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 Evil Genius FAQ

Evil Genius FAQ

Evil Genius FAQ 3.0 FINAL/Aug 1, 2007

  The FAQ is copyright 2004-2007, but 'Evil Genius', 'Elixir Studios' and
  all other trademarkeable names & copyrights are probably trademarked by 
  their holders.  This FAQ is not officially endorsed or authorized by anyone.

  This is the Final version of the FAQ.  Although there is still an active
  online community playing this game, not much new information about it seems
  to be turning up, so this is the last revision I'm going to make to it,
  unless some groundbreaking new discovery is made.
QFX Contents:

  Quick-Find tags have been added to help you find the section of the faq you
  want without having to page through it.  They're three letters long and start
  with 'QF'.  To jump back to the table of contents hit CTRL+F in your browser
  and search for 'QFX'.  It should jump right back here.  The tags you can 
  search for are given in parentheses.

    new in this FAQ
    FAQ: frequently asked questions
    comitting acts of infamy
    heat effects
    quick-find loot/mission tables (QFL)
    quick price reference (QFP)
    island 1
    island 2
    security networks
    the hassle-free base
    henchman experience
    descriptions & ratings
    generic minions
    generic types
    super-agents: effects & methods of defeating them
    advanced game tweaking 
    tidbits, known bugs, web resources


 This game is similar to Dungeon Keeper.  You're the evil boss and you have an
 underground lair to manage.  Just like in DK, you need to carve out your base
 from the mountain, lay traps, fight off intruders & research new traps and
 base features to make your evil life easier.  You can torture the good guys
 in a dozen ways, train your minions into better ones or kill them on the spot
 as an example to your other minions.
 Unlike DK, you won't be scrapping your base and starting over for every
 scenario.  You'll focus on designing a good base, incorporating new design
 elements as they become available, stealing from countries & completing 
 missions to boost your notoriety and raising your henchmen's experience levels
 so they'll get cool new special abilities.  You can't micro-manage what your
 minions do as much, but aside from a couple instances you don't really need 
 to.  The AI is pretty decent.  You DO get a say in what types of minions you
 have and how many of each you want at any given time.

 If you enjoyed DK, you'll probably like this game.  The quirky style is a
 big plus for me.  The inability to control what your minions do directly 
 places more of an emphasis on base design than real-time-strategy.  The 
 definite objectives should please people who like games that can be beaten,
 though you still have unlimited time between them that you can spend doing
 whatever you want.  If you haven't played DK, but you like games that let you
 design things, like SimCity, Railroad Tycoon or even Civilization you may
 want to give this a try.  Especially if you liked building a big city, then
 inflicting lots of disasters on it and cackling evilly.  =)

 The similarity between the two games is not coincidental.  Both were created
 by game industry icon Peter Molyneux.  Some of his other well-known games are
 'Populous', 'Black & White' and 'Fable'.

 The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs and EvilPlanet:  [This site is dedicated solely to Evil Genius]

 If you found it somewhere else, make sure to get the latest version before
 sending me any questions or comments.   Other sites are free to post it 
 without asking me so long as:
   1) It's posted in it's entirety
   2) You don't charge people to see it

  Version 3.0
    Final cleanup...
  Version 2.3
    Misc: Many sections re-written for clarity, patch section added
    Missions: Loot missions marked in the big list
    Rooms: Objects that can be used in research have it stated in their desc.
    Notoriety: Max notoriety per region info
    Henchmen: Monty, Dr Neurocide updated, Blackheart added.
  Version 2.2
    Misc: typos & minor corrections
          'Loot item effects' table, 'Misc' section added, a few tips added
    Henchmen: Cheap powerleveling trick included, exact effects on world map
    Rooms: Time clock description corrected, control panel effects
    Objects: Regeneration rates from all furniture objects added & compared
  Version 2.1
    FAQ: Four more questions answered
    Missions: List completed
    Henchmen: Mesmero abilities updated, generic minion descriptions.
    Rooms: Corrections made to several rooms & room object descriptions
    Base design: Lots of tips & features to make your base hassle-free
  Version 2.0 
    Misc: Corrections, sections reorganized, quick-find tags added,
          'New in this FAQ','Uses for Topside Shacks' sections added
    FAQ: Four more questions answered
    Missions: Heat effects section added
    Rooms: Cost of building room tiles added
    Traps: More traps & strategies listed, cash rewards table.
    Henchmen: Moko & Ivan descriptions updated, XP-Per-Agent table
    Advanced Tweaking: Editing max. population, tweaking game startup,
      changing hiding duration, fixing monkey-cage, several mods.
    Notoriety: Rank names, #free minions per rank table
  Version 1.0
    More questions answered in Frequently-asked, stealing values for Mercs
    and top-tier military units added.  Several missions added, loot table
    updated to show what loot leads to research.  Room objects list updated
    to show which items are researchable.  Minions section completed.  
    Research section finished & reorganized into a more useful tree so you
    can find what tools to use on an object quickly and what to research &
    build to lead to further research.  Trap section started.

    Notoriety section started.
  Version 0.8
    Research section added, Agents added, a few tips added, more... 
    [I forget what changed between 0.5, 0.6 and 0.8]


 If you just bought the game, the first thing you should do is to patch it.

 The patch fixes a number of bugs, including the death cubicles and being
 unable to research Camouflaged Sentry Guns in the US release of the game.

 Get the patch from:

 Exact details of what the patch fixes are on the same page where you 
 download it, but I think that fixing death cubicles alone makes it worth

 This isn't a walkthrough, just suggestions for beginners trying to learn the
 game.  Your first game is probably going to be a scratch game anyway...  You 
 will have a much easier time after you restart with better design ideas.

 You may want to swap your mouse buttons in Windows.  The game was set up for
 left-handed people: the RIGHT mouse button does the default action, like
 selecting, moving, clicking, etc. (usually) and the left does stuff you 
 probably don't want it to, like jumping to the henchman instead of selecting
 him, etc....

 Picking an Evil Genius avatar:
  - Maximillian -- His special ability SHOULD reduce the cost of research
    incentives by 90%, but it's broken.  He's still a well-balanced avatar
    with an excellent starting henchman.

    His area of influence is medium sized, his minions loyalty & attention
    regen at a medium rate, and he starts with Jubei as a henchman, who's 
    great at killing things and defending you.  If you murder a minion in
    range of other minions, they get +5 regenerated to all stats.  

    He's good for beginners; Jubei will make it easy for you to take out 
    problem agents and you can stick Max in the control room to help keep 
    your minions loyal.

  - Alexis -- Minion loyalty drains 20% slower (this helps a lot).
    Her area of influence is massive (about 4x the total area of Max's) but 
    her minions regen loyalty & attention in it 25% slower than Max.  She 
    starts with Eli Barracuda as henchman, who doesn't suck but is probably 
    the worst of the three starters.  She gets a huge bonus to nearby minions 
    for murdering a minion (+10 regen all stats).

    She's good for intermediate players; the loyalty drain helps a lot to keep
    social minions from deserting, otherwise they tend to leave after spending
    too much time out at your hotels keeping tourists happy.  Once you get a 
    bunch of loot items in your base her huge effect radius isn't that 
    important.  Plus, you won't get the uber Kane + Jubei tag team till 360
    notoriety, long after you have all 5 super agents breathing down your neck.
    Alexis's bonuses still help even after loot - as a moveable
    non-watched item, she can effectively work as an extra thing of loot,
    in areas where loot won't fit (ie all viewing spots would be blocked)
    [Thanks Chris Biberstein!]

  - Shen Yu -- Agents spend 10% shorter time on his island.
    Area of influence is small, but regen rate is 3x Max's.  He starts with 
    Lord Kane, who's great for quickly disabling super agents when they arrive
    later (when he's teamed up with any other henchman).  He gets a medium
    bonus to all nearby minions for murdering one of your own minions (+7)

    Of the three, I like him the best now.  You can pick up Jubei pretty early,
    and with a bunch of loot items you won't worry about his lack of a decent-
    sized effect radius.

 * Thanks Sulfuras for the Alexis's special abilities.

 Everyone starts with $250,000 and the same stats.

 You can decide how secure you want your base to be.  Minions seem to fetch 
 things to build your base from the helipad and dock.  If you give your base 
 a second entrance by the helipad, you'll speed up purchases.  If you opt for 
 the single-entrance, it will be more secure.

 Build a stronghold inside your base, put a door on it.  Move your briefcase 
 rack into the new hold, then demolish the old one.  All your gold will be 
 moved automatically.

 Don't bother with any traps at first, the traps available in the beginning 
 suck and aren't able to kill even the weakest investigators.

 DO build a large barracks.  Put 3 or 4 bunk beds in it, then TONS of lockers.
 In the beginning, 1 locker = 1 extra minion, and it's the fastest way to get 
 them.  You need to have enough to man at least 3 control panels (6 minions, 
 plus 1 or 2 spares), AND a bunch to send on missions.  20 or 30 lockers 
 isn't overkill at this point.

 Go to the minions screen and set the 'workers' section to the max number 
 of minions it will let you have.  Build a control room deep inside your base 
 with 3 or 4 panels, then a power station to power it.

 Now you can start sending your workers out...  you have considerable leeway
 in the world before you capture and interrogate the maid.  Send 10-20 workers
 to the USA midwest in 'stealing' mode.  Send 5 more workers to each of the
 missions available at the start of the game (not simultaneously; complete
 each mission, replenish your workers, then move on to the next.  You may want
 7-8 for the West Africa mission).  Now send those 5 workers out, 1 per 
 country in 'Plotting' mode, to North China, Middle East, West Coast, Cuba, 
 and Siberia.  Each of those regions has at least 1 hidden 'Act of Infamy'
 that can be completed with only Workers (Cuba has two).  Wait till these
 have been uncovered, then recall those 5 workers.  Now send workers to each
 of these missions, for the Risk 1 missions (Middle East, Cuba, Siberia,
 West Coast), it's a good idea to send twice as many workers as needed.  If
 you attempt the North China and Cuba #2 mission, send at least 3-4 times
 as many.

 If you want to get ahead of yourself, you can do any of these:

 - Send 1 worker to every region of the world in 'Plot' mode to discover as
   many missions as possible. Check the mission list to see what you can find;
   A total of 36 missions are discoverable at this point (including the 4 you
   started with), of which 10 can be completed.  Although your notoriety won't
   let you discover missions in Europe, East Bloc or Southeast Asia, you can 
   still plot there if you like so that the missions show up immediately as 
   soon as your notoriety is high enough.  If you keep 6 panels staffed, you 
   should be able to get all the plotting done for the game by having single 
   workers plot for 30-45 minutes in all regions of the world.
 - Rack up huge amounts of cash by stealing from the Middle East or Mid-West.
   Some of the later stuff costs tons of money.  A million bucks or so should
   tide you over for a while.  50 workers sent to one of the $9-rated regions
   will bring in $20k per minute.  I've never spent more than $10M in the 
   course of an entire game, but your mileage may vary.
 - Build a hotel or two.  You can build one with 3 wings in the far part of
   the island; make 1 wing and the hub be Lobby, another Lounge and leave the
   3rd wing closed till later in the game when you get Casino.  Hotels work
   much, much better when there's a bunch of them; build several small before
   you build one huge one.
 - Build a topside shack next to the docks and airport for later.
 - Let the heat die down in the countries that you were stealing from
 When you're ready, capture the maid, build the interrogation chamber, then 
 interrogate her to get your first Valet.  That completes Objective 1.
 Now you can build other rooms and start working on the next objectives.

 When asked to pick henchmen, I recommend avoiding Ivan on your first run 
 through the game.  He'll be more likely to destroy your base than to do 
 anything useful unless you're very careful about micro-managing him.  Dr
 Neurocide isn't all that great either, so I suggest getting the Matron when
 you're asked to choose a new henchman the first time.

 After you steal the research machine and start working on the doomsday ideas,
 you'll be attacked by wave after wave of enemies carrying doomsday data.  If
 you don't want to rack up the XP, make sure to capture at least 1 person in 
 the wave (you'll see a doomsday piece icon when you left-click them if their
 squad is carrying it) and interrogate them.  If you keep killing them, their
 country will just send more and more waves till you get it.

 This is one game where it can pay to rush through trying to keep notoriety 
 low till the end.  Check the 'NOTORIETY' section for details, but it would
 be nice to not have all 5 super-agents poking around slaughtering your minions
 when you're in the middle of building your second base.  You'll need 200 
 notoriety to go to the next island, and it's good to keep it under 240 till
 you've killed off the first two super-agents if you can.  That will let you
 design your base in peace for a while.  Once John Steele is after you, you
 have nothing more to lose by gaining notoriety, so you may as well max it out.

  These questions are frequently asked by newcomers to the game, so check here
  before posting or emailing me:

  - How do I convert the agent in objective 2?  
    Torture him with the mess hall mixer ($12,000 item for the mess hall)

  - Why are agents tunneling into my base through the floor?
    If you have any space that's blocked off so that no-one can get to it,
    agents will come through the floor in it.  Make sure every part of your
    base is accessible.

  - How do I get rid of the super-agents? 
    You can't until you get to Island 2.  Then their missions will become
    unlocked as you progress through the plot.
  - Why are waves and waves of enemies attacking me?  My freezer is full and
    they just keep coming.
    You're likely on the 'collect doomsday pieces' objective; click on an
    enemy agent; if they have a logo of a doomsday piece, you must capture and
    interrogate at least one of them.  If you don't, that country will keep
    sending waves after you till you do.

  - How do I get more than 100 minions?  
    This is the cap initially.  I find it sufficient to play through with 10
    of each top-tier minion, 5 each of the middle ones, and 10 workers.  If you
    want more though (more is always fun), see the end of the FAQ for the
    'ADVANCED GAME TWEAKING' section.  Be cautioned that the game may bug out
    if you have more than 100 minions when you move to island 2; some of your
    loot may be lost.

  - My base is going nuts!  The Alert level jumps to yellow or red, and my
    doors get bumped down to security level 1.  Is this a bug?
    Unfortunately not.  You're being tormented by the SABRE agent John Steele.
    You probably want to nail this guy as soon as he lands on your island and
    before he makes it into any of your buildings (once he does he'll 'Cause
    Base Chaos' constantly till he's captured or leaves)

  - Do I need 5 of each crate?
    No, you just need 25 crates.  It's probably better to piss off only one
    territory instead of all 5.

  - How do I build the rocket cavern & pieces?
    Right-click on the big cavern in the middle of the 2nd island.

  - I can't do anything with Oliver the Chimp, research the monkey cage trap
    and/or research Camouflaged sentry guns.
    Oliver is broken, and Camo sentry guns are broken in the US release of the
    game.  To fix these, you need to do some data file hacking (changing 
    numbers inside text files).  See 'ADVANCED TWEAKING' for details on these.

  - How do I restore a dead henchman to life, or reset their lost lives?
    To restore lives:
      open up the saved game file in \dynamicresources\layouts
      search for the text 'NumLives'
      change any number that isn't a 3 to a 3, then save the file
    If they've died already, you'll have to use the debug console to bring
    them back.  See Francis Carlofi's explanation of this technique in the
    Cheats section.  It involves modifying some config files.
  - How can I destroy a section of corridor or room without destroying the 
    whole thing?
    You can put doors at the segment you want to destroy, then the demolish tag
    will destroy the doors & turn whatever's between them into rock again.  
    This works on rooms too, but you'd need to be able to block off a section
    of room for demolition with a single door.  If you have two different room
    types that are connected to each other without a door, you can safely 
    destroy one without hurting the other.  You can't destroy a room that has a
    henchman or any sort of loot inside.

  - How can I destroy a topside shack or hotel?
    You can't once it's built.  You can cancel their build orders before then,
    but once built you can only destroy the rooms inside them.

  - How do I get my scientists to research stuff?  I've been waiting forever
    for them to get to X...
    You can't.  Just wait longer and they'll eventually get to it.

  Your minions can be sent out into the world after you get a control panel.  
  From there you can steal from countries (your primary source of income), 
  plot to discover missions ('Acts of Infamy'), or hide.  

  Minions generate no heat in Hide mode, but can't steal or plot.  Heat will
  dissipate in Hide mode as well, and the minions won't be attacked by agents
  of justice.  Super-agents in the region can attack your minions, but even
  then it's very rare.  The thing to be careful of with Hide is that it will
  only last for TWO MINUTES.  After that, it will automatically be canceled
  and the minions will resume plotting or stealing or getting their asses 
  handed to them by the super agent they decided to steal in front of.  That's
  TWO MINUTES after you click the 'Hide' button, even if the minions haven't
  gotten to the region yet.  They may also automatically un-hide when an 
  agent of justice leaves the region.
  If your minions are doing anything other than hiding, they'll be generating 
  heat in that territory.  The more heat, the better the agents that territory
  will send to your island, and the higher chance they'll send an Agent of 
  Justice to where your minions are to kill them.  See handy quick-ref table
  for how much cash you'll get in each region:
  Rating - Max   -  Cash/Worker   Other units bring in more cash than a worker:
    $0   - 1000   -    $ 20  
    $1   - 2500   -    $ 50       Henchmen      -- (Varies; see their section)
    $2   -  $5k   -    $100       Guards        -- x2
    $4   - $10k   -    $200       Mercs         -- x3
    $5   - $12.5k -    $250       Mart. artists -- x3.5
    $6   - $15k   -    $300       Marksmen      -- x3.5
    $9   - $20k   -    $400

  You start with a few acts of infamy available.  When you have sufficient 
  control panels manned the region's stats will show up on the map and you 
  can attempt the missions.  Each mission specifies a risk level, a timer and 
  the minion types it needs.  Once you have the correct number of worker types 
  in the region, you can click 'Go' to attempt the mission.  The timer will 
  begin to count down; at different points during the mission (depending on the
  risk- there are Risk+1 check points in each mission) some of the minions in
  the region will die.  A 4-risk mission checks for damage at 5 points when
  it's running.  Each minion has a chance to die during each damage check.

  Note that most 0-risk missions actually have 1 "death-check" point, so it's
  still handy to send along some muscle.  Henchmen recruiting missions cannot
  kill your minions and are truly 0-risk.

  There is no reason to send just the minimum number of minions to do an AOI;
  Military minions like the guard reduce this chance that other minions will 
  die, social minions cover the heat generated by the other minions and reduce
  the heat generated by an Act of Infamy.  Science minions can keep the mission
  from failing if control panels become unstaffed for a while, they also reduce
  the time it takes for missions to complete (handy on those 7-minute missions
  to get it done before the super-agent shows up).  Science minions are better
  at plotting than a worker, and military minions are better at stealing. 

  [See the Minion Descriptions section for specifics]

  If you hit Abort, switch your minions to Hide mode, the control panels become
  unstaffed for too long, or all your minions in the region get killed, you'll 
  fail.  You can attempt the mission again after a delay.

  If you succeed, you gain heat in the region as noted in the mission 
  description, and your notoriety rating will go up.  Heat fades over time if 
  you don't have minions plotting or stealing.

  It appears that you can 'pre-plot' in a region.  That is, you can send a 
  minion to plot there, they won't turn up any acts of infamy (since some 
  require a certain level of notoriety or objective to be completed), but when
  you achieve that notoriety the acts will immediately appear.

  As your heat rises in a region, several things happen.  First, the region 
  starts sending agents to your island at shorter time intervals.  Second, 
  the type of agents sent gets nastier.  At first you'll get only investigators
  and agents (if you have no heat in a region, this is all you'll get).  At 
  high heat you'll get soldiers on kill missions (if you completely max 
  out heat, this is guaranteed).  In between, you'll get agents trying to steal
  back stuff, and then agents sent to blow things up.  The more heat you have
  in a region on the world map, the faster Agents of Justice show up as well.

  With maxed out heat, agents of justice show up in about 1:40.

Mission List:
 FORMAT: (Missions are listed in roughly the order discovered)
 'Mission Title' [Risk/Time/Heat/Notoriety Gained/Notoriety needed to find] 
   - Workers needed (Mission notes, items stolen, etc...)

 Titles marked with 'L-' will bring back loot, these missions will also have
 a different icon on the world map (representing the loot you get) and will
 disappear once completed.  Other missions will just have their flag turned
 black to indicate that you've done it.

 Henchmen gain 25xp for completing a 0-2 difficulty mission, 50xp for 3-5,
   75 for the hardest difficulty 6-9.

 It is NOT possible to get 100% completion in every region.  Some missions
 are mutually exclusive (such as henchmen recruitment missions) and others
 will disappear once their objective has been completed.

ANVIL TERRITORIES (Orange, aka 'TeWu'):
 Polynesia - (6 possible, 2 panels needed to see region stats)
   'Fishy Business' [1/0:30/10/5/ Avail. at start] - 2 workers 
   'Contradiction' [2/1:00/20/10/0] - 6 workers, 1 guard, 1 valet
   'Kidnap Hotel Head Maid' [0/2:00/15/1 Obj. 1 complete] - 4 workers
   (TRAINER: Valet)
   L-'1st Totem Pole Piece' [2/5:00/20/1/125 + 350,000 cash] - 6 workers
   (Default location is your control room)
   L-'ANVIL Doomsday Technology' [3/3:00/20/5/250+Obj8] - sc 8
   'Henchman: The Butcher' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1

 North China - (6 possible, 3 panels)
   'Philosopher's Stone' [2/1:00/10/5/0] - 5 workers, 2 techs
   L-'And Another Ming' [3/1:00/20/10/0] - 9 workers
   'Capture Technician' [0/2:00/15/1/ Obj. 1 complete] - 4 workers
   (TRAINER: Technician)
   'Oriental Crime Lord' [2/3:00/5/1/ Obj. 1. complete] - 5 guards
   (Objective 2 mission)
   'Class Act' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 4 guard, 3 sci, 2 spin
   L-'UL: Samurai Armor' [3/4:00/15/5/ Obj 3] - Valet 4, Guard 4

 Central Asia - (5 possible, 3 panels)
   L-'Ming Bling Bling' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 2 workers, 2 valet, 1 tech
   L-'Now you Steal It' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 2 valet, 2 techs, 2 guards
   'Buddha Buster' [4/1:00/20/10/0] - 3 guards, 3 valet, 3 techs
   L-'Resource Crate' [0/0:30/30/5/Obj7] - gd 5, me 4, qp 2
   'Defeat Jet Chan' [4/4:00/10/1/ ??? optional objective] - wk 10, mt 2

 Central China - (7 possible, 4 panels)
   'Chairman Coup' [5/1:00/20/10/250] - 4 valet, 3 guard, 2 sci
   L-'Ming the Worthless' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 5 guard, 4 valet, 4 merc
   'Support Rogue General' [6/2:00/30/15/250] - 5 vl, 4 mr, 4 qp, 4 pl, 3 mk
   'Philandering Panda' [1/3:00/10/5/250] - 4 guard, 3 merc, 1 sci
   'Mercenary Scientist' [3/4:00/15/1/Obj6] - wk 5, vl 2, sp 2
   'Capture Martial Arts Master' [2/5:36/35/1/ Obj 3 + 220] - 8 guard
   (TRAINER: Martial Artist)
   'ANVIL infiltration' [2/5:00/20/1/ Obj 6] - 1 diplomat

 South Africa - (6 possible, 4 panels)
   'General Disarray' [2/1:00/10/5/0] - 4 workers, 2 guards
   'Destroy Diamond Mine' [3/1:00/20/10/0] - 6 work, 6 techs
   L-'Pilfer Giant Diamond' [2/1:00/20/10/250] - 10 valet, 3 guard
   'Gambling Pay Off' [1/1:00/10/5/250] - 4 worker, 2 guard
   (Allows casinos to be built)
   'Mercenary Scientist' [3/4:00/15/1/Obj6] - wk 5, vl 2, sp 2
   L-'Resource Crate' [0/0:30/30/5/Obj7] - gd 5, me 4, qp 2

 India - (5 possible, 3 panels)
   'Forging Ahead' [1/0:30/10/5/ Avail. at start] - 3 workers 
   'In the Drink' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 2 valet, 1 tech, 1 guard
   L-'Grab Priceless Model' [2/1:00/20/10/0] - 8 spin
   'Indian Crime Lord' [2/3:00/5/1/ Obj 1 complete] - 5 valet
   (Objective 2 mission)
   'Infiltrate SABRE' [2/5:00/20/1/Obj7] - dp 1

 Australasia - (6 possible, 3 panels)
   L-'Eye Spy' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 6 workers, 1 tech
   'Burn National Park' [2/1:00/20/10/0] - 10 guard
   L-'Spinning Around' [0/4:00/20/5/ Obj 2 complete] - 2 tech, 2 guard
   (Objective 3 mission: Steal centrifuge)
   'Henchman: Mesmero' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   'Doomsday Info' [2/7:20/20/1/Obj5] - me 4
   L-'SABRE Doomsday Technology' [3/3:00/20/5/250+Obj8] - sp 5, me 5

 Europe (15 possible, 5 panels)
   L-'Grab the crown jewels' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 6 merc, 6 spin
   'Administer steroids to Pamplona Bulls' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 2 merc, 6 sci
   L-'Steal Auto. Decoder' [7/2:00/30/15/250] - 5 vl, 4 mrc, 4 sp, 4 pl, 3 MA
   'Royal Rumble' [1/3:00/10/5/250] - 7 valet, 3 spin
   L-'Monkey Magic' [0/1:00/10/1/300] - 2 tech, 2 biochem
   L-'Maximum Impact' [0/4:00/20/5/ Obj 2 complete] - 2 tech, 2 guard
   (Steal Impact Stress Analyzer)
   'Fool the Press' [0/1:00/10/5/ Obj 2 complete] - 2 valet
   (Obj 3 optional mission)
   'Seize a Biochemist' [1/5:20/35/1/ Obj 3+220] - 8 technician
   (TRAINER: Biochemist)
   'Seize a Military Sniper' [1/5:20/35/1/ Obj 3+220] - 4 wrk, 3 guard, 1 merc
   (TRAINER: Marksman)
   'Kidnap Quantum Physicist' [1/5:20/35/1/ Obj 3+220] - 8 tech
   (TRAINER: Quantum Physicist)
   'Snatch Riviera Playboy' [1/2:00/35/1/ Obj 3+220] - 8 valet
   (TRAINER: Playboy)
   'Abduct Spin-Doctor' [0/4:00/25/1/ Obj 3+220] - 6 workers
   (TRAINER: Spindoctor)
   L-'UL: Eiffel Tower' [0/6:39/15/5/ Obj 3] - Technician 4, Valet 4
   L-'UL: Arthur's Excalibur' [1/2:06/10/5/ Obj 3] - Worker 4, Guard 6
   'Henchman: The Matron' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1

SMASH TERRITORIES (Yellow, aka 'Interpol'):
 You lose heat in these regions twice as fast as others.

 South America - (10 possible, 4 panels)
   'Collateral Damage' [4/1:00/20/10/0] - 6 workers, 4 valet
   'Capture Guard' [0/2:00/15/1/ Obj. 1 complete] - 4 workers
   (TRAINER: Guard)
   'Oilseed Inferno' [1/3:00/10/5/250] - 3 work, 3 guard, 1 merc
   L-'Guatemalan Gold Rush' [4/3:00/20/10/250] - 5 tech, 5 grd, 1 sci, 1 merc
   'Kidnap Biochemist' [2/5:36/35/1/ Obj 3] - 4 work, 3 tech, 1 sci
   (TRAINER: Biochemist)
   'Capture Mercenary Soldier' [1/4:12/25/1/ Obj 3+220] - 4 work, 1 guard
   (TRAINER: Mercenary)
   'Island Incursion' [7/2:00/30/15/300] - 5 val, 4 bio, 4 spin, 4 dip, 3 mark
   'SMASH Infiltration' [2/5:00/20/1/ Obj 6] - 1 diplomat
   'Henchman: Moko' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   L-'Resource Crate' [0/0:30/30/5/Obj7] - gd 5, me 4, qp 2

 Middle East - (8 possible, 3 panels)
   'Oil Leak' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 5 workers
   'Double, Double, Oil and Trouble' [3/1:00/20/10/0] - 6 wk, 2 vl, 2 gd
   L-'Shieking the Rug' [5/1:00/20/10/0] - 2 wk, 4 gd, 2 vl
   'Seize Hotel Head Maid' [0/2:00/15/1/ Obj. 1 complete] - 2 workers
   (TRAINER: Valet)
   'International Arms Crime Lord' [2/3:00/5/1/70] - 5 Guard
   (Objective 2 mission)
   L-'3rd totem pole piece' [0/3:00/20/1/145] - 5 Tech
   (Default location is your Staff room)
   'Capture Diplomatic Envoy' [2/5:20/35/1/ Obj 3] - 8 valet
   (TRAINER: Diplomat)
   L-'UL: Mummy's Sarcophagus' [1/5:20/20/5/ Obj 3] - Tech 4, Guard 4

 North Africa - (6 possible, 2 panels)
   'Ear Plug' [1/1:00/10/5/ Avail. at start] - 4 workers 
   'Chinese Whispers' [2/1:00/10/5/0] - 4 workers, 1 valet, 1 guard
   'Elephant's Graveyard' [4/3:00/20/10/250] - 15 valet, 1 guard
   'Henchman: Dr. Neurocide' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   'Doomsday Info' [1/7:20/20/1/Obj5] - sc 4
   L-'Rocket Engine Plans' [4/3:00/30/5/250+Obj8] - pb 4, dp 4

 Antarctica - (5 possible, 1 panel)
   L-'Coming in from the Cold' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 3 workers, 3 tech
   L-'Steal the Cloning Chamber' [0/3:00/20/5/160] - 8 work, 3 tech, 3 grd
   'Icy Reception' [6/3:00/20/10/250] - 5 work, 4 valet, 1 spin
   'Snatch Science Specialist' [0/4:00/25/1/ Obj. 2 complete] - 6 work
   (TRAINER: Scientist)
   'Mercenary Scientist' [3/4:00/15/1/Obj6] - wk 5, vl 2, sp 2

 West Coast - (10 possible, 5 panels)
   'Steal the Library Blueprints' [0/4:00/10/1/ Avail. at start] - 2 wk
   (Unlocks 'Archives' room, mission appears after you kill the 4 agents
   that start on your island -- matt)
   'Golden Opportunity' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 10 workers
   'Felonious Fund-Raiser' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 6 valet
   'Out Clubbing' [2/1:00/20/10/0] - 6 guards, 4 mercs
   'American Crime Lord' [2/3:00/5/1/ Obj 1. complete] - 5 tech
   (Objective 2 mission)
   '4th totem pole piece' [4/4:00/20/1/155] - 5 valet
   (Default location is your barracks)
   L-'Frikken Laser' [0/4:00/20/5/ Obj 2 complete] - 2 tech, 2 guard
   (Obj. 3 mission: steal laser)
   'Seize Hollywood Playboy' [2/2:00/35/1/Obj 3] - 4 wrk, 3 vlt, 1 spin
   (TRAINER: Playboy)
   'Kidnap Ancient Martial Artist' [1/5:20/35/1/Obj 3+220] - 4 wk, 3 gd, 1 mrc
   (TRAINER: Martial Artist)
   'Mercenary Scientist' [3/4:00/15/1/Obj6] - wk 5, vl 2, sp 2

 Mid-West - (8 possible, 2 panels)
   L-'Well Suited' [1/0:30/10/5/0] - 5 workers, 5 techs
   L-'Sabotage Jet-Pack flight test' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 3 spin, 3 merc, 3 sci
   'Kidnap Militia Leader' [0/4:12/25/1/ Obj 3] - 6 workers
   (TRAINER: Mercenary)
   'Abduct Quantum Physicist' [2/2:06/35/1/ Obj 3] - 4 work, 3 tech, 1 sci
   (TRAINER: Quantum Physicist)
   'Take spin-doctor hostage' [1/4:12/25/1/ Obj 3] - 1 valet, 4 workers
   (TRAINER: Spindoctor)
   L-'PATRIOT Doom. Tech' [5/3:00/20/5/250+Obj8] - sc 4, sp 4, me 4, dp 1, bc 1
   L-'Resource Crate' [0/0:30/30/5/Obj7] - gd 5, me 4, qp 2
   L-'Defeat Dirk Masters' [4/4:00/20/1/0] - wk 5, me 2, pb 1, bc 2
 Japan - (6 possible, 4 panels)
   'Destabilize Stock Market' [1/1:00/20/10/0] - 8 tech
   'Samurai Sword Swindle' [2/1:00/10/5/0] - 3 wk, 3 gd, 3 vl
   'Abduct Repairman' [0/2:00/15/1/ Obj. 1 complete] - 2 workers
   (Creates a Technician; easier than N. China version)
   L-'Steal National Treasure' [5/1:00/20/10/250] - 8 spin
   'Oriental Investigation' [1/5:20/20/5/Obj3] - tech 2, guardd 2
   (Enables the laboratory)
   'Henchman: Jubei' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1

 East Coast - (7 possible, 6 panels)
   'Obliterate Nashville' [3/1:00/20/10 0] - 8 scientists
   'Pop Star Fracas' [1/3:00/10/5/250] - 6 workers, 4 valet, 3 spin
   'Cause National Power Cut' [6/1:00/20/10/250] - 10 guard, 5 valet
   L-'UL: Million Dollar Bill' [2/7:42/10/5/ Obj 3] - Valet 8
   'PATRIOT Infiltration' [2/5:00/20/1/ Obj 6] - 1 diplomat
   'Henchman: Eli' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   'Assassinate Mr President' [9/2:00/30/15/250] - vl 5, me 4, sp 4, dp 4, mk 3

  Cuba - (5 possible, 4 panels)
   'Missile Crisis' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 7 workers
   'Mines a Large One' [1/1:00/10/5/0] - 4 workers, 2 guard
   L-'Steal El Presidente's Painting' [4/1:00/20/10/0] - 10 workers
   'Recruit Montezuma' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   'Doomsday Info' [1/7:20/20/1/Obj5] - sp 4

  Siberia - (6 possible,2 panels)
   'Mammoth Task' [1/0:30/10/5/0] - 8 workers
   'Vodka Plot' [4/1:03/20/10/250] - 10 tech, 3 merc, 5 workers
   L-'Steal Codex of Knowledge' [7/7:20/35/5/ Obj 5] - 5 work, 5 guard, 2 merc
   (Objective 6 mission)
   'Henchman: Ivan' [0/0:20/10/5/0] - wk 1
   L-'Defeat Katerina Frostonova' [6/4:00/15/1/0] - gd 6, dp 3
   (Goes to your training room)
   L-'Resource Crate' [5/1:00/20/10/250] - tc 10, me 3, wk 5

  Central Russia - (8 possible, 5 panels)
   L-'Sound of Music' [2/2:00/10/5/0] - 6 workers, 4 techs
   'Raid Secret Submarine Pens' [2/1:00/20/10/0] - 2 wk, 2 vl, 2 gd, 2 tc
   'Hack into Automated Defense Network' [3/1:00/20/10/0] - 10 techs
   'Take Guard Hostage' [0/2:00/15/1/ Obj. 1 complete] - 2 workers
   (TRAINER: Guard; easier than S. America version)
   L-'2nd Totem Pole Piece' [2/5:00/20/1/135] - 5 guards
   (Default location is your archives)
   'Take scientist hostage' [1/4:00/25/1/ Obj 2 complete] - 4 work, 2 tech
   (TRAINER: Scientist)
   L-'UL: Ark of the Covenant' [1/6:20/20/5/ Obj 3] - Guard 8
   'Cosmonaut' [8/4:00/30/1/250+Obj8] - grd 5, sci 4, martial artist 2
  East Bloc - (7 possible, 6 panels)
   'Esprit de Corpse' [1/4:00/10/5/250] - 2 merc, 2 spin, 2 sci
   L-'Raid War Museum' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 3 sci, 3 merc, 8 workers
   L-'Obtain Ancient Throne' [4/1:00/20/10/250] - 8 valet, 8 tech, 8 guard
   'Soviet Sugar Rush' [8/2:00/30/15/250] - 5 vl, 4 merc, 4 sp, 4 dp, 3 mart
   'Kidnap Diplomatic Envoy' [1/5:20/35/1/ Obj 3+220] - 4 work, 3 valet, 1 spin
   (TRAINER: Diplomat)
   'Capture Marksman Specialist' [2/5:36/35/1/ Obj 3] - 8 guard
   (TRAINER: Marksman)
   'HAMMER Infiltration' [2/5:00/20/1/ Obj 6] - 1 diplomat

QFL Quick-find missions/loot table:
  Obj. 2 Bosses - North China, West Coast, India, Middle East
  Totem Pole pieces - Polynesia, Central Russia, Middle East, West Coast
  Uber Loot (Easiest to Hardest) - 
    Europe (Eiffel), Middle East, Europe (Excalibur), Central Russia,
    East Coast, North China
  Doomsday info: Cuba, North Africa, Australasia
  Resource Crates: Mid-West, South America, South Africa, Central Asia, Siberia
  Merc scientists: West Coast, Antarctica, South Africa, Central China, Siberia
  Diplomats: East Coast, South America, India, Central China, East Bloc
  Trainers:        Easy mission   Hard mission
    Guard        - Central Russia South America
    Valet        - Middle East    Polynesia
    Technician   - Japan          North China
    Mercenary    - Mid-West       South America
    Spindoctor   - Europe         Mid-West
    Scientist    - Antarctica     Central Russia
    Marksman     - Europe         East Bloc
    Mart. Artist - West Coast     Central China
    Diplomat     - East Bloc      Middle East
    Playboy      - Europe         West Coast
    Quant. Phys. - Europe         Mid-West
    Biochemist   - Europe         South America

    All easy missions must be plotted for.  Tier 3+ easy missions need 220
    notoriety as well.
  Enable rooms:
    Laboratory      - Japan; Steal Research Machine [Objective mission]
    Archives        - West Coast; Library Blueprints [Available at start]
    Casino          - South Africa; Gambling Payoff [250 notoriety needed]

  Impressive Loot: (Uber-loot marked with *, r- items are used in research)
    Totem Pole        - [See above]
    Grecian Urn       - North China
    *Samurai Armor    - North China
    Third Vase(?)     - Central China
    Babylonian Vase   - Central Asia
    r-Camo cloth      - Central Asia
    r-Giant Diamond   - South Africa
    Roman Galley      - India
    r-Mercury Mirror  - Australia
    Marvel. Mastpc.   - Cuba
    Stolen Throne     - East Bloc
    r-Antique Cannon  - East Bloc
    r-Sonic Generator - Central Russia
    *Covenant Ark     - Central Russia
    r-Aztec Amulet    - South America
    r-Ice Man         - Antarctica
    Persian Rug       - Middle East
    *Sarcophagus      - Middle East
    Space Suit        - Mid-West
    r-JetPack         - Mid-West
    *Million $ Bill   - East Coast     
    *Eiffel Tower     - Europe
    *Excalibur        - Europe
    r-Oliver (Chimp)  - Europe [No loot radius, research looks broken]
    r-Crown Jewels    - Europe [The item you get from research is useless]
    r-Codebreaker     - Europe

    Loot does more than pile up in your base; it can attract minions to stand
    around it and replenishes the stats of any minion who walks in range; 
    left-click on it to see it's radius.  You can put these in popular rooms
    deep inside your base, or make indentations in your corridors so they'll
    affect minions who walk by.  It's the easiest way to regain the loyalty
    stat of your minions without you having to stand around them.  For the
    exact details on what each item does, check the LOOT ITEM EFFECTS section.



  All prices are listed for 'Easy' mode, where they're 20% below normal.
  Add 25% to get Normal prices, or 50% to get Hard mode prices.  I don't
  think room tile prices change though.

       NAME                 -  Price  - Power -   Size   - Ht - Room
(Room Tile)                 -    100  -                       - Corridor
Fire Extinguisher           -   2400  -   0   -   1W+1/0 -  0 - Corridor
Generic Door                -   1200  -   2   -  2x1     -  0 - (Any)
Heavy Door (r)              -   4000  -   6   -  2x1     -  0 - (Any)
Field Barrier Door (r)      -   6400  -   7   -  2x1     -  0 - (Any)
Security Camera             -   2400  -   1   -   1W     -  0 - (Any)
Zoom Lens Camera (r)        -   2400  -   3   -   1W     -  0 - (Any)
Loudspeaker                 -   2400  -   1   -   1W     -  0 - (Any)
HD Loudspeaker (r)          -   4800  -   3   -   1W     -  0 - (Any)
Radio Loudspeaker (r)       -   4000  -   3   -   1W     -  0 - (Any)
(Room Tile)                 -    400  -                       - Stronghold
Briefcase Rack              -   4000  -   0   -  2x1     -  0 - Stronghold
Gold Enhancer (1,r)         - 80,000  -   7   -  2x1+0/1 -  2 - Stronghold
(Room Tile)                 -    150  -                       - Barracks
Bunk Bed                    -    400  -   0   -  1x1+0/2 -  0 - Barracks
Locker                      -    800  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Barracks
Equipment Storage (r)       -   3200  -   0   -  2x1+2/0 -  0 - Barracks
Cryogenic Chamber (r)       - 16,000  -   6   -  1x1+1/0 -  2 - Barracks
Multi Gym (r)               -   4000  -   0   -  2x1+0/2 -  0 - Barracks
(Room Tile)                 -    350  -                       - Freezer
Body Storage Rack           -   4000  -   0   -  1x3+1/0 -  0 - Freezer  
Time Clock                  -   4000  -   0   -   1W+1/0 -  0 - (2)
(Room Tile)                 -    500  -                       - Control Room
Control Panel               -   8000  -   2** -  2x1+2/0 -  1 - Control Room
Memory Bank                 -   6000  -   1   -  1x1+1/0 -  1 - Control Room
Control Station (r)         - 20,000  -   5*  -  1x1+1/0 -  3 - Control Room
Stock Market Watchdog (1,r) - 20,000  -  15   -  2x2+4/0 -  2 - Control Room
Schematic Station  (1,r)    - 20,000  -  13   -  2x2+7/0 -  2 - Control Room
Comms Array (1,r)           - 40,000  -   8***-  3x1+3/0 -  5 - Control Room
Big Screen (r)              - 40,000  -   3   -   6W     -  5 - Control Room
(Room Tile)                 -    250  -                       - Armory
Holding Cell                -   4000  -   0   -  2x2+2/0 - 10 - Armory
Death Chamber (r)           - 24,000  -   5   -  2x2+2/0 - 10 - Armory
Disguised Holding Cell (r)  - 12,000  -   0   -  2x2+2/0 - 10 - Armory
Interrogation Chair         -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 -  2 - Armory
Security Desk               -   2800  -   1*  -  2x1+1/0 -  0 - Armory
Handgun Cabinet             -   2000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 - 10 - Armory
Rifle Cabinet               -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 - 10 - Armory
Disguised Rifle Rack (r)    -   8000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 -  5 - Armory
Heavy Rifle Cabinet         -   8000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 - 10 - Armory
Flamethrower Cabinet (r)    - 16,000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 - 10 - Armory
(Room Tile)                 -    150  -                       - Mess Hall
Counter                     -   4000  -   0*  -  2x3+1/2 -  0 - Mess Hall
Mess Counter                - 12,000  -   0*  -  2x3+1/2 -  0 - Mess Hall
Automat (r)                 - 16,000  -   5   -   2W+1/0 -  0 - Mess Hall
Salad Bar (r)               -   6000  -   0   -  2x1+0/2 -  0 - Mess Hall
(Room Tile)                 -    150  -                       - Staff
Drinks Machine              -    800  -   1   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Staff
Table Tennis                -   1600  -   0   -  1x2+2/0 -  0 - Staff
Arcade Game (r)             - 12,000  -   3   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Staff
Pinball (r)                 -   4000  -   1   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Staff
Widescreen TV (r)           -   8000  -   4   -   2W+0/2 -  0 - Staff
Egg Chair (r)               -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+0/1 -  0 - Staff
(Room Tile)                 -    250  -                       - Training
Mouse Maze                  -   2400  -   0   -  1x1     -  0 - Training
Training Punchbag           -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+0/2 -  2 - Training (6)
School Desk                 -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 -  1 - Training (6)
Lab Workshop                -   4000  -   0   -  2x1+2/0 -  1 - Training (6)
Chalkboard                  -   8000  -   0   -   3W+1/2 -  1 - Training (6)
TV Studio                   -   8000  -   5   -  3x2+1/2 -  3 - Training (6)
Heavy Shooting Range        -   8000  -   0   -  4x2+2/0 - 10 - Training (6)
Biochem Lab                 - 16,000  -   3   -  2x1+2/0 -  5 - Training (6)
Electron Microscope         - 16,000  -   5   -  2x1+1/0 -  5 - Training (6)
Dojo                        - 16,000  -   0   -  2x3+1/0 - 10 - Training (6)
Shooting Range              - 16,000  -   0   -  8x1+1/0 -  5 - Training (6)
Playboy Training Equipment  - 16,000  -   0   -  3x2+2/0 -  5 - Training (6)
Diplomat Trainer            - 16,000  -   5   -  2x2+2/0 -  5 - Training (6)
(Room Tile)                 -    400  -                       - Laboratory
Fake research machine (1)   -   4000  -   0   -  2x2     -  0 - Laboratory
Research machine (1)        - 80,000  -   6   -  2x2+3/0 - 10 - Laboratory
Databank (1)                -   4000  -   0   -  2x1+1/0 -  2 - Laboratory
AI supercomputer (1)        - 80,000  -  12   -  3x3+1/0 -  5 - Laboratory
Environment Chamber (1)     - 80,000  -  12   -  3x3+3/0 -  5 - Laboratory
Greenhouse (1)              - 80,000  -  12   -  3x3+2/0 -  5 - Laboratory
Bio Tanks (1,r)             - 40,000  -  10   -  2x3+3/0 -  2 - Laboratory
Giant Laser (1,r)           - 40,000  -   5   -  1x4+2/0 -  2 - Laboratory
Centrifuge (1,r)            - 40,000  -   5   -  2x2+3/0 -  2 - Laboratory
Impact Stress Analyzer (1,r)- 40,000  -   5   -  2x4+2/0 -  2 - Laboratory
(Room Tile)                 -    300  -                       - Archives
Reading Table               -   1600  -   0   -  1x2+0/2 -  0 - Archives
Microfiche Table (7)        -   1600  -   0   -  1x2+0/2 -  0 - Archives
Multim. Educational Zone (r)- 20,000  -   3   -  2x3+0/2 -  0 - Archives   
Brainiac Machine (r)        - 24,000  -   4   -  1x2+2/0 -  2 - Archives
Brain Washer (r)            - 40,000  -   4   -  1x2+2/0 -  2 - Archives
Bookcases (r)               - 12,000  -   1   -  2x4+1/0 -  5 - Archives
(Room Tile)                 -    250  -                       - Sanctum
Conference Table (1)        -   4000  -   0   -  2x4+3/0 -  0 - Sanctum
Impressive Desk             - 12,000  -   0   -  2x2+1/0 -  0 - Sanctum
Soothing Atrium (7)         -   3200  -   0   -  2x2     -  0 - Sanctum 
Cabinets (7)                -    800  -   0   -  1x2     -  0 - Sanctum
(Room Tile)                 -    300  -                       - Infirmary
Pharmacy Booth              -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Infirmary
Examination Table (r)       -   8000  -   0   -  1x2+1/0 -  0 - Infirmary
Auto Surgeon  (r)           - 12,000  -  10   -  1x3+1/0 -  2 - Infirmary
X-Ray Machine (r)           - 12,000  -   3   -  1x3+2/0 -  2 - Infirmary
(Room Tile)                 -    150  -                       - Power Room
Power Generator             -   8000  - -15   -  3x3     -  5 - Power Room      
Disg. Power Generator (r)   - 16,000  - -15   -  3x3     -  5 - Power Room
Nuclear Power Station (r)   - 20,000  - -35   -  2x2     - 10 - Power Room
Capacitor                   -   4000  -   0   -  1x2     -  2 - Power Room
HD Capacitor (r)            - 12,000  -   0   -  1x2     -  1 - Power Room
Outdoor Security Camera     -   4000  -   2   -  1x1     -  1 - Outdoors
Camo. Security Camera (r)   -   8000  -   2   -  1x1     -  0 - Outdoors
Outdoor Sentry Gun (r)      -   8000  -   7   -  1x1     - 10 - Outdoors
Disguised Sentry Gun (r)    - 16,000  -  10   -  1x1     -  2 - Outdoors
Evil Base Entrance          -   1200  -   0   -  2x5 (3) -  0 - Outdoors
Camouflaged Door (r)        - 12,000  -   5   -  (4)     -  0 - Outdoors
Topside Shack               - 40,000  -   0   -  6x8     -  0 - Outdoors
Hotel Hub                   - 80,000  -   0   - 10x12    -  0 - Outdoors
Hotel Wing                  - 40,000  -   0   - 11x13    -  0 - Outdoors
Transmitters                -    800  -   5   -  1x1     -  5 - Outdoors
External Door               -   2400  -   3   -  1x2     -  0 - Topside Shack
Hotel Double Door           -   2400  -   1   -  1x2     -  0 - Hotel (Any)
(Room Tile)                 -    300  -                       - Casino
Pinball Machine (r)         -   4000  -   1   -  1x1+1/0 -  0 - Casino
Craps Table                 -   8000  -   0   -  2x2+1/3 -  0 - Casino
Baccarat Table              -   8000  -   0   -  2x2+1/3 -  0 - Casino
Roulette Table              - 12,000  -   0   -  1x2+1/3 -  0 - Casino
(Room Tile)                 -    250  -                       - Lounge
Lounge Bar                  -   6000  -   0***-  3x2+2/3 -  0 - Lounge
Dance Floor                 -   4000  -   0   -  2x2     -  0 - Lounge
Lounge Table                -   4000  -   0   -  1x1+2/1 -  0 - Lounge
(Room Tile)                 -    200  -                       - Lobby
Lobby Counter               -   4000  -   0*  -  1x3+1/2 -  0 - Lobby
Lobby Bench                 -   2000  -   0   -  1x2+0/4 -  0 - Lobby
Hotel Room                  -   8000  -   5   -  2x2+2/0 -  0 - Lobby
Grand Piano                 -   4000  -   0   -  2x2+1/0 -  0 - Lobby

 (1) - You can only have 1 of these at a time
 (2) - Time clocks can go in Control Rooms, Mess Halls, Infirmaries, 
       Armories and all hotel room-types.
 (3) - Evil Base Entrances can be placed only where the mountain meets the
       outside, and where there aren't trees blocking the way.
 (4) - Camouflaged doors go on top of evil base entrances
 (5) - Hotel Wings can only connect to the hotel hub
 (6) - Objects in the training room become available when you capture
       the appropriate trainer. 
 (7) - There doesn't seem to be a way to get these objects.
 (r) - Object must be researched in the lab before use
 Sizes: Width in squares.  If it's specified as 1W it sticks to a wall.  A
   +number after it indicates how many required/optional access points it
   needs to work optimally.

 Power: How much each object draws in power.  
    * = Staff required to man the object once placed

Heat from stolen objects:
  Uber Loot (any): 25
  Codebreaker:     20
  Crown Jewels:    15
  Giant Diamond:   15
  Jetpack:         15
  Aztec Amulet:    15
  Grecian Urn:     15
  Babylonian Vase: 15
  Marv. Masterpc.: 15
  Roman Galley   : 15
  Persian Rug:     15
  Chameleon Cloth: 10
  Mercury Mirror:  10
  Space Suit     : 10
  Sonic Generator: 10
  Cloning Chamber:  5
  Body Bag:         2

Time clocks:
  Several rooms can have time clocks; any hotel room, the infirmary, control 
  room, armory & mess hall.  They let you shut down the whole room (by setting
  them to the Red square), making all devices in the room consume 0 power. 

  Other settings adjust how minions will staff any objects in the room that
  require people to run.
  If you set it to 'Yellow', minions will staff it if they have nothing else 
  to do, and immediately leave if you ask for an object to be moved, room
  built or anything else.

  The higher you set the slider in the green squares, the more of a priority
  you want to make the room.  At the first green, you'll have the room 
  reasonably staffed at all times.  1 extra minion may hang out in it as well
  to wait for someone to leave.  Each additional green square causes an extra
  minion to stand around in the room, provided there's space.

  There was an error in previous FAQs.  You can put a time clock in an empty 
  room and set it to a high green number if you want minions to stand around in
  it for no good reason.

  There are several objects that go outside.  Hotels and Topside Shacks create
  space you can create other rooms inside.  Hotels only allow you to create 
  hotel-type rooms, topside shacks let you create anything in a 3x2 space.

  Topside shacks become available when you get your control room running.  They
  are expensive and provide only a small space, so what's the point?  There's
  a whole section on "THINGS TO DO WITH A TOPSIDE SHACK" if you find yourself
  with too much cash on your hands.

  Evil Base Entrance - Creates a door into the mountain, you start with one. 
  Camouflaged Door   - Goes on top of an Evil Base Entrance
    Note: It won't allow placement if there's a regular door just past the
    evil base entrance.  Move the other one farther back.  The camo door
    also counts as a door; you can assign it a security setting and agents
    must bypass it to get into your base.  It has been reported that setting
    this door to '1' will keep agents out (agents aren't interested in no-
    security doors unless they see someone coming out of it).  This won't
    stop tourists though.
  Cameras            - Supplement your base security system, great for 
    tagging mad tourists for weakening.  Agents will blow up the non-disguised
    version occasionally.
  Sentry Guns - Automatically fire on tagged intruders, can shoot to capture
    These have a short lifespan, they generate high heat and agents love to
    attack them.  You get no notice of this.  I'd suggest building them only
    when you're willing to keep a henchman near it to protect it till the
    disguised version becomes available.

    From Slow Slosh:
    Sentry Gun Can be used in groups of 4 to 8 to be very deadly; also fun to
    watch. :)  When combined with Shacks and Hotels, used as chock points you
    can defend agains Soldiers/Veterans with little effort.  Even super agents
    have a hard time agains them. :)

  Hotels are the most expensive things you can build, and the most 
  misunderstood.  For starters, a single hotel is 100% useless, no matter
  how many wings it has or valets it's stocked with.  

  The whole purpose of a hotel and everything in it is to suck up some of a
  tourist's time until they run out and return home.  Tourists seem to work
  in the following fashion:

  They land on your island and start wandering around.  If they see one of
  your Evil Base Entrances or a hotel, they'll feel compelled to go have a 
  look.  If they wander into a hotel and walk past any of the objects in it,
  there's a chance they'll tie up some of their time with it.  After a set
  amount of time (varying by object), they'll stop using it and resume
  wandering, possibly back out of the hotel.

  If you have a single hotel, then there's nowhere for the tourists to go but
  your Underground Lair once they leave it.  If you have multiple hotels, 
  they can bounce around between them and use up tons of time.

  Lounge dance floors and Lobby Benches are great for filling up hotel hubs
  or wings with.  They're cheap and don't need valets to run.  Hotel rooms
  also don't require staff, but they suck up lots of power and are only used
  at night as far as I can tell.

  Three hotels on your starting island, each with 1 wing (you can make one 
  without a wing), will keep tourists pretty well tied up.  Once you get 
  casinos, don't make them too big.  Each casino table requires one social
  minion to run.  Making a hub, or half a wing into a casino should be good.

  Lone hubs are good to make entirely a lobby filled with benches, a casino
  or lounge + dance floor.  A hub + half a wing can be stocked with lobby 
  desks, a piano and a few hotel rooms.  Half a wing is also good for making
  into a lounge or casino.  You don't need to have a lobby in every building,
  and certainly not a lobby desk & hotel rooms.
  One note about the Pinball Machine (A researchable item for the casino; you
  need to build the roulette table to get it) -- it REGENERATES ATTENTION.  You
  probably don't want to put this in the casino, since agents & tourists not 
  paying attention is a GOOD thing.  The only good thing I can say about it in 
  there is it doesn't need any staff to run.  If you don't use confusing pop-up
  traps, a hub with a bunch of these makes a handy tourist trap.

  Well, what can I say... Corridors connect up all the other rooms and allow 
  your minions to get from place to place.  You can stick doors, traps & 
  security cameras in corridors to hinder agents.

  You can have your rooms connect directly to each other if you like, but you
  won't be able to place as many traps that way.

  The only thing that ONLY goes in a corridor is a fire extinguisher.  When a 
  fire pops up anywhere, a valet will grab an extinguisher and head to the fire.
  From Florestan Trément:

  I think it is not a good idea to have more than one or two fire
  extinguishers in the base: when a fire breaks out, a valet will be
  assigned to this fire. If another fire is present at the same time, the
  valet will ignore it until the one he is assigned to is out.  Then, he
  will look for fires with no one assigned to put them out and will go put 
  the extinguisher away.  It seems logical, but in fact, it is stupid: if 
  your base is vast or the fire is far from the base, and your valets are 
  occupied, only one valet will go to the fire. But after he arrives, another 
  valet will possibly want to extinguish another fire, and will mark it as 
  being 'taken'.  The first arrives to the fire, extinguishes it, search for
  new untaken fires. The fires are all taken by the valets that are miles
  away, so he comes back to put the extinguisher away ignoring the other
  fires that are in front of him, that will be dealt with only minutes
  later by the other valets.

  If you have only one fire extinguisher, no other valet will come, so the
  first valet to come will do all the work, but you are sure he will do ALL
  the work.

  Doors: Right-click a door to set it's access level
    1 dot:  Allows anyone through... SET YOUR HOTEL DOORS TO THIS!  
    2 dots: Allows only minions through.  Default setting for all doors.
    3 dots: Allows only the evil genius through
    4 dots: Allows only the evil genius, guards will stand by this door

    Enemies can bypass any door given time.  Doors come in 3 varieties, the 
    more expensive, the longer it takes agents to get through.  Tourists
    and agents will often sneak through doors when your minions come through.

    Heavy doors can suffer the most damage before being destroyed.  Basic
    doors are used in Research to get Heavy & Camouflaged doors.

  Security cameras: They come in generic and zoom-lens versions for longer 
    range.  See 'BASE SECURITY' for how these work.  Security & Zoom-lens
    cameras can each be researched into more items.

  Security speakers: Alert minions within range.  Heavy duty ones have a 
    bigger range, radio ones can go through walls & doors too.  See 
    'BASE SECURITY' for how these work.  Heavy Duty Loudspeakers are also
    called 'Heavy Duty Tannoy' by some people; Tannoy is a brand of 
    loudspeaker equipment.

  This stores your gold when it's not in use.  When you build a room or buy 
  something your minions will run to this room, grab a briefcase, then run 
  to the helipad or docks to get the object, then run to where you want the 
  object and place it.  Don't place this at the entrance of your base (it'll 
  get robbed by agents), but don't place it too deep either or it'll take 
  forever to get any work done.

  Gold piles up in available space in the room; each stack of gold represents
  $400,000.  The game won't let you demolish a stronghold unless there's 
  another one somewhere with a briefcase rack.
  Design suggestion:
    Since your minions never need to access the piles of gold, you can create
    a stronghold with two holes in the wall: one 2-square hole for a door,
    and another 2 or 4-square hole for briefcase racks.  The briefcase racks
    face outward to the corridor so your minions never have to enter the
    room to get gold.  This saves them time.  You still need a door, 
    otherwise the briefcases blocking the exit will make the game think the 
    room is 'inaccessible', and agents will tunnel into it.  Diagram:
        | stronghold |
        |            | 
    ____|__rrrr___dd_|____  rr = rack facing corridor, dd = door
  Briefcase rack
    The briefcase rack is the means by which minions store gold in your 
    stronghold when it comes in, and the way they take it out when they want
    to buy anything.  Without a briefcase rack in a stronghold, it won't be
    used to store any gold at all.  If you issue a large amount of build
    orders, minions will have to get the cash from the racks in $5000 
    increments.  If you have more than 1 rack in a room, you can ease the
    congestion caused by workers lining up.

    Incoming gold from workers stealing on the world map all comes in one
    briefcase per cycle.  If all usable strongholds are full, it'll pile up in 
    the depot.  So if it had been coming in at $30,000/minute and it got held
    up for 5 minutes, you'll have 5 briefcases waiting in the depot that wont
    count as money earned until it gets carried to your stronghold.  
    Ordinarily, one worker goes and fetches it every minute.

    A stronghold with no briefcase rack is a good place to stash stuff out-
    of-the-way like totem pole pieces, since your minions won't have any
    reason to go in.
    Note that minions don't interact with the piles of gold directly, they
    only add to it or take from it using the briefcase rack.  Agents, on the
    other hand, will steal the piles of gold directly and ignore the rack.

  Gold enhancer
    Increases the amount of cash you get from stealing by 10%.  You'd need to
    steal $800,000 on easy mode to break even on this thing ($1 million on
    Normal).  By the time you're able to build this, many people will be done
    with stealing altogether.  You should decide whether to build this based
    on how much stealing you're still doing, and you should always build the
    stock market watchdog first; it's 1/4 the price and offers more than twice 
    the benefit.  If you have the watchdog already, then the amount of gold
    you'd need to steal to recover the cost of the gold enhancer drops down
    to a mere $187,000 (easy mode).  You recover the cost of building them
    both after only about $270,000 has been stolen.

  Your minions rest & recover here and it's also where they keep their 
  personal effects.  You want a big barracks in the beginning of the game, 
  and you should probably build it first so you can get more minions quicker.  
  6x15 is a good size.

  Barracks go well near the entrance of your base, put a door on it to make 
  enemy agents waste their time, they won't do any harm if they get in here.

  Lockers: These are 'supply'.  At the beginning of the game, 1 locker = 1 
   extra minion.  As your notoriety increases you get more minions, but 
   building zillions of lockers is the fastest way to ramp up.  I like to 
   build them in back-to-back rows in large open rooms.
   Equipment storage racks are more efficient than lockers; they increase
   your minions by 4 for only half the space of 4 lockers.
   After you're very notorious, you can demolish lockers to make room for 
   other objects.  Check the NOTORIETY section for details.

  Bunk Bed: Minions sleep on these to recover endurance.  You don't need one 
    for every minion.  1 bunk bed for 10 minions is usually sufficient, 
    especially if you're sending your minions out to steal for you.  Minions
    will only use beds at night.

  Cryo chambers operate like beds; science minions recover 2.5x as fast, other
    minions recover only 25% faster than a bed.  These generate heat, so don't
    put them in a barracks in the front of your base or outside.

  Multi-Gym: Put one or two of these in; minions can recover endurance during 
    the day with them (they'll only use beds at night).  Since the mess hall 
    serves the same purpose, you don't need many of these.  Military minions
    recover 2.5x as fast as on a bunk bed, other minions recover 25% faster
    than they would if using a bed.

  If you want to make separate recovery rooms, a small barracks with multi-gym
  goes well near a training room.  Another small room with cryo chambers goes
  great inside your base near your lab.  I also like to keep the cryo chamber
  room near an infirmary and archives, since science minions like to hang out
  around those.
Mess Hall:
  Your minions eat here to recover endurance during the day.  You don't need a
  huge one, but it should be at least 4x??, since the counters minions eat 
  from need a 4x2 access space.  You'll want to put a time clock in here and 
  keep it at 1 green at least, the counters you get in the beginning are 
  useless unless staffed.  Since it's a popular room, you may want to keep 
  some 'impressive loot' in a mess hall near the back of your base.  They 
  take up 1 square plus the 4 around it, so if you leave a bunch of room 
  open when you design the mess hall, you'll have room later to stash stuff.

  Mess halls are also great for putting near the entrance of your base.  This
  room becomes available after you capture & interrogate the maid.

  Counter - Minions eat from these; recovery rate = same as a bunk bed
  Mess Hall counter - Same as counter, but can be used as a torture device
    This increases the loyalty of all minions who watch, and since they go to
    the mess hall a lot more than the armory, it's handy.
  Salad Bar - 20% weaker than a counter, but requires no staff to man it.
  Automats are the best - Minions recover endurance 2x as fast as a counter

Staff Room:
  Staff Rooms replenish your minion's attention stats.  With low attention, 
  they'll set off your own traps and not notice tagged enemies near them.

  This room isn't available at first, but becomes available after you capture
  and interrogate the maid.  Most of the things that go in it are pretty
  small, so even a 2x4 space can be used as a staff room.  It's great for
  filling up little areas of unused rock.
  Since it's harmless you can put it near the entrance of your base, or even
  outside in a topside shack.  Be cautioned that many of the things you steal
  will automatically end up in the staff room, so if it's outside be sure to
  check after completing loot missions and move them somewhere that agents 
  won't have easy access to.  You may even want to have several staff rooms, 
  both in and outside so that minions will be sure to bump into tagged agents 
  at the beginning of the game.  

  All of the items that you can place in a staff room have the same effect;
  they replenish the minion's Attention stat when in use.  

  Ping-Pong/Table-Tennis tables, drink machines & pinball all recover at the
  same rate.  The egg chair is 50% faster and the arcade game is 75% faster 
  than the basic items.  The widescreen TV regenerates construction workers
  2.5x faster, but for all other minions it's only as good as the egg chair.  

  Ping-pong tables can be researched to make the Multi-Gym.

Control Room:
  This room is your key to ripping off the world & committing acts of infamy.

  You won't see how much money/heat the different world regions are worth or
  be able to commit any acts of infamy without sufficient control panels 
  staffed.  Since you'll have a lot of your staff tied up here in the 
  beginning, it's a great place to stick your avatar to increase minion's 
  This only has to hold 6 control panels in order to see everything on the 
  world map (more will allow you to plot faster, but 6 should be adequate).  
  A 3x8 room would be more than adequate in the beginning.  You won't have 
  any big items to put in here till island 2; the only reason for a bigger 
  room on Island 1 would be so you can stick some uber or impressive loot in 
  here so your avatar can go hang out somewhere else..  When building your 
  first room, remember that panels each suck up 2 units of power.  A full set 
  of  6 with a couple memory panels and a door on the room sucks up 16; since 
  you start out with only 20 power, it's quite likely that this room will push 
  you very close or over the limit, especially if you have other power-
  consuming objects, like doors.  The power room doesn't become available till
  you reach 18 units of power consumed, so don't build everything at once.

  Build only as many panels as you need to enable the power room, then build
  that so your base doesn't go dark. 

  Most stuff in here generates little heat, it's good for the middle of your
  base.  Everything does generate SOME though.

  Put a time clock in the room and set it to the 2nd green square or else
  you'll run into problems on the world map when shifts change.  If you need
  your minions elsewhere (like when test-firing the rocket), you can set it
  to Red so the room won't be staffed.

  Control Panel - This takes 2 minions to run, and sucks up 2u of power.
    Control panels serve several key functions.  First, you can't plot or
    do any missions in a region without the right number of panels up and
    staffed (check the Missions section to see how many panels per region
    you need; the most you'll need is 6 for this).

    Second, having any panels staffed reduces the time needed to plot to find
    a mission by 10%; this is not cumulative.  Third, each panel has a
    multiplier effect on minions who are plotting.  The rate of plotting is:

      #panels * #minion's plotting skill * 2

    Without the required number of staffed panels, you also can't see whether
    there is an agent of justice or super-agent in the region unless you have
    minions there as well.

  Memory Bank   - This is like a capacitor for the world map; if the panels
   become unstaffed (like for a shift change, base alert, or minion
   transfers), it keeps the world map & acts of infamy running for a short
   time.  The more you have, the longer time you have.  They also decrease
   the time it takes a henchman to return if they get killed on the world map.

  Control Station - Half the size of a panel, needs only 1 minion to run it
    as opposed to two, and has a bigger benefit; a 20% reduction in time to
    find a mission (not cumulative with other stations or panels) and the
    plotting formula becomes:

    ((#panels * 2) + (#stations * 3)) * minion's plotting skill

    If you immediately scrap all your old panels & replace them with
    stations, it becomes a straight 50% plotting bonus vs the panel:

      #stations * #minion's plotting skill * 3
  Stock Market Watchdog - Decreases time it takes to steal cash by 20%
    NOTE: Building this triggers an optional objective.  You may want to
    wait to build this till you have a small control room near the front of
    your base, or outside in a topside shack.  
    This effectively increases the amount of cash you get from stealing by 25%.
    Combined with the gold enhancer, you can increase your stealing rate by 
    37.5% total; so the minions stealing in the middle east would effectively 
    be bringing in $27,500 per minute as opposed to $20,000.

    This item still performs it's function even if it's hotspots are blocked.

  Schematic Station - Supposedly decreases time for techs to repair things;
    I've not noticed it to have any effect besides sucking up power and looking
  Comms Array - Increases the time for Agents of Justice to show up on the 
    world map by 90 seconds or so.  It's benefit is clearest when you have max 
    heat, it nearly doubles the time you have to do more missions in the
    region before the law cracks down on you.
  Big Screen - Looks cool, boosts the attention stat and max attention of 
    minions in range by 20%.
    CAUTION: Due to a bug, having your avatar stand near this thing can cause
    you to lose 20 health every time you save.  This can kill you, but you
    won't notice till you try to load.

  This is where you store weapons for your minions, host your security center 
  for monitoring the island, and hold & interrogate prisoners.  It should be 
  pretty big, since a holding cell is a 2x2 square and only holds 1 prisoner.  
  You'll probably want 4-6 cells at least.  Something like 10x6 or 12x6 or the
  equivalent amount of space would be about right.  You may want to build two 
  armories; one for prisoners and another for security and weapons.  The 
  advantage of the single armory is that if your avatar is in it when a 
  prisoner gets loose, you can just hit 'Alert' and all the minions will rush 
  to the room to arm themselves, defending you in the process.  Still.. the 
  security centers can go anywhere, even outside if you're desperate for 
  space.  Time clocks will keep the place staffed, and if you're going to 
  gloat over the prisoners, you may want to keep it over-staffed, so there's 
  minions to respond to prison breaks.

  This room becomes unlocked during the 1st objective.  The interrogation 
  chair becomes available after you capture the maid, and the security systems
  after you interrogate her and get your first valet.

  This room generates massive amounts of heat.  It needs a door and to be deep
  inside your lair.

  When you put the base on alert, minions will arm themselves from the gun 
  cabinets. They will only use a cabinet of a certain type though.

  Holding Cell - Holds 1 prisoner.  Right-click on a held prisoner to order 
   their execution or interrogation (if you go for interrogate, right-click on
   an object to interrogate them with).  Interrogations raise the loyalty of 
   all minions who see it, and are often fatal to the prisoner.  The mess 
   counter just leaves their brains scrambled.  Good agents will eventually 
   escape your cell, civilians and weak agents will die.  Regular holding 
   cells can be researched into Death Cubicles.

   BEFORE YOU SEND AN ENEMY FOR INTERROGATION your avatar can right-click 
   them in the cell to gloat over them.  This increases notoriety by 1-3 
   points, but has a small risk of setting the prisoner free.  You can gloat 
   once per enemy.

   If you tag a prisoner in a holding/disguised cell for execution, a minion
   will try to shoot them.  A marksman can do this job, but if you don't have 
   one, a guard will do it.  A guard needs to have access to a rifle rack in
   order to be able to shoot the prisoner.  With no rack and no marksman, you
   can't execute a prisoner in these cells.

   You also have the option of setting a prisoner free.  Aside from a really
   cheap way of powerleveling your henchmen, the only time I use this is to
   set free one of my own deserters.  If you can catch someone who's deserting
   and toss them in a cell, they'll regain all their loyalty after a few 
   seconds and be glad to work for you again.

   Design suggestion:
     Make the room right in front of the Death Chamber a freezer, and your
     minions won't have to move the corpses it creates.  

   Death Chamber  - doesn't require a minion to kill a prisoner
     WARNING: Don't save while a death chamber is doing it's animation, it can
     make your game crash [Florestan Trément]
     - This is fixed in the official patch
   Disguised Cell - theoretically generates no heat if an agent sees one

  Interrogation chair - Your first interrogation device and the only lethal one
    you'll have for quite a while.  See the TORTURE section for details on the
    different torture devices.  Build only 1 or 2 of these things and use them
    to get advanced minions and doomsday info.  Just kill the rest of the
    agents you capture, or torture them with the mixer instead.

  Gun racks - Arms for different types of minions
    Handgun cabinet - workers (Also used in research to get Sentry Guns)
    Rifle cabinet   - guards (disguised version available for less heat)
    Heavy Rifles    - mercenaries
    Flamethrowers   - mercenaries (caution; these are AE incendiary weapons)

  Arms racks are used only on Yellow or Red alert.  I hardly ever go on alert
  till the very end of the game, but you can experiment with this.  Either
  way, arms racks are hard to use unless they're near the front of your base,
  so build it as close as you dare.  They have heat though, so don't place it
  *right* in front.

  Security Desks - part of your security network.  See the appropriate section
    for more details.  These can also be researched into Arcade cabinets.

Training room
  All the objects that go in this room are used to convert your minions from 
  one type to another.  In order to convert a minion from Type A to Type B, 
  you must have one person of type B (or more advanced) available already, 
  and the appropriate object in the training room for them to use to teach 
  the type A minion.

  Unlock the training room by capturing a maid and interrogating her.  All the
  advanced classes require you to capture someone from the world map and 
  interrogate them.  That will turn the interrogating minion into the advanced
  class, and you can then train more.  If all of one advanced class dies, 
  you'll have to go out and capture more.  It looks like you can do the 
  'capture X class' missions as much as you like.

  1 minion can be trained at a time on each item, and requires 1 trainer to 
  do it.

  The Mouse Maze bears mentioning; This regenerates loyalty and attention 
  stats for minions in range (slightly draining their smarts).  It's basically
  a buildable loot item.  It also has no heat, so you can build small 2x2 mini-
  training-rooms around your base to help minions recover loyalty.  This is
  especially helpful for your outer base where you can't put regular 
  loot items.

  All the initial training gear doesn't use much space, so your first 
  training room can be fairly small.  You should either put it way back in 
  your base, or build a separate room back there for anything but school 
  desks, basic labs and chalkboards.

  Punchbag             - Turns workers into guards
  Heavy Shooting Range - Turns guards into mercs
    (Heavy range is also used in research to make a few things)
  Shooting Range       - Turns mercs into marksmen
  Dojo                 - Turns mercs into martial artists

  School chair         - Turns workers into valets
  TV Studio            - Turns valets into spindoctors
    (Studio is also used in research to make a few things)
  Diplomat Trainer     - Turns spindoctors into diplomats
  Playboy Trainer      - Turns spindoctors into playboys
  Workshop             - Turns workers into technicians
  Chalkboard           - Turns technicians into scientists
    (Chalkboard is also used in Research to get a bunch of stuff)
  Biochem Workshop     - Turns scientists into Biochemists
    (Biochem can be used on the 2nd island to get the Venus Man-Trap)
  Electron Microscope  - Turns scientists into Quantum Physicists

  The lab is where you research all the cool gadgets and base enhancements 
  you didn't have to start with.  Unlock it by stealing the research machine 
  when it becomes available.  Build a fake machine and let an agent steal it 
  back so they'll stop sending thieves after you.

  Your old topside shack is a good candidate for the fake lab, and it'll just
  barely hold a fake research machine.  A topside lab nearer to the port (where
  the agents keep landing) would be better.  For your main lab, you'll want a
  LOT of space, all the stuff that goes in it is huge.  6x6 should be good for
  an Island 1 lab, and 10x12 or so for Island 2.

  In order to enable research, you need the machine, a databank, and an 
  experimental gadget.  All the other stuff that goes in the lab are used in 
  the research process to create new technology.  See the RESEARCH section for 
  more on this.

  You'll also want to place this room far inside your base, and only after your
  fake machine has been successfully stolen.  Most stuff in it generates heat.

  The AI computer, Environment Chamber & Greenhouse become available for 
  purchase after you get to Island 2, provided you got all 9 doomsday info.

  From Chris Biberstein:
  If possible, put things like Labratories near armories, specially ones with 
  cells. Since a great deal of the lab equipment can be used as a tourture 
  device, it saves time to have them near each other. Since they are closer, 
  minions have less distance to walk.

  This room is for replenishing your agent's smarts.  This has the biggest 
  impact on scientific minions, of course.  You won't need this room till you 
  get technicians.  It becomes unlocked after you complete the 'steal the 
  library blueprints' mission.

  This room is handy to stick near the entrance of your base, since it 
  generates little heat (only the brain gadgets & bookshelf generate any, and 
  it's low)

  Aside from the bookcases (which can be used for torture), all the other stuff
  you can put in here just lets more minions recover smarts at different 

  Reading Table: Social minions recover 50% faster than other minions on this
  Multimedia TV: Social minions recover 66% faster on this vs. reading table,
                 other minions recover 50% faster than a reading table.
  Brainiac: Science minions recover 2.5x as fast as on a table, social minions
            recover at the same rate as the table, other minions get a 
            50% boost.
  Brainwasher: 25% weaker for science minions than the brainiac, 20% weaker
               for social minions than a TV, but military & workers recover
               twice as fast as the table.

  So basically, the TV is best for Social minions, the Brainiac is best for 
  science minions, and the brainwasher is best for the others.  If you have a
  TV, you should destroy the reading tables or move them out to archive rooms
  in topside shacks.  Brainiac machines go well in small archives near an
  infirmary/lab in your inner base, the brainwasher goes well near your 
  training room.

  The reading table can be researched into the tanks & bookcase.
  The TV can be researched into a bunch of stuff.

Inner Sanctum
  This is the only place your avatar can go to recover his stats, and agents
  seem to want to beat on stuff in here if they find it.  Remember to set the 
  door on '3' (or '4' if you're going to use it much).  You'll need to place 
  a table to complete Objective 2.  You'll need at least a 4x6 room to fit 
  the minimum stuff for the objective, but 8x8 will let you build a more 
  impressive room for fun.

  Nothing in this room generates heat on it's own, but if you retreat here to
  hide, you'll want it safe.

  Impressive Desk  - You can sit down at it & replenish your stats
  Conference Table - Used to entertain other villains
  *Soothing Atrium - Replenishes your stats faster
  *Cabinet         - Looks impressive

  * These objects are available only by cheating.

  If your minions get injured but don't die, they'll come here to get patched 
  back up.

  This room is unlocked when a minion gets injured.  You should also place a 
  time clock in this room, and set it to at least the 1st green square, since 
  most of the healing requires a booth to be manned.  Initially, the infirmary
  can be small.  A 3x3 room should do.  Later on, you'll get bigger stuff 
  that will require a room more like 4x6 or so.  In terms of healing speed and
  effectiveness, from lowest to highest/fastest:

  This room has hardly any heat, and none at all till you build the auto 
  surgeon or x-ray machine, thus it's great to stick at the entrance of your 

  Pharmacy Booth -> Exam Chair (+25%) -> X-Ray/Auto-Surgeon (x2 vs booth)

  The Pharmacy Booth can be used in Research to make a couple other things.
  The Exam table can be used on the 2nd island for more research.

Power Room
  You'll need one of these probably right after you build your control room, 
  and it'll need to be expanded before you set up your hotel(s).  When your 
  base is drawing too much power, nothing will run.  Your power consumption 
  gauge is right next to the objectives button.  The number at the top is how 
  much you're generating, the number below is how much you're consuming.

  To turn off a room (like the control room), you need to put a time clock in 
  it and set the slider to Red.  Only a few rooms can have time clocks though.
  All electric devices except for the time clock seem to consume power; check
  the quick ref. to see how much, or double click on an object.

  Power generators are big, so the room will have to be too.  12x7 with 3 
  generators to start, and 7 by the time you need a hotel would be good.  Later
  on, you can replace the big generators with small ones that generate more
  power.  Power Rooms are also a target for enemy saboteurs who will try to 
  blow it up.  Put a good door on it, and bury it somewhere in the back of 
  your base.

  Generators don't seem to need any access points, but you DO need to allow 
  access to them anyway so your techs can repair & maintain them.  Also, do
  not place four generators together in a square.  It creates a small gap
  between them that the game considers 'inaccessible'.  Agents of justice will
  tunnel into the small space and start blowing stuff up.  It's also bad to
  run your base 'in the yellow'.  When your power drain number is yellow (when
  you are using 90% of your power capacity), it means you're very close to 
  overtaxing your generators.  This will cause all your generators to take 
  damage constantly and require your technicians to keep repairing them till 
  you get the power consumption over the margin.

  Normally, when you are draining more power than you are generating, your 
  whole base will shut down.  Capacitors keep it running for a while.  If you 
  plan ahead, you can do without capacitors entirely.

  The power room becomes available when you are up to 18 power units consumed
  out of the 20 you start with.

  Power Gen              - 15u of power
    (Used in Research to get Disguised Gens and the Centrifuge)
  Disguised Power Gen    - 15u of power, agents may not try to blow it up
    (Used in Research to get the High-Density Capacitor)
  Nuclear Power Station  - 35u of power in a smaller space
  Capacitor - Like a UPS, it powers your base for a while during a shortage
    (Also used in Research to get the Laser Trip Sensor)
  High Density Capacitor - Lasts longer than a capacitor

  This room is where you keep your dead enemies.  It generates lots of heat if 
  an agent finds it with corpses inside, so it's a great candidate for stashing
  way in the back of your base.  In terms of size, if you use freezer racks (
  you should), a 8x4 room should be adequate for quite a long time.

  This room is unlocked when you kill an agent.  Kill one of the ones that start
  on your island, build the freezer, then kill the rest.

  Why build a freezer?  Dead bodies sap the loyalty of your minions who walk 
  past them and they'll desert if surrounded by piles of them.  The freezer 
  DOES decrease the decay rate (bodies take longer to poof), but your minions 
  won't lose loyalty for bodies in it.  Stashing bodies outside would be fine
  if agents didn't keep running across them.

  ALL effect radiuses are disabled in the freezer, including the Evil Genius's
  stat-boosting effect on nearby minions, as well as that from any loot.  Thus,
  you can safely put totem pole pieces in here to counteract their negative 
  effect.  You also can't build security systems or traps in this room.
  Freezer racks - lets you store 6 bodies in a 3x1 space.  In an 8x4 room, you
  can place these back-to-back and stick in 5.  It looks like bodies can also
  go underneath it, so they don't really take up any room.  Also used in 
  Research to enable you to make Freaks.


  Thanks cypher for pointing out the files I could fish the research data
  from.  =)

Steal one of the Centrifuge, Laser or Impact Stress Analyzer.  Now you need
to make the other tools; Make sure you have a door, security camera and
power generator somewhere nearby the lab.  When the options come up to
research them, use them with the tool you have to make the next tool.
  A door -> Impact Stress Analyzer
  A security camera -> Giant Laser
  A power generator -> Centrifuge

Biotanks is the 4th tool, to get it you'll need the Mercury Mirror loot from
Australia.  Check the reference below to see how to get Biotanks from there,
it's two combos.  The last 3 tools you'll get when you make it to the second
island; make sure you've collected all 9 doomsday data pieces before then, or
you'll be missing one or two tools.  The last three are the AI Computer, the
Environment Chamber and the Greenhouse.

Your scientists will wander through your base and find objects you can use
the research tools on.  When they do, the research icon will blink.  When
you select the item, you'll be able to select 1 or more of your research 
tools to use on it.  Most items can be used to make several things, depending
on the tool you research it with.  You can't make your scientists research or
notice anything faster.  If it's a loot or corridor object, you can try to put
it in the middle of a corridor somewhere.  If it goes outside, put it right by
your entrance in the path you see your minions traveling.

The more important things you can make are marked with a '*'.  To get the
chalkboard, kidnap and interrogate a scientist to get your own scientists.  The
board will become available, and it's great for research.


This list is in alphabetical order by name of the object you'll be given to
research.  It tells you what tool you need to combine it with and what you'll
get.  In the case that making a new item leads to a new researchable item, 
that new item is indented below the first to show you that you should build one
after it's been unlocked.

Capacitor + Laser -> Laser Tripwire sensor
  + Impact Stress -> *Nuclear Power Plant
    Nuclear Plant + Laser + Centri + Impact -> ElectroShock Trap
    [Build a nuke plant on the 2nd island as well to get the Giant Magnet trap]
  + Laser -> *Control Station
  + Centrifuge -> Satan's Chimney Trap
    Satan's Chimney + Laser + Centri + Impact -> Prometheus Trap
Chameleon Cloth 
  + Laser -> Disguised Rifle Rack
  + Biotanks -> Disguised holding cell
Door [Standard]
  + Impact Stress -> Heavy Door
  + Biotanks -> *Disguised door [For evil base entrance]
Freezer Rack + Biotanks + Centrifuge + Impact Stress -> FREAKS!
  Once enabled, create a freak by clicking on a body bag and dropping it into 
  the Biotanks  Freaks are huge monsters and will wander your island beating
  up agents.
Handgun Cabinet + Centrifuge -> Sentry Gun
  Sentry Gun + Impact Stress + Laser -> Disguised Sentry Gun

  These are bugged in the US release of the game.  If you don't know that you
  have the UK release, check the 'Advanced Tweaking' section for details BEFORE
  you build a sentry gun.

  This is really hard to get.  The regular version can only be built outside,
  and it's Target #1 for every agent.  You get no notice when they attack it,
  so you have to babysit it.  Build one sentry gun in a path that your minions
  take a lot.  Tag every enemy that approaches it for death or capture.  
  Eventually, a science minion will walk up to it and pull out their clipboard
  to take notes.  Then they'll walk to the databank in the lab.  After you say
  to research it, they'll have to come back to it once to get a sample.  After
  that you can destroy it.  You may even want to have a henchman guard it.
Heavy Shooting Range 
  + Laser -> Motion Tracker
  + Impact Stress -> Equipment Rack
Holding Cell + Centrifuge -> Death Cell
Ice Man 
  + Centrifuge -> X-Ray Machine
    X-Ray + Centrifuge + Impact Stress -> Gas Trap (Endurance)
  + Biotanks -> Salad Bar
    Salad Bar + Biotanks + Laser -> Bees trap
Mercury Mirror 
  + Impact Stress -> *Field Barrier door
  + Laser -> Multimedia TV (for archives)
    Multimedia TV + Laser + Centri + Impact -> Biotanks [TOOL!]
    Multimedia TV + Biotanks + Centrifuge -> Egg Chair
      Egg Chair + Laser + Centrifuge + Impact Stress -> Dreadmill Trap
Pharmacy booth 
  + Biotanks -> Hallucinogen gas trap (Loyalty)
    Loyalty Gas Trap + Impact + Biotanks -> Laughing gas trap (attention)
  + Biotanks + Laser -> Exam Table
    [Build an exam table on the 2nd island to get the Auto-Surgeon]
Power Generator + Centrifuge -> Disguised Generator
  Disguised Power Gen + Laser + Centrifuge -> High Density Capacitor
Reading table  
  + Impact Stress -> Bookcase (Torture device)
  + Biotanks  -> Brainiac machine
Roulette Table + Laser -> Pinball machine
  Pinball Machine + Impact Stress -> Pit Punisher trap
Sonic Generator 
  + Centrifuge -> Heavy Loudspeaker
  + Impact Stress -> Wide Screen TV
Security Camera + Laser -> Zoom-lens Camera
  Zoom-Lens Camera + Centrifuge + Biotank -> Disguised Outdoor Camera
Security Desk + Laser -> Arcade Cabinet
Table Tennis + Impact Stress -> Multigym
TV Studio 
  + Laser -> Big Screen (for Control Room)
  + Impact Stress -> Nerve Gas Trap (Smarts)
  + Biotanks -> Do Not Press trap


Since you may not have gotten all 3 of the new tools, many of the combos on
island two can be made several different ways.  You can still do all the
research from Island one here, but since many people will have done it all
there, I'm just listing the stuff you can ONLY do on island 2 here.

Aztec Amulet 
[WARNING: Building the watchdog triggers an optional objective; you may want
 to build a separate control room near the front of your base first]
  + Enviro Chamber + Laser + Impact -> Stock Market Watchdog
  + Greenhouse + Laser + Impact     -> Stock Market Watchdog
  + AI Computer                     -> Stock Market Watchdog
    Stock Watchdog + Laser + Enviro Chamber -> Money Madness Trap
Antique Cannon
  + Greenhouse + Laser + Biotank  -> Schematic Station
  + AI Computer + Laser + Biotank -> Schematic Station
  + Enviro Chamber                -> Schematic Station
Biochem Worktable
  + AI Computer + Centrifuge -> Venus Man-Trap
  + Greenhouse               -> Venus Man-Trap
  + Enviro Chamber + Biotank -> Venus Man-Trap
    Venus Man-Trap + Impact + Greenhouse -> Piranha Tank Trap
Caged Primate + AI computer + Biotanks -> Monkey-Inna-Box trap
  NOTE: This research combo is disabled by default, see the ADVANCED TWEAKING
  section for how to re-enable it.  Otherwise your scientists will never 
  offer Oliver the Chimp for research.
Chameleon Cloth + Laser + AI Computer -> Damned Damsel Trap
  + Enviro Chamber + Centri + Impact -> Communications Array
  + Greenhouse + Centri + Impact     -> Communications Array
  + AI Computer                      -> Communications Array
    Comm Array + Centri + AI Computer -> Misdirection Trap
[Grimaldi's] Crown Jewels 
  + Greenhouse + Biotank + Centri    -> Gold Enhancer
  + AI Computer + Biotank + Centri   -> Gold Enhancer
  + Enviro Chamber                   -> Gold Enhancer
Diamond [Giant]
  + AI Computer + Laser + Impact    -> Radio loudspeaker
  + Enviro Chamber + Laser + Impact -> Radio loudspeaker
  + Greenhouse                      -> Radio loudspeaker
Exam Table (Infirmary) + Biotank + Greenhouse -> Auto-Surgeon
Ice Man
  + Centrifuge + Greenhouse -> Cryo Chamber
  + Biotank + Enviro Chamber -> Automat (for mess hall)
Jet Pack
  + Enviro Chamber + Centri + Biotank -> Flamethrower Rack
  + AI Computer + Centri + Biotank    -> Flamethrower Rack
  + Greenhouse                        -> Flamethrower Rack
    Flamethrower Rack + Laser + Greenhouse -> Exploding palm tree trap
Mercury Mirror + Impact + Enviro Chamber -> Saw Blades trap
Nuclear Power Station 
  + Centrifuge + Environment Chamber -> Giant Magnet trap ('sucker')
Sonic Generator
  + Impact Stress + AI Computer -> Brainwasher


What's the point of traps?  You can definitely play through the whole game 
without building a single one.  They're expensive, they consume lots of power,
they're tricky to use & will affect your minions too, given a chance.  And
they're tons and tons and tons of fun.  A large part of the enjoyment of the
game for me comes from watching valiant agents die in lots of nasty ways to
my devious traps.  Trap combos will also get you a small amount of cash.

For each trap after the first that takes effect, you'll see a combo rating;
  2nd trap - 'Nefarious', instant +$100 cash
  3rd trap - 'Malevolent', +$200 cash
  4th trap - 'Villainous', +$300 cash
  5th trap - 'Heinous', +$400 cash
  6th or higher trap: 'Genius', +$500 cash

Blowing them over/past sensors also counts towards the rating if they trip it.

Genius keeps repeating if more traps take effect.  So for a combo that hits
the enemy 6 times (a cheap way is to use lots of 90-degree turns and wind
generators) you'll get $1500 cash per enemy.  It's not unrealistic to get 
$6k for blowing a squad of thieves through the maze of death and into a 
flaming Prometheus trap at the end.  Though it would take a long time for
even a well-designed trap system to 'pay for itself', I consider the money
more of a token reward for a job well done.  The big reward is watching the
agent suffer through it and not having to tag them.

They'll also make the game easier, and reduce the hassle on you; you won't have
to tag every agent you see if they're likely to get themselves killed on your
traps.  One of the most effective use of lethal traps is in a 'labyrinth'. 
This is a series of corridors unconnected to your base, filled with doors and
traps.  Agents break in, but they don't break out.  

Personally, I like to make a short set of tunnels connecting two evil base 
entrances.  That way, there's double the chance that a passing agent will 
decide to investigate.  If you set the outer doors of the labyrinth to Security
Level 3, then your minions won't ever go in.  Bodies inside don't decay any 
faster than in the freezer, but the "3" rating on the door will keep your 
minions from running over and carrying the bodies all the way back there,
draining the loyalty of everyone they pass and scaring tourists in the 
process.  If you see an agent trying to break in, feel free to drop the door 
down to level 1 and let them in to watch the fun. 

When agents enter a room, they can see pretty far down it.  If it's a dead-end,
they'll immediately leave.  If, however, there's a door at the end, or the
corridor branches off to the side they'll feel compelled to walk down and have
a look.  A labyrinth is more effective when it has a bunch of 90-degree turns
than one that's a straight line filled with doors.  Also, agents that have 
taken near-lethal damage will want to turn around and escape the way they came.

When a sensor is triggered, all nearby agents will freeze, and the agent that
triggered the sensor has a chance to dodge the trap.  Since agents tend to come
in pairs or sets, this can work to your advantage.  Agent 1 enters the room,
sets off the trap.  Agent 2 walks in to see what happened, setting off the trap
again, this time affecting them both.

Your minions avoid traps by transmitting a code as they walk up to the sensor;
it disables the sensor briefly, allowing them to walk past it without tripping
it, as well as any agents or tourists immediately in front of or behind them.

All traps except Confusing Pop-Up, Poison Gas & Wind Generators must be 
researched before you can use them.  Most traps have an activation time that
allows an agent to walk up to 2 squares past the sensor.

Florestan Trément has created the idea of the 'Cash Trap'.  It is 4 corridors
linked in a square, with wind traps at each corner to blow agents around in
a circle.  Doors enter the room on opposite sides, with pressure traps setting
off all 4 wind gens just inside each.  Once agents get in and trip the sensors,
they'll get blown around a ways.  The door on the opposite side gives them a 
reason to wander around in it.  A single agent getting hit this way can give 
you 3k per activation.  A group of agents could give you 20-50k total after
tripping the setup multiple times.  To make it more lethal at the expense of
reducing the number of times they'll trip it, you can put the piranha tank in
as well.


Linking is pretty simple.  Left-click on a trap or sensor to bring up Link 
mode.  From here, left-click on a circle over a trap/sensor, then left-click 
on a circle over another trap to link the first to the second.  When the 
sensor gets tripped or 1st trap activated, the second will activate as well.

Don't try to link a sensor directly to every trap, just link it to one and 
then link that to the next, etc.. they'll all go off at pretty much the same
time.  You can't create a continuous loop and you can't have one thing linked
to more than 3-4 other things.  Right-click on a circle in link mode to remove
all links to & from it.  If a sensor is tripped that's linked to a trap that's
still active, nothing will happen.

       NAME                 -  Price  - Pwr -   Size   - Ht - Room
Crash-Test Dummy            -    800  -   0 -  1x1     -  0 - In/Out
Pressure Pad                -   1600  -   0 -  1x1     -  0 - In/Out
Laser Trip Beams            -   6000  -   1 -  1W x2   -  0 - In/Topside
Motion Sensor               - 12,000  -   2 -  1W/1x1  -  0 - In/Out

Gas: Poison (Health/Red)    -   4800  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - In
Gas: Knockout (Green/Endur.)-   8000  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - In
Gas: Laugh. (Purple/Atten.) -   9600  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - In
Gas: Halluc. (Blue/Loyalty) -   8800  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - In
Gas: Nerve (Yellow/Smarts)  - 12,800  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - In
Bees (5 types)              -   8000  -   1 -  1x1     -  1 - In
Wind Machine                -   8000  -   3 -  1W      -  1 - In (1)
Giant Magnet                - 12,000  -   4 -  1W      -  1 - In (1)
Dreadmill                   -   8000  -   3 -  1x2     -  0 - In
Confusing Pop-Up            -   4000  -   1 -  1x1     -  0 - In
Money Madness               - 20,000  -   2 -  1W/1x1  -  0 - In/Out
Misdirection                -   6000  -   2 -  1x1     -  0 - Out
Saw-Blade Trap              -   9600  -   3 -  1x3     -  0 - In 
Prometheus' Revenge         - 12,000  -   3 -  1W      -  1 - In (1)
Pit Punisher                -   9600  -   1 -  1x1     -  5 - In/Out
Satan's Chimney             -   9600  -   2 -  1x1     -  5 - In/Out
Piranha Tank                - 16,000  -   2 -  1x2     -  0 - In
ElectroShock Cannon         - 24,000  -   6 -  2x2     - 10 - In/Out
Venus Man-Trap              - 16,000  -   1 -  2x2     -  0 - Out 
Explosive Palm-Tree         - 13,600  -   1 -  1x1     - 10 - Out
Damned Damsel               -   8000  -   2 -  1x1     -  0 - Out
Monkey-Inna-Box *BROKEN*    -   8000  -   2 -  1x1     -  0 - Out

(1) These traps can't be built or moved into topside shacks/hotels

  Crash-Test Dummy - Not really a sensor, this is a tool to test your trap
    system.  When it is placed, 6 dummies will walk out of it in a straight
    line, with a 5-second delay between each.  They will trip any sensor in 
    their way, but will not change direction when they hit an obstacle they 
    will fall over and 'die' instead.
  Pressure Pad     - Trips when someone steps on it.  These go great just
    inside a door.  When an agent is trying to escape, they'll run back to
    the door and step on it again.
  Motion Sensor    - Covers a half-circle in front of it, trips when someone
    enters the covered area.  The circle has a radius of 3 squares, extending
    from the middle of the square containing the sensor the middle of the
    square 3 squares away.  If it's offset from a 2-width corridor by
    one square, it will cover the corridor in front of it.  In a 4-width
    corridor, it would leave a half-square gap of uncovered area between it
    and the opposite wall.

    Trying to use this as a substitute laser trip sensor doesn't work very
    well.  When you try to cover a corridor from the side, it's sensor area
    will be an arc, making it difficult to time things.  If you place it to
    the side of a corridor and have a long-range trap shoot down the length
    of it, it works great.  It's also good for setting off wide-area traps
    like the bees.
  Laser Trip       - Goes across to the next wall regardless of distance.
    Although these can't be placed outside directly, you CAN make two topside
    shacks face each other and make a line between them with the laser and
    link them to outside traps.  This can be used to detonate the explosive
    trees, for example.

  Unlike crash-test dummies, agents don't keep walking once they trip a sensor;
  they may stop, leap over them or jump to the side.  A good trap combo will
  be able to tag the agent if he stops where he trips the sensor, or walks up
  to 2 squares past it.  For pressure sensors, you can accomplish this by 
  making a T-junction and having the traps attack from the side.

  Most traps take a short length of time to activate, long enough for an agent
  two walk two squares after tripping the sensor.  This is unpredictable though
  for the reasons given above.

  These two traps can do damage by pushing/pulling the agent into a wall, but
  they're better used for dragging the agent into other traps:

  Wind Generator       - Blows anything in front of it, pushing them up to
    9 squares away from the wall it is placed in.  They will take damage if
    they hit a wall.  It's useful for blowing agents into/past other sensors
    and traps as well.  
  Giant Magnets        - Pulls the agent towards the wall it's mounted in, a
    reverse version of the wind generator.  Although more expensive and more
    power-consuming, the advantage of this seems to be that you don't have to
    put it quite so close to your sensors; if someone attacks the sensor, the
    explosion won't blow up your magnets too, so you only have to replace a 
    couple pressure pads. If these could go inside topside shacks, they'd be
    uber, but they can't so I hardly ever use them.

  These traps can damage the stats of the enemy, most of them are lethal.

  Gas Traps            - A cage drops down, filling with gas that attacks 
    different stats, depending on the color of the trap.  If it doesn't land
    on the agent, they can walk 'through' it.  If it catches them, they'll
    take the full effect of the trap.  It's hard to use this trap 
    effectively; it has a high rate of missing.
  Prometheus's Revenge - A panel opens in the wall and a flame gout comes 
    out extending 8 squares.  It will damage any sensors or objects in it's 
    path.  One way to use it would be to have a bunch of these set to shoot
    across the corridor so the agent walks into them.  An easier way would be
    to offset a motion detector (or laser) one square to the side of the 
    corridor, then have the flame shoot down the length of it.
    It looks like it extends 9 squares, but the last square is just a visual
    effect.  [Solarhaphaeriom]
  Dreadmill - A treadmill opens up.  If it catches the agent, they will lose
    a bit of endurance trying to keep up.  It can catch multiple agents; it
    will toss the agent up to two squares in front of or behind it when it's
  Sawblades - Big rotating blades come out of the ground to slice agents.  If
    it catches them, they'll probably die.  The activation time for this trap
    means that you will probably want to use a wind gen to push agents onto it
    from a fairly long distance (say, a 7-9 length corridor) since it's 
    possible to drag an agent past it entirely if there's a gap past it.

    From +Sir Apropos of Nothing: This involves traps that are 2 or more 
    spaces wide, and is best used in a long hallway.  I'll use the saw blades 
    as an example.  Set 2 side by side, place a motion detector, and then 
    another set of saw blades side by side.  Link all the blades to the 
    sensor.  When the traps are set off, the victim is usually already 
    standing over it!  (Or under it if it's a gas trap.)  Lord knows, I've 
    killed dozens of defenseless maids this way.  =)

  Piranha Tank / Satan's Chimney - Both of these are pit traps.  They're 
    basically a trap door that gets unlocked when activated.  If an agent is
    pulled/pushed past it or onto it, it opens and drops the agent in.  Agents
    can survive it, but will be very low on health if they do, and will 
    probably try to escape the island.
  Pit Punisher - It does less damage than Satan's Chimney, but tosses the 
    agent 6 squares away from it in a random direction when it's done.  You
    can try to have it toss the agent onto another pit trap or a pressure pad
    for a combo, though the random-direction is a kicker.  It also has a short
    period of time during which it can catch an agent (when they first step on
    it, and then about 1 second after that), then a really long animation time
    during which it can be walked over.
  Bees - There's a bee type for every stat the agent has, like gas traps.  When
    activated, the beehive will open and the bees will start looking for the
    nearest target.  If they see one in range (looks like about a 5-square
    range, and they can't see through buildings or walls), they'll head for it
    to attack.  They don't discriminate enemy vs. minion either.  They can 
    completely drain the stat of the enemy given time, but can be outrun.  If
    someone manages to lose them, they'll seek for the nearest target again.
  Venus Man-Trap - This thing has an incredibly long activation time, only
    hits one agent, and then has a long time before it can be used again.  It
    must also be activated by a sensor before it'll attack.  When activated,
    a single agent is drawn to stand in front of it, then it attacks and 
    lowers their endurance stat.  Build one anyway so you can research it for
    the piranha tank trap.  They also look cool.
  ElectroShock Cannon Trap - This also has a long activation time; enough for
    an agent to walk 3-4 squares from where they tripped the sensor.  Once
    activated, it fries all agents within 3 squares of it, then has to 
    recharge.  Agents that aren't within 3 squares when it's ready will not
    be affected, even if they walk into range while it's still running.  If 
    you use one, it's a good idea to offset it from the corridor about 1-3
    squares ahead of the sensor area.  It's high heat rating means that 
    agents will likely attack it on sight, flushing 24k down the drain.  You
    can entice agents to hang around it by putting a Do-Not-Press or Money
    Madness trap next to it, that'll get agents to walk over to it and stand
    there long enough to get fried hopefully.
  Explosive Trees - Thankfully, the tree itself isn't explosive, it's just a 
    launcher that tosses out grenades, setting off huge explosions within a 3
    square radius of the tree.  The delay between sensor trip and detonation is
    enough for an agent to walk up to 5 squares.

  These non-lethal traps work OK in a base, if you put them near the
    entrance of your base, they'll weaken enemies & eat up a little of their
    time, so they won't notice anything amiss further in and give you a better
    chance to react to them.

  Confusing Pop-Up - This "police trainer" cardboard cut-out will pop up when
    activated (it faces the 'arrows' side).  Agents will shoot it and lose a
    little smarts.  I think it's biggest benefit is it stops agents in front of
    it, and can be used to briefly cut off the corridor.  A sideways-blasting
    Prometheus trap can nail the confused agent.  It's smarts-drain affects
    anyone nearby.
  Do-Not-Press - This is unfortunately a trap, not a sensor.  =(  At any rate,
    once activated (say, by a pressure sensor placed in front of it or motion
    detector next to it), it will open up in the direction of the arrows on 
    it's front.  Agents tend to pause at it, then push the button, draining
    their attention stat; it can drop it as low as 1 in one shot.  It opens
    up VERY quickly, you can place it right next to a pressure pad.
  Money Madness - This drains loyalty; if your own minions set it off, they'll
    desert.  Interestingly, there's an Island 1 outdoor version of this trap 
    (it looks like a cactus) even though you can't ever get it without 
    cheating.  The tools you need to research it aren't available till
    Island 2.  An agent drained of loyalty acts like a tourist for a while.  
    Since you have more to lose than the agents, I recommend not using this.
  Misdirection - Drains attention.  These are great to dot the island with
    attached to motion detectors.  Agents with drained attention won't be
    noticing much in your base.  Goes outside only.
  Damned Damsel - Drains smarts.  Also only goes outside.  It's a big help
    since the only other way to put smarts-draining traps outside is to put
    a confusing pop-up in a topside shack.  Feel free to dot these everywhere
    and convert any shacks that had pop-ups into something else.

  [Monkey-in-a-box] - This trap supposedly exists, but it looks like the 
    research path for it is broken.  If you cheat to get it, it acts like a
    bees trap; a monkey comes out, an agent will stop and look at it for a 
    while, then it zaps them to drain their attention (not loyalty like it
    says in the description).  It seeks for the nearest target to attack
    and can attack your minions if they're in range when it's done with
    whoever was closest.

    UPDATE: Check 'ADVANCED TWEAKING' section for how to fix this.

  No agents will die from a single trap.  If you want to kill agents in the
  beginning you need to make sure they'll get hit with a bunch of traps, or
  get hit several times with the same one.  A labyrinth is one of the most
  reliable ways to do it.


 Your security system needs at least 3 things to be any good.  You need a 
 security center in the armory, it needs to be staffed by a minion (a time 
 clock in your armory will accomplish this).  Then you need a camera to detect
 tagged intruders.  Then you need a speaker.  The camera will spot the 
 intruder and alert all the loudspeakers.  Minions in range of the loudspeakers
 will run to the area where the intruder was.

  Minions do not trigger the security system when they spot an intruder, only
  the cameras will.  It helps to recess the camera slightly from the corridor 
  (build a 1x2 or 2x2 corridor off to the side of your main corridor and place
  a camera at the  end of it.  Otherwise, the agents can walk past it along 
  the wall.

  Outdoor cameras are helpful for when you tag tourists for weakening.  Valets
  will respond to a deranged tourist and calm them down.

  You can have multiple security camera systems.  Right-click a camera to put 
  it on a system, if it's on 'X', it's not on any system at all and is being 
  useless.  Multiple systems is great on the second island since it's so huge;
  you don't want your entire base emptying out to catch one guy caught on the
  far side of the island.

  From Chris Biberstein:

  Security Tip: Some argue that you should keep cameras basically inside, I 
  like to have a comprehensive camera network near the entrance to my base. 
  This basically keeps the bulk of my social minions near the entrance, where 
  I'd like them to be. With this, even Super agents, are a lot easier - 
  sometimes, agents will b comatose, and literally have 2 or 3 social minions
  ready to weaken again, the minute they normalize.

  Remember to turn off weaken tags once in a while - it seems your minions 
  will typically continue to weaken agents even when they've been trying to 
  head back to HQ.



  Everyone wants different things from a game like this.  Some people like to
  spend all their time on the island dealing with invaders, sending out your
  henchmen and keeping a steady stream of torturing enemies.

  Personally, I don't want to spend all my time tagging agents and constantly
  scoping out my island for intruders.  That's why I'm presenting my tips for
  designing a base that can run itself pretty well without micro-management.

  This isn't a 'design your base exactly this way' section, more like a set of
  features you can incorporate into your base to make it more secure.

  Basic tools:
  - The door.  Heavy, Field Barrier & Camo doors are just upgraded versions of
    the basic door and share the same weaknesses.  It would be nice if doors 
    would reliably keep people out, but agents can break in (soldier agents 
    will just destroy it) and take advantage of a time when the door is open
    for a minion using it to walk through at the same time.  A single door 
    isn't going to cut it for keeping people out.  It's nearly useless to put
    an uber door like Field Barrier in a high-traffic area.  You won't get the
    benefit of the lock-pick resistance since agents will just follow in the
    next minion.  Better uses for them are low-access rooms; your stronghold,
    power room and any fake entrances you have outside.  Your infirmary and
    armory + security desk might benefit from an expensive door if you've got
    them at the front of your base.  Field barrier in particular sucks up
    more power than 3 regular doors combined.

  - Traps.  Traps are good because they usually discriminate agent from minion
    without intervention on your part.  See the trap section for more details 
    on this.  Keep in mind that lethal traps affecting a wide area are very
    dangerous to put in a heavily-trafficked area of your base.  Traps that
    drain smarts or attention are safe, since a minion drained of these will
    be escorted to recover by a valet, but an agent will just stand there till
    their time to leave runs out.

  - The cover operation. 

    The concept here is that it's not necessarily a bad thing to have an agent
    poking around your base.  If an agent spends all their time on the island 
    and never finds/sees anything that has a heat rating, they'll go home and
    tell their agency that everything's fine and LOWER your heat level.  You
    can accomplish this by breaking your base up into two sections; inner and
    outer and having the outer base filled with harmless stuff.

    Outside your base, a bunch of topside shacks dotted around, each with a
    door on them will attract the agents interest before they even get to your
    base.  The agent & his buddies will stand around while one of them tries to
    break in, then see there's nothing inside.  A topside shack can waste a
    minute of time before they even make it as far as your base entrance.

    Inside your base, make the part closest to the entrance(s) be filled with
    0-heat rooms: Barracks, Staff Rooms, Archives (without the bookcase or
    brain sucker machines), Infirmary (without x-ray or autosurgeon), armory
    (with a security desk ONLY) or Mess Hall without a mixer.

    Put these in any order or configuration you like.  Put basic standard doors
    on all of them (anything higher is a waste since agents will just slip in
    the next time a minion goes to the room).  If the room is small, you may
    consider putting a dead-end corridor in the back of it to give agents a
    reason to enter and waste more time in it.

    If an agent slips in to the outer base, don't even bother tagging them.  
    Let them poke around and odds are they'll never even find your inner base.

    You DO need to sweep your outer base and any topside shacks after every
    loot mission you do; all loot pieces generate heat, and many will get 
    stored in your barracks, staff room, etc.. automatically after the mission
    unless you specify otherwise.

  - The single entrance

    Keeping an eye on one place is a lot easier than two.  However many 
    entrances you have on your base, a single pathway into the INNER base is a
    big help when trying to see if any agents have made it in.  There's 
    nothing wrong with having multiple entrances from the outside into your
    outer base; it helps your minions get to the docks & helipad faster.  

  - The branching corridor

    When agents come to a branching corridor, they have to decide which way 
    they want to go.  A section of pointless/redundant corridor that connects 
    in to the main corridor in your outer base will make tie up agents for a
    while.  For this reason, the single entrance to the rest of your base can
    also start as a branching corridor out of the middle of your outer base.

    Half the agents won't even go in, preferring to go check out the other 
    harmless rooms till their time runs out.

  - The S-Bend

    An S-Bend pipe in your sink is there to keep insects and bad smells from
    coming up out of the sewer into your house.  An S-Bend corridor in your
    base serves the same purpose.  When you get to an area that you want 
    agents to be tied up in for a while (good places are where your armory/
    freezer connects to your inner base, the corridor between the inner and
    outer base, etc...).  At each corner of the 'S', put a camera facing the
    way agents have to come in from (this is facing backward if you connect
    it to your armory, since you want to see agents breaking out of it) as
    well as doors in the middle of the 'S'.  Agents that break in past the
    first door often see a corridor with just another door at the end and
    give up.

    Agents can get tied up in here for a while, so if your attention gets
    drawn to another part of the island or the world map, you won't come
    back to find the agents are swarming your base.  You can safely tag an
    agent still in the S-Bend for weakening (just make sure they don't have
    any red in the circle under them when you click them; if they do, you
    need to capture or kill them).  Agents tagged for weakening will be
    escorted out, and since the corridor has cameras and minions constantly
    walking through, they'll be apprehended & booted before they make it
    any further.

  - Reduced traffic

    The goal here is to reduce the number of minions that use the corridors
    connecting inner & outer base.  This will force agents who are trying to
    get in to waste a lot more time.

    Accomplish this by putting a second set of recovery rooms; barracks,
    staff room, mess hall, etc.. inside the inner base.  They don't have to
    be large. The main rooms in the outer base will be used by minions
    coming in from outside.  A small barracks with multi-gym and beds/cryo
    pods, large mess hall with mixers & uber loot, mini staff room with TV, 
    infirmary with auto-surgeon are all good.

  - The pointless level-4 door

    A door set to security level 4 can only be entered by your avatar or
    henchmen, and if it has room to either side of it will be guarded by
    your henchmen or guards.  Most agents aren't smart enough to NOT try
    to break in while the guard is standing there, and this will get them
    automatically tagged for capture.  A 2x2 room or corridor off to the
    side of the entrance into your inner base will catch a large number 
    of enemies.  When you hear 'Intruder tagged for capture' while you're
    doing someone else, you know an agent tried to break in. 

    If you put a security camera covering the door, on a network that alerts
    other minions in the inner base, you'll even capture them automatically.

    You should check when you hear the warning though; most agents come in
    pairs or sets, and the agent's buddy may not have joined the fight when
    your other minions all jumped the idiot who got himself tagged.
  - Tantalizing bait

    'Burglary in progress' is a pretty clear warning that a burglar/thief has
    gotten into your base.  Since these are the stealthiest and most likely
    to sneak through security, why not put some bait out for them?  I make
    my stronghold the first room of the inner base, and then put a weak loot
    item in the corridor after that.

    Pause when you hear the burglary and go check; agents aren't smart enough
    to restrain themselves till a time when the corridor isn't filled with 50
    minions.  Just tag them for termination or capture and they should 
    immediately get pummeled senseless, your loot/gold recovered and the 
    problem solved.

  - The labyrinth

    This is detailed in the 'Traps' section, but it's basically a fake base
    that uses some unused part of the mountain to house a series of corridors
    and traps, all with a Level-3 door on it.  This doesn't have to be much;
    a few corridors connecting up 2 doors does it nicely.  

    You can also turn a section of pointless branching corridor into a 

  - Secure armories

    Armories are a risk if you can't get to them right away.  Agents can break
    out of them.  If they do, they'll set free any nearby agents in holding
    cells or free people they see being tortured.  Attempting to interrogate
    two agents on chairs in the same room seems risky too.

    Do NOT put a security speaker in the armory.  The last thing you want is
    the minion assigned to take an agent for interrogation ditching them to
    run to the front of your base.  Putting 2-4 cells in a room with a security
    camera watching is a good idea; agents that break out will still have their
    capture tag, so someone will come running back to nab them.  DONT put the
    security desk in the same room as the cells; you probably don't want the
    guy staffing it to stop and chase prisoners.  I like to connect my freezer
    to the armory and put them both past a short S-bend.  

  - The no-door entrance [From Florestan Trément]
    I found that all agents love doors like flies like honey. You can easily
    use this at your advantage and lead them wherever you want in your base.

    First create a door at your base entrance, to limit the tourists access.
    Then make a corridor in such a way that the first thing they see after
    entering is a door leading to nowhere or another and another and another
    door, a cash trap room, or wherever you want them to go. Build nothing
    useful behind this door, and none of your minions will open the way and
    disable traps for the enemy. Make sure no other door than this one can be
    seen when entering the base, they could prefer the next to this one.

  - The Treasury Room [From Rudy Marchant]

    In the center of my base i build a very large room (corridor tiles) in 
    which I put all the loot items. The room functions as a sort of centralized
    overblown corridor as all the rooms, which are most occupied by minions
    (mess hall, staff room, barracks,...), are directly connected to it. Some
    tiles in the "treasury room" are reserved for an armory with only gun racks
    (in case of high emergency). Due to the central location of this "treasury
    room", the attention stats of my minions remain at high levels. The entire
    room is covered with security cameras and all directly-connected rooms are
    supplied with speakers. I also install some fire extinguishers.

  - The Dual Base Entrance [From Rudy Marchant]

    ... It basically consists of a single base entrance and 2 exit points into 
    the "treasury room". Exit point 1 is designed for my minions, exit point 2 
    for agents. By closing exit point 2 with a heavy door at secuity level 4, 
    my minions will avoid the heavily trapped maze (and use the safer and 
    shorter corridors) and agents will be automatically tagged for capture in 
    the event that they managed to avoid the traps in the maze and break into 
    the heavily populated and secured "treasury room" through exit point 2.

    I force the agents toward exit point 2 by building loads of T-junctions 
    with wind-traps (which either blow them at least toward the direction of 
    exit point 2 or... throws them in a sawblade trap.  No tagging required 
    and not even super agents manage to get past the "treasury room" (these 
    fellows DO manage to avoid the maze traps and therefore may require manual 
    tagging if they enter through exit point 1).

  - The Zoo [Tan Sheng Yi]

    I created something like a high security prison for all the superagents. 
    Each agent had a small room with a cell inside a level 3 field barrier 
    door. infront of the door are 2 pressure pads linked to endurance beehives. 
    (I placed laser trips right infront of the cell doors but they dont seem to
    work.  When the agents break out they do some kinda somersault andn bypass 
    them.)  I tagged and kept all 5 agents in my base for the whole game 
    without worryin about them walkin about the island.  This trap combo works 
    for Mamba and Jet.  For Katarina when she breaks out she wont try to 
    lockpick the doors she'll just shoot em, so I placed moko to monkey pound 
    and capture her (with level 3 door).  As for steele and dirk they'll just 
    escape and start placing C4s all over the place screwin up your hard work. 
    I placed 2 henchmen with each of them. to keep them in check.  Matron's 
    electro shock and Eli's head shot works well to re-capture them.  However 
    if you keep them long enough in your base, the agents might not blow stuff 
    up and just try to lock pick their way out (beehive works here).  Just 
    remember to wait for bees to clear up before sendin them back to cells.  
    Also make sure they can't access any other cells than the one you want.  
    Those meaty henchmen (Eg. Eli, Ivan and Moko) won't panic if attacked 
    by bees. 
  - The inescapable holding cell [From David Clouter]
    I have a silly tip for handling super agents; once they are in a holding
    cell, move another cell so that it blocks the entrance, forcing them to
    tunnel out (to outside the base). They soon get fed up, and "return to HQ"

  - The S-Bend (Lethal Version) [From Kenley Wade]
    The trap combo that I used, don't know if this has already been said to
    you lot of information to read and I'm trying not to read ahead of
    where I am in the game, is a four corner entrance with four sets of
    fans. For an example you enter your base make a left then 2 rights
    and another left to get in the base. At each turn I have 2 fans
    covering the hall and initially the sensor pads located at the third
    set and the fourth set incase the roll past the first 2. Link them
    all together so that when it starts everyone in the hallway goes
    through the spiral slamming against the wall in the end. Most of the
    time the agents will run off if they don't die first some times they
    get in the base, but only after taking a beating and then become much
    easier to kill. I have watched this work on a whole group of soldiers
    and eventually they ran off a few short. Later you can add a fire
    trap, gas trap or the saw blades to do even more damage.

You don't have to use all these ideas or develop them fully.  One setup of mine 
on the second island has two entrances (with disguised doors) into the outer 
base, two rooms off of the main outer-base corridor, each connecting to two 
more harmless rooms in the back of them.  Then there's an S-Bend corridor in 
the middle of all this that leads to my main base.  A few hotels & topside 
shacks are dotted around the island.  Less than 10% of the agents even make it
into the S-bend, and less than 1% makes it as far as the tantalizing loot.


  Torture does more than just give you a good hearty evil laugh.  You can
  torture special NPCs ("Trainers") that you capture on the world map to turn
  a worker into an advanced class.  You'll need to do this at least once for
  each advanced class before you can get more through training.  

  Any minions that are nearby a torture session will regain their loyalty. 
  This is the main reason that bookcases and the mess hall mixer are useful;
  minions will be hanging out in the mess hall & archives anyway, so they'll
  get a large benefit from being near a torture session.

  There's no benefit to torturing generic agents in a tiny room with no-one
  watching (except for one specific objective where you can get doomsday info),
  so don't go nuts building lots of interrogation chairs.
  A 'lethal' torture device is one that drains health damage, non-super agents
  will die if this is used on them.  Super-agents may automatically break free
  if you try.  When an agent is in a holding cell, right click them, LEFT click
  the icon with two guys on it, then RIGHT click the torture device.

  It seems like every time I order a super-agent to get sent for lethal 
  interrogation, they immediately break out of their cell and start trashing 
  the place.  Other people report being able to use lethal interrogation all
  the time, and it leaves the super-agent unconscious & ready for re-tagging.

  ALL interrogation devices are lethal when used on a trainer, and will result
  in the interrogating minion turning into an advanced class.

  Lethal torture devices:
    Armory  : Interrogation Chair
    Archives: Bookcase
    Lab     : Laser (pretty fast), Impact Stress, Enviro Chamber

  Nonlethal devices will drain an agent's smarts or attention.  When it hits 0
    they'll just stand around stupidly.  A social minion will escort them out
    of your base.  [From Lance Druger]

    Mess Hall: Mixer - slowest method of draining smarts
    Lab      : Biotanks - drains smarts very quickly
    Archives : Brainiac or Brainwasher drains smarts, the Washer is faster

    Lab      : AI computer, Centrifuge and Greenhouse drain attention, 
               greenhouse is the fastest.
    Training : The marksman shooting range drains attention the slowest


Select a henchman, then hit ENTER to see their stats, or give them new 
abilities when they've earned them.  Some henchmen (including the one you start
with) don't have their special abilities when you get them.  They can gain 
experience by killing agents or participating in missions.  All henchmen have 
three 'Lives'.  They can be K/Od unlimited times by generic enemies or die on 
the world map, but they lose a life when they're killed by a super-agent.  
After being killed 3 times by super-agents, they're permanently dead.


XP per kill is somewhat complicated, but you can calculate the XP gained 
with this chart: 

 Value  Rating       Country   Agent Type
  -10                SMASH     
   -5                ANVIL
    0                SABRE
    5   Pathetic     HAMMER    Investigator
   10   Poor         PATRIOT   Agent
   15   Good                   Burglar
   20   Exceptional            Thief
   25                          Infiltrator
   30                          Saboteur
   35                          Soldier
   40                          Veteran

Add up the numbers for the rating, country & type to get how much xp killing 
that agent will be worth.  You get 0 for killing a pathetic SMASH investigator
and 70 for whacking an Exceptional PATRIOT Veteran.  For knocking out a 
super-agent, you get:

  125 for Frostonova - 200 for Mamba - 240 for Chan - 300 for Masters or Steele

Missions are more consistent XP;

Risk 0-2 missions: 25 xp
Risk 3-5 missions: 50 xp
Risk 6+ missions:  75 xp

They get 100 xp for participating in an uber-loot mission, or the three world
map missions that are part of defeating the super-agents.

The 'crates' missions are 0-risk and very fast.  If you have any henchmen that
don't have all their skills, send them along to these.  They will attempt them
over and over again till you tell them to hide or they die (they'll also rack 
up tons of notoriety too)

Since you can't attack or defend your base yourself, you rely on your henchmen
to do it.  You can control them, use their special abilities and attack or 
capture anything you want through them.  They also act as guards, scientists
and social minions when sent to the map, often all three at once.  That said,
the biggest threats to your plans are super agents and the squads of 
soldiers/veterans the alliances send after you when you piss them off.  The 
better a henchman can help you deal with those threats, the better their 
rating here.


  This trick is about as cheap as it gets.  If you have Kane with his over-
  powered 'Smooth Operator' ability, it makes an agent pause so Kane can run
  up to them and use it.  Capture any super-agent, send the henchman you want
  to level to the armory next to their cell.  Use 'Free the prisoner', then
  when they step out, immediately slap 'Smooth Operator' on them and beat them
  to a pulp with the henchman you want to get XP.  Issue capture tag, rinse,
  repeat.  If you want even faster XP, use the Matron's 'Motherly Love' on 
  Kane so Smooth Operator refreshes faster.


  Stealing & Plotting rates are compared to the basic Worker.  All henchmen can
  'raise the level of info in the region' == act like a control panel, and all
  henchmen 'protect allies in battle', but this ability is so weak for most of
  them (1% lower chance) that you'll never see it.  I won't even mention these
  abilities for most henchmen.  Basically, don't send a henchman along to a 
  mission to help; send them to a mission to gain experience and use your other
  generic minions to help instead.

  Rating: D
  Ability 1: Feral Roar -- Alert all minions in range to tagged enemies
  Ability 2: Monkey Pound -- Stun everyone in range
  Available at: 175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2, 400

  'Feral Roar' is just an upgraded 'summon minions', so he basically has a 
  wasted skill right there.  Monkey pound is most helpful when he's alone,
  and that's not saying much.  He's a strong attacker though;

  "For all intensive purposes is a meat tank with a hefty 120 health.
  This means that he can afford to wade into groups of agents and have a
  good chance of remaining conscious long enough to crack some skulls.  Roar
  is only questionably useful as an ability, but Monkey Pound is worth its
  experience: Mariana Mamba and Jet Chan can't do much lying flat on their
  asses, and if they get hit by it they stay down for a long time.  The only
  downside is that you'll knock your own minions down, but they should
  survive if they're fairly healthy."

  [Thanks Reed Brooks!]

  Steals 50% better, can't plot, is the only henchman to have any noticeable
  impact on keeping minions from dying.  Generates lots of heat.

  Rating: A
  Ability 1: Wind Walk  -- Teleport to any location
  Ability 2: Eviscerate -- Single target mega-damage
  Available at: 225 Notoriety [Max starts with him], 360 + Island 2
  Jubei starts out strong, and with his teleport ability will be able to 
  instantly jump to a trouble spot on the map at your command.  He can take 
  out a full squad of any non-soldiers on his own.  If he tries to solo fight 
  any enemies with guns, they'll split up and mow him down while he tries to 
  attack them one by one.

  He's great against thieves & burglars, and for protecting your avatar in an
  emergency.  He can solo a super-agent if you teleport him on top and use
  Eviscerate first.  Otherwise, his attacks do high damage, but he's pretty
  slow with them.

  Steals at 2.5x, plots at 2x.

Eli Barracuda
  Rating: B
  Ability 1: Super Headshot -- Mega ranged damage
  Ability 2: Ghetto Posse -- Entice agents to dance with Eli
  Available at: 225 notoriety [Alexis starts with him],  360 + Island 2

  Ranged attackers are always handy, and Eli, Ivan and Monty are it.  His 
  special ability is good for taking out a running enemy.  Of the three
  starting henchmen, he gets a 'B' because he's the only one that can't
  solo a super-agent or instantly react to a threat to you.

  Steals at 10x, the best in the game.  Plots at 2x.

Red Ivan
  Rating: C
  Ability 1: Cossack Dance -- Massive area-effect damage around Ivan
  Ability 2: Minefield -- Lay down a trap 
  Available at: 75,175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2, 400

  Red Ivan is a hazard.  His regular attacks consist of lobbing grenades and 
  firing a rocket launcher at the enemies he fights.  Both of these cause 
  huge explosions.

  While this is good for taking out a squad of enemies, he'll cheerfully use 
  this to take out enemies in your base, your hotel, or enemies 5 feet away 
  from him that your other minions are fighting.  This often results in you 
  having to rebuild your hotel, or replacing a bunch of guards or workers 
  that died from collateral damage.

  I find that getting him means you have to micro-manage every attack on your 
  base.  If you don't mind this, then Ivan is great for taking out those pesky
  squads of soldiers with rifles.  They bunch up and he nukes them from a 
  distance.  He'll still probably get killed unless you nuke a couple times,
  then have him run away and send in someone else to finish the job.

  Definitely not recommended for your first run through the game.

  This strategy for containing Ivan till you need him comes from the message
  boards: Build a topside shack or 2x2 room with a level 3 door.  Put him in
  it.  It seems he won't leave unless ordered to.  Just remember to send him
  back when you're done blowing up the good guys.

  Steals at 2.5x, same as Jubei.  Can somehow plot better than Jubei, at 3x
  the speed of a worker.

  Rating: B
  Ability 1: Voodoo Puppetry -- Make agents attack each other
  Ability 2: Voodoo Mind Fog -- Make agents forget what they've seen and leave
  Available at: 175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2, 400

  Monty's mind fog is nifty, and he's a good fighter too.  Tag a super-agent 
  for weakening, then hit them with Mind Fog; be careful though, if it fails 
  they'll attack and probably kill him.  You'll be glad every time it works 
  and gets rid of a super-agent right as soon as they land on the island.

  To get rid of a squad of agents; (From Mike Lively): "Just target the first 
  person in the squad, all other guys are providing backup).  Use mind fog on 
  the head guy, this will have him leave the island.  When the leader of the 
  squad leaves the island, all the other guys are still providing backup and 
  follow him back home.  When I was using it, it worked 9 our of 10 times."

  Monty's attack is ranged (he stabs a voodoo doll to hurt the agent), but it's
  not as powerful as Eli's guns.  Monty will get cremated if there's more than
  1-2 agents to fight solo, especially if they have guns.  Don't even think of 
  trying to use Puppetry on hostiles that are attacking you.  It makes a better
  stealth attack on agents that are sneaking around.

  [Thanks Lance Druger for pointing out that Monty's not a hand-to-hand guy]
  Montezuma will sometimes become posessed by spirits after a fight and will
  regenerate health extremely quickly(all of his health will be restored in 
  10-15 seconds). [Michael C]

  Steals at 2x, plots at 4x; same as a technician.

The Matron
  Rating: A
  Ability 1: Motherly Love -- Recharge another henchman's special abilities
  Ability 2: Electro-Shock treatment -- Proximity Enemy-only high damage
  Available at: 75,175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2, 400
  Okay, the Matron just rocks.  If you see a bunch of soldiers that won't shoot
  first, or a bunch of enemies at your front door, send the Matron to give them
  some Electro-Shock treatment.  It's nasty stuff.  You can also use her to
  replenish someone else's special ability, like refreshing Monty's mind fog or
  Jubei's ghost walk...  She also has some of the funniest lines she'll scream
  when commanded to kill or capture.

  She steals 50% better, plots at 5x, is the best in the game at covering up
  the heat from other minions; she can cover 3 workers or one high heat unit on
  her own.  Due to a possible bug though, she INCREASES the time it takes to
  do a mission by 10% AND raises the heat from one by 30%.  You can counter 
  these effects by sending other minions to the mission, but if you're going to
  do that, you may as well leave her at home.

Lord Kane
  Rating: A
  Ability 1: Psychic Terror -- Area effect: Panic agents.
  Ability 2: Smooth Operator -- Cause agent to lose all heat
  Available at: 225 notoriety [Shen Yu starts with him],  360 + Island 2

  Lord Kane works very well, especially against super agents to make them
  forget what they've seen and his fear gaze can cause panic attacks and makes
  super agents beg while minions attack them.  One oddity lord Kane can attack
  them while they are pleading for their lives (on their knees), but must be
  manually commanded to do so.

  [From Lance Druger]

  Smooth operator makes whoever you use it on stop and wait while Kane runs up
  to them to use it.  In the meantime, the target is completely vulnerable to
  other attacks.  This is probably a bug.  Psychic terror is great on groups of
  soldiers; it makes them all stop fighting, beg for mercy, then run around
  like panicked tourists.

  Kane can steal at 4x (better than any minion), plot at 8x (almost as good as 
  a biochemist!) and generates NO heat on his own.

The Butcher
  Rating: C
  Ability 1: Facade of Normalcy -- Lets him approach hostile targets
  Ability 2: Terror Tactics -- Nearby minions ignore low stats and fight
  Available at: 175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2, 400

  Well... this guy is one vicious cuisinart of a henchman.  His attacks are
  brutal and fast, though all are melee-range.  The Facade lets him get up
  close to enemies that might otherwise attack on sight, like an agent or
  group of soldiers.  Other than his melee skills though, his special 
  abilities aren't much to write home about.  If you're dying to turn the
  agents into mush, and don't want the indiscriminate destruction of Ivan,
  he's a good choice.

  The butcher steals at the same rate as a worker, plots at 7x (better than a
  scientist).  He generates only as much heat as a worker, but if sent on a
  mission he INCREASES the time to complete it by 10% (you can counter that 
  with a technician or better science minion)
The Great Mesmero
  Rating: B
  Ability 1: Telepathic Mind Control -- Take control of agent
  Ability 2: Willpower Drain -- Saps loyalty/health or endurance of agents
  Available at: 300 notoriety on Island 2

  This is the last henchman available, and all his abilities take forever to
  get (1100 for Mind Control, 600 for Willpower).  Of the two, you should
  definitely get Willpower Drain first, since it's the most powerful.  Mind
  Control is a fun toy later.
  Telepathic Mind Control fails a lot.  When it succeeds, Mesmero will stand
  there without moving till the agent breaks control or dies.  The agent will
  get a green circle under their feet, letting you click on them... you can
  make them move anywhere or attack anything by right-clicking.  In addition
  to agents, you can also control Freaks created in your biotanks.  Aside from
  the fun of making Dirk Masters attack John Steele, this is an example where 
  his Willpower drain ability is the most powerful one he has, by far.  Keep
  in mind that if you control freaks, they can't go through level-2+ doors.

  From Doopel:

  "If you tag a group of agents for death and then do Willpower Drain on them 
  it will drain the health of all of the agents instead of loyalty. After doing
  so all of the agents will be left with about 8 health and you can kill them 
  all with Mesmero."

  I tested this, and it rocks!  This turns a semi-weak ability into a massive
  death-wave.  The type of drain that gets activated depends on the tag on the
  agent at the time he activates the ability.  If they were tagged for capture,
  all nearby agents tagged for capture will have their endurance reduced 
  nearly to 0.  If you gave them the kill tag, all agents tagged for death
  nearby will have health reduced instead.  If they have no tag, all untagged
  agents nearby will have loyalty reduced to nothing.  Plus they'll just stand
  there while he does it instead of attacking him.

  Mesmero steals at 3.5x (same as the best top-tier minion), plots at 5x and
  can cover the heat from a single worker on his own.  He increases the time
  to complete a mission by 5%, and raises the heat by 20%.

Dr Neurocide
  Rating: D
  Ability 1: Hallucinogen Powder -- Temp. Reduces heat of items in area
  Ability 2: Poisonous Perfume -- Area-effect endurance drain
  Available at: 75,175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2

  She and Jubei will hang out together.  Her special abilities mostly suck.
  From Maniacal_Matt: "[Poisonous Perfume] knocks agents out.  This is 
  great, because you can just tag them to be captured.  It even works with 
  super agents.  I really don't like her much, though."

  From Calyth: Dr. Neurocide isn't entirely useless.  Her hand to hand combat 
  isn't too bad. She can knock some soldiers around before she gets KOed. But 
  the Hallocengenic Powder comes in handy when you need to research the sentry 
  guns. Walk up to it, use it, and it goes away only when the hallocengenic 
  powder recharges. So you just watch until she's almos replenished, run out, 
  redo the power until the science minions get a clue. They'll research it 
  under that state, while you don't have tourists panicking or agents 
  shooting it.

  She steals at 3x, plots at 10x (same as a quantum physicist) and raises the
  time to complete a mission by 20%.  I never pick her anymore.

*BONUS* Colonel Blackheart

  Colonel Blackheart is a "bonus" 11th henchman that you got if you ordered the
  pre-release version of Evil Genius.  Since I don't have it, all this info
  comes from Johann67:

  Patch to enable Colonel Blackheart in the regular version of EG:

  Rating: B
  Ability 1: Mantraps -- Lay traps on the ground, only 1 set at a time
  Ability 2: Pendragon -- Launch the monkey at enemies
  Available at: 75,175 notoriety, 300 notoriety on Island 2 
  He is a fairly hard hitter that can take out most agents with a
  single shot of his blunderbus. Even in melee his damage is better than
  most.  He is a bit faster than you'd expect for someone with a metal rod for 
  a leg, but not as fast as, say, Jubei or Kane.  His specials are a bit 
  weaker, and cost 250 (mantraps) and 750 (pendragon) to unlock. They have 
  really nice animations, but are generally focused on delaying the enemy long 
  enough for him to shoot them. Of the two, mantraps seems to have the most 
  effect. He seems to be meant mostly as a base defender, so that's what I 
  generally use him for.  In my experience, he seems to hang out a lot with 
  Lord Kane, when he's not playing with his monkey, pendragon.

  Each of the 13 generic minion types have special abilities:
  [This section rewritten by TheOnyx]
  Workers - The basic unit from which all other units are trained. They
  are the only unit that will construct rooms and one of two that will
  construct furniture. The game gives workers a steal rating of 2, a
  plot rating of 1, a heat rating of 2 points, and a 45% chance of death
  during AOIs.
  For purposes of easy comparison, the steal/plot/heat ratings of the
  rest of the minions will simply be in comparison to the worker.
  MILITARY MINIONS: These minion types are the best at stealing money.
  They also serve to protect other minions during AOIs. These minions,
  along with workers, will be the ones to respond when you tag an agent
  for kill or capture.
  It does not seem possible to reduce the chance-of-dying to 0%.  It may
  not be possible to reduce it below 50% of it's original value, but
  insufficient data is available to be certain.
  Guard - Steals at 2x, plots at 1x, generates 4x the heat of a worker.
  They have a 30% chance of dying on a mission and decrease the chance
  of other minions dying by 2%.
  Mercenary - Steals at 3x, plots at 2x, generates 3x the heat of a
  worker. They have a 30% chance of dying on a mission and decrease the
  chance of other minions dying by 4%.
  Marksman - Steals at 3.5x, plots at 3x, generates 4x the heat of a
  worker. They have a 20% chance of dying on a mission and decrease the
  chance of other minions dying by 3%. These minions are the best choice
  for stealing, as they steal as well as a Martial Artist, but generate
  less heat.
  Martial Artist - Steals at 3.5x, plots at 2x, generates 5x the heat of
  a worker. They have a 20% chance of dying on a mission and are the
  best at protecting other minions, decreasing the chance of their death
  by 5%.

  SCIENCE MINIONS: These minion types are the best at plotting on the
  world map and can increase the information level of the region they
  are in. They also serve to decrease the time it takes to complete an
  AOIs, up to a maximum of 50%. When doing research, certain types of 
  research will require the expertise of specific scientific minions.
  Technician - The only minion type that can repair damaged objects in
  your base. Steals at 1x, plots at 4x, generates 1.5x the heat of a
  worker. They have a 35% chance of dying on a mission. Technicians
  decrease the time it takes to complete an AOI by 10% and increase the
  information level of a region by 10%.

  Scientist - Steals ar 1.5x, plots at 6x, generates 2.5x the heat of a 
  worker. They have a 40% chance of dying on a mission. Scientists
  decrease the time it takes to complete an AOI by 20% and increase the
  information level of a region by 15%.
  Biochemist - Steals at 2x, plots at 9x, generates 3x the heat of a
  worker. They have a 40% chance of dying on a mission. Biochemists are
  the best at decreasing the time it takes to complete an AOI,
  decreasing it by 40%, and increase the information level of a region
  by 20%.
  Quantum Physicist - Steals at 2.5x, plots the best of all minions at
  10x, generates 2.5x the heat of a worker. They have a 60% chance of
  dying on a mission (the worst of all minions). Quantum Physicist
  decrease the time it takes to complete an AOI by 30% and increase the
  information level of a region by 20%.

  SOCIAL MINIONS: These minions will be the ones to respond when you tag
  an agent for psychological weakening. They also serve to decrease the
  heat gained from completing an AOI (up to 50%) and also cover some
  heat generated by other minion types on the world map. All social
  minions have a 35% chance of death during missions. NOTE: These
  minions generate heat.
  Valet - Along with the worker, these minions will help construct
  furniture you order. They also will escort any of your dazed or
  unconscious minions to the nearest recovery room. Valets are the only
  minion type that will extinguish fires with fire extinguishers. When
  an agent is tagged for weakening, Valets will decrease the agent's
  attention stat. They cannot steal or plot, and generate the same
  amount of heat as a worker. They decrease the heat gained from an AOI
  by 10% and can cover 3 heat points (the equivalent of 1.5 workers)
  generated by other minions in a region.
  Spindoctor - When an agent is tagged for weakening, Spindoctors
  decrease the agent's smarts stat. They cannot steal or plot, and
  generate 1.5x the heat of a worker. They decrease the heat gained from
  an AOI by 20% and can cover 5 heat points (the equivalent of 2.5
  workers) generated by other minions in a region.
  Diplomat - When an agent is tagged for weakening, Diplomats decrease
  the agent's loyalty stat. They cannot steal or plot, and generate 1.5x
  the heat of a worker. They decrease the heat gained from an AOI by 30%
  and are the best at covering heat generated by other minions in a
  region with 8 heat points covered (the equivalent of 4 workers) .
  Playboy - When an agent is tagged for weakening, Playboys decrease the
  agent's attention, smarts, and loyalty stats, but to a lesser degree
  than the other social minions. They steal at the same rate as a
  worker, cannot plot, and generate 1.5x the heat of a worker. Playboys
  are the best at decreasing heat gained by AOIs, with a 40% decrease,
  and can cover 7 heat points (the equivalent of 3.5 workers) generated
  by other minions in a region.

  There's many varieties of generic agents:

  Investigator/Agents -> They'll photograph loot, go home and raise your heat
  Thieves/Burglars -> They'll attempt to steal valuable loot back
  Infiltrators/Saboteurs -> They'll try to destroy high-heat objects
  Soldiers/Veterans -> They'll start shooting, and they have rifles.  These 
    are the biggest threat.  Use henchmen with area attacks to disable them 
    long enough for your other minions to kill or capture them.  They'll 
    attack any object with any heat, and even social minions.

  For how much XP each is worth when killed, check the Henchmen section.

  But then there's 4 SUPER agents, your arch-nemeses.  When they first
  appear, you can't kill them.  You can slap a weaken tag on them and hope
  your valets will keep them occupied, or try to capture them and send them
  through the mixer.

  As you progress through the story on Island 2, you'll get the optional 
  objectives that will let you get rid of the super-agents permanently.   You
  can't get rid of John Steele till the very end of the game (during the 
  countdown), and you must have him imprisoned at the time to do so.

  To immediately neutralize a super-agent when they show up (A good idea with
  John Steele especially) is to either teleport Jubei on top of them and use
  Eviscerate, or use Lord Kane's 'Smooth Operator' on them; it will make them
  stand still so nearby minions can beat the pulp out of them after you tag
  them for capture.  Tag them for termination when you're trying to capture
  them; it gives your marksmen a chance to shoot them.  When they're 'dead',
  tag them for capture.  
  If you tell a death cell to kill them, they'll immediately escape.  If you
  torture them with a lethal device, they'll go unconscious at the end and
  you must re-tag them if you don't want them causing havoc when they wake up.

  [Thanks Darin Johnson]

  SMASH - Mariana Mamba ("Charlie's Angels") -- Appears at 130 notoriety
    She'll make your agents desert by talking to them.  And she'll try to steal
    stuff and take pictures.  Her elimination mission becomes available when
    you get to the 2nd island.  Torture her on an Exam table to finish her off.

  ANVIL - Jet Chan ( duhh... ) -- Appears at 180 notoriety
    This guy runs around blowing up stuff and killing non-social minions.  When
    his optional mission becomes available, Plot in Central Asia till you get
    the mission to kidnap his mentor.  Torture him on an interrogation chair,
    then capture Jet Chan & torture him with a Dojo.  The optional objective 
    for him becomes available shortly after you start Objective 7 (with the
    diplomats); just wait a while after this mission starts and Chan's optional
    objective will appear.

  HAMMER - Katerina Frostonova ("Ice Queen") -- Appears at 240 notoriety
    Her special ability lets her go invisible; during this time, she can't be
    attacked by minions or the target for any special abilities.  She's also
    hard to see, and probably doesn't trigger your security system.  I'd say
    she and Mariana are pretty much of a non-threat.  When her mission comes
    up, plot in Siberia till you get the mission to steal her teddy bear.  It
    will go to your training room once stolen (it's a gray version of the guard
    punching bag).  Torture her on it.

  PATRIOT - Dirk Masters ("Rambo") -- Appears at 290 notoriety
    This guy attacks like a pitbull on speed, with two machine guns.  Valets
    will get mowed down, so don't bother trying to weaken him.  Teleport Jubei
    on top of him, use Eviscerate, then send him through the mixer.  Once you
    get his mission, plot in Mid-West till you can raid his gym.  You'll get
    a 'US Agent Biosample' that automatically goes to your barracks.  Research
    it with the Biotanks, then when Rambo shows up again, capture him and dunk
    him in the Biotanks too.  Tons of fun. =)  WARNING: Make sure you don't
    have 3 freaks created when disposing of Dirk.

  SABRE - John Steele ("Bond") -- Appears at 340 notoriety
    This guy's very annoying.  He'll keep hacking your computers; your base
    will go on alert.  When it does, all your doors will drop to a '1' security 
    setting, so tourists will start wandering through your base.  He'll also 
    start fires.  Hit P to pause when you hear the alert, and fix at least the
    doors at the entrance of your base.  Fix them all after he leaves.  He'll
    shoot at henchmen.  You won't get an objective to eliminate him; if he's in
    a holding cell when you push the 'Launch' button, you'll trigger his 
    demise automatically.


  - Right click on your henchman to select them without zooming to them
  - Hit 'P' to pause the game so you can design in peace
  - Double-click an object or henchman to see their properties.  You can see
    an object's properties even before it's built, to see how much power it
    will consume.  
  - CTRL+Click an enemy to apply the tag to all their allies at the same time,
    even ones that are still landing/climbing onto your island.
  - Hold SHIFT when you place an item and it'll let you place another one 
    without having to select the option.
  - You'll get a bodyguard at 105 notoriety; they'll defend your avatar from
    attackers, but their health does not regenerate.  You get another at 365.
  - Demolishing a room inside your base returns it to pristine rock, like it
    was before you built it.
  - Despite the glossary entry about the 'demolish' tag, you do get cash
    back from destroying stuff: 90% of the purchase cost of the item!  
    Plus, destroying stuff is funny.  =)  If you're going to destroy a room,
    you don't have to destroy everything in it individually, you'll get the
    refund for everything that was in the room when it was destroyed.
  - You can't recall minions who are in the middle of their mission, but you 
    can click them all so they'll return as soon as it's over.
  - Handy keys:
    F5/F8 - Quick save/load
    Tab - Cycle through henchmen
    Ctrl+Number - Bookmark a location on the island
    Number key - Jump to bookmarked location
    F12 - Take a screenshot and save it to the 'DynamicResources' folder
  - Tag a minion who's deserting for capture.  After a short stint in a cell,
    they'll be happy to work for you again.  If you have a hard time catching
    them before they run away, keep double-clicking on them to make them keep
    stopping to salute you.
  - If you decide to build Death Cells, you can position them so they dump
    the prisoner out directly into a freezer.  This isn't an idea I came up
    with, I saw it on the message boards but have forgotten who posted it 
    now.  =(  It works great though...
  - If you've lost a lot of minions due to soldiers, super-agents or the world
    map, you can temporarily increase the number of workers to bring the count
    up closer to 100, then lower it back to normal.  For example, say you've
    lost a bunch of minions and now you're down to 80.  Go to the minions 
    screen and increase the number of workers by 18 or so.  The game will 
    complain that you've asked for more minions than you can support.  When
    you've hired enough workers to get your minion count up to 98 or so, drop
    it back to normal (it will show you as having 38 workers even though you
    are now asking for 10, but it won't kill or fire any of them).  This speeds
    the hiring process a little when workers get turned into higher-tier 
    minions since you can train faster than you hire by default.  The extra 
    workers can keep your base running smoothly while your other minions are 
    tied up in training as well.


Most of these came from the message forums, and I know there's not 1001 yet:

- Armory with security desk
- Barracks with 4 lockers (or 2 bunk beds, or 1 bed + 2 lockers). Lockers can 
  go anywhere since your minions never seem to use them. A social minion will 
  drag an unconscious henchman to the nearest barracks to heal.
- Mess Hall with salad bars and/or automats
- Tripwire: Corridor w/ external door so you get the 'Security door breached' 
  warning to let you know there's agents poking around. You can put a fire 
  extinguisher in here as well to have it near the hotel. If you put a camera
  in it, you can put this tripwire setup just outside your base so you can 
  deal with agents outside rather than in, if that's what you prefer.
- Infirmary with up to 4 booths
- Staff room with ping-pong table, TV, chairs and/or drink machines (one of 
  the green access points for the table can be outside the shack)
- Build two next to each other and put two security guns between them, facing 
  outward so that agents can't snipe them without taking return fire.
- External lab for letting the fake research machine get stolen
- Trap room with motion detector, nonlethal trap and door set to level 3. 
  Bonus fun: Place two facing each other to put a laser trip sensor in to 
  detonate outside traps. 
  Bonus bonus fun: Piranha tank  =)
- Armory with a holding cell. [from M Dub]
- Inner sanctum, with clone, when the mission requires it. [from KenZoe]
- Prometheus's revenge trap + motion sensors, and a door. That will teach 
  those nosey agents not to play with locked doors. [from Wound]
  [NOTE: You need to either install the mod that allows wall-mount traps to
  be built inside a shack, or build them inside the base and then move them
  out into it afterward. -- from Raufgar]
- Trap room with Motion Detector + Cash machine + ElectroShock Trap 
- Closet for a henchman w/ Level 3 door, for Ivan or Moko [last 2 from KAGooch]
- Lots and lots of topside shacks so agents get bored and leave [- Shag2sheeps]
- 8 shacks surrounding base with level 3 doors on them with pressure pads and 
  pop up traps inside is one of the best base defenses. You can put more 
  expensive sensors and traps, but the cheap ones work fine. Agents will 
  almost never enter your base because they spend all their time trying to 
  unlock the level 3 shack doors and gets weakened by traps in the process.
  [From Sokar20002001]
- I built a 2 by 2 control room in one next to the helipad for the stock 
  market machine which sped up that mission big time and saved any heat 
  hassles. After that transferred the machine the control room proper and 
  then changed it to having 2 piranha traps either side of a laser trip.

  The fire station shack next to the hotel has been very useful since that is 
  all the saboteurs ever want to blow up [From Munshy]

  [EDITOR: You can also put it near the docks]
- As I mentioned in another post, they can be useful to create blind corners 
  for your undisguised sentry turrets to hide behind, which can help prevent 
  them from being blown up from a mile away before they have a chance to gun 
  down those pesky agents.

  Expensive, but it saves you the 10k you lose every time a sentry gun blows 
  up on medium until you finally get disguised ones researched, which can add 
  up if you lose a lot of them waiting for those darn science minions to get 
  the clue. [From Torias]
- Topside strongroom: Place a topside shack directly next to depot/helipad, 
  fill it with strongroom & 1 briefcase rack and put a security level 1 door 
  on it - works even better with the "Topside Shack + Door + 2 Pop-Up traps"
  trick, if you have placed two topside shacks next to/facing the strongroom 
  shack with their nifty level 3 doors. 
  On island two, depending on where one builds the base entrance, either
  the shipyard or helipad is -way- out of reasonable reach for the
  construction workers and valets that wish to do my evil bidding.

  Thusly, I combined the "Topside Shack Trap" with the Topside Strongroom -
  3 shacks next to each other close to the helipad/shipyard, make the one
  closest to the depot door into a strongroom with external door,
  security level one, and next to it two shacks with external door
  (level three) and a trap combo in it (i suggest the trusty and cheap
  pressure pad & confusion pop-up trap combo)

  Effect: Two more shacks to keep the nasty agents occupied, and your
  minions dont have to run deeeeep into the base everytime you build
  something (assuming, of course, that the strongroom is far in the

  [From Max_Sperl]


"Free minions" refers to how many minions you can have without any lockers;
you can modify these values by editing the 'population.ini' file; described in
Advanced Game Tweaking.  You can increase notoriety without getting any heat by
gloating over someone in your holding cell.  This raises notoriety by 1 usually;
Exceptional agent-types are worth 2-3, super-agents are worth 4-5.

    0 - 10 free minions (after building barracks with 1 locker & 1 bunk bed)
        Evil Rating: 'Harmless' (aka 'Hairdresser')
    5 - 15 free minions
   10 - 20 free minions
   20 - Evil Rating: 'Mostly Harmless' (aka 'Real Estate Agent')
   25 - 25 free minions
   40 - Evil Rating: 'Bossman'
   50 - 35 free minions
   60 - Evil Rating: 'Sly'
   70 - International Arms Crime Lord appears (Objective 2 mission)
   75 - New secondary henchman [Ivan, Neurocide or Matron]
   80 - Evil Rating: 'Bad'
  100 - 45 free minions, Evil Rating: 'Rotten'
  105 - Bodyguard attracted
  120 - Evil Rating: 'Hateful', Several missions unlocked on world map
  125 - 1st totem piece appears in Polynesia (Island 1 optional objective)
  130 - Super-Agent: Mariana Mamba appears
  135 - 2nd totem piece appears in Central Russia
  140 - Evil Rating: 'Twisted'
  145 - 3rd totem piece appears in Middle East
  150 - 55 free minions
  155 - 4th totem piece appears in West Coast
  160 - Cloning Chamber appears in Antarctica (Island 1 optional objective)
        Evil Rating: 'Mouldering'
  175 - New secondary henchman [same as 75 + Moko, Butcher, Montezuma]
  180 - Super-Agent: Jet Chan appears, Evil Rating: 'Mad'
  200 - Can go to new island with Objectives 1-5 complete, 65 free minions
        Evil Rating: 'Insane'
  220 - Easier missions to capture top-tier trainers unlocked
  225 - New primary henchman [Jubei, Eli or Kane]
  230 - Evil Rating: 'Manipulator'
  240 - Super-Agent: Katerina Frostonova appears
  250 - Many new missions unlocked on world map, 75 free minions
  260 - Evil Rating: 'Vomitous'
  290 - Super-Agent: Dirk Masters appears, Evil Rating: 'Rancid'
  300 - Last AOI Missions unlocked on world map, 80 free minions,
        New secondary henchman [Same as at 175 + Mesmero]
  340 - Super-Agent: John Steele appears, Evil Rating: 'Uncatchable'
  350 - 85 free minions
  360 - New primary henchman
  365 - 2nd Bodyguard attracted
  380 - Evil Rating: 'Unstoppable'
  400 - Last new henchman [same as at 300], 90 free minions
  420 - Evil Rating: 'Terrifying'
  450 - 100 free minions (the cap)
  460 - Evil Rating: 'Unspeakable'
  480 - Evil Rating: 'Evil Genius'

For those trying to max out Notoriety, Ryu Kishin Powered has discovered that
you can get a max of 100 points from each region:

"Basically, each area has it's own notoriety level that has a max of 100, these
totals are added together to make your total notoriety. So once an area's 
notoriety equals 100 your notoriety won't go up any for completing AoIs in 
that area. Also, any prisoner you gloat over will raise the notoriety for the 
area they are from.

So if your notoriety stops going up, you may want to look into your save file 
to see which areas are maxed. To do this, just open your save file in notepad 
and search for "notoriety". Just before notoriety you will see Region= and 
then the number for that region (Patriot=0, Sabre=1, Hammer=2, Anvil=3, 
and Smash=4). If the notoriety in one of these regions notoriety equals 100 
than there is no point in doing the non loot/story related AoIs or gloating 
over captured prisoners from that region."

This can be used to help you too.  Normally, you'd gain 125 notoriety from the
crate missions.  If you do it in a region that you've already done lots of 
other AOIs in already, then you'll just hit the cap there.


Most loot items have an Effect Radius, a Frequency and a set of Bonuses.

You can see the effect radius of the item by left-clicking on it.  It will
be a big colored circle around it, similar to the one the Evil Genius has.

When a minion enters the effect radius, they get an immediate bonus to 
the stats the object affects.  If they hang around long enough, they'll get
it again.  In practice, minions don't hang around it long enough unless
they're staring at it or doing something else and the object is in range.

The effect radiuses of the Evil Genius avatars have been put in for
comparison.  Placing endurance-regaining loot (especially uber loot) in your
training room will really speed up the process of training social minions.
Diplomats and Playboys can't make it through a training session in one go

'rad' - effect radius size
'frq' - frequency the object gives out it's bonuses
'loy','attn'... - Bonus to loyalty, attention, smarts & endurance
'aLoy', ... - Adjusted bonus-per-second for comparison purposes 
  The adjusted bonus is the bonus divided by the frequency.  So if an
  object were to give you +10 loyalty every 5 seconds, you could say it
  regens people standing around it by +2 loyalty/sec, and 'aLoy' would
  be 2.

Name              Rad Frq    Loy  Attn  Smrt  Endr  aLoy  aAtn  aSmt  aEnd
Max's Aura          6   1    0.5   0.5    --    --  0.50  0.50    --    --
Alexis' Aura       12 0.8    0.3   0.3    --    --  0.38  0.38    --    --
Shen Yu's Aura      4   1    1.5   1.5    --    --  1.50  1.50    --    --
Codebreaker         5   2    0.5    --    --    --  0.25    --    --    --
Crown Jewels        9   2    0.5    --    --    --  0.25    --    --    --
Giant Diamond       8   1    0.1    --    --    --  0.10    --    --    --
Jetpack             3   1    0.2    --    --    --  0.20    --    --    --
Aztec Amulet       10   4      1   0.2    --   0.2  0.25  0.05    --  0.05
SpaceSuit           7   2    0.5    --    --    --  0.25    --    --    --
Rocket Plans        6   2    0.5    --   0.5    --  0.25    --  0.25    --
UL: Excalibur      10   5    1.5    --   0.2    --  0.30    --  0.04    --
UL: Eiffel Tower   10   5      1   0.2    --    --  0.20  0.04    --    --
UL: Bill           10   5      1    --    --   0.2  0.20    --    --  0.04
UL: Samurai Armor   8   6      2    --    --    --  0.33    --    --    --
UL: Sarcoph. (1)   10   3    0.3    --    --    --  0.10    --    --    --
UL: Ark            10   5      1     1    --     1  0.20  0.20    --  0.20
Totem Pole          8   6      1     1     1     1  0.17  0.17  0.17  0.17
Mercury Mirror      4   1    0.2    --    --    --  0.20    --    --    --
Ice Man             6   2    0.3    --    --    --  0.15    --    --    --
Sonic Generator     6   1    0.2    --    --   0.2  0.20    --    --  0.20
Chameleon Cloth     5   1    0.4   0.1    --    --  0.40  0.10    --    --
Antique Cannon      7 1.5    0.3   0.1    --    --  0.20  0.07    --    --
Roman Galley        5 1.5    0.5    --    --    --  0.33    --    --    --
Stolen Throne       8   1    0.5    --    --    --  0.50    --    --    --
Persian Rug         5   3      1    --    --    --  0.33    --    --    --
PAT. Doom. Piece   12   4    1.5    --   0.2    --  0.38    --  0.05    --
SABRE Doom. Piece  14   5      1    --   0.2    --  0.20    --  0.04    --
ANVIL Doom. Piece  12   3    1.2    --    --   0.2  0.40    --    --  0.07
Classical Statue    6   1    0.4    --    --    --  0.40    --    --    --
Babylonian Vase     5 1.5    0.3    --    --    --  0.20    --    --    --
Grecian Urn         6   1   0.25    --    --    --  0.25    --    --    --
Etruscan Vase       7 0.8   0.15    --    --    --  0.19    --    --    --
Painting (japan)    4   1    0.2    --   0.5    --  0.20    --  0.50    --
Painting (cuba)     6 0.5    0.2    --   0.4    --  0.40    --  0.80    --
Big Screen (2,b)   12  --     --                                          
Mouse Maze (b)      8   1    0.2   0.2 -0.05    --  0.20  0.20 -0.05    --
Body Bag            6 1.5   -0.2  -0.2    --    -- -0.13 -0.13    --    --
Totem Pole pc#1    10   5     -1    --    --    -- -0.20    --    --    --
Totem Pole pc#2    10   5     --    --    -1    --    --    -- -0.20    --
Totem Pole pc#3    10   5     --    -1    --    --    -- -0.20    --    --
Totem Pole pc#4    10   5     --    --    --    -1    --    --    -- -0.20

(1) - The sarcophagus also regens health at the rate of 0.1 every 3 sec.
      (adjusted rate: 0.03/sec).  It's good to put near the diplomat 
      trainers since they drain health from the minions being trained.
(2) - The Big Screen boosts the max attention stat of minions by 20% as
      long as they stay within range.  When minions first get this effect,
      their current attention stat is boosted as well as the max, but it
      decays normally after that.
(b) - These items are buildable

  Type 'humanzee' while the game is running, you'll see "Task Completed"
  Cheat keys become available:

  Ctrl+C - Add 100k cash
  Ctrl+A - Give 1 of every minion/henchman [they appear under cursor]
  Ctrl+O - Allow all items to be built
  Ctrl+M/N - Toggle Global Chaos (agents from different territories will
    attack each other when they see each other on your island)
  Ctrl+T - Allow all traps to be built
  Ctrl+S - Create explosion under cursor

  [No credit, but this is posted on dozens of websites.  If you discovered it
  first, let me know]


  Most of the game's settings are kept in simple text files, or comma-separated
  spreadsheets.  You can adjust the max number of minions, change how the game
  behaves or any number of other things.

  Game settings:
    Folder: \DynamicResources\config\concept.cfg
      Skip Intro Movies:  
        Line 24; Change 'StartupState' to '1' (instead of 0)
        Don't set 'StartupState' to 2 or 3, the game will crash.
      Adjust the number of autosaves the game will keep: 
        Line 100
      Auto-start a saved game file:
        Line 103; Put the name of the file (it's the same as the name of the
          saved game, with a '.lay' extension at the end) after the = sign.  
          A good one to put here is 'quick save.lay' (without quotes).

   Editing population limits:
    Folder: \DynamicResources\config\population.ini
      This lets you adjust the max population past 100.  It is not recommended
      that you increase it over 500.  The first line sets the absolute max,
      the succeeding lines set how many "free minions" you get for your
      notoriety (you can hit the max any time by building tons of lockers).  
      The lines are of the format: 
        PopulationEntry=(% max notoriety),(free minions)

      You'll see that the first line says '0,10' -> You get 10 minions with 0
      notoriety.  Since max notoriety is 500, you can multiply the first number
      by 5 to get the numeric notoriety required for this many free minions.

      If you want a logical progression up to 500 minions, first make a backup
      of the file, then edit it with notepad and replace the contents with the
      stuff between the 'Cut Here' lines

---- \DynamicResources\config\population.ini Cut here ----
---- Cut here ----

      This will have the effect of starting with 25 minions instead of 10, and
      then gradually going up every 50 notoriety points till 400, at which it
      goes up drastically every 25 (to reflect your stature in the world as 
      you put yourself far out of the league of lesser evil geniuses)

  Changing 'hide' duration:

  The large file 'Resources.ERB' in the \Resources\ folder is basically just a
  huge archive of compressed text files.  You can override the files in there
  with a file of the same name in the \DynamicResources\ folder.  As a brief
  example, there's a file inside Resources.ERB that governs how long minions 
  will hide when told to.  It's set to 120 seconds.  You can override that by
  creating this file in \DynamicResources\config\
    Filename: '50021 - World Domination.desc' (without quotes)

----  \DynamicResources\config\50021 - World Domination.desc  Cut here ----
---- Cut here ----

  Change the line 'HidingDuration' to however many seconds you want.  The
  file above will set it to 10 minutes.  The default is 120 if the file isn't

  CHEAT/MOD: Enabling wall-mounted traps to be built inside topside shacks:

  Create these three files in the \config\ folder:

---- Cut here: '17204-Trap_Wind_Machine.desc' ----
---- Cut here ----

---- Cut here: '17216-Trap_Prometheus_Revenge.desc' ----
---- Cut here ----

---- Cut here: '17220-Trap_Sucker.desc' ----
---- Cut here ----

  (The line 'RequireOriginalTileSet=UnminedDirt' has been removed from those
   files.  The wall-mount traps stick through the walls in a topside shack, but
   aside from this cosmetic problem they work fine)

  BUGFIX: Fix monkey cage research

---- Cut here: '17228-Trap_MonkeyTrap.desc' ----
---- Cut here ----

 (The line 'ConsiderPoints' was changed from 0 to 1, it was disabling research)

  FIXING RESEARCH FOR Camouflaged Sentry Guns:
  (Research is broken in the US release; if you have the UK release you 
   shouldnt need to do this)

  You need to open up the file \DynamicResources\config\research.csv with
  either a spreadsheet program like MS Excel, or any text editor (it will look
  like a bunch of stuff separated with commas)

  Find the line that starts:


  (In a spreadsheet program, you'll see all the numbers in different columns
   instead of bunched up with commas in between.  If the first number is 13093
   then you are already fine; if you can't research sentry guns it's because
   your scientists aren't noticing them before the gun gets blown up.)

  Change the first '13094' to '13093', then save.

  [Thanks Catsimboy!!  He figured this out for US game owners.]

  This will fix all future games.  If you have a game where you've already 
  built the sentry gun and want to get the disguised version, you need to 
  edit your saved game file.  It will be in 
    \DynamicResources\Layouts\(saved game name).lay

  You need to search for the line that says something like
    EntityAvailable=13093 1

  Search for '13093'.  If the number after it is a '1', change it to 0.  Now
  go and build a sentry gun in your game.  If you feel you've suffered enough,
  just add a new line:
    EntityAvailable=13094 0

  To enable you to immediately use camo sentry guns.

  [Thanks CatOfEvilGenius!]
Restoring henchmen using the debug console: [from Francis Carlofi]

  I find that if you do not care if the henchman's experience total is reset 
  to zero, the resurrection of a henchman can be achieved with only two or 
  three lines of text.

  Step 1: Enable the in game console by adding the line 
  "ToggleDebugCommands:Ctrl+D" to the "Default.ksb" file in  the dynamic 
  resources folder and the line "DF_RedefineDebugShortcuts 1" to the 
  "Autoexec.con" file (Same folder)
  Step 2: In game, press Control+D enable the console and then hit ~ to 
  open the console
  Step 3: In the console, type "Add 1 XXX" and hit ENTER, where 'XXX' is 
  the henchman's three digit call number in the game's coding.
  The Call numbers for the henchmen are as follows:
  500 - Moko
  501 - Jubei
  502 - Eli Barracuda
  503 - Red Ivan
  504 - Montezuma
  505 - The Matron
  507 - Lord Kane????
  508 - The Butcher
  509 - The Great Mesmero
  510 - Dr.Valerie Neurocide
  511 - That Hunter Guy from the special pre-order edition

  Make sure that the mouse pointer is pointing to an area of the island 
  that characters can walk to and from when you enter this code, or they 
  will get stuck in the rock

  Step 4: Close the console by hitting "~" again.
Doubling your cash: [From Marlon McAvoy]

  1. Build a strong room with an entrance that can be sectioned off by 
     doors, ie 2 spaces across.  
  2. Fill 'er up.  
  3. Blow up the strong room entrance section, leaving the gold-containing 
     part of the room intact.  
  It seems that when you blow up the connected room segment, it will 
  transfer the cash in the main room to another storeroom, but will still
  leave the original cash there.

Disabling the super-agents: [From Kyle Petersen]

 I discovered this little tidbit for those who hate dealing
  with super agents. Go to your Evil Genius\DynamicResources\Layouts
  folder and find one of your save games. Open it up and use 'Find' to
  search for 'Region'. Change whatever is after




  for all 5 regions. (0, 1, 2, 3, & 4)

  Tidbits (just an observation of the amount of detail in the game):

  - The time on the big screen is always blinking 12:00
    Apparently even the evil genius can't set the time on those things
  - There's fish in the water around your island
  - Most objects cast reflections on the floor, even people
  - People sound different when they walk on different surfaces
  - When your minions use a laboratory tool for research, the tools have their
    own animations when used on a research sample.  If you say you want 
    something analyzed in a greenhouse, they'll get a sample, put it in the
    greenhouse and let the plants attack it for a while.
  - If two agents arrive together and one gets killed by a trap, the other will
    cry over him.
  - Nothing in this game happens instantly.  Everything has an animation... 
    when money comes in from stealing, a minion runs to pick it up from the
    depot.  If you send minions out to the world, they run to the depot, wait
    for a helicopter or boat, then board it and fly/sail away.
  - Any NPC, like the Maid, Ambassadors or Crime Bosses can enter lv4 doors
  - It says 'EVIL I' (evil one) on the back of the boat. [catsimboy]
  - Eating with bare hands on the salad bar,
  - Dissappearing bottles from the soft drink machines,
  - The same movie playing over and over again on the big screen TVs,
  - Crying from tourists and minions alike when losing at the casino,
  - When laser trip, motion scanners and pressure pads are reduced to a 
    certain amount of health, they malfunction, causing anyone tripping them 
    to set of the trap, even your own full bar minions. [Last 5 from Raufgar]
  - I noticed that Henchmen and minions sometimes sneak off to a low traffic 
    room such as the power room, and stand around chatting and smoking. I 
    usually make an example of anyone caught shirking from their duty in 
    this way. [DarkSaber2k]
  - Oliver the Humanzee! Based on a historical chimp named Oliver who was 
    believed to be a human-chimp hybrid. Genetic testing later showed this was
    not the case.
  - The absurdity of the synchronized swimming frog men on the load/save menu!
    (Love the whole James Bond spoof theme, including music.) 
    [Last 2 from CatOfEvilGenius]
  - When your avatar is sitting at his desk he will press a button really hard
    and then laugh.
  - The minion falling asleep on the school desk while training for a valet.
    [Last 2 from CrunkyMcFunky]
  - The movie that keeps playing on the big screen (in Staff Room) and the 
    screen in the library show screenshots of Elixir's first game: 
    Republic: The Revolution.  [Maniacal_Matt]
  - Low loyalty minions steal from the piles of gold O.O!!!   You can stop them 
    from doing that by putting a security camera in the room but if you start 
    seeing your cash going down by $400 every now and then its time to give 
    some minions a good knifeing!  [Soniku]
    ... If you double click them when they have a gold bar in their hands, it 
    says something along the lines of "Filching your stuff" for their 
    description. [Joshua Hayes-Sheen]
  - When you select a superagent to be tortured, it seems your Genius 
    automatically routes him/herself to the area to laugh. [Chris Biberstein]

  Known bugs:
  - Saving while the death cell is running will probably make your game crash
    Even auto-save will do this.  [Fixed in the patch]
  - Standing around the big screen can cause your evil genius to lose 20 health
    every time you save.  
  - It looks like Monkey-inna-box research has been deliberately disabled
  - Saving at the wrong time, such as during the theme music when a super-agent
    lands on your island, can not only cause the game to crash but corrupt that
    save.  Use multiple files to save.
  - Occasionally, items don't get transferred to the 2nd island like they 
    should.  This seems to happen more if you have stolen everything possible
    before you left, and/or you have close to 100 minions.
  - It looks like henchmen were probably supposed to decrease the time/heat for
    doing AOIs instead of increasing them.
  - If you have 3 Freaks created when you kill off Dirk Masters in the BioTank
    it will crash the game.  [from slow slosh]
  - If a spindoctor is about to become a diplomat, but is killed before the
    training is complete, they remain frozen there without dying [Gingetsuryuu]

  - GameFAQs Evil Genius page:

  - EvilPlanet (The main unofficial fansite for this game):

  - Elixir Studios (the makers of the game):

  - Official Evil Genius Website:

  - GameSpot's review & FAQ section:

  - Online Island 2 Layout Planner (lets you plan out your base layout and
    save & share your plan with others)

  - Patch to enable henchman Colonel Blackheart:


  Sulfuras - Provided the info on what each avatar's special abilities are
  Lance Druger - Corrected mouse maze, monty info, use of blender, Lord Kane
  Cypher - Pointed out the handy .CSV files that say what all the research 
    combos are.  Bonus! 
  Dracogen - Fixed my incorrect data on body storage racks
  Reed Brooks - Suggested use for Henchman Moko
  Catsimboy - Figured out how to fix the broken research for Camo sentry guns,
    misc tidbidts
  CatOfEvilGenius - Figured out how to enable camo sentry guns in saved games,
    misc tidbits
  Doopel - Explained the awesome power of Mesmero's willpower drain
  Darin Johnson - Explained effects of using lethal torture on super-agents,
    suggested a better way to catch them when they land, fixed bad info on
    the impressive desk & Eviscerate.  Lethal interrogation correction.
  Florestan Trément - Suggested 'no door entrance' base design, cash trap 
    system, best use of fire extinguishers, death cell bugs. 
  Sokar20002001 - Topside shack suggestion, corrected Playboy entry
  Rei Ayanami - Lethal interrogation correction
  Fearful Ferret - Maximum benefit of heat/time reduction minions
  Ryu Kishin Powered - Max notoriety per region info
  Maniacal_Matt - Dr Neurocide tip & tidbits
  Thanos6 - Fixed bad info on Totem Pole moving to Island 2
  Mike Lively - Best use of henchman Monty
  "matt" - Update for 'Steal Library Blueprints' AOI
  Rudy Marchant - Two nifty base design strategies
  TheOnyx - Generic minion text & descriptions, with data from the data files
  Calyth - Best use of Dr Neurocide
  Johann67 - Colonel Blackheart review
  +Sir Apropos of Nothing - Trap combo + corrections
  Slow Slosh - Sentry gun tips, bug warning
  Chris Biberstein - Uses for Alexis, base tips, trivia
  M Dub - Topside shack suggestion
  KenZoe - Topside shack suggestion
  Raufgar - Topside shack suggestion, tidbits
  Wound - Topside shack suggestion
  Shag2sheeps - Topside shack suggestion
  KAGooch - Topside shack suggestion
  Munshy - Topside shack suggestion
  Torias - Topside shack suggestion & uber Walkthrough FAQ maintainer =)P
  DarkSaber2k - Tidbits
  CrunkyMcFunky - Tidbits
  David Clouter - Base Design tip
  Kenley Wade - Base Design tip
  Steve Crow - Fixed bad trainer table entry for guards
  Gingetsuryuu - Found bug training spindoctor to diplomat
  Francis Carlofi - Found a way to resurrect henchmen using the debug console
  Charlie Lambert - Money requirement for totem pieces to appear
  Soniku & Joshua Hayes-Sheen - Tip: Low-loyalty minions will steal money
  Solarhaphaeriom - Prometheus trap tip.
  Michael C - Discovered Monty's super-regeneration
  Kyle Petersen - Cheat: disable superagents

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