the future such as a Character Name Change service 
(as in EverQuest) that will allow for name options to be changed.

...And there is. You can change your Surname (Lastname) once a week.

----------[Section d - Expansion and Adventure Packs]----------(sdea)

(Adventure Packs)
These are small add-ons that cost a few dollars. But if you have station 
access it's free.

-Bloodline Chronicles
-The Splitpaw Saga
-The Fallen Dynasty

(Expansion Packs)
These are huge add-ons that cost about $15-$30. These add massive new places
and raise the maximum level.

-Desert of Flames
-Kingdom of Sky
-Echoes of Faydwer

----------[Section 1 - What is Everquest II?]----------(s1e2)

Everquest II... A world that you become part of when you make your character.
This game is big (massive), many people play it (multiplayer), its online
(online), its a RPG... PRESTO! you have an addicting MMORPG, that your entire
life will center around.

If you are an EQII expert, you really don't need to listen to this, so feel
free to read on. If not, let me tell you some things about the game.

Everquest II ( has a monthly fee of $14.99, but you can
get some nice little add-ons costing $.99 each, plus you can get more
character slots, (for those who are very addicted), for $21.99 per month.
The actual cost of the game is around $25 (depending on where you shop)

This game has many adventure packs and expansion packs, adding to the huge
number of quests and expanding the already huge map, while adding lots of
new items and weapons. The adventure packs are free if you choose the
$21.99 subscription, but cost about a one time only fee of $5. The expansions
will run you a bit more, at about $20 each.

----------[Section 2 - Everquest II Speak]----------(s2es)

Some words you'll see in Everquest II. Check out my Lingo Guide for more
detailed descriptions.

AB------Antonya Bayle
Add-----Additional Monster
AE(AOE)-Area of effect
AF------Auto Follow
AFK-----Away from keyboard
Agro----The monster's "hate"
AQ------Armor Quest
BRB-----Be right back
Brt-----Be right there
BSV-----Blood Skull Valley
Btw-----By the way
Buff----Magical Enhancements to armor, weapons, etc
CH------Castleview Hamlet
CoD-----Cove of Decay
CP------Copper Pieces
Cya-----See ya
Ding----Gaining a level
DoF-----Desert of Flames
DoT-----Damage over time
DPS-----Damage per second
EF------East Freeport
EL------Enchanted Lands
FD------Feign Death
FG------Fallen Gate
GG------Good Going
GM------Game Master
GP------Gold Pieces
Gtg-----Got to go, or good to go
GW------Guild Wars
HO------Heroic Opportunity
HoT-----Heal over time
Idc-----I dont care
Idk-----I dont know
Imo-----In my opinion
J/k-----Just Kidding
Lag-----Slow Connection
LF------Looking for. Mainly used when a group needs a certain class
LFG-----Looking for group
LFM-----Looking for more
LFW-----Looking for work
Lmao----Laughing my butt off
Lol-----Laughing out loud
Named---A named monster
Nerf----A class losing power due to balance issues
NBG-----Need before greed
NF------North Freeport
NH------Nettleville Hovel
Nj------Nice Job
NK------Nektulos Forest
Np------No Problem
NPC-----Non-playing character
NQ------North Qeynos
OMG-----Oh my god
Ooc-----Out of character
OOM(OOP)Out of magic
Omw-----On My Way
PvE-----Player VS Environment
PvP-----Player VS Player
QH------Qeynos Harbor
Reroll--Remaking your character and starting brand new
Respec--Re-choosing your trait abilities
RL------Real life
Rooted--Mage spell that chains a monster down
Rov-----Ruins of Varsoon
SC------Starcrest Commune
SF------South Freeport
Soe-----Sony Online Entertainment
SP------Silver Pieces
SQ------South Qeynos
Tank----A warrior made to take the damage and keep people alive
TS------Thundering Steepes
Ty------Thank You
WC------Wailing Caves
WF------West Freeport
WoW-----World of Warcraft
WTB-----Want to buy
WTG-----Way to go
WTH-----What the hell
WTS-----Want to sell
WTT-----Want to Trade
WW------Willow Wood

----------[Section 3 - Everquest II FAQ]----------(s3fq)

Q) What does  mean
A) Check Section 2. It lists most words you may see in the game. If you dont
see it there, you could always ask in game.

Q) How much money will it cost me to buy this game?
A) About $25, based on where you buy it from, plus a $15/month fee. The first
30 days are free.

Q) Are credit cards required?
A) Nope, game cards can be bought and used.

Q) What is the max level?
A) Right now, 70. There is no news of raising it to 80 for the new expansion.

Q) Updates? When and how long?
A) Pretty much every weekday at 7 AM PST for one hour. If a big patch is
being added, the servers may be down for a lot longer.

Q) I liked the trial... do i keep my characters?
A) Yes

Q) Can I transfer my characters?
A) Sometimes yes, but you need to check the Everquest II site to see when
character transfer requests will be accepted.

Q) How many characters can I have?
A) 6. But for $21.99 a month, you get 4 more.

Q) How many races are there?
A) 16.Barbarian (neutral), Dark Elf (evil), Dwarf (good), Erudite (neutral),
Froglok (good), Gnome (neutral), Half Elf(neutral), Halfling (good),
High Elf (good), Human (neutral), Iksar (evil), Kerra (neutral),
Ogre (evil), Ratonga (evil), Troll (evil), and Wood Elf (good)

Q) Are there monster "levels"
A) Indeed. This will appear below the monsters HP when you click on them.

Weaker - looks like 2 horizontal swords
Normal - Nothing
Heroic - Looks like 2 dragons
Epic - Has a fancy design. These guys are TOUGH. Most need 2, 3, or 4 groups

Q) What does Int, Str, Agi, etc mean?
A) Str = how much damage you do
Int = How much damage spells do
Wis = How well you heal
Sta = How much HP you have
Agi = Your dodging ability

Q) I get a last name? SWEET! When do i get it?
A) You can give your character a last name at level 20.

Q) What are the 5 blank/filled bubbles under my mp bar?
A) That is your concentration meter. Some spells require it, and take 1 or 2
bars. You can have 5 max.

Q) How many adventure professions are there?
A) Well, there are four main classes, with 6 classes in those. So a total of

Q) What about crafting professions?
A) There are 3 main professions, with 3 classes in those. 9

Q) So......many........ What do i choose then?
A) That really depends on you. I don't want to tell you how to make your
character, choose what you want to do.

Q) How many gathering professions can I have
A) The only limit is how many there are in the game.

Q) How many adventure/crafting professions per character?
A) One advenutre, one crafting.

---Making $$$---(s3mm)

Q) Platinum? Wow, that must be a lot of money
A) Indeed it is.
100 copper = 1 silver
100 silver = 1 gold
100 gold = 1 platinum
100 platinum = A very very rich person.

Q) I want platinum NOW! How do i get?
A) You need to do a lot of quests, sell stuff you make, kill monsters and
take their loot to sell... Soon enough, you will be at the 2p mark, and will
be able to afford a horse.

Q) What professions make the most?
A) I really dont have an answer to that... All crafting professions can make
a lot of money. If you hate crafting with all your heart, you can just gather
materials and sell those to crafters.

Q) How much does a mount cost again?
A) Anywhere from 400g and up

Q) Any money making tips?
A) Look at the contents =)

---Odds and Ends---(s3oe)

Q) What is this colored text i see next to my quests?
A) That is how hard the quest is at your level.
Grey - You could finish the quest in your sleep
Green - Easy as pie... mmmmmm pie
Blue - A little harder, but still quite easy.
White - At your level
Yellow - Little bit above your level
Orange - Hard. You might need some help
Red - So..... hard...... must..... take.... out.... anger... erm... sorry,
for those you'll need help.

Q) I see enemies have colors as well. Is this rated on the same system?
A) Yes, except greys wont drop a chest, and reds will eat you for lunch =P.

Q) What server do you play on, and what is your character name?
A) I have found a new MMO to play (i won't tell you the name). But
if i return, my name is Scubafrog, and I play on the Antonya Bayle server.

---From the Boards---(s3fb)

Q) What is the best DPS in the game?
A) People wrote Summoners, Assassins, Rangers

Q) What are the Pros and Cons?
A) MagicalMonkeyMop wrote...
The pro's:
-Over a thousand quests
-Fast combat with a lot of flashy moves
-Great graphics
-Great sound, with some decent voice overs
-2 expansions out already, the third on the way. 
-In depth crafting system
-Lots of races to choose from, decent character customization

The con's:
-Artstyle is boring and woefully generic
-Some of the voice acting is putrid
-PvP arenas are empty
-Lots of annoying invisible walls
-The world feels very closed in at times, which ruins the world feeling

Q) How many people play this game?
A) A lot

Q) Can 2 people be logged on in the world on my account at the same time?
A) Nope

Q) What class is like the WoW Hunter?
A) Conj or Necro

----------[Section 4 - Class Guide]----------(s4cg)

You will see a short description of each class in the game, along with pros
and cons of each.


PRO: High DPS.
PRO: Great class to solo with.
PRO: Feign Death. This can help a lot!

CON: Can't wear heavy armor.
CON: Weapon choices are limited.
CON: Less armor = More damage taken. Not made to be the main tank.


PRO: You have very high avoid.
PRO: You get a lot of offensive skills.
PRO: If you like leather armor, here's your class.

CON: Can't wear heavy armor.
CON: Weapon choices are limited.
CON: Less armor = More damage taken. Not made to be the main tank.


PRO: You can heal!
PRO: You have self-buffs to keep you alive.
PRO: You get a FREE mount!

CON: You have short buffs. Meaning you have to recast often.
CON: You can't taunt as well as other fighters.
CON: You are very low on the damage list compared to other classes.


PRO: Damage over time spells.
PRO: FREE mount!
PRO: Harm touch does a lot of damage.

CON: About in the middle damage-wise among fighters.
CON: Relies on armor.
CON: Taunt isn't as good.


PRO: Amazing melee damage
PRO: Attack buffs make you deal even more damage!
PRO: Area of Effect spells

CON: Relies on armor.
CON: Weapons can cost a lot.
CON: Armor costs a lot.


PRO: Amazing defense.
PRO: Wears Vanguard armor.
PRO: You can cover up "mistakes" you made when making your character.

CON: All that armor is expensive.
CON: While Guardians are handy, most groups just need 1 tank.
CON: Doesn't deal as much damage as the Berserker.


PRO: You get to mind control monsters. FUN!!
PRO: Major crowd control person.
PRO: Buffs.

CON: Crowd control.
CON: Light armor.
CON: Not a heavy damage dealer.


PRO: Mezzes.
PRO: Good group member.
PRO: Challenging to master.

CON: Challenging to master.
CON: Light Armor.
CON: You don't deal a lot of damage.


PRO: You deal huge amounts of damage.
PRO: You can apply posion to weapons!
PRO: Lots of DoT's

CON: Light armor.
CON: Spells can cause a lot of agro.
CON: Hard to play without a priest in a group.


PRO: Lots of fire and ice spells.
PRO: Deal lots of damage.
PRO: Great in groups.

CON: Light armor.
CON: Spells can cause a lot of agro.
CON: Group-oriented.


PRO: You get neat looking pets.
PRO: You can solo very well.
PRO: Your pet and yourself combined can take down tougher enemies.

CON: Light armor.
CON: If your pet dies... well.... goodbye.
CON: More solo-oriented.


PRO: You get undead-looking pets.
PRO: You can solo.
PRO: Your pet and yourself can take down tougher enemies.

CON: Light armor.
CON: If your pet dies, so do you.
CON: More solo-oriented.


PRO: You can wear heavy armor.
PRO: Evil-oriented.
PRO: AoE heals.

CON: Can't solo very well.
CON: Majorly group-oriented.
CON: Must be focused at all times.


PRO: You can wear heavy armor.
PRO: Undead spells.
PRO: Vitae heals. (Heals that heal when target is hit)

CON: Can't solo very well.
CON: Majorly group-oriented.
CON: Focus is needed.


PRO: Good or evil aligned.
PRO: Movement buffs.
PRO: Cool lion form!

CON: Can't solo that well.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Focus is needed.


PRO: Good or evil aligned.
PRO: Evacuate spell.
PRO: Cool wolf form!

CON: Can't solo that well.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Focus is needed.


PRO: Wraith form.
PRO: Wards that prevent damage.
PRO: Group wards.

CON: Can't solo that well.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Focus is needed.


PRO: Bear form is cool!
PRO: You can slow enemies.
PRO: Powerful wards.

CON: Can't solo that well.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Focus is needed.


PRO: Good buffs.
PRO: Health-stealing abilities.

CON: You are a music player.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Need to recast buffs.


PRO: Good buffs.
PRO: Debuffs
PRO: Great role-playing class.

CON: You are a music player.
CON: Group oriented.
CON: Need to recast buffs.


PRO: Great DPS.
PRO: Backstab does TONS of damage.
PRO: Wide range of weapons.

CON: Most abilites have to be performed in stealth.
CON: Wide range of weapons = lots of weapon skill leveling.
CON: Need to buy posions to increase damage even more.


PRO: Great DPS
PRO: Fastest movement speed of all classes.
PRO: Good-aligned.

CON: Group-oriented.
CON: Overusing your bow may mean a lot of repairs.
CON: Not evil-aligned from the start.


PRO: Great DPS
PRO: Spells that root enemies and encounters.
PRO: Debuffs.

CON: Group-oriented.
CON: Need to recast buffs after awhile.
CON: Need to think about how to deal with encounters.


PRO: Great DPS.
PRO: Stealth.
PRO: AoE's

CON: Group-oriented.
CON: Buffs need to be recast.
CON: While a Swashbuckler is good, a Brigand is better.

----------[Section 5 - Gameplay Guide]----------(s5gg)

This section describes the basics of the game.


This is how you get a monster to your group 95% of the time. Pulling involves
pulling a monster with an arrow, or a long distance magic spell. In some cases
this can also involve you going right up to the monster, attacking it, then
running back to your group before you die. A heavy armored warrior make the
best tanks. However, a mage can pull with a spell, then a warrior can take
the hate.

At first, only pull one or two heroics at a time, so you can see what your
group can handle, and what it can't. Just don't think you are some invincible
tank that will never die. Everybody has a limit on how many mobs they can
handle at once.

Once you can handle 2 heroic mobs, start pulling 3 at a time, and maybe even
4 at a time. Just be sure the hate is on you, and not the priest. Another
point is to check the level of the mob you are pulling. (You, a level 30 VS
2 level 40 heroic mobs) who would win? Pull mobs at or around your level. A
safe level range for heroics would be any level below yours, to about 2-3
levels above.


Tanking. If you are a heavy armored warrior, this is your job. All you have
to do is take all the melee and magical attacks (sounds fun, huh?) Never fear
because if you have a priest in your group (please tell me you didn't forget
to get one) you will be fine. Just be sure you're the one taking all the
damage, and not your groupmates. 

Warriors get lots of hate spells to use on enemies. Be sure to use them. When
soloing, you have no need for hate. So just focus on keeping yourself alive.
Once you get low on health, spam your attacks and try to take the enemy down.
If you get REALLY low on health; run.


Healing... it well.... erm.... does what it says it does. Heal. Keep your
groupmates alive. You do that, they're happy, and you're happy. If you don't
heal them, they get mad, they see if they can find another priest to replace
you with, then they KICK YA! So be sure to heal, and everything will be fine.

Soloing is a different story. First of all, priests wear light armor. Meaning
they take a lot of damage when get hit. So what I would suggest is to pull
one or two enemies that are white or below non-heroic, or one yellow


The agro is now on the main tank. Your job (if you aren't the tank) is to
unleash combo after combo to bring the enemy HP as quick as you can. DON'T
overdo it though, as this can lead to the enemy beating on you. On my
40-something warlock, when the main tank had agro, i usually counted to 5
before i started unleashing my spells. This gave the tank plenty of time to
get the monsters really mad at him, and not anybody else. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO


So you miscalulated, and you need an escape route. If you are deep in a
dungeon well, you're pretty much SOL. Gone. Finished. Dead. I say this
because most dungeons have heroics (remember from the FAQ, they're tougher
than they seem) and having about 15 of them chase after you doesn't work out
so well in the end. Maybe you're lucky and some group behind you killed them
all, or the enemies didn't spawn yet. Whatever the case may be, a try could
never hurt.

If you are a priest, you should try to get to a safe place, because they
can revive everybody, then you can get on your way once again.


Questing is the easiest way to level up, make money, and get good items. Look
for these quests everywhere. Check every building (yes, every building)
because you might get a quest that gives a lot of money. Before you head out
to clear your quest book, look at a few things first. 

First of all, look at the level of the quest. Blue, green, and grey
quests can be completed solo. If you have any yellow, orange, or red quests; 
then those are the quests that you might need to get help from a group or a 
high level friend.

The second thing you need to think about is where the quests are located. If
you have a lot of quests for a certain area, try to find a group for the area
because most likely, group members will need the same monsters or named
creature. If they don't, just ask. They will most likely say yes. If not, well
the worst thing they can say is "no" right?


I would not suggest grinding unless you are very close to leveling, If you are
or choose to grind anyway, i'm not going to stop you. To "grind" you need to 
find enemies that you can kill in a short period of time. I would suggest
whites or yellows. If you think you can solo a heroic, do so. Otherwise, stick
with your monster choice and just kill like mad.

----------[Section 6 - Etiquette]----------(s6et)

This is a MMORPG. Meaning that you are playing with other people... with
feelings and emotions. The way you play affects everybody else. Because of
this, on-line etiquette is a must.

DONT - Loot items you don't need.
This is a biggie. You will often be fighting named monsters which drops
very, very good items. The high level group x4 monsters. Warriors can wear
the heaviest armor. But if you can't, DO NOT roll for it. The only exception
is if this warrior doesn't need the item, then you can loot it.

If it's the other way around, and you truly DO need the item, say something
like "I need" or "need" or "can i have?" Most people (if they havent rolled
already) will listen and pass on the item. 

DO - Set loot in parties to lotto
This way, no matter what item is picked up, everybody has a chance of winning.
Lotto is the only EVEN way to roll for items. No matter what your level is, no
matter what race you are, no matter what class you are, no matter how good or
bad you play, you have an EVEN chance to win. This creates fewer arguments
and makes a better group.

DONT - Forget to change the options
The default is FREE FOR ALL; unless you change it in your options. If you do
forget however, the other players will remind you to change it. If you still
don't change it, they may just leave the group entirely.

DONT get mad at priests who let you die (unless they wern't doing anything)
If you die when a priest isn't healing you, don't go "..." or "WTF? Why wern't
you healing me?" or "You ran out of mana?" If you die, it's because the other
people wern't doing their jobs, or the monsters were too tough for the group
to handle. Another reason is you did a bad job with agro and the priest had
to waste mana keeping himself alive.

DO - Know what your job is
Simple. If you are a warrior, announce you are pulling a monster, or ask with
a simple rdy? and wait for a priest to say rdy, a mage to say rdy, and another
class. That way, you won't kill the group. And, the most important task of
all; check ALL mana before a fight.

Mage - DONT pull monsters, unless asked to
Mages = low armor. Warrior = high armor... which one will last when being beat
on by 4 heroics? A mage's job is to support the warrior with heavy damage.
But DONT overdo it, or you will build up hate with monsters, then they'll
attack you.

Priest - Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal the tank, buff him, buff the party. Don't
attack ANY monsters in groups. This saves your mana. Exception: Everybody else
is out, and the enemy is low enough on HP, and you think you can kill it;
kill it. This isn't a class where you can slack off in. Your eyes need to be
pretty much glued to the screen. If you see any low health, heal.

Scout - Plummel the enemy with damage... But after the warrior has pulled and
has the agro. Unleash your combos and take down the enemy with your high DPS.
Scouts usually do the best from behind. So don't go walking into enemies to
attack. Stealth, let tank pull, get behind, attack.

Now... typing etiquette

DONT type in all caps
DONT TyPe In MiXeD LeTtErS. ThIs GeTs AnNoYiNg.
DONT type in yell or ooc when in groups. There is a group chat.
DONT beg
DONT overuse lol, rofl, thx, w/e, gtg, etc
DO type with correct grammar and spelling.
DO be nice to players. You will get on friends lists, and make easier groups.
DONT Steal Kills
DONT leave AFK players behind. Thats just mean.
DONT laugh at other peoples' names. Mean once again.

And the most important rule of all. NEVER SPAM!

These people are plain annoying; and will get you added to ignore lists.
Spammers will get added to ignore before you finish reading this sentence.

----------[Section 7 - Commands/Macros]----------(s7cm)
Enter - Bring up the chat window
/say - Talk out loud to people near you. This chat defaults to white.
/g - Talk to group. This chat defaults to light blue.
/gu - Talk to guild - This chat defaults to light green.
/yell - Yell. This chat defaults to red.
/raid - Raid Chat. Used when there are 2 groups or more.
/officer - Only available to officers in guilds.
/ooc - Out of Character. This chat defaults to dark green.
Scroll Lock - Auto-Run
r - Reply to tell. Uses light pink and dark purple as a default.

Flag Commands:
/lfg - LFG flag. This will make you appear in the LFG window.
/lfw - LFW flag. This lets players know you are looking for work.

In Battle:
F1 - Target Yourslef
F2 - Target Party member #2
F3 - Target Party member #3
F4 - Target Party member #4
F5 - Target Party member #5
F6 - Target Party member #6
Tab - Target nearest enemy
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= - Primary Hotbar Shortcuts
Ctrl + 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= - Secondary Hotbar Shortcuts
Alt + 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= - Tertiary Hotbar Shortcuts

u - Guild Window
i - Inventory
p - Persona
b - Recipe Book
l - Skills
j - Quest Journal
m - Map
y - Opens friend/ignore list

And a whole junkheap of them can be found here...

----------[Section 8 - Extras]----------(s8ex)

---Do's and Dont's of Guild Recruiting---(s8gu)

DO - Adertise your guild in ooc, shout, and the world chat channels. 
This should be a no-brainer. You want members in your guild, right?

DONT - Overdo it.
If you do, it might be considered SPAM. Send your message once every five
minutes. Yes, five minutes. It isn't like people get on for 3 minutes at a

DONT - Send guild invites to people who don't want one.
You're playing, and suddenly, a guild invite message pops up. But, you didn't
want one. This makes people mad, and most likely will never join your guild.

DONT - Send tells to people if they want an invite.
This can be annoying too. If people want to be in your guild, then they'll
see your ad on the world chat channels and ask you for an invite that way.

DO - Make sure your ad is good. Here is an example:

" is now recruting people of all classes and levels. We raid and help
our members. PST to  for more details"

See? Short, sweet, and to the point.

---PvP Mini Guide---(s8pv)

Tip 1: Always watch your back

No brainer right? You should always glance over your shoulder often to be
sure a scout hasn't snuck up behind you. This is the best place for a scout
because some of their most deadly hits are from behind. Also be careful
because scouts have bows, and can attack you from a distance before you can
even reach them. Even if you aren't facing a scout, you still need to watch
your back. You should know when someone is coming, and prepare for battle.

Tip 2: Don't be afraid to run

Okay, so someone is too much for you. You could always try to run to your
home city guards, because they are your friend. They attack people of the
opposing faction on sight. And if they continue to run, the guard train
will continue. That person may get away, or he may die. All depends on
his or her luck.

Tip 3: Get into a guild

Good guilds on PvP servers schedule guild raids regularly against the
opposing faction. This gives you a good chance to gain levels, and to make
the other faction very, very mad. I mean, wouldn't you be mad too if 24
Qeynosians or Freeportians were standing outside your city gate, slaying all
who pass?

Tip 4: Switch Instances Often

You can't see the opposing member's ooc, shout, tells, say, group, or guild
chat. (Simply put, you can't hear a word they're saying. You can't even talk
to someone of the opposite faction). And if you are killing people, you know
people are saying "Lvl 45 FP killing people near Oracle Tower." Soon enough,
you'll find yourself facing a high level person, and then you run. If you
switch zone instances (ex: Antonica, then go to Antonica 2) it will be harder
for people to track you.

Tip 5: Watch out for low-health attacks

This is the thing that really makes me mad; but it's fun to do to the opposing
faction =). Killing people when they have low health from when they were
attacking their monster. People still do this, even though they get nothing
and a dishonorable kill.

Tip 6: Watch out for "Ganking"

Another thing that makes me mad, but it is fun to do. In Antonica and the
Commonlands, the PvP range is 7 levels. So what do you do when you're level
17? You find a nice level 10 to kill. But then, you need to beware of a gank
from a level 24... who has to watch for a gank from a 31... who has to
watch for a gank from a 38... who has to watch for a gank from a 42... blah
blah blah, you get the point.

Tip 7: NEVER use /quit or /exit outside of cities

NEVER. EVER. Do this! When you /quit or /exit, you quit the game; but your
character is left in the world for another 2 minutes. During this time, you
could be killed. Which would stink. A LOT. You log on to a dead body, with no
idea of who killed you. So theres no chance of revenge.

Tip 8: Use stealth as much as you can

It is hard for people to see you when you are stealthed. If you have stealth 
and you see your prey, stealth, sneak up behind them, and start unleashing 
combos. Even though people can see your stealth at close range, it's still 
better than letting your opponent know that you are coming. Beware however, 
because some classes get see invisibility. UH OHS. In that case, hope that 
they don't have see invis on, and attack them the same way.

Tip 9: Always have see invisibility on

This is used to detect stealthed people easier than usual. If you don't want
to use this; fine. But sooner or later, you'll find a scout behind you who
kills you with a 5 to 6 hit combo. Then... you dieeeeeeeee. That not good.

Tip 10: BEWARE of spawn campers

These people are the most annoying in the game. They camp where you respawn
hoping to kill you again. Most people who do this have mounts, making it
easier to hunt down spawners. Thats why Sony puts a 20 second immunity timer
when you respawn. If you see someone camp a spawn point.... Well... if you
have stealth, USE IT! If you don't......... tough luck man.

If you kill enough people, you will have 10 people respawning. And guess what?
They will team up on you. 10 VS 1 is no contest. You'll die.

---Money Making Guide---(s8mm)

So you need money? Okay; heres a small guide to help you.


This is a very quick way to make cash. Killing monsters grants both experience
and money/items. You can sell the junk and keep or sell the good stuff. You
can make a lot of money selling rare items to people. Just be sure to check
the broker first so you can offer both a fair price, and a price below that
on the broker.


Tedious yes, but it can pay off in the end. High level crafters can make very
good armor and weapons. Warriors need good armor to stay alive. Mages need
staffs with good stats. Scouts dual wield weapons. The possibilites are
endless. Weapons, armor, potions, furniture; all can be sold for a lot of
money at higher levels.


Why craft? Just collect the items needed to craft and sell those! Everybody
needs the raw materials. But really, who wants to go around getting those?
Not high level crafters. They just want to craft and make money. Trust me. So
if crafting isn't your thing, just try gathering... it might be better.....


You looted a brand new piece of armor better than your old one. So you wear
the new one, and sell the old. Higher level armor sells for more and more
money. If the piece of armor isn't attuned to you, go ahead and list it for
sale in your house. Otherwise you have to sell it to a merchant because you
and only you can wear said armor.

Yes, I know this was a short section. But i'll add more!

---Where to level---(s8wl)

(Levels 10-19) [ANTONICA]

So you just got off the trial island, and you are ready to explore huh? Well
as a Qeynosian, this is your first stop; Antonica. It's green, has forests,
mountains, the ocean... OH and of course, monsters... YAY MONSTERS!

During your lower teen levels, i would recommend staying near the gates,
killing the low level bugs and birds. At about 13 or so, you further east
until about the Qeynos towers. Here, you can kill wolves, bears, badgers, and
scarecrows. Basically, the higher you are, the further east in Antonica you
should go.


This place is running with aggressive monsters; most of them heroic. Watch 
your step. If you are in a group, be sure to find a safe place with no 
monster spawns and have the tank pull the monster back to the group. Also be
careful, because most of the enemies here are heroics; meaning it will be hard
for you to kill them alone. For this zone, the higher you are, the further
south you should go.

(Levels 30-50) [Destinations off the TS docks]

You're almost there! Feel free to go to Nek Forest and take the bell
there to their zones. It's okay. Check instances first to be sure the monsters
are beatable, and start slaying them to where they came from. Also, visit the
zones within zones. Those contain good monsters as well.

(Levels 51-60) [DESERT OF FLAMES*]
* - Only if you have the pack

The desert. Many new monsters here for you to slay. Stick near the docks at
first, but then explore some more, because the desert is huge, the monsters
are plentiful, and the items are great.

(Levels 61-70) [THE SKY]*
* - Only if you have the pack

Consider the following: You are miles above Norrath, and you are fighting
monsters! The same rule applies here. Stick near the spires, and move away
as you level up.

(Level 70)

You are done! You have completely leveled up your character. Your life is now


(Levels 10-19) [COMMONLANDS]

So you've got some evil in you. I like evil. Anyways, as you get off the
training island, this is your first stop. Not a lot of pretty here.
There are low level monsters near the gate. As you level up, you can start 
moving west to Nek Forest. Beware, because there are plentiful agro mobs.

(Levels 20-29) [NEK FOREST]

THIS PLACE IS DANGEROUS! There are agro mobs EVERYWHERE! Start near the gate
again, and move north, to more dangerous territory. There are numerous
heroics here, so bring a group. ALWAYS watch where you are going, have the
tank pull back to a safe place, and of course... watch your step =P 

(Levels 30-50) [Destinations off the NEK docks]

You're almost there! Feel free to go to Nek Forest and take the bell
there to their zones. It's okay. Check instances first to be sure the monsters
are beatable, and start slaying them to where they came from. Also, visit the
zones within zones. Those contain good monsters as well.

(Levels 51-60) [DESERT OF FLAMES*]
* - Only if you have the pack

The desert. Many new monsters here for you to slay. Stick near the docks at
first, but then explore some more, because the desert is huge, the monsters
are plentiful, and the items are great.

(Levels 61-70) [THE SKY]*
* - Only if you have the pack

Consider the following: You are miles above Norrath, and you are fighting
monsters! The same rule applies here. Stick near the spires, and move away
as you level up.

(Level 70)

You are done! You have completely leveled up your character. Your life is now

----------[Section 9 - How To]----------(s9ht)

This section tells you some nice advanced features for the game.

HOW TO... Send tells cross-server

/tell server.character message

HOW TO... Send tells to people in EQ1

/tell eq.server.character message

HOW TO... Send tells to people in Star Wars Galaxies

/tell swg.server.character message

Now find the server to which the tell is being sent and replace it with the
server code.

Antonius Bayle = antonius
Ayonae Ro = ayonae
Bertoxxulous = bertox
Brell Serilis = brell
Bristlebane = bristle
Cazic Thule = cazic
Drinal = drinal
Druzzil Ro = druzzil
E`Ci = eci
Erollisi Marr = erollisi
Fennin Ro = fenninro
Firiona Vie = firiona
Innoruuk = innoruuk
Kane Bayle = kane
Karana = karana
Lanys T`Vyl = lanys
Luclin = luclin
Maelin Starpyre = maelin
Mithaniel Marr = mithaniel
Morden Rasp = morden
Morell Thule = morell
Povar = povar
Prexus = prexus
Quellious = quellious
Rallos Zek = rallos
Rodcet Nife = rodcet
Saryrn = saryrn
Sebilis = sebilis
Solusek Ro = solusek
Storms = storms
Stromm= stromm
Sullon Zek = sullon
Tallon Zek = tallon
Tarew Marr = tarew
Terris Thule = terris
The Nameless = nameless
The Rathe = rathe
The Seventh Hammer = seventh
The Tribunal = tribunal
Tholuxe Paells = tholuxe
Torvonnilous = torvon
Tunare = tunare
Vallon Zek = vallon
Vazaelle = vazaelle
Veeshan = veeshan
Xegony = xegony
Xev = xev
Zebuxoruk = zebuxoruk

----------[Section 10 - Handy Websites]----------(10hw)

Here you go! Some very helpful websites!

What if there was a website where you could go to if you needed help on a
quest? Go here...

And....... thats..... it...... for now.... I guess.... Ah dont worry i'll
add more!

----------[Section 11 - Version History]----------(11vh)

v1.4.1 (12/27/06) - Race guide taken out since stats are useless after the 
first few levels.

v1.4.0 (7/14/06) - How To added. And spelling errors fixed.

v1.3.5 (7/06/06) - Errors fixed

v1.3.0 (6/29/06) - Fixed a shrotcut error in the contents. Money making guide
added. Pretty much done now adding new stuff unless I think of something.
Revisions still welcome!

v1.2.5 (6/14/06) - Naming Policy added, along with search shortcuts.

v1.2.0 (5/30/06) - Gameplay guide and grammar errors corrected. Incorrect
information has been corrected.

v1.1.5 (5/17/06) - Added a PvP mini guide.

V1.1.0 (5/14/06) - Race info section added, with a few grammar corrections.
Race ranks also added, along with the system spec section, with supported
video cards, and the game rating. Do's and Dont's of Guild Recruting.

V1.0.0 (5/12/06) - Whole guide written and ready for corrections.

{What will be added in the future}

----------[Section 12 - Special Thanks]----------(12st)

The EverquestII Station Boards - For the naming policy. This helped me. THANKS
.id=3) And for the info on cross-game and cross-server tells.
SoE - For making this game
Brady Games - Their guide helped me a lot, a lot, a lot... THANK YOU!!!
All the sites that are currently hosting my guide

Clawfinger of Befallen - Pointed out some incorrect info. I obviously don't 
remember the game like I used to.

Rurick for pointing out some errors in my guide. Again.. been a long time 
since I played.

Pheonix690 for pointing out a spelling error.

And a very special thanks to you, for reading my guide.

----------[Section 13 - Copyright Info/Contact Info]----------(13ci)

The following sites have my permission to publish my guide

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2006-2007 - Nghtmr9999

DO E-mail me about...
-Incorrect Information
-Questions about hosting my guide
-Websites using this guide that aren't listed above
-Suggestions to make my guide better
-Missing Information
-Concerns about my guide (anything inappropriate)
-Spelling/Grammar Errors
-Broken links (Shortcuts on contents don't match the corresponding section)
-Information in this guide that breaks any copyright
-If my guide forces your browser to scroll horizontally (space at end of line)

DO NOT E-mail me about...
-Personal Questions, like my full name, address, etc.
-Begging for items/coin. Sorry, I just don't give away huge sums of money.
-Asking for GM rights/powers. (I'm just not a GM)
-Viruses. I have excellent virus software. So don't waste your time.
-Attachments. I wont open them from you. So once again don't try.

Repeated violations of the above will result in your e-mail address getting

Well, thats it. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide.


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