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 Exile 2

Exile 2

Version 2.0
By: Magus999 (Joe Sura)

I.    General Information about this walkthrough and Exile
II.   General Tips
III.  Characters
IV.   Spells
V.    Walkthrough
VI.   Other Things
VII.  Unique Items
VIII. Credits

Current Information needed:
Location of Graymold Salve besides alchemy.
Information about any Unique Item not listed.
Location of mage spell 'Force Barrier'

--I. General Information--

This guide is for Exile 2: Crystal Souls for the PC.  Feel free to read
this guide and e-mail suggestions.

Version History:
The most recent version can be found at

Version 2.0
Walkthrough is now finished!  Added virtually all other spell
locations.  Added more unique items.

NEXT VERSION:  Add location of Force Barrier and anything else that
people suggest.  Aside from adding more Unique items, there isn't
really much else to be done.  Some minor mission information might be
added also.

Version 1.4
Added a lot of Chapter 1 and 4 information about optional things to do
to gain levels.  Several new spell locations.  Moved the section about
information I need to a more visible location.

Version 1.3
Got Jekknol-Bok, added several spell locations.  Added unique item
section and other stuff sections.  Also got Orb of Thralni and the last

Version 1.2
Got up to Royal Clearance and Dispel Barrier.  Finished Priest Spell
section, revised spell and skill section to look better.

Version .87
I got up to Magi Clearance on Chapter 4.

Version .67
The big update that I promised has arrived!  I have gotten the
walkthrough up to the end of Chapter 3.

Version .35
Finished the mage spells section and added a very little part to the

Version .21
This is just a minor revision.  I added my e-mail address (can you
believe I forgot it?) and added this section.

Version .20
The first version of this guide is finally finished!  I have a mage
spell section, a section on skills and traits, and a short starting


This guide is copyrighted and the author (Magus999) grants you these
A. You may read this guide
B. You may download this guide and keep it on your PC.
C. Send it to others as long as there is no modification or profit.

You are not allowed to:
A. Sell this guide for profit.
B. Take any information from this guide without giving me FULL credit
for all of my work.

Websites are allowed to post this guide under the following conditions:
A. This guide will not be changed in any way.
B. I get FULL credit for this guide.
C. This guide is not displayed on a page with any advertisements.
D. You send me an e-mail that tells me you are posting the guide and
gives the web address of the site.

There are several things I assume about you in this walkthrough:

1. You have the game or the demo.
2. You are not using the editor to make your characters invincible with
maximum stats and spells.  This ruins the fun of the game.  But there
are several ways to use the editor without ruining the game.  An
example is reviving characters or getting Graymold Salve.
3. You know the interface in the game.

About the author
This FAQ is written by Magus999.  If you want to contact me:

 Make the subject "Exile 2"
 Put all information in the text of the message
 No attachments
 Contributing information is great
 If you contribute, list what name you want in the credits section
 Constructive criticism is accepted
 Non-constructive criticism is not accepted
 It may take some time for me to respond
 Don't send the same message multiple times

I can also be contacted in the Exile 2: Crystal Souls Message Board at
At gamefaqs, I am in the message boards as Magus999.


Exile 2 is an RPG for the computer.  It was made around 1994.  You
create a party and lead them through a large, complex adventure.  This
game is only available by going to the publisher, Spiderweb Software,
and ordering it from

Abbreviations used in this FAQ:
Slithzerikai:       Slith
Level:              Lvl.
Hit points:         HP
Spell points:       MP
Skill points:       SP
Experience points:  EXP
Gold pieces:        GP
Action points:      AP


The Empire completely ruled the surface world.  A series of underground
caves were discovered and the Empire decided to use the caves as a
prison.  The Empire made a teleporter and sent anybody who didn't
conform down to the caves.  The caves are called Exile and the people
sent down are called Exiles.  The Exiles built up their strength.
Hawthorne was the ruler of the Empire.  He sent several powerful mages
down to Exile.  The leader of the mages, Erika, wanted revenge.  She
helped to create her own portal and sent a group of adventurers to
Hawthorne's palace. The adventurers assassinated Hawthorne.  The Empire
suddenly realized the power of the Exiles and responded.  Immediately,
people were no longer teleported into Exile.  Four years later, it was
clear that Exile was surviving fine without new people from the
surface.  The Empire started making portals and sent down soldiers and
mages to destroy Exile.  Your group was one of the last groups sent to
Exile.  How are you going to help win the war?


--II. General Tips-

	These are a list of tips about the game.

1. Money will be scarce early in the game.  Do not waste skill points
on crappy skills like luck, merely because luck has a low GP cost.  You
will regret it later on.  A good source of cash is random encounters.
2. If possible, dual-class spellcasters.  What I mean is your mage
looks like this:
  7 Mage Spell (or however many Mage Spell you have)
  3 Priest Spell
and the numbers would be switched for your priest.  When you reach a
high level, you could max both at 7.  Why do I recommend this?  Because
late in the game, it becomes a major pain when your priest dies or runs
out of MP and nobody else can heal the party.  For the priests in the
party, I recommend getting to 3 Mage Spell as soon as possible because
Fireball greatly helps priests kill enemies (and gain EXP)
3. There are several ways to open doors, but not all are equal.
Bashing doors should only be used until you get lockpicks because you
take a lot of damage bashing doors.  Lockpicking is a good way to open
doors because lockpick skill is cheap (1 SP) and lockpicks don't cost
much money.  If you find or buy magic lockpicks, you will never need to
buy any type of lockpicks again because magic lockpicks cannot break.
Unlock should be used after you try lockpicking the door.  Unlock is a
very useful spell, but costs MP.  There are 3 types of locked doors.
Type 1 is a weak lock and can be broken using any of the ways
(Lockpicking, bashing, or unlock).  Type 2 is a magic lock and only the
unlock spell will open this door.  Type 3 is a special lock and cannot
be opened normally.  Type 3 doors usually require keys or hitting some
sort of switch.  If you find a door, start by lockpicking it a couple
times, then switch to unlock.  Don't really worry about Type 3 doors
because a clue is usually given (something like, "There is a bronze
keyhole" indicating you need the bronze key)
4. Never forget to use your mages in a fight.  Even if the monster is
immune to all types of magic, you can always heal, bless, or haste your
fighters.  If you are really in a jam, remember the Lvl.2 Priest Spell
wound has no damage type and works against all monsters.  It only does
between 10-40 damage, but that might save your neck.  Also the majority
of monsters that are immune to all magic types are weak fighters, but
strong spellcasters.  Use Antimagic field and if the monster casts
spells, it will stop dead and not even attack with weapons.  That means
even your mages can come in and help fight the monsters.  Be careful
with the mages, though.
5. If a large section of the game seems hard, you probably need to gain
levels.  Go outside of a town and walk around.  Kill all monsters that
you see.  If you have to go in the town to heal, than you are pretty
close to the town, so it isn't a problem.  If just one dungeon or enemy
is hard, you need a new tactic.  Look in the walkthrough and see how to
beat the dungeon.  If it is just one enemy, start by casting Scry
Monster.  This spell gives all information about the monster, so you
know what spells to use.
6. Save before entering specials outside.  While most will allow you a
chance to leave without fighting or disturbing anything, several will
not.  This also applies to specials inside dungeons, although
problematic specials inside dungeons are less common.
7. Save before fighting large battles or dangerous enemies.  This way
if you lose, you can easily try again.
8. Save whenever you gain levels.  It is incredibly annoying to gain 2
levels, run into trouble and have to gain those levels again.
9. Raise your clearance as soon as you can.  You start at soldier, but
you can raise it to mage clearance and royal clearance.  You have to do
3 missions to raise your clearance.  One mission can be done in chapter
1, and the rest are done in chapter 4.  Higher clearance allows you to
talk to more people and gain spells from certain places.  You also gain
the benefits of the mission including the EXP and items from enemies
and any other rewards of the mission.  Accept all missions, but be
selective in the order you do them.  Some missions are harder than
others are.  Some missions require you to go somewhere you would have
to go anywise.  My recommended quest order:
-Blosk (complex, but all you need to do is look around town, no
fighting required)
-Patrick's Tower (requires a lot of running around, but little actual
-Almeria if possible, Fort Remote if you're too weak for the Trapped
{Get Mage Clearance}
-Silvar (easy mission)
-either Formello, Fort Remote or Almeria
-Fort Dranlon (hard mission, but you get Dispel Barrier)
{Get Royal Clearance}
10. Never go below 50 food, with the exception of a couple places where
you lose most of your food.  I recommend buying extra food before going
on any long journey away from town.  Early on, you will end up buying
food with money, but by the middle of the game, you can just cast Manna
or Minor Manna to gain food.  The best way to use these spells is to
have a few MP left when you finish a random encounter.  Use all your
remaining MP on casting Manna or Minor Manna.  You probably have to
rest anyways after an encounter, and your MP will probably fully refill
by resting.  Lack of food means whenever you normally would eat, you
lose a certain amount of HP.  This can really hurt in the long run.
11. Try to keep some money on hand always.  It doesn't have to be a lot
of money (a couple hundred gold is more than enough), but the money
allows you to rest at inns, buy emergency food if needed, or pay
identification fees.  Beyond chapter 1, you will probably have enough
money that you won't need to worry about keeping money on hand, because
you won't have things you need to buy instantly.  The only time you
will run out of money is when you buy spells or training.
12. While money can be gotten fairly easily after chapter 1, be
selective in your purchases, especially spells.  Spells are very
expensive and you will rarely have enough money to buy all the spells
of a level immediately.  Buy the most needed ones first, followed by
useful spells later on, and ignore all the worthless spells.  Only a
few spells fit into the first category.  First category spells include:
heal spells, firestorm, kill, ravage enemy, Antimagic cloud, slow
group, curse all, and all spells that improve the entire party.  Second
category are spells that have value, but are only useful in certain
situations or are not going to be used that much.  Third category
spells just flat-out suck.  Also remember that you shouldn't waste your
money on spells that your Mage or Priest Spell level is too low for you
to cast anyways.
13. Don't be afraid to flee.  In outdoor battles, you can move the
party members to the border of the battlefield and try to move off the
battlefield and the member will run away.  In dungeon battles, you can
try to lose the monster in a corridor (Haste and Slow are very useful
here).  If you see an enemy before it sees you in a dungeon, you can
close doors to hide before it sees you.  If a monster doesn't growl, it
hasn't seen you.  You can also block off a corridor with webs or
(better) barriers.  Enemies cannot see through webs or barriers.  Force
Barriers can block enemies even if they have seen you, as in this
       M is for your mage
       F is a fighter
       X is a barrier
       * is the enemy
       # is a fighter standing on a barrier
|   |
|M M|
|   |

Cast a barrier on a fighter

|   |
|M M|
|   |

Move the fighter back a space

|   |
|M M|
|F  |

Repeat until you fill the hallway

|   |
|M M|

The enemies are trapped, but be careful because some enemies can break
14. When talking, you don't need to type out the whole work to ask
someone about something.  The text finder only reads the first four
letters that you type.  So typing "slit" is the same as typing
"Slitherzakai".  You can also always type "help", "name", "look", "job"
to get some sort of response.  You can usually figure out what to ask
about based on the response that you get from "job".  If someone says,
'I farm', asking about "farm" would probably get a response.
15. If you are lost in a dungeon, cast Magic Map.  This will show you
the layout of the dungeon (in most cases, some dungeons will not allow
you to cast Magic Map).  You can then view the dungeon and see the path
to get where you want to go.  Also, combining Detect Life with Magic
Map will show you approximately how many monsters you have to fight to
get to your destination.
15. Always carry at least one Potion of Clarity.  It sucks when all
your priests get dumbfounded at once and nobody can cast 'Restore
Mind'.  The potion can then heal the Dumbfound.
16. (Suggested by B'Nank).  If you know both Force Barrier and Dispel
Barrier, you can wall yourself in and use the long wait feature to
restore your MP.  Then just cast Dispel Barrier when ready to leave.
17. Most Wands are more useful if you keep them instead of selling them
for cash.  While a Wand of Death may seem pointless when you've got a
Kill spell, when you run out of MP in a dungeon, that wand is going to
be priceless.  This especially applies to Wands of Nullity, as
Antimagic Cloud is one of the most important spells in the game.
18. There are many many hidden doors and false walls in this game.
Especially outside in Exile.  In dungeons, there is usually a hidden
wall in the commander/leader's room.


--III. Characters--

    You have no set characters in Exile 2.  At the start of the
adventure you create a group of characters and stick with them until
the end of the game.  While it is possible to create new characters
during the game, it is a bad idea because they start with none of the
experience, spells, or items you acquired during the game.
    Make sure there is a good mix of characters in a party.  A great
setup is to create 2 fighters, a fighter-thief, and several mages or
    The default party can be used easily with only a few modifications.
    Although it is possible to have all advantages and be the best
race, doing this causes you to need over 200 EXP per level!  I usually
try to keep EXP per level between 120 and 130.  Fighters need a lower
EXP requirement than mages, because mages normally get more kills.


Human: No advantages, +0 EXP per level
    Humans are good for keeping EXP requirements low.  Your mages
should be human because they have a long list of other traits needed.
Fighters should not be human, so they get benefits.

Nephilim: +1 Dexterity, Better with missile weapons, +12 EXP per level
    Nephilim are great for thieves because of the +1 dexterity.  The
missile bonus doesn't help much.

Slithzerikai: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, Better with pole weapons, +20 EXP per level.
    Sliths are excellent fighters. They do better with pole weapons and
pole weapons do the most damage out of all weapon types.  Therefore,
sliths do the most damage.  The strength bonus adds extra HP per level
and damage.  The intelligence doesn't help fighters, and I never use
sliths as mages because of the +20 EXP.

Toughness: Takes less damage, +10 EXP per level.
    This helps lessen physical damage.  Give this to as many of your
fighters as you can.  If also helps to have mages have this skill as
well (balance the exp. out by taking 'Frail' as well).

Magically Apt: Spells more effective, +20 EXP per level.
    Spells do a lot more damage to enemies, or last longer, or heal
more HP.  This improves both Mage and Priest spells.  Give this to all
your spellcasters.

Ambidextrous: Use two weapons at once, +8 EXP per level.
    Use two one-handed weapons at a time.  It is possible to use two
weapons without this trait, but there is a large drop in hit
percentage.  Two broadswords or wave blades allow a Nephilim thief to
do as much damage as a slith fighter.  Give this trait to your thief
and priest.  Do not give this to sliths because sliths use pole weapons
and pole weapons are two-handed.  The sliths, therefore, get no

Nimble Fingers: Increases success with thief skills, +12 EXP per level.
    This increases the ability to pick locks and disarm traps.  There
is no difference on the stats screen, but you can tell the difference
when you actually use the skills.  Give this to your thief.

Cave Lore: Helps in caves, +6 EXP per level.
    I only know of one use for this skill.  Sometimes, there are
specials where you find food in the wilderness.  This skill tells
whether the food is safe to eat.  I don't know of any other effects.
If anybody knows what this skill does, e-mail me.  I usually give this
to one of my mages.

Good Constitution: Resist poison and disease, +10 EXP per level.
    This skill sounds useful, but really isn't.  Poison and disease are
rare in Exile 2.  Poison usually wears off, but if it doesn't just cast
Cure Poison.  Disease doesn't wear off, so cast Cure Disease.  This
skill isn't worth adding the EXP.

Sluggish: -1 AP, -10 EXP per level.
    Even though you get -10 EXP required, the AP cost isn't worth it.
Don't give this skill to anybody.

Magically Inept: Can't use magic, -8 EXP per level.
    The person cannot use magic or potions.  Completely and totally

Frail: More vulnerable to poison and disease, -8 EXP per level.
    The only disadvantage I ever use.  Poison and disease are easily
cured with a spell and using this disadvantage allows for another
advantage.  Give this to anybody who has too much EXP per level.

Pacifist: Cannot attack, -40 EXP per level.
    Pacifist prevents the character from fighting and casting attack
spells.  Because of this the person will almost never gain levels.  The
character doesn't get kills and without kills the only EXP acquired is
through other people's kills.  That means about 1 EXP for every monster
killed by another character.  This disadvantage makes the character
useless.  This trait should never be picked.

Good skill setups:

The ultimate fighter with a low requirement (121 EXP per level)

Nimble Fingers

A great thief who can also fight pretty well (135 EXP per level).  I
choose to use Ambidextrous and swords instead of pole weapons because
the damage adds up.

Magically Apt

A spellcaster who can fight (130 EXP per level).  If you want, ditch
Ambidextrous and have him/her carry a shield.  This also lowers EXP to
121 per level.

Magically Apt
Cave Lore

A spellcaster who can handle attacking and has cave lore (125 EXP per

Magically Apt

Probably the most useful pure spellcaster of the three.  While this
mage will not be able to fight, his defense (with both Toughness and a
shield) will be the best of the three (121 EXP).


Health: Adds 2 HP for every 1 SP.  Maximum of 201.
    Have fighters start with about 20, mages with 10.  You shouldn't
need to add after the beginning because when you level up, your
strength adds a number of HP without spending any SP.

Spell Points: Adds 1 MP for every 1 SP.  Maximum of 99.
    Mages need about 15 to start with.  Mages get some free MP at the
start of a game based on Mage or Priest skill (3 MP per spell level).
Add points every so often.  This skill needs to be added to fairly
quickly.  By the way, the thing about MP is, the most expensive spell
costs 50 MP (and it isn't something you'd use often), but what costs a
lot is casting several spells.  So if you can afford to buy a lot of
energy potions and carry them around, you can actually get away with
only 50-60 MP.

Strength: Boosts damage in battle and HP gained per level. Maximum of 20.
    Fighters need this at 6-8 to start and Mages need it at 2-3.  Boost
this at the same rate as dexterity for fighters.  Mages need this
boosted to at least 4 as soon as possible.  If you are going with an
altered version of the default party, lower dexterity to 1 and raise
this using the SP.

Dexterity: Boosts hit percentage in battle, improves thief skills.  Maximum of 20.
    Fighters need to start at 6-8 and add at the same rate as Strength.
Mages should neglect this stat until they start using weapons.  At the
start, lower this stat to 1 and put the extra points into Strength to
raise the HP of your mages.

Intelligence: Effectiveness with spells.  Maximum of 20.
    Fighters should keep this at 1 and leave it at 1 the entire game.
Mages should start with 5-6 and raise it whenever possible.  This stat
is only useful to spellcasters.

Edged Weapons: Effectiveness with edged weapons.  Maximum of 20.
    Fighters who aren't sliths should start at 4-5.  Raise only this
weapon stat and only use edged weapons.

Bashing Weapons: Effectiveness with bashing weapons.  Maximum of 20.
    I don't really use this stat.  Edged weapons are more common and
cheaper, but do the same damage.  Until someone proves otherwise, use
edged weapons.

Pole Weapons: Effectiveness with pole weapons.  Maximum of 20.
    This stat should start at 4-5 for slith fighters.  Raise only this
weapon stat and only use pole weapons.  Non sliths should use edged
weapons instead.

Thrown Missiles: Effectiveness with thrown weapons.  Maximum of 20.
    Don't bother with this stat.  Thrown missiles have too low of
damage to be of any use.  If you need a ranged attack, cast attack

Archery: Effectiveness with bows and arrows.  Maximum of 20.
    Don't bother with this stat either.  Archery has low damage and is
worthless beyond the first chapter.

Defense: Ability to move with armor on.  Maximum of 20.
    This stat should start at 1 for all mages and 2 for all fighters.
It is key in reducing encumbrance.  Encumbrance is the weight of the
armor worn by a character.  Encumbrance reduces the amount of AP per
turn.  If you have an encumbrance of 2, you have 2 less AP.  If
encumbrance is over 1, the character cannot cast Mage spells (priest
spells have no encumbrance restriction).  Defense subtracts a number of
encumbrance in combat.  Every point of defense subtracts a point of
encumbrance in combat.  I think defense only works up to 3 points of
encumbrance. This allows you to equip heavier (better) armor and still
have the same number of AP.  Raise this stat up to 3 for fighters, 2
for mages.

Mage Spells: Ability to cast Mage spells.  Maximum of 7.
    This allows you to cast Mage spells.  Characters automatically know
most spells up to Lvl.3.  Beyond that, the spells must be found or
bought.  Raise this when you get spells that require higher ability.
Start with 3 for mages, none for fighters.

Priest Spells: Ability to cast priest spells.  Maximum of 7.
    This allows you to cast priest spells.  Character automatically
know most spells up to Lvl.3.  Higher spells must be bought or found.
Raise when needed.  Have one Mage start with this at 3, the other mages
raise it up to 3 ASAP. Fighters don't need this.

Mage Lore: Ability to learn new spells.  Maximum of 20.
    Mage Lore lets you read spells books that you find.  This is
crucial to learning higher level spells.  This doesn't matter if you
are buying the spell from a shop, only if you find the spell in a spell
book.  Whether you can read the book and learn the spell depends on the
total number of Mage Lore the party has.  I recommend starting at 3 for
mages and adding a couple points every 3-4 levels.  You only need about
20 for the entire party.

Alchemy: Ability to make potions.  Maximum of 20.
    Useless.  Alchemy is worthless because you need to carry the
ingredients around.  Why not just carry the potion you need instead of
the ingredients?  Keep this skill at 0 for the entire party.

 I've gotten a good argument by B'Nank about this.  He said, "Alchemy
is a good money maker.  Especially in the first chapter where money is
scarce.  And most of all, it is needed to get Resurrection Balm to cast
Raise Dead or Resurrection."  He's right about the Resurrection Balm,
but personally I still don't like alchemy.  It just doesn't fit with my
style because I find the potions are usually easier to find than the
ingredients, plus potions don't require skill points to get.  Although,
I will admit he is right about the value of Resurrection Balm, they CAN
be found after defeating enemies.

Item Lore: Knowledge of items dropped by enemies.  Maximum of 10.
    It can be good at high numbers.  If a dead enemy drops an item, the
game checks your item lore.  If item lore is high enough, the dropped
item is automatically identified.  This takes the sum of all the points
of item lore in the party.  Start with 0, but raise when you get to
high levels and are low on other things to invest SP in.  This skill
only makes a difference when the total of Item Lore in your party is
greater than about 5-6.

Disarm Traps: Talent in disarming traps.  Maximum of 20.
    This is a key stat because there are many traps in Exile 2.  Have
the thief start with this at 3 and raise every 2-3 levels.  Stop at
about 7-8.  The skill can be less useful because Exile 2 usually will
warn you before you step on a trap and are forced to disarm it.  For
example, the game will say, "The floor ahead looks suspicious."

Lockpicking: Skill at picking locks.  Maximum of 20.
    This is a stat for your thief that is very useful.  Picking locks
allows you to enter places without the use of the Unlock spell.  Start
at 3-5 and raise a point every other level.  Stop at 6.  Beyond 6, the
SP don't help because you can usually pick the lock in one try and if
you can't, just try again.

Assassination: Chance to do double damage.  Maximum of 20.
    Great skill for fighting.  It represents your chance to assassinate
and do double damage.  At skill 2, you can only assassinate against
weak enemies, but at 10 you can assassinate against medium strength
enemies, and at 20 you can assassinate against almost anybody.  Have
your fighters start at 1-2 and add points whenever possible.  There is
also an element of random chance, so even with low skill, you might be
able to assassinate on strong enemies.

Poison: Skill at using poison.  Maximum of 20.
    With this skill, you can put poison on your weapon stronger and
without damaging yourself.  This can be useful, but usually I never use
poison on my weapons.  Instead, I have a spellcaster use the Mage Spell

Luck: How lucky a person is.  Maximum of 20.
    This affects whether you can survive a killing blow.  If you get
hit hard, your HP will drop to 0.  Get hit again and you die.  With
luck, you might "luck out" and survive.  This stat is a waste of SP
that would be better spent on useful skills.  This also has a slight
effect on items dropped, but I'd prefer to raise my attack skills.

My Party Recommendation:

Fighter 1

Raise Strength, Dexterity, Pole Weapons, and Assassination.  Start with
2 points of Defense also, and add one point somewhere in the game.  121
EXP per level.

Fighter 2

Raise Strength, Dexterity, Pole Weapons, and Assassination.  121 EXP
per level.  Basically identical to Fighter 1, because the type works so

-Nimble Fingers

Raise Strength, Dexterity, Edged Weapons, Assassination, Lockpicking,
and Traps.  I chose swords over axes because they are more common, but
have similar damage stats.

Mage 1
-Magically Apt
-Cave Lore

Raise Strength, Mage Spells, Priest Spells, MP, and Mage Lore.  Starts
with 3 Magic Spells, 0 Priest Spells.  As an idea, you can pick up
Frail and Toughness (they cancel each other out), but I prefer to have
one spellcaster without Frail (in case my party gets diseased, I have
someone whom will resist longer).

Mage 2
-Magically Apt

Raise Strength, Dexterity, Mage Spells, Priest Spells, MP, and Mage
Lore.  Make sure to raise Magic skills before fighting skills.  This
character starts with 3 Priest Spells, 0 Magic Spells.

Mage 3
-Magically Apt

Raise Strength, Dexterity, Mage Spells, Priest Spells, MP and Mage
Lore.  Make sure to raise Magic skills before fighting skills.  Starts
with 3 Magic Spells, 0 Priest Spells.  Again this is a valuable type of
mage, so I have two similar skill setups.  If you want, drop both
Toughness and Frail.

--IV. Spells--

This is a listing of the spells and my recommendations on usefulness
and suggested ways to use the spell.  I also list the location of each
spell.  If the location is Start, then you start with the spell.  If
there is no location listed, I do not know where to find the spell yet
(I update this section with new locations as I find the spells during
my current time playing the game).  If you know the location of a spell
that is not listed, please email "".  I will be
most appreciative.


Level 1

Light: Creates light.  This allows you to see further than 1 space in
dark dungeons.  This would be useful, except for Long Light.  LOCATION:

Spark: Fires a weak electric bolt.  Worthless because of the low
damage.  LOCATION: Start

Minor Haste: Speeds up a character.  Good for improving fighters, but I
usually use Haste instead. LOCATION: Start

Strength: Makes a character more skilled and the character does
everything better.  This is essentially the same as the Priest Spell,
Bless.  Useful for improving fighters.  LOCATION: Start

Scare: Decreases morale of the victim.  I have never found a use for
this. LOCATION: Start

Flame Cloud: Creates a fire cloud over a space.  Not very good, use
Wall of Ice, Wall of Force, or Wall of Blades instead. LOCATION: Start

Identify: This identifies one item.  Very useful for saving money on
identification fees.

Scry Monster: Find out information about a monster, including HP, MP,
Skill at combat and ability with Mage and Priest Spells. LOCATION:

Goo: Covers target with goo.  I never use this spell, use Web instead.

True Sight: See everything in a 3*3 radius.  Valuable for finding
hidden passages.  LOCATION: Center of Aranea Cave

Level 2

Minor Poison: A light poison on an enemy creature.  Good for mages who
resist all other elements. LOCATION: Start

Flame: Shoots a flame at an enemy.  Used only for conserving MP or very
early in the game. LOCATION: Start

Slow: Victim gets only half as many turns as normal.  Great for holding
off an enemy until later in the battle.  Also good for allowing you to
run from an enemy. LOCATION: Start

Dumbfound: Makes victim easier to hit and damage.  It never seems to
work well when I cast it. LOCATION: Start

Envenom: Puts poison on a character's weapon.  Pointless, just poison
the monster yourself with Minor Poison. LOCATION: Start

Stinking Cloud: Creates a cloud of gas.  Anyone entering is cursed
(lower attack, lower hit percentage, and lower defense).  Valuable for
weakening enemies.  Becomes obsolete when you get Curse All or Ravage
Enemy. LOCATION: Start

Summon Beast: Summons a weak monster to fight on your side.  Don't
bother with this spell.  Use Weak Summoning instead or just charm an
existing enemy.  LOCATION: Buy from a special north of Fort Duvno for
125 gold.

Conflagration: Creates a radius 2 circle of flame clouds.  Not used
much because Fireball or Firestorm do group fire damage and don't block
your fighters from attacking.  LOCATION: Buy from a special north of
Fort Duvno for 150 gold.

Dispel Field: Erases a magical field (flame cloud, ice wall, force
wall, blade wall).  Not used because it only erases 1 square and most
of these fields are long walls or large areas.  LOCATION: Buy in Fort
Dranlon for 100 gold or buy from a special north of Fort Duvno for 100

Invisibility: Makes a character invisible.  The character becomes
visible when they attack or use a spell.  Good way to protect a weak
character or a mage who has run out of MP. LOCATION: Start

Level 3

Unlock: Unlocks a door.  Invaluable because many doors can only be
opened with this spell. LOCATION: Start

Haste: Speeds up a character.  Valuable for allowing a fighter to
attack more often in a turn or allowing a mage to cast 2 spells in a
turn. LOCATION: Start

Fireball: Hits a 3*3 area with a fire spell.  Incredible damage and
with the large area, lets mages kill several enemies in a turn.

Long Light: Like Light, but lasts much longer.  Required for dungeon
crawling.  After all, if you need to cast several spells to kill
somebody, you better see him before he's right next to you. LOCATION:

Fear: More powerful version of Scare.  I never use this spell, either.

Wall of Force: Creates a long wall of force.  Hit space to rotate.
This can be used to block off areas because enemies will rarely walk
into or through a wall.  LOCATION: Verdant Valley or buy in Fort
Dranlon for 200 gold.

Weak Summoning: Creates up to 8 monsters, which fight on your side for
a while.  Good for distracting the enemies. LOCATION: Start

Flame Arrows: Casts flame on several targets.  Each arrow seems to do
less damage than a flame spell.  Useful for targeting several enemies
that are spread far apart. LOCATION: Start

Web: Creates a radius 2 circle of webs.  Webs slow down anyone walking
through them.  This can be used to weaken enemies or to block off
vision of enemies (they cannot see through webs). LOCATION: Start

Resist Magic: Improves a character's resistance to general magic.  This
has little use because the only spells that enemies use that are
general magic are Kill, Forcefield and Wall of Force. By the time
enemies start using Kill, you will have enough HP to survive several

Level 4

Poison: Better than Minor Poison.  Take the same advice as Minor
Poison, except this is more useful due to the higher damage.  LOCATION:
Buy in Formello

Ice Bolt: Shoots a bolt of ice.  Identical to flame, except this spell
does Ice type damage. LOCATION: Buy in Formello

Slow Group: Slows all enemies within 12 spaces.  Exceptional for
weakening enemies.  This spell halves the movement of all monsters in
12 spaces.  This is a great spell to start a fight with. LOCATION: Buy
in Formello

Magic Map: See a vision of the entire map of the current location in
town or dungeons.  Requires a sapphire.  Very helpful for locating
secret rooms and finding your way through mazes. LOCATION: Buy in

Capture Soul: Attempts to create a copy of the monster inside your soul
crystal.  Requires a soul crystal.  This adds a copy of the monster
inside your soul crystal.  The monster can then be summoned with
Simulacrum.  Use this on powerful monsters to get great allies.  The
soul crystal can only hold 4 monsters at a time, though.  LOCATION: Buy
in Elgi

Simulacrum: Uses captured souls to create a monster to fight for you.
Requires a soul crystal.  Capture a monster with Capture Soul and then
summon it with Simulacrum.  Valuable for creating good monsters to
fight for you.  LOCATION: Buy in Elgi

Venom Arrows: Similar to flame arrows, except casts Poison on all
enemies hit by the "arrows".  Useful for Poisoning a group of enemy
spellcasters. LOCATION: Buy in Formello

Wall of Ice: Creates a long wall of ice.  Used like Wall of Force,
except ice walls last longer and do more damage. LOCATION: Buy in

Level 5

Stealth: Lowers the chance enemies will see you.  Only used to sneak by
powerful monsters.  It doesn't help if the enemy has already spotted
you.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi laboratory for 200 gold

Major Haste: Casts Haste on all party members.  This is used similar to
haste, but works better.  Use at the start of battles to improve your
group's fighting ability. LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi laboratory
for 250 gold

Firestorm: Hits a radius 2 circle with a fire spell.  More powerful
than Fireball, and can hit more enemies.  This spell is invaluable for
killing large numbers of enemies.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi
laboratory for 500 gold

Dispel Barrier: Removes a magic barrier.  Works on both Fire Barriers
and Force Barriers.  Used often to remove pesky barriers.  Very
important for beating Exile 2.  LOCATION: Complete Fort Emerald Mission

Fire Barrier: Creates a fire barrier at a space.  Fire barriers damage
anybody walking through them.  Good to force enemies into a narrow
passageway.  Once they have to enter the passageway, blast them with
Firestorm, Fireball and other spells that hit enemy groups.  LOCATION:
Buy in the Tower of Magi laboratory for 300 gold

Summoning: Like Weak Summoning, but the monsters are stronger.  Use
instead of Weak Summoning because the monsters last longer and do more
damage.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi laboratory for 350 gold

Shockstorm: Fills a radius 2 circle with force walls.  Good for
blocking passageways and entrances.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi
laboratory for 350 gold

Spray Fields: Create a number of randomly chosen fields.  Useless
because you could randomly get fire walls, force walls, ice walls,
Antimagic walls, or blade walls.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi
laboratory for 250 gold

Level 6

Major Poison: Like Poison, but much more powerful.  Use on same enemies
as Minor Poison and Poison, but this spell does tons of damage.  Very
valuable for dealing with enemy mages.  LOCATION: Buy in the hidden
Tower of Magi library for 400 gold

Group Fear: All monsters within 12 spaces get hit with  Fear spell.
Because Fear is useless, this spell is too.  LOCATION: Buy in the
hidden Tower of Magi library for 450 gold

Kill: Does a lot of magic damage to one target.  Does the most damage
in the game to enemies.  Unfortunately, later in the game, many
monsters are resistant or immune to magic.  LOCATION: Buy in the hidden
Tower of Magi library for 800 gold

Ravage Enemy: All monsters within 8 spaces are hit with a Slow spell
and a Curse spell.  Incredibly useful.  Battles that would normally be
hard are simple with this spell.  If you combine this spell with Major
Blessing, your party is close to invincible!  LOCATION: Buy in the
hidden Tower of Magi library for 600 gold

Daemon: Summons a demon.  With Simulacrum and Major Summoning, I rarely
use this spell.  Simulacrum is better because you can choose the
monster and Major Summoning summons many more monsters.  LOCATION: Buy
in the hidden Tower of Magi library for 700 gold

Antimagic Cloud: Creates a radius 2 circle of Antimagic.  Antimagic
prevents spells from being targeted into or cast out of the field.
Using this spell can take enemy spellcasters completely out of the
fight.  Without mages, your fighters shred through the enemy fighters
and move on to attack the mages.  This spell eventually fades (like all
wall spells), but while an enemy mage is standing inside the cloud, the
mage will do nothing.  They won't cast spells, attack, or even move out
of the cloud.  If used correctly, this spell is definitely one of the
best spells in the game.  LOCATION: Buy in the hidden Tower of Magi
library for 600 gold

Mindduel: Cast on an enemy who can use magic and a mental battle
begins.  The loser gets MP drained, dumbfounded, or killed.  Requires a
Smoky Crystal.  This spell stinks because you will probably lose the
mental battle.  Even if you win, the spell isn't effective enough to be
useful.  Don't bother buying this spell.  LOCATION: Buy from a mage
wandering the outer halls of the Tower of Magi for either 7500 (!) gold
or 500 gold with a Fire Lizard Egg

Flight: Party flies for 3 spaces.  Valuable to cross rivers, lava, or
pits.  This spell becomes obsolete once you get the Orb of Thralni
(which allows you to fly for 5 spaces and never requires magic).
LOCATION: Pyrog Labs in Pyrog's Cave.

Level 7

Shockwave: Sends out a wave of damage that hits everybody (your party
included) within 10 spaces.  This spell does far too little damage to
be useful.  Don't waste your time with this spell.  LOCATION: Empire

Major Blessing: Casts Bless, Haste, and Envenom on the entire party.
This spell increases fighting ability, doubles or triples AP and puts
poison on your weapon.  This spell is great to start battles with
because it improves your party so much.  This is great when combined
with Ravage Enemy.  Get this spell as soon as possible.  LOCATION:
Bookshelf in Solberg's Tower, Royal Clearance needed.

Recharge: Adds a charge to a wand, staff, or rod.  Useless because you
can destroy the item and one charge isn't all that useful.  LOCATION:
Found on the highest floor of the Tower of Elderan.

Protection: Casts Resist Magic on the party and makes one character
invincible.  Resist Magic still isn't very useful, but the
invincibility is a great benefit.  A tough call on the overall
usefulness.  LOCATION: Complete mission in Gnass.

Major Summoning: Like Weak Summoning and Summoning, but with more
powerful creatures.  Use in the same ways as these two spells.
LOCATION: Found on the highest floor of Tower of Elderan.

Force Barrier: Creates a force barrier at a space.  This is a permanent
barrier that cannot be walked through.  The only way to get rid of the
barrier is Dispel Barrier.  Make sure you don't trap yourself.  This is
used like Fire Barrier, except you can barricade creatures in with
Force Barrier.  Some enemies can break through the barrier, though.

Quickfire: A fire, which burns through the current town, dungeon, or
battlefield.  Only Fire Barrier, Force Barrier and solid walls stop the
fire.  This spell sounds better than it is.  The high cost (50 MP)
prevents it from being used commonly in battles and the lack of control
over the fire makes it worthless in dungeons.  LOCATION: Give Rentar-
Ihrno the Mica Tome.

Death Arrows: Like the other arrow spells, but shoots targets with a
kill spell.  Like Flame Arrows, these spells do less damage.  The
damage is about half of a kill spell, but the number of targets makes
it valuable.  It should be used against a number of enemies vulnerable
to magic.  LOCATION: Sail south from the Empire Archives.  At a special
space, choose wait.  Also found in Akhronath Wizard chamber.


Level 1

Minor Bless: Increase hit percentage and attack damage and dodge more
attacks and decrease damage taken.  A good overall spell, but rarely
used because Bless is more effective and you get both Bless and Minor
Bless at the start of the game.  LOCATION: Start

Minor Heal: Recover a small amount of HP.  A good spell because of its
low MP cost.  This spell is used rarely, because I usually am injured
enough to need to cast Heal. LOCATION: Start

Weaken Poison: Lessen amount of poison in a character's body.  In
practical terms, this spell can be cast twice for the same effect as
Cure Poison.  Very rarely used, because poison isn't that deadly and I
can use Cure Poison instead. LOCATION: Start

Turn Undead: Does decent amount of damage to undead.  Not as useful as
you would think.  While the damage is okay, you will run into few, if
any undead monsters before Formello, and in Formello you can buy the
more powerful Dispel Undead. LOCATION: Start

Location: Gives the party's x-y location in town.  I have never used
this because I don't really see the point of this spell. LOCATION:

Sanctuary: Hides a party member.  This makes you invisible, but when
you attack, the effect wears off.  This spell isn't all that useful
because the invisibility wears off.  I use this spell rarely. LOCATION:

Symbiosis: The caster of the spell can absorb someone else's damage.
This is one of the stupidest spells in the game.  Why would I want my
priest, who has low HP and weak armor to take damage instead of my
powerful fighter?  I have never and will never use this spell.

Minor Manna: Gives the party a bit of food.  A nice spell, because it
saves you from paying for food.  The best thing to do with this (and
the improvement of this spell, Manna) is to use up all your MP casting
it before you rest outside.  LOCATION: Center of Aranea Cave.

Ritual-Sanctify: Cleanse a space of evil power.  This is a spell that
is incredibly expensive and used only in special situations.  This
spell will purify evil altars and is needed to complete a missions.
LOCATION: Formello Old Library

Stumble: Slower attacks and less attack damage.  I can't comment
because I have never tested this spell. LOCATION: Start

Level 2

Bless: This is the same as Minor Bless, but with a stronger, longer-
lasting effect.  This is a spell that I use frequently. LOCATION: Start

Cure Poison: Removes poison from a character's body.  Quite useful,
especially since my party is pretty weak against poison. LOCATION:

Curse: Opposite of bless.  Victim takes more damage, hits less often,
does less attack damage, and dodges less attacks.  Very good to weaken
a strong enemy. LOCATION: Start

Light: Creates light.  Use long light instead, because this spell lasts
for a very short time. LOCATION: Start

Wound: Damage to one target.  This spell rocks!  You may not think so,
but this spell can be useful even near the end of the game.  The reason
is because enemies cannot be immune or resistant to Wound.  Wound also
does decent damage for a low MP cost.  This spell is used very often
against all types of enemies. LOCATION: Start

Summon Spirit: Summons a spirit to fight for you.  I don't really like
this spell because spirits are generally weak and don't do a lot of
damage.  Cast minor summoning instead. LOCATION: Start

Move Mountains: Shatters a cracked wall.  This spell also works on
walls with moss on them.  This spell is often used and can be used to
create a nice back entrance.  This spell is very important.  LOCATION:
Found in Nephilim Fortress.

Charm Foe: This causes an enemy to fight for you.  The charm lasts
until the battle is over or you attack the charmed foe.  This spell is
quite useful if used on powerful enemy creatures.  LOCATION: Buy in
Mancuso for 175 gold.

Disease: Gives a target a disease.  Disease will eventually give the
target other status effects, such as slow or poison.  The problem with
disease is that in the time it takes for disease, you could've killed
the monster.  This spell is never used. LOCATION: Start

Dispel Field: Dispels walls.  This spell can be used to get a wall out
of your way.  Not used very often because I place walls so they don't
get in my way. LOCATION: Start

Level 3

Heal: Like Minor Heal, but restores more HP.  A good spell that is used
quite frequently. LOCATION: Start

Minor Heal All: This spell is useful because it casts Minor Heal on
your entire party.  Great for recovering from area effect spells.  The
disadvantage is that Minor Heal doesn't recover much HP.  Still a good
spell. LOCATION: Start

Holy Scourge: A more powerful version of Curse.  Strangely, this spell
also casts slow when cast on your party members, but doesn't slow
enemies.  Still a useful spell for weakening enemies. LOCATION: Start

Detect Life: Shows all enemies, people and monsters on the town map.
This spell can be invaluable when combined with Magic Map, so you can
find out how many monsters are between you and your goal. LOCATION:

Repel: Tries to make victim flee.  No real point to casting this spell
because it rarely works.  LOCATION: Start

Manna: Creates a lot of food.  Like Minor Manna, but stronger.  With
this spell and decent intelligence, you will never have to buy food
again.  Used often.  LOCATION: Buy in Mancuso for 100 gold.

Forcefield: Creates a 3 by 3 square of force walls.  Somewhat useful in
narrow passageways.  LOCATION: Buy in Mancuso for 200 gold.

Cure Disease: Cures disease for one party member.  Cast this spell
whenever someone gets diseased because disease leads to more deadly
conditions, such as dumbfound and poison. LOCATION: Start

Restore Mind: Cures dumbfound.  This spell should be cast as soon as
possible if your spellcasters get dumbfounded.  If the target of
dumbfound was a fighter, then you can wait until after battle to cure
dumbfound.  Fortunately, your party members are rarely dumbfounded.

Smite: Fires a number of arrows that do Ice damage.  Like all arrow
spells, Smite is a weak, mostly worthless spell.  LOCATION: Buy in
Mertis for 350 gold

Level 4

Cure All Poison: Removes poison from the entire party (actually just
casts Cure Poison on every party member).  Quite useful when going
through swamps.  Especially if your party members have the attribute
'Frail'.  LOCATION: Buy in Formello church for 100 gold.

Curse All: Casts Curse on all enemies within 10 squares.  Incredibly
useful.  This, in addition to Slow Group, makes a powerful combination
that vastly weakens enemies.  Add in Bless All and Major Haste (or just
Major Blessing) and your party can take out vastly superior numbers of
enemies.  In case you haven't seen the message yet, buy this spell!
LOCATION: Buy in Formello church for 150 gold.

Dispel Undead: Does a lot of damage to undead enemies.  The chance of
working is based on your level.  Quite useful against undead and pretty
low MP cost for the amount of damage.  Well worth the cost.  LOCATION:
Buy in Formello for 75 gold.

Remove Curse: Removes the curse on an item.  Very few items are cursed,
and cursed items are shown when you examine them after the item is
identified, so this spell is worthless if you're careful.  Don't waste
your money.  LOCATION: Buy in Formello for 400 gold.

Sticks to Snakes: Creates several snakes.  These are weak fighters, but
they have a good purpose.  This spell creates many snakes even at
relatively low levels.  These snakes are only good for delaying the
enemy and making the enemy target the snakes instead of party members.
Still worthwhile to distract enemy fighters.  LOCATION: Buy in Formello
for 200 gold.

Martyr's Shield: When one specific target takes damage in combat, the
attacker takes half of the damage dealt.  Nice, but unless you are
swarmed, this is of little use because it doesn't lessen the damage
taken.  Little value.  LOCATION: Buy in Formello for 100 gold.

Cleanse: Removes all webs and disease from a target.  Useful if going
through an area with webs or against enemy priests casting 'Web' or
'Disease'.  Worth the money, although if you are low on cash at the
time, you can teach this to only one person and still be okay.
LOCATION: Buy in Formello for 80 gold.

Firewalk: Allows your entire party to walk through lava for a while
(between 2 and 10 steps, depending on caster's level).  The way to
avoid casting this several times is by casting it, then going into
combat mode.  In combat mode, you can walk 4 steps a turn, so the spell
lasts 4 times as long.  Necessary for going through several dungeons.
LOCATION: Buy in Formello for 250 gold.

Level 5

Bless Party: Casts Bless on the entire party.  An excellent spell.
Although Major Blessing makes this spell obsolete, combining Bless
Party and Major Haste will be an excellent combo until you get Royal
Clearance.  An extremely good buy.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi
temple for 400 gold

Major Heal: Casts a stronger version of Heal on one person.  Nice,
although Revive is better.  Personally, I prefer to only use this in
battle if one person is hurt.  If 2 or 3 people are hurt, Minor Heal
All is still quite useful.  LOCATION: Buy in Tower of Magi temple for
400 gold

Raise Dead: Has a chance to revive one dead person.  Requires a
Resurrection Balm.  Nice spell, but the Resurrection Balm requirement
drops the usefulness.  LOCATION: Find in a hidden room of the Tower of
Magi temple, need Dispel Barrier or Piercing Crystals.

Flamestrike: Exactly the same as the mage spell Fireball, but costs
more MP.  No value, unless you have a pure priest with no mage skill.
LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi temple for 600 gold

Mass Sanctuary: Casts Sanctuary on all members of your party.  This is
excellent for escaping because you just run and don't cast spells or
attack.  Combine with Stealth to create an excellent combo for escaping
or sneaking by enemies.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi temple for
300 gold

Summon Host: Summons 4 Spirits and a Deva.  At low levels, this is
better than other summon spells because you are guaranteed to have 5
monsters, regardless of level.  LOCATION: Buy in the Tower of Magi
temple for 600 gold

Shatter: Casts Move Mountains on every square surrounding you.  If you
haven't found Move Mountains yet, this is quite useful.  Also more
valuable if you have to destroy multiple blocks next to you.  Not as
good as Move Mountains overall because you rarely need to destroy
multiple blocks at once.  Still a good buy though.  LOCATION: Buy in
the Tower of Magi temple for 350 gold

Dispel Fields: Removes walls.  Doesn't remove barriers.  Worthless
because most walls either regenerate or disappear with time.  And the
damage from all walls except Wall of Swords is low.  LOCATION: Buy in
the Tower of Magi temple for 250 gold

Level 6

Heal All: Casts two Heal spells on every party member.  Forget Major
Heal, use this instead.  Similar MP cost, but much more healing and it
heals the entire party.  Very valuable until you get Revive All.
LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon from a priest for 500 gold.

Revive: Fully heals one person and removes all poison from that person.
Extremely important.  Use this if someone takes a lot of damage, and
the poison cure is a side benefit.  LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon for 500

Holy Ravaging: Very strong curse.  I think this is something like 3
times the power of Curse, plus with Slow thrown in.  Only targets a
single enemy though, so has much less use than Ravage Enemy or Curse
All.  LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon for 600 gold.

Destone: Just what the name says.  If someone is turned to stone by a
Basilisk/Ur-Basilisk, this heals them back to normal.  Not likely to
have much use, but needed as a backup just in case.  LOCATION: Buy in
Dharmon for 800 gold.

Get Guardian: Summons a Guardian to help fight for you.  A strong
fighter, but impractical because you can't see the guardian, so if you
use Firestorm or Divine Thud, you'll probably end up hitting your own
ally by mistake.  LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon for 1000 gold.

Mass Charm: Casts Charm on all enemies within 8 squares.  Excellent for
turning a battle around or dealing with monsters that an enemy mage
summoned.  Like Charm, this lasts until the enemy dies or disappears if
it is a summon.  Very useful, but doesn't work on strong enemies.
LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon for 900 gold.

Protective Circle: Creates a lot of walls around the caster.  This
makes a mage unable to flee if necessary or cast spells because
Antimagic is also cast.  Totally worthless.  LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon
for 400 gold.

Pestilence: Casts Disease on every enemy within 8 squares.  Not very
practical because disease requires many turns to take effect and the
effects of disease aren't that threatening.  LOCATION: Buy in Dharmon
for 600 gold.

Level 7

Revive All: Casts two Major Heals on every party member, despite what
the name says.  Also cures all poison.  Quite useful, although Revive
is still useful on single party members.  LOCATION: Fort Kothar, second

Ravage Spirit: Does a lot of damage to demons.  The chance of this
working is level based, but when it does work it does tons of damage.
Quite useful.  LOCATION:  Middle right bookshelf in the library in

Resurrect: Revives people who are turned to Dust or Dead.  Again,
requires a Resurrection Balm to work.  LOCATION: Buy in The Castle
temple for 2000 gold.

Divine Thud: Has a circular pattern like Firestorm, but does Magic-type
damage.  Useful, but many enemies resist Magic.  Still a valuable area
effect spell.  LOCATION: Buy in The Castle temple for 2000 gold.

Avatar: Makes caster very powerful, by casting Bless, Haste, Martyr's
Shield, Revive, Cleanse, and Magic Resist.  Also makes the caster
invulnerable to all damage.  Very useful, and turns a decent priest
into a killer fighter.  LOCATION: In the Crystal soul shrine, ask
Wilvron-Bok about 'magic'.

Wall of Blades: Creates a blade wall similar in size to Wall of Ice.
Blade walls do good physical damage and are the longest lasting wall.
Nice way to trap enemies because they will not enter a blade wall.

Word of Recall: Teleports party back to Fort Ganrick, where you start
the game.  Cannot be cast in town.  Not that useful, but can bail you
out if you get trapped by several powerful monsters or can save you a
long walk back from several places.  LOCATION: Bookshelf in The Castle
mage chambers.

Major Cleansing: Removes webs and disease from all party members.  At 8
MP, it is quite a bargain.  Very valuable if walking through webs or if
the enemy casts Pestilence.  LOCATION:  Bookshelf in Tiger Den.

--V. Walkthrough--

Note: Exile 2 is a very non-linear game.  Feel free to explore and do
things in another order.  I chose the order that seemed easiest, but
there are other ways to complete the game.  Good luck!  I have put
_*CAPITAL LETTERS*_ to easily show the location of spells and key
items. A few important reminders or dangerous enemies are in all
CAPITAL LETTERS.  Words to say to someone are shown like this 'word'.
I've split the chapters into logical parts by using -This font-.  Here's
an overview of the Walkthrough, as viewed in Word using the fonts that
I used.  If you use different fonts or view it on the Internet, some of
the page numbers might be incorrect, but the order and relative length
will be the same.

-Chapter 1-
Page 26-Fort Ganrick and Fort Draco
Page 27-The First Dungeon
Page 27-Salamanders and Verdant Valley
Page 27-Nephilim Castle
Page 28-Spiders (Aranea Lair)
Page 28-Fire Lizard Eggs and Sliths
Page 29-Formello
Page 29-Ruined Town

-Chapter 2-
Page 30-Waterfalls and Ruined Fort
Page 31-Vahnatai Crypt
Page 32-More Waterfalls

-Chapter 3-
Page 32-Avit and the Tests
Page 33-Optional things to do in Vahnatai Lands
Page 34-Olgai and the Council

Chapter 4-
Page 34-Tower of Magi
Page 35-Improving your clearance
Page 36-Tower of Sixus
Page 38-Leveling Up
Page 38-Getting a Blue Pass
Page 40-What you can do with Magi Clearance
Page 40-Finish the Formello and Silvar missions
Page 41-Limoncelli
Page 43-Dispel Barrier, Royal Clearance and Major Blessing
Page 43-Fighting Giants and the Mithril Helm
Page 43-Entering Pyrog's Fort
Page 44-Inside Pyrog's Fort
Page 45-Returning Jekknol-Bok
Page 45-Fort Kothar and a Gray Empire Pass
Page 47-Proof of the location of Caffren-Bok
Page 48-Erika's Tower
Page 49-Athron's Lair
Page 50-Getting ready to enter Akhronath
Page 51-Inside Akhronath
Page 52-Returning Vyvnas and Demonslayer
Page 53-Tower of Elderan
Page 53-Fort Legov (Empire Archives)
Page 55-Lair of Sulfras
Page 56-Heading to the Teleporter Fort
Page 57-Teleporter Fortress
Page 58-Rewards and the Lava Dome
Page 59-Delrin, Fort Haledon, and the Guardian Plains
Page 60-Ornotha Ziggurat
Page 61-The Halls of Chaos and Blessed Athame
Page 63-Locating Garzahd's Fortress and Abusive Trickery
Page 64-Garzahd's Fortress

Page 65-The Ending

-CHAPTER 1: The Barriers-
*Note: everything in this chapter before Formello is totally optional.
I just list everything that you can do because you will probably need
the levels, experience and gold to survive chapter 2.

-Fort Ganrick and Fort Draco-
    Set up your party and leave your room.  Explore the fort and talk
to the commander.  Make sure to ask about your mission.  There are
supplies in the east rooms.  The northeast room that has supplies has a
hidden door on the north wall.  Pick up everything and equip yourself.
In the barracks, there is a nice Bronze Broadsword.  You can get this
without fighting by using what I call the 'Web Trick'.  Enter the door
and take one step inside.  Wait till the soldiers are on the other side
of the barracks.  Save in case you screw up the web placement.  Close
the door by hitting the 'use' command on the door.  Go into battle and
cast the mage spell Web between the soldiers and you.  Now have one of
your characters get the broadsword (choose to steal it).  Exit battle
mode, then walk inside the fort to find the nearest soldier or
townsperson.  If they don't attack you, you got away clean.  Give the
broadsword to your fighter using Edged Weapons.
  When you leave the fort, Nephilim will attack.  You can avoid this
fight by walking through the kitchen.  Defeat them with you fighters
attacking, mages casting Fireball, and priests casting Wound.  Grab all
the loot they dropped and look at the map the Nephil Chief was
    You could go to the Nephilim Fort now, but it would be hard to
survive.  Head a little ways south on the road and you will see a sign
directing the way to Fort Draco. Buy a Leather Jerkin for anyone who
doesn't have armor yet.  Buy everyone a Leather Helm, then buy your
fighters each a pair of Boots.  You'll probably be broke now.  If not,
buy more pairs of boots for your mages.  Then head to the foundry.
Steal the Steel Saber, then give it to your Ambidextrous Edged Weapon
fighter.  This, combined with the Bronze Broadsword you got earlier,
makes a good group of weapons.  See what the steelmaker is selling.
The Steel Spears are nice and you should return to buy these as soon as
you get enough money (one for each Slith fighter).  The Steel
Broadsword is also nice, but only buy it after you have bought the
Steel Spears and training (you probably should also buy a boat
   Go outside and look around for fights.  Ideally, you will fight
Goblins or Bandits because they drop money or items.  Talk to everybody
to learn about the magic barriers.  West of the north gate, there is a
store that sells lockpicks and torches.  Buy some lockpicks for your
thief and talk to the shopkeeper.  She will tell you things like,
"Don't go near the ore piles behind the shop.  They are perfectly
normal."  Walk behind the shop through the ore piles to find a
staircase to a dungeon.

-The First Dungeon-
    The fights are easy if you remember to use magic and your fighters.
Search the area and you will find information about the enemies in a
dresser.  The room with the dresser and information about Black Saber
has a hidden passage on the right side of the room.  The locked doors
can be easily opened with a lockpick or Unlock spell.  Search the right
wall of the Captain's room.  You'll find a hidden passage with a couple
traps and a chest.  In the rightmost room (the one located under the
inn) there is a secret passage in the wall.  You can fight several rats
for easy experience.  There is an exit from Fort Draco in the upper
right of the rat cave.  After you finish this dungeon, go to the armor
seller and buy enough leather helms for your entire party.  If you have
the money, buy some boots too. Train a little bit if you can afford it
and have the SP.  If you don't have the money for a good skill, don't
waste the SP on a cheaper, worse skill.  Instead, either go to another
dungeon or fight random encounters.  The soldiers and brigands you can
fight around Formello give up pretty good money.
   Now leave Fort Draco.  You can either go east or west from Fort
Draco to find some fights and EXP, but I recommend east.  The fights to
the west include some Aranea who have strong magic.  If you choose to
go west first, skip down to the section "Spider Wars".  If you choose
to go east continue reading.

-Salamanders and Verdant Valley-
    Go east to the Gunston Homestead.  There you will find a small,
narrow passage in the upper right from the main area.  Save before
entering because there is a tough fight with Salamanders.  You should
be able to win if you follow my combat tips and have semi-decent armor.
Kill both salamanders and go to one of the buildings.  Talk to Tor
about "Salamanders".  You will get an Ivory Charm, an item that raises
defense by 4.  Equip this on one of your weaker (less HP or weaker
armor) fighters.
   After cleaning out the salamanders, continue heading east.  You will
reach a place called the Verdant Valley.  Enter from the north.  Head
south onto the ledges, but enter the first building on the west you
see.  Kill the enemies within, then head up to the second floor.  Clean
out your opposition, then search the bookshelves in the north room.
One of them has the Mage spell *_*WALL OF FORCE*_*.  There is a hidden
passage in the lower left of the room with bookshelves.  Inside are
four Hordlings (weak demons), 100 gold, and several potions.  Go back
to the first floor.  If you need to rest, leave, then return.  Walk
through the center section, killing the enemies.  Be careful of the
Fire Lizards and Lava Bats.  If you get in trouble, flee.  Nothing here
is valuable enough to risk losing a character and having to pay for
   Now we're ready for the Nephilim Castle.  Return to Fort Ganrick,
then head east.  Check the map you got from the Nephil Chief in Fort
Ganrick to see the location of a nice back entrance.  Search the walls
north of the fort to find the entrance.

-Nephilim Castle- (contributed by Dark, with several additions)
   Enter through the north.  Make sure to pick up the treasure from the
Giant Spiders' portion, especially the unique and semi-valuable
Electrum Ring (150 gold value, nothing else).  Head through the gate
(password it asks for is 'ghath').  Head through the back gate, then
east.  You'll find a large building.  Head through it to find the
Nephil Chief you're have to kill.  Then go to the northeast portion of
the building.  There is a room with a Nephil Chief and a bookshelf.
Open the north door, then search the left-hand wall to find a hidden
passage.  Go through it and disarm the traps, then Unlock the next
door.  Open all the chests to find a good amount of money, and a nice
Bronze Broadsword +1.  Give this to your Edged Weapons fighter (give
his old Bronze Broadsword to someone else).  Go south.  There is a
cursed halberd here (halberds have great damage, but the to-hit penalty
will destroy your accuracy).  South of that is a jail.  Talk to the
prisoner and ask about 'password'.  He'll tell you the password is
ghath, but we knew that.  Ask about 'escape' and he'll leave the
Castle.  I don't think there is any reward for this.
   Head west, then north.  There are two more buildings here, the red
brick church with 3 Nephil Shamans, and just south of it, another brown
building with bookshelves in it.  Search the bookshelves to learn
*_*MOVE MOUNTAINS*_*.  This is a very useful and important spell.  Now
you can continue searching for fights or leave.  Leave through the back
exit, then return to Fort Ganrick.  Ask the commander about 'reward',
then travel to Fort Draco to sell all the stuff you've got.  If you
don't have the Steel Spears yet, you should have more than enough money

-Spiders (Aranea Lair)-
   West of Fort Draco you can find a spider cave.  Don't worry, they're
friendly.  Talk to them and look around.  In the cave is a special with
'sticky fluid' (you have to walk through a spider web to get to it.
Choose to dip your hand in the fluid.  Go to the upper part of the cave
and talk to the spider that isn't moving (don't have to walk through
webs).  Ask about 'babies'.  Leave the cave and head south.  There is
an aranea cave.  Enter and fight your way through.  In the very center
is an Aranea Lord, plus several minor Aranea, plus *_*TRUE SIGHT and
MINOR MANNA*_*.  In the northwest though is the Aranea lab, where a
special has the babies.  Take them and you can return to the friendly
spiders.  Talk to the leader again and he'll let you go into the
treasure horde behind him (before there were webs blocking, but now its
clear).  Make sure you pick up the _*Red Scroll*_ because it is a _*RED
EMPIRE PASS*_.  Nice!  There is also a Bronze Greatsword, Drakeskin
Boots, Leather Boots, a Cavewood Bow, Magic Arrows and 8 regular

-Fire Lizard Eggs and Sliths-  (contributed by Dark)
   Not really -NEEDED- at the moment, but you will want them, north of
Motrax's Cave you'll find a cave with lizards (or around Motrax's Cave,
I get lost there so I don't know exactly.) Kill lizards, get treasure,
in the northeast corner are the eggs, one is needed, but grab more and
sell them at Formello, a good 15 apiece is OK for that time of the
game. Save one egg, when you go to the Tower of Magi later, talk to a
wizard wandering the halls, he'll sell you Mindduel for 7500 gold! but
he's looking for the make a deal, save 7000 gold and get
Mindduel for 500 and the egg.
   Also there is a Slith Village south all the way from the friendly
spiders place.  You'll find a small place there, with a bunch of
sliths, use this as a test arena, after you can beat them without much
of a problem, then you're about ready for Chapter 2.  However, there is
nothing really valuable here, just some money and treasure that the
Sliths drop.  Feel free to skip it if you want.

    East of Gunston, the road turns south.  You can, if you wish, head
north and reach Motrax's Cave, but we don't need to go there yet.
Instead, head south.  The road will end, but continue in a roughly
southeast direction.  You will find the road again.  Continue south
along the road, following the signs, and you will reach Formello.  You
can buy the _*_*LEVEL 4 MAGE AND PRIEST SPELLS*_*_ here.  When you walk
into the main courtyard, a story event will occur.  Talk to everyone in
the area, but don't go into the crevasse just yet.  If you head south
from the main courtyard, you'll reach a barracks.  The commander in
there will offer a mission and explain the clearance system.  Unless
you used the editor to give yourself extra MP, you will not have enough
MP to cast Ritual of Sanctification.  Without it, the mission cannot be
"officially" completed, but you may still visit the dungeon, and kill
the monsters for experience.  The ritual may be found by walking around
the perimeter of the city (just outside the wall).  There is a hidden
door on the west wall that lets you into the old library.  Examine the
books and you will learn *_*RITUAL OF SANCTIFICATION*_*.
    Leave Formello.  There are 2 things to notice around Formello.
Directly south of Formello is a strange, red barrier.  Try to walk next
to it and you will be told of the power of the barrier.  This is one of
the barriers that the people you have met complain about.  You will
deal with these later.
    West of Formello is another bridge.  Cross the bridge and you will
find a fort.  This fort is the goal of the mission you were given in
Formello.  Be very careful where you go.  While you should be up to the
task of dealing with undead (especially if you had enough money to buy
Dispel Undead), there is a greater danger.  In the west of the fort is
a group of statues.  There will be a special that says how realistic
the statues are.  This is a warning of a BASILISK.  Basilisks are
incredibly dangerous because they can turn you into stone.  Save before
you enter the Basilisk's Lair.  Just north of the Basilisk's Lair is a
room completely surrounded by walls.  Some of the walls are moldy or
cracked and can be broken with a Move Mountain spell.  Inside, there is
a Demon and the _*BRONZE KEY*_ to pick up.  The key is not necessary
until Chapter 4, and you can return to get the key then.  Just remember
that the key is there.  In the north of the fort is an EVIL ALTAR.
This is what you have been sent to destroy.  Casting Ritual of
Sanctification completes the mission and you can return to Formello for
the reward.  However, it is unlikely you have enough MP to cast Ritual
in Chapter 1.
   (Contributed by Dark)  If you want a challenge and 1000 gold, head
to the Mayor's house in Formello, open his door into the next room.
Then, open the door and fight invisible Guardians!  Kill them and rob
the treasury, but only once!  Otherwise you'll take major damage which
will not stop until you are dead.  However, at this point, I don't
recommend it because the Guardians will probably kill you.

-Ruined Town-
    Return to Formello.  Make sure you have a fairly good party and
have bought all the spells or equipment you want from Formello.  You
will not be returning to Formello for a while.  REPEAT: YOU WILL NOT BE
EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO. Make sure you have adequate amounts of food.
Don't buy too much food because in a short while, a large amount of
your food will be lost.  I'd say about 200 units would be plenty.
    Once you have finished buying everything, go into the newly created
path in the east side of Formello.  This is the path blown open by the
mysterious creature in the cutscene earlier.  You will fight a short
combat, then arrive at a special spot.  The special spot is a pathway
to a ruined town.  The buildings here are all cracked and in one
building, the wall will fall on you, causing damage.  There is a boat
in the southern part of the town.  Sail out of town.
    Sail to the east and you will find crystal formation.  This is
actually a town.  Enter and talk to the resident, Bentis-Ka.  She
explains the Vahnatai and where you must go.  Be sure to ask about
"Vahnatai", "journey", "route" and "assistance".  Pick up the food in
her room (80 food, very helpful).  Sail to the south and you will see a
waterfall.  Make sure you are 100% sure you have everything you want
and did everything you want to in Formello and northeastern Exile.
Once you go down the waterfall, there is no returning.  When you do go
down the waterfall, there will be another waterfall.  Go down this and
a screen will pop up.


-Waterfall Maze and the Ruined Fort-
    You are now in a maze of waterfalls.  Don't bother exploring until
you reach the bottom of the waterfall maze.  You should find yourself
in a larger, water-filled tunnel.  You can go either east or west.  To
the east is land with several specials.  If you have someone with the
Cave Lore skill, you can pick up a bit of food here.  Be careful
because some of the food will make you sick later, some is safe to eat.
Head west, then north.  You will be in a lake with several swampy
islands.  In the very north of the lake, there is a tower.  This tower
is called the Barrier Tower.  There is a hidden entrance in the
southwest corner.  One of the barriers there is a fire barrier that you
can walk through.  All that you can find is the tower walls, a door and
a marking.  The door is permanently locked and you cannot open it ever.
The marking is 'Ell Pit Esk'.  These are coordinates for reaching the
Barrier Tower through a teleporter.  You will be back here later in
chapter 4.
    Go south and you will reach another lake.  Explore this lake on
your boat.  Go east and you will reach a fork.  You can head north or
south from here.  Explore south first.  There will be a small lake with
a number of islands, making boat travel difficult.  There will be
another of those crystal towns.  This one, however, is a dungeon.
Enter first by docking outside of town and walking in on your feet.
Defeat the hydras in here.  You can pick up some razordisks and rations
in a cache that you can walk to.  Pick up the disks and food.  Now,
leave and enter riding the boat.  Sail to the northwest and there will
be a special.  Pick up at least one HEXAGONAL ROD (you can get more and
sell them later if you wish). Now return to the fork in the river and
head north.  You will reach a fort.
    First walk in and fight all the monsters.  There is a locked door
that you can bash open in the northern part of the fort, but be careful
of the Spectre in there.  Also be careful of the Quickghasts.  If they
all target the same person, the damage will add up very quickly.  Other
than that, there isn't much trouble here.  In the room that has green
carpeting, a broken table and a special space, hit the special and
choose to try.  You will need a hexagonal bar.
    Leave, rest and reenter riding the boat.  You will find an open
door on the right just after you pass an underwater portcullis.  Save
your game, then enter the door.  You will get into a fight with
Vahnatai here.  The shapers are the worst because they are skilled
mages.  Take them out early, then deal with the Vahnatai Warriors.  The
regular Vahnatai aren't much of a threat. Once you defeat the main
force right in the entrance, search.  The first room has a locked door.
Go through and find a hidden passage in the north wall of the locked
room.  There is a cup that will heal you.  In the second room, the
northern door is locked.  Pick the lock and enter.  There is a secret
passage in the right wall of this new room.  There is a trap, but your
thief should be able to deal with them.  Read the book to gain a point
of Mage Lore (only once though), then continue searching this place.
To the south, there is a dock with boats on it and another place to
insert the hexagonal bar.  You can either insert the bar and return to
your boat, or just take one of the boats that is at the dock.  Sail
south out of the fort.

-Vahnatai Crypts-
    Go south and you will fall down several more waterfalls.  You will
eventually reach a lake.  In the southwest of the lake are more
waterfalls.  Fall down them and you will reach another crystal
formation dungeon, the coffin caves.  Basically here you need to awaken
the sleeping Vahnatai.  You may skip this dungeon if you wish.  Explore
here and you will find 2 pieces of paper.  They will reveal the
combination you have to input in the control panel in the eastern part
of the dungeon.  The combination you have to enter is BLWLB.  After
entering this, you should return and talk to the Vahnatai in the
southern part of the dungeon.  Then leave.  Fall down the waterfall
south of the dungeon and you will be back on the lake.  Go to the
southeast corner of the lake.  Follow the river and you will reach a
cutscene and a crypt.
    Welcome to a pain in the neck dungeon.  The tomb of Dahris-Bok is
quite tough.  First, choose who you will send into the teleporter.  You
may only select one party member.  I recommend choosing a fighter who
has your best armor, weapons and a number of torches.  Healing potions
are also quite helpful.  Follow the path and you will reach a circular
room with three porticulli.  Go through the open one to the right.  If
you brought someone other than a thief (likely), go through the door
and fight the monsters.  Pick up the torches and head up and to the
right.  Follow the obvious path, hit the switch and a portion of the
wall will disappear.  A shortcut, how nice!  Now you can easily return
to the circular room.  This time, the north portcullis will have
opened.  Be careful.  Take exactly enough steps north so you can see
the three porticulli on the top of the screen.  You will essentially be
in a 3 by 3 room.  This puzzle is quite complex.  Head one step north,
one step northwest, then one step south.  All porticulli will be open.
Go 2 steps to the right, then head southeast through a hidden door.
Walk up, through the porticulli, and to the switch.  Pull the lever and
return to the circular room.
    Go through the left portcullis.  You will reach a room with four
pillars.  Don't bother with the door.  Search the south wall for a
hidden door.  Follow the passage.  There is a false wall on the north
wall, just left of the 2 stalagmites.  Head north.  You will arrive
right at the lever.  Save before opening the door.  Through the door is
a deadly VAMPIRE, who has strong magic.  But if you beat him and go
through the door in his chamber, you can find a good treasure horde,
including a very nice Steel Wave Blade.  Return to the circular room
and head south.  Explore the area south of the circular room and you
will find another portcullis, which is now open.  There are a number of
traps in this passage.  To bypass them, search the north wall just left
of the portcullis.  There is a hidden door that leads to a square room.
Walk to the southwest corner and you will find a room with lava and a
special.  Dahris-Bok will ask you to kneel.  Do it.  In the northwest
corner of this room is a hidden passage.  This leads to the grave of
Dahris-Bok.  Take the things if you wish, but be prepared for serious
combat.  I recommend you just leave and return to the room you
teleported in from.  Reenter the teleporter and leave this terrible

-More Waterfalls-
    Head around the island with Dahris-Bok's tomb and guess what you
find? More waterfalls!  I bet you're pretty sick of these things.
Unfortunately, these waterfalls are set up so you lose most or all of
your food.  Keep going and eventually you will reach the end of the
river.  Now I hope you're pretty strong.  Head north.  You have 2
groups of Vahnatai appear.  Go straight west from the point where they
appear.  There will be a little 3-square depression into the wall.
Walk through the middle square of the 3 and keep going to a hidden
supply cache with much-needed food.  Continue north into the cave.
Find the path through the cave (its quite straightforward).


-Avit and the Tests-
    Head into the town you see.  This is Avit.  Talk to everyone here
to learn several important things.  First, head to the north part of
town.  One of the buildings has a sign 'Chamber of Meditations'.  Enter
this building and talk to the Vahnatai.  PERFORM THE RITUAL, touching
the pools in order from left to right.  Make absolutely sure a screen
comes up, saying that you performed the ritual.  Near the Meditation
Chamber is a small island.  Talk to the Vahnatai Keeper there to learn
about the background and get a general idea of what you must do.  Then
find the Vahnatai Keeper wandering around.  Talk to him and ask about
"trick" and "test".  Go to the southern building (the barracks).  Talk
to the red Vahnatai Warrior inside the barracks and ask about "test"
and "number".  Search the east wall of the barracks.  Behind the
barracks, there are several trees.  Search the dark brown tree in the
middle to get the _*VAHNATAI KEY*_.  You are now done here.  Make sure
you didn't forget to do the ritual of meditation.  Go past the 2
statues.  Several things to do once you leave.  First, go southeast to
the lake.  There is a ferry that will take you to Elgi.  Enter Elgi
from any direction but north.  Talk to people and you will be able to
buy *_*SIMULACRUM*_* and *_*CAPTURE SOUL*_* from a mage.  By talking to
people you will also learn that you need a soul crystal to cast these
spells and that someone in a cave to the southeast of the lake will
give you one.  You can see Rentar-Ihrno now, but there is nothing you
can do yet.
    Now you should do the tests.  The Test of Mind is east, the Test of
Strength is south, and the Test of Speed is further southeast than the
strength test.  I recommend you do the Test of Strength first and Test
of Speed second.  Ignore the Test of Mind (it is much more difficult
and you only need to pass 2 of the tests).  Go to the Test of Strength.
Select either a strong fighter or, preferably, your best spellcaster.
There is a hidden door in the north wall of the first room.  There is
another hidden door in the east wall of the room with the Poison Fungi.
A third hidden door is in the east wall of the Ruby Skeleton room.
Finally, there is a last hidden door in the east wall of the room with
Skeletons and Ghouls.  You just completed the test!
   Next, head further south and then east.  You will reach a river and
the entry to the Test of Speed.  Choose your best mage for this test.
Have the mage go in the portal.  Go into battle mode and cast Haste on
yourself.  Go north and leave battle mode when you reach the doors.
Cast unlock and enter.  Go back into battle mode and head up to the
switch.  Again, you will need to leave battle mode to hit the switch.
Return to battle mode and head east through the new entrance.  Go
through the door and walk south around the structure.  You will reach
another wall, which will fall away.  Keep in battle mode (recast haste
whenever needed) and head generally west, beat the Goblins and then
head south. Go west and you will eventually reach the exit and be
reunited with your party.
    You have now completed the necessary 2 tests and can go on to
Chapter 4, but I think its better to do a couple quests here because
you'll need the experience.  Feel free to skip these quests if you

-Optional things in Vahnatai lands-
   In the southeast of the Vahnatai lands is the Valley of the Dead.
Head to the southeast of this place and follow the tunnel.  Kill the
two groups of undead, then you'll reach a special.  Save, then choose
to open the door at the special.  You'll fight a lot of undead,
including a powerful Lich.  Then go back in and you can find a nice
Wand of Death and 900 gold.  If you don't feel ready to take this fight
on, you can come back later.
   Head west from the Valley of the Dead to reach a cave with two
Vahnatai standing in it.  Talk to the Shaper.  He'll tell you that you
should kill the two Ice Hydras and then talk to him.  Head in
carefully.  The Ice Hydras are near the back of the cave.  There are a
lot of Hydras and Baby Hydras, but the mission isn't that tough.  Ask
the Shaper about 'reward' after killing the Ice Hydras to get a
valuable _*SOUL CRYSTAL*_.  This is necessary to cast Simulacrum and
Capture Soul.
   Head north to Mancuso and talk to the weapon master, Tokor-Te.  He
will sell you *_*MANNA*_*, *_*CHARM FOE*_*, and *_*FORCEFIELD*_*.  Buy
Manna now and Charm Foe as soon as you get the money.  Tokor-Te can
also enchant your weapons with a (P) enchantment, which gives the
weapon +2 defense.  Nice for mages if you have the money.
   Next, go to Elgi, which is in the middle of the central lake.  You
can get boat service on the upper left hand side of the lake.  Enter
from any side but the north, then start exploring.  In the west are two
shops, one which sells *_*SIMULACRUM*_* and *_*CAPTURE SOUL*_*.  The
other shops sells various things, including very important Piercing
Crystals.  Buy at least two Piercing Crystals and remember where this
shop is.  Also take note of the Vahnatai wandering around in the
kitchen.  He has importance in a quest later.
   Now head to Olgai (west of the boat to Elgi or southwest from Avit).
West of Olgai is the Ominous Crypt.  Enter and cast Move Mountains to
get in.  There is a secret passage on the east wall.  Disarm the traps
and get to the puzzle.  If you want a hint, notice that the same 8
letters are in all lines.  So you have to use the letters 'L I N A' in
your answer.  Think about it.  If you can't get it, the answer is
'nail'.  Disarm the next tripwires.  You can head south and through the
door, but all you'll find is a few undead.  If you go there, there is a
secret door leading out of the trap in one of the north facing
   But we want to head north at the intersection.  From the next
passage, you can head west to pick up a Wand of Carrunos, but be
careful as some bodies disease your party if you walk across them.
Continue north from the intersection and passageway till you run into a
lava filled room with a small passageway.  Unlock the door on the left,
then kill the Vahnavoi and Hraithes.  There is a secret passage in the
northwest part of the room.  Go in and destroy the two Spirits.  Follow
the passage to the burial ground.  Go to all the specials, one of them
has a Brass Necklace inside.  Kill the monsters that appear, then leave
and return to Olgai.

-Olgai and the Council-
   Talk to everyone.  There is someone who will train you, someone who
will buy and identify your items and someone who will tell you where to
store items and rest.  Near the north side is a weapon seller, who
sells Steel Wave Blades.  Wave blades are excellent weapons, because
they are the strongest one-handed Edged Weapon.  The council chamber is
also here.  If you have passed 2 of the tests, you may enter.  Agree to
their scan and watch what happens.  They will tell you that you are to
find the crystal souls and then they will help Exile in its fight.
They also tell you to bring any proof of the location of the crystal
souls to them, so that they may help you.  Go to the teleporter to the
east, and watch another long cutscene.  Now chapter 4 begins!

-Chapter 4: -

Note: This chapter has very little order.  I am placing the items in
the order I think is easiest, but feel free to choose your own path for
added challenge.

-Tower of Magi-
    After watching the cutscenes, you will wake up in a small room.
This is your room at the Tower of Magi and you may return to rest here
for free at any time.  Just across the hall from your room is Ostoth's
Chamber.  If you have the Feldspar Key you will be able to open the
locked door and find a teleporter combination.  South of your room is
another hall.  The eastmost door has a room with many boxes and crates.
Talk to the mage and you will be able to buy random things and sell any
identified item.  Leave the hall and you will reach a north-south
hallway.  In the room with guards near it is a mage.  Talk to her and
ask about "mission".  You will be told about a snake cult to the north.
    In the center of the tower is a garden with a lake.  The southwest
door requires Magi Clearance and leads to the teleporter.  The left
door from the garden leads to a hall.  In one of the rooms is a
laboratory with a wizard.  You can buy the *_*LEVEL 5 MAGE SPELLS*_*
here.  North of the garden is another hallway.  The lower right door
leads to yet another hall.  In this hall is a potion seller, a person
who will identify items and sell alchemy recipes, and a priest who will
sell the *_*LEVEL 5 PRIEST SPELLS*_*.  Wandering around the tower
(probably in the circular hallway on the outside) is a mage.  She will
sell *_*MINDDUEL*_* for 7500 (!) gold per person.  If you can't pay
this price, she will drastically reduce the price (500 gold) if you
give her _*FIRE LIZARD EGGS*_.  Once you have seen everyone and bought
what you wanted, leave.
   From here, you have several choices.  First, you must raise your
level and clearance.  You do this by finishing missions.  Beat a
mission and talk to the person who offered the mission.  You need to do
3 missions to raise your clearance to *Magi Clearance* and 3 more
missions to raise your clearance to *Royal Clearance*.  Once you
complete 3 missions, go to the Castle and talk to a person located in
the southwestern part of the Castle.  Ask about "Clearance" and they
will grant you a new clearance if you have done enough missions.
   For just general leveling up, here's a list of things to do.  These
are all optional, and most only reward you with cash.

-Improving your clearance-
   You need Magi Clearance to beat the game.  Although it is possible
to beat the game without Royal Clearance if you know what you are
doing, I would not recommend it (among other things, you need Royal
Clearance to get Demonslayer and Major Blessing).  But Royal Clearance
can be put off for a short time while we power up a bit.  First, we
will do easy missions.  The easiest mission is probably Blosk.  You can
get a hint by going into the storerooms of Almeria.  I'll just give you
the solution though.  First, goto Blosk (its west of the Tower of Magi,
and then northwest of Almeria.  Follow the signs and the road).
   In Almeria, you can buy a boat for 200 gold from a commander in the
northern storerooms.  Also make sure to ask the mayor and Abby about
   Be careful one you pass Almeria because there are strong Empire
troops and possibly Mutant Giants wandering around (how did they get by
all those patrols?)  There is a training hall in Blosk, if you need it.
Talk to the mayor and ask about "mission".  She'll tell you to talk to
Bruce (the archer by the table), who will guide you to Leith, the
innkeeper.  Ask him about "search".  Now look at the set of four houses
in the northeast area of Blosk.  You want to enter the one labeled
'Leith and Allesandre'.  Pick the lock and enter.  Search the
bookshelves for information about the Wand of Carrunos and an attack on
the Almeria storehouses.  But the middle bookshelf has the most
important information.  It says that burning a paper doesn't make it
forever unreadable.  An Identify spell can show what was written.
Hmmmmmm.  Get the hint?  If not, here's another.  Search the Braziers
in the rooms for pieces of paper.  One of them will have a piece of
paper in it.  Bruce's will have the evidence.  Identify the piece of
paper, either with the spell if you have it, or by going to a mage and
paying the Identify fee.  Read the piece of paper and it will be the
clue you need.  Go talk to the mayor and ask about 'evidence'.  See
what happens and she'll thank you.  Another important thing in Blosk is
just west of the group of houses.  There's a roughly U-shaped building.
Enter and talk to the mage.  This is Bartholomew.  Search the dresser
in the north room of the east wing of the house to discover a hint
about Thompson.  This will be important later.  One mission down, two
to go!
   Next is Patrick's Tower.  Go there (its southeast of Blosk, or
southwest of Almeria).  Talk to the priest (he's in the southwest area
of the Tower).  He'll tell you that he wants 'Borgia Toadstools'.  Go
back to the Tower of Magi and enter the Vahnatai Teleporter to return
to Olgai.  Head over to Elgi and ask a student in the kitchen about
"Borgia Toadstools".  He'll tell you to look in the north storeroom.
First though, you need to buy some Piercing Crystals if you don't
already have any.  Talk to the store owner and buy several.  They are
well worth it until you learn Dispel Barrier.  Head north in town and
you'll find a hallway with several doors.  The top right one is the one
you should lockpick.  There should be a bunch of crates plus one square
blocked off by barriers.  Use the Piercing Crystal on the barrier (it
might take a couple) and then go look at the square.  Search the
cupboard and you'll get the Toadstool.  Return to Patrick's Tower and
the priest will now ask for Graymold Salve.  I have no clue how to find
this legitly until MUCH later on, unfortunately.  If anyone can help,
email me, but until then, I recommend just using the editor and giving
yourself the Graymold Salve.  YAY! Only one more!
   Now I recommend trying the Almeria mission.  You will probably only
be able to do the first half of it (in the first half you can go
outside and rest or use the Long Wait, you can't in the second half).
However, you will gain considerable experience and money from the
mission, so you should at least go through the first half of the

-Tower of Sixus-
   Sail your boat north from Almeria , then follow the southern coast.
Land at a place with a rock just above you.  On this landing should be
an empty space, with a space with yellow mushrooms below it.  Head
generally east till you reach a place you can't go east any further.
There should be a southern passage with a large rock in it.  Search the
south wall here to find a hidden passage.  Take the passage west, then
search the southern wall again.  Head west again to find a giant pit
and a special space.  The special has a fight with some Ice Drakes and
Ice Lizards if you'd like to fight.  Then head south from the special
to find yet another hidden wall.  Continue south in the hidden passage
and you'll find Sixus' hidden tower.  Just a general note, until you
reach the square rooms, you can always leave to rest with no penalty
and you can always use the Long Wait feature safely, because none of
the monsters regenerate.
Once inside, head a little west, then south through the blasted wall.
There are torches to the left, then enter the two doors.  Kill the
soldiers using Bless Party, Major Haste, Slow Group and Curse All.
Look at the special to find out about the troops.  It says the tower
has many magical traps.  Leave the tower, then rest and save.  Now look
around the hallway.  In the upper right room is a Prismatic Wand (casts
Ravage Spirit) and several Imps.  There's a free Leather Jerkin in the
upper left hand room.  If you used a lot of MP while fighting the Imps,
go rest outside.  Now return and head through either the lower right
door.  In the next hallway, head right and step on the special space in
front of the shrine.  I don't know what this does, but better safe than
sorry.  Go through the other door in the hallway leading to the shrine
and you'll reach a room with a small pond and a set of double doors
leading south.  Examine the sign to get a warning that the intense
traps are starting, so save your game now.  There are two Golems and a
Black Shade in the next room.  If you open the door then walk in front
of it, a Golem will see you and you can lure the Golems out one by one.
There are magic barriers in here, but you can cheat your way around
here. On the east side of the room, just north of the second pillar is
a secret door.  Enter it and head south through all the walls and caves
to end up on the other side of the door and barriers.  You are now in a
long east-west hallway.  At the left end is a door that cannot be
opened by spells, south of the door you entered is a small worthless
storeroom, and east is a square room.
   This is a set of 9 square rooms.  Make it to the upper right room,
then search the upper right wall.  Pull the lever.  Head south two
rooms, then west one room, then north two rooms, then west one room,
then south two rooms to return to your starting point (you end up going
through every single room because the direct path has doors that can't
be unlocked).  In each room you'll face some enemies, which get tougher
as you get closer to the end.  Cave Giants and Demons are in the last 4
rooms.  Note that as long as you have enough food, you can safely use
the Long Wait feature to recover MP, because the enemies do not
regenerate.  If you start running low on food, cast Minor Manna until
you run out of MP, then Long Wait till you recover all the MP back.
   Once back in the first square room, search the south wall.  Pull the
lever you find, then notice the door closed.  Walk back to the upper
right room, pull that lever again, then return to the first room.  Pull
the lever in the lower left room again, then the door leading back to
the east-west hallway will be unlocked.  Finally you can enter the door
at the very left end of the long hallway.  There are three Spirits
waiting in a northern hallway to greet you.  There's nothing else of
value in the hallway, so head west to find a door leading north.
Inside this door is a large green-tile room.  Search the west wall to
find a living statue.  Talk to him and make sure to ask about 'Sixus'.
When the statue asks who sent you, say 'Abby'.  He'll tell you to head
north.  So search the north wall to find a pedestal and a "Rough Map".
Pick up the map and look at it.  Seems Sixus fled elsewhere.
   Leave and return to your boat.  Sail to the west shore, then north.
About halfway between the Almeria passage and the mainland is place
where you can land, then walk a few steps to reach a big swamp.  Head
north from the swamp to find yet another swamp.  This second swamp has
a Pedestal labeled 'SX'.  On the north part of this swamp is a hidden
tower.  Enter the 'Trapped Halls'.
   Walk until you find a little hallway with several levers on the
bottom wall and hallways magically blocked on the northern wall.
First, enter the room near the levers and search to find a free Scroll.
Then start messing with the levers.  Look at the Rough Map.  Notice how
the levers can be left or right?  The arrows show which way each lever
should face.  In case you didn't get the map or lost it, here's the way
each lever should face (from the left lever to the right lever):
Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left.  Note that the map looks like
the levers should go the other way, but oh well.  You can now enter all
the hallways.  They all lead to sections of the same room.  The room is
split by two pits and has several Cave Giants inside.  Note that random
enemies do appear here, and at a fast pace.  There are hidden passages
at the top of each section of the room, all leading to the same place.
Follow the tunnel until you reach an open area with the normal cave
floor look.  Head down the east tunnel, then north until you reach a
fire pit.  West from there and search the space just left of the
stalagmites to find a secret door.  These statues will not let you pass
until they take ALL of your food.  Go through, kill the 2 drakes and
follow the corridor.  In the special in the kitchen is food, but it
poisons the party.  Northwest of the kitchen is a room with 3 Mages and
a Wizard.  A couple Golems and Null Bugs will appear as you begin to
walk through the room.  Antimagic Field works wonders here.
   There is a secret door in the north wall of the Guarded Chamber.
Step on the rune, then leave the secret room to find a passage has
opened.  Enter the doors here to find a Flame Scroll and a Potion of
Bliss (in the locked room near the southern end).  Make sure to cast
Unlock on the door surrounded by runes to find Sixus himself.  He
commits suicide and burns the valuable papers.  Go south to find a
large library.  Search through it to find several interesting things.
One tells you to cast Quickfire to destroy barriers that cannot be
dispelled.  This will be important later on.  Also you find a note
saying that a mage near Formello (Solberg) knows how to defeat Garzahd,
the Empire leader.  Finally, one tome describes the Empire forts that
are west of Fort Remote.  The forts are Akhronath, a tower filled with
mages performing strange experiments (Fort Kothar) and the prison of
Sulfras.  Head south from the library to find an exit.  Go to Almeria
and talk to the mayor about your reward.

-Leveling Up-
   If you couldn't survive the Trapped Halls, you now have several
options on what mission to take.  If you have 50 SP on your priest
(very unlikely), go back and finish the mission from Formello.  If you
feel strong or lucky, you can do the Blue Pass mission now.  But if
not, then go fight some battles.  I recommend fighting north of the
Tower of Magi, in the area around Silvar and Cotra. You can also pick
up the *_*IDENTIFY*_* spell by taking your boat southeast of Cotra.  A
second place to level up is the Great Cave west of Almeria.  The
battles are hard though, so I'd recommend waiting.
   In these level up battles, start by casting Major Haste and Slow
Group.  Follow up with Bless Party and Curse All.  The more times you
cast Curse All or Bless Party, the easier the fighting will be.  I
recommend gaining at least 2-3 levels because assaulting an enemy fort
without being strong will probably result in your death.  You can also
get some nice stuff dropped this way.
   While fighting near Cotra, take some time to head in.  You'll
probably want to leave your boat near Silvar and walk over to Cotra to
pick up the free boat in Cotra. Once near Cotra, I recommend you enter
from the right.  Enter, then head south to the Empire barracks.  Kill
everyone, then go into the lower right room of the barracks and walk
onto the special space and choose to destroy the forge.  Take the stuff
by the forge, then head north from the barracks.  You'll see a body
standing by the door.  Unlock the door and kill the vampire.  Step on
the special and read the book to learn *_*RESIST MAGIC*_*.  Next, head
to the northeast section.  Kill all the Gazers first, followed by the
lesser enemies.  Search the chests to find several useful items and
some cash.  Head to the southern part of town and take the boat.  Sail
out of town, as there is nothing else here except a few minor treasures
and battles.

-Getting a Blue Pass-
Once you get strong enough, go to your boat.  Sail west along the coast
until you find Cotra.  South and two steps east is an 'Isolated Island'
which has a hidden fort on it.  The fort is on the westernmost row,
north square. You can find a Blue Pass here or go elsewhere.
Personally, I recommend going here, unless you have the Red Pass from
completing the spider mission (the other Blue Pass location is in an
area where you will probably not get attacked if you carry a Red Pass).
Sail in with the boat (go towards the fort while in the boat), because
then you will start close enough to the enemy wizard to easily
eliminate him or delay his spellcasting.  This will be a tough fight.
Start by casting Bless Party, Slow Group and Major Haste.  Cast Curse
All next turn (it is more important to get Slow and Haste off NOW then
Bless and Curse).  Firestorm is an excellent spell for clearing crowds.
A hint for surviving is that you can cast Bless Party and Curse All
multiple times for added effect.  Two casts of Bless Party and Curse
All will probably make even your mages able to fight and kill enemies.
And make sure to take out magic users, either with Antimagic Cloud or
by beating them up.  Summon spells are also useful to draw attacks away
from you.  Good luck.  If you win, search the box in the lower right
hand corner of the fort for 900 gold (you'll get blasted with magic, so
make sure the fort's already clear).  Cast Unlock to open the door in
the upper right hand corner of the fort.  Search the bookshelf and the
desk for a *_*BLUE PASS*_* and a wand.  Pick up any dropped loot and
leave.  Rest on the island to recover after the fight.
   If you have trouble with this fight, then go fight the spiders (if
you didn't do so back in Chapter 1), get the red pass, then follow
these directions riding in your boat outside Cotra.  Head west until
you reach a 'wall' of land, with many swamps.  Head north from here.
You will eventually reach a fort on the right side.  This is Fort
Dranlon.  Remember where this is, as I use Fort Dranlon as a center
point for my directions into Empire lands.  This will be the starting
point for a mission.  Enter.  Talk to the commander inside.  Ask about
'mission' and he'll offer a lot of cash plus credit for a mission
towards a higher clearance.  He'll also tell you about Fort Emerald
teaching Dispel Barrier.  But this requires you to enter a very hard
tower, which is north of Fort Dranlon.  If you couldn't take out the
Hidden Fort south of Cotra, you have no prayer of making it through
this place alive.  So just head west and remember where this is for
possible leveling later.  West, there is a large sea.  There are
several things of importance here.
   First, in the southern part of the lake is a town that looks like a
stone house.  Enter and you find a large basalt cube.  If you want in,
the entrance is one step down from the northwest corner.  Head south
and follow the passage until you're standing almost near the entrance
to the cube, but on the other side of a wall (location X=7, Y=5).
Search the south wall to find a lever.  Pull it, then head to the
southeast corner and search the walls leading to the southeast corner.
Beat up the enemies, then step on the special in front of the crystal.
Look into the crystal to find out what it is.  After choosing look
once, choose to break it.  Now leave.
   Other things include a cave surrounded by a circular purple rock,
except for an area you can approach, but are blocked from.  How do you
enter?  There's a hidden passage on the right side of the circular
rock.  In there is several Ice Puddings, two Gazers, and an Efreet (not
all at once though).  I recommend going in cautiously.  There is a
possibility for dropping excellent treasure, plus a lot of experience.
Watch the Gazers because they are very good with magic.  In the
Efreet's cave, pick up all the Gems.  Three are regular rubies, which
sell for a decent amount of money.  The fourth Gem is a Regenerating
Ruby, which fully heals you when used.  Get the stuff, leave the cave.
West of the cave is Waterfall Warren.  In here somewhere is a castle
with an extremely important item, the Blessed Athame.  However, it
would be suicide to enter at your current strength because the enemies
are incredibly tough and plentiful.  Also in here is a place that sets
your current MP to 150! Sweet!  Once you reach the bottom, there will
be a very inviting patch of land on the southwest.  DO NOT GO ONTO THE
LAND.  There are many guards stationed there.  (this is a great place
to build levels, except the guards are very deadly at this point).
Head east, then south.  You will find an area with many pieces of
rubble on the land.  This is one of several Red Pass areas (if you have
a red pass, most Empire troops will leave you alone).  Look around and
you'll find the 'Unfinished Fort'.  If you explore the tunnels to the
right, you'll find several undead monsters.  By the way, this fort has
similar numbers of Empire troops as the Hidden Fort, but the troops are
much more spread out, plus you can choose when you want to fight.  In
the area with undead, there are a couple troops, plus a nifty back
entrance.  Sneak around and eliminate the troops in small groups.  This
should be much easier than the Hidden Fort.  In the north part, there
is the commander's room.  Search the dresser and desk to get your
*_*BLUE PASS*_*.  In the supply room is a Guardian, plus lots of armor.
Leave through the front gate this time.
   Regardless of how you got your Blue Pass, you should now have one.
Head to Fort Remote (goto the Great Cave and go as far west and south
as possible), then talk to the commander there.  One of them gives you
the mission and accepts a copy of your pass, so you get to keep it,
plus mission credit.  Now you have 3 missions, so go to the Castle
(follow the signs, its in the north part of the Great Cave).  Talk to a
person in the west side of the castle (there are a LOT of bookshelves
in the room, so he should be easy to spot) and ask about 'clearance' to
get _*MAGI CLEARANCE*_.  Other things of interest in the Castle include
a priest in the temple who will teach *_*RESURRECT*_* and *_*DIVINE
THUD*_*.  You can also learn *_*WORD OF RECALL*_* from a bookshelf in
the Mage Clearance chambers.

-What to do with Magi Clearance-

   Now we can do some extra stuff.  Here's a list:
 A.) Motrax's Lair-Can talk to some mages.
 B.) Tower of Magi-Can use the teleporter, after clearing out the local
wimpy demonic horde.
 C.) The Castle-Can enter the mage section and learn about several
things, including a set of teleporter coordinates and the Blessed
Athame (ask the mage about 'runes' and 'Athame')
 D.) Erika's Tower-Can now reach (using Magi teleporter) and can enter.
 E.) With the cash from these missions, you can probably buy most of
the useful spells from the Tower of Magi.  You can also buy *LEVEL 6
PRIEST SPELLS* in Dharmon.

-Finishing Formello and Silvar missions-
   Now you need to gain some more experience.  Go to the Waterfall
Warren and the place that raises your current MP to 150.  Then head
over to Formello.  Go to the Ruined Fort south of Formello.  Enter,
then make your way to the altar in the back.  Since your MP is so high
(temporarily) you can now easily cast Ritual of Sanctification and
break the altar.  Return to Formello and get the credit for the
mission.  Next you need to go to Silvar.  Stop on the way there in
Mertis.  You can buy *_*SMITE*_* from the temple here for 350 gold, but
don't bother (Ice Bolt is better).  Talk to a person in the inn and
he'll tell you that one of the prisoners knows where to find a gray
pass.  Unlock the door to the main prisoner yard, and search the south
wall to find a secret entrance.  Unlock the door inside and talk to the
prisoner.  He'll tell you that there is a gray pass in a hidden fort
west of the Tower of Magi.  Remember this.  Then continue on to Silvar.
Go there and talk to the mayor.  Ask about "mission" and she'll tell
you about the Nephilim slave camp.  Its northeast of Silvar.  Enter and
start killing.  Once you kill the Nepharim Chief all the captive
Nephils will join your side.  Beat all the remaining enemy Nepharim up,
then search around.  There is a hidden passage in the commander's room
for some free stuff.  You need a Silver Key to free them, but I can't
remember where to find it.  So again, use the editor to get it.  And if
anyone knows where it is, tell me please.  Return to Silvar to get
credit for the mission.

   Now things get tough.  Head to Fort Emerald.  Its in the north part
of the Great Cave.  Talk to the commander there and ask about
"mission".  She'll offer a wonderful reward: The Dispel Barrier spell!
Such a great reward is a little hint that this might be a hard mission.
Well, it is.  Make sure you have the spells Bless Party, Major Haste,
Slow Group, Curse All, Antimagic Cloud, Major Heal, a lot of Energy
potions (the Tower of Magi sells them at a fairly good price) and as
much inventory space as possible (if you're out of space, you can leave
stuff in a room in Olgai).  You will also need at LEAST 6 piercing
crystals.  You'll use most of them.  You also need your fighters to
have good weaponry, at least steel.  Once you feel ready, lets set out.
Go to your boat in southern Exile, wherever it is (probably near
Silvar), and board.  Head to Fort Dranlon.  Go west to the large sea.
Head south, down a channel.  Once you reach another sea, head roughly
southwest.  There is an island appropriately named 'Island with
Fortress'.  Save your game now.  Make a backup save while still outside
because this place is tough.  If you enter from the east side, you
reach a place with a barred portcullis.  However you can fire spells
and arrows through the opening in the wall or the portcullis and kill
off some soldiers.  Leave, rest up, then head through the north for the
real entry way.  You get a nice welcome from some enemies.  This fight
will take a while.  People from the eastern barracks and a western camp
will come in and join in.  Send one mage west to use Fire Barrier to
block the area in front of the western doorways.  This will help keep
people in that barracks from joining the fight.  Head east and search
the barracks.  In one dresser there is an Orb.  Here's a lever that
opens the portcullis in the room to the south.  This is the western
entrance.  You can leave and reenter through the north, rest, and then
only fight a small new contingent of soldiers if you wish.  Head south,
and step on the specials to examine the statues.  Open the southern
door.  Send your fighters in to attack the high priest.  You should get
2 fighters to attack him, then use your mages to cast Wound and finish
the priest off.  Use your fighters to clean up the remaining soldiers.
Save again and head west.  Either fight or head for the stairs that are
close to the northwest.  Head right on the second floor.  Stay in this
area while you deal with enemies because it is a strong defensive
position.  Wait several turns to ensure everybody heading your way been
removed.  Search the bookshelves.  One tells about Limoncelli dealing
with Vahnatai and a Naga guarding the Vahnatai headquarters.  Then head
through the door to the northeast to a central place with four doors.
The door on the left leads to Limoncelli, the door on the right leads
to the Vahnatai headquarters.  The two upper doors lead to a small room
with 2 champions in it.  Clean them out first, along with troops who
are sure to come from the left and right doors, then choose where
you're headed.
   I'll head to the Vahnatai area of the fort.  Go through the right
door, clean out the troops if you haven't done so already then explore
the right doors in this barracks.  Get the gold, then enter either of
the two northern doors.  They are small rooms.  Head through the next
door in either small room to find another door and a stairway.  Don't
go down the stairway as it only allows you to leave, not return.  Save
your game and heal now.  Head through the northern door to find a Naga.
It has excellent magic and decent fighting abilities.  Use an Antimagic
Cloud on it, then Bless Party and Major Haste.  Another important thing
to take out is the Demon.  Use an Antimagic Cloud on it too, or just
kill it.  Firestorm is nice for taking out the wimpy Serpents standing
around.  Start beating the Naga up with physical damage, and eventually
you'll win.  Head north.  Break the barrier with Piercing Crystals and
go around the bend.  DO NOT TOUCH THE SPECIAL!  Instead walk onto the
wall square north of the special.  Walk around the special using the
hidden door and break the next barrier.  Open the door, and search the
cabinet.  In the cabinet is a hint about a Vahnatai traitor named
Gaddika, as well as a _*PROOF*_ of the location of one Crystal Soul!
Now head back to the hall with four doorways, then to Limoncelli's part
of the upper floor.  Head through the north door, and notice the
special.  Don't touch it, but instead head directly east (there's a
false wall).  There's a tripwire in the hidden passage.  Save before
attempting to disarm it, because it dumbfounds all members of your
party if you fail.  Pull the lever, then return to the formerly blocked
hallway.  Head on again, but don't open the north door yet.  There is a
stairway in the hall that we will take later to exit this terrible
place.  The southern door in this hallway leads to a greenhouse.  Enter
for a little free healing and MP restoration.  Then head near the
northern door, heal up, save and get ready to fight.  Inside the door
is LIMONCELLI himself (he's the Dervish who sits at the front of the
table when you enter).  There are also 2 other Empire Dervishes, plus a
Wizard and 3 Empire Archers.  The wizard is your first priority.  Hit
him with an Antimagic cloud, then send your fighters in.  Use Slow
Group and Major Haste on the first turn, then follow up with Bless
Party and Curse All on your second turn.  Once of your fighters should
target the Wizard, one should start taking down Dervishes and one
should just delay Limoncelli until another fighter finishes his job.
The mages can either continue blessing or move in and kill the Empire
Archers (don't send the mages out to fight physically against a
Dervish, but of course the Wound spell again rules).  Good luck again,
but with these tips, you should win.  Take everything, as he usually
drops good stuff.  The Greatsword on the table should also be taken.
Enter the northern room.  Take everything again.  Two squares west of
the entrance to Limoncelli's back room (the one with the ring and
dresser and stuff) is a hidden door.  Save and enter.  There are two
tripwires to disarm, then a barrier to break.  Get the gold behind it,
then search the wall north of the one square which is still black.
It's a hidden wall.  It releases quickfire behind you.  The special
holds a pair of boots.  TAKE THE BOOTS because they are boots of speed,
which add an AP in combat!  Sweet!  Heal up, then walk through the
quickfire to leave the passage.  The quickfire doesn't spread into the
Audience Hall thankfully.  Leave via the staircase in the hall outside
the Audience Hall.  There is a hidden passage downstairs and you are at
the east exit.  Leave with a great sigh of relief.

-Dispel Barrier, Royal Clearance and Major Blessing-
   Go to some small island and rest.  Then head to Fort Emerald.  Get
*_*DISPEL BARRIER*_* and credit for a mission.  Hey!  You now have 3
more missions completed!  That means we can now get Royal Clearance!
Head to the castle and talk with the lady again to get _*ROYAL
CLEARANCE*_.  Now we can do several things.  One, talk to the king.
Second, and much more importantly, go to the Tower of Magi and teleport
to Formello.  If you're lucky you have a boat here, if not, head up to
Fort Draco again and buy one.  Sail down to Formello and on the south
shore, west of Formello is a tower.  Save before entering the screen.
A lot of Hordlings and Demons will appear.  Start fighting and wipe
them out.  Enter Solberg's Tower and then search his bookshelves to
find *_*MAJOR BLESSING*_*.  This is Bless Party, Major Haste and
Envenom all thrown into one great spell that improves all party
members.  This spell, when combined with Ravage Enemy and Antimagic
Cloud (to take out enemy spellcasters), will allow you to succeed over
massive groups of Empire troops.  If you can't get Royal Clearance yet
(sometimes it takes more missions), complete a mission for the Tower of
Magi.  The mission is to kill the Slith High Priest in cave in the
tunnels east of the Tower of Magi.  This should be fairly easy.  A
person in a room just south of the Tower garden gives this quest.

-Fighting Giants and the Mithril Helm-
   Now its time to use that proof you got.  Return to the Tower of Magi
and use the Vahnatai teleporter to return to Elgi.  Enter the council
hall.  They will give you directions and tell you about a hidden
passage into Pyrog's Fort.  Teleport back to the Tower of Magi.  Head
to wherever your boat is located now and get on it.  Sail to Fort
Dranlon.  Sail north, then continue sailing north.  You'll pass
peninsula, then a tower on the left side.  This is the Tower of Elderan
and we'll be back later, as we need a key from there.  Further up on
the east side is a Giant's Fort.  Enter and beat on the Giants (make
sure to pick up the Giant Statue).  If you don't feel ready, return for
the statue later.  Also, if you continue exploring these caves, you'll
find a passage back to Fort Draco, back at the beginning.  If you need
to get your Red Empire Pass or Major Blessing, this is a great
opportunity.  If not, return to the boat and sail up the west passage.
At the very top of the passage is another Giant's Fort.  Again, explore
and get the Giant's statue if you wish.  If not, go back on the boat.
Head south to where you must navigate between two rocks.  Then leave
and head west to find the Giant's Village.  Get the statue here and you
have all three statues. Return to your boat and head back to the
waterway near Fort Dranlon (note that you can explore the area
southwest of the Giant's Village, but there is nothing of interest
except random battles).

-Entering Pyrog's Fort-
   Now we're (finally) going to get Jekknol-Bok. Go west from Fort
Dranlon, then north up the first passage you see (note that on your
right as you go up the passage is the area southwest of the Giant's
Village).  Leave your boat and head west.  There is a blue pass
checkpoint near the northern part of the area here, but you should have
a Blue Pass already.  Select 'Try to Pass' at the checkpoint and the
soldiers will allow you through.  Note that in the general area west of
the checkpoint, random groups of Empire soldiers will not attack you if
you have a Blue Pass (there are still a couple set encounters at
certain locations, but you'll be safe from random Empire encounters).
Circle around the rock outcropping to the north and you'll get another
Blue Pass checkpoint (which is strangely labeled "Green Checkpoint" at
the bottom of the screen).  Go through and you should see a fort.  This
is Pyrog's Fort, which is where we're going.
   But you can't enter from this side, so head northeast past the fort.
Be warned that there is an encounter here with Empire troops, who will
attack despite your pass.  Whip them, then continue to find a small
Empire hut and an ocean.  You need to enter this hut (which is really a
dock) to get a boat, although you can just sneak in, grab the boat and
leave.  Fight or just grab the boat and sail out of town.  Head along
the southern shore to the east.  Once you reach the east wall, head
south.  Land at the islands you find on your way south.  One of them
has a special.  Choose to wait and you'll learn *_*DEATH ARROWS*_*.
   Other important things on this sea include the Empire Archives,
north of the Death Arrows location (or northeast of the docks).  Also,
heading west will find several blockades.  The northern-most one has a
special just below it.  We will return to this area later.
   As for now, we're going to Pyrog's Fort.  West of the docks, there
is a little 2 square space of land.  Get off and search the south wall.
You'll find a back entrance into Pyrog's Fort.  Note that you must have
talked to the Vahnatai to be able to enter this passage.

-Inside Pyrog's Fort-
   You immediately get a warm reception from several Cave Giants.  Kill
them, then head west.  You'll find two locked doors.  Unlock them, then
you'll be in the main area of the fort.  The Empire resistance here is
incredibly light (a few Empire Archers and Soldiers outside, but the
vast majority are in the barracks to the south).  The room to the north
has 3 Aranea Lords (rightmost room).  The other room to the north has a
bunch of empty barrels and crates.  The rooms to the southeast of this
open area each contain a Mutant Giant.  Cast Major Blessing, then storm
the barracks.  The fights here are easy too, as the doors and corridors
isolate the Empire troops.  In the right-hand side of the barracks is a
cave-like area with a Fire Barrier.  Go through, then walk up to the
special to find Pyrog's bones.  There's a door in this area leading
south, which leads to two pedestals containing the Dragonscale Shield
and Dragon Tooth Knife.  There is also an armory on the left-hand side
of the barracks.  All the stuff here is Bronze, except for an Iron
Plate and 2 Cavewood Bows.  In the commander's chamber on the left-hand
side of the barracks is a secret passage.  There is 580 gold and 80
food, plus a Helm and Potion.  At the end of the west hallway of the
barracks is a library, containing 2 Rakshaski (the only real challenge
in this fort).  Cast Antimagic on them to stop their spellcasting, then
Major Blessing and cut them up physically (don't bother with Ravage
Enemy, it won't work against them).  South of the barracks is the front
entrance and guards for it, but don't bother going there as you can't
leave from that entrance and there is nothing but fights.
   North of the barracks is Pyrog Labs, our goal.  Unlock the door,
then head in.  Beat up the opposition that greets you.  Head north to
reach a room with 3 bookshelves, then west to fight 3 Mages and a
Champion.  Head north from here and enter the northmost room on the
left.  Search the bookshelves to learn *_*FLIGHT*_*.  Now head south
from the 3 Mage room and unlock the doors to your left labeled 'Holding
Pen'.  Now you reach a long hallway.  The second door on the left
should be entered.  Take the Red Orb, which casts Quickfire when used
as an item.  Make sure to hold onto this item and do NOT use it, as it
makes getting another Crystal Soul much easier.  The rooms on the right
have no value, except as information about what the Empire experiments.
Go to the top of the hall, then unlock the west door into the 'Maximum
Containment Area'.  Unlock the south door, then save your game.  Inside
is a Doomguard.  Get into battle mode, then cast Major Blessing, then
Antimagic every space within 2 spaces of the Doomguard (including
diagonal spaces, so it'll take 2 casts).  Fight this guy, then kill him
(the Antimagic prevents him from splitting when hit).  Then head south
and pick up _*CRYSTAL SOUL JEKKNOL-BOK*_!  Head out and leave through
the back entrance.

-Returning Jekknol-Bok-
   Dock your boat near the docks, then walk back to your other boat.
Sail back to Exile lands, then head to the Tower of Magi.  Teleport
back to Vahnatai lands, then go west from Olgai to a bridge.  The
guards will let you pass because you have a crystal soul.
   The shrine is basically set up with 7 alcoves.  The Crystal Soul in
the southwest alcove (Wilvron) will teach you the spell *_*AVATAR*_* if
you ask him about 'magic'.  One alcove in the south is where you should
place Jekknol.  After placing it, talk to him to what the Empire did to
Jekknol.  Right of Jekknol's alcove is Eos.  Ask him about 'failed' to
learn about a ring hidden outside.  Talk to the crystal soul on the
right and ask about 'Dahris' (that's the crystal soul you met on your
way through the waterfall maze remember) and 'Delrin' (we'll have to
run into him later on).  Look around and see the locations for the two
other missing crystal souls if you want, then walk on the outside of
the shrine (still inside the town itself, but not in that little green
floored building).  On the left side outside the building is a special
telling that you found a broken Empire shield.  On the south wall of
the building, search the stalagmites to find the ring Eos was speaking
   Leave and go west.  Search the west wall to find a hidden passage
leading to lava.  Go in and head south to find a coffin chamber.
Choose to go in and take the wave blade, which happens to be the
excellent Alien Blade.  Kill off the spirits and head back to Olgai and
enter the council chamber.  Read the text, then go through the right
door and Unlock the top left door in there.  Search the middle box to
get your reward: Shocking Wave Blade.  Combining this and the Alien
blades makes a strong combination that will last for quite awhile.

-Fort Kothar and a Gray Empire Pass-
   Teleport back to the Tower of Magi.  Rest up, then head out west.
Once you reach the large field of lava, head south through the lava
(use Firewalk of course).  The very southeast part of the lava field
has a little piece of normal Exile grass.  Walk through the wall right
of this piece of grass, then rest to recover your MP.  Head east, and
you'll run into an ambush.  Beat on the troops using your normal
Antimagic/Major Blessing/Ravage Enemy strategy, then continue exploring
the tunnels.  There are two of these ambushes here and you want to beat
them both for the experience.  Then head west over the lava field,
through another hidden tunnel on the southwest part of the field.  Beat
another ambush here, then walk to the Obelisk and rest.  One space west
and two north of the obelisk (the 'empty' piece of grass) is a hidden
   Enter the hidden fort.  You can explore the obvious tunnels to the
left, but all you'll find is a fight.  Use Firewalk to get by the
tunnels on the right of the entrance.  You'll reach a stairway, go down
it.  Head west, unlock the door.  In the next room is two portcullis,
plus two northern doors and a southern door.  The southern door is just
fights, but the north doors should be explored.  One leads to a level
to open the porticulli and the other leads to the Commander's Quarters.
Search the desk in the Commander's Quarters and take the gray piece of
paper to get _*GRAY EMPIRE PASS*_.  Very nice.
   Leave and exit the lava field.  Head west, pass Almeria (stop for
training if necessary) and continue until you reach Fort Remote.  If
you need to rest, do so before heading out west from Fort Remote.  Head
south, then follow the tunnel to a Blue Pass checkpoint.  Head north
and you'll be ambushed crossing the bridge.  After crossing the bridge,
head north into another ambush.  Follow the tunnel until you reach a
large open area.  Head down the left southern tunnel.  Continue heading
south until you reach another clearing.  Head down the lower right
tunnel this time.  Save and rest first, as there is a large ambush.
Then continue on to reach a fort.  Save and rest again, then enter.
   Fight your way to the bottom middle of the first floor.  Search the
bookshelf to find that the orb is on the bottom level.  Go into the
room just left of that, then head down the stairway.  Kill the 5 mages
you meet.  Out the left porticulli are a group of Mutant Giants.  No
items, but if you want to fight, go ahead.  Out the right door are
several Shamblers and Viscous Goos and several alchemy ingredients.
Viscous Goos split like Doomguards, but are much weaker and might even
be killed with one slash, so don't worry.  However, if you don't want
to use the ingredients, don't bother unless you want the experience.
   The north door is the one you want.  Beat up on the weak enemies
then go through the next north door.  But enter the door in combat
mode.  Keep your mages away from the entry because there is a Mung
Demon inside who will drain your MP.  Send your Major Blessing fighters
inside to clean out the room.  Do not dispel any of the magic barriers
in this room.  The only one you might want to dispel is the lowest one
on the left side.  Kill the Viscous Goo and drink the water for a
little healing.  Go out the north door and you will have a choice to go
left or right.  Left has a little fight, plus some minor items and a
stairway leading to the first floor if you want to leave.  But the main
goal is right.  Enter the lava dome, then Firewalk to the bottom middle
of the room.  Get on the boat and go kill those archers.  Go into the
top door.  Go through the left door in the hallway into the Hall of
Records. The first row of barriers must be dispelled, but the second
and third can be walked through.  Between barrier 2 and barrier 3 is a
space filled with 2 Ur-Basilisks, 2 Shamblers and 2 Mutant Giants.  The
Ur-Basilisks are the first priority.  Cast Kill on them if you have to.
Then finish everyone else off.  Dispel the middle two barriers in the
fourth row so you can reach the books.  The left book teaches *_*REVIVE
ALL*_* and the right book contains the _*KOTHAR PLANS*_.  The Kothar
Plans are used to complete a mission, so pick them up.  Then return to
the lava dome and take the right hallway.  Walk in the hallway, then
stop right before the door.  Enter the door and look at the room
description "Trapdoor Hallway".  Well that gives it away, but if you
didn't see it: DON"T WALK BETWEEN THE PILLARS.  All you get is a fight
with 3 Golems, then put right back where you started.  Instead search
the north wall that you can reach without stepping between the pillars.
   Once through the hidden door, step on the lower left Fire Barrier,
then Unlock the left door and kill the Golem within.  In this area I
will describe things in terms of which room to go to.  We are starting
in the Golem room left of the entry Fire Barrier room.  Head north,
then west, then north.  In the room you are now in there should not be
a northern door.  Now just keep going east until you reach a hallway
leading south.  There is a secret door on the right wall near the
bottom of the passageway.  Go through, then you'll be in another room.
Head through the Fire Barrier, then the Quickfire, then the next Fire
Barrier.  Now search the south wall and step back into the hallway.
Take the stairway (finally!).
  Follow the passage until you see the sign "Hall of the Orb".  Enter
and see a normal room.  But don't walk between any pillars.  Make sure
everyone has at least 70 HP (preferably more than 100).  If you're a
little low, try out that new Revive All spell.  Enter and head directly
to the left wall (some ice walls will appear on the way but you did
HEAL right?).  Go north until some Gazers appear.  Go into combat mode
and use Major Blessing and Ravage Enemy, then send the fighters out
after them.  This luckily only happens once.  After the battle, return
to the lower left corner and walk next to the left wall again.  Once
the Golems appear, stop.  Wait for the Golems to come to you, otherwise
you'll most likely set off a ice/blade wall trap.  Again, continue
north after the battle.  You'll set off a blade wall trap along the
way.  At this point, save.  Head east and 2 Nagas will appear.  Go into
combat mode, then send your fighter down the path of pillars north of
the special.  On the space just north of the Orb, you'll create 6
basilisks.  But here's where the magic comes in.  Cast Mass Charm with
all your characters (if you've got a Wand of Charming, that also
works).  The Nagas are no match for a Basilisk's stoning abilities,
plus you've now removed the Basilisk threat.  Pure brilliance.  If you
don't have enough MP to cast Mass Charm, you're going to have to go
into combat mode and leave a Fighter standing next to where the Nagas
appear, then send a mage to trip the hidden special and make the Nagas
appear.  However you win, you should be at the _*ORB OF THRALNI*_.
Take it, then leave this room the way you came in.
   Retrace your steps to get to the Trapdoor Hallway.  This time, just
set off the traps, then fight the Golems.  There are hidden doors on
the left side of each Golem fighting room.  Now you should be on the
left side of the Trapdoor Hallway, near the original entrance.  Leave
and go back to the boat.  Take the boat and sail to the left doorway,
then head left and north to reach the stairway.  Take it, then leave
ASAP.  Save and pat yourself on the back.

-Proof of the location of Caffren-
    Now head back to Fort Remote, then to Dharmon.  Talk to the mayor
and ask about 'mission' to get some cash.  Then head back to the Tower
of Magi.  Take the teleporter to the Vahnatai Lands.  Head northeast
from Elgi to reach Mancuso.  North of here is a fortress.  There are
several hidden passages in the walls that you need to go through to get
to the fortress.  Once you finally arrive near the fortress enter.
Head east on the cliff and go over the small stone bridge.  Continue
east until you reach a point where you cannot go any further east.
Head north from there until you reach a nice back door.  Use the key
you found in Avit on the door then head in.  Beat up the Vahnatai in
here.  In an orange Vahnatai cabinet, you can find a cool Steel
Breastplate.  Also notice the few humans and human weapons in here.
Once you pick up the Steel Breastplate, return to the first room of
this area, then head north to reach a normal cave place.  Circle around
to the northwest.  Eventually if you follow the path, you'll run into a
couple Vahnatai Blademasters.  Just past them is a road.  Follow the
road and you'll find a boat at the end.  Sail west to reach a north-
south passage.  North is a basilisk and a Wand of Charming.  Pick up
the wand and kill the basilisk, then head south.  Pass the place where
you first found the boat and continue south.  You'll run into a locked
door on the right.
   Unlock the door, then head in.  You're at the heart of the fortress
now.  Kill the opposition in here, then head south to find Gaddika
himself.  Remember the proof from Limoncelli's fort?  This is the
person who sold the Crystal Souls to the Empire.  Kill him and the
enemies in the next room.  Search the cabinets in the room right of
where you found Gaddika.  One contains valuable Resurrection Balm.
Head back to the chamber where you found Gaddika, then south into
either small room.  Search the south wall of the rooms to find a hidden
passage.  Go west in the passage and pass through a fire barrier.  Save
and disarm the traps.  Unlock the door, then head into the Planning
Chamber.  Search the left cabinet to find _*CAFFREN PROOF*_.  Then
search the right cabinet and hit the button.  Return to your boat, then
sail further south.  On the left-hand side is a landing with 3 Fire
Barriers.  Walk through them, then through the open Portcullis.  Kill
the Basilisk inside, then pick up the items.  Sail back to where you
first found the boat, then disembark and walk back outside.
   Go to Olgai and show the Council the proof you found.  The Council
will tell you about Ornotha Ziggurat and Fort Haledon.  However, we're
not going to go to Ornotha Ziggurat just yet, as it is a hard dungeon,
not so much because of the enemies you have to fight (standard Empire
faire, with Empire Archers, Bladesman and Mages/Wizards), but because
it is a very long dungeon.

-Erika's Tower-
   Use the Vahnatai teleporter to get back to the Tower of Magi.  Go to
the Tower teleporter and put in the coordinates 'Kav Ait Bon'.  Enter
the visible tower from the south.  Go into combat mode immediately and
run for the entrance.  None of the soldiers can follow you in here.
Once inside, look around.  On the right is a passage leading to a wall.
This wall has a hidden door leading to a teleporter but you must go
through the main dungeon at least once before Erika allows you to use
this teleporter to go directly to meet her.  So head left, then pass an
invisible barrier.  Head north, pull the lever and head directly north
through the door.  Follow the path to another lever.  Now head east,
but walk north of the first and third pillars and south of the second
pillar.  Otherwise, the portcullis will close.  Now continue and you'll
find a small one-square path.  Several Golems and Ur-Basilisks are
hiding inside this.  Use Wound or Kill on the Ur-Basilisks to make sure
they are killed as soon as possible.  Note that you can use Long Wait
in this dungeon, as the only enemies that regenerate are the Empire
soldiers outside and they cannot reach you if you're inside the tower.
Once past this, enter a hall of pillars.  Kill off the Demon first,
then continue past.  Stepping on several spaces will trigger the
appearance of walls, usually a Wall of Blades.  You can disable this by
searching the west wall and pulling the lever.
   Continue onward and Dispel the magic barrier.  When you reach the
portcullis puzzle follow these directions.  Step on the middle tile to
open the first portcullis.  Go through and step on the left tile, then
walk to the right.  When you step on the right tile, the second
portcullis will open.  Go through it and step on the middle tile to
open the third portcullis.  Now you reach a riddle puzzle.  Go to the
bottom left statue and do that puzzle.  If you can't get it, here's a
hint: notice the sentence she says and the number of words in the
sentence.  If you totally give up, the answer is '13'.  Go past that
statue and go to the upper right statue.  If you cannot get this
answer, a hint is that 'the end' refers to something that you goto
after death.  The answer is 'grave' if you cannot get it.  Next there
is a row of barriers.  Most likely, the Rakshaski and Guardians behind
the barrier wall will break down the barriers for you.  Cast Antimagic
on the Rakshaski and eliminate them, then kill off the Guardians.  When
you pass a point, the tower will go dark and you'll lose visibility.
West of here are some Shamblers, but once you kill them, you have no
more fights to undertake.  Follow the path and you'll finally reach the
center of the tower and Erika.
   Talk to Erika.  Make sure to ask about 'reward' to get access to the
teleporter at the entrance next time you wish to talk to her.  She'll
tell you about two important missions when you ask about 'assault'.
Ask about 'Garzahd' to learn about Solberg and Thompson.  Ask about
each of them to learn what they may help you with.  She'll also tell
you to talk to King Micah.  Ask about 'crystal soul' and she'll tell
you to go see Athron who lives west of Mertis and to say 'Redmark' to
Athron.  Then look around her chambers.  Don't search her dresser or
take her treasure.  Search the bookshelves in her private library to
learn *_*WALL OF BLADES*_* and *_*MAJOR SUMMONING*_*.  There is also a
note about a Ring of Will in Patrick's Tower.  East of Erika's chamber
is a teleporter which will return you to the Tower of Magi.

-Athron's Lair-
   Head north from the Tower of Magi until you reach Mertis, then west
into the Honeycomb.  Basically, you are trying to head west until you
cannot go any further west, then circle north and east.  Once you reach
a place with two statues and a cave, you've found Athron's lair.
Passing the statues gets you into a fight with several Eyebeasts and
Gazers.  Cast Antimagic Cloud on the Gazers and use up as much of your
MP as you need early, as the Eyebeasts will drain your MP.  Once you
kill them, you can pass the statues freely forever.  Rest up and save,
then enter the cave.  Head north and hit the special.  Athron doesn't
want to meet us, but we won't take no for an answer.  Search the very
southern end (just before you leave town) of the right wall to find a
hidden passage.  Follow the passage to reach a teleporter.  Enter it
and say 'Redmark' sent you (note that if you capitalize the word you
won't be able to type the whole word, but just 'Redmar' will still
   You'll be teleported to a portcullis puzzle.  Step on the leftmost
rune, then step on each one in order going to the right.  Notice how
the open portcullis moves to the right as you step on the runes?  The
open one will be at the right after you step on all the runes.  Next,
step on the leftmost rune and the next two runes to move another open
portcullis to the second from the right.  Step on the leftmost, then
the one right of it.  Finally, step on the leftmost rune and all of the
porticulli will be open.  Walk through.  Enter the teleporter to go
back to the start of the lair.  Go through the secret passage again and
say 'Redmark' yet again.  Now you're teleported to a hallway.  As you
walk in, the walls will disappear.  On the left side there is an
Eyebeast, three Cave Giants, a Spectre and an Aranea Lord.  On the
right side there is an Eyebeast, three Cave Giants and a Basilisk.
Take out the Basilisk first and the Eyebeasts next.  Kill off the
Aranea Lord third, then finally eliminate everyone else.  On the left
side, search the north wall to find another teleporter.  You will again
be teleported to the entrance.
   If you have to rest, go outside and rest, then return and go to the
teleporter and say 'Redmark' again.  You'll be teleported to a Fire
Hydra hall.  Kill them and enter the teleporter to return to the start.
Finally when you say 'Redmark' this time, you'll be teleported to
Athron.  Ask about 'crystal soul', then about 'hiding place'.  The
dragon will tell you about the Empire fort Akhronath.  Don't head west
from where Athron is standing unless you are quite strong.  West is
Athron's treasure horde.  There are many valuable items inside, but
you'll have to fight Athron and a lot of Guardians.  Save before
attempting this fight.  The best way to do this is to attack Athron
before heading west and making the Guardians appear.  Cast Antimagic
Cloud on Athron to stop both her magic and her strong fire breath.
Major Blessing and Ravage Enemy also are key to stopping Athron.  If
Athron gets out of the Antimagic Cloud, cast Holy Scourge on her a
couple times before renewing the Antimagic Cloud.  There are some
valuable items, including the unique items Shielding Bow, Gold-tipped
Spear and Crystal Chain Mail.
   Now leave through the teleporter and head back to the Tower of Magi.
Enter 'Kav Ait Bon' at the Tower teleporter and go into Erika's Tower.
Go right from where you enter the actual tower and search the south
wall to find a teleporter.  This will take you straight to Erika.  Ask
her about 'crystal soul' again, then ask about 'Akhronath'.  She'll
tell you about barriers resistant to Dispel Magic and magical wards.
Ask about 'barrier' to learn about Enra and the Rakshaski in the fort.
She tells you to ask Enra about 'Garzahd' when you meet her.  Ask Erika
about 'ward' to learn that you should ask Ostoth about the teleporter
code to get to Akhronath.

-Getting ready to enter Akhronath-
   Use Erika's teleporter to get back to the Tower of Magi.  Go to the
Tower teleporter and put in the code 'Ent Bel Tor' to get to Formello.
Head north to reach a maze of tunnels.  In here is Motrax's Lair.  Head
north to talk to Motrax, then Unlock the doors to the left.  Go in and
talk to the wizards.  One is named Enra.  Ask her about 'Garzahd' to
learn about his new type of barrier, which can only be destroyed by
Quickfire.  The other wizard is Ostoth.  Ask him about 'Akhronath' and
he'll tell you about a key in his room here.  Steal the potions in the
room Enra is standing in, as there is a Strong Skill Potion (gives you
Skill points) and a nice Potion of Clarity (cures Dumbfound).  Go and
search his dresser to find the _*FELDSPAR KEY*_.  Now leave and rest.
Enter Motrax's lair again and save.  Head east from Motrax, then follow
the tunnel until you reach a lake.  Search the right wall to find a
hidden passage.  Disarm all the traps then save again.  You'll set off
an alarm, then continue and take the boat.  Sail south and kill the two
Ur-Basilisks you find.  Continue sailing south to find two rocks.
Search the right wall near the rocks to find a hidden passage.  Search
the wall at the end of this passage to find Motrax's treasure.  Take
the stuff, especially Scrioth, the Greatsword and the Steel Plate.  Go
back to the boat and sail back.  Walk out of the hidden passage, then
go into combat mode and cast Major Haste.  Run out in combat mode and
leave town quickly.
   Head to the Tower of Magi and go to your room.  Across from your
room is Ostoth's chamber.  The Feldspar Key will unlock the door,
allowing you to enter and read the book.  In the book is the teleporter
combination for Akhronath 'Owa Tah Ful'.  Go south from your room and
sell the worthless stuff at the random item shop.  Head to the
northeast part of the Tower and buy some Medium Energy potions.  Get at
least one for each of your spellcasters, preferably two.  Make
absolutely sure you are carrying the Flame Egg from Pyrog's fort (if it
wasn't identified, its called the 'Red Orb').  Go to the teleporter in
the Tower and enter 'Owa Tah Ful' to appear in front of a fort.

-Inside Akhronath-
   Enter Akhronath and hit the button.  Enter and you'll be stopped at
the doorway.  There is no way to prevent this.  The twelve will then
drop you into the Battle Pit.  First, several Hydras will appear.  Easy
prey.  Kill them and grab their items.  After beating all the Hydras,
wait several turns or walk around a bit and a few Eyebeasts and Gazers
will appear.  Target the Eyebeasts as soon as possible.  Use Major
Blessing.  I find it is best to have your party on the left-hand side
near the pond and ready to fight when they appear.  Have a couple
fighters go after the Eyebeast directly south of you, then have your
third fighter go after the Gazer.  Have your mages finish the Gazer
with Wound.  Then send your fighters out after the rest of the enemies
and send your mages into a corner to hide from the Eyebeasts.  You can
usually save most or all of your MP this way.  Move to near the
portcullis next. Two Spirits and two Spectres appear at the portcullis
and you should eliminate them first, then deal with the Quickghasts.
Next comes a large group of Mutant Giants.  Major Blessing works
wonders, but Ravage Enemy isn't so great, as they start off being very
spread out.  After the Mutant Giants come the worst threat, a large
group of Golems.  You're probably pretty worn out by now.  Get into a
corner, cast Major Blessing and team up.  You should have at least 3
people fighting each Golem.  Focus your attacks on one or two Golems
until those two are dead, then choose a new target.  Finally the
portcullis will open, usually about the time you've killed half the
   Once you enter the portal, a little cutscene appears and you're
thrown into a dungeon to die.  Search the upper right pillar to find a
button.  Now you can go through a secret passage in the north wall.
You can only send one person.  Send through a mage with enough MP to
cast Unlock twice.  Talk to the friendly Spirit.  Ask about 'escape'
and 'open'.  Unlock the door, then walk through the barrier and cast
Unlock again.  Return to the special and rejoin your party.  Send a
fighter through this time and have him go in.  Kill the two Golems and
the Guardian in the room to the south, then rejoin your party and send
a mage through again.  Unlock the right door in the southern room and
hit the lever to free your party.  Leave the cells and go north.  You
appear in a large red brick area.  Search the right wall and you'll be
out into the main part of Akhronath.  To the right is the prison of
Vyvnas-Bok, but you need a key.  Head north and you'll find the
entrance, but again you need a key.  Head right and continue right
until you reach the end of the hall.  Head through the southern door to
find the library.  Search the right middle bookshelf to learn *_*RAVAGE
SPIRIT*_*.  Go left from the library then south.  This is the Rakshaski
lair.  There are 3 of them.  Kill them and the Demons, then explore the
Rakshaski chambers.  One has a Scroll: Magic Resistance in it.  North
of the rightmost sleeping room is a secret passage with a Steel Flail
+1 and a Gold Statue in it.  North of that is a room with an altar.
Head west to reach the Wizards area.  Kill them off and be careful of
the Empire Dervishes, as they are quite strong.  In the northern Wizard
sleeping room there is a hidden passage in the north wall.  This
bookshelf contains the spell *_*DEATH ARROWS*_*.
   North of the room with the evil altar is a series of caves.  This is
where the three Nagas live.  Kill them off.  Pick up the 500 gold and
head west to the Efreet hall.  Head west and pick up the items
especially the Ring, which is a Ring of Fire Resistance.  West over the
lava is a Shielding Crystal.  I recommend you return later for this
item, as you still have one more challenge.  Go back to the library,
then head east to reach a large hallway with thrones.  Beat the two
Guardians, then go south.  Inside is a bunch of undead monsters.  Kill
them, then head south again to reach Midori the Lich.  Defeat him,
either with Antimagic Cloud and fighting or with Dispel Undead.  Head
south and search the wall behind his throne to find the *_*LICH KEY*_*.
Go back to Vyvnas's prison and enter.  Walk past the visible door to
the end of the hall.  Search the south wall and then continue through
the south wall until you reach two pillars and a door.  Enter with the
Lich Key and kill the 3 Black Shades and 2 Golems.  Heal up, then use
the Flame Egg.  It will break the red barrier and you can go grab
Vyvnas-Bok off the special space.  Run outside the room, then go pick
up the Shielding Crystal from the Efreet lair.  You can now leave,
using the Lich Key.  Hit the button near the edge and then leave

-Returning Vyvnas and Demonslayer-
   Outside cross the bridge and search the south wall to find a
passage.  The special will allow you to leave, then just explore and
head south to find your way to Fort Kothar.  From there, head east back
to Fort Remote.  Go to the Tower of Magi, take the Vahnatai teleporter
and go to the crystal shrine.  Return Vyvnas to its place, which is the
northernmost alcove.  Talk to Vyvnas and you find out that fortunately,
he's unaffected and that he is preparing to battle.  Go back to Olgai
and talk to the council.  They thank you and tell you to go check the
eastern room again.  The north box opens now and you can get a pair of
Boots of Speed.
   Return to Exile lands and go to the Tower teleporter.  Since you
have now returned two Crystal Souls, you can get Demonslayer.  Put in
the coordinates 'Ain Eff Wyx' to teleport to the Castle.  Go see King
Micah and ask about 'Demonslayer'.  He'll tell you to go see Rone.  Go
north to the mage chambers and talk to Rone.  Ask about 'Demonslayer'
and 'Patrick' to learn that it is in Patrick's Tower.  Leave the Castle
and go southeast to Patrick's Tower.  Go into the room with a pool and
two plants.  Search each plant to create a bridge, then search the
statue to move it.  Go through the wall that was behind the statue and
cast Dispel on the Force Barrier.  Go onto the special and you'll be
beneath Patrick's Tower.  Save.  When you go through the portal, you'll
go get Demonslayer and a large number of Demons will appear, including
a Haakai.  Since there is no way you can fight this battle fairly with
only one person, try some trickery.  Cast Magic Resistance, Major
Blessing and Bless on the person who is going.  If you have Avatar,
make that mage go as Avatar gives you all these effects and
invulnerability.  If you have Protection, cast it targeted on the
person to make them invulnerable.  Send your protected person through
the portal and go into combat mode.  Circle around in combat mode to
the altar.  Leave combat mode and hit the special to grab Demonslayer.
Return to combat mode and run back to the portal.  Leave combat mode
right in front of the portal and walk back through.

-Tower of Elderan-
   Now we're going to start researching this mass teleporter the Empire
is building.  Head to the Tower of Magi.  Talk to Mahdavi in the mage
clearance area near the Tower portal.  Ask her about 'Pyrn'.  Take the
teleporter to the Barrier Tower.  The combination is 'Ell Pit Esk'.
Talk to the wizard and ask him about 'teleporter'.  He'll tell you to
look on the third bookshelf from the left.  Search there and you'll
learn about how to close a portal.  Search the north wall to find a
passage leading to a teleporter back to the Tower.  Talk to Mahdavi and
ask about 'teleporter'.  She'll tell you to get an Onyx Scepter and
find out where the Mass Teleporter is located.  She'll tell you to
search a tower north of Fort Dranlon.  So we'll go there.
   Go to your boat.  Sail north to Fort Dranlon, then continue north.
You'll find a tower in the middle of a swamp.  Land and enter.  Head
north.  Don't approach the altar.  Go in and pull the lever to release
an Eyebeast, Ice Hydra, Guardian and Cave Giant.  Kill them off, then
go up the staircase to go to floor 2.  Kill off the Golems as you
enter.  Go in and kill all the Aranea.  In the southern middle room is
many holding pens.  Pull the rightmost lever then go in.  Kill the
Mutant Giants and pull the lever, then return to the center.  Head to
the right, then south to reach a stairway up.  Give Demonslayer to your
Edged Weapons fighter and have him equip it.  Go in the door and you'll
find a Mung Demon.  Keep your mages in hiding, as they can steal your
MP and are surrounded by an Antimagic field anyways.  Once you kill it,
unequip Demonslayer and equip your normal weapons again.  Head
northwest once in the next room.  You will see a pair of doors on your
left.  Unlock the bottom one, then enter and search the south wall of
the scribe room.  Go through and kill the Mutant Giants.  You will
reach yet another staircase to get to the fourth floor.
   Enter and kill the Empire soldiers standing around.  Head north to
meet more Empire soldiers and Elderan himself.  Kill Elderan and search
the west wall south of the door.  You'll find a hidden door, head in
and you'll reach a bedroom with a Ring in it.  Search the south wall to
find a hidden passage.  Disarm the traps and dispel the barrier to
enter the passage.  On the left side are a couple chests with some
cash.  On the right side, read the left book to learn *_*RECHARGE*_*.
Read the right book to learn *_*MAJOR SUMMONING*_*.  Go back to the
place you fought Elderan and go south.  Dispel the magic barrier and
Unlock the door.  Go down the staircase.  Follow several more
staircases to reach the first floor.  The bookshelves are all empty,
but search the desk.  You'll find a letter saying that the records were
all moved to Fort Legov, which are the Empire Archives north of Pyrog's
Fort.  You also find an ivory key that will allow you to enter the
Empire Archives.

-Fort Legov (Empire Archives)-
   Go back to your boat and sail to Fort Dranlon.  Stop and talk to the
commander and ask about 'mission' to get some cash.  Sail west from
Fort Dranlon, then go north at the first intersection.  Land on the
west side and go west, passing a blue checkpoint.  This is the same
route we went to get to Pyrog's Fort, so you should remember it.
Again, circle around to the northeast after passing the checkpoint and
go past another blue pass checkpoint.  Pass Pyrog's Fort and you'll
reach the Empire Docks.  Your boat should be outside, if not steal
another one from the Docks.  Sail northeast to reach a large circular
island.  There should be a special space on a 2 square area of land you
can land at.  Hit the special and choose to explore the guardhouse.
Kill off the enemies that appear, then enter the special again and hit
the button.  You can now reach the fort itself.  Make sure you have the
Ivory Key from the Tower of Elderan before going in here.
   Enter from the north.  Unlock the door.  Go into combat mode and
cast Firewalk.  Walk in combat mode to the left and circle around the
little wall to find a boat.  Go in and sail west, then south.  You'll
run into some minor opposition on the way, including a couple Fire
Lizards and Imps.  About in the center of the west side is a door on
the right, leading to the central area.  Dock your boat and enter.
Close the door behind you if you didn't kill off the Imps.  Go to the
right to the place between the two signs.  You'll use the Ivory Key and
be allowed in.  Destroy the Golems and head north.  Go west and enter
the west door, which is labeled "Curator's Chamber".  Unlock the bottom
left door and talk to the man within.  He'll be very scared of you and
will tell you about the 'index' if you ask.  The indexes are in the
northeast and southwest corners.  So we have to head there.  Go west
two rooms to find a cave-like room with an Efreet.  Kill off the
Efreet, then go the upper left room.  It has a sign saying 'Indexing
Chamber B'.  Search the bookshelves to find out the location of a map
to the teleporter and a ritual for the teleporter.  Go west one room,
then through the south door.
   Take the Leap of Faith.  Go through the north door.  Search the
bookshelves on the northern wall to find one of them will slide away
from the wall.  Go through the secret door behind the bookshelf and
then kill all the Guardians in here.  There's a stairway here.  Go up
the stairway and you'll be in another library.  Search the leftmost
bookshelf to find _*TELEPORTER DIRECTIONS*_.  Note that even if you
know where the teleporter is from a previous game, you must still read
these directions from the bookshelf to be able to access the
teleporter.  Go back downstairs to the Hall of Musty Shelves.  Head
west.  Firewalk over the lava and Unlock the southern door.  Kill the
two Golems and head through the eastern door.  The north door in this
hallway leads to a special and a pool of water.  Drink the water and it
is energizing.  Go through the southern door and search the left
bookshelf to learn *_*SHOCKWAVE*_*.  Now go back through the northern
door and back to the lava filled cave.  But instead of walking over it,
step on a space to the left and north of the door to set off a 'click.
Now you can walk through that cave wall and go directly to the door.
You'll be back in the Hall of Musty Shelves.  Head west to a room with
many barriers, then to the northwest of this room.  There is a door and
a stairway here.  Go up the stairway.  You'll be in the room next to
the Curator's room.  Pull the lever and go out the portcullis.  Head
back to the room with the Ivory Keyhole and back outside to the boat on
lava.  Go south, then east.  Search the north wall north of the
platform leading to the southern entrance.  You'll find a hidden
passage.  There are four Demons and four Golems in here.  If you need
to rest up, you can leave and rest, then return to kill them and search
the Hall of Rituals.  Search the middle bookshelves on the right side.
One contains information on how to pass the Magically Augmented Wall.
Press the sword once, crown 3 times, sword twice and crown 4 times.
This is the information we needed.  Now you can leave the Empire
Archives for good.

-Lair of Sulfras-
   Once outside, go to the special and hit the button in the
guardhouse.  Sail out of the circle of rocks.  Head back to the Empire
Docks, southwest of here.  Land and go back to your other boat.  Sail
back to Exile lands and walk to the Tower of Magi.  Make sure you have
a Gray Empire Pass.  Use the Tower teleporter and put in the
coordinates 'Owa Tah Ful' to teleport to Akhronath.  We're not going in
again, but it makes for a convenient shortcut to near where we're
going.  Head south through the fake wall and slide down on the special.
Head west from here until you can start going north.  You'll reach a
Gray Pass checkpoint.  Past the checkpoint, follow the tunnel.  You'll
reach a cave, which is the Lair of Sulfras.
   Enter and head east.  The first couple buildings right as you enter
contain several Mutant Giants.  If you don't want to fight them, cast
Fire Barrier or Force Barrier, then go outside and rest.  The barriers
will still be there.  The first major building on the south has nothing
of value in it, except some fights and a Haakai.  Feel free to ignore
these buildings or open the door and cast Force/Fire Barrier.  The
right building on the south has a Wizard in it on the left side.
Search the right wall of the Wizard's room to find a secret passage.
Dispel the barrier and take the _*MALCHITE KEY*_.  The right room in
this building has a secret passage in the southeastern corner, which
leads to two Demons and a couple chests.  Leave this building and go
north.  There are three buildings up here.  The left building has two
Demons and two Champions, a Steel Ingot and a Bronze Halberd.  The
middle building has four Drakes.  Search the right wall near the top to
find a secret passage that leads to a Gold Ring of Skill and a cursed
Silver Weight Ring.  The right building has Sulfras in it.  Ask about
'onyx' and she'll promise to give you the Onyx Scepter for freeing her.
Use the key on the special in front of her.  Make sure you've gotten
everything you want before doing this.  Once you do that, Sulfras
leaves and Quickfire appears.  You can now safely steal the treasure
right in front of you.  After taking the treasure, go into combat mode
and cast Major Haste and Firewalk.  Run outside.  Once you escape, come
back in.  There is almost nothing remaining in the fort.  Only the
dragon's dome is intact.  Head there and ask about 'Onyx' to learn
about the Onyx Scepter.  Search the left wall to find a hidden passage.
Follow it to find a pile of rubble.  Walk up to the rubble to search it
and find the _*ONYX SCEPTER*_.
   Go downwards.  About halfway down the right side is a fire pit.
Search the wall right of it to find a passage and a rear exit.  Explore
this new tunnel to find a pit with a bridge over it.  Use the Orb of
Thralni and fly west.  Search the west wall to find a secret passage.
Follow the passage to find an excellent bashing weapon, the Green
Crystal Mace.  There is also a former exit to the surface in this
tunnel beyond Sulfras' Lair.  Return to the Lair of Sulfras once you've
gotten the mace and seen the sights.  From there, head back to Fort
Remote.  From Fort Remote, head to the Tower of Magi.

-Heading to the Teleporter Fort-
   Sell off your excess equipment and buy any spells you don't have
already that might be useful.  If you have money left over, check the
random item shop south of your room to see if there is anything useful
for sale.  Make sure you also have plenty of food, a Gray Empire Pass,
the Onyx Scepter and the Orb of Thralni.  Be sure you have seen Pyrn
and learned the ritual for closing a portal.  Then head to your boat
and sail to Empire lands.  Disembark and go to your boat near Pyrog's
Fort.  Sail to the very north end of the cavern.  Notice that to the
west is a big expanse of rocks and another tunnel with a special in it.
Go to the special and fight the Empire soldiers.  Hit the button inside
the guardhouse and go through the passage.  Head southwest to see a
cave blocked by a rock and surrounded by lava.  This is where we're
eventually heading.  Just north of the cave is an expanse of land and
two rocks.  The first rock will be removed by the first special if you
have a Gray Empire Pass.  The second rock will be removed by exploring
the southern special.  Head west.  You'll notice a land passage to the
north covered with swamps.  If you explore this area, you'll find a
valley with a ton of lizards and a special space.  The special space
has a Magic Slith Spear, but releases three massive lizard groups.
Save and use the Orb of Thralni before stepping on the special and
taking the Slith Spear.  Now just fly away and you'll have to fight one
group at most because the rest will be trapped behind stalagmites.
   Back to the river, head west.  You'll notice a dock on the north
side.  If you dock, you can find where Khoth the dragon is located and
you can head west and find an endless supply of random battles with
Guards.  This is a good place to level up if necessary.  But continue
on to reach a group of swamps and a ton of rocks.  You can't continue
sailing, so dock and search the right wall.  Go through the passage and
search the wall to your right to find yet another hidden passage.
Follow the 'Remote Passage' and you'll find a hidden Guardpost.  You
find a strange magical wall.  Remember the directions from the Empire
Archives?  Here's where they come in handy.  The password is
"SCCCSSCCCC".  The wall will shimmer briefly and you can now go through
a hidden passage just right of the special space.  You'll find a ton of
Dervishes and Empire Archers.  Fortunately, Major Blessing and Ravage
Enemy quickly turn the battle around.  If you have Avatar, your priests
can really destroy the enemies easily.  Kill them off, search the chest
and then continue to the right to leave.
   Rest up, follow the path and save.  You'll find a Second Guardpost.
In here, you'll find an open portcullis, then a closed one.  In
between, there are two stone circles.  Walk around and the reason for
the circles will appear.  The reason is two Doomguards for you to
fight.  Make sure to use Antimagic Cloud and Major Blessing.  There are
hidden rooms with levers in the northwest, northeast, southeast and
southwest corners.  Pull the northwest lever first, then the southeast
lever, then the southwest, then the northeast to open the portcullis.
Follow the passage and you'll reach the exit.
   Rest and save, then continue to find a Third Guardpost.  Walk in to
find a hall of pillars.  Head directly east, but stop just before the
rightmost pillar.  Search the wall north of the rightmost pillar and
walk on the secret door.  Head southeast to avoid stepping between the
rightmost pillar and the wall.  Then head south till you reach the
corner.  This opens one portcullis.  Step left to teleport back to the
start.  Go directly east, but this time step on the space north of the
rightmost pillar.  You will teleport to the southwest corner.  Head two
spaces north, than two east to open the other portcullis.  Take one
more step east to teleport back to the start.  Go two squares east,
then directly south.  Once at the south wall, head two squares west to
reach the open portcullises.  Go through them and follow the passage
   Rest and save yet again, then head south.  Stand on the dock and use
the Orb of Thralni to fly east to the other dock.  Go north to reach a
pit.  Use the Orb of Thralni again to fly east to the other group of
land.  Save, then follow the passage.  You will reach a Guardpost.
Unfortunately, this Guardpost doesn't want a pass, but will instead
unleash 4 large groups of enemy troops.  Your best bet here is to cast
Major Blessing and run.  You probably don't have the large amount of MP
necessary to take on all 4 groups.  Once you've eliminated 3 of them,
then you can actually fight the fourth if you want to.

-Teleporter Fortress-
   Enter the fort and head west.  You'll reach a broken wall, which you
can shatter with Move Mountains.    Go directly north.  In the northern
hallway, search the north wall of the leftmost room.  You'll find a
hidden library.  Search the bookshelves.  One has directions on
creating a Demi-Portal, which drains a lot of energy.  It tells you to
say 'Khali' at the Activation Panel, 'Bestas' at the Direction Panel
and 'Vrain' at the Stability Panel.  It also says that this will only
last a minute or two.  Head to the right side of the fort.  Along the
way you'll have to fight a ton of Dervishes and a couple Wizards and
Evil High Priests.  In the right side of the barracks is the
commander's office.  Search the desk to find a _*GLASS KEY*_.  Pull the
lever in the western part of the right building to open the
portcullises leading outside.
Then go north from the space between the buildings.  The first wooden
building has several magic barriers, which surround a Strong Healing
Potion and a Strong Speed Potion.  Then head northeast.  You'll find
the portal itself.  Four crystals surround it, all of which are
magically strengthened.  However, the portal itself has two crystals
right next to it, neither of which is magically strengthened yet.  So
you can put a crack in each of them, so the teleporter will screw up if
a lot of energy is transferred.  The way to transfer a lot of energy is
by going directly west to reach the portal control room.  Use the Glass
Key to enter, then climb the stairs.  Kill off the opposition in here,
including Guardians, a couple Golems, several Dervishes, and 3 Wizards.
In the control room itself, make sure you are all at or near full
health.  Say 'Khali' to the bottom special, then 'Bestas' to the top
special and finally 'Vrain' to the middle special.  A window will
appear describing the catastrophic consequences that you just created.
Go back downstairs and run to the portal.  Use the Onyx Scepter to
close the portal, then go into combat mode and cast Major Blessing.
Run outside as fast as possible, as Quickfire will spread across this
fort.  Go out through the portcullises if possible, if it isn't
possible, you'll have to use Move Mountains again.
   Once you escape, a message appears:
As you climb out of the valley, you hear a new set of explosions.  The energy from the portal
crystals is fully unleashed in an awe-inspiring firestorm!  Looking over your shoulder, you see the
fortress and control tower melt away.
You make it to safety and continue to watch.  The fires die down eventually, leaving nothing but a
ruin.  To replicate all this work will take months and months, if it's possible at all.  The Surface
Portal is gone.
Your actions have dealt the Empire a critical blow.  They will have to continue to send down
troops and supplies a little bit at a time, and the fight will be a lot more fair.
You haven't guaranteed Exile victory here.  However, suddenly, it seems a lot more possible you
could actually win.
Congratulations!  You have destroyed the Surface Portal, and thus completed the second victory
condition of Exile II: Crystal Souls!

-Rewards and the Lava Dome-
   Now we just have to get home.  Go back.  At the Third Guardpost, the
portcullis will open in front of you.  Go in and head directly west.
Several Aranea Lords will appear, then you'll be teleported back to the
other side.  Run out the door.  Continue on to the Second Guardpost.
Pull the lever and you can easily run through here.  At the First
Guardpost, just walk straight on through.  Go back to your boat and
sail back to the Empire Docks.  Land and then go to your other boat and
sail to the Tower of Magi.  Talk to Mahdavi and ask about 'Teleporter'.
She'll reward you with the Staff of the Magi.  This is quite a good
   If you talked to Patrick, he told you that Rentar-Ihrno can create
Quickfire.  So we'll learn about that.  Teleport back to the Vahnatai
Lands.  Head to Elgi and enter from the east entrance.  Head west.
You'll see two rooms.  Enter the left one.  It should be a small room
with a cot in it.  Search the left wall to find a secret passage.  Walk
through the Fire Barriers and search for another secret door.  You'll
be in a storeroom with a lot of boxes and crates.  Unlock the north
door and you can reach Rentar-Ihrno.  Ask her about 'Quickfire'.
She'll tell you to go east and far north.  Then look around the lab.
The north room on the right has two runes.  Equip Demonslayer and walk
in.  Kill the Mung Demon and search the box to find a Silver Ring of
Skill.  Search the north wall to find a hidden exit.  Leave town and go
back to the mainland.  Walk east, passing the Test of Mind.  You'll see
a pit on the north side.  Go through it, then head west when you can.
Follow the path and search for a false wall.  Continue and follow the
passage until you see a north facing passage that leads nowhere.  Go
onto it and search the west wall.  Follow the passage and choose to
break the chain.  Return to the main passage and follow it until you
find a special and a wide chasm.  You can step on the special to take
the platforms to the other side.  Head north into the Caves of Filth.
You will get constantly diseased in here, so don't waste time.  Head
northeast to reach a dome near a large fire pit.  The entrance is in
the southeast corner.  All the enemies here are Demon-type, so keep
Demonslayer equipped.  North of the entrance is the Hordling Pit.
Slightly northeast of that is Goosenargh's weapon shop.  You can buy
Imp weaponry here.  He can let you enter Sastor's Dome, but will not.
Say 'fish' to him several times until he says you can enter.  Make sure
to steal the Broadsword in front of him, as it is Loki's Broadsword, a
very powerful weapon (7 bonus) with only a small downside (can't
unequip it without casting Remove Curse).  Just to the left of his shop
there will now be a door.  Kill all the Imps then search the north wall
to find a hidden passage.  Follow the passage to another room with two
Demons and a couple Hordlings.  The next room zaps you with magic every
time you take a step.  You can't reach the Demon in the southeast
corner directly.  Search the southeast corner to find a hidden passage.
The next room is a throne room, but its empty.  Save, then go into
combat mode and have someone walk toward the special in the corner.  A
group of monsters will appear, including a Haakai, 4 Demons, and an Ur-
Basilisk.  Cast Antimagic on the Haakai and as many Demons as you can.
Kill off the Basilisk as soon as possible, then concentrate on the
Demons.  The Haakai can be left for last as long as you keep him in an
Antimagic field.  Demonslayer will tear these enemies apart.  After you
kill him, pick up all the treasure and search the special.  Take the
Mica Tome.  This is what Rentar-Ihrno wants, so head back to Elgi and
give it to her.

-Delrin, Fort Haledon, and the Guardian Plains-
   Go west from Olgai into the Spore Tunnels.  Go south at the north-
south passage.  Fly over the broken bridge, then go south all the way.
Then head east to the special.  Talk to the Vahnatai and they will warn
you about Delrin-Bok.  This is the insane Crystal Soul that Eos in the
Crystal Soul Shrine warned you about.  We have to pass him, so head
west until you are forced to turn north.  Go slightly north and then
turn east.  Follow this path until you run into a large amount of
swamps to your east.  Head northwest and follow this path.  You'll see
a Vahnatai building and a small stone bridge.  Save before going over
the bridge.  A group of Guardians and Black Shades attacks.  Since you
have absolutely no clue where the enemy will be, either run or cast
area effect spells like Divine Thud or Firestorm to locate the
invisible enemies.
   Rest up, then enter the tomb.  Note that this is an optional
dungeon, so you can skip it if you wish.  The key thing to do here is
fix the levers.  One is just left of the north entrance, in a secret
room off of a jail cell.  One is in the upper right corner, just north
of the right entrance.  Search the box twice.  One is just south of the
left entrance, in a room with a lot of Ghasts.  The final one is just
right of the south entrance.  Step on the special twice.  Then head to
the center, east of a room with two Magic Barriers and search the south
wall (location X22, Y24).  The upper left and lower right levers must
be facing up, the other two must be facing down.
   Go west from the tomb.  Some Guardians and Black Shades will demand
1000 gold.  You can pay them or attack.  If you attack, you can still
flee and walk past.  Continue west to find a large volcanic region.
Use Firewalk to get by.  Then head north when you see the obelisk.
Rest up and save, then follow the passage north.  You will be attacked
by a large group of Vahnatai.  Kill them and continue to find Fort
Haledon.  Enter and talk to the Shaper on your right.  He'll open the
gate.  Go into the fort and then into the second door on the right.
You'll be attacked by a small group of Vahnatai.  Destroy them and go
into the next room.  Talk to the commander.  You can now talk to
everyone.  Make sure to rest in one of the west rooms.  We won't have
time to rest after launching the Vahnatai attack.  Once ready and
rested, head to the exit.  Step on the special near the exit and choose
to begin the attack.  Head west and enter the tunnel.  Go into the
first passage south and pick up the potions.  They are a Weak Energy
Potion, Weak Speed Potion and Weak Healing Potion.  Continue to find a
massive barrier.  Step on the special and the barrier will open.  Pass
through it and follow the tunnel.  You'll be deep in Empire lands.
Notice the special to the left says there is a blue crystal drawn on
the wall.  Search the wall for a secret passage and walk through it.
You'll find a special and the troops of Fort Haledon.  Pass through the
wall next to them to find yourself in front of Ornotha Ziggurat.  Step
into the Ziggurat to reach the Guardian Plains.  There are two ways to
handle this fight.  You can cast Major Blessing and Ravage Enemy, then
help the Vahnatai fight off the Empire troops.  Or you could just go
into battle mode, cast Haste and run past the Empire troops.  I
recommend you kill all the troops.  If you have enough food, you can
use Long Wait to restore your MP once you've killed all the troops

-Ornotha Ziggurat-
   This is the biggest dungeon in the game.  Three floors, massive size
and many Empire troops.  Enter the door right in front of you.  Head to
the southwest corner first to find some troops and three Steel weapons.
North of that is the northwest barracks.  Search the walls here to find
a couple hidden doors and chests.  In the northeast corner is a lot of
food, over 100 total.  In the southwest corner are some Shamblers and a
Rakshaski, but nothing else so I suggest you avoid that corner.  In the
very center is a temple.  There are a couple Priests and a High Priest
in there.  If you have a Potion of Clarity, search the altar and take
the Krysknife.  This is a good weapon, but taking it will Dumbfound
everyone with Priest Skill.  In the northwest and northeast rooms off
of the temple are staircases leading to floor 2.
   Take the one in the southwest.  Head east a couple rooms.  Kill the
soldiers.  East again, you find a small hallway with several
storerooms.  Search the end of the passage to find a hidden library.
Kill the 3 Mages, then search the upper left wall to find a hidden
passage, follow it and search the walls again.  Drink the water to get
free healing.  Go back to the library and search the right side of the
north wall.  There is a small circular block in here.  Search the walls
to enter.  Get one of your mages to sit in the coffin.  That person
loses 100 EXP, but gains 1 point of strength.  Quite a good trade IMO.
Head back to the main hall.  Go north until just before you reach the
second set of double doors.  Search the left wall to find a hidden
door.  Enter and kill all the enemies.  In this passage, search the
left wall just below the barracks.  Search the south wall past the
second group of runes.  You'll find a hidden passage and two Haakai.
Demonslayer should be up to the task.  Kill them and pick up their
stuff, then go back to the rune hall and from there, back to the hall
with the barracks.  Search the east wall across from the barracks.  In
the middle is a secret door.  This is a room with 4 pillars.  Search
the north wall to find yet another hidden passage into another room.
Search the north wall yet again to enter the Commander's Quarters.
Search the right dresser to find a Ruby Necklace.  Take it, then go
through a hidden door in the left wall.  Notice the barriers.  Save,
then start going.  Go quickly through the room and the barriers
disappear, sending Quickfire through the room.  At the very end of the
room, search the left wall.  Kill the Vahnhavoi and go north one room
to find the Chamber of the Crystal Soul.  Take _*CAFFREN-BOK*_ off the
   The left wall will disappear and Quickfire will surround the room.
Run to the broken wall and you'll jump off to the roof of the first
floor.  Go into combat mode and cast Major Blessing, then run south to
jump outside and escape the fortress.  You'll end up outside.  Return
through the hidden passage in the cave wall and head back to the
crystal shrine.  Place Caffren-Bok, then talk to Caffren.  Ask about
'Garzahd' and Caffren will promise to help you slay him.
   Go to Olgai and talk to the Council.  They will tell you to go ask
Rentar-Ihrno about an attack on Garzahd's fortress.  Then a message
   Then with great ceremony, all three Council members walk around the table, approach you, and
bow.  Their respect and gratitude is obvious.
   Prossis says "When I argued you humans be permitted here, I never imagined, never dared
think it would work out so well.  Our Crystal Souls are returned to us.  Our honor is saved, our
people's spirit is whole again.
   Glantris-Bok joins in.  "Exile is now a friend to the Vahnatai people, and we stand at the side of
our friends when blades are drawn."
   Elohi-Bok says "The spells that were aimed at you now have new targets.  The researches
aimed at harming you will continue with doubled effort to harm them.  Our vengeance will be long
and hard, and all because of your efforts."
   The council goes back around the table, and begins to discuss battle plans.  You watch and
listen for a long time, satisfied.  For the first time, ever, Exile has an ally.
   Congratulations!  You have completed a victory condition of Exile II - returning the Crystal Souls
to the Vahnatai.  Well done!

   Now we should talk to Rentar-Ihrno and get ready for Garzahd's
dungeon.  Go to Elgi and enter Rentar-Ihrno's chambers again through
the secret passage.  Talk to her and ask about 'attack'.  She'll
promise to help.  Leave and teleport back to the Tower of Magi.  First,
buy anything useful from the random item shop.  Then leave.  If you
remember, King Micah told you that you would need Demonslayer and the
Blessed Athame to get through Garzahd's fortress.  We've already got
Demonslayer, so lets go to the Halls of Chaos and pick up the Blessed
   Go to your boat then sail to Waterfall Warren, which is west of Fort

-The Halls of Chaos and Blessed Athame-
   This is something you should do whenever you feel ready, but be
forewarned that this is a very tough dungeon.  The only truly valuable
thing found here is the Blessed Athame, needed for Garzahd's Fortress.
So you can probably wait until almost the end of the game.  Welcome to
the Halls of Chaos.  This place is a pain in the neck.  First, you
arrive in a main hall.  This place has open hallways, plus four roughly
circular sections each corner.  A group of random enemies will appear
regularly, so don't dilly-dally on this floor.  The northwest section
is nice to look at, but there's nothing you can do there yet.  The
southwest section requires an Amber Key and a Steel Key to get anything
besides a fight, so lets get those keys.  First, head to the northeast
section.  As you enter, walk next to the right-hand wall and a crate
will appear (had you walked next to the left-hand wall, a barrel
would've appeared instead).  Keep walking and you'll find two signs on
the wall near passages.  The left one says, "Not while any barrels
remain".  Well, there's only a crate so you can pass.  Enter a
seemingly empty room then search the south wall to find a passage.
Head through the quickfire and find another secret passage.  Climb the
stairs.  Now you reach a teleporter that only one person can go
through.  Note: Should you get beaten up or want to retreat, there is a
teleporter where your warrior appears that will reunite your party.
First, send through your best warrior.  Explore and you'll find 3
quickghasts.  Kill them, then you have a choice.  If you want to get a
Magic Knife and Shield of Keln (which has the ability to fully heal
you), return to your party.  This time, send through a mage with MP and
fireball.  Return to where you fought the quickghasts and search the
left wall to find a hidden passage.  Enter and cross the bridge.
Halfway across, you'll trigger the appearance of several monsters.
Cast Fireball on the right group, then use Wound if necessary to finish
the job.  Then return and get your warrior back.  Have him return, but
this time enter the visible door in the quickghast room.  Walk in and
lure the enemies back out to near the door so you only have to fight
one or two at a time.  When you hit a Viscous Goo, they split into two
after damage is done if the enemy is not killed.  Fortunately, they
only have about 20 HP, plus they are weak fighters with no magic.
Finish off the enemies, then head through a secret door in the
northeast of the room.  Hit the special to get the _*STEEL KEY*_.
Return to the hall of crates.  This time follow the left wall out, and
then push the crate out the door, then into the water to the left.
Return, and then walk up the left side of the passage to make a barrel
appear.  Now you can enter the crate section.  There's a hidden passage
through quickfire here too.  Climb the stairs to reach the Spider's
too easy to make a mistake and get stuck in here.  You appear in a room
with two teleporters.  Take the right teleporter three times, then the
left teleporter three times.  You appear in a new room finally.  Search
the lower spell to get the _*AMBER KEY*_!  Now leave this teleporter
maze by searching the north special.  You appear in the main hall, in
the northern middle.  You can walk through the barrier.
   If you need to restore your MP, now is a good time to leave, stop
somewhere and rest to restore your MP.  Get a barrel from the northeast
section that generates barrels.  Create a crate while you're here too.
Push the barrel to the southeast section.  Enter and bring the barrel
with you.  Kick the heck out of the Shamblers that appear, then enter
the next room.  Flip the switch to learn the passwords.  'Quib' 'Fump'
and 'Plor'.  Remember these.  Put the barrel on the middle special on
the right wall, then go get the crate and put that on the top special.
Go into combat mode, then cast 'Goo' (level 1 mage spell) on the bottom
special.  Go down in the room to the small hallway.  You can now pass
the special here.  Walk through the room and a wall section will open,
revealing an Efreet.  Wipe it out quickly by bringing the Wound spell
into play (it can instantly kill you if it hits with a special attack),
and then save.  Head to the door and next there is a Doomguard.  Of
course, once you get to the door it's locked.  Unlock it, then enter.
It gets better.  Inside there is a nice sign: Warning: Basilisks ahead.
Save.  There are EIGHT UR-BASILISKS IN THE NEXT ROOM! If you have a
Crystal Shield, have that person go in alone and kill them.  If not,
make sure you have the spell 'Destone'. Go into combat, cast Major
Blessing, then run in and cast Firestorm a lot.  It'll take at least 3,
probably more like 5.  But you can win easily.  There is a hidden
passage inside the right wall at the top.  Walk next to the lower right
barrier, then cast fire barrier above you (so the 2 magic barriers are
next to your fire barrier and the passage is blocked.  Dispel the magic
barrier to your left, and then search the south wall to find a hidden
passage.  Pick everything up, as all of it is good.
   Leave and leave completely to rest up, as you're probably pretty
beat.  Return, and then head to the southwest section.  There are a
bunch of Guardians and Black Shades here.  A hint for fighting them:
Clean them out, then head into the stairway in this quadrant.  On the
second floor, this place is terrible to find your way through, plus
there's no map.  Walk by the first two passages leading north.  Enter
the third one and head directly north until you hit a wall.  A passage
will open up to your left.  Head left till you hit a wall again.  Then
north and left around the block.  Go north and then enter the first
passageway leading to the right.  Follow it and you'll run into an Imp.
Kill it, and then continue following the passage until you hit a hidden
floor button.  Go back to where you fought the Imp, then head south.
There are 3 imps in this new passage.  Finish them, then enter the door
(you need the Amber Key, but you should have it).  Next you need the
Steel Key.  Go through the first set of double doors, but stop before
the second set.  Save.  Head through, then you'll find a bunch of
Eyebeasts and Gazers.  Eyebeasts are the first priority as they drain
your MP, but you need to Antimagic the Gazers.  After casting Antimagic
on the Gazers, pull your spellcasters out of the room and let your
Major Blessing-enhanced fighters finish things.  Now go to the
northmost special (on the west wall) and climb the stairs.  You're now
in the northwest section of the main hall.  Search the pedestal and use
the password 'Plor'.  You'll get the _*BLESSED ATHAME*_.  Walk into the
southwest corner of this room.  A hole in the wall will open. Enter and
you can finally leave.  Save, then go somewhere and rest.

-Abusive Trickery and locating Garzahd's Fortress-
   Now all we need to do is get the location for Garzahd's Fortress.
Note that since you use the teleporter to get there you could just look
in the section with teleporter codes, but I'll put in how to find out
the information anyway.  If you remember, Erika told you to talk to
Thompson about finding Garzahd.  Thompson used to live in Blosk, so
head there.  In a building in the northeast is Thompson's former home.
Ask the mage there about 'Thompson' to learn how to locate Thompson.
Search his dresser in the north room and you'll find out you need a
Runed Key from Formello and that he's in Fort Remote.
   You should already have the Runed Key, so head to Fort Remote.  Ask
the Wizard in the north section about 'Thompson' and he'll tell you to
search the picture in the rightmost sleeping room.  So head south and
search the picture in the rightmost room at the bottom of the fort.  A
wall will swing away and you can enter Abusive Trickery.  Open the door
with your Runed Key, then walk in.  Go up so you stand southeast of the
lower right pillar.  Take 6 steps left, then 2 north and 2 right.  Go 4
steps north, then 2 left and 2 north.  Finally, go 2 more steps left
and 3 south.  You will hear a 'Click' and the wall will open.  Reverse
the directions and go back to the start.  Now head 6 steps left, 2
north, 2 left, 2 south, then 2 west.  Now just walk north next to the
west wall. Now follow the passage west.  Save before stepping through
the spaces.  The first space will Dumbfound your party.  If you have a
Ring of Will, equip it before stepping on this space.  If not, just
pray one of your priests survives.  Use Restore Mind to fix your
Dumbfounding.  Head to the next floral gate to get diseased.  Counter
this with Major Cleansing.  The third floral gate will take away about
66% of everyone's HP.  Revive All quickly fixes the problem.  The final
floral gate makes the rest disappear, but several Null Bugs, Guards and
Golems appear.  Cast Major Blessing and Ravage Enemy, then just fight
the enemies physically.  Once they're all dead, send someone over to
hit the rune in the passage that appears.  This will open the way to
Thompson.  Ask about 'Garzahd' and 'Knowledge' to learn the coordinates
for Garzahd's Fortress are "Vag Obb Tor" .  Now return to the stairway,
then leave Fort Remote.
   Go to the Tower of Magi and spend all your cash.  Buy as many Medium
Energy Potions as possible.  Make sure you also have Mindduel and a
bunch of Smoke Crystals.  While I prefer to kill Garzahd physically, we
want to keep our options open.  Once you're rested and ready, head to
the teleporter.

-Garzahd's Fortress-
   Put the coordinates 'Vag Obb Tor' into the teleporter.  You'll
appear in a passage.  Search the south wall to find a passage and a
special.  If you want out of here, the Spirit will teleport you away.
If not, head back to where you appeared and search the north wall.
You'll see a massive fortress to the north and a large pit to the
southeast.  Don't try to fly over the pit, as the bats and Demons will
kill you.  So go enter.  There is a magic barrier blocking entry,
however if you've talked to Rentar-Ihrno, she'll appear with Caffren-
Bok.  Caffren and Rentar-Ihrno will destroy the barrier for you.  Save
in a different slot before entering.  Once you enter the fortress,
there is no turning back until Garzahd is dead.  Make sure Demonslayer
is equipped.
   Enter and you'll find a nice greeting committee of two Haakai, two
Demons and a Doomguard.  Cast Antimagic on the Haakai, then kill the
Demons.  Ignore the Doomguard and run north.  Choose to cut the rune.
You'll see a teleporter here, but you can't access it yet.  Head north
again.  This room has windows where you can see four Ur-Basilisks.
There is a secret door just left of where you entered the room that
will allow you to go fight the Ur-Basilisks.  Use Wound and Kill to
destroy the Basilisks quickly.  Walk to where the Basilisks were and
you'll notice a little square protruding from the wall.  Search the
right side of the square to find a hidden passage.  Go and step in the
teleporter.  You will appear at a sign saying 'Demon Walk'.  Head west
until you reach the west end.  Along the way, you'll find several
Demons and a rune to cut.  Search the south wall at the west end to
find a teleporter to the Human Quarters.  Search the rooms to find 2
chests and 500 gold.  Head north and cut the rune.  You'll be in a
large eating area.  Go in the upper left door and pull the lever.  Go
in the upper middle door and take the Wand of Death.  The upper right
door will teleport you to a room right of the entry.  This room has two
Rakshaski in it.  Kill them, then head back to the room with the
portcullis and teleporter.  This time, the portcullis is open.  Heal up
and restore your MP.  Enter the teleporter and you'll be in a room with
appearing Walls of Blades and 2 Haakai, 2 Golems and a Demon.  Go
north, but stop before entering the next room. Save, heal up and
restore your MP.
   This is it.  Garzahd himself sits in the next room.  Cast Major
Blessing and rush in.  Put Garzahd in an Antimagic Cloud for now, then
kill off the two Liches, two Haakai and two Rakshaski.  Ignore the
Empire Dervishes and Golems, as they can't do anything against your
Major Blessing enhanced party.  Your fighter with Demonslayer will have
to run all over to finish off the magic users.  Then target Garzahd
himself.  You can kill him with Mindduel, but I prefer to just cast
Major Blessing and Bless Party then just fight him physically.  Cast
Antimagic Cloud over him and he's no match.  Once you finish him you
get this message:

   Garzahd crumbles, overcome.  Your attack may have been fatal, maybe not.  It doesn't matter -
in his moment of weakness he loses control of the intense defensive magic he wrapped himself
   The delicate balance of his spells disrupted, their power tears loose.  In the end, the strength of
his defenses and the force of his paranoia proves his undoing.  As Garzahd's shields fly apart, he
is torn limb from limb before your eyes.
   As his anguished dying scream echoes through the halls, you hear his few remaining servants
teleporting away.  Soon you are alone in his chamber, trapped, with nothing around you but blood
and walls of blades.
   But then there is a chiming noise!  You look around and see the disappearing form of Rentar-
Ihrno!  Behind where she was, there is an opening in the wall.  Perhaps escape is possible.
   You look at Garzahd's corpse.  His brilliance will no longer serve the Empire, his awesome
power will no longer send terrible foes against your people.  Their army has lost its head.  Now,
perhaps, the body may soon follow.
   Congratulations!  You have slain Garzahd, commander of the Empire forces in Exile, and
completed the third victory condition of Exile II!

-The Ending-
   If you've been following my Walkthrough, you should now have
completed the three victory conditions (returning all three Crystal
Souls, destroying the Empire Teleporter, and killing Garzahd).  So now
you get to see the ending!

   When the Empire invasion came, it seemed that Exile was doomed.  It seemed impossible that
a few bedraggled rebels scuttling about in caves could defeat the mightiest nation your world has
ever known.
   And, alas, your nation may still lose.  The forces the Empire has in your lands are still mighty,
highly trained and well-equipped with steel and magic.  You are strong and skilled, but even you
cannot defeat a whole army single-handedly.
   This day, however, something has changed.  Your actions have shifted the balance, so that
both sides have equal weight:
   The Empire has allies, but now so do you, in the Vahnatai.
   The Empire has more forces than Exile, but now that their teleporter has been destroyed, they
will have great difficulty getting them supplies and reinforcements.  The sides will now be much
more even.
   Finally, though the Empire has more wizards and priests than Exile, their leader has been lost.
Their greatest mind has disappeared from the Earth.  Without Garzahd's genius gone, their edge
over you is greatly diminished.

   Acting alone, through skill, strength, and unbelievable persistence, you have done the
impossible.  Your small band has single-handedly shaped the course of the war.
   Exile owes you an awesome debt.  You have handed the Empire a devastating punishment for
its arrogance.
   And, really, what more could you have hoped for?
   Congratulations!  You have, through great intelligence and endurance, completed all three
victory conditions of Exile II: Crystal Souls!  Well done, indeed!
   And yet, the story is not truly done.  Your people are still trapped in the Underworld, and now
there is yet another race to share the limited space of the caves with.
   The Vahnatai are strange and alien, and they have still not taken their revenge on the Empire
for the theft of the Crystal Souls.  No, not all is settled with them.  Yet.
   But such mysteries can wait.  You have struck your blows.  Now, at long, long last is the time to

--VI. Other Things--
These are just things that don't fit in any other category.

Random Item Shops:
1.) Far west of the Great Cave, in about the middle.  Northwest of
Dharmon.  This is a special space.
2.) Northeast Exile, land at Grahk's peninsula, then head southeast.
Or head southwest from Fort Draco.  This is an actual town that you can
enter, and it has several small things to steal if you wish.
3.) Just south of a room you can sleep within the Tower of Magi.
The deal about random item shops is that they sell between 2 and 8
items and can sell any non-unique item in the game.  These are the best
sources for items such as Magic Weapons or rings.  Once you buy an
item, it's gone from the inventory, but after a certain amount of time
(usually after you walk to 3 other towns) the inventory will completely
change and have a new batch of 2-8 items.  But be prepared to pay, as
most of the good items do not come cheap.  Also, hitting Control+B
refreshes the item shops and changes the inventory instantly (can't do
while talking to the shop owner though).

In a circle of purple rock south of Blosk, you will find a special
leading to Silverlocke's Hut.  She sells various potions, all of which
are good and expensive.
1.) Brew of Knowledge (2000 gold): Gives you 2 Skill Points.  Nice, but
only buy after you have all the weapons/armor/spells that you want to
2.) Brew of Ironskin (1200 gold): Invulnerability.  Quite useful, but
wears off fairly quickly.
3.) Brew of Battle (900 gold): Bless and Haste.  Useful, but its better
to rely on spells generally, due to the high cost.
4.) Brew of Lethe (500 gold): Do NOT buy or use.  Makes you lose EXP.
As far as I know, no benefits.

Alchemy Ingredients:
Here's a list of Alchemy ingredients that I have found.
Curing Shrooms-Southwest of Cotra, on the southern shore of the sea,
there is a little group of tunnels.  There is a hidden passage in the
north wall of the northeast most one of these tunnels.  Walk onto the
white shrooms and you can get some Curing Shrooms.
Ember Flowers-Very top of the river north of Fort Dranlon, then west.
Also is west of Fort Dranlon.
Graymold-Take your boat west of Fort Dranlon, then go north up the
first passage you see.  At the very top of the passage, on the left
island, there is a secret passage in the north wall.  Go through it and
enter the cave (Magi Clearance needed).
Toadstool: Near Formello, ask one person in the inn about 'toadstools'.
Glowing Nettle: North of the Lava Pit near Tower of Magi (in the
Comfrey Root: North of Slith Cult near Tower of Magi.
Asptongue Mold: West of Patrick's Tower, across the bridge.  Need
either Flight spell or the Orb of Thralni.

Empire Supply Caches:
These are special squares outside where it says 'there is a heavy stone
door here' and it asks for a password.  The password is 'Skulls'.  You
can then burn the items, but trying to loot them gets you nothing.
After destroying caches, land at Fort Dranlon, then head east.  In a
tunnel on the north wall, there is a special where you find Scimitar
members.  The Scimitar members will give you one Rough Sapphire for
each cache destroyed.
1.) Sail north of Fort Dranlon, then east at the first tunnel.  Land,
then walk through a secret passage to the special.
2.) Land at Grahk's Peninsula, then head northeast (note this is also
north of one of the random item shops).
3.) Northeast of Grahk's Peninsula (northwest of the first Giant's Fort
4.) Slightly west of Fort Dranlon there is a large swamp.  Don't enter
the obvious part of it, instead bring your boat up to the purple rock
left of the obvious swamp entrance and search the north wall.  There's
a hidden passage there, so go through it.

Healing Waters:
East of Formello on the south shore in a boat is a place where there is
'Healing Water' (its marked by a sign).  This cures all disease from
the party.  Because swamps surround it, it's probably not worth it
unless you're badly diseased.

Weapon Augmentation:
Magical weapons cannot be augmented.  The only exception is a Magic
Wave Blade, which for some reason is considering 'non-magical'.  Note
that only some Magic Wave Blades are considered 'non-magical'.
However, this does lead to some nice combinations (such as a weapon
with 7 bonus or creating a Magic Flaming Wave Blade).
+1 Bonus-Fort Draco weaponsmith.
+2 Bonus-Weaponsmith at the fort near Lake Remote.
Flaming weapon-Efreet at the Lava Peninsula east of Erika's Tower (need
Orb of Thralni or Flight).
+2 Defense-Weaponsmith in Mancuso.
Casts Flame-Weaponsmith in Harston.

Giant Statues:
There are 3 giant statues and they are each found in one Giant's Fort.
An official on the east side of Fort Dranlon will trade these three
statues for a Mithril Helm.
1.) Northeast of the Tower of Elderan.  Looks like an actual fort.
Statue is found in the south of the fort, in a temple.  Other
interesting things here include a Haakai just left of the temple; the
worthless, but unique Black Broadsword in a locked room right of the
temple; a hidden door in the north wall of the room east of the Black
Broadsword room (200 gold, about 70 food).
2.) West of the very top of the river north of Fort Dranlon.  Looks
like a little hut and is called "Giant's Fort".  This is just a wide-
open space, except for a hut in the northwest corner.  The magic
barrier inside the hut's eastern door will probably be broken open,
saving you the trouble.  Inside is the statue.  Also of interest is a
box south of the hut, containing the Giant's Shield.
3.) Almost directly west of the first fort.  Looks like a little hut,
but is called "Giant's Village" (I refer to it by this name in the
walkthrough).  The statue is in the upper left.  In the building south
of the statue (called the "Female Quarters") there is a hidden door in
the upper left wall, leading to an Iron Greatsword and Weak Energy

Sapphires: (contributed by Dark)
   East of Formello is a shop that sells Sapphires for a good price.
Considering sapphires are needed for Magic Map, it is a very good deal.

Edged Weapon Training:
North of Fort Remote there is a hidden training station.  Go to the
special square, then walk two spaces left, then north till you find it
(2-3 spaces and its hidden in the rubble).  For 2500 gold, this person
will give one person +1 to their Edged Weapon skill (only Edged
Weapons, nothing else).  Personally, I think its better to buy a
Knowledge Brew from Silverlocke, then get training as it saves about
450 gold.  But the Edged Weapon training is there if you want it.

Teleporter Coordinates:
Formello:        Ent Bel Tor
Silvar:          Zed Pel Nog
Castle:          Ain Eff Wyx
Garzahd's Fort:  Vag Obb Tor
Barrier Tower:   Ell Pit Esk
Erika's Tower:   Kav Ait Bon
Fort Akhronath:  Owa Tah Ful

--VII. Unique or Magic Items--
Unique items are only found once in the game.  I am listing all of them
that I can find, regardless of usefulness.  This section will be filled
in as I find more items, but all help is appreciated.

Amber Ring: Cash Value 200 gold, nothing else.  Found in Cotra.

Black Broadsword: 9 damage, -5 Bonus, Cursed.  Cash Value 5 gold.
Found in the Giant's Fort where the Gremlins were taken.

Boom Knife: 4 attack, 3 bonus.  Casts Shockstorm 3 times.  Cash Value
360 gold.  Found in Tower of Magi teleporter room.

Brass Necklace: Cash Value 10 gold, nothing else.  Found in Ominous

Chunk of Radium (regular item): Cash Value 500 gold, Diseases party.
Found in Chasm Tunnels.

Crystal Chain Mail: 6 defense, 5 bonus, 2 encumbrance.  Cash Value 1500
gold.  Found in Athron's treasure.

Demonslayer: 14 attack, 4 bonus, 1 defense.  Demon-slaying.  Cash Value
0.  Found under Patrick's Tower after returning two Crystal Souls and
talking to King Micah.

Dragonscale Shield: 6 defense, 2 bonus, 1 encumbrance.  Fire
Resistance.  Found in Pyrog's cave.  Cash Value 1750 gold.

Dragon Tooth Knife: 4 attack, 5 bonus.  Found in Pyrog's Cave.  Cash
Value 150 gold.

Drake Leather Jerkin: 3 defense, 0 bonus.  Cash Value 60 gold.  Found
in Grim Cavern (north of the Tower of Magi/southeast of Silvar).

Giant's Shield: 11 defense, 2 bonus, 5 (!) encumbrance.  Found in the
Giant's Fort that looks like a hut.  Cash Value 450 gold.

Gleaming Shield: 0 bonus, 4 defense, 4 encumbrance.  Cursed.  Cash
Value 25 gold.  Found in Cotra.

Gold-tipped Spear: 9 attack, 0 bonus.  Cash Value 400 gold.  Found in
Athron's treasure.

Imp Axe: 7 attack, -2 bonus.  Cursed.  Cash Value 400 gold.  Buy in
Lava Dome.

Imp Knife: 4 attack, -2 bonus.  Cursed.  Cash Value 150 gold.  Buy in
Lava Dome.

Imp Mace: 7 attack, -2 bonus.  Cursed.  Cash Value 200 gold.  Buy in
Lava Dome.

Imp Spear: 9 attack, -2 bonus.  Cursed.  Cash Value 800 gold.  Buy in
Lava Dome.

Knife (note that this is unique because it doesn't have any prefix): 4
attack, 0 bonus.  Weapon you have at the very start of the game.  Cash
Value: 1 gold.  Thanks to Dark for this one.

Knife of Warmth: 4 attack, 3 bonus.  Cold resistance.  Cash Value 600
gold.  Found by asking Nance in Fort Dranlon about 'Elspeth', then
going to Silvar and asking Elspeth about 'Labris'.

Krysknife:  4 attack, 7 bonus, 4 defend.  Always poisoned.  Cash Value
1500 gold.  Found in the temple on floor 1 of Ornotha Ziggurat.

Loki's Broadsword:  9 attack, 7 bonus, 1 defense, 7 encumbrance.
Cursed.  Cash Value 250 gold.  Found in Lava Dome (in Goosenargh's

Mithril Helm: 0 bonus, 6 defense, 1 encumbrance.  Fire Resistance.
Cash Value 2000 gold.  Found by giving the 3 giant statues to a man in
Fort Dranlon.

Platinum Ring: Cash Value 600 gold, no other effects.  Found in Silvar,
in a secret passage behind one of the refugee buildings.

Protection Circlet: 0 bonus, 3 defense, 0 encumbrance.  Cash Value 200
gold.  Found in hidden passage in 'Cave of Tombs' west of the
Unfinished Empire Fort.

Pyrrhic Necklace: 0 bonus, 5 defense.  Diseases party.  Cash Value 200
gold.  Found in Coven Cave.

Regenerating Ruby: 5 uses of Revive.  Cash Value 1000 gold.  Found in
the Dark Tunnel on the sea west of Fort Dranlon.

Scrioth: 14 attack, 5 bonus, 3 defense.  Cash Value 2500 gold.  Found
in Motrax's treasure.

Shielding Band (helm): 0 bonus, 3 defense, 0 encumbrance.  Cash Value
500 gold.  Can be used to cast Protection twice.  Found in Coven Cave.

Shielding Bow: 0 bonus, 3 defense.  Cash Value 900 gold.  Found in
Athron's treasure.

Shocking Wave Blade: 10 attack, 4 bonus, Flaming weapon.  Found in
Olgai after returning Jekknol-Bok.  Cash Value: 2000 gold.

Staff of the Magi:  7 attack, 6 bonus, 3 defend.  Can be used to cast
Firestorm 10 times.  Cash Value 5000 gold.  Found by talking to Mahdavi
after destroying the Empire's mass teleporter.

--VIII. Credits--

Thanks very much to:

1.) Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software, for creating this excellent

2.) CjayC, for being the first person to post this FAQ.

3.) The websites that host this FAQ, for putting this up and following
my rules.

4.) You, for being nice enough to read this FAQ.

5.) My family, for helping proofread this.

6.) B'Nank, for providing a good argument for alchemy and giving
locations for toadstools, glowing nettle and Comfrey root.  Also for
pointing out an early mistake on the location of Dispel Barrier.

7.) Swirlyflamer, for the Random Item Shop Cheat.

8.) Dark, for info on the Nephilim Fortress, Fire Lizard Eggs, Slith
Village in Chapter 1, Move Mountain Spell Location, Major Summoning
Spell Location, Sapphire Shop east of Formello, and robbing Formello.

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