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Full Walkthrough, v 1.00 (09/13/2009)
By Elshendee

A giant spore traveling through space lands on a strange alien planet 
and immediately begins to take over. As its organic tendrils spread 
across the planet it also starts to create guardians; insect-like 
creatures that protect the mother-plant and lay waste to the 
indigenous life. These creatures come in a variety of shapes and sizes 
and each with their own special attack. We (the gamer) assume the role 
of a science vessel pilot who is alerted to the hostile plant's 
attempt to overrun the planet and decides to save it from complete 
domination by the invading vegetation and its endless supply of deadly 
creatures. Of course we won't be getting our own hands dirty. We have 
Genohunters at our disposal to carry out the "wet work" so to speak, 
and this is where things get interesting. You have four Genohunters at 
your disposal; each genetically engineered with certain inherent 
attributes such as speed, agility, intelligence, etc. At any given 
time you are in direct control of one of the four Genohunters while 
the others follow you around using some pretty impressive AI. You can 
assume control of any of the four at any time to make use of their 
special abilities.
The game eases you into the action quite nicely and things don't start 
to get rough until around level 3. As you explore the planet your 
Genohunters will be able to feed off of the genetic material (DNA) 
from plants and native life forms. This is where the game gets really 
cool and the possibilities become virtually endless. Feeding off 
certain DNA gives your Genohunters certain abilities inherent in those 
genes. If the carcass you are consuming was from the flamingo-like 
creature then your Genohunters can mutate into a faster version of 
themselves. While you really aren't encourage to kill the indigenous 
life (after all, you are here to save the planet) you will find plenty 
of pre-killed carcasses lying around waiting for you to absorb.
Just as the native life bestows physical abilities on your 
Genohunters, consuming the genetic material from slain aliens 
(guardians) will allow you to mutate your Genohunters into powerful 
fighting machines. When you first land you have a small claw attack, 
which is adequate on the early enemies, but as you progress you will 
soon acquire all sorts of special attacks such as lasers and flame 
breath. Once you kill a guardian with one of these special attacks you 
can then mutate your Genohunter so that he can use that same attack. 
The trick is that using that weapon on the creature that gave you the 
power is generally ineffective, so now it becomes important to learn 
which creatures employ which attacks and have the appropriate weapon 
armed to defeat them. If you are being swarmed by a group of fire-
breathing bugs then you don't want your Genohunters to all be equipped 
with the flame attack. Spikes work much better.
There are 14 possible mutations that endow the Genos of a new arsenal 
and abilities that will increase your chances of success against the 
Parasite. These improvements are obtained by absorbing the DNA of dead 
creatures, whether enemies or not. Each weapon or skill can be 
improved when you have absorbed the required amount of new genes. 
Mutating your Genohunter can be tricky. You will often need to know 
what abilities you are going to need for the upcoming areas. An 
example early in the game is where you must mutate all of your hunters 
so they can jump over a river gorge to continue to the end of the 
level. Also, increasing your ability in one skill can lower or even 
eliminate another genetic ability. You will have to use much caution 
and planning when mutating your hunters. Even with the less-than-
stellar multiplayer features this game offers tremendous replay value. 
There are virtually unlimited possible combinations when mutating your 
Genohunters, so you will never play the game the same way twice.
Exploring the planet is made easy with the navigational HUD that fills 
the monitor of whichever character you are currently controlling. 
Indicators clearly point your next objective (O) and the nearest 
source of genetic material and health (A). The location of your three 
partners is also shown (1,2,3) and if your guys start to fall behind 
you can issue a "regroup" command that will summon them to your 
current location. If the group of Genohunters is not reunited, we must 
control which Genohunters are the least protected. We can check it by 
viewing their windows, if they're blinking it could mean several 
-Red: he may have been wounded.  
-Orange: he's in trouble by not being able to reach the right place or 
to escape from an attack.  
-Green: he's serving the order to go to the right place. 
You can issue commands to one or more Genohunters, and while it is 
often tempting to take control of one and leave the rest behind, you 
will die very quickly if you try to play Evolva as a solo adventure. 
This game is geared toward teamwork and only by controlling your team 
and properly mutating them can you ever hope to cleanse the planet. 
Genohunters will fight and switch weapons as needed and will feed when 
they can to restore their health. Your only real responsibility is to 
mutate them at regular intervals and make sure they have the 
appropriate weapons available for the next encounter, or take control 
over a weaker character to keep him out of the thick of battle until 
he has healed enough.  To reunite all Genohunters, the default key is 
the "T", can also be used to ask for help, this way all Genohunters 
will quickly go there.
As a wall or shield against gunfire or scratching of the enemies you 
can use the bodies of dead Parasites. Eating the flesh of victims as 
well as providing their genes also gives us energy. When we have a 
wounded Genohunter is important to feed him, although the genetic 
material is shared equally among all Genohunters. Whenever we attack 
from a higher place we will do more harm to our enemy, while 
decreasing our accuracy. Almost all people of Evolva just shoot or 
attack from the front. You will receive less damage by attacking from 
the sides or rear.  The death of a Genohunter means that he returns to 
the ship and will not appear again until the next mission. He doesn't 
lose the mutations he had, but he will not get those who obtained his 
teammates, until he joins the group again.
Since Evolva was initially a pack-in title with the original GeForce 
card you might expect that there are some pretty impressive graphics 
and you wouldn't be mistaken. The opening movie alone is almost worth 
the purchase price but once you get planet-side and the 3D engine 
kicks in you will be amazed. This game uses every trick in the GeForce 
handbook to render a strange alien planet with colorful rock 
formations, rivers and lakes, towering plant-life, and a host of 
wondrous life forms that go about their business yet still react when 
you enter their sphere of influence. The sound and music in Evolva are 
appropriate for the genre and of excellent quality. The opening score 
suits the movie well and could easily be on the "big screen". There 
are no voices or narration, only the unearthly sounds of alien life 
forms and the terrifying sounds of the horrible guardians. Explosions 
rock the battlefield and when you smash through a blocked passage you 
will have to hang onto your desk until the dust settles. One of the 
best sound effects is the crackling of the fire you will hear when 
structures or dead aliens burn up. You will almost want to break out 
your bag of marshmallows.
The concept of teamwork would clearly indicate the possibilities for 
online multiplayer gaming, and while Evolva does support Internet play 
it was done more as an afterthought. The interface for starting or 
joining an online game is rudimentary at best. You must use an 
external program to learn your IP address then tell your friends who 
then type that address into their Join Session screen. One big downer 
is that you cannot even join a game in progress. Unless you get in at 
the beginning you are out of luck.

Skills are acquired from the indigenes. Kill one of them and select a 
mutation with that skill. Be sure to get as many skills as you want 
during the first levels, as you won't find Indigenes during the later 

-Jump: first available in level 1. You'll get this skill from some 
frog-like indigenes. The more you have mutated this skill, the further 
you'll be able to jump. Useful to jump over cliffs and from one block 
to another.

-Speed: first available in level 1. You'll get this skill from some 
flamingo-like indigenes. The more you have mutated this skill, the 
faster your Genohunters will be. Useful to avoid attacks and to 
attract enemies into a trap, by acting as a lure.

-Armor: first available in level 3. You'll get this skill from 
armadillo-like indigenes. It reduces the damage taken by your 
Genohunters. Of course, it will help a lot during the fights.

-Sticky foot: first available in level 5. You'll get this skill from 
dog-like indigenes. It allows you to step on sliding floors. At lesser 
levels it will just reduce the speed you slide on them, but on higher 
levels you'll be able to step on them just as if it was a normal 
floor. Furthermore, it can be used to completed jumps, as it allows 
you to climb a bit.

Weapons are acquired from parasites. You won't have many problems 
developing the most basic weapons, but developing the last ones will 
be more difficult as the parasites who give them are less common. Each 
weapon has a secondary attack that you can use by keeping pressed the 
Shift key for a while, until the orange bar starts glowing. Each 
weapon has an amount of energy, that drops when used or when charging 
the secondary attack, although it regenerates when it's not being 
used. Weapons don't share their energy, so if you run out of energy in 
a weapon you can switch to another one.

-Claw: first available in level 1. You'll get this weapon from crab-
like parasites. It gives some powerful claws, which will help a lot to 
your Genohunters during melee attacks, and will allow them to pass 
through rock barriers. It doesn't spend energy, so you can always use 
it. It is a powerful weapon in the melee. All Genocazadores should 
have the most powerful grip as possible, as it will become our primary 
weapon when we exhaust the energy of the most powerful weapons.
Secondary attack: it deals a slower, stronger hit. Not useful at all, 
as it takes a lot of time to use, and you can deal the same damage or 
even more by just attacking normally.

-Flame: first available in level 2. It throws a flame jet against the 
enemy, which will incinerate anything in front of the Genohunter in a 
few meters. Useful to destroy inflammable plants blocking the path. 
The flames are very useful if you know how to use them, otherwise we 
can get something cooked in large-scale fighting. This means you have 
to watch not to burn ourselves. What works very well is a combined 
attack of two Genocazadores, one with flames and the other with claws. 
At higher levels the range increases quite a lot.
Secondary attack: throws a huge fire ball towards the enemy, that 
rebounds on walls.

-Spike: first available in level 3. You'll get this weapon from 
scorpion-like parasites. Your main projectile weapon, it throws spikes 
towards your enemies. It has a very long range, so it can be used as a 
sniper rifle (although it doesn't have scope, of course). Keep pressed 
the fire button to throw spikes continuously.  It is a weapon to be 
used over long distances and from a safe position.
Secondary attack: throws several spikes at the same time, but only for 
less than a second. Again, not useful at all, as it's way less 
accurate than the normal attack since you can't select when you're 
shooting the secondary attack.

Spore: first available in level 4. You'll get this weapon from cannon-
like parasites. It throws some kind of bombs that explode after a few 
seconds, just like grenades (consider this weapon as this game's 
version of grenades). Very powerful if it hits the enemy, and it can 
be used to break compact stones blocking your path. Keep on mind that 
they don't explode if they hit a wall. You can launch them using the 
rebound on the walls and corners, while we stay hidden. They work very 
well against enemy concentrations, causing extensive damage. 
Secondary attack: throws a flaming spore than causes a much bigger, 
devastating explosion, hurting anyone in a large zone.

Stealth: first available in level 5. You'll get this weapon from 
spider-like parasites. It turns your Genohunters invisible for a 
while, although the effect drops out quickly, especially if you 
haven't focused on this weapon. More than a weapon is a skill.
Secondary attack: the invisibility lasts longer, and you can use 
another weapon while you're still invisible.

Necrocyte: first available in level 6. It allows you to release small 
spiders that run towards your enemies and explode when they touch 
them. Quite powerful, but the energy disappears very quickly. At 
higher levels you can release two spiders at once.
Secondary attack: throws more spiders at the same time.

Electricity: first available in level 7. It throws lighning bolts 
against nearby enemies, they're more powerful than the flames but it 
also means that they drop out very quickly. However, it's still a good 
choice during short-range combat, specially against Flame Parasites. 
It's very useful because it doesn't require much accruracy to damage 
the enemy.
Secondary attack: creates a lightning ring around your Genohunter, be 
careful because it will also damage your other Genohunters.

Shield: first available in level 8. It turns you, for a short time, 
invulnerable to anything but lava and sea water. While it could be 
very useful, in fact the shield is not one of the best weapons. The 
effect of the shield has a very short duration, so try to maximize it. 
It is very useful when crossing territory under enemy fire.
Secondary attack: the invulnerability lasts longer, and you can use 
another weapon while you're still invulnerable.

Mucus: first available in level 11. It throws a yellow liquid that 
reduces your enemies' speed if they touch it, doesn't let them to 
jump, and makes them more vulnerable to flames. In combination with 
the flames, it becomes a formidable weapon.
Secondary attack: throws a liquid ball that expands around a big area. 
Be careful because your own Genohunters may become affected by the 

Genedisruptor: first available in level 11. It throws a energy beam 
that damages your enemies and makes them attack their own fellows. Be 
careful because if you accidentally hit another genohunter, he will 
attack you. Energy disappears very quickly when using this weapon, so 
use it wisely. When you find yourself at impossible situations, this 
will be your best choice.
Secondary attack: the beam has more range.

There are four types: agile, fast, strong and intelligent. Through the 
various mutations they manage to have different skills, though each 
has his own personality.  
Agile: they have great ability to dodge both the shooting and those 
who produce them. They're vital to inspect the enemy terrain and 
jumping cliffs and obstacles they put in front.  
Fast: they are the weakest of all, but his speed allows them to 
explore uncharted waters, discovering where are the enemies and their 
quantity. They also make a decoy to attract the enemy to attack to the 
chosen place.  
Strong: they are the strongest of all, so also suffer the most damage 
when exposed to the most dangerous attacks and especially melee. They 
are also the slowest.  
Intelligent: it's mix of agile and fast Genohunters, he also has a 
good accuracy so they often seem to be the team leaders. Very skilled 
in long-range shots.

Level 1
The game starts with your four Genohunters in an enclosed area. Your 
Genohunters begin the level grouped, so if you lead, the rest will 
follow. Start walking. You should soon reach an intersection. The path 
on your left has some strange pink, jumping creatures: they will serve 
as your main source of health during this game. Take the path with the 
health bugs, and you should reach a cave with a pumpkin-like exploding 
plant. The best choice here is to break the team, wait until the 
pumpkin has just exploded, then run with one of your Genohunters past 
the pumpkin, and repeat the same process with the other three 
Genohunters. Keep your way and you should reach a path full of 
exploding pumpkins. Fortunately, they don't explode at the same time, 
but after one, so break the team, wait until the first one has just 
exploded, and run to the other side of the cave before the explosions 
reach the place where you are. Repeat the process with all 
Genohunters. The G3 will most likely get caught in the explosions, as 
he's the slowest, but he won't take too much damage. Once past the 
cave, you'll see a dead frog-like creature. These are the Jump 
Indigenes, possessors of the Jump skill. Attack the corpse to destroy 
it and absorb its meat (the G3 will heal a bit once it's done), keep 
on mind that It takes a few swift hacks to yield its genetic material, 
then access the mutation menu and select a mutation for each of the 
Genohunters where they have the Jump skill (there's no difference 
between each choice, so you can just choose the one whose colour you 
like the best. Once all Genohunters have the Jump skill, jump over the 
cliff, landing between the two large boulders on the other side.
Keep your way a bit right, where you can see some more creatures. 
You'll see a lot of flamingo-like creatures (the Speed Indigenes) and 
the Jump indigene you saw jumping over the cliff. This time you can 
kill him to absorb some more of its skill. You won't be able to kill 
the Speed Indigenes yet because they're too fast for you. Ignore the 
cave blocked with rocks. You'll soon a huge rock and two alleys on its 
sides. Take the one on the left and you should see a cave on the 
corner where it turns. Enter the cave to see a large area filled with 
water. Cross the area, running straight (don't take any of the alleys 
on the sides), ignoring all of the Speed indigenes for this time (they 
just avoid your Genohunters), and you should eventually reach an area 
with another rock barrier on the left and a passage with some dead 
Speed Indigenes on the right. Destroy those corpses to finally get the 
Speed skill, mutate to get this skill. Select the G3 and cross the 
thin path nearby. Some rocks will fall on your left, but ignore it. 
Once you've crossed the thin path, the action will finally start, as 
you'll be attacked by three big, hostile, crab-like creatures, the 
Claw Parasites. Kill all them to get your first weapon, the Claw 
weapon. Mutate to get it and complete the objective. Keep your way to 
fight three more Claw Parasites. You'll see a nearby cave where you'll 
find lots of health bugs and four Claw Parasites hidden behind another 
rock barrier. Break the barrier using our new claws and kill them. Get 
out of the cave and follow the path to fight three more Claw 
Parasites. You'll soon reach a big open area, where five Claw 
Parasites will come from a cave. Kill them and check the nearby area 
with two alleys blocked by rock barriers, each of them guarded by a 
Claw Parasite. Behind them you'll reach a kind of courtyard with lots 
health bugs guarded by five Claw Parasites. Now head to the cave where 
five Claw Parasites came previously. Enter it, break the rock barrier 
and get to the top. Kill the Claw Parasite there. You'll realize that 
you're near the area with the corpses and that the Claw Parasite 
you've just killed was the one who dropped the rocks earlier. Safely 
drop down. Check this area again: you'll find two groups of health 
bugs behind rock barriers. The nearby rock barrier you saw before 
leads to the cliff you jumped before. You can now kill the Speed 
Indigenes around the lake, if you want. You'd better use the G2 if you 
decide to do so, as they're still very fast.
Now head to the rock barrier you saw before when you searched the cave 
with water. Break it with your claws. You'll find more health bugs 
behind. Enter the cave and you'll see some blocks you must jump to. 
After you've done two jumps, you'll notice that three Claw Parasites 
are coming after you. Wait for them and kill them. Do two more jumps 
and wait for the Claw Parasite. One more jump and you'll see a block 
full of exploding pumpkins. Again, break the team, and pass the block 
one after one. Once all of them have safely passed the block, do one 
more jump and kill the last two Claw Parasites. You've now finished 
the level. You can break the rock barrier to reveal more health bugs 
if you want to keep exploring, or just leave the level. Keep on mind 
that you'll be full health when you start a new level.

Level 2
You begin in an enclosed area. Walk a bit and you'll see some Claw 
Parasites attacking some Speed Indigenes. Kill all four Claw 
Parasites, kill any surviving Speed Indigene if you want, and take the 
left path. You'll see a dead fifth Claw Parasite in the middle of a 
ramp. Some plants are throwing spikes towards the ramp, so it's not 
safe using it. Wait until the spikes destroy the corpse and absorb it. 
Leave this ramp for later and take the right path. You should see two 
more Claw Parasites, kill them. You'll soon reach a big, open area. 
You'll see some Speed Indigenes running: a Claw Parasite will come 
from the left and four more from the right. Kill all of them, and the 
Speed Indigenes if you want.
Go to the area where the four Claw Parasites came. You should see some 
health bugs and a rock barrier. Break it to reveal an orange, spider-
like creature: the Flame Parasite. Control the G3 so that his flames 
don't hurt you too much, and be careful when he's dead, because his 
corpse will start to burn and finally it will explode. There's another 
one behind a rock barrier, and two more behind a plant barrier. To 
kill the Flame Parasites behind the plant barrier, just approach the 
barrier and they will break it for you. Go to the area where you 
fought the first Flame Parasite, and check the passage where you broke 
a rock barrier. There are more rock barriers there, break them to 
fight two more Flame Parasites. Mutate to get the Flame weapon. Now 
head to the ledge at the right side of this big, open area (it's on 
your right when coming from the passage where you entered this open 
area). Near the start you should see some rocks forming some kind of 
bridge towards the top of a block. Use that bridge to get to the 
block. You'll find there two Claw Parasites, who will serve to test 
you new weapon.
Now go back to the start, to the ramp with the spike-throwing plants 
you left before. Break the team and cross the ramp the same way you 
would do with the exploding pumpkins. Once all of your Genohunters 
have passed, keep your way across the elevated ledge until you see 
more exploding pumpkins. Again, break the team and pass the pumpkins. 
Follow the path, you'll be attacked by two more Claw Parasites as you 
walk in front of a rock barrier, but they're no match for your Flame 
weapon. You'll find at the end of the ledge a rock barrier guarded by 
more spike-throwing plants. Break the team, past when the plants have 
just shot, and break the barrier. Three more Claw Parasites wait for 
you at the other side, kill them. Only one of your Genohunters must go 
there (recommended two), so you don't need to make all of them pass 
the spike plants, although all of them will fight those three Claw 
Parasites more easily. Once the zone is safe, approach the strange 
blue egg (OK, it's not an egg, it's a spore, but I'll call them eggs 
during the whole walkthrough) and take it using the Action key. It 
regenerates after some time, so you can take another egg if you want, 
but don't take more than two.
Leave the cave and drop down to the ground. Head to the big, open area 
where you found the Flame Parasites. Go to the opposite side to the 
one with the ledge (the left side). You should see a passage where you 
can see some Speed Indigenes. Approach them and you'll see two Claw 
Parasites coming. Kill them and turn back to see three more Claw 
Parasites coming from behind. Kill them, and then keep your way. 
You'll find four more Claw Parasites guarding another egg, but this 
time green instead of blue. Take one or two (be sure you don't take it 
with a Genohunter with a blue egg). Leave this passage, turn left when 
you're outside, pass next to some health bugs behind a plant barrier 
(burn it with your flames). Keep your way in this direction, you'll be 
attacked by another Claw Parasite, then you'll find four more Claw 
Parasites behind a rock. You should find more Speed Indigenes around 
this area. Follow the way and should reach the area where you fought 
the Flame Parasites. You should be able to hear more exploding 
pumpkins around this area. Check this area. There's a big rock with a 
big spiral ramp leading to its top. Get to the top of the rock to find 
another rock barrier guarded by more spike plants. Pass them and enter 
the cave. You'll soon see a Claw Parasite behind another plant 
barrier. You won't even need to fight this one, as he's so stupid that 
he will try to pass the barrier while it's burning and he will burn to 
death. Keep your way, you'll find the exploding pumpkins you heard 
before, and beyond them more spike plants. Beyond this area you'll 
fight three more Claw Parasites. Make your way to the other side of 
this cave.
Break the rock barrier blocking the way out. You'll fight two more 
Claw Parasites right after you step out of the cave. You're at a big 
area with two side passages on its sides. The side passages lead to 
small kind of courtyard with more health bugs, guarded by two more 
Claw Parasites. Each side passage is guarded by another Claw Parasite. 
Once you've made a complete turn through the side passages, you'll 
find that the cave where you entered this area is now guarded by eight 
Claw Parasites and a Flame Parasite. Once you've killed all of them, 
you'll find more spike plants guarding the way to the central area. 
This time don't break the team, and any Genohunter who gets beyond 
them will be attacked by two more Flame Parasites and a Claw Parasite, 
so it's better to pass the spike plants together. Make your way. 
You'll be attacked by four more Claw Parasites, then you'll fight two 
Flame Parasites and three Claw Parasites before you reach a big tower. 
Break your team. You must drop a blue egg and a green egg inside the 
tower, but be careful because they will explode soon after you have 
dropped them, so you must be far from the tower before they explode. 
Once they explode, the tower will burn and you will have finished the 

Level 3
You start in a dead end, facing an archway and a passage to the right. 
You'll see a way to enter a big, open area, but don't enter there and 
instead use the side passage nearby. You'll fight two Claw Parasites 
there. This side passage also leads to the open area, but this way 
you've avoided more spike plants. Now take the passage behind the rock 
with the spike plants. Once you've walked a bit two more Claw 
Parasites will come from the area full of spike plants. Enter this 
area, and pass under a high archway to enter another big, open area.
Now comes your first real challenge. You'll be attacked by three Claw 
Parasites and lots of scorpion-like creatures, the Spike Parasites. 
Only one of them attacks from ground level, most of them attack from 
very high, but they throw you spikes much like those thrown by the 
plants. You'll later find a way to get up there, but right now you 
can't kill the three up there unless they drop. It's better to control 
the G3 here because he's the strongest and he will receive less 
damage. Keep our way, you'll find three more Claw Parasites and two 
more Spike Parasites behind some rocks. It could be a good idea not to 
walk there, but instead jump over the rock to surprise the enemies 
there. There are some health bugs nearby, but be careful because two 
more Spike Parasites may come from the nearby area. This area, apart 
from those two enemies, has four more Spike Parasites, so mutate to 
get the Spike weapon before entering it. The range of the Spike 
Parasites is longer than the range of your Spike ability, so draw them 
in close and use Flame. There are some spike and spore throwing 
plants. Spore throwing plants throw vegetal bombs that explode after a 
few seconds. You'll find a nearby rock with two Claw Parasites hidden 
behind, but you can jump over the rock and shoot from there using your 
spikes. Besides, you'll find a tunnel leading up. This is the way to 
reach the area where those three Spike Parasites where attacking you. 
There are some health bugs there. However, this area is guarded by 
more spore plants. Spore plants only cover concrete areas, so if you 
plan your strategy you'll discover a path to cross without getting 
hurt. Getting back is harder, but you can find a place to safely drop 
down. However, you shouldn't bother in go there unless you need some 
health bugs or you didn't kill those three Spike Parasites before. 
Once you're ready, keep your way and break the rock barrier you'll 
find. Four Claw Parasites wait for you behind. Break another rock 
barrier, and kill the two Spike Parasites and the two Claw Parasites 
behind. You can use your spikes to snipe them from above.
Keep your way. You'll soon see some Indigenes that will run when they 
spot you. Follow them to a big area. Soon after you've arrived, lots 
of Claw and Flame Parasites will attack. A majority of the parasite 
creatures appear from underneath the rock bridge that's directly in 
front of your Genos as they follow the indigenous creatures into the 
containment area. Run the grouped Genohunters past the indigenous 
creatures and meet the alien parasites head on. This deflects the 
parasites' attention long enough to hold them up. You must kill all 
the Parasites before they manage to kill many Indigenes. You'll fail 
the mission if too many indigenes are killed. You'll see here some 
big, armadillo-like creatures: they're the Armour Indigenes. They give 
you the Armour skill, but you'd better wait for the next level to get 
it since killing one of them may fail the mission. Once all of the 
enemies are dead, you'll be told to kill all enemies in the level. 
Keep your way through the archway the Parasites used. You'll see two 
Claw Parasites behind a rock, so jump over the rock and spike them. 
Enter the nearby cave. To the left you'll see a circular passage with 
more health bugs, which will most likely prove useful after the 
previous fight. To the right, you'll find another rock barrier, and 
behind it more exploding pumpkins, you should know how to pass them. 
You'll find at the other side a big area with lots of plants, guarded 
by three Flame Parasites and six Claw Parasites. They will come as 
soon as you enter the area, so spike them as they're approaching to 
damage them as much as possible, then burn them when they're close. 
You'll see a nearby bridge over an underground river, guarded by more 
spike plants. If you look below, you'll see three Claw Parasites on 
your left and six on your right. The best choice is spike them to call 
their attention, trying to hurt them as much as possible, then go back 
a bit, and spike them again as they get closer to you. If you do it 
this way, the enemies will get hurt when passing through the area 
guarded by the spike plants. Break the team to safely pass the bridge 
(you can find more health bugs below), then you'll see a passage full 
of spore plants. It's difficult to pass through it, the best you can 
do is break your team again and pass the corridor, trying to dodge as 
many spores if you can and jumping if you find yourself unable to 
dodge one of them, to try to minimize the damage. Once you've past the 
spore plants, get out of the cave ad get ready to the last fight. Lots 
of Claw and Flame Parasites will attack you there. You'll see some 
more spore plants here: spike them to make them shoot towards the 
direction your enemies are coming, which will hurt them a bit. Once 
they're all killed, you'll have finished the level.

Level 4
Drop down and check the rock barrier on your right. Break it to reveal 
some health bugs guarded by two Claw Parasites. Keep your way, but be 
careful because a Spike Parasite will attack you after a while. You'll 
find some Speed indigenes and health bugs behind another rock barrier 
on the left. Walk a bit and you'll see another rock barrier on your 
right with health bugs and some Armor Indigenes, which along with the 
one outside will give you the Armor skill. Mutate to get it. Those 
Armor Indigenes can take a lot of damage and they're specifically 
resistant to the Spike weapon, so best use your flames. Finally, 
you'll find two more Claw Parasites behind a plant barrier. Break a 
nearby rock barrier to fight another Claw Parasite and two Spike 
Parasites, you'll also find more Speed Indigenes. Follow the river, 
you'll find another Flame Parasite that will shoot you huge fire balls 
once he spots you. Try to dodge them while you spike him and he 
shouldn't be a big threat. You'll see more spore plants: break the 
team, wait until all the spores have exploded and jump over the rock 
before the plants shoot again. You'll find at the other side more 
Armor Indigenes as well as four Claw Parasites.
You have reached an area with some ramps to go up, but don't use them 
yet, and instead explore the area below. You'll nearby find another 
Flame Parasite. You'll see more exploding pumpkins and spore plants, 
but you can avoid them taking another path, although it's guarded by 
another Flame Parasite. You've reached a river. The left side leads to 
a dead end, so head to the right. You'll meet on your right two more 
Flame Parasites. There's no reason to follow the river towards this 
direction as it also ends in a dead end, so take the path in front of 
you. It should split in two paths. The left one also ends in a dead 
end, so take the right, thin path. You'll see lots of Jump Indigenes 
here, and two Claw Parasites will attack you as soon as enter this 
area. Go to the area in front of you. You should find more green eggs 
guarded by seven Claw Parasites and four Spike Parasites. Take at 
least two eggs and go back to the ramps you saw before.
Use the ramps to get to the top. Make our way to the huge monolith 
you'll see from a distance. You'll notice that it has a blue egg on 
its base. Drop one of your green eggs and get away fast, because they 
will explode just as they did previously. Once they explode, the 
monolith will fall creating a bridge. Take one or two blue eggs and 
cross the bridge. Four Claw Parasites will attack you after a bit, 
although you can spike them a bit if you go to the higher part of the 
block where you are. One more jump, and yet another Claw Parasite will 
come. You can now jump to two blocks. The right one (the one where the 
Parasite came) contains some health bugs and another Claw Parasite. 
Once it's killed, jump to the left block.
You're now just above the place where you started this level. You'll 
see a plant barrier and some spike plants. Make your way through them 
and enter the cave. Break another rock barrier to find more spore 
plants. Just as you did before, break the team and try to dodge the 
spores, jumping if necessary. This set of spore plants is slightly 
easier than the one in the previous level. You will soon fight another 
Flame Parasite as you follow the passage. You'll soon reach a big 
cave. Once you see the exit, prepare for the epic battle. Lots of 
Claw, Flame and Spike Parasites guard the cave entrance, and this 
there are no spore plants to help you, so snipe to anyone far from you 
(try to kill the Flame Parasites first, as their fire balls are very 
dangerous), and burn anyone who approaches too much.  A way through 
this area is to keep three Genohunters hidden a safe distance up the 
tunnel, and slowly move your remaining Genohunter to the end of the 
tunnel. Poke its head out to attract attention, then attack with 
spikes using the tunnel walls as cover. The biggest problem here is 
dealing with the Flame Parasites, they have quite a long range and can 
do serious damage. If the Claw Parasites get through to your Geno, 
retreat up the tunnel where all four Genos can. There are some health 
bugs around the area if you need them (most likely you will).
If you check the area, you'll see that all the passages are blocked by 
compact stones that you can't break with your claws. Look for the area 
with lots of plants. You'll fight another Flame Parasite there. Once 
it's dead, check the area with the exploding pumpkins. You'll see that 
the only barrier you can break it's behind them, so break your team 
and make your way through them. You'll see more compact stones you 
can't break, so turn right and keep straight to see another rock 
barrier you can break. Behind it you'll see three cannon-like 
creatures, the Spore Parasites. Kill them and mutate to get the Spore 
weapon. You can now use your new weapon to break all those compact 
stone barriers you couldn't break. Go back your steps to the 
intersection with many stone barriers. Take the left path, with many 
side alleys from the left. The first one contains three Claw Parasites 
and health bugs. The second one leads to some health bugs behind 
another stone barrier, but you'll have to fight three more Claw 
Parasites at one point where it connects with the third alley. The 
third alley leads back to the area with the exploding pumpkins. Go 
back to the intersection. Now take the path left of the passage you 
used to enter the maze. Another Claw Parasite waits for you behind the 
stone barrier. Again, you'll find several alleys. The first one is 
empty, but you'll find a Claw Parasite and two Spike Parasites 
guarding the other side of the alleys. Now that you have a new weapon, 
it's time to use it against the Spike Parasites. Besides, you'll find 
four more Claw Parasites behind a stone barrier at the end of the 
first alley. The second and the third alleys are empty, but the fourth 
alley contains three Claw Parasites. The fifth alley is actually part 
of the exploding pumpkins area, and it has two Claw Parasites and 
three Spike Parasites at its end. You'll find a blocked path near the 
end of the fifth alley guarded by another Claw Parasite, it goes back 
to the epic battle area. Break the stone barrier in front of you. 
Another Claw Parasite will appear. Turn left to find three Claw 
Parasites and several more alleys. The first one contains a Flame 
Parasite, the second one a Claw Parasite, the third one health bugs 
and the fourth one turns to go to the epic battle area and contains 
three Claw Parasites.
There's nothing more in this part of the maze, so go back to the 
previous one, concretely to the area with the five alleys (enter it 
through the passage left of the passage you first used to enter the 
epic battle area). Near the end of the third alley there's another 
blocked path, take it and you'll fight two Spike Parasites and a Flame 
Parasite, here the Spore weapon will prove again very useful. You 
should soon reach an area with more exploding pumpkins. Don't break 
the team, as two Claw Parasites and two Flame Parasites will attack 
you at the other side. Both side passages lead to a big room whose 
entrance has more exploding pumpkins. Pass them and enter the room. 
You'll find an HUGE creature that you must kill to end the level. The 
boss is a huge, snail-like creature with flame weapons for close 
fighting and both spike and spore weapons for long-range attacks. The 
easiest way is using the eggs: just drop a blue egg, then the green 
egg, and the boss will be dead in a matter of seconds. If you like 
emotions, you may want to kill him by your own. Use the secondary 
attack of the Spore weapon, and the spore plants on the ledge above. 
There are some health bugs around the room, if you need them. Each 
time one of your Genohunters is low on health, switch to him and run 
to the nearest health bug. Once the boss is dead, level finished.

Level 5
Leave the G2 and the G4 near the tunnel entrance and take the G1 and 
the G3 to explore. You must leave the G2 and the G4 here because some 
Claw Parasites will try to use the tunnel and you must kill them 
before they're able to do it. You'll soon see a plant barrier blocking 
a cave, but be careful because there are two Spore Parasites on the 
top of a nearby block. Spike them, then burn the barrier. A Spike 
Parasite waits for you behind it, use the Spore weapon against him. 
You'll see another Spike Parasite on the ground below, so spore him 
from above. From here you can jump to the block where the two Spore 
Parasites were, and from there to another block with green eggs, but 
there's no need to get one of them yet, so don't jump to this latter 
block. You'll see a passage blocked by some strange plants that close 
whenever one of your Genohunters approaches. You'll need to explore 
the whole level before you find a way to pass through them.
Keep your way with your two Genohunters (the G1 and the G3). You'll 
fight two more Claw Parasites nearby, and two more near a pit of lava. 
Touching the lave will mean instant death, but this pit is very easy 
to avoid. Keep your way, kill two more Claw Parasites hidden behind 
some rocks, and destroy two compact stone barriers to reveal some 
health bugs behind them. You'll soon reach an area with lots of Speed 
Indigenes where five Claw Parasites will attack. Once you've finished, 
keep your way and approach the big horseshoe-like structure. You'll 
see a Spore Parasite on the top of the central rock and two Spike 
Parasites, each of them on a side rock. Get up the ramp, shoot the 
secondary attack from the Spore weapon towards one of the Spike 
Parasites before they spot you, finish him off with spores, spike the 
Spore Parasite, then kill the remaining Spike Parasite with more 
spores. Once they're all dead, go down to the area behind the Spore 
Parasite. You'll see more plants closing a passage. These ones open 
for a few seconds after a while, so break the team, wait until the 
plants open and pass through them. Once beyond, you'll find that there 
are more plants kike the ones you've crossed, and that this area is 
full of exploding pumpkins. You'll have to pay attention at the 
pumpkins that have just exploded in order to approach them while you 
wait for the second door to open. Once you've passed them, two things 
will happen at the same time. First, the Genohunter that has passed 
the plant doors will be attacked by a Spike Parasite and a Spore 
Parasite, so help him defend himself. Second, the two Genohunters you 
left at the tunnel entrance will have to kill an approaching Claw 
Parasite before it enters the tunnel. They should be able to kill him 
on their own even if you aren't controlling them, so don't switch to 
any of them unless they need that you're controlling them. Once you've 
solved both problems, pass the other Genohunter through the plant 
This area is full of Indigenes. Walk a bit and you'll fight a Spore 
Parasite, a Claw Parasite and a Spike Parasite. Meanwhile, two Claw 
Parasites will try to enter the tunnel. This time the other two 
Genohunters won't be able to kill them, so leave the G1 and the G3 on 
their fight and switch to one of the other two. Move towards the 
direction they're coming so that you have more time to fight them. 
Once they're killed, switch back to the G1 and the G3, kill the 
Indigenes if you want, and kill the Claw Parasite on the top of the 
nearby ramp. You'll see a nearby archway and two passages on its 
sides. The left passage has three Spore Parasites, and the right one 
two Spore Parasites, but they both end up leading to the same open 
area. Go there, and prepare for another epic battle.
Two Spore Parasites will attack from a very high alcove, and three 
more Spore Parasites stand on the top of a ledge. Because of their 
height, they are very hard to hit. Prepare to use the Spike and Spore 
weapons. Meanwhile, another Claw Parasite will try to enter the 
tunnel, so no Genohunter will get bored here. The two Spore Parasites 
on the alcove should be the first ones to be killed, as the ones on 
the ledge don't seem to attack you until you've done it first. The 
latter may drop down to fight you from ground level (you'll soon learn 
why). Once all five are dead, go to the passage right of the archway 
you saw before and use the ramp there (the other ramp you saw before 
is worse because it's guarded by more spore plants). You'll see some 
dog-like creatures, the Sticky Foot Indigenes. The green floor they 
are stepping on is very sliding, and you will fall if you try to step 
on there. Try to kill as many of those indigenes as you can from the 
safe ledge, then break the team, switch to the G1 and jump to the 
sliding floor. Now it's a tricky part: you must try to kill as many 
Indigenes as you can without falling. Try to jump and strafe whenever 
you feel necessary, and go back to the ledge where the G3 stands when 
you thing you have killed enough of them. Mutate to get the Sticky 
Foot skill. Once you have it, keep your way around the open area where 
you fought the Spore Parasites.
You'll reach an area with lots of crystals, where two Claw Parasites 
will attack you. Five more Claw Parasites will attack you a bit later. 
You'll two crystal barriers that you can't break. Burn the nearby 
plant barrier and kill the Flame Parasite and the three Claw Parasites 
behind it. The cave lards to an area with two Spore Parasites and 
three Claw Parasites. Once you've killed them, go back to the crystal 
area. You'll see a ramp there which leads to the high ledge where the 
three Spore Parasites attacked you before. The ledge is full of more 
sliding floor (that's why they fell down after you attacked them), so 
break the team and pass it one after one (you don't have enough Sticky 
Foot skill to just ignore it). From the end of the ledge you can jump 
to the alcove where the two Spore Parasites attacked you. Break the 
compact stone barrier. You'll see a green egg, but don't take it yet 
as the area below is full of Flame Parasites. Kill them, then go down 
there to find a blue egg. You need at least one of each, but it's 
better two of each, so take two green eggs, drop them down to the 
ground level from the nearby alcove, then take two blue eggs and go 
all the way back through the sliding ledge. Use the eggs to blow up 
the two crystal barriers you saw before, as it's the only thing that 
can break them. Take one of the passages (it doesn't matter the one 
you choose as they both lead to the same area). You'll fight three 
more Spore Parasites over a platform, Kill them, then you'll see a 
plant barrier guarded by more spike plants. Get through them to fight 
five (I think, it's hard to tell) spider-like creatures that can turn 
invisible. Kill them and mutate to get the Stealth weapon. Meanwhile, 
the G2 and the G4 will fight the last Claw Parasite. You'll see a 
plant door like the one you saw at the start of the level. The door 
won't close if you turn invisible by using the Stealth weapon. The 
passage leads to the area before the plant door that opens after some 
time. Drop down and go back to the first plant door you saw. You'll 
find a blue egg behind it, and some green eggs on the top of the block 
near the one you previously fought the Spore Parasites. Once you've 
got every type of egg, cross the plant door and head to the big rock 
at the end of the passage, just above the tunnel entrance. Use the 
eggs to blow up the huge rock, sealing the tunnel for good and 
completing the level.

Level 6
Your Genohunters have split up: the G1 and the G2 are free to explore, 
while the G3 and the G4 are trapped in a small area. Besides, it's 
nighttime, so it's more difficult to see this time. Take the g1 and 
the G2 and walk a bit: you'll soon see some Speed indigenes being 
chased by three Claw Parasites. After that, you'll find a blue egg. 
You'll find another area with crystals, but this it's full of Claw 
Parasites. A good idea would be to go back towards the nearby spike 
plants and shoot them. The plants will activate, and they will shoot 
towards the incoming enemies. Once they're all dead, go back to the 
area with crystals, and turn right. You'll another pit of lava with 
more burning plants and two Flame Parasites. Keep your way, and you'll 
find some mine plants. These plants will explode when you shoot them, 
injuring any enemy nearby. Some Stealth Parasites (since they can 
become invisible, I don't know how many of them attack) will come, so 
spike the mine plants to injure them a bit, then burn them to death. 
Keep your way, you'll reach a point where you must make a turn, you'll 
find there some health bugs behind a compact rock. You'll see many 
Indigenes here, but if you want to kill them wait a bit, because 
you'll soon be attacked by four Spike Parasites and a Claw Parasite, 
and the Indigenes may be a bit useful during the fight. Keep your way, 
you'll soon a small cave in front of you and a broad path on your 
right, but before entering the cave, kill the Spike Parasite attacking 
you from a ledge in the path, the Spore weapon works very well here. 
The cave contains a green egg, but it's guarded by two nre creatures, 
the Necrocyte Parasites, which create small spiders that explode when 
touch your Genohunters.  A good idea would be to launch a charged 
spore (use the secondary attack of the Spore weapon) towards them 
before they spot you, in order to hurt them as much as possible. Once 
you've got both eggs, take the broad path. It's guarded by spike and 
spore plants, so break your team again. There's Claw Parasite beyond 
them, but it shouldn't be a threat for a lonely Genohunter at these 
stages of the game. You'll see a ramp with sliding floor and more of 
those plants that open and close after some seconds. Beyond them 
there's another Spore Parasite, kill him before trying to pass the 
plants. Once it's dead, break the team and jump over the sliding floor 
and the plants to get to the other side. You'll see another plant 
door, so turn invisible again to cross it. You'll find a small hole 
where you can see the G3 and the G4. Drop the two eggs through the 
hole and make sure the G3 and the G4 take them, but don't use them 
yet. Go back to the broad path, Follow it and you'll find some more 
Sticky Foot Indigenes. There's also a Claw Parasite nearby. You'll 
finally find a dead end, as the path ends on a pit of lava. Mutate 
your Genohunters to get the Necrocyte weapon, and switch to the G3 and 
the G4.
Use the eggs to make fall the huge monolith. Use it as a bridge to 
reach the other side. Jump to the blocks in front of you, reach the 
one with two Spore Parasites before they hurt you too much, and defend 
yourself from the three Flame Parasites that come from the next area. 
Here you will be able to test your new weapon. Soon after you reach 
the next area, two Claw Parasites will attack, but they will fall very 
quickly with the Necrocyte weapon. You'll see a spiral tower. Go 
behind it approaching it from its left (this is important), pass 
behind it, then go to its right. Kill the Spore Parasite that attacks 
you from above and use the ramp to get to the tower top. Another Claw 
Parasite should attack you at this point. Break another stone barrier 
to find a health bug and a blue egg. Go back down and approach the 
other spiral tower from behind. Look for the ramp there. Break the 
team and select the Genohunter that doesn't have an egg. You must make 
all the way up, but this time will more difficult as you must make a 
turn on sliding floor, and another Spike Parasite will attack you from 
a distance. Once you're at the top, jump to the platform where the 
Spore Parasite you killed before was, and take the green egg. Safely 
drop down and head to the other side of this spiral tower. Here I 
fought the four Spike Parasites that had been attacking me before, as 
well as a nearby Necrocyte Parasite. Approach the nearby ramp leading 
below. Here I was able to fight the last of the Spike Parasites (you 
may have to fight all five here), spike him to death, as well as two 
Necrocyte Parasites guarding the ramp. Attack them from above (use the 
Spike weapon), as their spiders seem to have a hard time getting you 
there. Another Claw Parasite waits for you behind a rock. Jump over a 
nearby rock to see two more Claw Parasites. They will have a hard time 
getting to you as long as you don't break the two nearby compact 
stones, so don't break them yet and instead spike or necrocyte them to 
death. You'll see a nearby crystal barrier, destroy it with the eggs.
Once inside the cave, you'll find two compact stone barriers. Break 
the right one and kill the two Necrocyte Parasites behind. You'll 
enter a ring with another stone barrier. Break it, pass a passage 
guarded by spike plants, and you'll reach a second passage guarded by 
spike plants. Break the stone barrier in the middle of this passage 
(although entering this passage is easier to from here, breaking the 
barrier is easier from the passage left of this cave's entrance). 
You'll fight three more Stealth Parasites here. Break the barrier 
blocking the passage leading up, kill the two Spore Parasites behind 
and take the green egg. You'll find more exploding pumpkins (this time 
on the walls, wow), cross them as you should know. Place the green egg 
near the blue egg you'll find after a thin passage to make fall the 
nearby monolith. Drop down to the area you'll soon see on your right. 
There you'll find more green and blue eggs. Use them to blow up the 
nearby crystal barrier. Breaking it will allow the G1 and the G2 to 
reach this area, so you can call them.
Now that your four Genohunters are back together, it's time to 
complete the mission. There's a Spore Parasite guarding the nearby 
bridge, so approach the bridge and necrocyte him to death (he will die 
quite fast). Doing this will call three more Claw Parasites to fight. 
This area is full of enemies. Several Claw Parasites hide inside every 
tower, but Spike, Spore and Necrocyte Parasites patrol the zone, so it 
could be a good idea to use hit-and-run tactics: leave your 
Genohunters at the other side of the bridge, use the G2 to attraction 
some enemies' attention, then run back to the other side, where the 
other three Genohunters will help the G2 to kill them. Once the area 
is clear, use the eggs to destroy the three towers. You don't need to 
put them inside the tower, leaving them just near the towers will be 
enough. Once all three have been destroyed, you'll have completed the 

Level 7
At the start of this level, all four Genohunters are together. This 
level is a large circular area with concentric rings. You start off in 
the outer ring, and work your way clockwise to get to the inner ring.
Walk a bit and you'll be attacked by five Spore Parasites. Spike them, 
then keep your way. You'll soon fight yet another Spore Parasite, this 
time you can launch him a charged spore before he spots you. Keep your 
way, you'll be attacked by five Claw Parasites.  Use the nearby ramp 
to climb the block, then jump towards a cave blocked by a plant 
barrier. From there you can jump to the blocks where the Spore 
Parasites attacked you before. Come back to the ramp. You'll see a 
nearby cave. You'll find some spike plants here, and some green eggs 
on the roof. Spike them to make some of them fall and take one or two. 
Then take the other ramp to get to this cave's roof, where you'll find 
three more Claw Parasites. The next passage is guarded by about ten 
Claw Parasites. You'll find there more mine plants that you can spike 
to hurt a bit your enemies. A tactic could be to use the G2 to attract 
your enemies' attention, then go back to where the other Genohunters 
are, and spike the mine plants.  Keep your way, you'll see two 
entrances to a cave. You'll fight two Necrocyte Parasites at the 
central room, and four Claw Parasites will soon join the fight. You'll 
find some health bugs behind a stone barrier. You'll see two passages 
leading out of the cave and a tunnel leading down. Take the latter and 
you'll an area guarded by more Stealth Parasites. Take one of the 
other two passages. You'll find an area with more sliding floor and 
lots of spore plants. Break your team and pass them (this time will be 
harder as the ramps here are very thin). You'll find more Sticky Foot 
Indigenes beyond the area, and two Claw Parasites behind a stone 
barrier. The next area is full of Claw, Spike and Necrocyte Parasites, 
so be careful. You'll find a blue egg surrounded by exploding 
pumpkins, use the G2 to carefully get it. Use the eggs to break the 
nearby crystal barrier.
You'll find some strange plants. Step on one of them and you'll be 
launched towards somewhere. So break the team and step on the 
launching plant closest to the barrier. You'll be launched at a room 
with two launching plants. Look at the compass at the Genohunter 
window and step on the southernmost plant. Step again on the 
southernmost plant, then at the easternmost plant, and you'll find the 
exit. Repeat the process with the other three Genohunters. The 
passages here are full of Spike Parasites, so be careful. You'll find 
an alcove with two more Spike Parasites before reaching a pit of lava. 
Soon after you approach it, six Claw Parasites will jump towards you. 
Two more Spike Parasites are hidden near the pit of lava end.  You'll 
a fissure on one of the rocks where the Claw Parasites came. A seventh 
Claw Parasite is still there, he's trapped: if you want to kill every 
enemy on the area, you must fire the Necrocyte weapon at the fissure, 
since it's the only way to kill him. You'll soon see a bigger pit of 
lava and some blocks allowing you to pass it, but be careful because 
this area is guarded by six Claw Parasites. Spike them as much as you 
can before they approach. You'll see another area with crystals with 
two (I think) more Stealth Parasites and four new creatures, the 
Electricity Parasites. Kill them and mutate to get the Electricity 
weapon. Keep your way to fight three Spike Parasites, two Stealth 
Parasites and a smoking Spore Parasite. Once you've killed them, the 
Spore Parasite will drop a strange green disk. Take it and save it 
carefully because it's very important to finish the level.
Two more Electricity Parasites, a Claw Parasite and a Spore Parasite 
wait for you at the start of an even bigger pit of lava. This part 
will be hard since it's easy to fall t the lava. You'll soon find two 
more Claw Parasites and two Spore Parasites. Jump over more blocks to 
find a spore plant that you can spike to activate it: it will help you 
to fight the nearby two Spike Parasites, a Claw Parasite and a Spore 
Parasite. You'll find more health bugs behind a compact stone. You'll 
reach a bit bigger block where you'll have to fight a Claw Parasite 
and two Spike Parasites. Make one of your Genohunters attract their 
attention, then go back, wait until they approach and spike and spore 
them. You'll soon find another Spore Parasite, but fighting them will 
start a big fight more a Spike Parasite, a Claw Parasite and two more 
Spore Parasites. You can use a nearby spore plant to help you.
You'll soon reach a door with more health bugs. The disk you took 
before is actually a key that you need to open the door. Switch to the 
Genohunter with green key and approach the door. The door will open 
and an epic battle will take place, as you'll fight lots of Claw, 
Spike and Necrocyte Parasites and a lonely Spore Parasite. As soon as 
the door is opened, throw Spores through it. Use the doorway as a 
choke point; the Claws Parasites are the fastest, and will reach the 
door first, meaning the Spike Parasites won't have a clear line of 
fire to hit your Genohunters. Once they're all dead, drop to the 
nearby hole to end the level (use the rock midway to avoid the damage, 
and avoid the plants below).

Level 8
You'll start on the top of a huge pillar. Jump to the nearby ledge, 
then go down until you see a passage on your right. Spore the Flame 
Parasite guarding it, then kill the two Electricity Parasites behind a 
plant barrier, and take the red key one of them drops. Use it to open 
the nearby red door. Cross it, burn the plant barrier that blocks a 
passage, and enter it. You'll fight some more Stealth Parasites, kill 
them to get the green key that one of them drops. Go back to the 
pillar room, and head to the bottom. There are three passages there: 
one with the blue door, another one with plant doors, and another one 
without anything. Take the latter one, and kill the three Flame 
Parasites guarding it (this part will be a bit hard because they will 
throw you fire balls as soon as they spot you). Go up the ramp, and 
you'll reach an intersection. The right path, blocked by a stone 
barrier, leads to a room with more health bugs. Take the left path, 
break the stone barrier, and you'll find two new creatures, the Shield 
Parasites. Although their weapon will make you invulnerable for a 
short time, these guys are actually very easy to kill. These parasites 
have shields which flash on and off intermittently; when it's on it 
deflects your attacks. Once they're killed, head to the other side of 
the lava pit, and kill a third Shield Parasite. Although there's 
another path here, go back to the intersection (be careful with spore 
plants near the lava pit) and take the last path. You'll find two more 
paths. Take the left one, break the stone barrier and kill the 
Necrocyte Parasite hidden behind it. You'll reach a room with three 
more Shield Parasites and another Flame Parasite. Once they're all 
dead, jump to the smallest mushroom, from there jump to the second 
smallest mushroom with a launching plant on it, use the plant and 
you'll reach the highest mushroom. Take the yellow key and jump to one 
of the smaller mushrooms to safely drop. Go back to the intersections, 
take the last path, break the stone barrier and kill another Necrocyte 
Parasite. You'll reach another lava pit. Use the mushrooms to get to 
the other side. You'll soon find three more Shield Parasites, kill 
them. There's a nearby hole guarded by more spore plants, but don't 
drop there since it leads back to the area where you first fought the 
Shield Parasites.
Now go back to the pillar room. Head to the passage blocked by plant 
doors. You'll need to break the team and use the Stealth weapon again 
to cross them (use first the secondary attack, or this time you will 
run out of energy before you reach the other side). There are more 
exploding pumpkins, so you'll have to wait until they explode before 
following the passage. Once all your Genohunters have passed, use the 
green key to open the green door. You'll fight six more Flame 
Parasites. You have reached an area blocked by two plant doors. Use 
the Stealth weapon to get to the other side, where you'll find another 
Flame Parasite guarding the blue key, but it's easy to just spike and 
spore him. Once he's dead, you can go to the ramp top, use the 
launching plant and get the blue key. The problem is that taking the 
blue key will activate the nearby plant, which will break a stone 
barrier and free lots of Flame Parasites. You can try to spike and 
spore them from the platform, but it's more difficult to dodge the 
fire balls there.
Go back to the pillar room. Use the blue key to open the blue door. 
You'll see a big lava pit, where you'll be attacked by two Necrocyte 
Parasites and four Flame Parasites. Use the yellow key to open the 
nearby yellow door, and fight two more Shield Parasites. There's an 
open passage on your left and two blocked passages on your right. 
Break the stone barrier blocking the left passage and you'll reach an 
area with many crystals guarded by four Electricity Parasites. Once 
they're dead, look for the pillar with exploding pumpkins. You'll see 
a blue egg hanging there. Now it's time to play basketball: you must 
launch a charged spore (use the secondary attack) to the hole with the 
blue egg: the egg will be thrown towards the ground, and you'll be 
finally able to take it. Now go back to the previous area, and take 
the other blocked passage. You'll find another area with crystals, 
this time full of Stealth Parasites. Walk a bit more to find another 
lava pit. A Flame Parasite is on a far block guarding a green egg, and 
will throw fire balls, so jump as fast as you can towards him, and use 
the Electricity weapon once you get close. Go back once again to the 
previous area, and this time take the unblocked path. You'll reach an 
area with mine and spike plants where it will take place another epic 
battle, this time against Flame, Spore and Necrocyte Parasites. The 
mine plants will not help you very much this time, but the spike 
plants will, so break all the stone barriers that cover them. Don't 
hesitate at using the charged spore against your enemies. Once you've 
finished, head to the other side and use the eggs to break the crystal 
barrier. If you haven't mutated to get the Shield weapon yet, do it 
Two Spore Parasites will attack you from a far ledge. It's better here 
to attack them with the G4, spiking them and dodging all of their 
spores, as it's not too hard. There are some more Flame Parasites, 
lost of small Parasites inside the tower, and a normal parasite 
guarding its entrance. Throw him a charged spore before he spots you, 
then spike him as he approaches. Use the Necrocyte and the Electricity 
weapons against the small Flame Parasites, as it's what works the best 
against them. You can use the eggs to destroy the tower if you want, 
but it's not necessary to complete the level. You'll soon find another 
tower, whose defense is the same as the first tower's: a normal Flame 
Parasite and several small ones. You'll soon see a third tower with 
the same defenses, but you'll have to jump to reach it: once you've 
jumped there, there's no way back. Keep your way, you'll find some 
more health bugs guarded by two Spore Parasites. Find the way down 
once you're ready.
The way to the next room is guarded by more exploding pumpkins are 
spike plants. It contains a big creature, that uses Necrocyte and 
Electricity against you. He's more deadly than the one you fought at 
the end of level 4. This time there are no spore plants to help you, 
and any eggs you drop there will disappear, so you have no choice but 
to fight him legally this time. There are some health bugs around the 
room, so switch to any Genohunter low on health and use one of them. 
Again, use the secondary attack of the Spore weapon. The Boss' primary 
weapon is equivalent to the beamed-up version of Electricity, and its 
long-range weapon is three mini parasites, similar to the Necrocyte 
ability. When being attacked by the electricity, enter Stealth mode to 
break the attack. Use charged-up weapons whenever possible. Once the 
boss is dead, level finished.

Level 9
Your Genohunters are split up again, this time each one is at a 
different place. You'll find the sea during this level, be careful 
because it's dangerous. Start with the G1. Take the nearby path and 
you'll reach an intersection. Take the left path, you'll find three 
Claw Parasites at a corner. Use the nearby mine plants to help you. 
The right path is the same thing: there are three more Claw Parasites 
and you can use the mine plants to hurt them. Both paths lead to a 
passage with three more Claw Parasites. If there are still some mine 
plants at the side passages, you can bring the Parasites there, but 
this time there are no mine plants nearby. The stone barrier in front 
of the place where you started leads to an area guarded by a Necrocyte 
Parasite, with health bugs and a blue egg. Go back to the area where 
you fought the last three Claw Parasites. It has six passages blocked 
by stone barriers, but be careful because Necrocyte Parasites wait for 
you behind the third, fourth and fifth barriers. The six passages lead 
an area with more sliding floor, with water-filled holes (it's sea 
water so don't drop there), spore plants and four Spike Parasites. You 
can see a slightly flat rock where you can jump and safely shoot from 
there. The Parasites also slide, so one of them may fall to one of the 
holes. You'll find another stone barrier guarded by spike plants. 
There's another Necrocyte Parasite behind, but he will slide so fast 
to the nearest hole that you don't have to worry about him (if he 
manages to survive, just throw some spores to the hole). You'll find 
there another health bug and a strange rock that you can't break. Just 
wait there.
Switch to the G2. You'll find two more Claw Parasites nearby, but 
they're very easy to kill. Another Claw Parasite waits behind a 
pillar, and a Spike Parasite will attack you from a ledge. Follow the 
path near the ledge. You'll find another Spike Parasite on a second 
ledge, and a Shield Parasite at the corner. Take one of passages 
leading to the area with sliding floor. Lots of Spike Parasites on the 
blocks at the pit patrol the area, and they will shoot as soon as they 
spot you. Some of them may fall when they try to approach you, as the 
floor is also sliding for them, but for most them you'll have to spike 
and spore them. Use the blocks to reach the other side. Four Claw 
Parasites are hidden behind a stone barrier, you can jump to the 
nearby rock to necrocyte them from there. You'll see two paths. Take 
the left path and you'll reach an intersection. Take the left, 
unblocked path to reach another pit. Cross it using the blocks. Three 
Claw Parasites will attack you falling from above (jump to the nearby 
rock to attack them from there), and you'll find another Necrocyte 
Parasite. Spore the rocks on the wall to get a green egg, then go back 
to the pit. The launching plant will launch you back to the other 
side, but it's actually safer to just jump over the blocks.
Now comes the tricky part. Go back to the intersection and break to 
stone barrier to access the blocked path. Break a nearby stone barrier 
to reach and cave. Use the Stealth weapon's secondary attack and enter 
the cave. Nine Claw Parasites will come, although they won't attack 
you while you're invisible. Cross the area with spike plants and melt 
the ice blocking a hole on the wall using the Flame weapon. Cross the 
hole. Switch to the G1 and drop down the nearby hole, in case he 
hasn't dropped already. The G1 and the G2 are now together. Kill the 
two Necrocyte Parasites in this cave, then kill the nine Claw Parasite 
that chased you before. Use the Shield weapon to safely go back 
through the spike plants. Three Spike Parasites may be waiting for you 
at the cave exit. The red key is in this cave, but you can't take it 
at the moment, so leave it here. Go back to the intersection, and take 
the last path. Past the red door (you can't open it yet), and you'll 
reach another pit. Two Spike Parasites stay on the block, and three 
Spike Parasites and a Shield Parasite wait on the other side. Once 
they're all dead , check the area to see a smoking place. That's one 
of the iceberg's weak points: use the eggs there. Now go back to the 
cave with red key and take it. Go back to the red door and open it, 
but don't cross it yet.
Instead switch to the G3. Use the Stealth weapon again as three Spike 
Parasites (there's also a Necrocyte Parasite, but he can't do anything 
from there) will attack you from a block and you can't fight them yet. 
Once you reach the ledge end, you'll see three Spike Parasites on a 
nearby platform. Jump there and kill them. There are some health bugs 
here, but be careful because an epic battle against Claw and Spike 
Parasites some blocks from there will start soon. Again, our enemies 
may fall to the sea. Once they're all dead, jump to the platform where 
all those Parasites were. From its furthest end you can easily jump to 
the platform where the three Spike Parasites and the Necrocyte 
Parasite that attacked you before were. Once they're dead, take the 
green key and use the nearby launching plant. Kill the Electricity 
Parasite that attacks you and go to the nearest launching plant. Drop 
the green key close and use it (use the Shield weapon, since it will 
hurt you a bit). There are some green eggs here, but you'll have to 
jump to get one of them. Use the launching plant here to get back, 
drop the green egg and take the green key again. You'll fight five 
more Claw Parasites behind a stone barrier. Break two more stone 
barriers to find two Necrocyte Parasites and three Claw Parasites. 
Keep your way and you'll find the green door. Drop the green key 
nearby (but don't open it yet), go back to where you left the green 
key, take it again and go back to the green door.
Switch to the G4. Make your way through more plants that open and 
close (be careful not to fall to the sea). Jump to the platform with 
the launching plant. Use it, then use the nearby launching plant. 
You'll have to fight a Spore Parasite and two Flame Parasites. Use the 
Spore Parasite to cover you from the Flame Paarsites' fire balls (that 
is, position you so that all of their fire balls hit the Spore 
Parasite), then select the Spike weapon and spike them while you dodge 
all of their fire balls. A third Flame Parasite may attack you, kill 
him using the same tactic. Once all Parasites are dead, use the 
launching plant where the Spore Parasite was (again, use the Shield 
weapon). You'll see a blue egg: spike it so that it hits the launching 
plant, once it does it take it before it falls to the sea. Use the 
launching plant to go back. Keep your way, you'll find some more 
health bugs behind a stone barrier, and soon after that, lots of Flame 
You'll soon reach a big area. Cross the area with sliding floor and 
you'll soon see the blue door. Take the nearby path, you'll see 
another weak point guarded by two Spike Parasites. Kill them and drop 
the blue egg there. Go back to the big area. You'll see a passage that 
splits in two passages. The left one contains three Flame Parasites. 
Behind a stone barrier you'll find two Necrocyte Parasites and four 
Claw Parasites. There are some mine plants nearby, but won't help you 
too much. Break two more stone barriers, kill two Necrocyte Parasites 
and three Claw Parasites. You'll find health bugs behind a stone 
barrier. Go a bit back, and enter the side passage. You'll find 
another Flame Parasite at the left path. Use the nearby ramp, cross 
the area with exploding pumpkins and you'll reach the hill top, where 
you'll find the blue key. Use the launching plant to go back. Head to 
the blue door.
Switch to the G3, and take the green key. Switch to either the G1 or 
the G2, call all your Genohunters, and enter the central area. An epic 
battle will take place there, where you'll fight lots of Claw 
Parasites and a few Electricity Parasites. You'll find more keys in a 
tower guarded by two Necrocyte Parasites, but you won't need them 
anymore. Take the green egg you left before, and head to the weak 
point where you left the blue egg. Use the eggs to blow up the second 
weak point. Once you've done it, the iceberg will start to sink. You 
must run towards the place where you took the blue key. When you reach 
the area with the exploding pumpkins, don't break the team as you 
don't have much time. Once all your Genohunters have reached the hill 
top, you will have completed the level. You may want to mutate before 
accessing the next level.

Level 10
You must complete this level fast because the island is sinking. Walk 
a bit, you'll be attacked by two Flame Parasites and three Stealth 
Parasites on the sides. Break the stone barrier. Once you've crossed 
it, you'll be attacked by six Claw Parasites from your left and three 
Spike Parasites from your right (one in front of the red door, two 
above). Look for the nearby plant door. Now comes a very hard part: 
you must turn invisible, and you have no choice but to break your 
team, on the door will close even if one of your Genohunters turns 
invisible. The problem is that about six Flame Parasites wait at the 
other side, so the Genohunters that have already passed will have to 
fight against them on their own while the other ones pass the door. 
Once all six are dead, take the red key and go back.
Two Spore Parasites wait behind the red door (you can burn them before 
opening the door, if they get close enough). Here you'll find the 
green door (with some health bugs, if you need them). Take the left 
way, melting the ice barrier with the Flame weapon. Nine Claw 
Parasites will attack soon after you've entered this area, and eight 
more at its end. Once all of them are dead, take the green key and go 
back to the outer area. Now take the opposite path. Here you'll fight 
some more Claw Parasites (the number seems to depend on the amount of 
time you have spent, since the sea may have killed most of them). Once 
any enemy there is dead, take at least one green egg, and go back to 
the previous area.
Once you've crossed the green door, run and kill the two Spore 
Parasites near the blue door. Now take the left way. You'll see more 
plants that open and close. This time, break your team, as there's no 
enemy beyond, and use the Shield weapon, although it won't serve too 
much. Keep on mind that every Genohunter that crossed the doors costs 
a lot of time, so must think carefully how many Genohunters you take 
(for example, you won't need too much the G2, so you can leave him). 
Break a stone barrier and fight two Spore Parasites, three Spike 
Parasites and about eight Claw Parasites. The mine plants here won't 
help too much, just spike and spore your enemies from a distance. 
Break a stone to reveal a launching plant. Break the team and use it, 
but be careful because there are some Stealth Parasites at the ledge 
where you're thrown. Start with the G3 if he's still fine on health. 
Once they're dead, look at the ceiling and spike the hanging blue egg. 
Drop down safely (use the Shield weapon), and go back to the previous 
area (this time will be slightly easier, because of the opening time 
from this side). Take the opposite way and use the eggs to break the 
crystal barrier. Use the ledge to reach a cave. You should be careful, 
as most likely this area is about to sink. Fight hordes of Stealth 
Parasites, Spike Parasites and Flame Parasites and you'll reach the 
blue key. Use the launching plant at the start of the cave to go back, 
then head to the previous area.
Cross the blue door. Once you've done it, you're now relatively safe, 
as the sea level isn't going to rise much more. Kill two Spike 
Parasites guarding some health bugs, and approach the Stonehenge-like 
ice construction. This will be important later. You'll soon fight lots 
of Claw, Flame and Stealth Parasites at an area with several towers. 
Besides, some Spike and Spore Parasites attack you from a tentacle 
above. You can either spike and spore them, or use a nearby rock to 
jump there and attack them using close range weapons. Once they're all 
dead, break the team and place all your Genohunters but one on the 
tentacle. Switch to the lonely Genohunter and look for a stone 
barrier. Break it and you'll meet a new creature: the Mucus Parasite. 
He's very slow, but he can throw you resin that will make you slow as 
well. If the Mucus Parasite dies, you'll fail the mission, so don't 
kill him. Head to the Stonehenge-like structure you saw earlier. Make 
sure the Parasite follows you. Make sure you don't approach the place 
where the other Genohunters are or they will attack him. Once there, 
you must wait for some time, so use the Stealth and Shield weapons to 
protect you from their attacks. After a while, you'll reeive a message 
saying you've completed the level.

Level 11
Your Genohunters are split up again. Start with the G1. Walk a bit and 
you'll find a blue egg guarded by three Necrocyte Parasites. There are 
some mine plants nearby but they won't help you too much. Once they're 
dead, you're free to take the blue egg, but there's nothing more you 
can do at the moment.
Switch to the G3. Walk a bit and you'll fight five Spore Parasites and 
a Flame Parasite. Spike and spore them while you dodge their attacks. 
Keep your way, and you'll see two paths. Take the left path. You'll 
find some exploding pumpkins and beyond it two Spore Parasites on an 
alcove. Use the nearby launching plant to reach fast the other side, 
and spike the Spore Parasites. Use the nearby blocks to reach the 
alcove and take the yellow key. Safely drop down and use the launching 
plant to go back. Take the right path. You'll see a cave with health 
bugs guarded by another Flame Parasite. Follow the path again and 
you'll see another cave with health bugs, but ten Spore Parasites and 
six Claw Parasites will attack you from the other side of a river. For 
the Spore Parasites, enter the nearby cave and wait for some of them 
to approach and attack them with short range weapons, while you use 
the parasites you're fighting as cover from the other Parasites' 
attacks. There are some spore plants here, but I don't find them very 
useful. For the Claw Parasites, just try to get as far as you can from 
any living Spore Parasite. Once they're dead, you can break a nearby 
stone barrier to find more health bugs guarded by two Necrocyte 
Parasites. Cross the river, you'll find the blue door but you can't 
open it yet. Instead use the nearby ramp, melt the ice block and 
safely drop down.
You'll be attacked by five Claw Parasites. Follow your way. You'll see 
the blue key on a high pillar but ignore it for now. A nearby stone 
barrier hides a launching plant, but if you have a minimum of Sticky 
Foot skill you won't need it. You'll reach a big area, where two 
Necrocyte Parasites and lots of Claw Parasites will come. Run towards 
your left, where you'll see the yellow door. Open it as fast as you 
can, and you'll find there the G4. Don't leave this room, as it's 
easier to fight your enemies here. Once they're all dead, take the red 
key in the room and leave it. Go back to the pillar where you saw the 
blue key, and take it with the other Genohunter. Go back to the area 
where all those Parasites came. Kill any Claw Parasite that may still 
be around the area, don't break the nearby stone barrier yet, and keep 
your way. You'll find a circle of exploding pumpkins, there you'll be 
attacked by two Necrocyte Parasites and three Claw Parasites. Now 
switch to the g2. Take the green egg, break the stone barrier you'll 
see, and you'll reach the area where the G3 and the G4 are. With your 
three Genohunters, go to the stone barrier you saw before. Break it, 
you'll find health bugs guarded by two Necrocyte Parasites. Go back to 
the area with the exploding pumpkins. Break the rocks near the 
pumpkins to reveal some launching plants: don't use them. There's 
another stone barrier there. Here you'll find three Flame Parasites. 
Try to lure them into the launching plants near the pumpkins: they 
launch them inside the circle, and they will die instantly. If you 
can't, just dodge their fire balls and spike them. Once they're dead, 
enter the next area and use the ramp. Break the stone barrier at the 
top and safely drop down (use the Shield weapon). You've reached the 
area where the G1 is. All your Genohunters are now together.
Use the eggs to break the crystal barrier. The next area contains a 
Necrocyte Parasite and lots of Flame Parasites. A tactic could be 
break the team, select the G4, attract the enemies towards your other 
Genohunters, while you jump to the nearby big rock and spike them from 
above. This area has more exploding pumpkins circles, and the rocks 
hid more launching plants: again, don't use them. Break the stone 
barrier you'll see and you'll fight a Necrocyte Parasite and lots of 
Flame Parasites. Again, you can lure them to the launching plants 
which will throw them towards the pumpkins, but this time it will be 
less effective as they can leave the circles. Once they're dead, keep 
your way. You'll find another river, and at the other side a set of 
caves. These caves are composed by several alleys. The access to the 
first alley is blocked by two stone barriers. Break one of them to 
enter it, but be careful because you'll find there a Necrocyte 
Parasite and the last type of Parasite, the Genedisruptor Parasite. 
These creatures are the most dangerous enemies in the game (excluding 
bosses, of course) as their beam will cause any Genohunter to attack 
his fellows if you're not controlling him, and to reverse the control 
keys if you're controlling him. Besides, that beam causes a lot of 
damage. Once they're both killed, mutate to get the new weapon. The 
second alley has a Flame Parasite, the third one is empty. The fourth 
one has two Flame Parasites and two Genedisruptor Parasite (this time, 
their death explosions may help you, as they may injure the 
Genedisruptor Parasites and even kill them, because of the small 
space). You'll find here a side passage with health bugs that leads to 
a second red key. The fifth and last alley has a red door that you can 
open with one of your two red keys.
You're now at the final section of the level. You'll find here the 
green key. Open the blue and green doors if you want (although it's 
not necessary), and approach the second red door. You can open it with 
your second red key, but before doing it burn the three Genedisruptor 
Parasites beyond it (besides the Flame weapon, the Genedisruptor 
weapon can be used through doors, but since it's their own weapon, it 
will be not be effective here). Once they're dead, open the door to 
reach an area with some eggs that you must use to break the nearby 
crystal barrier. Here you'll fight lots of Mucus Parasites and a few 
Flame Parasites. Mucus Parasites throw you resin, that reduces your 
speed and makes the Flame Parasites' fire balls even more deadly, as 
you will burn until the resin effects disappear. Avoid the fire balls 
if you're hit by resin. Use your Flame weapon against the Mucus 
Parasites, as they will also burn, and you may want to use your new 
Genedisruptor weapon if there are several of them close, as they will 
start fighting each other. Once all of them are dead, you'll be told 
to destroy the two towers at this area, so get more eggs and put them 
together to destroy them. You'll complete the level, although you 
should mutate to get the Mucus weapon before leaving the level.

Level 12
You'll see two tentacles right after you start. Take the right one and 
you'll reach a big egg-like structure, where four Claw Parasites will 
attack you. You'll also see a red door that you can't open yet. Go 
back to the start point and take the left tentacle. You'll reach an 
intersection. The left path leads to another egg-like structure with 
four more Claw Parasites, while you're fighting a fifth Claw Parasite 
may come from the right path. Inside the structure there's another red 
door, this time guarded by a Necrocyte Parasite. Now go back to the 
intersection, and take the last path. You'll arrive at the crater 
base. This area is full of Claw, Spore and Necrocyte Parasites. You 
must find the Spore Parasite that has the red key. Once you've got it, 
come back to one of the egg-like structures. Both red doors end up 
leading to the same place, but we're going to take the one we found at 
the left tentacle.
A Flame Parasite waits beyond this red door. The next room is filled 
with more Flame Parasites. You may want to break the team, select the 
G2, approach using the Stealth weapon, and use the Genedisruptor 
weapon, and get far. The Genedisruptor makes your enemies attack among 
themselves, what may help a bit. Two paths start here. The one without 
a door has another Flame Parasite, and it leads to a room with more 
Flame Parasites. Here I was lucky and they killed themselves with 
their own fire balls and their death explosions before I even entered 
the room, but most likely you won't be so lucky and you'll have to 
fight, so use again the Genedisruptor weapon. Once again, two paths 
start in this room, and once again, the one without a door has a Flame 
Parasite. You may want to use hit-and-run tactics: break the team, 
switch to the G2, use the Stealth weapon, approach and electrocute 
him, then use the Stealth weapon again to get away before you turn 
visible again. The next room has three Genedisruptor Parasites. A hit-
and-run tactic will be obligatory here, since all three will kill you 
very quickly. Here start four paths. The two paths with doors here 
have each a Flame Parasite, and most likely they will attack if you 
walk in front of the door, so be very careful. There are some health 
bugs here, they will be very useful. One of them, the one closest to 
the one you entered from, leads to a room with Necrocyte Parasites. 
The only passage here has another Flame Parasite, but it leads back to 
the first room you entered at this labyrinth. Once there, take the 
passage without a door, then the passage with a door, where there's 
yet another Flame Parasite. It leads to a room with three more 
Genedisruptor Parasites, again perform a hit-and-run tactic. This room 
has three passages, the left one is empty (now) and leads back to the 
room with four passages. The middle one is empty too, but it leads to 
a room full of Spore Parasites. Two more passages start here, the 
furthest one from the door you've just used leads back to the room 
with four passages, the closest one has a Flame Parasite and leads to 
a room full of Spike Parasites. Again, two passages start here, the 
closest one leads back to the room with three passages, the furthest 
one has a Flame Parasite and it leads to the other red door, that you 
can't open since there are no more red keys. The last passage you 
haven't crossed yet is at the room with four passages, so go there.
Take the last passage (it leads down). You'll find some health bugs 
around the passage, and there are some exploding pumpkins. It leads to 
a huge room with two incredibly large creatures. The Genedisruptor 
weapon doesn't seem to work against them, so don't bother trying to 
make them fight among them. Instead select the Mucus weapon and throw 
them some resin. You don't even need to burn them, your other 
Genohunters will do it. Once they're burning, get a bit far and use 
the Spore weapon's secondary attack. Do it several times until one of 
the other Genohunters is low on health, then switch to him and take 
one of the health bugs around the room. Repeat this process until both 
of them are dead, then shoot the pillar at the center of the room. 
Once it has been destroyed, you'll have completed the game.

Cheat mode
Note: This code requires the patch that enables bump mapped graphics.
Enter the mutator screen and change your team name to "EXTRASTUFF". 
Exit the mutator screen and save the game. Enter the options menu and 
select "Configure Controls". "Debug" and "First Person View" options 
should now be available at the bottom of the menu.

The Evolva game store all its information at 
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Computer Artworks/Evolva/1.0" registry 
key. The following values can be created for some effects (all values 
is the strings):
"InfiniteHealth" Self explain, I think. "1" is the "On". 
"GenosAutoHeal" Just the same with previous? 
"Debug" Enable debug keys (F8,F9, maybe more). 
"InfiniteMutations" Self explain, I think. "1" is the "On". 
"NumLevelsCompleted" Number of levels completed. "5", for example, for 
level 4. "12" for the whole game. Changes the level you load when you 
start a new game. 
"EnableDebugConsole" Self explain, but I don`t know how to bring it 
on. "1" is the "On".

All mutations from the start
Use Regedit again, this time go to the 
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Computer Artworks/Evolva" registry key. 
Create a new key called "Genes". The following values can be created: 
Claw, Flame, Spike, Spore, Stealth, Necrocyte, Electricity, Shield, 
Mucus, Genedisruptor, Jump, Speed, Armour, Stickyfoot. Give them 
values (100 for the lowest, 3750 for one level, 31000 for the 

Full Gene Power: 
Go into the evolva directory and search for lvl files type *.lvl in 
Windows search. There are 12 files labeled level 1 - 12. If you open a 
level with notepad (i.e., level1.lvl, you may wish to back it up 
first) and change the Genes to: 
This will give you full "genes power." So you will have maximum power 
with just one animal absorbed.

One feature that distinguishes the multiplayer mode is that when we 
access the Mutations screen the game will not stop, so be careful and 
hide to avoid a possible enemy attack.  
A good tactic to beat is forming a team that is balanced and not a 
single Genohunter to focus all mutations, as it will have little use. 
Another feature is the different behavior in multiplayer option that 
some weapons have. An example would be that while insects can locate 
and detect camouflaged Genohunters, human players can't, and 
Genedisruptor doesn't change sides to your side.
You'll find lots of corpses around the levels, they will serve to 
bring you genes to mutate, so absorb as many of them as you can. 
Everything regenerates after some time, this includes corpses, health 
bugs and mine plants.
Multiplayer has specific levels to play:
-Emerald Caves (Large): this level is taken from the starting area of 
level 8. You'll recognize the pillar where you start and some of the 
passages you had to cross. It has some modifications, of course, such 
as most passages being blocked and a new passage connecting two rooms. 
You can find some eggs close to the pillar where you started level 8.
-Grassy Heights (Medium): a completely new level. It consists on a 
lake with a ramp that leads to a huge set of elevated platforms. 
Launching plants at the water below allow a fast access to the 
platforms above. Launching plants on the platforms above allow a fast 
transport between different parts of the platform set. No eggs here.
-Purple Ways (Medium): this level is taken from level 3, you'll 
recognize the area where you had to defend the Indigenes from a 
Parasite attack. It has some modifications, such as most passages 
leading out of the area being blocked, new passages, mine plants and 
the nearby lake being emptied. No eggs here.
-Silicon Valleys (Large): a completely new level (no need to say, 
actually, as you'll realise when you enter it), and in my opinion the 
coolest of all them. Textures are replaced by computer-like new 
textures. Most of them are either blue or green, red ones are sliding 
floor and you'll also find water and lava. There's also sea here, so 
be careful. The central island has some launching plants near the sea 
that allow fast transport between different parts of the island. The 
island center has more launching plants, most of them allow either 
leaving the zone where they are or reaching elevated platform with 
more corpses to absorb. There are special launching plants that allow 
to reach three special areas: one of them launches you to an island 
with a big tower, another one towards an island with a pit of lava and 
some sliding floor above with more corpses to absorb, and the three 
last plants launch you towards elevated platforms high on the sky. No 
eggs here.
-Snowhenge (Small): this level is taken from level 10, you'll 
recognize the area with the Stonehenge-like ice structure where you 
found the first Mucus Parasite. Modifications here include lots of 
launching plants that allow to reach places with more corpses to 
absorb, passages leading out of the area being blocked and sea level 
-Terrarium (Small): a completely new level. The starting points are 
alcoves with launching plants that launch you towards the main area, a 
huge terrarium surrounded by lava, with launching plants that allow to 
go back to the alcoves, and another launching plant at the highest 
point taht launches you to the terrarium top, where you'll find some 
launching plants that allow to reach a second, higher set of alcoves. 
No eggs here.
-The Complex (Medium): a completely new level. It looks like a 
futuristic building, with new textures (and a few from the Silicon 
Valleys level). The main room has a platform with health bugs and 
launching plants that allow to reach the upper floors. You'll find 
another plant at the uppest floor (along with some eggs) that launches 
you towards a high pillar. Other rooms include one with a sliding 
platform with corpses to absorb, another one with lava pillars (WOW!), 
another one with a water pool in the middle of a lava pit, and another 
one with two cabins (you can reach their roofs with ramps on their 
sides) over a lava pit.
-The Sand Pit (Small): a completely new level. A colosseum-like area, 
with sand forming dunes and a big oasis in the middle. The outer has 
several rooms, guarded by spike plants, with launching plants that 
allow to absorb hanging corpses over the central oasis. No eggs here.
-Tri-Towers (Medium): this level is taken from the starting area of 
level 2. You'll recognize the elevated ledges and the area where you 
found the blue egg. Modifications include added mine plants, most 
passages leading out being blocked, new passages and lots of launching 
plants that allow either fast transport or reaching new places. You'll 
find some eggs on the long ledge, a bit before the cave where you 
originally found the blue egg.

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