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 Evil Genius FAQ/Walkthrough

Evil Genius FAQ/Walkthrough


1.1: Intro.

1.2: Copyright Info.

1.3: Version History.

1.4 Controls.

2.1: The Basics.

2.2: Main Screen.

2.3: World Domination Screen.

2.4: Getting Cash.

2.5: Minion Types.

2.6: Enemy Types.

2.7: Evil Genius Types.

2.8: Rooms and Objects.

2.9: Traps

3.1: Main Walkthrough.

3.2: Sub Quests.

3.3: Research.

4.1: Conclusion/Contact.

4.2: Authorized Websites

1.1: Intro---------------------------------------------------------------

Hello there and this is the full FAQ/Walkthrough for Evil Genius.
In this game, you get to fulfill your desire to take over the world in
many ways.

This guide will be divided into several parts. Press Control+F to find
the part you need.

1.2: Copyright-----------------------------------------------------------

This guide is copyright 2005 HobbesCalvin. Please don't steal it or
distribute it illegally or place it on your website without my permission,
or you will be very sorry that you did that. If you do it again, which I
doubt you will, I will be forced to take legal action.

1.3: Version History----------------------------------------------------

 V.1.0: This guide is made and submitted. Success!

 V.1.1: Added a few minor changes

 V.1.2: Added websites to the website section

 V.1.3: Minor spelling mistakes corrected and some mistakes fixed

1.4: Controls-----------------------------------------------------------

Left Mouse Button: Select an object, minion or Evil Genius

Right Mouse Button: Selects an object, minion with a different menu.
(ability to kill, capture, weaken or ignore a minion or delete, move or
who's assigned to an object.)
Arrow Keys: Scroll the main screen
Enter Key: Alternate select

Shift Key: Allows you to create multiple copies of an object.

ESC Key: Pauses the game

These are the basic controls of the game. More advanced controls can be
found in Options/Define Controls menu.

2.1: The Basics---------------------------------------------------------

Once you have started the game, you will come to the main title screen.
There are several options you can do.

Tutorial: If this is your first time playing, select this option. You
will get to learn the basics of Evil Genius

New Game: This will take you into the game. Before you start, you will
be presented with your choice of difficulty and your Evil Genius.

Load/Save Game: The latter is only if you press ESC in game. If you have
a saved game that you wish to continue, select this. You will also have
a choice of selecting an autosave if you have one. If you choose to save,
a new file will be created.

Options: Change the game options in this menu. Some of these include
adjusting the controls, how often an autosave will be created, and
adjusting the sound.

The difficulty levels are as follows:

Easy: For beginning players. Objects are 10% cheaper, enemies and
superagents are easier and tourist come less frequently

Medium: Objects are at normal cost, enemies and superagents are a little
bit tougher and tourists come by more frequently

Hard: For real evil geniuses, objects are 10% more expensive, enemies
and superagents are as tough as rocks and tourists come by like your
island is a five star hotel.

2.2: Main Screen-------------------------------------------------------

After you selected your difficulty and your Evil Genius, you will be
taken to your island. You will start with $250,000 and 3 workers. You
can start by constructing rooms in the rock by right clicking it and
selecting the room type. There are some buttons at the bottom of the

Mini-map: This shows a 2-D map of your base, shown from above.
Enemies are red, henchmen are small blue dots, and your Evil Genius is
a large blue dot. X's on the screen means that a minion or enemy that
is unable to do anything. Pink dots are neutral.

Money: This shows that money you have, the more the better.

Message Bar: This is where you receive messages.

Minions: Click this to see a pyramid of minions. There are three tiers
of specialty minions. The left number of each is how many minions there
are of this type are in you base.
The right number is how many you have selected to train.

Henchmen: Clicking this selects one of your henchmen. Clicking
this again cycles through them.

Evil Genius: This button selects you Evil Genius

Research: Clicking this will take you to the Research Screen. Available
items to be researched are at the top, researching items are at the right.
Clicking on an item on the right gives you the option to cancel the
research. Once you have selected an item to research, you will have to
choose between 1 and 3 research apparatus to use. If you have the money,
click the yellow Pay button to rule out the non-important ones.

Alert Status: Shows the alert status of your base.

Stand Down (Green): Minions are at normal mode

Yellow Alert: Minions arm themselves at the armory

Red Alert: Minions run around the base, arm themselves and
attack anything that is hostile on sight.

One superagent, John Steele, has the ability to change your alert
status. Be sure to watch for that.

World Domination: Shown as the globe. Click here and you will be
taken to the World Domination Screen.

2.3: World Domination Screen-------------------------------------------

After you build a control room, you will have access to the world
domination screen. This can be selected by clicking the globe in the
lower right corner of the screen. There are several things you need to
know. I will explain them.

Map: This is where all the action takes place. You can send minions and
henchmen into the world.

Heat bar: As you do more Acts Of Infamy (hereby known as AoI) you will
build up something called Heat. Heat is how alert that Forces Of Justice
are to your actions. Each AoI has a set Heat. If you build up too much
Heat, more and more Forces of Justice will come to your island.

Notoriety Bar: This is where your Notoriety is, out of 500. You start at
0, and as you work your way up by doing AoI, you will get more. Each
nation has a capacity of 100 and there are 5 nations. You can lose
Notoriety if thieves steal loot or gold.

Minions: This shows the minions in your base. Clicking on a minion will
show a number with a negative below it, like -2. Clicking on a minion in
the region view will show a positive number like +2. The same goes for

Region View: In this view, you will see the available AoIs and the
minions in the field. Clicking on an AoI will bring up a different screen.

AoI View: This shows the description of the AoI.

Risk: Shows a number between 0 and 9. Zero being the most safe and
nine being as safe as in the center of an atomic blast. Every 15 or so
seconds the minions are doing an AoI, 0 to 9 minions may be lost,
depending on the risk number.

Heat: This shows how much Heat you will get if you finish the AoI

Notoriety: This is how much Notoriety you will get if you finish the AoI

Time: This shows how long the AoI will take.

Minions Required: This shows how many minions of the selected type you
will need.

Minions in Region: This is how many of the selected minion you have in
the region.

There are 5 alliances throughout the world.

P.A.T.R.I.O.T: This alliance controls all of North America and Japan.
This region's soldiers are tough with high Endurance and Health, but most
territories have a high cash amount. Their superagent is Dirk Masters.

S.A.B.R.E.: This alliance controls eastern Europe, South Africa, India
and Australia. Most of the territories have a high cash rating, but
have high risk rating. They have some of the high end loot, but it is
well guarded. Their superagent is John Steele.

S.M.A.S.H: This alliance controls all of South America, North Africa and
Antarctica. From what I know, this allience takes twice as long to
respond to Heat. This may not be true. Their superagent is Mariana Mamba.

H.A.M.M.E.R.: This allience controls all of Russia, the Eastern Bloc
and Cuba.(Incidently, these are all of the communist countries.) All of
the regions have low cash rating. Their superagent is Katerina

A.N.V.I.L: This allience controls all of the oriental countries.
These regions have a cash rating in the middle. Their superagent is
Jet Chan.

Pay attention to the top left part of the screen. This is how much
cash you are taking out of a region. This is only available if you
have sufficient control panels working. If a control panel is
unmanned for a period of time, the memory banks will kick in.

2.4: Getting Cash----------------------------------------------------------

Money makes the world go round, so that should be no exception to an
evil base. There are two ways to get cash. The first one is stealing.
Send minions out into the world and they will steal cash. This action
results in high Heat though. The second way is cheats. This is your last
resort though, so you must be absolutely sure that you want to do it.
Type in humanzee in the game. You will see a Task Completed message.
Press Ctrl+C to get $100,000.

2.5: Minion Types----------------------------------------------------------
There are several minion types in the game.

Worker: This is your basic yellow coated worker. They do most of the
construction in the base. You can recruit them in the Minion Screen.
They cost money to recruit if you move the slider more to the right.
They will arm themselves with handguns at the armory.

Guards: Your standard guards. They are more effective at combat then
workers. In the world, they are more effective at stealing. They will
arm themselves with rifles at the armory.

Mercenaries: This minion knows what he's doing. They are very effective at
combat and can steal more money in the field. They have high Health but
low Smarts. They will arm themselves with M60's at the armory.

Marksmen: These minions are very effective at long range combat. Since
they always carry their weapons with them, there is no need for visits
to the armory. They are very, very effective at stealing money. Get one
early to pick of enemies from a distance.

Martial Artists: These minions are trained to kill with their bare hands,
which is something unarmed minions aren't good at. Send them out into the
field and they will send money back like its tax refund day at the bank.
You won't get them until late in the game though.

Technicians: These minions are science nerds. They can fix and repair and
broken objects that is damaged. They have low health so keep them out of
the fight. If brought along in a AoI, they reduce time by about 5 to 10

Scientist: These minions can do research better then any science minion.
They can't repair objects but they spend most of their time in the lab.
They still have low health so keep they out of the fray. In the field,
they reduce mission times up to 25%.

Biochemists: These minions work in the field of biochemistry. They have
higher health, so they can last longer. In the field they can reduce
mission times up to 40%.

Quantum Physicist: These minions specialize in quantum physics. They are
the best at research and in the field, they can reduce mission times up
to 50%.

Valet: The first social minion. They can return fainted minions to the
barracks or archives if needed. They can weaken enemies by directing
their attack to the Attention stat. If put in the field, they reduce
Heat by 10%.

Spin Doctor: These minions are like TV personalities. They take
pictures of enemies to reduce Smarts. In the field they reduce Heat by

Diplomat: These minions are trained in the art of bribery. They weaken
enemies by bribing them, thus reducing Loyalty. In the field, they reduce
Heat by about 40%.

Playboys: No, not the dirty version. These minions are suave and cool.
They make enemies drunk with wine and reducing Loyalty. In the field,
they reduce Heat by 50%.

Freaks: These special minions are created by researching them, with the
Freezer Rack, Biotanks, Centrifuge and Impact Stress Analyser. They are
powerful in hand to hand combat and have high health.

2.6: Enemy Types------------------------------------------------------------

There are seven types of enemies.

Investigators and Agents: These enemies are the first you will find.
They do nothing until they find something incriminating. Once they do,
they will attempt to escape, and bring the resulting Heat to the

Thieves and Burglars: These enemies infiltrate into you base to steal
gold or loot. When they do, they will attempt to escape. You will lose
Notoriety if they do escape, around 5 Notoriety.

Infiltrators and Saboteurs: These enemies will attempt to destroy your
base. If they do plant a charge, it cannot be stopped. Just hope that
the resulting explosion doesn't destroy anything valuable. The timer is
around 5 seconds.

Soldiers and Veterans: These enemies are the brunt force. They are
trained to kill and will not hesitate to shoot of they see something
evil. If a group of 5 or more invade you island, send all of you military
to them.

There are 4 rank levels. These are as follows:

Pathetic: These are dumb and weak. They pose no threat to you base,
or none that you should be concerned about.

Poor: One step up from the worst, they pose some threat to your base.

Good: Second best. They pose a high threat to you base and should be
second on your priority list.

Exceptional: Truly the best. These should be first on your list.
If they aren't, something is very wrong. They pose a very high threat
to your base.

Each alliance has one superagent.

P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Superagent: Dirk Masters.
This guy will remind you of Rambo. You know, that big beefy guy. Anyway
this guy has two, that's right, two M60's. Be prepared to have a big
fight. There is one way to defeat him, which I will explain later. His
special ability is Suppression Fire, which allows him to fire two guns
at once

S.A.B.R.E. Superagent: John Steele.
Definitely should remind you of 007, James Bond. As I explained earlier,
he has the ability to change your Alert status. But at the same time,
also changes your door security level to one. This ability is
Base Mayhem. Another thing is, the bullets he fires can kill a minion in
less then 4 shots.

S.M.A.S.H. Superagent: Mariana Mamba.
Don't know who she reminds me of. She has a devastating ability,
Feminine Wiles. This ability targets any minion near her when she
activates. That minion deserts your evil base after about 10 seconds.

H.A.M.M.E.R. Superagent: Katerina Frostanova
Again, don't know who she reminds me of. When she first appears, you may
see her go invisible. Be careful about this move. If she gets behind a
minion, she delivers a instant kill knife hit. This ability is called
Cold Assassin. She may attack with her pistol. She holds it funny though.

A.N.V.I.L. Superagent: Jet Chan
This should remind you of those martial art stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan.
From what I know, he is the easiest one to take down. Since all he does
is close range combat, it should be easy to take him down with guns. His
ability is Preternatural Speed, which allows him to dodge any attack. I
haven't seen him actually dodge.

2.7: Evil Genius Types----------------------------------------------------

You will have a choice of 3 Evil Geniuses when you start a new game.

Maximilian: He looks like Dr. Evil and he acts like him. His Area of
Influence is medium size and his execution method is plain and simple.
His special ability is to reduce the cash incentive, but I haven't seen
that effect.

Alexis: The multi-million dollar lady has the best ability. Any minion
under her control loses Loyalty slower. She may look rich, but you still
start with the same amount. Her execution method is fairly amusing
though, do it for a few laughs. Lets just say it has something to do with
hot cigarette ashes meets human flesh. Her Area of Influence is large but
recharges slower.

Shen Yu: The Chinese guy - a Fu Manchu lookalike. From what I know, his
ability is that agents have a slower response time that all other Evil
Geniuses. His execution method I have only seen once, but it has something
to do with a knife in the chest or something. His Area of Influence is 
but recharges Loyalty and Attention faster.

Choose what appeals to you. If you like Dr. Evil, pick Max. If you like
rich women, pick Alexis. If you like Chinese Evil Geniuses, pick Shen Yu.
But consider the ability of each.

If your Evil Genius dies, it's GAME OVER. You will be treated with a
cutscene where your Evil Genius explodes. You can recharge you Evil
Genius's stats by directing him or her to an Impressive Desk.

2.8: Rooms and Objects-------------------------------------------------

There are many rooms and objects in Evil Genius.

Corridor: Without corridors, your minions won't be able to get through
the base. Fairly cheap, about $100 per section.
You can place:
Fire extinguishers
All traps
All inside doors

Stronghold: This is where your gold is stored. Without it, you won't be
able to store gold. Fairly expensive, $400 per section.
You can place:
Briefcase racks
Gold enhancer
All traps
All inside doors

Barracks: Where your minions rest. This is your basic Endurance
replenishing room, with beds and lockers. It has a good price, $150 per
You can place:
Multi Gyms
Cryonic Chambers
Equipment Storage
All traps
All inside doors

Control Room: You'll be glad you have this. Without it, you won't be
able to commit AoIs and get info about alliances. It's a good idea to
put a time clock in this room. Expensive at $500 per section.
You can place:
Control panels
Control stations
Schematic station
Stock Market Watchdog
Big Screen
Memory Banks
Time Clocks
All inside doors
All traps

Staff Room: This is where you minions go to restore lost Attention. You
don't need this as much, but it is still a good idea to place it. Cheap,
at $150 per section.
You can place:
Drinks machines
Table tennis
Widescreen TVs
All inside doors
All traps

Mess Hall: This is where you minions go for their daily meals. This is
the next step to good Endurance restoring. Cheap at $150 per section.
You can place:
Salad Bars
All inside doors
All traps

Armory: This is an important room. This is where prisoners are kept and
where minions arm up. Also this is where the main security network is.
Fairly expensive at $250 per section.
You can place:
Security desks
Death Cells
Prisoner Cells
Disguised Cells
Handgun Rack
Rifle Rack
Disguised Rifle Rack
Flamethrower Rack
Heavy Rifle Rack
Interrogation Chair
All traps
All inside doors

Infirmary: This is where minions go to heal up. If you have lot of
injured minions, expect this room to be busy. Fairly expensive at $300
per section.
You can place:
Auto surgeon
X-ray machine
Examination chair
Pharmacy booth
All inside doors
All traps

Inner Sanctum: "A persons home is his castle." That saying really works
in an inner sanctum. This is where you want to put your Evil Genius.
If it is possible, set all of the doors leading to this room to level 4.
Place and Impressive Desk to recharge your EG's stats. Place your loot
here too. Fairly expensive at $250 per section.
You can place:
Impressive Desk
Conference Table
All inside doors
All traps

Note: The Atrium and Cabinet are only available if you cheat.

Laboratory: This is where your research goes on. All of the equipment is
expensive and take a lot of power, so if all of them get stolen
(very rare) you will mostly likely throw you PC out the window and
murder someone, as these objects can cost up to $150,000 and can take up
to 12 units of power. That's about half your base and 1 power generators.
And that's just for one. Expensive at $400 per section.
You can place:
AI Supercomputer
Impact Stress Analyser
Research Machine
Environment Chamber
All inside doors
All traps

Training Room: You won't get minions if you don't train them. Unless you
have the equipment, you can do anything. There are several pieces of
equipment that focus on one type of minion. In order to train higher
tiered minions, you must capture specialists out on the field. Some are
easy like the guard and some are god awful, like the diplomat. Fairly
expensive at $250 per section.
You can place:
School desk
TV Studio
Laboratory Workshop
Heavy Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Diplomat Trainer
Playboy Trainer
Biochemical Workshop
Electron Microscope
Mouse Maze
All inside doors
All traps

Archives: Eventually, your minions will get dumb from the control room.
This is where they will have to go to restore their brains. However,
about 3 of the machines there will attract attention to the enemies, so
watch it. A funny one you should watch is the Brain Washer. I'll let
you find out for yourself. Expensive at $300 per section.
You can place:
Brain Washer
Brainiac Machine
Microfilm Table
Multimedia Educational Film
Reading Table
All inside doors
All traps

Power Plant: Would you live in the dark? This is where the power is
produced, ranging from generators to nuclear reactors. The regular
generators provide 15 units, and the nuclear reactors provide 35 units.
Capacitators are needed in case of a blackout. Regular ones can store 10
units and high density ones can store 20 units.
Cheap at $150 per section
You can place:.
Disguised Generators
Nuclear Reactors
High Density Capacitators
All inside doors
All traps

Freezer: Where the rigid get more rigid. This is where the body bags go.
In here, they have no Area of Influence so there is no harm to you
minions. The reason for this is that body bags reduce Loyalty and
Attention, something you don't want. You can place freezer racks that
hold 6 bags. The downside is that you cannot place traps, cameras
and loudspeakers. Expensive at $300 per section
You can place:
Freezer racks
All inside doors.

Doors: There is a real reason to use these. Without them, you will have
agents snooping around your base. There are 5 types of doors.

Standard door: Your basic door with minimal security.

Heavy Door: A much heavier door, can withstand more damage and has a
higher security. Looks like something from a bank vault.

Field Barrier Door: A high tech door. Withstands less damage then a
heavy door but is harder to break open. Looks like a bar with lasers
going vertically.

Exterior Door: You use this to lock up your topside shacks outside.

Hotel Door: Weak door, only used in hotels.

Hotels: You must use these to contain tourists. If you don't, they will
go into your base and report back with Heat. You must place a Hotel Hub
if you wish to place a Hotel Wing. There are 3 rooms you can place in a

Lobby: This is where your tourists check in. You must place rooms to
make them work. Place benches and pianos to occupy tourists. It must be
staffed with social minions.
Expensive at $250 per section.
You can place:
Hotel Rooms
Lobby Counter
Time Clocks
Hotel Doors

Casino: This is where tourist go to gamble. Again, it must be staffed
with social minions to work. Choose from craps, roulette, or baccarat.
Fairly expensive at $200 per section.
You can place:
Time Clocks
Hotel Doors

Lounge: This is where your tourists go to relax. Believe it or not, you
minions go here too. Fairly expensive at $250 per section
You can place:
Dance floor
Time clock
Hotel Doors.

2.9: Traps-------------------------------------------------------------

What's an evil base without traps. This part lists all the traps.

Beehives: These genetically engineered bees attack a certain stat of
anyone. The problem is that they don't know friend from foe. They will
even attack your EG if he or she's too close. You will know they have
found a target if they form a ! mark.

Cost: $10,000
Stats: All

Electric Cannon: Truly evil, this Tesla coil attacks anyone with a
certain range. It doesn't know friend from foe, so expect mass minion
exodus if they get hit.

Cost: $30,000
Stats: Health

Pop-Up Target: This makes agents think that the target is a minion and
they will attack it. This reduces the agents Smarts.

Cost: $5,000
Stats: Smarts

Damned Damsel: This makes agents think there is a damsel in distress,
like those old movies. They'll soon find out that it's just a robot and
they will lose Smarts.

Cost: $10,000
Stats: Smarts

Do Not Press: Just watch it. That's all.

Cost: $13,000
Stats: Attention

Dreadmill: Devious as it is, this is fun to watch. It randomly moves
backwards to forwards, often into another trap.

Cost: $10,000
Stats: Endurance (Health, Smarts, Attention, Loyalty)
I put those in brackets because it may roll an agent into another trap.

Explosive Palm Tree: When triggered, it releases a few grenades. It has
a large range, so be sure there is nothing in the way.

Cost: $17,000
Stats: Health

Knockout Gas Trap: This is a gas trap which takes away the stat
Endurance. Unlike the name it doesn't knock out the enemy right away.

Cost: $10,000
Stats: Endurance

Laughing Gas Trap: This will make agents laugh all the way to Attention

Cost: $12,000
Stats: Attention

Hallucinogenic Gas Trap: Say the really fast. This give agents a deadly
dose of gas which reduces Loyalty.

Cost: $11,000
Stats: Loyalty

Misdirection: This trap is fun to watch. It hits an agent with the arrow
which reduces the Attention of an agent.

Cost: $7,500
Stats: Attention

Magnet Trap: This trap sucks agents in through tiny bits of iron in the
agents body. The results are amusing.

Cost $15,000
Stats: Health

Money Madness: This trap releases money onto the ground. Unknown to the
agent, the money is counterfeit, so this results in a Loyalty loss.

Cost: $25,000
Stats: Loyalty

Nerve Gas Cage: The developers kinda skipped on this one. Nerve gas
actually kills. This trap drains the Smarts of agents.

Cost: $15,000
Stats: Smarts

Piranha Tank: Hey, what's an Evil Genius without a tank of flesh eating
Fish? Anyone caught in the water will be chopped up.

Cost: $20,000
Stats: Health

Pit Punisher: This trap sucks agents up into a hole and then spits them
out into another direction

Cost: $12,000
Stats: Health

Poison Gas Cage: This cage saps away the Health of an agent.

Cost: $6,000
Stats: Health

Prometheus Revenge: My personal favorite. This trap, when triggered,
spews out a huge flame column down 9 squares. Mod this one and you will
have a indestructible trap on your hands.

Cost: $15,000
Stats: Health

Satan's Chimney: Like the name says, this trap brings the agent down.
After about 3 seconds, he comes back up with a loss of health.

Cost: $12,000
Stats: Health

Saw Blades: The hidden secrets can be revealed. When activated, this
trap creates ribbons of agents all over the floor, if not, reducing

Cost: $12,000
Stats: Health

Venus Man Trap: Yes you read right. This trap can swallow and agent
whole and most of the time he loses a lot of Health.

Cost: $20,000
Stats: Health

Wind Machine: This trap blows anything to a range of 9 squares.

Cost: $10,000
Stats: Health

Sensors: These are more important then the traps themselves. Traps won't
trigger themselves, so you must build sensors. There are 3 sensors

Pressure Pad: The first sensor you will get. However it isn't the best,
so it will fail often.

Cost: $2,000
Trigger Success: Low

Motion Sensor: It has a higher success rate, but it is the most
expensive. Also comes in an outdoor version

Cost: $15,000
Trigger Success: Medium

Laser Beam: Has a high rate of success and is cheap. The best overall.

Cost: $2,000
Trigger Success: High

3.1: Main Walkthrough-----------------------------------------------------

Objective 1: Evil Intentions

You will start off with 3 workers, yourself, $250,000 and a dream to
take over the world.

Start off by building corridors throughout the base. Watch your money
reserves. After they have blown out the corridor, set the minion
recruitment to 5 for workers. Don't change the slider yet.

It's important to build a strongroom inside, but now is not the time.
Build a control room and put a memory bank and 1 control panel.
Task Complete. Don't turn your attention to the agents, the last thing
you want is loss of loyalty and attention. Get at least 2 minions out
in the field for now.

But first, you need a barracks.
Queue up an order for a barracks and put 1 bed and 3 lockers. That
should complete the task.

Here's a little hint. As long as you don't interrogate the maid later on,
the alliances won't send other agents. You can steal for as long as you

After you have built up a sizeable bank account, send your henchman to
kill the 5 investigators. After you kill one, queue up a small freezer
and 1 rack. Because of your increasing money amount, install a few more
lockers and another bed in the barracks.

Queue up a small armory with a holding cell, then capture the maid.
Though its still early and you should get more cash to be comfortable
later on. Once the maid is in your hands, the interrogation chair
should be available. Build one and direct a minion to interrogate the
maid. After a minute you should have your valet.

Summary: You should have at least $200,000
         7 workers, 1 valet
         Control room, barracks, armory, outside strongroom
         Completed 1st objective

Objective 2: Head of the Underworld

This is where you start to show the world who's the boss around here. In
order to do that, you must have a few things.

At the start of the mission, queue up an medium sized inner sanctum with
a conference table. When it's done seat your EG in it. You should start
doing AoIs now, as notoriety can equal more minions. Do the first three,
Forging Ahead, Ear Plug and Fishy Business. They are worth 5 notoriety
each. Also think about some loot by doing the AoIs And Another Ming and
El Presidente's Painting. It should give you a chance against lost
loyalty and attention, among other things.

Queue up a training room and put 3 school desks, 2 punching bags and 2
laboratory workshops. Just remember to keep stealing to gain a steady
cash flow.

Capture the technician and guard and interrogate them to produce
technician and guards. Recruit extra workers to keep up with the flow
of lost workers. Recruit 10 of each tier one minion.

Now that that's done, send 5 technicians out to the West Coast. Plot
there until you find the American Crime Lord AoI. It shouldn't take
long, about 1:30 minutes if you have 5 techs.

Your next one should be the Indian Crime Lord. This will be more
difficult, because valets cannot defend themselves, nor can they speed
up the mission. It may take several tries to get it. To make things
easier, send some techs and guards along.

Before you do the next one, it is wise to build a mess hall and put in
a mixer counter. It's pricy, but if you have a good amount of money,
that should be no problem. Now do the next one, Oriental Crime Lord.
This one should require 5 guards but bring along a valet and a

Remember that mess hall I told you to build? You will get to put that
to use now. Another crime lord becomes available now, instead he
arrives on the island. His name is Nikita Leonov. Capture him and
take him to the mixer in the mess hall. Simple.

The next one isn't so simple. In order to flush out the next one, you
must get 70 notoriety. Keep doing AoIs until you get there. Plot
in the Middle East until you find the International Crime Lord
AoI. Send 5 guards, 1 valet and technician.

The next one you may not find. Instead, he sends out 3 waves of
workers. They are dressed in orange and have no hats. Kill them
and the next one comes out, Bob "Barking" Caine.

Watch the cutscene as you go to your inner sanctum, reveal your
evil plan, and shrink Caine in the process.

Summary: You should have at least $500,000
         10 workers, 10 guards, 10 valets, 10 technicians
         70 to 75 notoriety
         Completed objective 2
         Built a mess hall, inner sanctum and strongroom.

Objective 3: Better Living Through Chemistry.

This objective will teach you the basics of research.

Once you start this objective, a new AoI will appear in Japan, Oriental
Investigation. Send the required amount of minions there, along with a few
valets to reduce the Heat.

Once completed, queue up a laboratory and place the research machine in it.
It's costly, at $100,000.

The next one will have three choices. Depending one your Evil Genius, you
will have the choice of three tier one research equipment.

Max: Laser
Alexis: Impact Stress Analyser
Shen Yu: Centrifuge

You aren't limited to those items. Plot in Central America, North Europe
and Australia to find the rest. You can only choose one, but you will
research the rest later. A good one to have is the Impact Stress Analyser,
for if you research it with the Chalkboard, you will get the Nuclear
Reactor, a space saving generator capable of generating 35 power units.

Now that you have your machine and apparatus, its time to capture some
scientists. You should already have the Capture Scientist AoI, so do it.
It's located in Central Russia. Interrogate him to get your scientist.
Fill the walls of the training room with chalkboards as you'll need them

After you've got your scientists, plot in Europe to get the Fool the Press
AoI. This one is extremely important for the next part. Once you have done
that, build a topside shack outside one of your depots. Wave after wave
of thieves will come, let them do that. Set you base Alert to yellow and
unlink all of your traps. You must let them live. Queue up a laboratory
in the topside shack and put the Fake Research Machine in it. Let the
thieves steal it and let the escape. It will take a while, so be patient.

Summary: You should have at least $700,000 to $900,000
         Built a laboratory
         Notoriety at least 90 to 120
         2 henchmen

Objective 4: Loot and Pillage.

This is where you show the world that there is a true evil genius out
there. Some new minions become available now. Get the spin doctor, mercenary
and if you need it the scientist.

When you start you will have 2 to 3 flashing AoIs on the map. These are the
Uberloot that you must steal. There are 6 throughout the world.
Samurai's Armor
Ark of The Covenant
Effel Tower
Mummy's Sarcophagus
Million Dollar Bill

You must steal 4 out of the 6 to complete this part. But why stop there?
Each of the Uberloot has a huge Area of Influence. These are good for
placing in areas that these stats are needed, like the control room.
By default, they are stored in your strongroom.

By now, you will have agents swarming to your island. Expand your freezer
and put a few more racks in there. Also consider expanding your armory
and putting handgun racks and rifle racks in there. Don't forget to place
TV Studios and Heavy Shooting Ranges in the training room.

Each of the Uberloot is heavily guarded. You might want to put a few extra
minions in there to guarantee success. The risk for each is between 4 and 5.
They also take between 4 and 7 minutes to complete. Send some technicians
or scientists to shorten it.

Be forewarned that the Uberloot generates a huge amount of heat. Keep them
out of sight of enemies.

Once you are done, you must generate at least $10,000 to finish the
objective. Send some mercenaries and guards out into the field and let them
steal for 5 minutes. You must maintain at least a $10,000 income for 5
minutes. If you don't you will have start the stealing all over again. It's
a pain.

Pat yourself on the back, telling yourself that you are the true Evil 

Summary: You must have at least $1,000,000
         Notoriety at least 150
         Expanded armory and freezer
         Added gun racks
         Hired mercenaries and spin doctors

Objective 5: Masterplan Machinations

This objective is where you must decide on how you want to take over the

When you start, three teams of enemies arrive. You want this, because each
of them carries Doomsday data. You only need to capture one of each.
If you haven't done so already, expand your armory.

You start with three pieces of the data. You must get 6 more. The three are
the ones you have captured and the other three are out in the world.
However, the last three won't appear unless you do something else. You
must get 200 notoriety to make them appear. Keep doing AoIs until they
appear. The three are located:
North Africa: 4 scientists
Australia: 4 mercenaries
Cuba: 4 spin doctors

Each of them takes a long time to complete, around 5 to 7 minutes to 
You only need 8 pieces until your done, but continue to get the 9th one.
If you don't, you will be out 1 research apparatus on the next island.

Once you have completed all 5 objectives on the first island, a New Island
button will appear in the World Domination Screen. Clicking it will issue
an order to all minions to pack up all the loot and head for the depot. 
all research and recall all minions from the world, since any left behind
will be lost. Once they are all in the depot, send your Evil Genius to the
depot. Once that's done, you will be treated to a cutscene where you fly to
the second island.

Summary: You must have at least $1,500,000
         Packed everything up to go to the second island
         8 to 9 pieces of data

Second Island: You will arrive on the second island without any base
entrance and only 10 units of power. Unfortunately, if you have more than
$800,000, the excess will be lost. Your loot will be taken to a topside 
where it will be stored. It is wise to build an inner sanctum to store the
loot, as it will be easily stolen.

A noticeable feature is the massive cavern in the center of the island. That
is the cavern used to house the Doomsday Device. You have a lot larger
space then the last island, so go nuts with your design.

Objective 6: Road to Doomsday

Now that you have a new island, it's time to start taking over the world.

Start by building a base entrance relatively close to the strongroom and
depot. Build a power plant quickly and fill it with generators.
Then build a strongroom to make deliveries to the depot easier.

Now it is all up to you. Create your base anyway you want. You aren't
limited to the room choices now.

After you are done laying out your base, choose one of the top tier
research apparatuses to use. You can buy all three if you like. Remember to
get minions in the field quickly to get money.

By now you should have seen the newer specialty minions. Capture a diplomat,
marksman and quantum physicist or biochemist now, to make things easier in
the future.

Upgrade your training room to fit the equipment you will need.

Now, once your done with all that, plot in Siberia to uncover the Codex of
Knowledge AoI. This AoI has a high risk rating of 7 and requires a lot of

Once you have the Codex in your lab, you should see the Mercenary Scientist
AoI in Siberia now. Wait a while until you do that one.

Once the scientist is in your lab, he will examine the Codex. After he is
done though, he will change sides. Kill him before he escapes. That should 
simple with all the minions you have around the base.

Now research the Codex with the top tiered research apparatus of your 

AI Supercomputer: Gravity Disrupter
Environment Chamber: Earthquake Beam
Greenhouse: ID Eliminator

The Codex will be destroyed after the research is done.

Next you must build the rocket cavern. Right click the cavern and select
Rocket Cavern. It will take a few minutes while your minions build it.

Summary: You must have at least $1,000,000
         Built the second base
         Notoriety at least 240

Objective 7: Global Chaos

This is one of the longest missions you will ever attempt, also one of the
hardest. Be prepared for Heat spikes around the world.

When you start, one by one enemy diplomats will come to your island.
Capture them and interrogate them and send your own diplomats to the
countries from where they came.

Each AoI requires one diplomat and takes around 2 to 3 minutes.

Though that was hard? You haven't seen nothing yet. After you start, start
plotting in one of these places
South America
Eastern Bloc
Midwest America
Central Asia

You must acquire at least 25 crates of resources. You can go for one, or
spread out by getting 5 of each. It's wise to do only one, as you don't
want all of the agents knocking at your door.

The bad part is, that each time you finish it, you get about 25 Heat. But
also you get 5 notoriety each time. This is a good time to build up
notoriety now. Keep supplying minions to the site until you get 25 crates.
You will need guards, mercenaries and quantum physicists. Once you have 5
crates, right click the rocket cavern and select one of the stages.

While you're doing that build catwalks that span the cavern, as you'll need
them later.

Once you have all 5 diplomats and all 5 stages of the rocket, the objective
is declared complete.

Summary: You must have at least $1,800,000
         Finished all stages of the rocket
         Notoriety at least 320

NOTE: From a recent email i have received, it seems there is a bug that 
doesn't allow you to build any rocket stages. My only suggestion at this time 
would be to reload the game at the point where it saves at every objective, or
 if you're really daring and if you feel like it, start the game over

2ND NOTE: Apparently from an email i received, DO NOT use the /giveall cheat.
This will seriously mess up your game here, or at the end of objective 9. You
must restart the game

Objective 8: Doomsday Beckons

Now that you have the plans for the end of the world, you now must finish
up the rocket. You must find engine plans and build the satellite.

Before you do all that, capture a playboy and start recruiting them. You'll
need them for this objective.

You have three ways to get the satellite. There is a cosmonaut on the 
Capture him and deplete his Health, Attention and Smarts to get the plans
out of him. Do his health last, or you will have to get another one.
You must deplete those three stats twice. However H.A.M.M.E.R. will send
teams of soldiers to free him. If he does run, don't try to get him back.
He runs really, really fast.

The next alternative is in America. Plot until you see the Gyroscopic Plasma
Inducer. Steal it and research it three times with three different types of
equipment. The other one is to steal the Electromagnetic Flux Transponder in
Australia and the Asteroid in Southeast Asia. This time, you only have
to research them once. However, teams from either side will try to steal it
back. Keep them busy while you research.

Once you have done that, construct the satellite in the rocket cavern for 

Now you must build the engine. Send some playboys and diplomats to North
Africa. Make sure you plot before that. When you are done, the rocket plans
will be sent to your inner sanctum. Construct the engine in the cavern.

Another thing: Try to steal all of the technology. Each of those three has
a high Area of Influence and would be great in the barracks and control 

Summary: You must have at least $2,000,000
         Constructed the satellite and engine
         Notoriety at least 370 to 400

Objective 9: Evil Ultimatum

Now that you have the rocket ready to be built, you need to tell the world
about your evil plans.

Build a Inner Sanctum TV Studio in the inner sanctum. You now need to build
5 transceiver antennas. The Forces of Justice won't let you do that though.
They will try to blow them up. For this reason. leave that until last.

Remember to expand you power plant often. You have a lot of high tech
equipment, and you will have blackouts often if you don't have extra

Build a catwalk console on the catwalk and direct your Evil Genius to 
with it. You must keep minions down there for 1 minute. The energy from the
engine will kill minions near it.

Once that's done, direct your Evil Genius to the TV Studio. He or she will
broadcast the ultimatum.

Summary: You must have at least $2,500,000
         Broadcasted the ultimatum
         Notoriety at least 450

Objective 10 (or X): Take Over The World

Your ultimatum didn't work against the alliances, so now you must use your
biggest weapon, the rocket.

Keep you base under full lockdown while the rocket is built. It will take at
least 12 minutes to fully construct the rocket.

Congratulations. You have successfully taken over the world.

Here is a description of the cutscenes.

Gravity Disrupter: The beam fires and pulls everyone in the city towards the

Earthquake Beam: Real Armageddon. The beam fires and causes catastrophic
damage to the earth

ID Eliminator: The beam fires and turns everyone into construction workers.


You don't have to do these, but it makes the game a whole lot easier.

Faking It: Sometime near the end of the first island, you will find the AoI
Steal the Cloning Chamber. Do this AoI and place the chamber in your inner
sanctum. Direct your Evil Genius to the chamber. After a few seconds, a 
of your Evil Genius will pop out. A group of assassins will try to kill the
clone. Let them do it and you will experience a loss of Heat around the 

Stock Market Chaos: Once you have a Stock Market Watchdog, a group of 8
accountants will arrive on your island. This only happens on the second
island. You must get 4 out of the 8 accountants to see the fake info without
any Heat. The key here is to weaken them.

Once they have the info, you will be rewarded with $250,000

Cursed Collection: On the first island, when you have around 50 notoriety,
you will see a flashing AoI. This is a part of the totem pole. Collect it
and place it in your Inner Sanctum. The bad news is that when separated, 
pieces reduced the selected stat. Place the pieces in an area where they 
do any harm.

Once you have all 4, place them side by side and watch as they are put
together and experience the boost of Endurance, Smarts, Attention and

Superagents: You can start defeating the superagents on the second island.

Defeat Mariana Mamba: Simple mission. Build and infirmary and place Mamba on
it. The results are that she turns out ugly as ever

Defeat Jet Chan: When you are assigned this objective, plot in Central Asia
until you find the Kidnap Jet Chan's Mentor. Interrogate him until you find
out that he will retire if he is beaten in a fight. Take Jet Chan to your
dojo and your martial artists will fight him. Since you put sedatives in his
meal, it should be easy.

Defeat Katerina Frostanova: Once you are assigned this objective, plot in
Siberia until you find the AoI Steal Mr. Snuggles. Your minions will put it
in your training room. Take Katerina to it and watch as she breaks down as
your minions tear it to shreds.

Defeat Dirk Masters: Plot in the Midwest America and undertake the AoI
Infiltrate Dirk Masters' Gym. Research the towel that you get. You will
find out that he is taking illegal steroids. Take Dirk Masters to the
Biotanks and let him take a dip in it. The results are that he turns out 
a hideous freak.

Defeat John Steele: The only way to defeat him is to have him in a holding
cell after you've finish the rocket. Your minions will strap him on and 
him into outer space.


And now the research. Just press Ctrl+F to find the one you want.

Arcade Cabinet: Security Desk+Laser

AutoMat: Pete Bog+ Impact Stress Analyser+Enviroment Chamber

Auto Surgeon: Infirmary Chair+Biotanks+Greenhouse

Big Screen: TV Studio+Laser

Bookcases: Reading Table+Impact Stress Analyser

Brainiac Machine: Reading Table+Biotanks

Brain Washer: Sonic Generator+Impact Stress.+AI Supercomputer

Centrifuge: Generator+Laser
        or: Generator+Impact Stress Analyser

Communication Array: Code Breaker+ AI Supercomputer

Control Station: Chalkboard+Laser

Cryo-Cubicle: Pete Bog+Centrifuge+Greenhouse

Death Cubicle:Holding Cell+Centrifuge

Camouflage Exterior Door: Standard Door+Biotanks

Disguised Generator: Generator+Centrifuge

Disguised Rifle Rack: Chameleon Cloth+Biotanks

Disguised Holding Cell: Chameleon Cloth+Laser

Disguised Camera: Zoom Lens Camera+Centrifuge+Biotanks

Disguised Sentry Gun: Sentry Gun+Impact Stress.+Laser

Storage Rack: Heavy Shooting Range+Impact Stress.

Field Barrier Door: Mercury Mirror+Impact Stress

Flamethrower Rack: Jetpack+Greenhouse

Stock Market Watchdog: Aztec Amulet+AI Supercomputer

Gold Enhancer: Crown Jewels+Enviroment Chamber

Heavy Door: Standard Door+Impact Stress.

Heavy Duty Loudspeaker: Sonic Generator+Centrifuge

High Density Capacitor: Disguised Generator+Laser+Centrifuge

Infirmary Chair: Pharmacy Booth+Laser+Biotanks

Impact Stress Analyser: Standard Door+Centrifuge

Biotanks: Multimedia Educational Zone+Laser+Impact Stress+Centrifuge

Laser: Security Camera+ Centrifuge

Multi Gym: Table Tennis+Impact Stress.

Multimedia Educational Zone: Mercury Mirror+Laser

Nuclear Generator: Chalkboard+Impact Stress.

Pinball: Roulette+Laser

Salad Bar: Pete Bog+Biotanks

Schematics Station:Cannon+Enviroment Chamber

Security Radio Loudspeaker: Diamond+Greenhouse

Sentry Gun: Handgun Cabinet+Centrifuge

Widescreen TV: Sonic Generator+Impact Stress.

X-Ray Machine: Pete Bog+Centrifuge

Zoom Lens Camera: Security Camera+Laser


Beehives: Salad Bar+Biotanks+Laser

Electric Charge Cannon: Nuclear Generator+Laser+Impact Stress.+Centrifuge

Damned Dansel: Chameleon Cloth+Laser+AI Supercomputer

Do Not Press: TV Studio+Biotanks

Dreadmill: Egg Chair+Laser+Impact Stress+Centrifuge

Explosive Palm Tree: Flamethrower Rack+Laser+Greenhouse

Giant Magnet: Nuclear Generator+Centrifuge+Enviroment Chamber

Hallucinogenic Gas Cage: Pharmacy Booth+Biotanks

Knockout Gas Cage: X-Ray Machine+Centrifuge+Impact Stress.

Laser Sensor: Capacitor+Laser

Laughing Gas Cage: Hallucinogenic Gas Cage+Impact Stress+Biotanks

Nerve Gas Cage: TV Studio+Impact Stress.

Misdirection: Communications Array+Centrifuge+AI Supercomputer

Money Madness: Stock Market Watchdog+Laser+Enviroment Chamber

Motion Tracker: Heavy Shooting Range+Laser

Piranha Tank: Venus Man Trap+Impact Stress+Greenhouse

Pit Punisher: Pinball+Impact Stress.

Prometheus's Revenge: Satans Chimney+Laser+Centrifuge

Satan's Chimney: Chalkboard+Centrifuge

Saw Blades: Mercury Mirror+Impact Stress+Enviroment Chamber

Venus Man Trap: Biochemist Workshop+Biotanks


Well that's the end of the FAQ. If you want to contribute something please
e-mail me.

I will accept:
Anything I missed
Major mistakes
Major corrections

I will not accept:
Very small mistakes
Pointless things
Very minor changes

Please don't send me spam, porn or viruses.


Elixir Studios for making such a great game.

Myself, HobbesCalvin



These websites are allowed to use my FAQ. If I catch you using it and you 
not on the list, I will ask you to remove it.

The End (or is it?)


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