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 Exodus from the Earth

Exodus from the Earth

Official Walkthrough


Frank enters the hall of the A.X. !orporation. Here he must meet with Mike Sullivan for
getting further instructions; also Mike should guide Frank through the security systems. 
Mike is in the left room of the hall, but there is also a secretary and a technician.
Frank should find a way to speak tte--tte with Mike. In order to have a private
conversation with Mike Frank should come up to the left counter, click on the phone, it
will call the secretary. Accordingly, Mike will be left alone, and now Frank can talk to
him without fear that their conversation can be overheard. Sullivan will give Frank
instructions and lead Frank through the hall. Frank will just simply follow Mike. He will
lead Frank to the courtyard door and tell Frank what he will have to do in order to get
inside the service premises. Then Mike will go to the control room in order to unblock the
door to the yard. Frank will only have to open the door.


The courtyard of the A.X. Corporation.  Frank needs to quietly pass the yard with the help
of Mike s assistants, and reach the office facilities.  
Frank will meet Mike s two assistants. They will give brief instructions and will do their
best to cover Frank. Frank must take an axe. With the use of his axe Frank will be able to
cut off locks on the gates. However there will be an unpleasant surprise at the gates - a
guard with a pistol. Jack and Bob neutralize the guard and save Frank. Now he needs to
rush, as someone could hear the shots. You take the weapons from the slain guard; he does
not need it any more. Then Bob will tell you that you ll have to jump over the boxes in
order to get to the storehouse.  But then the guards sound the alarm and Frank will be
left alone. Then he moves to the big gates but they are closed. To the left there is a
staircase which Frank will have to climb. At the top of the staircase a loader thwarts the
passage. Frank must go back to the big gates   they are now opened. He goes straight
forward and then to the left up to the loader with a refuse bin. Frank will have to pull
the bin down and get the key-card from its left section.   Then Frank climbs the stairs
and opens the door into the service room with the help of his key-card.


Frank has been noticed however, he has managed to get to the service facilities.  The
general alert has not been yet announced, but justonesmallthingislacking. You need to
reach the foundry shop as quietly as possible. Interior facilities consist of many narrow
corridors and dark staircases. Frank must go downstairs into the shaft. However he will
face an obstacle on his way down. There will be a closed hatch.  Frank will have to press
the knife-switch, which will open the hatch so Frank can go lower. Then Frank will have to
use his axe and unblock the way to the ventilation shaft. Then he goes forward through the
ventilation shaft, then along the corridor, and then through another ventilation shaft.
After that, Frank will reach the generator room. It is necessary to unlock the door to the
next compartment. This can be done on the monitor on the second floor (left monitor). Then
he goes straight forward to the cloakroom.  After that he must get into the foundry shop.
However access has been blocked. Frank will need to find the key-card somewhere in the
cloakroom or a shower room. The key-card has been found in the shower, so you can now move
to the next section.


Here, Frank will have a lot of unpleasant surprises. 
At first, Frank needs to go upstairs to the control room. It is located to the right of
the entrance and 2 levels above. In this room Frank will need to disable the security
systems (on the right monitor). He will have only 20 seconds to get to the booth located
in the center of the workshop. There, on the second floor, he must click on the monitor.
It will raise the elevator, which is located under the control room. He takes the elevator
and go down to a lower level. There Frank will have to pass through the series of
corridors full of unfriendly guards. The Corporation s offices will also try to use heavy
weapons against Frank. After passing all the corridors and staircases Frank will get into
the corridor with two rooms. In the right room Frank will find a hatch that leads to the


The Foundry is left behind; now Frank has to get to the thermal workshop. However, Frank
will have to pass through the storehouse and bypass all the ambushes of the guards in
order to get to the thermal workshop. 
At first, he goes straight forward towards the heap of wooden boxes, they hide the
staircase down. Then he should go downstairs, and then turn right down to the lowest
level. There he goes up to the lattice; turns left and climbs up to the middle level. He
goes ahead over the heap of boxes and other staff. The next point is the door to the
right. Frank must destroy the broken control panel located to the right from the door.
Then Frank should destroy the boxes which block the passage to the pipe. He gets into the
pipe and crawls through it. Having left the room, Frank turns left and reaches the second
bridge. Then Frank crosses the bridge and turns right. Frank climbs upstairs and turns
left up to heap of boxes. He destroys them and goes up to the staircase with the  Thermal
workshop  sign. The staircase is covered with the crossed blue rays that may kill Frank.
So he must go downstairs, turn left, cross the bridge, and get to the lowest level. Then
he has to bypass the trip wires and reach the first staircase to the left. He goes
upstairs to the second level, crosses the bridge, turns right and enters the room. There
Frank has to disable the blue rays. After that he goes back and then upstairs to the
thermal workshop. 


Mike says that it is possible to get to the office facilities through the ventilation
shaft. So Frank has to find it and try not to initiate the alarm.  
At first, he should jump on the rails from the staircase located at the end of the
workshop. Then he must walk along the rails and jump down to the area covered with
glasses. From that area Frank can get to the control room. On the first floor in the
control room Frank has to press on the monitor.   The monitor is located in the far right
corner.  Then he presses the monitor and goes back to the workshop through the door on the
first floor. Since then, he must pass through the workshop and enter into the unfinished
stove (the furthest one from the control room). There is a long and narrow corridor. At
the end of the tunnel there is a safety valve. Frank opens it with the use of a
knife-switch on the right wall. Then he moves forward along the tunnel. 


Many security guards and much information, here Frank will be able to find answers to many

Frank has to crawl along the tunnel up to a giant ventilator. To the right from the exit
from the tunnel there is a staircase to the ventilation shaft leading to the office
facilities.  There are storerooms with weapons and ammunition. Frank replenishes his
ammunition and then enters the elevator that brings him to the first floor. There is the
office of the head of the corporation. Frank will have to sneak into it.  In the office
there is Seldon, the chief security guard of the Corporation. He is protected with the
energy field. If Frank destroys the turrets that appear from time to time on the ceiling
this will initiate the reloading of the energy system and switching off the energy field.
So, Frank destroys the energy field and kills Seldon. Frank takes his key to the main
database. Then Frank goes to the secretary s room and turns towards the database. Then
Frank goes to the room with the terminal and kills the guards. Frank will not be able to
hack the database himself and luckily he meets Mike who will help him. In a while Mike
understands that it is impossible to hack the database from this terminal, and they ll
have to reach the main database. Mike will lead Frank back to the second floor, insert two
keys to the lock and open the main terminal. Frank must protect Mike while he is hacking
the database. After Mike has got all the necessary information about the planet
coordinates he will send Frank to the Planet A.X. where the mineral is extracted. Then
Frank goes back to the thermal workshop, or in other words to the place where it was. 


Frank enters the thermal workshop which was destroyed by an explosion. The explosion was
caused by Frank s actions when he was there last time. The whole shop is in a fog, which
markedly reduces visibility and allows Frank to stay unnoticed for the Special Forces.
Frank must go along the external wall of the workshop counter-clockwise. He needs to get
to remnants of the furnace in the far end of the workshop. The explosion destroyed the
shaft of the furnace, and it is possible now to get to the lower level through the gap in
the floor. Here, under the box there is a hatch leading to the storehouse. 


The warehouse. Frank must find the way out. His main problem is not to get lost in the
tunnels and among the boxes. At first Frank should go straight forward up to the
intersection, then he should turn to right go as far as the loader. 
Then he should lift the loader and go downstairs to the second level. Then he turns to the
right and goes up to the dead end. Franks jumps over the poisonous smoke onto the boxes.
Then up to the lower level and down to the pipe.  There Frank crawls under the pipe to the
middle level, turns to the right and moves forward up to the way down. He reaches the pipe
and gets over it. Then he goes up to the dead end. Near the lattice to the right there is
a key-card, so he takes it and goes back up to the first way up to the middle level. He
goes up, turns right and then goes up to the door with the access monitor. Frank opens it
and leaves the warehouse. 


Frank gets to the multi-level warehouse with many containers. There is an elevator leading
to the surface but at first Frank has to find it. He destroys the lock on the lattice to
the right from the entrance, and then he goes along the corridor and takes a key-card at
the end of the corridor. After that Frank goes back to the beginning of the level and
keeps straight forward. Frank sees the monitor; he presses it and opens the gates. Then he
goes downwards to the first floor. There he must move the electric magnet in the room
located under the place where Frank has taken his key-card. Then he has to lift a
container with the help of a crane located in the opposite corner from the room with the
electric magnet. He opens the door of the control booth and presses the lever. Then he
jumps over the containers to the third floor. There Frank goes to the right and walks
clock-wise up to the staircase leading to the fourth floor. He goes upstairs, then
straight forward, and then counter-clockwise. In the end Frank finds the elevator located
in the furthest corner of the fourth floor. He presses the monitor and calls the elevator.

Frank has fallen down from a great height and is raving. He just has to move forward. The
closer Frank to the awakening is, the quicker he moves. 

A fall, a dream, and a reality again. He needs to come in his consciousness as the enemies
are near. He needs to move forward up to the end of the tunnel. There, on the compressor
he presses the monitor to make it work.  Then he goes back to the middle of the tunnel up
to the lattice door.  To the left he will see a monitor which will open the door. In the
left section behind the door he will find a key-card. In the right section he must destroy
a tank that blocks the door. Once he opens the door he should go to the left along the
tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is a compressor, so Frank should press it for the
activation. Then he presses the monitor and goes to the opposite end of the tunnel. There
is an elevator which carries the trolleys down. He takes the elevator and goes up. Then he
turns left and behind the door there is a monitor. He presses it to open the door to the


This is the polygon where % tests its latest developments. 
Frank should go straight forward along the corridor. Here he can overhear the technicians 
conversation. At the end of the corridor there is the security guards  room. Here on the
left monitor he should open the door. Frank must be careful as the security guards will
try to kill him. Then he goes back to the big glass door and enters it. There in the blue
room with a palm he should get the key-card from the safe. The safe is located behind the
poster. Then Frank goes straight forward and turns to the right. There he will open the
door with the use of a monitor (to the right from the door). In the room he must raise the
iron jalousies by pressing the knife-switch located on the wall between two windows.  He
will see the polygon where they re preparing for the testing. Then Frank should launch an
experiment before the stated time. So, he presses the right monitor. Then he should wait
until the end of the fight on the polygon. After that he walks along the corridor up to
the polygon. Then Frank crosses this polygon and gets to the next one.   Here, Frank will
meet the first robot. It is not necessary to fight against it; the turrets will do this
job.   After destruction of the first robot Frank will see another one. He should destroy
this one otherwise it will kill him. After that he goes through the right door and leaves
the polygon. 


Frank goes back to the administrative facilities of the corporation after severe fight on
the polygon. Some more efforts and he ll be able to leave the AX Corporation for ever. 
At the beginning Frank will meet Mike. Mike will tell him how he can get out from the
corporation. Unfortunately Mike will be killed and Frank will have to move forward by
himself. To leave the building Frank will have to substitute the memory block in the
server room. So, Frank will have to go upstairs to the second floor. There in the room
located over the server room there is a memory block which you must insert into the server
on the first floor. The enemies will try to prevent Frank from reaching his goal but they
will all fail. After this job has been done, he goes back to the room where the memory
block was located.  Then Frank goes through the door to the hall of the AX Corporation.
After that he goes the same way as at the beginning and enters the yard. 


Mike is dead. Now there is nobody to count on. The situation in the courtyard has
significantly changed. Now Frank needs to leave the administrative facilities. The route
will slightly change and the opponents will range from security guards to Special Forces.
He needs to cross the yard and reach the big gates. Then he has to turn left and go
upstairs. Then he crosses the first zone and gets to the second one. He moves forward
scraping through the containers to the third zone. At the beginning of the third zone
there are boxes, so he uses them to jump over the containers and then moves forward.   In
the yellow container Frank will find and take a key-card. Frank will be able to get it if
he climbs on the loader and press the lever up. So, the loader will lift up Frank so he
could jump in the container and get the key-card. Then he goes to the door in the furthest
left corner. To the left from the door there is a pipe. He closes the valve which will
block gas feed in the sluice. Then he enters through the door, opens another door with the
use of a monitor on the wall and moves forward.  At the end of the yard he should go
downstairs and walk along the corridor. 


In the backyard there is a garage with at least one working car. However, at first Frank
has to overcome the water obstacle and fight against the security guards. So he goes down
to the water and jumping from one pantone to another he jumps on the scaffolding in the
left part of the reservoir. There are two knife-switches that control two mini-elevators.
Then he should swim across to the scaffolding at the opposite wall. Then he gets to the
second level and jumps over the elevators to the right scaffoldings where the key-card is
located. Then he should leave the water and go upstairs to the glass gallery. With the
help of the monitor he opens the door to the next part of the gallery. At the end of the
gallery there is a vertical staircase. So he goes upstairs. Franks finds himself in a
closed space. The only way out is a loader. Frank should come up to the gates and open
them using the loader. So, Frank is in the garage. He presses the lever to open the gates.
Now there is an armored car with a turret. It s just the right time to try it. He gets in
and drives destroying everything on his way. Frank drives up to the closed gates. He gets
out from the car and turns to the right. There he will see the control room from where he
will open the gates with the help of the right monitor. Then he goes back to his car and
drives forward.  In a while Frank will see the closed gates. He presses the monitor
located to the right from the gates and opens them. 


The .%. check-point. Some more obstacles and ambushes left on Frank s way to the
To the right there is the control booth with a monitor. He presses it and switches off the
energy field. Then he drives forward and gets in the energy field. To the right there is a
new car, so Frank goes and takes it. 


The Corporation is left behind. Frank has a reliable armored car and a long way to
cosmoport ahead. 
He drives straight forward and destroys or bypasses everything on his way. Once Frank
reaches the energy field he has to get out from the car and bypass it along the cave. The
cave is located to the right from the field near the burning tank. He goes through the
cave and gets to the opposite side of the rock. Here Frank should go to the watch-box and
switch off the energy field on the monitor to the right from the entrance. He must be
careful with the turrets as they are always in a fighting mode. Then he goes back to his
car and drives further. There will be one ambush on his way. It is not necessary to
destroy it, he can just bypass it. At the dam Frank must leave the car near the broken
bridge and go down to the water. He should swim to the left up to the staircase. Then he
goes upstairs out from the water, jumps over the lattice with the barbed wire using the
stony border. There he will find the entrance to the dam.   


Frank has to leave the car. Now he should go through the dam and try to get to the
surface. So he goes forward, then he turns right and enters through the left door. This is
the repairarea. 
The carriage must be up to get through. He can open it from the monitor. Then Frank jumps
down and then to the right, and uses the boxes to get to the opposite side of the repair
area. Then he goes through the door and turns to the right up to the staircase. Then he
goes upstairs and keeps straight forward up to the next staircase. He goes downstairs and
turns to the right. Then he sees a wooden door. The opponents are shooting from the other
side of the door. Frank waits until they break the door and goes up to the scanner room.
There he should press the scanner on the control panel and reach the center of the
scanning device within 5 seconds. After scanning he goes back to the repair area, and then
he goes straight forward, upstairs and then turns to the right. In the room to the right
there is a key-card. He presses the monitor and opens the room. After that he opens the
left door with the switcher located to the left from the door, calls the elevator and goes
down. Then Frank leaves the elevator and turns right. The first gates can be opened with
the switcher located to the left from the gates, and the other gates can be opened with
the use of the monitor located in the booth to the right of the second gates. 


Now Frank can get out to the surface and get into his armored car. It s not so far from
the cosmoport. 
In order to get to the surface Frank has to leave the booth and come up to the elevator.
He uses the monitor to open the lattice, and then goes up. Upstairs there is an ambush and
somebody s armored car.   Frank jumps into the car and goes straight forward for a while
up to the road break. Then he jumps down from the road and lands on the rock. Franks keeps
on driving. Two armored cars block the road. Frank goes around and moves forward.  In a
while his way is blocked with the energy field.  Hear Frank should leave his car and cross
the field (he must jump over to the right from the field) and go into the cave.  It is
impossible to switch off the energy field from the control panel, so Frank will have to
find a yellow cable in the cave that will lead to the generator. Frank destroys the
generator and this will switch off the energy field. Then he goes back to his car and
drives forward. The next step is to switch off the energy fields that protect the
constructors  trailers and energy generators. The way to the tunnel is blocked with the
energy field. Here Frank should drive into the field that has a lighter color   this field
is weaker that cannot stop the armored car. Then Frank destroys the generator and enters
the trailer to the right from the generator. There is the control panel. On the monitor
there are two items. Press the upper one and then the lower one to weaken the fields. Now
Frank should destroy the generators which are not protected with the energy fields. He can
do it with the energy shield which destroys everything within the range of action when
switched on.  When all generators have been destroyed the energy field in the tunnel is
switched off. Now Frank can go forward.


Frank drives forward. He has to reach the ferry boat (the building surrounded with the
fence). Here he should get out from the car and get inside through the hole in the fence.
Then he moves straight forward and then down to the water. After that Frank gets on the
ferry boat, presses the lever, and gets into the car. On the other coast he drives out
from the ferry boat and drives along the road. Frank drives by the fuel station, then in
the tunnel, then by the lighthouse up to the hole. Then Frank must drive back for several
meters and drive onto the road from the right side   there will be a small area with two
turrets and several members of special units. Frank should walk along the narrow path to
the opposite side of the rock. Then he comes up to the crane and turns it so that the slab
does not block his way. Then Frank comes up to his car and drives back to the road. He
speeds up and jumps over the road break. Then he keeps on driving straight forward along
the road. 


Frank drives along the road up to the radar. There he gets out from the car and comes up
to the radar. On the radar Frank should destroy the control panel. To achieve this Frank
should step on the radar and walk along the right side up to the end. There is a monitor
that allows pulling down the staircase. On the area where the staircase leads there is a
technician, so Frank kills him in order to pull down the staircase and go upstairs. Then
he shoots at the control panel and destroys it. Then Frank goes downstairs, gets into his
car and drives forward as far as the block station. Here Frank should enter the hanger to
the left at first and switch on the knife-switch located on the second floor. Then he
leaves the hanger and enters the neighboring building. There, in the furthest left corner
there is a monitor which will open the gates. Frank drives in as far as the energy field.
Then Frank gets out from the car and fights against security guards, special units, and
turrets. When this job has been done, he comes up to the shuttle. 


The .%. Planet. Nice landscapes, hostile atmosphere, mutants, and a broken shuttle   the
show begins. 

At first Frank should find and collect the ammunition at least from four boxes of five
available. Two of them are located near the landing area. Three more boxes are in the
hard-to-reach places. One of them is located in the center of the location on a spired
rock, another one is located to the left in the dark cave, and one more box is located to
the right on the crag. After Frank has collected the required amount of ammunition he
should destroy the tanks with explosive brought by mutants. Frank can use the split in the
rock in order to shoot at the tanks. Then he must pick up the key-card from the slain body
of the technician near the exploded tanks and go to Passage 1- located on the opposite
side of the meadow. He runs as far as another meadow. There Franks skirts the ravine and
hacks the code on a laptop near Passage 2-. Then he goes straight forward up to the next
meadow. There, Frank should walk along the right side, get to the second level, and jump
on the columns towards the opposite side of the meadow.  After that he turns to the right
and runs through the caves. Then he crosses the meadow and sneaks into the caves.  Here,
Frank should follow the rats, they will show him the right way. In a while he comes up to
the pit. He jumps into the pit and crawls along the pipe up to the small cave. There is
another pipe on an upper level that leads to the surface. Frank pushes off the stone which
blocks his way, and soon gets to the surface.  


Mutants are very serious opponents especially with the help of the technicians. Somewhere
nearby there is the entrance to the internal facilities. Frank should find it as soon as
possible as he hardly ever has enough oxygen.
For a start Frank goes inside the caves on the left side of the location. There he should
find a generator and switch it on. The generator will enable the ventilator which will
pump out the poisonous fog from the canyon.  Then he goes down to the canyon and walks
forward up to the meadow. He goes straight forward, then over the bridge to the opposite
side of the ravine, and then he goes downstairs to the two pipes lying across the ravine.
On the pipes there are voltage regulators. Frank switches them off, the energy fields at
the entrance to the internal facilities. Then he comes up to the monitor and presses it. 


The internal facilities. Frank can not think of the oxygen any more. And there are no
mutants here. Now he can start his mission i.e. find the information about the vaccine and
the location of Crizby. 
Frank leaves the elevator and moves counter-clockwise. At first he enters the Servers Room
1. He takes the memory block and gets it to Servers Room 2. There he replaces the broken
memory block with the new one.  Then he goes to the room with the Security sign. He enters
the second door to the right. To the left from the entrance there is an information stand.
In its bottom left corner he can find the code to the galvanizing plant. Frank goes
straight forward and types the code into he electronic lock. 

This is the hardening plant. Here the ore is hardened with the AX mineral. Frank enters
the booth and takes the key-card. The booth is located in the furthest right corner. Then
he comes up to the central booth with transparent windows. There, on the central monitor
he should unblock the doors. Then Frank goes down to the second level and reaches the end
of the level. Near the yellow tanks there is a valve that he must shut off. Then he goes
up to the third level and then under the booth with the glass windows. Then he should go
upstairs, turn to the right and enter the door. 


Near the conveyor there is a control room where Frank will be able to get much information
and maybe to get in touch with the boss. 
Frank has to go downstairs, cross the sections and then go upstairs. There will be many
unfriendly security guards. After a quick skirmish Frank goes to another section.  Here
Frank should turn right and then upstairs to the area. On the area there is a corridor.
There Frank will find a power switch board and supply power to the control panel. Then he
should get to the opposite area. There he will see the security system monitor and switch
off the security system. This will allow Frank to sneak through the left door to the
communication room. Here Frank will get many answers but also many questions will arrive.
After getting in touch with the Earth Frank goes to the next section of the conveyor. At
the end of the section there is a blocked door. In order to unblock it Frank goes
downstairs and destroys the electric switch board. Finally, the pass to the shaft is open.


This is the shaft where the mineral is extracted. Frank has to find the way to the reactor
in order to stop the extraction of the mineral and mess up Crizby s plans. 
Frank needs some mines to stop the reactor. He can find them in the control booth. So
Frank goes there in order gets the mines. They are located in the left part of the
warehouse however, the access is blocked. Frank needs to get a code. He goes to the
personal rooms of the employees. In the right room there is a wardrobe. On its door behind
the poster Frank will find the code written with a pen. It is 135. So now he can get the
mines. Frank goes down in the shaft. The passage will be blocked with a lattice. Frank
throws a mine and explodes the lattice. The way forward is clear. 

Frank has two mines at his disposal. They will help him to explode the reactor. However
before that he ll have to stop the reactor. 
These are the closed service facilities and there is the only way out through the pipe in
the right corner. So, Frank has to go through the tunnel and open two sluice doors. He
goes up on the second level to the control room. There Frank will have to stop the reactor
in order to mine it. After the reactor has been stopped Frank takes the elevator and goes
down to the first floor. There he places the mines along the perimeter of the reactor.
After that Frank must leave the space as soon as possible. The exit is on the second floor
and it leads to the warehouse. 

Now Frank should go to the warehouse and find Crizby. Frank has to get to the fourth
floor. So at first he goes straight forward and takes the first turning to the right. Then
Frank should go upstairs to the third floor. He goes counter-clockwise and kills all
enemies. A lattice will block Frank s way. He jumps it over using the boxes and the way to
the fourth floor is open. Now he jumps on a crane hanging in the middle of the warehouse.
It will help the player lift up the box that block the entrance. So he presses  UP  on the
right monitor. After that Frank goes downstairs to the first floor and there he should
walk counter-clockwise. Between the containers Frank will find the way to the center of
the warehouse. Then he jumps on the containers and goes up to the big gates at the end of
the warehouse. When Frank kills all the security guards, Crizby will set two robots on
him. Having destroyed them Frank takes the elevator and goes to the meeting with Crizby.


Frank has to get into Crizby s office however the entrance is blocked and Frank needs a
key-card in order to get there. Frank checks the rooms, maybe someone from personnel has
left one. Frank goes along the corridor up to the crotch. To the right there is Crizby s
office. At the crotch Frank should turn left, then go downstairs and enter the room to the
right. On the table Frank will find the key-card left by the technician byinadvertence.
Now he has the card and he immediately goes back to Crizby s office. On his way there will
be an ambush but nothing will be able to stop Frank at this moment. He comes up to the
office, uses his key-card and comes in. Frank will finally meet Crizby and Project Zero.
The Robot tries to kill Frank but misses and destroys the door to the polygon with the
shot. Frank runs there and goes upstairs to the second level. There is a moving bridge
that will transport Frank to the balcony. On the balcony Frank will find a monitor and
lift the hangar. Then he jumps on the roof of the hangar, opens the hatch and gets in.
Then Frank opens the hangar and decoys Zero. When the cyborg is in, Frank should
deactivate it with the use of a control panel located at the end wall. Project Zero has
been conquered and now Frank can go back to Crizby s office and kill him. However there is
a surprise waiting for Frank. 

The End. 

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